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Petition Against The PL's Proposal

After writing the article condemning the Premier League's decision to look into the possibility of adding a fixture to our season with a view to playing it oversea's, I decided it's time to speak out.

Too long have we, the follower of English football, been ripped off by the money men slowly murdering our game, it's time to act.

Below is a link to a petition in which we can express our disdain to the PL of their their disgusting attempt to sell out the sport which we love so much.

I hope every true football fan in the country will sign it in an attempt to show the board of the Premier League just what we think of them.

Click here to sign the petition against the Premier League's proposal

If anyone from any other football fansite/website wishies to reproduce this article or just to use the link to the petition, the please feel free.

It's not much, but it's a start.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 8 2008

Time: 12:20AM

Your Comments

I guess I'll sign it too. Considering Brazil's recent aviation history, there ain't gon be no planes comin' here.
Lol @ Kev, you're a good lad really!!!
A Premier League's game in Tokyo, never, what a stupid idea.
We need to pass this to as many people as possible, if this happens, the league will be knackered within ten years. It sounds a lot but when you consider it's been running for nearly 100 years......well that's a lot of hard word to become undone by one ridiculous notion.
If any of you guys have a facebook account, PM me your id and I'll add you, I've set up a user group with the petition in. It's amazing the amount of people you can reach through that website!!!
As an Arsenal fan in Australia, I think it's a great idea to have ONE extra fixture in the entire season overseas. It would give supporters from other countries a rare chance to see their teams in action maybe once a year. It's all well and good to say that it's the responsibility of overseas supporters to make the trip to the UK, but there are a lot of fans who simply are unable to because of the costs involved. For example, if I wanted to go to the Emirates stadium to watch a game (assuming I can get tickets) it would cost upwards of 1,000 pounds for the trip and accommodation alone, never mind the tickets. There aren't many supporters who would be willing or able to cough up this kind of cash on a regular basis. I don't think one game would make a dramatic impact on overall standings in the context of a whole season - an extra 90 minutes out of 3,500 minutes of League football played per season is not a lot. However, it will do a great deal in promoting the best football League in the world to a wider audience.
Madgoon - There are a lot of fans in the UK who can't go to matches because of financial constraints, and do you see the PL doing anything to help those guys out? No. As harsh as this may appear to you, it's the truth, the only way this sport is still running strong is the fans who pay money to see the teams play and support them through shirt sales and such. Without these people the professional game as we know it would not even exist. So what is in the sports best interest, to please a few thousand people in countries that dont get to see their favorites teams? Or to please the people who make this whole sport possible? It's a sham, and whilst you might think it a good idea because it makes something possible that you thought might never be, it really isn't. You have to see the bigger picture here.
I'm an Arsenal fan from Australia too madgoon and I agree with Rocky too. We have our own league, watch that if you wnat to watch live football. You chose to be an Arsenal fan, Arsenal didnt chose you. When you chose to be an Arsenal fan you didnt do it expecting Arsenal games to come to you, you did it cos you liked the sport and the team, nothing should change in that just because football is becoming more and more a business amd the people who run it greedier doesn't mean a domestic league should go international. The Club World Cup is a big enough joke as it is without this going on.
Ozi Gooner
And Rocky did you delete me asking Kev what his real name is? It was a pretty innocent question.
Ozi Gooner
You didn't so much ask Kev, as give his name out.....I know it was all in fun, but that wasn't the petitions intention!!! HTH's
But I don't see why you think that this spells the end of the league as we know it. I don't have any exact statistics on this, but I would guess that the clubs' income from shirt sales is boosted to a large extent by overseas fans. Last Saturday, there were a large group of teenagers gathered outside my local fish n' chips shop. From their appearance they were obviously part of a local football team who just finished a game. Every single one of them were wearing some part of an Arsenal kit - shirts, shorts, etc. and were all talking excitedly about the upcoming game against Man City. Can you imagine the kind of inspiration that those kids can get from seeing Cesc, Hleb and Clichy in action? I'm sure they won't feel that the game would suffer because of one extra fixture per year.
OziGooner - I do watch and support the A-League. And no - I didn't support Arsenal because they would be playing local fixtures. But I don't see any harm in giving fans from overseas a chance to see their team in competitive action.
Madgoon - Ticket revenue from each Arsenal home game is in excess of £1 Million, a little more than potential shirt sales.
I dont see any harm in bringing the odd exhibition game to Australia or China or where ever it may be madgoon but adding an extra round to a competition that already has every team play home and away just so you cann make a few extra bucks is the point where it stops being sport at all and is just plain expoitative business.
Ozi Gooner
Rocky though if you sold out the MCG for around $250 AU a ticket, which is what it would cost, your looking at above 10 million pounds just on ticket sales. Thats the point though, that is the only reason why they are doing this.
Ozi Gooner
"I would refute this is a commercially driven exercise." Peter Scudamore. hahahahhaahahahahahaha anyone want fries with that whopper?
But how many true football fans would you lose in the long term. I can't even begin to imagine how much cash Arsenal makes from the whole matchday experience. Tickets, Programmes, food, beer, the local businesses too thrive from football matches. All these things have been put in danger by this stupid proposal.
If they'd eliminate the league cup, and make it like a...Budweiser Cup of Foreigners yadda yadda. The winner would get an waffle cup position. And a nice trophy. That would leave the nearly virginal(to you brits) premier league intact. -----What's my real name?Why the hell are you lot calling me Kevin if you don't know think it's Kevin -.-'.And yes, it is kevin.
I don't think an exhibition game would be quite the same. A league game with points up for grabs, where each team puts out their best players, is what people would pay to see. Rocky - I think you might find that there are "true football fans" to be found in other parts of the world - not just in England. I might agree with you if it was stretched to more than one game per season and they started replacing the home and away matches with o/seas fixtures - then I would start to see your point. But we're talking about one single fixture here.
Of course there are fans all over the world, but the basis that all football clubs are able to run on is that of paying customers. And adding a fixture to a season in such a random haphazzard way can only be bad. All you are looking at is the chance to watch your team in the flesh, you're not considering the implications of completely overhauling the structure of our league that has stood for over 100 years. It might be nice for fans in other parts of the world to see the team play, but at the cost of ruining football?!?! Use your head here man.
i am with madgoon1.
What a bunch of reactionaries! I'm an American Arsenal fan and i try to get over to London at least once a season to see the lads in action live... why is it such a hardship to have the team come over here to America once a season. I'd love to see some REAL football here at home once. Face it fellow supporters, the Arsenal is a global team now. We love its london and English roots and always will, but I don't think it's such a sacrilege to think the team could get outside the UK once a year. Think of we overseas supporters!
Sorry, I still can't see how this would be ruining football. I'm quite sure that the overseas fans who'll come to watch the solitary fixture will all be paying customers. Also, to say that the current league structure has stood for over 100 years is a bit misleading. The Premier League as we know it was only established in 1992. Can anyone argue now that the creation of a "new league" was a poor move then? I think most would agree that it was a natural step in the development of football. Perhaps this is another step that might benefit the PL with little risk - if it turns out to be a disaster like you're predicting, then get rid off it the following year. It's not an irreversible move like say, selling a football club. Surely it's worth a try!
Signed Rocky. I support OziG's views here, I am not from the UK, and maybe someday I will see the Arsenal live at the Grove. In the meantime, there is always the opportunity to travel to pre-season, and Champions League games. This move does impact the integrity of the League. Lets say, that ManU and Arsenal are level on points after 38 games, and the random draw throws up Derby for ManU, and West Ham United for Arsenal. The same impact will be felt for relegation battles too, while the 18th ranked team might face one of the top 5 teams in their 39th game, while the 17th ranked team might play the 15th ranked team. This idea reeks of stupidity from every angle. Also, what is the demand going to be overseas for a Derby Vs Bolton game (in case the random draw throws up such a fixture) ? Its the top 6-8 teams that have a truly global following, and if necessary, they could play friendly pre-season fixtures against each other, to enhance the appeal of the Premiership. I'm extremely disappointed that PHW agreed to such a scheme. Teams and managers are struggling to cope with competitive fixtures, and one extra game will only add to that. I dont think managers will be too pleased. Petitions like this, where we voice our dislike for the proposal will hopefully get the PL to change their minds when they investigate the viability of this proposal further.
The revenue that clubs earn these days are not because of match days Rocky. Yes its a big part of it but quite a bit comes through globalization. What makes Real and United so rich? Big stadiums yes and maybe the fact that they have the largest international fan bases? I was recently in Singapore and the amount of people walking around in premier league jerseys was astounding. A large chunk of money clubs get these days is through television rights. Did you know that South Africa has a 24 hour football channel and they are only 1 of 2 countries in the world that show every single premier league game played? The other is China. One thing you don’t realize while living out your life in the comfort of one town in one country, is that the premier league is a global brand. When a small kid in Uganda buys the latest Arsenal shirt he has invested money into the club we all love. We owe a sense of allegiance to every Arsenal fan across the world that has in how ever small way helped our club take a step forward. Arsenal boast some of the greatest talents in the world thanks to globalization. I am in no way against international games, as long as its done right, with the players in mind. The only problem I foresee is will a Derby v/s Wigan sell out?
prits: Maybe they have to iron out some of the details on how they formulate the draw but is this the issue or the fact that it will played overseas? They could structure it so that 1st plays 20th, 2nd plays 19th, etc. Would you consider that to be fairer? As to who would pay to watch a Derby Vs Bolton game, you'd probably find that the attendance would be at least on par with either team's home crowd. Giving these "lesser teams" more international exposure can only help to improve their fan base.
For me, the formulation of the draw is the significant issue here, as this impacts the overall fairness of the League. If they can work out a scheme where it can be fair (and I just cannot see how thats possible), then playing overseas is the next logical step. Also, this game is to be played in January, so 1st playing 20th etc only makes it more difficult for Christmas time relegation strugglers to get out of trouble. As far as the impact of revenue that global viewers have, match day receipts amounted to 90M out of 177M football related turnover, and is clearly the single biggest contributor. Yes, the TV revenue also contributes significantly at 44M (which will increase this season) but the point is - how much more will it increase by to justify this exercise, from the clubs perspective ?
It is wrong to say that the formation of the Premier League in 1992 changed the competition - it didn't - it just changed the name that is all. The League has endured for more than a century because of it's essential fairness. What is being proposed is to introduce a random element where the title, issues of european qualification and relegation will all be resolved by the luck of the draw. This compromises the fairness of the competition and financially will only serve to increase revenues at the big clubs. As someone else pointed out Arsenal-ManU might sell out the MCG but Derby-Wigan won't. If there is a need to play overseas then get rid of one of the European competitions in favour of a global one.
There are two huge contradictions here. 1 - I have heard the countless debates from the exact same people above as to why Arsenal are doing things right by not fielding more english players. This now seems to be a similar debate with everyone now voting the other way. I find a flaw in that thinking. 2 - You are condeming an idea without first knowing the finer details. It is a universal flaw that has seen the downfall of many people and organizations. It is a shame that a simple idea that can in some way bring cultures and religions closer together is being condemed without first asking a simple question like..."Tell me more?"
I dont agree with the premise of your 1st 'contradiction', Trennon. This not about foreign or domestic, if this same scheme involved playing the extra game at Wembley, it would face the same amount of opposition.
signed! i doubt it'll make a blind bit of difference but if we all felt that way and no one signed then it wouldnt have a hope in hells chance would it... the whole idea stinks, its just another way to exploit the fans and make the rich richer. in an article i wrote on vital pompey my biggest concerns were that once '1 game' is allowed it will not stop there, it is inevitable that it would soon become, 'just 2', then 'just 3' and so on... how the idea is also 'fair' i dont know? just think what title, or relegation issues 'might' be decided by a 'bonus' game that shouldnt even happen - aboroad or at home...
I completely disagree prits. An extra game at Wembly would have no reason to happen because it would provide no advantage to anyone involved in the game. So therefore it is only based on foreign. Most of the arguements against this come down to fixture overload and player fatigue from long travelling. United went and played in Sauidi Arabia in January for a small cash cow. The players, the board and the fans didnt moan one little bit about it. They came home and flattened Spurs in the FA cup. I truly believe that is simply about a load of people who have already made there mind up and so they are hell bent on signing petitions. I say lets see what plan they have and what the finer details are before handcuffing ourselves to the FA's entrance hall.
I can't see any contradictions between the entirely different arguments of fielding international players in domestic competition and distorting the competition by introducing a random element to it. The argument isn't in internationalisation - we play in overseas competitions already albeit only as far as Russia - it's in corrupting the essence of the league competition.
This is nothing to do with taking the game onto the international scene, which is bad enough, and everything to do with turning the league into a complete mockery. How you can not see that playing an uneven amount of games against random teams is not bad for the game is beyond me. Whilst I still think it would be a very bad idea, taking one of the existing fixtures and playing it abroad would be an infinitly better idea, which just goes to show how stupid this idea is.
In order to ensure the greatest number of people get to attend these 'bonus' matches the suggestion has been made that different periods of the match be played in different cities. So for, example in the US the first half will be played in Los Angeles, the second in New York and any added time in Chicago. The teams will change kit en route to each period of play to maximise the opportunities for shirt sponsorship.
Its a sign of things to come...i for one dont agree its a good idea. For one thing english football is loosing its soul just as Wenger has often said. Why not ask the same of Italian Serie A...or of the Spanish league...why the over-commercialization of the English PL??? They would be silly to endorse such an idea...its just best to have friendly matches or pre-season matches in any country...let each country develop its Rocky said there are loads of fans here in england who can't afford to watch their teams play. The footballers - in the top teams- themselves have to endure the rigours of competeing for 3-4 they have to add the effects of globe-trotting everywhere....amidst heightenend way - its a dumb idea
It's absolutely ludicrous. I'll sign it.
I can imagine there are loads Arsenal/Manu/Chelsea/Liverpool fans world-wide...but how many people would turn up to watch Wigan play Birmingham in Singapore or Australia? i've been to other countries and i know that there are only 4-5 PL teams that are watched with more than a passing interest...every country should develop its own league. Its shouldnt be all about the money...there used to be a time when football meant more
Its funny th ideas we come up with...the Italians/Spanish/German wld never think this one up...we wld like to become a travelling circus eh?
Trennon, I guess Rocky and Amos have responded to what you're saying. The arguments you mentioned are not the biggest reason for opposing this idea. Its not a question of making my mind up soon, the proposal is out there for everyone to read. Trust me dude, I would love to see the Arsenal live soon, but not in this manner. And I am one of those international fans.
If people in the 60's were told that their league would be full of foreign players and managers there would have been uproar but times change and this new proposal is just another leap forward...... jesus there was plenty of objections to Sky Tv when the premier league started but their money has transformed the game in this country for the better. We still get 38 games so what the hell is the problem, this proposal will give fans in far away places the chance to watch the team that they support. A petition against stupid international friendlies would be a much better idea!
sport, you might need to read the fine print. This scheme involves 39 games for each club.
Just to make it abundantly clear - the premise of a possible title/relegation deciding fixture being randomly drawn out of a hat is preposterous. Signed. Bloody stupid idea.
i say scrap one of the intl friendlies...and then play this game.........
prits wat do u think are the chances that arsenal would come to india and play a game eh.....
Prits I meant English fans and season ticket holders still get 38games
disgusted with the idea to be honest, whoring ourselves to the world like that. i've signed the petition, hope the rest of you do too.
arsenal nutter
As am expat whose last live match was Seaman's testimonial, I'd like nothing more than to catch a match in Bangkok, KL, or even Singapore, but a 39th league match? No fu(kin way... It would make a mockery of a system that no one can argue proves who is the best team over the course of a season... Surely something relatively unimportant such as the cc semi would be a better idea if the league insist on pursuing this line of 'thinking'... On a side note it's not as he the pl actually needs more international exposure is it?
As an expat whose last live match was Seaman's testimonial, I'd like nothing more than to catch a match in Bangkok, KL, or even Singapore, but a 39th league match? No fu(kin way... It would make a mockery of a system that no one can argue proves who is the best team over the course of a season... Surely something relatively unimportant such as the cc semi would be a better idea if the league insist on pursuing this line of 'thinking'... On a side note it's not as he the pl actually needs more international exposure is it?
Oops my bad soz people...
Are non-english people allowed to sign the petition? The official Usmanov petition didn't allow us to sign it.
i think Arsenal will play in an Arabic city, most likey Dubai becoz of the Emirates connection. chelski will go to Korea, Manure to China, LiverFool to Singapore.
WYBI, yeah, you can sign it too. I just did.
Already did.
I dont understand why even foreign fans support this idea. I have my local team in football and if they decided they were to take them to China to play legue matches I'd be livid , if any other international fan in favour of this idea has a local team in any sport not just football, think about it from that perspective.
Ozi Gooner
hell india is not even in contention sign it i say
Signed. And I’m from Hong Kong, one of the cities that could potentially ‘benefit’ from such a plan should it get inplemented; now living in London. Spending my holiday now back home these few days, I’ve chatted with my father (a good old ManU fan btw, who’s never been to Old Trafford) and my uncle (Liverpool fan who’s never been to Anfield either) and apparently even these fans don’t like the idea because it’s potentially very unfair and disruptive to the English game, even though they do want to see their teams very badly. And as Arsene said, 90% of our fans are overseas, then so what? Does holding a game with like 40,000 people watching help to change anything in 1% of them?!
Lou the Gunneress
We'll I'm from India and absolutely hate this concept. The English game is going non-English. I await to see how Wenger will be blamed for this.

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