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FA Cup: It's Man Utd Away

Arsenal have been given a massive FA cup clash away at Old Trafford.

As usual in domestic cup competitions the Gunners have been given a hard away fixture, facing Man Utd oopp north.

It's not the first time in recent history that Arsenal have faced Ferguson's men in the FA Cup. With memories still fresh of Giggs marauding down the wing, Edu's deflected freekick, Scholes smashing home a winner and Vieira's last kick of the ball as an Arsenal player.

With AC Milan visiting the following week, it will be interesting to see both managers team selections.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 28 2008

Time: 1:33PM

Your Comments

good...we can show those spuds how to do the job properly
fran merida
worst possible draw for us!!! i feel sick
People say that you've gotta beat the best to win the trophy anyway..............I think Chelsea disprove this rule. It would be interesting to comapre the teams Arsenal & Chelsea have faced in the cup competitions in the last 5 years.
i just hope upon hope the beeb have it and it's a 5.15 ko on a Sat, please.
this is the reason the players get paid £50k/week - to play a week with ManU and AC Milan. I can't wait for this game - it could be a great week to be an Arsenal fan.
Or one of the worst. This has happened to us before. We could be out of two competitions within a week. But we can BEAT anyone on our day.
I think that both teams would like to avoid a replay.. so I am expecting to great match and hopefully a result either way.
I can feel another Fergie boot incident coming on.
The beeb put it at 12.30 last time and I think they will again, because that would be the most annoying scenario, so it's the one they will follow.
Little Dutch
Keplaz - you gotta be a glass half full person. Yes it could be the worst, but at least Arsenal have put themselves in a position to play these games. Two seasons ago we beat Real Madrid, Valencia and Juve to get to the Big Cup final. This team have the experience to go to these games full of confidence. Yes we could lose, but we also could win - either way it'll be one hell of a week!
South L/Derry Spurs
and I've just realised that I'm in Val D'Isere during it....
already getting goose bumps about that week. jesus, my heart wont cope. always a big game at OT. with our luck in the domestic cup draws we'll have to go to Anfield or Stamford Bridge next anyway!
South L/Derry Spurs
We're playing AC Milan you cretin - Juve was two seasons ago and we beat them. Is it half term at the moment?
South L/Derry Spurs
Well if Juve knock us out that'd mean we'd have beaten AC Milan so that'd be pretty good eh Derry! I believe a DVD is in order, right lads?
With the CL first leg a few days after both sides would have wished for a more comfortable run out though ManU will take some comfort from the home draw. Will either team field full strength sides?
I'm not sure what to make of this draw. We were positive when we drew Milan in the CL, so logically, it shouldnt be any different now. Irrespective of the outcome, its going to be a cracking few days for us fans.
I would have preferred an easy game, but we know that ManU would have too. I just hope the side doesn't lose momentum if the week doesn't go well, because we can have a good season even if we bow out of all cup competitions...
It's a tough draw for us Derry Spurs - who did you get in the 5th round?
It's kinda funny a Spurs fans coming here and saying "Another trophyless season". How silly.
It's a shame really, we play Man Utd and A.C. Milan within three days of each other, whilst the Spuds twiddle their thumbs. Still, such is life for a big club like ours. 48 hours on and Havant & Waterlooville have not announced any plans to release a DVD.
Little Dutch
Spuds mocking us over the prospect of no trophies? That's a bit like me laughing in Richard Branson's face having witnessed him accidentally dropping a five pound note!
Little Dutch
Lets face it, of all the competitions left for us to win the FA cup is now the lowest priority. We can beat Man Utd at OT as we've proved several times, but if we are going out this cup then its better that it happens early. The CL & the league are clearly the priorities & should we get knocked out both cup competitions we will still have the league to go for. Spurs on the other hand have one chance of making europe (technically two, but we all know they will fail to win the uefa cup with some decent teams left in it). I will be laughing so much when the chavs p*** all over the little spuds at wembley & spurs players & fans are left crying all over the stadium!! A poor competition that spuds still won't be able to win, but you never know maybe Dawson can try & cheat again like he did at OT yesterday.
Ashburton Gooner
why do chelsea get the easy draws ???????
You're absolutely right AG the FA Cup shouldn't be the priority for us. The trouble is that as it's ManU we might feel compelled to take it more seriously than we otherwise would do. A bit like the 2nd leg of the CC. We need to get our priorities right. A good performance at OT yes - but not at any cost perhaps. The dilemma will be the same for ManU though. Chelsea, Liverpool, Milan and Lyon are the ones feeling most pleased at the moment.
Clearly, the CL (&Milan) should be the higher priority, and Wenger himself acknowldged that to be the case, along with the Premiership. I would not mind a few reserve players given a go against ManU in order to keep the 1st team fresh for Milan.
Argh! This is sick. 3 days before the Milan, we might have to probably chose which tie is more important. I think we should play a stronger team for the ManC's......What sick feeling!
The spuds seem so happy I wonder if they will be making a DVD out of 5th round draw. We try hard to acknowledge their first win over us in 20 odd matches and here they come again, what a load of w a n k e r s.
I would disagree prits. We should put out a slightly stronger side simply because Milan is a two legged tie. If we perform badly in one, we still have 90 minutes to turn it around. We don't have that luxury in the FA Cup.
we should go with the Carling Cup team to old trafford. and i hope this tie is on the 16th, so we have an extra day to prepare for Milan. the kids really good enough to get a result there, i'm sure they can nick it, but even if we get a draw after resting all our main players, i'll be more than happy..
Arsene said last week that when the time came to make a choice, the FA Cup is 3rd in line, so I think we'll be seeing the kids go to old trafford. the pressure is on man u as they're at home, and a draw wouldn't be a terrible result given the timing of the matches...
but WYBI, if we get screwed in the first leg, there is not much of a chance we can turn it around in the second leg, so i agree with prits, we should give some reserves this game, and i seriously believe this could be our season in europe, so we should do everything we can to make sure we all the way..
this would be my team...Lehmann, Eboue, Djouro, Senderos, Hoyte at left back, Gilberto, Walcott, Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner and Van Persie..
Either it's probably one of our trickiest situations. I can't believe how Chelc|_|nts and Scousepools keep getting easy home draws. This is unbelievable. I bet Mike Riley will referee this one just to ensure we lose this one.
Um, L/Derry Spurs. You do realise that we've got Milan in the CL don't you?! I know it's so long since you guys played in a top European competition but in case you've forgotten, Juve play in black and white stripes, not the red and black of AC Milan. Oh and by the way, where are you in the FA Cup and the league? Just wondered.
If Wenger goes with a weakened team in the FA cup & makes it clear he is going to do so, then Ferguson will do the same!! Ferguson does not care about the FA cup & like Arsenal his priority is the league & CL. Of course both managers would like to progress but at this moment in time both would rather do without such a high profile game!! Ferguson would prefer an easy match like they had yesterday!!
Ashburton Gooner
woah! just heard the draw, should be an interestinf one. i get what you guyd are saying about the champions league and i mean it snot as if we have an easy game away in lyon - but i just feel with the whole united-arsenal rivalry we could see near full strength teams the african nations finished by then, surely it is..then you have a couple more players coming back. if you think you have bad luck what bout us, 3 premier league teams so far this season and hardly muggs like wigan or derby, but villa, spurs and now arsenal. still, i cant fekin wait!!!!!!!
im confident bout this one though, because our injuries are starting to heal up and we are getting a near full strenght team. what a luxury, we could play carrick and anderson vs arsenal and keep scholes and hargreaves fit for france. my fa cup team bearing in mind the champo league would be: van der sar, brown (or neville if back), rio, pique, evra, ronaldo, carrick, anderson, nani, rooney, saha (or manucho! :)
i'll be really *****ed if we go in with a strong team and lose, because that is not what the players need mentally to prepare themselves ahead of the Milan game, so Arsene please go with the team that i've suggested..
Incredibly, United have now drawn Premier League opposition in each of the last 10 FA Cup ties (plus two replays). In order, they are: Arsenal, Tottenham, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Watford, Middlesbrough, Reading, Portsmouth, Aston Villa, Liverpool.
i feel wenger should play his strongest team. a win/draw at OT will motivate us for milan game
U4L, I agree that Man Utd do tend to get extremely tough draws in the FA cup, but our luck isn't that much better. It seems only Liverpool & Chelski are allowed to draw lower league opposition & always at home as well.
Ashburton Gooner
I think both sides will leave big guns on the bench, but I don't think they'll be CC sides as such.
Little Dutch
*claps* Bravo Derry, you have single handedly proved once again that Spurs fans have no class and are as thick as pig poo. Juve to knock us out of the CL? Check your facts before you gloat on here because we are playing AC MILAN numb nuts. Anyway, back on topic, I wish i was a betting man to i said to my brother we will get Man Utd at Old Trafford and that Liverpool and Chelsea would be at home against pants opposition! Could have got a nice odds on that i reckon! But we have won there before and we can win there again! and look on the bright side, Spurs fans can only dream of Playing Man Utd and AC Milan in the same week! COME ON YOU GUNNERS!
I think by playing a younger team, we could probably win this. They would be more motivated than a senior one. But I'm pretty sure both the teams will have a strong bench.
i gotta agree with rocky look at chelseas run to the final last season compared to ours.
I would want to play a near enough full strength team(injuries permitting), although i think we should leave Cesc and possibly Adebayor on the bench. If RVP is fit i would play him and Eduardo up front with Diaby (yes Diaby) and Flamini in CM, as they will keep whoever they play in the middle at bay! Anyone agree?
my work forced me to move to the northwest several years ago and i now live surrounded by manc, liverpool and stoke supporters. the stoke supporters dont count but i have had a regular 8 cans of stella bet with two of my neighbours one a manc the other a pud. over recent years i am well up on them in the beer winning stakes and i expect to pocket the cans again after this tie...... bring it on!
Most memorable moment in arsenal vs manc games.... keown s'''ing the life out of nistelrooy
Despite being a little unhappy about the draw, I'm still bloody excited about the game. Arsenal Man Utd always has me anxious for weeks and when the goals go in, there isn't much better feeling (Though the flip side of it means defeat to Man U feels much worse than defeat to any other team)
This could quite possibly turn out like the situation we had last year. We were out of the league by January and were out of all cups. The only change is that we have league credentials to fight for this year. I'm not very confident about the Champions League tie simply because we do not have the luxury of resting too many players before the match. Man Utd have a team of slightly lower caliber and they can pass them even without their full strength squad. Milan are many teams tougher to beat than Lyon.
thats true wouldyoubelieveit, but have you been following the italian league.......milan are shocking. scraped a 2-0 win at the weekend at home and i think age is finally catching up with them. the youngsater pato looks decent though, you will have to watch out for him (he scored both their goals :)
Milan were pretty poor last year too. They aren't a league side I suppose (Haven't watched them as the coverage here is poor) but they're a cup side. Milan is probably the name that springs to your mid when you think of Champions League consistency.Their players maybe old but ours are young. Their experience will count for something when they need to fight against our pace and passing. I'm not saying we can not beat them, I'm just saying we have two very very strong teams to play against and it wouldn't surprise me if one or either of the ties don't go our way. I'm not being pessimistic in anyway here. Just realistic. I just hope my prediction is way of the mark on this one. Nothing would please me more than giving United and Milan a run for their money.
There is no such thing as a cup side. A good 'cup' side is just one that isn't doing very well in their league. They don't play any better or worse in a cup just circumstances can go for or against you in a one off game. If Milan are poor in their league then they won't be any better in the CL but they may well take it more seriously. They have the advantage of playing the first leg away. We have to make sure that we get the maximum out of that leg because I think we are capable of at least getting a draw at the San Siro if they have to get a result (i.e. they can't rely on the counter). For me that means we have to be pragmatic about the ManU game if it means we will be in better shape for the game against Milan a few days later.
I just said last night we'd draw Chelsea or ManU. Should have bet on it! Our luck with cup draws has been awful with the only exception of Burnley. But I feel we tend to perform better against strong opponents. This season our slip-ups mainly came against weaker sides like Boro, Birmingham and, er, Spurs. Hoping for another cracking game and cracking week.
Lou the Gunneress
On that basis, one could argue spuds are a good cup side! I'm glad the mancs shut them up and proved it was a one off, although it was a lesser of two evils situation! AM excited about this draw though, look up guys, what a week it could be! Two tough games in a week - time for the players to earn their bundles of cash. I would definitely not play DJourou and Senderos together against Manu though, as i would not be able to stomach another spanking from a team i consider to be a greater rival than the spuds, and who we generally have more exciting games against.
Man It would take quite some doing for us to get elminated by Juve this year in the CL considering THEY ARENT IN IT! haha Only a spud could of said that becuase he has no clue about such a great competition. About the draw It sucks that we have to play two big games that close together. I feel if we are going to go for one over the other it should be the the CL becuase that is a trophy AW has yet to win and its worth alot more money the the FA cup. Plus I could see both managers playing a weakend team for the FA cup.
I hope we go for the FA Cup full tilt, and without any of the nonsense of ‘weakened’ or ‘semi-weakened’ sides. It’s ******-footing around to say we’ll play a ‘fairly strong’ side with ManU but keep some aces like Hleb/Ade/Sagna on the bench so they can concentrate for Milan. If we want the FA Cup we need to risk it all and go all out for it, else we just send the second team out, but please - no halfway house - that just blunts everyone’s focus. If we went hell for leather for both Cups it would be the kind of backs-to-the-wall challenge to motivate and hopefully get the best out of everyone.
Yeah gunnerkid, it's amazing how someone doesn't know that a team who've just come back from Serie B this season can't actually be qualified to play in CL. But what do they know about CL qualification anyway...?
Lou the Gunneress
Off topic, but this blogger on puts things in perspective so well - read the last part of this entry:
Lou the Gunneress
Thats just it, Andy. Wenger himself has said that the Premiership & CL are the priorities this time, and I agree with him. Of course, this season could well see a repeat of last time when we were out of the Cup competitions at the same time, but this season is so much different from last that I feel quite optimistic about our chances in atleast one of the Cup competitions.
Say bye bye to your FA Cup arse-holes .... LOL
Hmmmm ... Bringing back Henry maybe a solution .... Get some cash by coming out with a DVD compiling all your trophy-less seasons.
we dont go on about our greatness- you do, the only thing is out of the big 4 in recent years youve won sweet fa
You don't go on about your greatness in the same way I don't go on about my BMW 5 series and indoor swimming pool.
Little Dutch
Clap, Mc******** clap LD. If all you knuckle dragging apes dont understand that, you need to have greatness before you can brag about it. Now back to the zoo, this article is for people who still have a team in the FA Cup. Clowns!
Ozi Gooner

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