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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas Gooners.

On behalf of myself, Tim, Nick & Wingers, I would like to wish readers of Vital Arsenal and football fans everywhere a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

This year has seen Vital Arsenal go from strength to strength, and that is down to one person.....well a few thousand actually. You!!! And you and you and you and you.............

So after consuming enough food to feed a small country (and feeling suitably guilty about it too) I thank you all for your continued support and ask you to spare a thought for people less fortunate than you.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday December 25 2007

Time: 8:58PM

Your Comments

For one day we can put our differences aside so Merry Christmas from myself and the rest of Vital Blackburn
Merry Christmas to you to sasman!!! Hope Santa provided you with a satisfactory crimbo!!!
Burp ! well thanks i had a very good one and feel like a right turkey now, stuffed !!! merry crimbo one and all !
So should we say a Merry or Spu**y Christmas to Vital Sp*ds? Anyway, happy christmas to all of you guys!
Merry Christmas to everyone at Vital Arsenal.
Merry Xmass to ya'all
Merry Christmas to all at Vital from India!
Merry christmas to everyone. Since you lot answered my request the last time, I shall make it again :
Please lose .
what is wrong with the league table..
Hope you guys all enjoyed a Merry Christmas, all stuffed, happy, recovering well from the hangover and set for the Portsmouth game. k_chelski, even your Chelsea guys didn't answer your Frank's rally cry. ("We are only six points behind and we have still got Arsenal, United and Liverpool to come to our place. Anything is still possible and that's the feeling we have. We now have to go on a real run of winning games - and none of them are going to be easy - and hope that then we'll have the big players coming back.") They even gave him a bonus of losing Carvalho and Cashley. Kind of feel sorry for the remaining backline in front of Cech just back from injury. If they didn't answer to Fat Frank, I don't think the Arsenal guys far out of London can hear your request at all. Here's to 3 points at Portsmouth guys! (Shouting as loudly as I can to the south now)
Damn! Rosicky just curled one for James just now..wish he scored :(
Yeah Rosicky almost scored on that one! And I wonder why Clichy chose to shoot instead of taking the free kick into the box for tall guys like Bendtner to try and head it in. Though a bit too late, I still hope/think Bendtner can make a difference.
we need all 3 points !!!
Please we need a bit of magic there!!
FU*K !!!
I really feel like we lost.
Can someone please tell me we were just watching a re-run of a game from last season and it's not the real thing??
You were watching a re-run of a game from last season, it's not the real thing.
"Even your Chelsea guys didn't answer your Frank's rally cry" Maybe he had his mouth full?
I dont like to critcize AW but why do you only give Nik 10 mins. This 4-5-1 isnt working. It puts off the balance of the arsenal way. The only really good football we have played using the 4-5-1 this season is the Liverpool game. Please have RVP back for the Everton game. And what a miss by Rosicky at the very end. He hit it with the inside of the foot instead of striking it.
i hv to say we deserve to draw to that one.. we showed no hunger, if we dont play well, we dont deserve to win, and that was the case today.. now we hv fallen behind united, lets see if the gunners hv in them wat it takes to overhaul them.. in terms of perofrmance i hv to admit both fabregas and hleb lacked ideas today, adebayor can do with some rest.. rosicky and clichy were the two players who had us going today.. we'll hv van persie back at some point during the season, so lets not get too downbeat abt this
yeah gunnerkid, i dont like to critize wenger too much either, he doesnt get many things wrong, but today proved that he is also human
Thanks k_chelski. I hope you enjoyed the 4-4 thriller at Stamford Bridge.
What a sad boxing day! I hope things work for us on saturday
not really Title winning form at present lads it is not a dig, Fortunate 3 points against us and now 2 dropped and scraping past Chavski. need to improve as I cannot see Utd dropping many points. maybe you should concentrate on one of the cups ....CC?
Oh yes Louisa, it was a chilla , thrilla and a killa, when we drew at the Bridge, against Aston Villa.
One reason why I'm so disappointed is that I could see it coming when I saw the 4-4-1-1 yet again. I just kept hoping Arsene would bring on Bendtner to help us attack, which he did way too late. Another reason's that ManU just won't drop points the way they play now, while everone else (including us) could drop points one way or another. With this lack of hunger and ambition (as shown in the formation), I just don't know how to go back to the top. And can someone (k_chelski again?) tell me if we couldn't get 3 points at Portsmouth, just how we're going to do it against Everton. I'm usually not full of doom and gloom, just trying to cheer up and stay positive. Trying.
4-4-2 is the way to go against Everton otherwise we aint winning too. Hleb looked lost today and Fabregas wasn't serious, played like he was in training.
"how we're going to do it against Everton" You won't. I predict(read pray) for the good ol' draw.
I'm sorry.. but where was Van Persie tonight? Where was he in the weekend? Has he got injured again.. I really didn't understand why Wenger went in with the same 11 during mid week.. it really didn't make sense to me unless somebody was injured. Now, we've gotta go to Everton and win, which is a very very tough game.. considering we've lost the last 2 games against them at Goodison Park. I just don't understand why AW didn't look to take the game to Pompey a bit more.. at times, it seemed as if we were content getting a 0-0.. until Gallas and Rosicky got their chances. Adebayor was poor as well.. he was totally missing today. It was truly a 'not so good' boxing day for us..
Even if RvP can't be back for Everton, it's really worth a "gamble" to start with Bendtner and Ade up front, Hleb back to RM, Eboue on the bench. For 4-4-1-1 to work, we need a really fit and creative Hleb in that role behind Ade, i.e. someone with great passing and shooting ability like Dennis used to do in that hole. But Hleb hasn't really hit his best form since he came back from injury. With Cesc not the wizard he usually is, I just don't see why we keep playing 4-4-1-1 instead of starting Bendtner who can score and help create goals.
Since that Villa game of 2 halves ("brilliance and resilience" in that order), we've been using our resilience and grit and riding on our luck a little bit to win/draw games; the brilliance has just appeared in patches, don't you think?
Bender has to start as you have a better balance with him and hleb on the right and how the cheating scoundrel Eboue gets a game is astounding he is not even that good. Toffees will be a tough place to go to and think it will be a draw.
to throw in a different idea, i dont mean to be offensive, but arsnal arnt playing great at the moment. Arsne Wengers jibes at pompey wernt particually fair, if you look at how we have played in the past, and i think he was just looking for excuses. Pompey are also going through a bad run - being wipped by liverpool (who insedentally also only got a draw, as did man u). Pompeys Home form has been pretty good of late, and only 1 goal has actually been scored since the 7-4 game - so to be perectly honest, it was expected. Cesc being off the boil was also no surprise, as we have 3 hard men in midfield, and muntari in particlar has a habit of making opositions star men disapear (ronaldo had no infulence against us at all). Good luck for the rest of the season, hope you win the title (cos we wont) and HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!
its true that a draw away to pompey is a good result,but i think we will continue to drop points,and i dont think we have enough to retake top spot and stay top to win,hope im wrong but it doesnt look good at the moment......disapointed!!!
fran merida
Fran, I sadly feel the same. And ManU look like they just won't drop points, all other teams (including us) could one way or another. And they won't be affected by ACN at all, sigh. I'm honestly not worried about others as Chelsea still have to suffer without Carvalho and Cashley for 3 games and Cech's not at his best at all, even though their Sheva is finally finding some form. But ManU just don't seem likely to slip up, except for some injury crisis. I feel we need to keep winning to stay in touch, but to keep winning looks tough now.
our lads hv truly played out of their skins over the last 3-4 months.. just 5 months ago, ppl were writing us off, but the young guns hv done well to be where they are at the moment.. true, it's dissapointing to not be top.. but deep down, we knew this day was coming.. now, lets just take the fight to united and not let them win easy.. united on the other hand better cherish watever they can take this year, coz after that their trophy shelf will collect some dust for quite some time
and i'm not sounding defeated.. i'm just being a realist.. however, i wont be surprised if we return to the summit this saturday.. west ham can be a potential banana skin to united, but we need to be at our absolute best to return with 3 points from goodison park.. l'pool and united hv done that, no reason to think we wont
Pompeycarpet you didnt really throw in a differemt idea weve been saying that almost this whole thread. We havent been the same during december and its pretty clear for everyone to see. I got to hope that the 'it' that Robin Van Persie can bring to the side will get us over this roadblock that has rudely fallen upon us. When he was on for the Steau game and the last 20 mins of the Chelsea game you could tell something changed in the side, an injection of energy and belief.
Where is the belief fellow gooners??we are going to win the league dont you worry about that just need to stay within striking distance HAVE FAITH
Why play 4-4-1-1 without Dudu in the XI, he should have brought at least a spark, Bendtner came on too late to have any effect and Hleb was really struggling. Want Rosicky on the left, RvP on the right with Fabregas and Flams in the middle for the next game, Bendtner with Dudu/Ade up front since Ade needs a rest.
Stukazufuss Dudu wasnt in the squad. And highmark998 I am very optimistic. I was just saying that when we've been without RVP the formation of 4-5-1 just hasnt worked out. Ade is just too isolated.
Adebayor is not good enough, he keeps losing possession and when he has the ball, he didn't do much about it, keep passing wayward, I think it is time that bendnter or Dudu to step in to partner RVP. with RVP's creativity and passing, he can thread through balls to Dudu to chase and bendnter also have a decent speed in him too. Don't u think bendnter has pace, skills and bulk? He is certainly better than Ade, kick him out of the 1st team now and make ade work harder! I could sense that he is getting complacent now, he knows that even he didn't play well, he still starts which is unfair bendnter should be given more chance and time! how come he only have less than 10 min or normal time last night really puzzle me, very clearly bendnter should be in for eboue, Diaby isn't providing anything more last night, i think diaby is those type of player who takes time to adapt to the game tempo, putting him in as a sub, he never do well.
I think we can all agree that 4-5-1 is not working, it leaves Ade too exposed and with his poor control it leads to too many lost opportunities. Also Hleb and Cesc are really playing poor at the moment and i think that is really hurting us.
The 4-4-1-1 is not a bad tactic as such.. but when we come up against teams who set their stall out, I'm not quite sure if that wud work. The bottom line is that, had we played such a game last year, we wud've lost - probably from a sucker punch. A point away from Man Utd is not as bad as ppl are making it out to be and we're not in great form but we aren't in a crisis by an means. Away games are tough and the fact is that we've had too many in the past month. This was always going to be tough.. we just shouldn't lose.. that would be disastrous.. and btw.. for all those who criticized Fabregas.. he was man marked pretty much whenever he got the ball.. pretty much 2 v 1 the whole match.. we cant expect him to perform every game.. Rosicky, though was good.
This really wasn't such a bad point, Pompey is a very tough place to go and they made it very difficult for us, credit to them they played very well. We earned the right to play and matched them physically, its astounding when you compare the size of Flamini to the size of Bouba Diop, but the Flamster matched him for muscle. Cesc lacks some sharpness at the moment and our passing isn't quite as crisp, but even so a point at Fratton Park is not so bad. What we are seeing now is a role reversal of early season, when we were flying and United weren't playing so well but clinging on in there (for instance, United drew at Fratton Park in August). I can't agree that the hunger wasn't there, we battled well and Pompey created zilcho, my only gripe is that we persisted with one upfront for so long when Ade needed more help. Once again, Bendtner came on and made something happen and Rosicky's miss at the end is scarsely forgiveable, it was a terrible finish and one that cost us. All through the game I was thinking a point was a decent result, but Rosicky's miss skewed that a bit. I know it's disappointing not to be top now, but no prizes are handed out in December and if we're one point behind United in April then its really all hands to the pump. Credit to United, they're playing brilliantly right now, but they'll drop points again. Who had them down to lose at Bolton?
Little Dutch
agree with you there LD, it's not so bad to be just a point behind the leaders at the half way mark. but i can't understand why Arsene still goes with a 4-5-1 formation when he has always been an advocate of a 4-4-2. it's not that we are short of strikers at the moment. the 4-5-1 used to work with Henry upfront because we had Pires and Ljungberg all getting into goal scoring positions, but with Ade upfront, we don't really have anyone getting into goal scoring positions at the moment. Cesc was banging in all his goals when we were playing with RVP and Ade upfront, and Eboue for all his energy and runs down the channel, does not give you an end product. and Cesc and Alex have been below par in the last few games. Arsene should freshen up the squad for the trip to Goodison..
and i'm not being harsh on Clichy here, but his crossing is very poor, and his decision making in attacking positions is not upto the mark. how many assists has he had this season compared to Sagna or any other leftback in the league. he is a bundle of energy and defends really well, but when he finds himself in a good attacking position, he seems to lack ideas and misplaces his passes. this is where Ashley Cole was a lot better than Clichy in the attacking part of the game..
The one thing I've seen creeping back into our game recently is the tendency to overpass/overplay/elaborate. If you look at United, they have the ability to score goals through team play and through individuals. Our goals tend to rely on our passing game. Hleb is the only possible one and we need him to be doing his stuff near or in the opposition penalty area. All that said, I wonder if Hleb and Fabregas are feeling their way back after injury.
luckys i think criticism of eboue is a bit harsh...i mean he was the one goin past people...he got into very gud positions..its jus that we r lacking some luck....the reason bendtner dint play was maybe cuz he plye 25 minutes the oher and 120 bfore that and 45 bfore it was my blief that wenger dint want t o overstrain him......where the ***** is RVP.....seriously ne of u guys got ne news on him...........another thing i think diaby shud satrt the next game he gives us somethin shud bendtner...its time for a bit of rotation me thinks.....p.s. rosicky looks gud now...shame that he dint score but it was awfully close gallas by ne nchance injured?
Fab seems a yard off the pace just lately..Eboue goes like a train then runs into the buffers...Adebayors touch is pants....We been too predictable...everything through the middle...thinks we need to freshen things up a bit. Start Bendtner and Diaby ??..

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