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Arsenal Face Spurs In The Semi-Final

Arsenal have been handed a tasty semi-final tie against Spurs in the Carling Cup.

Arsene's young guns were awarded the double legged clash vs Spurs after Wenger's ten men grabbed an extra time winner through Eduardo in an outstanding display at Ewood Park last night.

Arsenal took on Spurs at the same stage of the competition last season coming from 2 goals down at White Hart Lane to eventually go through 5-3 on aggregate with goals from Baptista, Adebayor, Aliadiere & Rosicky.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 19 2007

Time: 10:04PM

Your Comments

Is anyone else getting bored of playing Spurs?
Would have prefered Everton simpy because I dont like the hype surrounding games against the chavs and the deluded ones.
Does'nt really seem fair on Everton and the chavs that we get given a bye.
spot on iceman.
Nikolaijns - LOL!
yay spurs again, cant wait for the deluded one Griddo to appear on our forum again and make a fool of himself.
why do you always get tottenham? So unfair. Hopefully we'll see you at the finals!
Lmao @ Niko. I once again predict that we will lose to Spurs, both on Saturday & in the Carling Cup. Those of you who have been round here long enough understand my reasons for this ;)
Why do you always get easy teams Kev?? ......Wait, what the hell am I saying here?? lol
LOL NIKO!!! Brilliant. I never get bored of playing spurs.
Rocky, at least Everton is a football team, spurs however...
Law of averages Rocky?
Ozi Gooner
Rocky, yes it's boring to get Spurs again. But nothing's as boring as Chelsea v Liverpool - I was playing Spider Solitaire as I watched online. Love to get Chelsea at the final though - the kids will get the taste of beating them this time around. But with no Drogba, no Terry, I don't even know if they can get past Everton who're pretty strong this year.
Good draw. Was hoping for Spurs - Arsenal final and Chelsea in the Semis because of the Drogba factor and all. nikolaijns, why have a silly spelt name? I have to copy and paste it out!
Im glad we are home for first leg. i can see us keeping our lead at ***** hart lane
Well that too OZI, but the main reason is I've been predicting we'll lose for years and we never have, so if I changed now I may be the cause of our defeat, I can't have that on my concience!!!
I dont know I usually get a luagh out of playing Spurs and I think Everton would've beat this side over 2 legs, they might beat Chelsea, so Spurs are fine be me. We have to lose to them sometime and if we are to do so all the better for it to be in the 2nd Cup with a reserves/youth team.
Ozi Gooner
Chelsea v Liverpool was a good game for chelsea fans. Probably the first game without a chance of heart attack.
it's just an abb. of my name Goofle I'm actually doing you a favour cos it's 2 vowels shorter than you'd normally have to type and really dude silly names lol? I'dve thought you'd've kept schtum on that particular topic :0
Kev it was the most boring game since the last Liverpool Chelsea match. I understand that it was nice for you to win, but completely stale!!
The thing is, as much as Arsenal and Spurs hate each other, they always produce quality football matches, these two teams always deliver great games whenever they meet.
Professor Calculus
I was gonna say I think when we meet Spurs you can pretty much through scientific theory out the window and go to the bookies for a banker, except the bookies dont seem to believe in the law of averages with these games either so it's not even worth the walk to place your bet.
Ozi Gooner
Ozi Gooner
K_chelski not if your Mikel. That challenge by Crouch was despicable and might of caused a heart attack
Haha yeah k_chelski, that was a pretty sit-back-and-enjoy-the-boredom-but-also-peace-of-mind game... I just laughed at Crouch's challenge, he literally jumped on Mikel with both legs. Like a pair of chopsticks you know. Speaking of heart attack, I'm sure a lot of us almost had one against Blackburn, especially in the last part of extra time.
Liverpool chelsea matches are always boring I watched the cricket highlights with charles and bob much better
Niko i said "silly spelt name" not silly in itself. Try saying it outloud. very cool in fact, much like Goofle............
Crouchs challenge reminded me of Kuyts lunge at Neville earlier this year. The only diffrence was Crouch made contact. As a footballer how can you complain after making a challenge like that.
Mikel made of meal of it ( surprise surprsie ) the hipporcirtical chelsea fans wont remember it though.
The crouch tackle was.. very weird, it looked as if crouch had 7 legs.
just a quickie, the chavs have a poll up on who the final will be between, I've voted for Arsenal v Everton and so should you!
lol even as a Arsenal fan seeing somebody with the name of EBOUE4LIFE say a player made a meal of the challenge is just so funny.
He might have overracted a bit, but nonetheless, having a circus freak tangling his legs on you while you jog with the ball, ain't exactly painfree.
gunnerkid I like eboue the player not the antics.
So we lose Denilson for 3 games, while some teams have to live without their, er, stars like Zokora and Crouch till the end of the year?
LOL gunnerkid107! Yeah been wondering about Eboue4life's name for a while now.
"gunnerkid I like eboue the player not the antics." Huh?
Yeah we all like Eboue the player. You could always have thought of Cesc4life or Kolo4life though. I mean, 4life is a pretty serious thing to say isn't it lol
Eboue...... he better learn to control himself.... if he gets that out of his game and works hard he could be great... but not ahead of Alex
Oh speaking of Eboue, I saw him in some community game on Isn't he out injured? Guess his injury's not too bad.
good point louisa... i didnt really think of that when i saw that
I know what you mean EBOUE4LIFE but the irony was just too much not to comment on. :p
Oh yea I wanted to ask who thinks Lampard is the luckiest SOB ever? All of his goals are off deflections.
nikolaijns, this is the current poll on VC! LOL Chelsea v Spurs! 14% Chelsea v Arsenal! 29% Everton v Spurs! 5% Everton v Arsenal! 52%
hello fellas, pompeyrug - ed of vital pompey - here, ive sent an email to you Paul Mustchin as i would like to do a question and answers session with vital arsenal ahead of our game with you on boxing day... im trying to sorting it out early what with christmas and all... hopefully we can get something sorted as i reckon this would go down well with both sets of supporters, cheers...
correction i tried to send an email to Paul Mustchin - but its been returned as undeliverable... can one of the site journalists get in touch with me by emailing me through vital pompey please so we can try and get this questions and answers sorted that i would like to do if we can? cheers...
Rah ... so you are honestly telling me that you think Everton are better then Spurs ... seriously? I mean yeah we've been playing £ucking $hit this season and our league position is there for all to see ... but c'mon ... Everton aren't really any better then Blackburn who I correctly said you'd beat. I think we have a good chance of reaching the final against your second string, a much better chance then Everton ... especially over two legs. Its amusing to see Chelsea scum mouthing off too ... k_chelski you had better pray for a victory in your next 3 league cup matches cos' you aren't gonna' win £uck all else this year. Anyway, I expect the semi Arsenal vs Spurs to produce two good quality games. Ramos is getting Spurs playing some nice passing football, although I don't expect to get anything from the scum away this weekend I'm looking forward to a good match. COYS!
necrophiliac k_chelski, hope you don't cry if you lose to Everton, your starting to look a little bit thin on the ground.
LMFAO gunnerkid those chavs obviously have little faith in their chances of progressing! ;)
pompeyrug try using this address i too n the past have had trouble. best of luck
I've been getting more n more nervous over playin the 4x2's the last few yrs, hopefully we'll both be given our full allocations this yr and see what happens..... Weds night away please.
We should get the chant of 'Beeeeaaaaast' going for old times sake in the semi legs just to see the spud players look everywhere in brownpant terror!
OnlyOneHotSpur Everton went to White Hart Lane and won 3-1 this year. Yes I do feel Everton are better than you lot. Which would I rather have Arteta or Jenas? Umm... Arteta duh! Oh then theres the 12 point diffrence in the table. And I feel our kids are better than last year. I think we will win the first leg and tie the second leg at WHL which will both be cracking games.
LOL Nik i bet they would. I also heard the word 'Beast' was a word not allowed to be spoken at Anfield
gunnerchef... yes Everton beat us at home this year, for the first time in god knows how long ... I admit we have been crap so far this season and we were crap in that match too. We lost away to Sunderland too ... but that doesn't mean they are at all better then us ... Spurs are showing signs of improvement under Ramos and I still believe (despite how crap we have been so far this season) that only the 'top four' sides in the league (Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool) are actually better then us. We have a stronger squad and a better first 11 then the rest of the league ... yes I'd rather have Arteta too, however I'd also rather have Berbatov over any of their front men, Lennon over whoever it is they have on the right, Keane over any of their other strikers ... Everton are not a good side they are average like most of the teams in the Prem, watch them get beat tomorrow by AZ. Your kids might be better this time round but I believe under Ramos Spurs are stronger too .... well we shall see ...
Sp*rs are stronger under Ramos than they were 2 months ago for sure, but stronger than last year? not yet sunshine, we have on the other hand replaced Aliadiere and the beast with Dudu and Bendtner plus dem kiddies that did you last year Deni, Traore, Diaby, Theo etc are all a year older and a year wiser now, 19.5 was the average age last night and they took a seasoned side of physical veterans away, they will relish this way more than your lot. Does'nt matter what you do, noone likes to get shown up by kids - let alone when watched by thousands.
alwaysgunner, hope you don't cry if someone calls you an arsewipe just because it isn't on the dictionary.Onlyonehotspud, there's always next season eh?Always next season...
gunnerkid, the Vital Chelsea poll looks funny to us cos niko suggested to go there and vote for Everton v Arsenal. I just did, pumping it up from 46% to 48% LOL. I do honestly believe that'll be the case. Chelsea are without Drogba and their JT, Everton do have a chance over two legs. (But yes, the only thing Everton would be concerned about is Frank Lampard's 1001th deflected freak goal. Well, not literally, just metaphorically cos I don't think he's scored that many in his whole career.) First leg is just 3-4 days after the 5-6 Jan FA Cup matches.
necrophiliac k_chelski that you for your concern no I think i can handle that necrophiliac k_chelski have you been to see anybody about your problem?? But a dead ***** team like k_chelski probably needs people like you to support thugs along with Cash Hungry. What a dead shi. team you support necrophiliac k_chelski.
Sorry necrophiliac k_chelski I called your team k_chelski I did mean dead sh.t Chelsea. Who else would Cash Hungry feel at home playing for.
alwaysgunner, you dillweed! *alwaysgunner tries to find if the word is in the dictionary...* . You know, for someone who reads the dictionary so often, your english sure looks...eer..*****ty. Have you ever,heard,of, ....commas?It,is,used,to,separate,sentences,so,that, everythingyouwritedoesn'tlooklikeonebigpileof*****. I hope you learn the lesson, you homophobic bitch ( it's in the dictionary, sugar)
nikolaijns -Yes they showed Blackburn up last night. Arsene *****er has instilled a level of technical ability that flows through the entire Arsenal setup … quite simply they beat Blackburn cos’ (obviously) they are better then Blackburn. The majority of your second string can control and pass the ball better then the majority of the Blackburn first team. I put this (Blackburn’s $hittness) down to the fact that by and large British coaches are $hit. The way most English teams (out of the top four) play football is rubbish. I’ve watched part-timers from countries I’ve never heard of make Everton (even though they beat the team I’m thinking of to reach the group stage of the uefa cup) Bolton and Blackburn look stupid in terms of passing and controlling a football. Tottenham were a bit like this too, while under Jol there were times we played the ball about nicely but there were also times we were just as $hit on the ball as everyone else. The most noticeable change in the way Spurs have started to play under Ramos is that we seem to pass the ball better, control the ball better and keep better possession. Obviously still no where near your standard. When we went down to 10 men against City we sat back and you could see we only had 10 men. Such is the way Arsenal play, when you were down to 10 boys sometimes you couldn’t tell. Spurs will be better then we were last year under Jol. Ramos is a proper quality coach; at the moment it’s just about building the confidence back up … once we are on point again I firmly believe we will be better then last season. You won the match last year when you pulled level at White Hart Lane, again stupid decisions by Jol to take off a striker and sit back for 45mins against a quality side you are gonna’ get punished and we did, Ramos won’t be that stupid … like I said we shall see … I might be made to eat these words … lets hope not COYS!
Fat feckin jammy fluky Frank, he gets the most ridiculous looping deflection the world has ever seen then trundles away kissing his Ratners sovvy (on the hand that prolly fisted some vegas hooker a fortnight earlier) celebrating like he's just scored some persiesque wonder goal, what a ****stain.
necrophiliac k_chelski temper temper, sorry I have told everyone again about your behaviour, but the best way necrophiliac k_chelski is to seek help. Has mummy been keeping those death notices away from you, you dirty little bugger.
If the entire Blackburn team had'nt played only two days earlier the result would have possibly been quite different too OOH (no I have'nt cum just initializing!) I think it's gonna be tight cos last year we did have Fabregas come on too to change things round but with more at stake for us this year I can't see that happening, looking forward to a couple of great games though, the result of this sat psychologically will have a pretty big say too - moreso for you lot if you do grab your first win at ours in what 16 years now? surely this luvverly record has to come to an end sooner or later huh? maybe when Arsene retires, but then again human cloning is well achievable these days so I think we'll just do that, ArseneII anyone?
alwaysgunner, vital arsenal must be so proud to have you as a member. Rocky is so lucky...
necrophiliac k_chelski thank you, that is very nice of you to say so. I hope your problem can be resolved, confession is good for the soul. Necrophiliac k_chelski' try giving up on that dead sh.t team chelsea that will be a step in the right direction. Unlike you I have not gone on any other site to tell them about your problem necrophiliac k_chelski, so the scum don't know yet.
OnlyOneHotspur, Ramos has made you lot better but the last time he faced Arsenal he didnt fair to well against the Arsenal style. And nikolaijns he does score the flukiest goals. And I feel Everton will have it in them to take down the chavs. No Drogba, Essien, Mikel, Kalou, Terry will be there demise.
alwaysgunner, please, our team's doing so well, top of the table, competing strongly on all fronts. Time to enjoy, not pick fights. I'm saying this not because I like/sympathise with Chelsea, but because it's just not nice, and not funny, to say those things. Please.
The Guardian's running a story about Spurs trying to sign Diarra. I say eff off!! Put your hands off our kids!!
LOOOOOLLLLLL good value nikolaijns
Louisa you are right but he made the statement that he had made love to my mother who is dead. Pick on the person okay pick on the persons family then no mercy. Once you step over that line then you deserve all you get.
k_chelski, you've changed your tune last time you wrote it was all tears because you lost, and naughty Arsenal had stood up to your thugs. Has mummy wiped your tears away?? alwaysgunner
Oh, so that's why k_chelski's a necrophiliac...
necrophiliac k_chelski that was not disrespecting your family you however disrespected my family and I will hound you till you learn not to do it again. A smart comment is always welcome but your comment was not welcome and i shall hound you. Necrophiliac k_chelski I hope you do take the advice offered.
Having said that necrophiliac k_chelski Chelsea are still and always will be a dead sh.t team.
Once you say something about someone else's mother you lose any right to claim respect to your family.I coud care less about what line I step.Further showing your level of (lack of) intelligence. Not only that, but you called people moron, just because they disagreed with you...not opposition fans, your own goon colleagues. You yet again (oh full of witt), claimed that you could call them a moron, because it's your opinion, and it's in the dictionary (not making this up). When another goon colleague of yours, disagreed with you, you taunted him, claming he was homosexual. You have no challenging attacks, it's so futile, so idiotic, for someone who claims to be over 60 years old, your writing gives the impression of a eleven year old C student.Don't come with hypocracy, you, sir, are an idiot, low IQ individual, who resorts to personal attacks even on your own colleagues, just to try to validate your point. Oh well, you'll be ignored from now on, call me whatever you want, it's unimportant.
necrophiliac k_chelski your starting to lose your temper again, calm down. You can call me sir I will allow you to do that necrophiliac k_chelski. But please be careful what you write, it will and come back to haunt you necrophiliac k_chelski.
This is getting boring already, Spurs on Saturday, Spurs at the CC Semis. What next? Spurs at the FA Cup??? But I CAN BE SURE of ONE THING: We'll NEVER meet them at the UEFA Champs. League. They struggle even in the UEFA Cup!!!
Great, another near death experience awaits at the Lane. Once a season to that *****hole is already once too many as it is.
Little Dutch
gunnerchef, we had JOL in charge when Everton beat us. That was the only reason they did trust me.
Real Deal
Good draw I think.
Real Deal
"It hurt us a lot to lose to them last season," said Pascal Chimbonda. "We were winning 2-0 at home in the first leg and they got it back to 2-2 and we ended up losing the second leg. "But we have learned from what happened and it will be different this time." Are you getting worried LD. Why do they open their mouths so much before the game? Out of interest are you no longer a reporter?
Just a couple of points to pass some time at work... 1)Alwaysgunner, you're an embarrassment - I'm sure thats going to be met by some oh so clever abuse but seriously what a tw*t. 2) Kevin, you are a bloody wind up merchant but on this occassion go right ahead! 3) Serbia_LovesSPURS.... thanks for your input 4) OOH thank god theres intelligent life on the other side of North London and for the record I think you're right, proofs in the pudding though so looking forward to the match.... and in true F365 fashion that my friends is all.
kenny lunt
alwaysgunner, dont you think that chimbonda has just stated how he felt and that in him saying those things it sets the game up to be even better? i think that the spurs players will be pumped up just as your team will be and so it will be a great semi. Both sets of fans should just enjoy the games instead of attempting to annoy others or trade insults
Serbia_lovesSPURS, right back at you, now go back to the toilet you call Sh*t Hart Lane. Btw, I know people in Serbia and they don't like spuds. kenny lunt, you are a tool, if you applaud Serbia_lovesSPURS's input. I'm sure he/she put a lot of thought into that...
Alright, we have the tiny tots! "Rocky, at least Everton is a football team, spurs however..." That's good one. Sorry, kev, I know you want the spuds next in the semi, but spuds are on their high horse after their 3 game winning streak. It's best if we did the job of putting them back on Earth.
BMF, i think if you read kenny lunts post then you will see the sarcasm he used in it towards serbia_lovesSPURS. It is certainly how i read it anyway
we are being a bit cocky here guys!!
anon, take a peek at the spuds vital and see who is cocky. they are on a 3 game winning streak and suddenly it is 7th heaven at the lane.
A cocky gooner? It's not in your character lol. Just new this draw was going to happen, we've got to set the record straight after last year but I dread these games everything to lose nothing to win
I was worried that the Spuds annual drubbing may not happen til next season, but this now means we can hand it out early and then obviously have the pleasure next season aswell, happy days in 08! LD, you're a legend mate, as are all the fans that make the dangerous journey to that flea pit!
Oh the maggots have arrived on our site again, lead by .unt all mouth and trousers. I thought you lot told us we would be hard press to stay in the EPL , and that you along with the pool manure and Chelseki were going to be the top four. Once again as soon as the game is over silence not a word, you slime bags .uck off back to your own site.
G4L, i dont think we are being cocky on vital spurs. We are discussing the draw and who we could've had and of course talking about getting you. Most comments on the thread have been respectful and very complimentary to your team (i say most as not all are as would be the same here). We are not in 7th heaven but most people, which includes me, wanted to get arsenal in the next round so we are happy that has happened. Being confident or even hopeful doesn't make you cocky and i haven't seen any score predictions either which is one thing that i believe makes people cocky
alwaysgunner, why all the hostility? i think any post i have ever put on this site (which isn't many) have all been respectful and have been intelligent constructive posts as apposed to just calling people things or leaving one line posts. Not all opposing fans are scum bags ect and a forum is designed for opinions that aren't always the same thus creating a debate or discussion
spursfan4eva History, a few gentle words from you will never remove a hatred that goes back years and years. I accept not all spurs fans are maggots,(very few) but we have had to put up with your maggots coming on to our site week after week telling us we are finished,(that’s a polite word) and your maggots are going to win this and that. My opening mail was a comment made by your player and judging by the comments from your site and on our site to us was a reflection once again of spuds bragging before any action had taken place. Recent history “good reasons why Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Everton and/or Spurs will all end up ahead of Arsenal on the league table”. It's going to be a long season Mr. Wenger! But to further your education it goes back to 1919 Arsenal were elected to the top flight in spite of only finishing fifth the previous season (1914-15, as competition had been suspended for most of World War I). This promotion came at the expense of other clubs, including Arsenal's arch-rivals Tottenham Hotspur. It has been alleged that Norris bribed or in some unduly influenced the voting members of the Football League, in particular the league chairman and owner of Liverpool, John McKenna;[6][7] at the League's AGM, McKenna made a speech recommending Arsenal's promotion ahead of Spurs thanks to the former's longer spell in the League (Arsenal joined in 1893, Spurs in 1908).[6] Although no firm proof has ever been offered, Norris's other activities, including the scandal that led to his downfall, are often cited as circumstantial evidence.
alwaysgunner, i happen to know that bit of history but thanks for mentioning it just in case i didnt know it. Unfortunately there are always going to be fans of every club that spout their mouths off to annoy people. There are several arsenal fans that go onto vital spurs to do the same so unfortunately that is something we all have to put up with. To tar everyone with the same brush is a bit harsh in my eyes as not all spurs fans are bad just as not all arsenal fans are bad. When it comes to people predicting the demise of arsenal you cant only say spurs fans had mentioned this. It was all in the media and commentators mentioned it as well and i am sure you had friends from vital chelsea/man utd/liverpool coming on saying exactly the same. It was widely regarded that spurs would push into the top four and at that point people thought arsenal were the weakest out of those four so they would naturally be replaced. Of course this has been proven wrong. You cant really blame fans of spurs or any other club for that matter being hopeful or optimistic. I just objected to the generalisation that all spurs fans are scum bags ect ect especially as i myself have been nothing but courteous and think i have added some good points to some of your debates and discussions
Sorry for the length of the post guys
sf4e, I am quite sure that if 1/3 of sp*rs fans were as eloquent, realistic and well-mannered the opinion and the reaction every1 of you creates here would be different. It is no secret that this page has been graced with some quite nice fellas from you lot (JackyB comes to mind) who contributed to a constructive debate. But the vast majority (SirH, griddo, cockeril, etc.) are just plain annoying. The war-cries from deluded individuals at your vital page (most of them end up with "filth", "scum", "bring it on", etc.) seem to perfectly depict the state of mind the general spud population. Three wins on the trot (tremendous!) while being 22 pts behind a team considered to be in decline by most of the experts from the Lane hardly hardly makes any sense, does it? Some of them even speak of 'bragging rights' (?!). I'll stop here because this is turning into an unnecessary rant.
G4L, i understand your frustrations but dont you think every club could say the same thing? that fans from other clubs call them scum ect. I have seen spurs and their fans called many things in my time and i am sure man utd, liverpool, chelsea, west ham ect could all say the same. My point was just to say that although there are fans out there that are out to annoy others that you should rise above this and ignore them. I tend to do this when on vital spurs if there is an arsenal/chelsea/man utd ect fan on trying to annoy people. I will respect arsenal for the football they play but of course hope that spurs beat you and beat you convincingly whenever we play you which of course i am certain all arsenal fans hope when arsenal play spurs. As for being 22 points off the pace, please remember that it wasn't only spurs fans that thought arsenal would drop out of the top four at the expense of spurs
GL4 like you haven't used the phrase bring on the spuds before? Bring on the SCUM is just a way of expressing ourselfs. Whats wrong with a little war cry before a big game? F u c k all.
Real Deal
As for bragging rights most yids like myself realise Arsecum are in a different league when it comes to football.
Real Deal
kenny lunt, I can't wind him up. He has the same IQ of a rock with fecces on it. Best way is to ignore him.
But not everyone was so cocky about it, sf4e ;). I agree about the generalisations - another good thing about the poor run of spurs fans is that the idiots have reduced their visits to vital arsenal.
spursfan4eva, glad someone got the not so subtle sarcasm.... BMF, I hope that was a one off error; if not, very worrying!
kenny lunt
bit hard on that there rock Kevin!
kenny lunt
spurs are playing better under ramos,unfortunately his track record of staying at clubs more than three years isnt favourable towards spurs,so it seems that even though spurs will get better,ramos will be on his bike,sooner rather than later,and spurs will be back to square one again
fran merida
fran merida, that is a point well made and something we discussed over at vital spurs before ramos arrived and ultimately only time will tell
Just to prove my point from earlier i am going to copy and paste a post made by smokin today on the vital spurs site..... Your so diluded yet again. Only an idiot would think you can win. You havent beaten us at home for over 25 years, 1992-93 season. And havent beaten us at all since 1999. What on earth makes you think you can now. Wake up and smell the beans scum. Dont matter what manager you have, your squad is rubbish. I will be back on here after the game to throw even more abuse at you after you get humiliated. And then what a touch, our kids get to humiliate you again in Jan. And yes they are kids with an average age in the last squad to travel to blackburn of 19. This shows that all clubs fans can be abussive and annoy people. Sorry to bore others but i just thought i would put a little evidence up for all to see
so fella did anyone pick up my post im the middle of all this or did it get missed... if so can one of the site journalists from vital arsenal try and trace and see if you can help? if not just send me an email or leave a message for me in this thread...
pompeyrug, i think i saw a post in here replying to you with another address to send your message to mate. Take a look back
Spursfan. It is a crying shame that there are people like that who get off spouting abuse and winding people up. Admittedly we have our fair share of first class penises, as any club does. However with regard to quantity, if you look through our forums and older articles(especially pre-season) it's not hard to see why us good (yes there are some!) gooners view contributers from the spurs vital with an initial air of cynicism. Back to the topic, it's a cracking tie, can't wait till saturday for a preview!
Yeah sorry to take your topic off track
gunnerman, you should name and shame those penis's ! i did giggle when i saw you write the word penis, it always makes me giggle ! I for one am always up for a good banter with our little neighbours, its what football is all about, the joke the jest, the anticipation of the rivalry, some may ask what rivalry, but amongst us fans yes there is and we like it when one of our teams wins/loses has a shocker or gets in the papers for all the wrong reasons. it makes our monday mornings, or not, but i do draw the line at abuse and name calling. I see quite a few spuddies on here, most are good, some are plain stupid and arrogant idiots but as gunnerman says, every village has an idiot. anyway looking forward to the next few games against our little neighbours, think this will be much closer than alot think, and like most NLD, i will be nervous as usual !
just *****ed myself reading all your posts you south london gypsies!.....***** off back to woolwich where u come from, you ****s!!!! might have 56 players in the african nations tournament.....shame you cant say the same about the national team you tramps.
lillywhite, thanks for perfectly illustrating the point made above by several posters (spurs and arsenal alike) about moronic posters.
»»Arsene Knows««
pity for any club to have such characters supporting them. bet you lillywhite hasn't read more than 4 written pieces in his life, 3 of those surely porn magazine quality.
there's not much left to say.. is there?? abuses have flown in on a tremendous scale.. lets talk football now.. its great to have spurs for the next round.. coz our youngsters will grab confidence from the fact that they beat them last season.. they are more experienced than before.. and i am hoping they can win in style..
cheers spursfan4eva, thanks for that mate :-)
kenny lunt, sorry I'm not perfect like you deluded... I mean, mighty spurs fans. Us, Gooners we'll prepare for a honor guard for your mighty team who... hmm, almost made it into the UEFA Cup final. How's that for sarcasm?
History will repeat itself.... Another fine win for the Gunners
i feel a repeat if last years final coming on although i KNOW the gunners gna winnn

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