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The Pressure Is All On Spurs

Anybody nervous about tonight?

Well considering the readership of this site is made up of both Arsenal & Spurs fans (amongst others) that answer will probably be mixed, however, considering the URL of this website, I'd assume that the majority of supporters will be relaxed.

As has been stated by members of the Tottenham team and staff, this is the Lily-whites biggest game of the season so far (and barring a trip to the final, it will be the biggest of the season altogether). Indeed a quick trip to our sister site at Vital Spurs will see more than a hundred orders for rubber underwear with every member, to a man (or woman) literally copying Tottenham's last day of the season antics of 2006.

Arsenal however have already played several more important games this season. Liverpool away, Chelsea & Man Utd at home, even the games against Tottenham in the league were far more important than tonight's fixture, and there are definitely more important (and exciting) fixtures to come, AC Milan anyone?

Of course it would be a disappointment to lose this semi-final second leg, there's little point in denying that, however would the disappointment be not getting to the final? Or missing out on another reason to taunt the old enemy?

For me, this young team has once again shown it's quality, for the fourth time in five years Arsene's policy of blooding young players in this competition has rewarded the Frenchman with a semi-final spot. It's not about winning the competition (which is however Arsene's goal) it's about preparing these young men for the rough and tumble of professional football. Some of them won't make it with Arsenal of course, but some of them definitely will.

When you compare this policy with Tottenham's desperation to not only beat Arsenal, but to pop a piece of silverware in their rather sparse trophy cupboard, no matter what it is (no the Peace Cup doesn't count lads), then it's safe to say that the pressure is definitely on Spurs!!!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 22 2008

Time: 10:18AM

Your Comments

And as if to prove my point further, an article just popped up on VS claiming the CC is vitally important as it's their only way back into Europe!!! Talk about piling on the pressure!!
only Berbatov has the ability to cope with the amount of pressure that is piling on spurs. the Arsenal boys will go there and relax and treat it like any other game. we take EVERY game seriously but spurs are too worked up about it and it could play against them -they could get a player sent off for example. by rights they should win tonight but I think it will be close.
From those of us at Pompey that have a soft spot for you, go stuff the spuds.
Haha, thanks matt!! I must say that the thought of beating them tonight is pretty would have me laughing for weeks!!! As important as I don't think the match is, it will be electric even so. Arsenal v Spurs matches are always exciting!!
Think we need to get some of our big guns starting for this one tonight. Wish Arsene would buy or even get a central defender on loan. Think we should start with one of Hleb or Fabregas, with Ade on the bench. We need to put an element of self-doubt in the mind of Spurs. Don't think we will with the team we put out in the first leg, they're more likely to really fancy themselves. Could go to pens!
Tonights game will be the first arsenal game i will miss (either attending or watching on tv) this year. I booked to see Chris Rock a few months back. Spurs have to end the run sooner or later, and id sooner it be an away carling cup match than a league, FA cup or any home match. I am more concerned we are playing Gallas tonight. An injury to him would be costly. Id sooner play Gilberto and hoyte at the back with Gilbert and Traore either side.
kerrea Gilbert? you having a laugh? he didn't make the grade at Southend ffs.
2 League titles, 8 FA cups, 3 League cups, 1 cup winners cup and 2 UEFA cups, I wouldn't call that sparse
How many of those are recent Topspur? Remember even Nottingham FOrest were once Champions of Europe.
Practically empty compared ours TS, we've won almost as many League titles as you have trophies ;)
How funny is it that they are complaining we may pick a first team player ot two. How unfair can you get. MIND THE GAP!
I know Dave, what brazen cheats we are!!!
AFC85Lew. I think it was because of an argument between him and the southend boss. I agree, he is not good enough. My thought is id sooner Gallas be fit for Newcastle(league), man city, Blackburn and AC Milan while Kolo is away rather than risk it in a game which isnt as high priority
I hope he starts the youngsters and let them show Berba & Co. who's boss. I know it wont matter much if we lose but I'd be f|_|cking gutted if it did happen. Eventually they'll have be beat us I know but I hope they beat is in the League when thy're 15th and we're 1st. it wont make that much of a difference. This match is a lot more important than people think. It gives us a chance at silverware and also a chance for the young-guns to show they're ready for first team action.
The pressure is on the Spuds. I can't see them playing better than they did in the first leg, or us any worse. So it is going to make for a very interesting game!
Fabregas, Adebayor and Hleb included in Carling Cup squad!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on u Gooners
2-1 to the Arsenal!
Yeah was a row between him and Tilson, his attitude if questionable though, he'll be a good Championship/Div 1 player.
i am going for a spurs win because they will prove to be the better side. if spurs loses i would be the first person to come here and admit i was wrong and if arsenal loses guys please do not disappear.
I dunno about u guys but im a little bit more confident after seeing the squad it looks like were only missing rosicky and clichy out our first team. I doubt they will all start but its reassuring knowing we will have quality on the bench.
I'm not happy about the fact we have thrown our seniors into the squad. People made the point that it's silly to risk injuries and its true, but what really bothers me is that we are undermining trust in our younger players. We are telling them - look we'll have the seniors on standby in case you can't hack it! That takes away the edge they would have in their game if they had to live or die by their own efforts. I don't want to sound too negative but I hope we don't end up with the youngsters 'expecting' from the seniors and the seniors 'expecting' from the youngsters, and the inititative somehow gets lost. I hope it turns out that I'm talking utter shi-te!
we could not expect the kids to take on the spuds at whl without a bit of back up especially as there treating this like there CL final! wenger did the same thing last year brought in a few key players just incase thing dont go to plan! If he had not but a few players in and god forbid the spuds got off to a flyer it cud be silly and demoralising to the players!
Kaybee - you mean better side "on the night", right? Cos there is no way on earth that Spurs are the better side overall. A quick glance at the league table will reconfirm this for you.
Couple of points, yes the pressure is all on them and this competition is the lesser of those we are involved in. However, I can not just sit back and relax while watching this! My nerves are on edge every single time we play the spuddies and it gets worse every time, purely because the law of averages is spreading itself exceedingly thinly, and this place will be littered with gloating spuddies conveniently forgetting 8 years worth of domination. Not to mention my best mate and brother will be on my case also with that convenient bout of amnesia.
the article is correct, the pressure is all on spurs, a win would be truely massive and shows the true gulf that currently stands between the clubs, for arsenal this is another fixture that if you lose it will be forgotten about by the weekwnds FA cup games. I have made arsenal favourates since the draw was made and still feel this way dispite the first leg draw, I feel that we need to play somewhere near our best and hope you fall short of yours. I really hope it is a great game and it is all forgotten for by boys by the weekend.
not a good start !!
***** Jenas again, how can an average player like him score so consistently against us?!
Lou the Gunneress
Hry this si the threadwe r using ....usualyy we use the preview thread rite...neway....dont worry guys.....spurs scoring...early....everuthing goin to plan...;)
looks like cesc is comin on for denilson........hmm....
Karley, you're right, that's exactly what I'm thinking - everytime they score first, they....
Lou the Gunneress
are u watchin the match lou...its text commentarry fro me
Hey web TV here:
Lou the Gunneress
I saw AW showed a 'thumb up' at Gary Lewin after he initially checked Denilson on the pitch, so I guess the kid's injury is not too bad.
Lou the Gunneress
o ***** !!!! lets get ade on n pray !!!!
Damn, if they end up winning it, I can see they're gonna say "not kids this time, you used the first team"
Lou the Gunneress
oh my god...
Haha I also seem to remember the 1st leg of the semi-final last year where we also went 2-0 down :P
Lou the Gunneress
berba just hit da post !! !!! !!! n i shat myself!
I didn't see it clearly, was it really a Bendtner OG?
Lou the Gunneress
You useless ********s. How can you lose to the Yids?
Yeah Henry that was SCARYYYYYYY!!!
Lou the Gunneress
well...they are 2 up........looks like its gonna be like the last cc game at WHL.......
Bendtner really should NOT get involved in any defensive work. Last time he got himself sent off by tackling someone. Sigh.
Lou the Gunneress
hey lou which link are u using......which ever one i click on it says server cannot be found
D@mn, Diaby having a problem with his leg now?!
Lou the Gunneress
I'm using Channel 6 with English commentary.
Lou the Gunneress
You need the TV Ants software - can be downloaded through the link on the top navigation bar.
Lou the Gunneress
i kno...but the things is my bandwidth is only 128 sopcast is the only on i can use.........but the damn thing is sayng server not found.......
HUh?!? Bendtner was ONside that one!
Lou the Gunneress
Did you try some of the Chinese or Thai or whatever channels?
Lou the Gunneress
dont think we will come back in the second half :( ( i HOPE im wrong )....
Ere....they've battered us over two well, *****
Need to bring on Adebayor.. to have some sort of chance.. but it really looks like we're gonna be out now.. barring a miracle.
take it easy folks, the comeback will start in the second half..
Bloody hell!! WTF going on??? Where's our defence? Gallas and Sagna both look unassured.... Spurs look like scoring everytime they come forward... The only player who looks confident is Gilberto And what the hell is Diaby doing??? Giving the ball away far too often for my liking!
I know just the solution!!!! We should bring on Baptista. He'll teach those feckers a lesson
Gilberto looks confident?? Well he might be but he's been bloody ***** again, I swear he's trying to take us down from within!!! Lol.
if we score within the first 15 mins of the second half... we have an outside chance....
Huh? I think Gallas looks rather strong, Sagna not too bad either. The youngsters may have panicked a little bit. But it's the 2nd goal that's unfortunate.
Lou the Gunneress
not anymore henry :(
I really wouldn't believe it! Hleb's fine! Diaby's just not a LM guy.
Lou the Gunneress
Lou the Gunneress
Its all over..
Theo's run was great, it's just not Bendtner's day, nor is it ours in general.
Lou the Gunneress
We need a really cool head like Eduardo...
Lou the Gunneress
LD and others were right, I was wrong. Winning or losing, we just shouldn't have played the first-teammers.
Lou the Gunneress
THis IS GETTING embarrassing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what is going on
I want to cry.....
Lou the Gunneress
i cant belive ma eyes !
I'm so sad. Losing has to happen somewhere, sometime, but this...
Lou the Gunneress
traore for dudu ??? huh...?
We want 5! who are you! can we play you every week! seriously you have been taught a footballing lesson. You better improve for the Milan Game. LMAO! How many goon fans will be off work toms!
your lot getting a beasting from spuddies,serves your arrogant arses right!!!
There`s losing & there`s getting annihilating
I had a very bad feeling today when I read Spurs had to win this game to get to the final to even stand a chance of keeping Berbatov. They just have so much to play for. Is THIS the beat Spurs performance ever, like in their entire club history?
Lou the Gunneress
I'm surprised it's Traore, not Diaby, who's coming off!
Lou the Gunneress
Hi Spurs fans, been waiting for you guys to come and gloat for some time now. It's naturally you only felt it's 'safe' after it went as bad as 4-0. Well played! (Can't believe I'm saying this but guess I'm just too honest.)
Lou the Gunneress
this cant be good for team morale...!!!
got one back
good finish tho ...
Oh you guys are ahead of me! Waiting for the goal now...
Lou the Gunneress
Am I the only one who's feeling slightly better now? LOL Come on guys, we've enjoyed success over them for so long...
Lou the Gunneress
is just me or is any 1 else missing martin jol.....;)
I feel very bad for LD (and many other Arsenal bloggers) who'll have to write the match report...
Lou the Gunneress
LOL Henry yeah, and the many guys before him over the past 8 years!
Lou the Gunneress
If you bet on goals > 2.5 in every single Spurs home match this season, you would have become very rich...
Lou the Gunneress
ade is soo lucky to get away with that !!!!
Er... we've been unbeaten in the games in which Ade scored before... I can see the Spurs fans gloating about breaking that record too...
Lou the Gunneress
LOL Am I the only one who could even laugh at Defoe's miss?! :D
Lou the Gunneress
ouch !!!!!!!
i have nothing to say !........
Only now do I realise how painful the Spurs fans have been feeling for 8 years. I can't imagine how they've been feeling what we're feeling now for 8 years... I'm starting to feel for them. Strangely.
Lou the Gunneress
where are all the guys that were talking trash before the game. the gunners just got battered and this time there is no excuse of it is the baby gunners. like i said earlier tottenham will beat you lot and that happened but they really embarass you lots.
Kaybee, yeah it's bound to happen once in a while. If that 'while' is as long as 9 years, we're very blessed with success already. No sour grapes, really, I'm just glad that it's Carling Cup and that it's out of the way now. I couldn't suffer that kind of a heart attack anywhere else...
Lou the Gunneress
the pressure was all on spurs and what a way to release it lol!
any arsenal fans agree walcott is ***** and a waste of money cant believe sven took him to world cup
walcott is the next henry. henry at 40.
One could easily say that it seems them spuds handled that "pressure" quite well...wouldn´t you say? aaaaAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Blue is the colour
bitc no they didnt they overreacted lol.
Gallas for Mayor.
Blue is the colour
bitc did you see gallas and bendtner bitc?
Rock soild, World class both of them. :)
Blue is the colour
Something about the CC that makes them Goons rip out their ninny handbags whenever they look like losing....LOL
Blue is the colour

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