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John Terry Is A Hypocritical W****r

Many Arsenal blogs this morning carry the comments from John 'JT' Terry (does that stand for 'Jinormous Tosser'?) criticising Eboue for the tackle Manu made on the man who would 'run through a brick wall for his country'.

And as you'd expect, the blogs have all responded in the same way. As I am going to as well.

Terry's response is nothing less than I would expect from a man who behaves and carries himself on the football pitch with all the grace and poise of a dirty thug - getting in referees' faces, screaming and showering them with spittle - check this:

Tackles have to be made in this game and especially in a top-of-the-table clash like Sunday's at Arsenal, and I had to make the tackle on Eboué, I felt he left his studs in there and it should have been a sending off.


But not nearly as badly as Terry left his studs in on Cesc Fabregas earlier in the game, with Fabregas grounded on the floor, having already been brought down by one of Terry's teammates, I seem to recall Terry thundering in on an immobile Cesc at full-pelt, his fat, neanderthal foot slamming into Cesc's thigh/side. Naturally, such a crude tackle and lunge sparked a meleé. Terry in the thick of it, 'giving it the big'un' back, as if he'd done nothing wrong.

Terry's tackle on Fab was miles worse, a crude lunge designed to injure Arsenal brightest star, and put him out of the game, potentially for a long time. It was vile, pre-meditated, and sinister.

Poetic justice then that Terry should be put out for a similar period of time to what Cesc would have endured, had Terry's tackle had it's desired effect He should have been red carded for that, and if he had, he'd have been back sooner than he will now. If any Chelsea fans wish to say he didn't mean that tackle, then he's a piss-poor defender who doesn't deserve all the plaudits and England captaincy. The 'tackle' was that bad, and that late.

If you think it was meant, then he's a thug.

Either way, as Arseblogger already said, the karma police came calling, and it would appear they had a warrant, and smashed his door down to raid the property, taking away plenty of evidence in the process.

You will forgive me if I have little sympathy for Terry - remember the saying 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'? Terry has little room for complaint.

And I've yet to hear his thoughts on his assault on Fabregas. Funny how he failed to mention that.

And before you CSKA Chelski fans pull me up on this, as for Cesc's foul on Cashley C.R.E.A.M. - yeah, that was wrong too, as Paul Mustchin already highlighted soon after the final whistle on Sunday. But it was nowhere near as sinister as the one carried out by 'JT'.

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The Journalist

Writer: Wingston Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 20 2007

Time: 11:59AM

Your Comments

expect kevin to show up sooner rather than later...
Well put Winger. I was *****ed too when I saw headlines like "JT hits out at Eboue" on the tackle that took him out of the game. But then considering his quote alone, it doesn't sound as bad as the press-composed headlines. Whether it "should have been a sending off", I'm not sure, because Eboue was trying to get the ball and yes he caught Terry with his studs. But if that one should have been a sending off, Terry himself should NOT have still been on the pitch at that time in the first place because, by the same principle, he should have been sent off for his malicious challenge on Cesc who like you said was already on the ground. And how he chose to neglect his own terrible tackles in the game doesn't surprise me at all. What do you expect?
Oh btw, it was a (sickening) surprise to see his picture on our site's homepage.
lol, im suprised he wasnt the first one to post here..
An one more thing, I guess he's so worked up because he's shaking in his boots now that he might lose the England captaincy due to his injury and absence in Capello's first game in charge. Talk about karma. Ha ha eff-ing ha!
Nonsense, Kalou made similar statements before. A bunch of rubbish, coz I didnt think Eboue stuck out his studs to injure Eboue. All just comments to deflect attention away from a well deserved loss for Chelsea. Cunt.
Couldn't agree more Wingers. I laughed my head off (well, i laughed when the Whale died in the Thames couple of years back Im sick know!) when he left the field injured. How somebody like that can be being paid £130,000(probably roughly 200,000euro and US$8m) AND be England captain is beyond me. People are saying Eboue should have been sent off. I may have my red and white specs on but I don't think so. It was an accident. If it wasn't an accident, why did Eboue go up to Terry after the game and apologise for it? As far as I'm aware, Terry has yet to apologise for his challenge on Fabregas. Just shows who is the bigger man of the two, but as usual Terry and the English press will turn a blind eye to this. I hope Capello takes the captaincy away from Terry and gives it to Gerrard, because he is not a good role model to youngsters, which the England captain should be.
If I'm not mistaken (and I'm not) Eboue apologised to Terry. I've yet to hear if Terry has apologised to Cesc.
Little Dutch
Adebayor kicked ashley cole on the knee(without the intention to hurt him though), he deserved to be sent off. John terry was trying to scissor everyone he saw on his way, I don't know why he is doing it, if he goes on, being stripped out of his captaincy will be deserved. Eboue did try to hurt john terry.Joe cole made a reckless challenge,deserved a yellow, could've been sent off. Fabregas made the worst tackle of the game, a two legged tackle from behind. It doesn't matter anymore, what is done, is done. I wouldn't call him a *****er for being bias. I'm sure most would've been bias as well if someone broke three bones from you with a tackle.
I've yet to hear Cesc apologise to Ballack or Cole. Who's being hypocritical now?
How did you get away with saying that Prits??? is the swear filter down? If so they picked the wrong time to lower the defences with spuds coming up on Sat! :)
nikolaijns,17033,8652_2994232,00.html Pretty much makes the point Ijust made, but follows up by saying that Joe Cole hasn't apologised to Eboue and no Arsenal player has accused Cole of deliberatley trying to injure Eboue or declared that he should have been sent off. Pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the differences between the two clubs. (That and the differing fans reactions to the prospect of being raped by a murky Russian gangster, while the Chavs lift their skirts and bend over, Arsenal fans stage mass protests and tell the despicable **** to do one).
Little Dutch
Usmanov = Roman Abramovich? Since when , exactly?Is Abramovich an alleged rapist?
John terry really is a big man didn't Eboue say sorry yet again the English press turn a blind eye and fail to see what a vile human being John Terry actually is.
LOL niko - the vital network is intelligent enough to know when the abuses are justified ;). Even they know Terry is one.
Kev - it would be hypocritical only if Cesc criticised Terry for the challenge, but didnt apologise to Cole. I thought looking up the dictionary was a fondness of yours - look up hypocrisy ;).
I didn't say they were clones of each other, but both are horrible human beings. You could make an argument for Usmanov being worse than Abramovic, but they are in the same ball park. The point is, nobody wants him at Arsenal, unlike the desperate Chavs who were prepared to achieve success off the back of a very questionable kitty. Are you telling me that a Chelsea fans moral compass constitutes, "well, as long as he ain't no rapist he's fine with us."? That would still leave you with some very questionable characters, the likes of Hitler, Musolini, Hussein and Bush have never been accused of rape either, but I wouldn't be very happy if one of them ploughed cash into Arsenal (though if any of them other than Bush did, I would probably be quite weirded out that we can attract investors from beyond the grave).
Little Dutch
How is Abramovich a horrible human being? Is he any worse than politicians? Governments? Abramovich is far from being a saint, but he's no worse than any other billionaire.
Chelsea have no dignity look at drogba he said the club disgusts him and they still be him to stay they have pride and dignity.
prits, you got it wrong, I don't care for dictionaries.I don't think Terry asked for an apology, so why would he give on to cesc?
He is ever so slightly worse than most politicians yes. google the name Laurent Kasper Ansermet.
Little Dutch
Eehem... he was investigating an alleged diversion of a couple of billions, which compromised the Russian government. And one of Abramovich's companies.And now Abramovich is to blame?
Did any of the information you read tell you what happened to him on a trip to Switzerland to investigate Abramovich?
Little Dutch
That he was beaten ? Yeah, though wasn't he investigating the Russian government AND Abramovich's company?
What I meant, kev, is that it would be hypocritical of Cesc only if he criticised Terry for the challenge, while making an unacceptable challenge on Cole himself. Just the fact that Cesc didnt apologise for his tackles doesnt make it hypocritical.
Shall we talk about the Emirates now?I'm sure they are saints.
prits, LD was claiming that eboue apologized to terry, but terry didn't apologize to cesc.Cesc didn't apologize to Cole, so why would terry apologize to cesc? We misunderstood each other.
Don't get confused Kev, we are sponsored by the airline Fly Emirates (who also used to sponsor Chavski), not the country.
Little Dutch
I'm talking about Dubai, who invests in the airline. Human rights there are scarce.
Back on topic, great defender, shame about his tw@ish behaviour. His hypocrisy is there for all to see, I'd (and I'm sure he'd get many more plaudits) admire his talents a lot more if he wasn't such**** on the pitch and cut out the dirty stuff.
Does the two major emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, also have the "religious police"? KSA has them.
I have been there k_chelski and there is nothing of that sort.
I just went out for a while and the topic has switched from John Terry to human rights in the Emirates now? LOL
i agree with everything john terry is a cheat simple as and is a descrace and shouldnt be england captain !
Dubai is a fantastic place to be and is probably as liberated as the uk or the us and ppl there definetly have more rights there than what you have in Brazil..
Guys, Eboue IS BACK! Seeing him get stretchered off like that, I thought he'd stay out for weeks. Arsene's just said everyone except Theo (flu) will be available for the NLD. :D
We'll field a close-to-full-strength team then: Almunia; Sagna, Kolo, Gallas, Clichy; Hleb, Cesc, Flamini, Rosicky; Ade and RvP? Bench: Eboue, Bendtner, Diarra, Senderos/Hoyte, Mad Jens. Yay!
Then it appears that Human rights watch is mistaken.To support my claim I quote : " One of the world’s largest construction booms is feeding off of workers in Dubai, but they’re treated as less than human. It’s no surprise that some workers have started rioting in protest. What’s surprising is that the government of the UAE is doing nothing to solve the problem."
luckys, in Brazil you have the right to pay huge loads of taxes. When the police reads your rights, they usually say : "you have the right to be dead".
This is not the first or last time John Terry will get some part of his anatomy seriously whacked considering his propensity for steaming into challenges like a loon. Hopefully next time Cesc will gives his nuts a good volley.
Wyn Mills
unreal, unreal you lot - sadder than those from N17! How many red cards during Wenger's reign!
There's an option missing on your latest poll - feck all :-)
Where do Chelsea sit in the current disciplinary table? Look at the disciplinary leagues for the last four years and compare Arsenal's position to Chelsea's.
Little Dutch
Oh so history counts only the last four years?I thought we were the only ones who thought that! :-/...
Well if you look at our current squad, only Toure, Gilberto and Lehmann are still there from four years ago (two of those players have made very few appearances this season). Four years ago Abramovic bought Chelsea and the only players from Chavski that survive from 2003 are Cudicini, Lampard and Terry. So within the context, we are quite literally talking about two completely different teams. Any comments, from Terry or any Chelsea fans, about Lumplard shoving a ball boy to the ground while Eboue was receiving treatment?
Little Dutch
Huh LD did that happen? I didn't see that part of Lampard shoving a ball boy. That sounds disgusting.
Pesonally ithought it was as much Terry Kicking the bottom of his foot as much as anything else, and yes "tackles have to be made", like eboue reaching to try and hook the ball back then terry injuring himself on the bottom of terrys foot.
on the bottom of eboue's foot that should say, sorry.
How did that happen LD? The lampard incident.
Merlin, trawl reeeeeeeaaaaaal feckin deep if you want to. But you know that that particular stat you reference is exceedingly redundant, and has been for a number of years (we have been one of THE fairest teams in the Prem - last year you were joint 15th, we were 9th; the season before we were 5th, you were 15th. Here's the link...
Chavs consistently worse than l'Arse)
Tell us why your captain is such a neanderthal thug with no sense of irony or perspective...»»Arsene Knows««
luckys, in Brazil you have the right to pay huge loads of taxes. When the police reads your rights, they usually say : "you have the right to be dead".--- k_chelski............... You must be white then kev cos from what I hear if your black they dont even give you the courtesy of telling you there gonna kill you.
Ozi Gooner
Apparently it wasn't shown on tv, but when Eboue went down, Cesc ran off with the ball, Mikel dragged him down on the touchline, the ballboy retrieved the ball and Lumplard came and shoved him and took the ball. Eboue was recieving treatment so there was no chance for the game to restart. Funny how the English press has and sly sports have chosen to omit these details. But anybody else who was at the game will confirm it. It happened around the half way line on the East side of the stadium.
Little Dutch
I saw it, it was right in front of my seat. Fat, obnoxious pile of doggy doo
Ozi Gooner, that's one thing that doesn't happen in brazil.The police is not racist, they beat up and kill of course it's a random bullet.Walking happily on the streets and.... "kapow!' you're dead.Little Dutch, sounds like an awful thing that Lampard did, if he did indeed do that(intently) then it's a shame.
Thug! Absolutely despicable! Whether he did that intentionally or not is beside the point - as LD said, there's no way they could have restarted the game straightaway with Eboue being treated anyway. B@stard. And who knows, maybe that ball boy could become an Arsenal player one day (like Chelsea ball boy Walcott did) and tell this ugly story about another side of a certain "Chelsea legend" like 10 years later. LOL What goes around comes around. Let's see what happens when he's injured - don't do unto others... Like it's been demonstrated in this very game, karma IS at work.
Karma?Naah, sorry, don't believe in Karma.
You'd better not!
Not not believe in not believing in Karma , or not not believe in karma?
one too many caipirinhas, Kevinho? »»Arsene Knows««
kev, well I do believe in karma. Look at the spuddies gloating and taunting us how they are going to be in the top 4 this season during pre-season. But hasn't quite worked out. Now that's good karma.
lol. I only drink in the day's first 24 hours, after that, it's forbidden. Speaking of derivations of my name.Did you know that most older brazilians can't pronouce this simple name? They either think it's Kelly, Kelvin, Calvin, or sometimes they ask "is Kelvin spelt, Q-u-e-l-i-n ?" - "no mam, there is no l" . The poor people will always try act like they're funny: "Kevin bacon?!" "Kevin kline".My barber calls me Kettlin. But back to the subject, terry is doing the same thing wenger is doing, protecting their club's image.How is that being a *****ker?
BMF, tottenham has never worked out..ever. There's no karma involved.Just good sense that spuds lack.
how is he being a *****er? well, hmm... and i don't just limit it to this particular incident and quote. John Terry has for a long time acted as though he feels he is untouchable. It's one thing being a 'winner' (and why does acting like a navvie mean you are a winner? Winners apply themselves, go the extra yard, it has nothing to do with acting like a hooligan).

His actions towards referees are downright disrespectful (and as uyour club captain, he should behave with more decorum and carry himself better, th way he rpresents your club on the pitch are nothing short of anembarrassment to Chelsea FC and cast your club in a bad light).

His tackle on Fabregas was a pre-meditated assault on a player laying prone and immobilised on the floor, it could have put Cesc out of the game for a long time. THAT showed scant regard for the welfare of a fellow professional, if it showed any whatsoever.

Thirdly, neatly following on from that lunge at Cesc, he suffers an injury as a result of a tussle with Eboue - a tckle that Terry says he was perfectly entitled to go for, which, neatly, so was Eboue. I am no way Eboue's greatest fan, his antics frankly emabarrass me (and every time he goes down nowadays I am remoinded of the boy who cried 'wolf'), but on this occasion I truly do not believe Eboue should have red-carded for that tackle. Terry cleared the ball a fraction before Eboue got there, Eboue's was not a vastly late challenge, it was out by a split second and it was not designed to Injute - Terry's foot was in the action of swinging through the ball, having just leathered it, Eboue's foot was moving in a similarly rapid fashion. Yes he caught the top of Terry's foot, but it was not a stamp, and never once to me looked like an attempt to injure.

Yet Terry saw it otherwise. And funnily enough, failed to see the irony of the situation at all, what was his attempt to separate Cesc's legs from the rest of his body (incidentally, even if he had, that would still leave half-a-cesc as twice the player of Lumplard).

So in his call against Eboue, whilst simultaneously recognising or acknowledging his assaulty on Cesc was FAR worse, John Terry is a hypocrite.

For his misdemeanours (bad, late tackles, behaviour towards referees, general bad conduct on the pitch, thinking he is above the law [a thing sadly indicative of this modern day english player, 'I am an England International, you can't criticise me' as Lampa`rd said to Joey Barton] past, present, and no doubt future...), and for his tackle on Cesc, he is a *****er.
»»Arsene Knows««
* simultaneously FAILING to recognise or acknowledging his assault.

And apologies to all for the myriad typing errors there in my last post :)
»»Arsene Knows««
Just a ... "because he *****es me off" would've been enough ya know...

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