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Cheers Sven

Advantage Arsenal.

The Gunners took a massive step in their title challenge this afternoon without an Arsenal boot kicking a ball in anger.

On an emotional day at Old Trafford, United's neighbours registered a huge win that recorded their first league double over the Champions for the first time since 19blahdeblah.

The excuse could be made that the occasion got to Fergie's men, but in reality Sven the shagger and his boys in blue ran the show from start to finish.

Darius Vassel & new boy Benjani scored for Arsenal, with Carrick bagging a late consolation goal.

Let's hope the boys in red and white take advantage of United's slip at home to Blackburn tomorrow.

Cheers Sven.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 10 2008

Time: 4:00PM

Your Comments

Great result for us but will mean nothing if we can't capitalise tomorrow, meanwhile.... come on you Mickeys!!
LD now I'm nervous!
Lou the Gunneress
our boys can handle pressure much better than fergie's men ... we will capitalize tomorrow and the only bummer is i have to watch this game at work !
unbeleivable news but how often have we seen in the past title rivals all dropping points on the same weekend. its almost like when you see the other teams lose, you cant handle the pressure.
Wow, Carragher speaking after a game, I think I understand dogs better than him.
"I'mahlitteh dissapoinah itwah massivegamah, bu-ah Ithinkwehplayedwell yahknah"
lol kevin.
And chelsky drawing makes the result at OT all that better and yazz what kind of a job do you have beign able to watch live football on tv? what ever it is I want a job like that.
great results today. i really think that if we win tommorow, and keep some fucus, we should be lifting the premiership trophy come the end of the season. however, easier said than done. i wouldnt be surprised if we one or if man u do now. at beggining of the season i thought that we would be fantatstic but then get pipped by Manyoo, and that's still a possibility, but we really are close now.
THANK YOU SVEN. Our boys will win tomorrow, they show up for the big games, and this game is BIG.
all we have to do is win tommorow and close up the goal difference on man u,surely we will do that right gooners?
the arsenal
i think this means for chavski that if Arsenal win tomorrow and opens up an 8 point lead then Arsenal has to lose 3 games,while Chavs have to do something that they have never been able to do,that is win 12 games in a row.i think thats right,you can correct me if its not
fran merida
Kevin still waiting for ur Wenger-Gallas jokes mate. chelsea are all set to finish 3rd this season so yu can use them now :p..
wouldn't it be ironic if you lost to blackburn tomorrow?Come on, I know you want to.
8 points over chelsea tommorow. with the MASSIVE goal difference its like 9points. and so much for the great man utd, losing 4 games. Tommorow is a MUST WIN!!!!!
Win tomorrow, and I might, I just might start believing. C'mon Arsenal!
wow fran, that is an amazing assesment. i'm feeling the pressure now, hope the lads do not when they take the pitch tomm nite..
Darius Vassel & new boy Benjani scored for Arsenal,,,lol....,, very subtely done indeed Mr. Mustchin
i wonder when mark lawros'gonna stop saying manure will definately win the league?at least the bookies are seeing a bit of sense now,but i prefer being written off,being considered outsiders and no hopers only adds incentive to prove all the doubters wrong.we can only throw it away...lets add some more grey hairs to dirty hughes' head
fran merida
last day of the season and they are 5 points behind- he will still be saying its uniteds title!
i loved the line sven the shagger lol..
Still not there, we still need to win against Blackburn. And ensure we dont slip up for 2 games after that. The crucial time will be the CL & FA Cups - if we go out of one of those cups, our chances at the League just get better. I'm not euphoric just yet.
Prits I agree with you and I tink it would be quite helpful if we droped out of the FA cup, not that I don't want us to win it but becouse I think that the distraction could harm our league bid and also if we win to morrow nite then the FA cup becomes more important to utd as it could well be the best hope of silverwere they have.
If all goes to plan guys and gals, I think this will be the sweetest one ever !!...never will a winning team have been be so written off and under-estimated by so many would also be a victory for patience , planning and belief......and I'll take that over a cheque book any day !!!
You guys are making me even more nervous! I'm not worried about the guys' ability to take pressure. But we have many injuries at the moment, that's the major thing I'm worried about. But I think we should be able to handle Blackburn at home. Regarding the cups, actually if we go out of FAC, we'd focus on PL and CL. If we manage to knock out ManU, we'll get tremendous belief and team spirit. Now that the players have proven that they don't get knocked back by a couple of defeats, I wouldn't be too worried in either case. So once we get through Blackburn, we'll be in a much better position. Then the rest depends on injuries. I'm praying!
Lou the Gunneress
btw, does anyone have news on Rosicky and Van Persie. will they be fit for united and milan? please share if yu have any details everyone..
Is Man City the only team off whom we took 6 points and who took 6 points off our major rivals ManU? This year they play admirable football too. How can you not love them!
Lou the Gunneress
luckys, entire injury list according to Arsene's press conference on Friday (latest official news):
Lou the Gunneress
Not being funny here chaps but I want it all !!...I want the Treble.....I don't want to sacrifice anything. I am convinced we have an outstanding chance of winning the prem and believe we can go all the way in the cups too....but it's AW thoughts that matter...does he believe we can do it all ??
lou i read on daily mail that rosicky could return for this one, so fingers crossed. and arsene hasn't revealed much about when the injured lads could be back..
Also I am not at all convinced ManUre will concede the Prem if we beat never know..they may take a "dive" out of the FA cup...they got CL to consider aswell...I believe they are away to Lyon on the wednesday after playing us in the cup.
Luckys, no, Arsene didn't say much as he wouldn't have known on Friday definitively who're ready when we only play on Monday night. Yeah fingers and toes and everything crossed. And Rooney will be back from suspension for ManU for the FAC tie, right?
Lou the Gunneress
I'm still not overly confident, but 3 points tomorrow will be a MASSIVE step forward!!
Radar you're right - away to Lyon is maybe just slightly better than facing Milan at home, both happen at the same time the Wed after FAC, right. They don't want to play us at that time either. But if we continue the run by beating Blackburn, we'll be going to OT with a lot of confidence.
Lou the Gunneress
Lou we'll be going to OT with confidence whether we win draw or loose to morrow nite, it is the question IF we want to be in the FA cup after next weekend. First of all as we all know we have a bad injury problem wich I am afraid is not going to get much better yeas we'll be getting RVP back soon but others are bound to get injured instead and more games in a domestic cup are not going to help that situation if we want to win the league. So I tink somting has to give and I would rather it be the FA cup than the title or CL, now don't get me wrong a treble would be fantastic but realisticly I don't see that happening.
Yes Lou but it just depends on how AW plays it. Does he rest Cesc and a few other key players ?...try to protect them for Mialn ?
On saturday with confidence or not, you ain't gonna beat us at OT; plus, I don't think you can beat Blackburn easily, it'll be a tough game, a draw is more possible.
Star 3000
Good man say I !!!....I honestly believe its there for the taking....
We have every chance of beating you at OT, and i say that hoping AW plays the Carling cup squad given that Milan and the CL are a bigger fish to fry. WHat a result today! GReat day for the Arsenal without us even playing. We absolutely HAVE to capitalise commorow, and i will be interested to see how the boys syep up to the pitch and handle the pressure of knowing we must win. 2 - 0 to the Arsenal and 5 points clear of Manure! WHat a week this could be!
Did it last season Star...quite comfotably if I remember rightly....and I would not be surprised if I saw Ronaldo on the that will be you lot screwed....
Think the team will pick itself with sll our injuries. prob lehmann sagna toure?? gallas clichy eboue/walcott cesc flamini?? hleb ade eduardo.. everybody else is injured basically. Maybe AW is making sure we have a fit squad for milan by not risking or rushing players back. Should beat bburn with that team..then its 5pts!
Bendtner ? he ok ?
Theres no way we should be going to the theatre of dweebs with anything less than a full strength squad, all this talk of playing a cc side is ridiculous, these two games against manure and Milan are what Wenger has been rotating/resting players for all season, we need to go balls out full strength against these b@stids they're wounded and we need to move in for the kill, a win for manure would give em an edge in the competition for the league not to mention demoralise us for the Milan game, and anyhow as we saw recently over chrimbo resting players does'nt guarantee success in following games.
Please note the Pompey influence of Benjani getting the winner. Fair exchange for Diarra getting ours at Bolton. Now do us both a favour & stuff Blackburn.
Well it's not easy to play Blackburn. But they have quite a few players suspended and injured too. If things get tough at the back bcos of injuries, Clichy and Sagna can defend tighter and attack less to support Hoyte/Gilberto who stands in for Senderos who was standing in for Kolo before. Then it comes down to a matter of outscoring them - which we're confident Ade and Eduardo can do, right guys? The bench will be Bendtner, Theo plus some kids then.
Lou the Gunneress
I agree niko...I think we could do Manure huge damage right now but will AW see it that way ?.. I can see the the sense in playing your strongest available team for the big games but at what cost when two big games are so close together ? I would rather be thinking of resting certain players and trusting the guys who fill in (any eleven) to get a result at OT then after inflict severe damage on Milan.
if you ask me, this is what our players have been waiting for all season. could be a monster performance vs blackburn. the boys will just be itching to get out there and wrap up 3 points.
so am i
We just need to win tomorrow in any shape or form. I see that United have blamed mid-week International exertions as a reason for their poor performance, and that seems to affected Chavski too; just wonder if it will affect us tomorrow night too. The 2 games after this are so tough for Arsene - what side does he pick for the FA Cup tie. I think the central defence should stay the same with Gallas and Toure. Centre mid I'd go for Diaby and Gilberto. Up front Bendtner and Eduardo. I think we should rest Cesc, Flamster, Ade and Hleb for the Milan game, with hopefully van Persie back for the Milan game.
Rest Cesc?? the kid is twenty ffs I'm sure he can handle another game four days after. I think we should field pretty much the same team and to hell with it - I don't wanna lose either of these two games from fielding (intentionally) weakened sides, believe me these lads will need no motivation to play Milan they'll be well up for it and I cant see tiredness coming into it.
Yeah bendtner is ok. Cant go full strength against both man utd and milan. gotta mix it up a bit. man utd will be even more up for it now, with us being their next game. But Milan is the more important game, but not as important as blackburn. Lets see what they say about man utd on MOTD2 "Another one off"Lol
I think there has got to be certain times you MUST rest key players....we cannot afford to drop any points in the prem so every game is a cup final where you need to be on top of your game. I would be very hacked off if we played our strongest team against both Manure and Milan , beat both of them and then go and drop points against Brum the following saturday cos they were all knackered....
AW has said in the past he wont make the same mistake in putting th fa cup ahead of the prem or CL.
And you know what ?...I can't see SAF picking a full strength team either...and if that is the case we should beat them even with our second string....
Niko, as I wrote, its gonna be a real hard one for Arsene to decide, complicated because we don't want a demoralising defeat against Man Utd, especially given we go there again in a probable championship decider.
I'm just sitting here dreaming of what it would be like if this team can really go on and win the Premier League this season. I don't think it would get any better!
this is a very huge oppurtunity for the gunners, i hope you waste it.
We should be able to beat Blackburn provided the midfield play good, the key is for Cesc and Hleb to turn on the skill tomorrow.
yet another weekend when our rivals drop points, but lets not count our chickens, blackburn tonight will be a tough game and we shouldn't be complacent ! yes city and pool did us huge favours, but we need to keep winning games to win it for us ourself and not rely on others.
samba, dunn, pederson, reid and nelson all missing. thats good.
Lol at Matt! Stuff em we will mate, stuff em we will. Come on you REDS!
If we stay firmly focussed on the league we can and - dare I say it - probably will win it from this position. The most important game after tonight is Brum away. If we allow ourselves to be distracted by cup competitions and resulting fixture congestion we will undermine our chances. Our priorities need to be clear and cup competitions are always a lottery whereas the league is now in our hands.
A clear 2 goal victory tonight will make our goal difference superior to Man Utd's on goals scored!! Apart from the 5 point lead it would give us, that goal difference could be crucial......Toure should be back & seen as he missed 2-3 games for the Ivory Coast whilst at the tournament he should be fairly well rested.
Ashburton Gooner
I love the way sky & particularly Richard 'ego' Keys was totally writing Arsenal off yesterday. After Chelski had dropped 2 more points against Liverpool Keys asked John Terry if he felt it was now advantage Chelsea because all their African players would be back??.........You can only assume he isn't taking Arsenal seriously & that he was referring to the 3 points between Man Utd & the Chavs. If Arsenal win tonights game we are 8 clear of Chelski & no matter how many players thay have to come back (as do Arsenal) thats clearly advantage Gunners!!
Ashburton Gooner
Two injured teams to do battle then tonight. Good luck to you boys. I hope we can take something off you although it is a huge ask. However, I hope its a good game and as blood and thunder as always. Good luck for the rest of the season too.
A bit of blood and thunder never hurt anyone! Cheers Roversman.. good luck to ye for the rest of your season too... altho not too much luck tonight! ;)
I think it's just dawning on me this morning just how big this game actually is. Who'd have thunk that a game vs Blackburn could define our whole season. This is the most nervous I've been for ages. If we win I will start to believe that Wenger can pull of the biggest shock in PL history.
I agree Rocky. On Friday, I was feeling comfortable about this game as a confident 3 pointer. After the weekend's results, I'm a lot more apprehensive.
Aprehensive is a good word......but "****ting myself" is a more adequate phrase.
You ARE a more eloquent man than I am, Rocky ;).
I have a feeling that the atmosphere at the Grove tonight is going to be electric!! Wish I was going to be there.
heres th the 3points,i would say 3-1 to us,ade,eduardo and hleb to score fingers crossed
the arsenal
Im sure the crowd will be electric, the players will have no choice but to go all out. One of those game in whch if we go 2-0 up, they'll try to knock bburn for 5 or 6. We can make a MASSIVE statement tonight. Hope Ade gets 2 goals to become top scorer too. BOYS, THIS IS NOT THE MATCH TO F UP!
Fellow Gooners, tonight is a BIG night for us for if we win I am convinced the team will really start believing 100% that they could go on and win the title. I just hope we can give a major performance and statement of intent, one of those seminal days when you know something massive has happened. OK i know it's a bit early but still!
I've been very nervous ever since City beat ManU. It's late here but I won't be able to sleep until we bag 3 points. Yeah I'm sure the Gooners at the ground will turn up fantastically tonight. I think the team can take the pressure and if we score early, I have a sneaky feeling that the best-case scenario Ian said wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibilities... Come on you Gunners!!!
Lou the Gunneress
See that Average Grant has been hinting that it's all ok cos we and United have got to go to the Bridge yet so the gap don't matter. Someone should have told him that if he overtakes United he will actually be SECOND !!
And where's Simmo and his match preview? I'm nervous..
Lou the Gunneress
I got butterflies like I haven't had since the Champions League final.
The team is fairly strong, but have have literally no creativety on the bench. Lets hope the starting line up have enough to finish the job.
and there you have it,just what i ordered,5points clear and we closed down the goal difference
the arsenal

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