Arsenal - Wenger Attacks 'Stupid' Shearer
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Wenger Attacks 'Stupid' Shearer

Arsene Wenger slammed Alan 'elbows' Shearer last night after the former Newcastle striker claimed Arsenal couldn't win the Premiership playing beautiful football.

Shearer delivered his verdict after Arsenal's 0-0 draw away to Portsmouth - a ground where both Liverpool and Manchester United also failed to get a result.

Wenger was not best pleased with Shearer's words. Speaking to the Daily Star after Arsenal's 4-1 demolition of Everton Arsene said: 'The problem is that one guy can come out with a stupid idea and it becomes a common belief even though it is not confirmed by the facts.'

'Listen, we have lost one game since the start of the season so I don`t know what`s wrong with that.

'We have just played Tottenham, Chelsea and Portsmouth and have come away with seven points from that programme. That`s not a bad return.

'Considering that everybody predicted we would be out of the top four this season, I feel we are well on schedule for success.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday December 30 2007

Time: 12:59PM

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Amusingly Shearer was very complimentary about our 2nd half performance on MotD. I guess it's the style of football he understands.
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30/12/2007 13:18:00

to think of it, we need to mix up our style of play, just like at we did yesterday.. get the 1st goal by any means, corner, free kick, scrap in the penalty box, route 1 anything... then the opposition has to come out n play n we can pick em out with clever cheeky one touch football n backheels.. but the 1st job is to force ppl to come out n play football.. thats wat we did yesterday n we got 4 goals in half against one of the form teams at their own den.. we were ruthless in the 2nd half yesterday n thats how we hv to play for the remainder of this season.. we hv the personnel so i dont see why we cant achieve success this yr
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30/12/2007 13:37:00

Everyone's a thug to you....cept your players.
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30/12/2007 13:46:00

He is a stupid human being. Wenger did not even say that but what he was implying is very correct.
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30/12/2007 13:49:00

Shearer is the worst "pro" that ever played in the Prem. I read an interesting piece by Gullit last week that suggested Shearer was the most difficult player he ever managed and strongly intimated that Shearer made threats to the board when Gullit had the gall to drop an underperforming Shearer that led to Ruud's sacking. This guy is a first class **** and I want nothing more than for him to get the Newcastle job so that that piece of ***** football club and its *****ty fans get relegated.
Little Dutch
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30/12/2007 14:10:00

Let him manage his old team Newcastle and show us how to win the EPL!!!
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30/12/2007 14:26:00

Pot, Kettle, black Kevin. Agbonlahor has asked if he can have his leg put in the same case as Hamman's in the Chelsea hall of fame (alongside the Zenith data cup).
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30/12/2007 15:26:00

I totally agree with these assessments of the steaming pile of poo that is Alan Shearer. Gullit's point about Shearer's s hit-stirring is no surprise either... you could tell from the way he carried himself that he was manoeuvering things. The only surprise was when he was 'assisting' Glen Roeder a while back and he didn't stick the knife into him too.. if he'd had just a tiny bit more expereince in coaching at the time though I doubt he would have hesitated. The really galling thing though when its all said and done, is how the hell people (and I'm thinking pundits mostly here) can think he would make a half-decent manager. What qualities does this guy possess? Okay so I'm biased, but all I can see is his 'populist' appeal to people that dont know any better. Even Gareth Southgate had a couple (at a stretch) of redeeming features whne he started, but what has Shearer got apart from a brass neck!!!
Report Abuse
30/12/2007 15:34:00

i hope the newcastle have the infinate wisdom mr dirty money bags and install mr clean england centre forward what do i know about football managing, then we can see him make a first class prat of himself infront of millions, oh sorry he does that weekly on MOTD !!!
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30/12/2007 19:43:00

Iceman, I don't keep calling others, thugs. I know my team doesn't have the nicest guys in the world. I'll tell Kenyon to put GA's leg near our UEFA super cup trophy ._.
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31/12/2007 01:48:00

Hmm.. technically Arsene wasn't speaking to Daily Star. It's an audio interview he did with Arsenal TV Online which DS just quoted without stating the source. The original question from the ATVO host was "On MotD last week, some pundits said although Arsenal play the beautiful game, it may not be quite enough to win the title. Somtimes you have to grit things out. What would your answer be to that?" Then Arsene responded "We play the game. We want to be enjoyable by the people watching. I can never make (tell) a difference with what is a beautiful game, or not a beautiful game. We want to play (the way) that people pay big money to come to watch us play enjoy it... The team has desire to play football, that's all." Host: "Of course sometimes you have to tough it out. You know more than anybody." AW: "Well, listen, we have lost since the start of the season. And I don't know what is wrong with that. The problem in the modern game is that one guy comes out with a stupid idea, everybody takes that idea and says "ok" and it creates a common belief that is not at all confirmed by the facts." For one thing, maybe AW didn't even imply "Shearer is stupid" (which was added by the newspaper, as usual). For another, every word he said is fair and true enough. Using his words again, "I don't know what's wrong with that." Sorry for the long post, I just thought the Daily Star report was making a meal out of it when I read it. No need to imply or anything I just say categorically that they're stupid.
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31/12/2007 02:15:00

Sorry - "we have lost ONCE since the start of the season..."
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31/12/2007 02:17:00

Well done Louisa, I also heard that interview by Wenger on ATVO, and the criticism didnt seem directed personally at Shearer.
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31/12/2007 02:38:00

I don't even remember if it was Alan Shearer who said that kind of "Arsenal too soft" cliche on MotD, maybe. But the press just put that "Shearer is stupid" thing into Arsene's mouth when he's just commenting on a general phenomenon, which is a disgrace. But at least the press got one thing right, AS is stupid. LOL
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31/12/2007 03:33:00

Shearer is in the same class as Andy Gray, all ****e and no respect for teams like us. In their eyes only Manure and pool are the only "decent" teams and Robbie Savage always appears on their top 10 players of the season chart for "working recklessly in the midfield" LOL.
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31/12/2007 05:31:00

Good one Kev- what is the UEFA Super Cup again? Oh right, it's the European version of the Community Shield. Well done mate!
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31/12/2007 06:46:00

I don't get MOTD over here (Canada) but get a lot of games live on Setanta and the rest on tape delay. So, I've never seen Alan Shearer as a pundit. But what I saw of him as a player, I think he was the prototype for John Terry in terms of trying to influence a match by intimidating referees.
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31/12/2007 06:55:00

If we don't win the league it isn't because we have played beautiful football, it will be because we haven't played beautiful football well enough. Simple.
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31/12/2007 07:24:00

"it's the European version of the Community Shield" We defeated Real Madrid , club of the century. :p
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31/12/2007 12:20:00

There is a phenomina called having to win ugly. Surely a failing of you lot in the past is trying to be too pretty and hence drawing or losing games you could/should have won. I imagine if Tony Adams had made the comments that Shearer did then you'd all be in full agreement. The personal abuse directed at Shearer shows how risable some of the opinions held by you lot are. Many leading players at a club have tried to influence their club over the head of their manager. Gullit was never much of a manager, tried to do the same to Capello when they were at Milan and was not sacked but RESIGNED .. ... mind you we should expected a level of journalistic inaccuracy on this page, eh, Little Dutch. NUFC may not be a successful club but their fans stick by them through thick and thin .. I wonder how many of you lot would?
Report Abuse
31/12/2007 17:29:00

EnglishSpur, the problem is that what Alan Shearer said WAS true, but is no longer the case. Why's it wrong for us to point out it's an accurate assessment of the Arsenal team right now? AW didn't even call the guy "stupid" and, as I pointed out above, was just commenting on the phenomenon of the press copying "a stupid idea" from some "pundits" without seeing the facts, i.e. we only lost once this season, still strong despite the hiccups in Dec. It's the media like Daily Star who turned AW's quote into what you referred to as "personal abuse" by linking that generic statement with Alan Shearer. Yes some Gooners apparently don't like AS but what he said was just not true. And speaking of NUFC's fans, I'm not saying Joey Barton's highly respectable/credible as a person but he's right in saying that the fans didn't stand by them when they went through a tough period. "Vicious" or not, I don't know. But they did indeed boo their own players and did shout at their own manager "you don't know what the fxxk you're doing" after a few bad results. Not to say I personally feel for Big Fat Sam but the fans don't exactly "stick by them through thick and thin" do they?
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31/12/2007 18:13:00

"it's an INaccurate assessment" sorry
Report Abuse
31/12/2007 18:14:00

English Spur mate we might not be the best at winning ugly but at least we haven't perfected the art of losing pretty, as your lot have been doing since 1962.
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
02/01/2008 12:50:00

Shearer for England!
Ozi Gooner
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02/01/2008 12:51:00

i read the whole thing and i can not see where arsene slams shearer.
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04/01/2008 02:41:00


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