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You Couldn't Make It Up

After Tottenahm grabbed a 2-1 win over Chelsea in the league last season, we were all pissing our selves laughing when they released a DVD to celebrate it.

Despite being gutted at being stuffed 5-1, I found a few things funny on Tuesday night. Namely Robbie Keane celebrating like he had just had his way with Miss World, Berbatov thinking that this win confirms that Spurs can break into the top four, and all the abuse I got from Spurs' fans about how 'they're on the up' and this being 'the beggining of the end for Arsenal.'

After a hard day's graft at work, I was hoping for something funny to make me laugh this evening, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.

The email read: 'No words can do this justice, just look for yourself...

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You can imagine my delight when I saw that Spu*s had once again released a DVD after winning... a game!

That's right, Tottenham have released another DVD. Not to celebrate winning the league, not to celebrate winning the Wafer Thin Cup, not even to celebrate winning the Carling Cup. No, they've released a DVD to celebrate beating Arsenal in the Carling Cup Semi Final.

You couldn't make this stuff up.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 24 2008

Time: 7:25PM

Your Comments

they r soooooo pathetic, over and over again..
Small minded mentality - small club. Launch a DVD when you win something!!!!
lmao.....i tot u guys were merely pulling their legs......they actually went out and released it within 2days.......and a mug too!!!! and btw guys ES has written an article rating the arsenal players performance...which clearly shows that an utter idiot he is.....that guy thinks making gallas captain was a bad desicion...and he thinks alex hleb is no good.......wat a moron
»»Arsene Knows««
Come on! This is a major part of there history! Such as other glory glory days/nights including winning the double nearly 50 years ago! The FA cup semi final 91! Nayim from the halfway line! winning the league cup with an Arsenal manager and future Arsenal captain! And errrrrrr......Thats it! .....Loving that mug! My sides are still splitting.
Oh my...... What chapter is this one in the collection of DVD's celebrating a history of insignificant Spud accomplishments?
rest assured guys they'll have no requirement to release one after the final!
omg, they are such a pathetic bunch, im sure they will release another dvd if they turn united over on sunday..
Well, you could make it fact, a lot of you did. But then the spuds saw the idea and realised what a money spinner it is.
Yeah = a club where the board like to stitch up the supporters at every opportunity. Great!!!!!
You needn't worry... there won't be a sequel this season.
jeez!! Talk about cash in on your fans stupidity! fantastic! this one will have me laughing for weeks! Its a hilarious end to a bad week!
Truly sums up the tragic, desperate mentality of this small club, I hear a commemorative mug has been released too, someone tell me this is a wind-up? Why stop there? why not release a range of celebratory genuine earthenware crockery so everytime the fat cvnts stuff their fat *****in faces they can be reminded? Or howzabout a commemorative clock that does'nt work but hey the hands stay at 5 to 1??. Losers.
You've gotta hand it to them, even after they stuff us 5-1, within forty eight hours we're back to laughing at their sorry arses. I heard the DVD has a "bench cam" feature, where you can watch Robinson and Huddlestone warming up. Look on in hysterics as they each strain their neck muscles trying to get a peak at their own nobs.
Little Dutch
all that needs to be said here is: "to dare is to do"
my my.....i actually feel very sorry fro the spuddies
blimey, you have to wonder why on earth, but then i suppose they figure after the weekend and after the family day out to wembley, then once they have finished the season in some mid table security with not much too look back on, atleast they will have the dvd of their fine semi final performance !
I'm starting to feel sad for them, really. It must have been a truly hellish 9 years for them. Never had I been able to even imagine how that pain's like, this is truly testament to that. Sad stuff, but HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA
Lou the Gunneress
Think i might actualy buy that Dvd,so i can laugh again at the down and out gooner in the 'ROCKY' top who was trying to sing over 37,000 yiddo's.Still,fair play he was the only one left and it was only the 80th min. :)
yea go and buy it hatethegoons! Lets face it, it will be the only vid in your shop thats not in black and white!!
Well now the unbeaten run is over i hear Arsenals going to realse a 24 box set and over 33 hours of play time it took the spuddies finally to win over us.
vavavoom and arsenor - stop making me laugh!!!! It hurts!!! Missed the bit about the mug!!! Maybe Villa will have a DVD of our win over Chelsea earlier this season soon? They really missed out on that one!!!!!!!!
Wigan knocked us out of the carling cup semi in 2006, there wasn't a DVD release. Norwich beat manutd 2-0 in the premiership 3 years ago, i dont remember Norwich releasing a DVD of the match.
LOL LOL very well done vavavoom and arsenor! And yeah CLVilla, that was a great win worthy of a DVD by Spurs' standards! Hey if you look at things from their perspective, I think this year the team most worthy of publishing a DVD box set is Coventry! Like a "Beating ManU 2-0 at OT in front of a 74,055 Crowd" in CC plus a "Thrashing Blackburn 4-1 at Ewood Park" in FAC in a gift-wrapped box set titled "Amazing Cup Games 2007-08".
Lou the Gunneress
Oh I've also read that they did a lap of honour at the end. Daily Mail is funny too, read the last line in that section about Spurs:
Lou the Gunneress
For all you crossword solvers: Fornicating rustic walkway leading to drug and an involuntary movement- or a Spuds fan. I'll break it down- 'rustic walkway=path', 'drug=E', 'involuntary movement=tic' Path-e-tic. F**king pathetic.
Did you guys also read that (don't remember where I saw it) 3 Spurs players ran around splashing champagne like Formula One champions? Almost caught Arsene when they thought it's still Poyet in an interview when they burst into the press room but ended up making a Sky guy soaked? Then Comolli had to get involved and apologise to Arsene? THAT is pathetic.
Lou the Gunneress
I've just bought 3 of those dvd's and the part I watch over and over is wenger jumping up and down when adebayor scored to make it 4-1. Ha ha ha!!!!!!! Realistically, we let you guys off the hook because the score should have been more like 8-2. Now that would have made a great dvd, dont you agree? I would have gone out and bought 6 if that was the scoreline!!!! And whats the villa fan doing on here, smurking with the gooners? as if they are a big club, or is he thinking they will make top 4 this year? Fat chance, ha ha ha!!!! And to storagematt, hope you enjoyed the show we put up midweek cos you've gone awfully quiet all of a sudden.Ha ha ha!!!!!!!! 5-1, what a thrashing!!!!!!!COYS!!!!!!!!
power spur u let us off the hook................gosh...u guys ar so bloody full of urselves and tht too after jus one game......
powerspur...there u go flaunting ur stup*idity...even coventry havnt done what u guys have done...a blody DVD. What r u thinking. Have u no the bleeding cup first dude
talk about celebrating mediocrity
3 DVDs for 3 times the viewing pleasure ? I was laughing at the article, then we have comedians in here like powerspur taking it even further - priceless.
im gonna buy the dvd not to keep seeing us rape you 5-1, but to see your 1st teamers who apparently dont care about this micky mouse cup trying to kick the lumps out of each other. nice to see the team spirit you have there.
hmmm powerspur, it isn't realised until 1st feb. i think this comes right out of the handbook, how to fleece your fans ! i am glad our second team gave such enjoyment to our little neighbours, it comes under the charity act of 1932.
er dude...nice name...hey are u a reincarnation of ES or TopSpur...i'll give u an idean for another handle: (21-1) or how about (1win-in-9yrs)...i wonder we should consider making some DVDs. We wld have hundreds to choose from dude. I had a little bit more respect for u have proven how small-minded and mediocre u are
.....and you know something gooners when was the last time you beat a top four team by that many goals, i can remember man utd beating you 6-1, but have you ever walloped a top four team? cause you just got your asses kicked by a bottom half of the table whats more entertaining that or releasing a dvd?
5-1 do a lap of honour and commemorate at CUP...
er...we walloped Liverpool inthe CC. How about inter was just another day for us. It seems this dude aonly watches Arsenal v Spurs games
number 14 many dvds of wins agains us but no demolition jobs, you once scored 5 against us but we still managed to score 4
at least he admits they are BOTTOM HALF of the table
liverpool are 5th
yep...u scored 5...and we won the cups dude
so now u are a better team than liverpool? for ur info i am talking of last season.
coventry beat ManU at home dude...also did in Blackburn...have u no shame? its ok to enjoy the win...but u are taking this a tard too far...
nope liverpool are better then spurs and arsenal they can actually win a CL
number 14 im only on this site because you are taking it too far buy joking about the dvd, our stadium only holds 36k so its natural they would try to make cash in other ways, they are not forcing people to buy that stuff
just sour grapes b'cos we thrashed the 5hit out of your lot. can we play you every week?
ouch...spurs actually look to make cash in some really strange and stupid ways...note to coventry/southend...pssst---there is money to be made. A cup/DVD for every win the spuds have,,,hmmm. come on - admit its childish...i'll say it again _WIN THE BLEEDING CUP FIRST
no offense to liverpool...yeh theyhave won the CL...but hey we have won the my humble opinion....beside the spuds, Arsenal rocks
Its a measure of mediocrity to spend soooo much time on another teams forum after one win in many chelski/manu/liverpool fans do u see here...think bigand u just might become big.
Powerspur, shouldn't that be "can we play you once every nine years?" The fact is, you lot said you'd finish fourth and we'd be in the mid table wilderness. A one off cup result does not even begin to mask the hilarity of that prediction, the DVD release cements your mediocrity.
Little Dutch
14, you would get alot more man u, chavs, and scousers if they beat you 5-1 and your fans left in the 58th minute
No, you couldn't make it up. But don't blame the club, apparently they realise just how silly their supporters are, and they know the DVD will sell. Good piece of business I have to say!
hmmm.....someone has been watching a DVD....he actually knows fans started leaving in the 58th minute. wow...bleeding good bussiness for spurs...they should become the richest team after all the money this DVD will i envy them...
Hahahahahahahaaaaa! I honestly thought this was made up... and I was laughing anyway... then I clicked the link.... and almost fell off my chair. Brilliant. A DVD... ALREADY! It must have felt like a David vs Goliath moment. It's almost a compliment to us.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard I almost ruptured several important internal organs. I'm at work and people are asking me if I'm alright! I showed it to a mate of mine who is a spud, (wearing his shirt with pride today) tears of laughter streaming and he said "that is just embarrassing, why spoil the first win in 9 years by making us look about as important as rushden and diamonds?"
5-1 and the rest if the spudies...njoy ur win...but c'mon u wanna play us every week after having gotten beaten twice in the league...and having won jus one in 22 wat ur typing next time..and c'mon 5-1 how much ever u deny it releasing a DVD after jus 2 days is plain embarrasing......
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Little Dutch
sad sad sad.... spurs may have their 90 minutes of dvd footage with extras of that clown keane dancing like he singlehandedly won the world cup but we have our 33 hours plus extra time of spurs getting battered footage to make a collection of dvds with extras of lil spuddies crying bitterly that some day their hour would come... grats spurs ye were the better team in the carling cup but i am praying we are both still in the FA cup after this weekend so perhaps we might get another meeting this season!
so unwell, whats more embarrasing keanes dance at the whistle or adeybwhore hitting nicky bender
i would say keanes dance... followed closely by spurs delusions that they have a superior team to ours followed very closely by releasing a dvd for a semi final match of the carling cup...
Sign this online petition to get all of the Spurs players from Tuesday knighted petition
Little Dutch
enjoy your little moment in the sun 5-1 but whatever you do dont look at the league table because the reality of this season might actually hit home... 11th place, 6 points off 10th with a game extra played is not much to be excited about!
27 points amounts to a much bigger gap than four goals.
Little Dutch
thats almost as big an open space as the one between 5-1's ears!
a 27 point gap in points in the league but we still thrashed the 5hit out of you!!! how very embarressing (and amusing)!!! maybe wenger took us too lightly? one things for certain- we gave him the shock of his life and he definitely wont underestimate ramos ever again!!! Com'n gooners, admit you are all really feeling 5hit and that this dvd thing is just a smoke screen to hide you disapointment!!!!!
You're gonna have to speak up powerspur, we can't hear you from up here.
Little Dutch
we're disappointed all right, just as disappointed after every loss to an average team (Boro comes to mind). I forgot how it was to be disappointed to losing to you lot, even draws at your place (not while winning the title though) were disappointments recently. as for dvd thing, it is a statement to your small-club mentality, year after year (repeat that 9 times) of disappointments, and the lingering mediocrity that runs through that 5hithole of a ground.
maybe they will buy better players with the money they make from the DVD sale
And Spurs want to buy Woodgate apparently, to partner the recovery room when they both get injured (easily). lol
Powerspur and 5-1...Ask yourself this! Did Walsall bring out a video in 83? Did york city bring out a vidio in 85? How about wrexham in 91?....Nope! Nope! And nope again!! Im looking at my DVDs now, and cant find anything from last year when we knocked you out of the semi after you were 2 0 up and 3 £ucked it up! Or the semi at old trafford 6 years ago...This just shows how much you are in our shadow! No go away so we can get on with booking our flights for milan and try and fight our way to our 14th title.
Dixons and currys are loving this! All the spuds are rushing out to buy dvd players as its the first time in there history that they need them!
Total aggregate score in North London derbies since the turn of the century, Arsenal 43- Spurts 28.
Little Dutch
i and many others on this site have already admitted spurs were the better team on the nite and i will not be repeating myself again. bringing out a dvd on a carling cup semi-final is sad and shows exactly why spurs are where they are which is pretty much nowhere... small thinking is getting you lot everywhere so keep it up and leave the real trophies to the big boys!
well this DVD is really a laughing stock isn't chaps, its sits on the shelf ( pun) with the other video of the GLORY GLORY days, which isn't full length but more of a trailor and in black and white !
vavavoom14, DVD's only came out in the early 90's :) I admit, the DVD coming out is a little embarrassing , but it could be worst we could have been thrashed 5-1 by our local rivals. Have you noticed how you have found games against us tougher than usual, since Ramos took over? We havnt beaten you for so long then all of a sudden.... 5-1! Remember it was a stronger side than the one you put out against Liverpool and Chelski last year, in the same competition. So you can laugh now, but I doubt you will have to wait another 9 years for another defeat.
arsenal 5 - pompey 1. what a game that was! that would be worth making a dvd of, just to show what a truly great player Henry was!!! errm, anyway, pompey have released a dvd of our game against reading. yes, reading! (the one in which we set a new PL record, breaking the previosu best by 2). and of the asia cup final, when we beat liverpool (only team to beat them in a penalty shootout!) Those two are worth making a dvd of, one was WINING some silverware, one was BREAKING a record. winning a gaem 5-1, cos that doesnt happen every week!
I iz a Spurs fan and you lot iz right - it's pathetic making a DVD of this game. But you lot are even more pathetic going on about it like this. Obvious you hate been trounced by the under-performing blue side of north London.
Inter Milan 1-5 Arsenal did come out on DVD. That was a magnificent win, away from home in the champs league, against a STRONG inter, against all odds.
Spurs have now decided not to go ahead with the 5-1 duvet and matching pillowcase set. They were concerned that it could fade very quickly.
ditto Amos
YOU COULD'NT MAKE IT UP : Wenger 'We had 500 passes,Tottenham 222,We had 64 % of possession and we had 18 shotss on goal Tottenham 12.And we lost 5 -1.That sums up the game!??! Hhahahaha that geek is a deluded fool.
Yep - funny old game football! Sadly the only stat that counts is goals scored. No delusion though - delusion is when you claim before a ball is kicked that you are going to qualify for the CL this season and then pretend that the CC is the trophy that you really had your sights on all the time.
If Spurs fans think it's worth a DVD, so be it. They support that club for a reason. Just like the champagne and lap of honour, they can enjoy the win in their own unique ways all they want. But I still think Coventry deserves a 2-DVD box set for beating ManU and Blackburn AWAY. Maybe they're even optimistically waiting for the end of their FAC adventure before issuing like a trilogy of glorious cup games 2007-2008. Too bad they won't have a chance to face Spurs in the next round of FAC.
Lou the Gunneress
amos spurs fans suffer terribly from delusions of grandeur, always thinking they are bigger than they are, i just don't see what is to crow about. I mean they are paying £7m for woodgate, at 28 he is another ledley king on the treatment table and chimbonda would rather take more money at newcastle than play in the final ! ha what does that tell you !
Inter Arsenal was never released on DVD, the DVD was given away as a special one off for subscribers to the Arsenal magazine, but was never made available for sale. The last one off game we brought out on DVD was the 2003 Cup Final. We didn't even release the 2005 Final on DVD cos we played gash.
Little Dutch
What about the DVD of the 2006 Champs league final,heard that's a really good comedy.
Not quite as funny as qualifying for the Champions League because a certain North London team lost control of their bowels.
Little Dutch
HtG, you're getting b1tc(H)slapped around, it is time you retired.
But surely not half as funny as when lennon scored the fourth goal and every single gooner in the land lost control of their bowels.
G4L : I'll retire when A) You write a funny repost. B) le'Arse overtake the mighty Spurs's Euro Cup trophy haul.
LOL delusional man
Lou the Gunneress
Tut tut check the history books love,women and football eh!
Let's see now. Seems about half the Spurs fans think the DVD idea is great - the rest of the football world think it makes you a laughing stock. I know which side I'm on. Powerspur - i am more welcome here than you - how's that wage structure going at the moment? Nobody want to come and play for minimum wage?
There is something rather disgusting about someone wanting to define their identity by the hate of their rivals rather than the love of their own club. Makes you think he hates Gooners more than supports Spurs? Part of what is wrong in football today.
Tell you something else digusting : The Midlands. :(
Yeah CLVilla that's what I thought too. But then some of us Gooners have the same thing. I guess they're everywhere, especially London. But to call yourself a name with your rival's name in it, albeit with a -ve word like 'hate', is ultimately giving your 'rival' some unnecessary attention. Just my opinion anyway.
Lou the Gunneress
Apparently Arsenal are going to release a DVD at the end of the season entitled "So far and yet so little" detailing how you won nothing, whilst we shall release the Carling Cup memories II: Thrashing the Chavski
This will be coupled with the release of the Arsene Wenger DVD "U16 talent I really admire"
and then when you have achieved the dizzying heights of the carling cup you can go and on and conquer europe and then perhaps you can declare white heart lane a republic and take on the world!!
I'm gonna release a new DVD called, 'I won the church raffle'. Okay it was only a family sized bag of crisps, but hey if Spurs do it for winning a Carling Cup game, then surely I can get away with it.
ES as usual doesn't get it does he? LOL If he tried to have a go at us by making up those hypothetical "Arsenal DVD releases", he exactly confirmed the stupidity of releasing DVD's for some small stuff, didn't he? Does that mean he actually agrees with us? LOL
Lou the Gunneress
No, Lou the Gunneress, but I find it remarkably pathetic that having been hammered 5-1, by a team who clearly has had a psychological makeover under their new management, that Gunners are more concerned about what DVDs we are releasing rather than dealing with your own clear issues which Arsene the Ostrich is trying to avoid seeing. And not all Spurs fans were able to go to the game, or even get to a pub to see the game due to family/work commitments, so a number would welcome the opportunity to see the game in full. Whilst it wasn't a game which involved the winning of a trophy, true Spurs fans appreciate the opportunity to shell out £9.99 to see the game in full. To criticise a club for affording greater access to the match for their fans just show where some Gunner fans priorties lie.
Did you know some scientists did a study in the 1980s. Over ten thousand ostriches were studied and watched relentlessly for a period of over thirty years, and not one instance of an ostrich burying its head in the sand was found. Interesting.
Little Dutch
very interesting LD, I didnt know that!! My Dad still has the original video we brought out of the Anfield 89 game. Difference between the 2 videos/dvds here Spurs fans is we actually WON SOMETHING as a result of the win. EnglishSpur, you seem to frequent our boards a little too often recently. Are you a closet fan of the mighty Gunners by any chance? Coz if you are, in the words of Jimmy Carr, you are so far deep into the closet you're having adventures in Narnia...
Pretty much sums up the TinyTotts 'retardedness' and stupidity in them. What ****s they are. Arsenal should release a DVD for all the times we beat them over the last 9 years.
LOL great trivia LD! Er no, I actually think it's not trivial at all, it's a great piece of research. Nice to know! Oh, and I could think of some important games which didn't win us trophies but were worthy of DVD's. The away win at Bernabeu springs to mind. But it's like part of an unbeaten run and the longest run without conceding a goal (10 games in total) until the final in CL. If I remember correctly, Arsenal also were the first English team who ever beat Real at the Bernabeu in CL. So yeah that's the only instance I could think of that warrants a DVD of a game that didn't bring a trophy. CL runners-up are far different from CC runners-up... Well not that some of them would understand anyway.
Lou the Gunneress
You do realise that with Woodgate, and 2 further signings they haven't made yet, Spurs will have the best defence in the PL next year. It must be true, I read it on Vital Spurs. Is this worth a DVD?

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