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Kaka Doesn't Fear Arsenal!

AC Milan star and World player of the year Kaka has been quoted by some parts of the press as saying his side will have no problems beating Arsenal.

Arsenal face European champions AC Milan next month in a mouthwatering Champions League Second round tie.

The Italian giants beat Manchester United and Liverpool on their way to their Champions Leauge triumph.

The outstanding Kaka is quoted as saying: "We beat two other English teams last time and we won`t have problems with Arsenal."

Kaka has always come over as a humble player to me, and I'd be suprised if these quotes turned out to be real.

However, if they are the words of Kaka, then let's hope I can use my culinary skills to serve up the biggest portion of humble pie man has ever known.

If his team mates share his attitude, then it'll do Arsenal no harm when they face Milan next month.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 7 2008

Time: 7:55PM

Your Comments

That was'nt the quote I read attributed to him Simmo, although he said that they breezed past manure and did the mickeys he said playing Arsenal would be problematic or something similiar, if he has changed his tune and wants that to bring a can of whoop ass then we'll be only too happy to provide the can opener.
If he really said that then Wenger should field Eboué for the match. He could rough it up and break his ankle, the way he done it to JT.
foolish boy! goodbye ac milan, it was nice knowing you...good luck arsnal, you are representing england!
I take issue with that last comment, we're not representing England, we're representing Arsenal.
Little Dutch
damn right, screw England, I'm Arsenalish and proud of it! I was thinking about the need for Eboue in this tie as well, though for different reasons. As far as I know Eboue is the closest we've got to a God Botherer in the squad, (judging from his pre-match ritual anyway) and this might come in useful counteraattacking the righteous Kaka and whatever support he can muster to Milan from the heavenly choir.
I think he's just pumping himself, his teammates, and the fans up for the match, that's all.
i for one love the fact that in Arsenal, only Arsene does the talking abt our opposition.. our players meanwhile do theirs on the pitch n that is workin very well.. whereas other clubs let their players talk to press where they seem to run their mouth they cant cash.. long may that trend continue
We rep Norde Londre boy! we rule Norde Londre, s'all that matters to me I say that s'all that matters to me.
He may not be afraid at the moment but he'll proplably sh@t him self on the nite.
Armory, perhaps he will if he has a nice portion of Lasange before the match. ;-)
I´d like to take this oportunity and wish all Milan Fans the best of luck for this game, should be a good one. Forza.
Blue is the colour
the guy is a Pastor, I doubt he said that.
Wrong vital site again BITC(H).
I think he said that they "won't have problems with Arsenal" which has to be classed as fighting talk... I'm chuffed that Arsene didn't mind finishing second in the qualifying group to avoid the 'big guns', so instead of ******-footing around we can just get on with it. As Delia Smith once said - Let's be 'aving yer!
Don't mind Blue he's prolly still a little sore that I went over and ruled their Chelsea chant thread with such gems as "John Terry had a braincell it really was a beaut he lost it down in Cardiff when he met Diabys boot"
Hey BITC shouldn't you be preparing to lose to Spuds at home or something?
BITC(H) is too busy getting it up the ass by his chelski buddies. Anyway I agree, Milan shouldn't fear us and Arsenal shouldn't fear Milan. I hope this will be an entertaining tie.
i think he just said what he thinks, he didn't insult arsenal just give his view of the match! dont't get in his face ! but i do feel sorry for him, his gonna be the only player in his team after we knock em out, the others will start recieve pensions! never saw that many granddads in one team
Gooner SA
Looks like Arsene's team talk has been done for him then.
Cannavaro...a word of advice. Try not using racist slurs on this site...I am part african and BLACK COW PLAYERS sounds very racist. I don't know what you intended to convey by that though...maybe you are openly racist. In that case you don't belong here. You do not belong to a modern world. If Milan beats Arsenal all well and good....KEEP YOUR RACIST SLURS TO YOURSELF....TALL FOOTBALL
If I was ever sure of a match in which Arsenal would win...this is the match. What more can I say...enough with the analysis, we will do our talking on the pitch
cannavaro, i hope you can articulate yourself better in your mother tongue you racist moron. The irony is that the points you make are quite accurate regarding your history. If you took the trouble to attempt a civilised conversation you probably wouldn't have got any argument from people on here. As it is your comment will be consigned to the muppet bin. FYG Juventus and Real Madrid also have a bigger history than us and we had no trouble bidding them ciao and adios.
Thank you hatespur....the thing is its really no problem giving us the statistics...and expecting Milan to win...just watch your language. Your mother will be ashamed of your filthy racist mouth...BLACK COW is better though that you opened up...and in the heatof the moment spewed out the bile from within your callow soul. I hope the rest of the house will not stand for your foolishness
I hope he remebers George Weah was anfrican who was legendary for them
Clrence Seedorf is one of their best players, as was Cafu, Dida etc. It seems that Italy and Spain are light years behind us in terms of what is acceptable regarding racism. Although, i'm sure they are isolated incidents it isn't very pleasant. I went to Lazio a few years ago and the level of abuse directed towards our black players was incredible.
In the name of everything decent can you behave yourself cannavaro. Its a good thing Milan has also had a fair share of "black cow players".
George Weah
Well I think it would be best to ignore this idiot. Lets not stoop to his level...
Sanuel Eto'o?
Little Dutch
I her you number 14. Hopefully next time I come online his comments will be deleted. God how I hope ppl like him wouldn't exist.
LD, who has the authority to delete these posts?
I see nothing wrong in Kaka's comments, he is confident of Milan's chances, and they certainly go into this game as favourites. Kaka has always struck me as a good professional footballer. That said, Arsenal have more of a chance than anyone else of knocking Milan out.
It's good that Kaka is so confident about this tie. it only means that Milan will come out and attack us, which is only going to suit our game. but i have one worry about our defence. no matter how solid we look on paper at the back and all the back four are fantastic defenders, they always make one or two silly mistakes at the back which can cost us a goal, especially at set pieces which is my major worry. if we want to go all the way to moscow, we need as many clean sheets like we did in 2006..
and ignore that Cannavaro, he is a spuddie, and is here just to wind us up..
Milan have a forever aging squad, as long as we keep it tight in the begining of the ties with no defensive errors i think we can grab goals late in the second halves. i believe our fitness, stamina and belief will see us through!
sniff.... sniff....... smell the fear
cantavaro,youve been sussed out for the faker that you are,coz we all know that cannavaro didnt play for Ac-milan so why are you going on so much? stronzo....also why would you be so proud of a club connected with so much corruption,racism and violence,thats why you watch english football so much because your league is total rubbish.
fran merida
is he having a laugh?
also how are you doing in the league this year...who cares is soooo boring,how much is your club worth? bigger stadium,but you share it with inter,and you cant even fill it with supporters,just tourists.
fran merida
I'm not getting into the racist stuff, it's not on but there's enough of you to make the general point. Regarding Milan, it's a dump. I went last year to see Cirque de Soleil last year and I stayed in the City. Apart from the central area where the quite frankly stunning Duomo (cathedral) and piazza are, the rest of the city is filthy and covered in grafitti. We're not talking side of the tube grafitti, we're talking every single wall truely coveredin the stuff. The central "canal" is a nothing more than a huge waste tip - is was stunned that what ismeant to be one of the greatest cities on earth was that bad. Not footie related, but just wanted to big up my home town of London which has improved beyond recognition over the past decade.
Ehem... wasn't it a national team full of black cows that made Roberto Baggio cry in 1994?
Lot of hate there Canofwormso is it cos you is a spud? or just a fascist weasel? either way you got a big mouth and no balls little boy so run home to mama she'll a cook a something nice a.
Cannavaro - you're racist slurs have been documented and as soon as the owner of the network has viewed them they will be removed, as will you. Prosecution could also not be out of the question.
at least we didnt get beaten by scotland!! and you were very close to not qualifing....but still your city is a toilet,your country is 3rd world,held up by euro billions,your government is corrupt and your soldiers are all cowards....our national team is crap,because of no Arsenal players involved,you will see the difference when your old men get a footballing lesson.
fran merida
you still havnt told me what it feels like to share your stadium with Inter, a team who are richer than you,and in a much better position
fran merida
Ciao Ciao Cannovadgeo missing you already.
Someone get him a copy of spike lee's Jungle Fever before he leaves.
"eh...Brazil?" No, Uruguay.
Rocky7, his comments are actually worse than they sound. A bit of digging on translation sites - translated into Italian, black cow becomes vacca nera. However, vacca also means prostitute and the slang for vacca is mucca, so he's actually calling them black prostitutes. What a lovely character.
Cannavaro is right, look how AC milan is much better than inter.
well....your national team even need an italian to help you!!! you need us to teach you how to play football!! infact your FA agreed with my suggestion though! poor you!! why running out of idea how to win? until wanna beg us to teach you to play football?
Wow he's back already lol, good to see you've toned down on the race hate garbage though, whatsamatter Rockys threats of prosecution work did they? scared of prigione? it's always nice boys like you that get to pick up the soap lol
He noticed the amount of pizzas he would have to deliver to pay his
Too little too late for that boy Niko.....he's gone as soon as my buddy looks in his inbox!!!
No complaints this end guv.
Kaka said first he admires us now he is saying he doesn't fear us...I wonder what he will say about us next...^.^
'We did'nt deserve to lose' hopefully coastarian!! :)
or 'we deserved to lose' I'd take either really!!
I have hardly given this tie a thought with plenty of football being played and to be played before the CL returns. Kaka is obviously thinking about it. But with their current Serie A position Milan will have to win the CL to make it again next year a la Liverpool a few years back so maybe he's not as confident as he makes out...
Oh no, what drama did I miss? Sounds like some idiotic comments targeting our black players?
Lou, you didn't miss much -just a bigoted arrogant pr*ck italian (or so he says) saying he's a Milan fan, spouting **** about how Milan are so much better, history etc, then ending his post with a really nasty and pathetic comment about black players, obviously forgetting the great black players that have played for Milan over the years. He did the same post on a few other articles, and it looks like he's been removed from all of them. Good riddance!

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