Arsenal - We're Flammin', We're Flammin'
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We're Flammin', We're Flammin'

With Manchester United not due to play for another twenty four hours, and the freak result at Tottenham (getcha DVD and commemorative mug) firmly behind us, the more important business of three points was top of the agenda and the chance to apply a bit of pressure to Yoonited. (Can I be the first to say, Play up Pompey?!) My evening began in most unfamiliar circumstances, as myself and Jon enjoyed some pre match nibbles in the Star Café on Blackstock Road, a fight very nearly broke out between two Arsenal fans, something about confusion over seats or something, I sincerely doubt that they were debating U.S. Presidential candidates or the situation in Kenya. Anyway, after that surreal encounter, Rich injected some much needed reality into the situation in the Tavern by declaring that he had bet on Adebayor to score. Not to score the first goal, but to score at any point in the game. Well, they do say simplicity is genius! I think I might have a flutter on America`s next President being a unilateral, war mongering bastard. Or perhaps I`ll have a pound on at least one Spurs fan to be seen on camera sobbing his eyes out at the final whistle of the Carling Cup final.

On with the game and it was a carbon copy of Saturday`s cup tie pretty much. With the Barcodes desperately short of playing personnel, they started with two holding midfielders and looked to be much less naked in the defensive third than on Saturday. As a result, the opening was slightly cagey, Arsenal have always been a team that looks to organically grow into a match rather than a side that comes charging out of the blocks. The first real opportunity did not arrive until the half hour mark, Mathieu Flamini made an uncharacteristic charge down the right flank, before clipping in an inch perfect cross which Adebayor caught full toss but volleyed over inside the area. As it would happen, both the Flamster and the Togonator were just heating up. Seven minutes later, Fabregas and Hleb played a delightful one two, with Cesc sending Flamini roaring down the right, he beat N`Zogbia and clipped in a delightful cross which Adebayor out leapt Steven Taylor to head into the corner (in the process gifting Rich the easiest money since Michael Owen`s last pay packet). There you have it, the Flanimal providing the creative catalyst; next he`ll be belting thirty yard screamers into the top corner with the outside of his boot!

Newcastle looked to be shaken but not stirred, Hleb received Sagna`s angled pass, touched the ball past the onrushing Given, only for Steven Taylor to mop up on aisle three. With Owen looking typically reticent upfront and Alan Smith catching some kind of crazy form of fouling tourettes where he simply could not help impeding Senderos, Newcastle had little outlet as the Gunners took consummate control of the second half. The Flamster proving to be the battery, Adebayor was simply too much for the Geordies backline, Diaby looked like he gave a shit at long last and Fabregas played the match with the air of a man walking his dog so untroubled was he by Butt and Rozenhal. Flamini got ideas above his station, fine work on the edge of the box by Fabregas saw him tee up Flamini, whose low shot was saved by Given from the edge of the area. On 63 minutes, it was Flamini again, who received a pass from Fabregas some thirty yards from goal, he looked up before despatching a sublime thirty yard bending shot into the top corner which Given got nowhere near despite a full length dive. It was a breathtaking strike and a well deserved moment in the limelight for Mattuso, the man of a thousand nicknames. Though it is with some lament that it takes a moment of genius such as this for those outside of the Gooner circle to notice the sterling job he has done for us. If I had to cast my vote for player of the season now, he would definitely be in my reckoning, let`s hope he signs a new deal sooner rather than later. (Though I would prefer later to not at all). In the ensuing celebrations, precious Mickey Owen was booked as he complained about Arsenal time wasting in their acclaim of the goal. If Owen ever scored goals perhaps he would understand. Given Owen`s Newcastle career thus far, it`s pretty rich for him to complain to anybody about wasting time!

Newcastle`s dehiscence was now beginning to show with the Gunners conducting proceedings at walking pace. Joey Barton came on, he tried to kick the ball once or twice, presumably it looked at him funny, but luckily no one was harmed. Wenger decided to bring Bendtner on to partner Adebayor, possibly the two managers had taken their dual tag of Premiership entertainers to heart and tried in earnest to give the punters a good old bust up. Everybody likes watching a good old bust up, so long as you`re at a safe distance and not in the insalubrious surroundings of a North London greasy spoon. Alas, it did not arrive and we all had to settle for another goal instead. A long punt forward from Almunia saw Bendtner brilliantly bring the ball down on the edge of the Newcastle area, look up and pick out the marauding Cesc Fabregas who ended his goal drought by slicing the ball into the top corner with his left foot. Adebayor ran over and acknowledged Bendtner`s contribution, Bendtner turning to Ade and shouting, "who`s shit now, huh?" Possibly. There was time for old Mother Riley to try and help his Mancy mates by denting our goal difference, Alan Smith fell over the ball on the edge of the area and Riley gave Newcastle a free kick on the edge of the area, before ruffling Smith`s hair, patting him on the bottom and remarking, "you lovable little scamp." Nicky Butt`s free kick clipped the crossbar and Willy Gallas alleviated the tedium of marking Michael Owen by rushing over to clear the rebound. Some of the fluency appears to have returned to our play at the right time, let`s hope that our indifferent performances over the Christmas period constitutes the brunt of our 'wobble` as we managed to get a decent points return. Now, there are a fair few ex Gooners down on the South Coast who could really cement their legend within the Arsenal annals with a winner at Old Trafford for 'Arry`s boys. Who knows, maybe in twenty four hours time, we`ll all like Lassana Diarra again?LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 30 2008

Time: 10:37AM

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I thought Riley patted Nicky's butt?
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30/01/2008 10:52:00

The movement in midfield has been great. Flamini proving that you don't have to be a 'natural winger' (whatever that is) in order to put a decent cross into the box. Eduardo has a subtlety about his game that seems to aid this midfield movement filling in in midfield intelligently at times. He did the same job pretty well against Fulham too. There is a lot more to his game than just foxing in boxes. Even without the ball he is moving around all the time creating space for others. I suspect that some will be tempted to judge him on his goal tally alone or a piece of skill on the ball perhaps. That would be a mistake though I am sure he will provide enough of both.
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30/01/2008 11:15:00

Another great performance from the team. Recently, bar the Totts games, we seem to have really gelled well and the fluent movement is back. This wouldnt have anything to do with Cesc hitting form again would it? And greta to see the Flamster getting on the scoresheet with a pearler.
Aussie Gooner
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 11:22:00

Great write up LD. Witty and informative .......... Expect ES here any moment now to express his distain at your comments.
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 11:26:00

Yes - I expect ES will take you to task for glorifying violence or failing to understand properly the social background of the two protagonists in the cafe fight or even possibly for stereotyping the cafe as a 'greasy spoon' despite probably undergoing a rigorous 'elf and safety check? Maybe a latent homophobic reference to Riley patting someone's bottom perhaps? Fault lurks in every corner!
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 11:36:00

Nah, he'll be busy over at Vital Spuds because there was an article on there a couple of days ago that referred to Arsenal as 'le scum.' Seeing that he hates regional stereotyping and all, he will doubtless be informing all the Spuds over there that such a reference is blatantly nationalistic, had the reference been focussed on our African players, outrage would have ensued blah, blah, blah etc.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 11:40:00

Haha Amos, nice one.
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 11:41:00

very good match report, i take off the proverbial hat. Didn't see the match, but it sounds like everything is onthe right track. Let's hope that we keep getting better and peak in April/May.
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 11:55:00

did u guys see the celebration after Flamini ripsnorter(TM Mr. Mustchin) where adebayor goes down on one knee and places Flaminhio boot on his knee and appears to shoe shine it.....wishi coould get a picture of that.......i tot diaby was quite good actually....MOTM defo Flaminhio .clichy was brilliant too...and Owen puns were brilliant LD keep them comin, jus mite like him enuf to 4get that FA cup final.
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 12:04:00

Fantastic performance from the Flamster last night. Excellent atmosphere in the Grove as well. Superb rollicking of Joey Barton when he came on.
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 12:07:00

arsenal suck. from ian small. any problems wit that just text me on 087 2067698. i dare yas to text me. ill kick the **** outta yas.
Stevie Mc
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 12:49:00

Things really have improved and as said above, it's hopefully the end of our Christmas wobble... Maybe Man City will confirm that further on Saturday. Anyone know any Flamini chants?
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 12:55:00

karley, you can get that pic on, it's the official match wallpaper!
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 13:01:00

flamster was a monster last nite.. wish he plays like that every game from now on a scores a couple more belters like that against the likes of chelski n man usa.. yeah, that pic of adebayor shining flam's shoe is gonna be my wallpaper for the rest of the season
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 13:05:00

To the tune of the Sweeney Andy, if you know the tune, you can pretty much figure out the chant!
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 13:25:00

Thanks... don't remember hearing it. In case I'm not the only one wondering, here is the tune you mentioned:
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 14:26:00

i was trying to compare flamini to any other big player from he our R keane for instance,but i dont think Roy could have been able to play left or right back,and whip a cross in,its just that who do you know can cover the back four so well,break up the opps attack,force them into mistakes,win the ball so well, keep the ball with ease,lay off simple passes,block tackle, cover the full backs,put in wicked cross and score?....oh my head is spinning.flamini flamini der der der der der der der der der der...flamini flamini der der der der derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
fran merida
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 14:57:00

Bit before my time, but my lot compare him to Peter Storey.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 15:09:00

Karley that celebration was off Fifa 07 on the PSP. Stevie mc you are such a hard man offering us all out. Im shaking in my boots! I would deduce from your level of intellect that you are a Manchester united supporter. Enough said really. Great game yesterday, my (Chelski fanatic) boss came in to the office today and said we played amazing last night - trust me thats a serious compliment!
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 17:35:00

and now we will try to make it all the better for you by beating man u...that'll be easy wont it... anyway, another great performance by you guys, and this seems a slightly cheeky place to point it out, but 3 games in, and "the messiah's" teams still hasnt scorred...well played!!!
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 19:38:00

I started going to Highbury in 69 so I remember peter Story. I think the only comparison is the way Flamini runs, rolls up his sleeves and covers every inch of the pitch. Anything else that Story did would get Flamini arrested during every game lol.
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 19:47:00

thnx cesky.... well i tot for a player of adebayor's current form and prowess i thought it was a very magnanimous and humble thing to do.....and well doent he laways come up with the most outrageous celebrations.......u kno somebody should write an article about the most outrageous, memorable and plain funny celebrations....wat say LD!!!
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 20:30:00

Hey Steve, I'd like to text you but your mobile phone number appears to be lacking in digits. Fool.
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 21:11:00

LOL Rocky what did you expect? The number of such an idiot to work?! LOL
Lou the Gunneress
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 22:30:00

Wenger should donate his mum if it helps to sign Flamini. What a player he is!
Report Abuse
30/01/2008 23:12:00

"Joey Barton came on, he tried to kick the ball once or twice, presumably it looked at him funny, but luckily no one was harmed" - LD, mate, that must go down as the best line you have evr written. Top work!
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
31/01/2008 00:11:00

Your welcome Karley, funnily enough, whenever anyone but Ade scores on Fifa 07 (usually Theo who is my top scorer - if only true life was the same eh!) , it is always Ade in the game who does the boot shining thing! Ozi your right, that is very funny - i skimmed over it in my first read of the article without it registering. Well written!
Report Abuse
31/01/2008 10:11:00

LMAO! I dont think Flams goal was as good as some made it out to be. When i came in and i heard the commentary about it i thought it would be amazing. OK it was very good but not the best I;ve seen from an Arsenal player. I think you have a very good chance against AC Milan BTW. We beat them at Parkhead and Dida decieded to get in on the act but they are nothing special.
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 17:29:00

I just felt like posting something here for the headline alone!! Great player and great headline!
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 19:24:00

We love the Flamster!
Report Abuse
01/02/2008 23:21:00

just a quick note. i didnt put that in and the mobile number isnt lackin in digits, its an irish number
Stevie Mc
Report Abuse
04/02/2008 13:06:00

Report Abuse
24/02/2008 18:50:00


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