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Eduardo Suffers Leg Break

Arsenal striker Eduardo Da Silva has suffered a leg break in the first couple of minutes at St Andrews

Birmingham's Taylor seemed to make an inocuous challenge on the Crozillian, but the referee dissmissed the player instantly, with both Arsenal's medical team and the paramedics running on the pitch immediately.

The reactions of Cesc Fabregas, Bacary Sagna & Manu Adebayor told us that it was a break, and horrendous one at that. Indeed, SkySports deemed the images so horrific that they refused to show them again.

I write this article while there is still 10-15 minutes left of the first half, finding it hard to be enthusiastic about the match, I also wonder how the players will keep their concentration on the pitch after seeing their team mate and friend in such a way.

My thoughts are with Eduardo, and hope to see him back on the pitch as soon as possible.


After the intial thought that the tackle was both unintentional and unfortunate, I have been given a link to a picture that proves otherwise. Feel free to click the link as the image is not in poor taste and a fraction of a second before the break, it does however prove what a wreckless challenge it really was.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday February 23 2008

Time: 1:28PM

Your Comments

You can tell it was bad when they didn't show the replay. Sincerely hope he makes a full & speedy recovery!
My personal regards to the lad, and I'm sure I wont be alone in that. It was horrible, and I only hope that he can get through it, because it really did look like it might've been that bad.
Since the incident my mind has been wandering about how bad it was, and I didn't see it, and I'm glad I didn't. Considering they replayed Djibril Cisse's injury on tv and that was awful, I can only speculate as to what happened to Eddy. I can't say I'm overly concerned about the result at this moment in time.
Nobody ( with any sense ) likes to see any player injured, wishing Eduardo a full recovery.
I've got a REALLY BAD FEELING for this game and for Dudu... This might be the end of the season for him...
It didn't look good. Hopefully, he'll be back soon.
Fan of Blues
this is horrible.... we are with you Eduardo.... please for speed recovery... Croatians loves you
they have just shown the tackle, it doesn't look bad, but they won't show the close up. i hope we win it for eduardo
i just hope the injury is not the end-of-career type injury..
very very sad thing to happen. hope he recovers as soon as possible.
Wish Eduardo a speedy recovery, thats awful news for him and for the team. We have looked lacklustre since then. Hope we can turn it around, for Eduardo as much as anything else.
the injury is horrific, just saw a few pics, similar to what we saw with Cisse some time ago. I hope they win it for Eduardo. My thoughts are with him.
This is very graphic guys, I think I can say Eduardo's career may be over...sigh...I feel so gutted and disappointed for him - {link removed} [Edited by pmust]
I was about to say, with the players reactions, he's definitely out for the rest of the season, no doubt, barring some miracle.
agent14- that still is horrifying...
i want to vomit
So so so sorry for him, I dont want to look at any pictures of it, I have everything crossed that he makes a good recovery, so gutted about this,
agent14 - I've removed the link buddy, it's just too horrible. If people want to see it I'm sure they'll have to opportunity, but I don't really want it round here.I hope you understand.
let win this for eduardo
Never before have I felt so sorry for an injured player on such a personal level. I have not even been thinking about the affects it will have on Arsenal very much. He finaly gets his breakthrough, and then he is broken through. Completely devastated. I can just wish for a speedy recovery and a load of deserved success afterwards.
rocky7 - thanks for removing that link, mate. i am feeling sorry that i saw it.
As a villa fan, I'm thinking of Luc Nilis. I hope it isn't that bad, particularly as he is a top player and a joy to watch. Good luck to you lad, just look at Martin Laursen and Jimmy Bullard. We'll see you next year.
I looked at that link just - wished I had not. I cannot see how anyone can come back from that sort of injury. I pray that I am wrong but I fear that his career is over. I hope he recovers with all speed and lets hope he can feature in 2009.
poor chap, I dont wanna look at any phto's people are saying it is horrific looking and career threatening but thats just speculation, I hope he comes back from it cos he is a good player
kris - dont look at anything. just avoid everything. that will be best for you.
I think we can take some sort of comfort if thats the right word, from the Henrik Larsson leg break some years ago, he returned to his prolific best after what looked to be a game over type leg break, having no desire to look at the pictures I dont know whether it was a similar injury though
im not ! my bro wanted to look I barred him! no way im looking at it, horrible when you hear things like this happen, was the tackle really badly timed or malicious?
cant tell you as i didnt see it in real time and they arent showing any replys(thank God for that). but he caught his standing leg and.....
his standing leg, jesus, all his weight on that, that not gonna be good, stupid tackle by the sounds of it
Hope he makes it back - the challenge looked so innocent though!
kris, it is not just speculation. The pics are about on the villa board if you want to see. It's definitely not speculation. It is most definitely a career threatening injury. Hopefully it wont end his career, but there is a possibility. The tackle isn't malicious or poorly timed really. I though it was high, but from the pics it doesn't look too bad. Just a freak thing.
no i dont want to see carlosio, not for me that, I was just saying taht we aint doctors to say his career could be over, just hope he recovers from it. One of these leg breaks does happen every now and again in the prem. Does sound like a freak incident, certain angle and weight of the tackle probably was enough to do that to the poor chap
What's up with all these brazilians getting horrible injuries? Poor guy, hope he gets well soon.
By the way jokes aside I hope Eduardo has a speedy recovery, terrific player, who'll no doubt be missed. Don't think it was sinister, but never the less horrific. get well soon.
kev, Brazil hasn't the best of economies, so most families don't have enough for their kids to eat most of them grow up with weak bones or bodies that are more fragile than Westerners to injury (bar Woodgate) I don't care if he plays at all for the remainder of this season, as long as he gets well and wears that No.9 shirt again then I'm happy.
i understand rocky7
yeh good point
2- 1 and u ****ed it up, your song I think !!!!
how petulant is Gallas? shocking, i think he left his dummy on the pitch
I imagine it's probably confounding his feelings about this injury. He'll have desperately wanted the result for Eduardo, and that will have amplified what was already a very bad day, in a pretty poor week for arsenal.
that's half true stukazufuss, it applies to the majority of brazilian players, but not all. Diego suffered a major injury and will be out for about 10 months, he wasn't poor at all.
Arsene Wenger just said "More than his season is over" ....... I can't ******** believe this :(
I have a solution. If Dudu is out for 10 months, then Taylor should be out for 10 months and Birmingham should be made to pay all costs. Dudu' s wages, hospital bills etc. Clubs and players need to be held responsible. If I drive into the back of someone, I have to pay all the costs etc. It's about time players who tackle from behind are held accountable. PERIOD.
Good one african but FIFA's still wrangling whether international teams should pay any compensation for players injured in internationals and that isn't anywhere near a conclusion yet...
I really thought that Edu could be a massive star for us, let's hope he gets a chance to do so again.
At first I thought it was just an inoccuous challenge and unfortunate, but I've just seen a picture (milliseconds before the leg break) that confirms it was a disgraceful tackle. Arsene Wenger says he shouldn't play football again, that may be the case for Eduardo, and should be the case for Taylor.
OH GOD I only saw this thread now. 'Glad' I did, cos I would have clicked on that now removed link to see the horrific pictures you guys talked about. My mind is dwelling less on the terrible result now, but not in a good way. So judging from how awful it was, I guess we can't blame the players too much as they're obviously shaken. And that Yid guy, you came on and offered some nice words, then that line about we eff-ing it up. Do you call yourself a human being? Now you eff off!
Lou the Gunneress
I'm with you Rocky, I've just seen it for the first time and, I'm sorry, that tackle is absolutely disgraceful and indisputably reckless in the extreme. Arsene is absolutely right, teams are going out and saying let's get stuck into Arsenal etc and that was coming. Also, it makes me sick when people like Alan Hansen criticise Arsenal for not being able to handle rough play etc. I just hope this group of players can win something for Eduardo. I wonder what our dressing room was like afterwards.
Judging by a picture, he will be missing at least 18 months to rebuild his leg for all intents and purposes. Shame for the lad, but i doubt he'll ever be the same player, he destroyed us at goodison, had a lot of respect for him.
That's why the refs are clamping down on tackles from over the top.. I dont even want to see images of the tackle.. we fought hard.. we played alright considering the circumstances.. but at the end of the day.. I feel for Dudu.. absolutely superb finisher.. I pray that his career is not wrecked by a disgraceful tackle.. Wenger says that the guy shouldn't play football again.. well.. if a tackle is good enough to break a guy's leg.. then yes.. dont ever set foot on a pitch again..
And you know what Yid, as a new Gunners fan myself, I have never harboured any hatred for Spurs as a club or their fans whatsoever. And YOU, YOU, YOU are the one who makes your club and fellow fans look terrible to a non-hostile Arsenal fan like me now. Talk about basic human decency. I try to resist that hatred but it's people like you who're not giving me any choice.
Lou the Gunneress
And you know.. everyone said that this was a make or break week for Arsenal.. I just hope that the last minute pen and Dudu's horrific injury haven't derailed the squad morale in any way.. we hav a couple of home games next.. get down to those and win them.. I think the guys should get resolve and win the BPL for Dudu! C'mon!
I hope this thread is treated with respect. A young man who built a career by moving from Brazil to Croatia and worked tremendously hard to get where he is has possibly been put out of the game. lets all just pray for the boy.
AR4E, really? Did Arsene just say Edu can't be back in football again? OH MY GOD!
Lou the Gunneress
no.. i meant Martin Taylor..
Iceman yes I've just prayed for Edu. What a nice and talented lad. That's why I'm really hysterically mad about some jerks coming here to gloat. Cowards. (Sorry to be using plural, that's how YidEddy has projected an image of Spurs fans in general now. Unfair I know, but so was his terrible behaviour.) I'm still SO GUTTED!
Lou the Gunneress
Oops, sorry. Yeah I read a bit too fast and thought you said 'the guy wouldn't play football again' and scared the hell out of me. Well from the replay (from a distance) the challenge didn't seem deliberate. But if Setanta didn't show any close-up and judging from you guys' comments about those still photos, for sure it was terribly bad. If these teams think they 'found a way to deal with Arsenal' and that is to 'come at us', fair enough, but to end someone's career is a different matter entirely. Hope it's a lesson for Taylor and the other so-called 'tough guys' out there.
Lou the Gunneress
I've just seen a pic of the moment when he breaks his ankle. It's horrible. Won't post it here, for obvious reasons. Get well soon Eduardo.
Blu Soulja
Sorry to be dwelling on this. The boss said Taylor intentionally set out to injure Eduardo. Did you guys see the challenge well enough to judge? I guess I'll watch MotD and see a censored version. All this has put the result in perspective and I think we can't blame the players for not killing the game off or even making a silly mistake at the end. If it's as serious as what you guys said about the pictures, it must have affected their game terribly. We can't blame anyone, guys.
Lou the Gunneress
Oh, Edu will be 25 on Monday...
Lou the Gunneress
Lou - Check the picture in the edit on the article....don't worry, it's not bad, just shows the horrendousness of the tackle.
i hv just seen a clip and i'm afraid this is goin to take a long long time.. it's similar to diaby's injury.. lets win the title for eduardo and do the honour of letting him lift the trophy come may.. i wished i was playing in the team so that i can destroy other teams and win the title for eduardo
Rocky you guys all said it's terribly bad... And some guy over at A Cultured Left Foot said 'don't see it, you'll regret it'...
Lou the Gunneress
Lou - the link to the pic on this article does not show the break, just where Taylor's foot is on Dudu's leg. I would never try and get anyone to look at something distasteful.
Oh my God you're right - it's intentional! Arsene's right, the guy shouldn't play football again. No bloody scene in that link, right, but you can just tell it's extremely dangerous. Even this is giving me goosebumps (in a bad way)...
Lou the Gunneress
Hope the dude gets back sooner rather than later.
Real Deal
This is far worse than Diaby's. The fact that the tackle was so mistimed and ferocious makes me feel it was intentional. Taylor probably still had the pep talk in his head about ruffling Arsenal early in his head. A big centreback willing to intimidate the opposition and going over the top. I fear for Edu. This injury is clearly career threatening and he won't be back before the season after next.
Managers and media have a responsibility to the game. Man U are just as technical as us, yet there is this pre-conceived idea that kicking Arsenal is half the battle. This is what happens and the likes of Allardyce and Hansen ought to reflect on inciting players to get over physical.
Feeling sick right now. The result doesn't matter.
I sincerely hope it does not end his career, At least you have Wallnut. And Van Persie should be back...... So it should not effect your chances too much.
Gael you're right. I really really hope the so-called 'tough guys' out there learn from this. In fact I don't know why, after seeing that Arsenal can get equally physical, they're still doing it this season. No league points is worth more than a person's health and career. It's so eff-ing unfair. I'm still very very gutted. But I'm ultimately an optimist and I think this will galvanise the team and they'll go on and win the title for Edu now!
Lou the Gunneress
If they have to stick pins in his ankle, it's all over. He won't be able to run. It reminds me of Van Basten's injury. Hopefully it's a clean break and the tendons and ligaments are ok. In any case if he comes back, he will always feel soma ain in the area.
I feel so incredibly sorry for Eduardo, I just saw a picture of what his ankle actually looked like, and if you haven't seen it don't like, I seriously wanted to throw up. As Rocky said the result pretty much went out the window for me the second I saw the looks on Hleb and Cesc's faces, I knew our performance would be unfocused and was much more worried about Dudu's ankle than the scoreline. All I have to say on this type of tackle is a while ago I wrote an article here that got frontpaged about how horrific tackles on players like Hleb, Ronaldo and Eduardo needed o be stamped out of the game quickly before someone's career gets ended. and I hated to say it, but I'm convinced that even if Eduardo can play again I strongly doubt if he will ever be the same player, look at Djibril Cisse. That tackle made Dan Smith's challege on Diaby look good. Absoloutley horrible and I dont think Wenger was wrong in saying Taylor should never play again. Only in England will you ever see a challenge that bad.
Ozi Gooner
I just saw the picture and I wish I hadn't. Good to know that channels aren't showing the replays. I completely agree with you Rocky, it was really really hard to focus on the match. Seeing Hleb's, Fabregas', Sagna and Manu's faces, I was shocked and very very feel sad. Everyone knew the seriousness of the situation. Absolutely horrible. Get well soon Eduardo.
guys where was cisse's, bullard's or diaby's break.......? i think diaby's was the shin......
The magnitude of Edu's injury has put the game in perspective for me. I was thinking why Ade, Bendtner, Cesc and Hleb couldn't put chances away (thought I was watching a game from last year), why Clichy made that silly mistake literally in the last few seconds of the game. But we really can't blame them. The CC final last year springs to mind. It was a terrible injury to a Chelsea player and the guys were totally shaken. This happened to a teammate and it must have been reallly 100 times worse for them. Can't blame them cos they did us proud considering. Seeing that picture that shows it's intentionally makes me absolutely sick. Judging from our luck this sad week, I think Spurs will just win that cup, but who cares now.
Lou the Gunneress
I pray for Eduardo. I couldn't care about the 2 points we loss. I wish Eduardo can recover from it.
cockeril- I don't think now is the time to focus how our team will cope. It's just too soon. Seeing our players faces made me want to cry too. Absolutely disgraceful it was and I just hope he recovers. Today's result is completely insignificant compared to what is probably one of the worst tackles I have ever seen.
Jesus you guys are scaring me!
Lou the Gunneress
Agree completely Lou, probably why we weren't putting passes together. It's probably why Gael made a mistake and it's probably why Gallas broke down. All we can do is pray for Eduardo and forget about the game for now.
The Star Sports guy, after seeing the pictures (probably those same ones some of you saw) said: "It indeed looks horrific. It looks like he, er, lost his foot." What the hell?!? He's such a good player! WHY OH WHY?!?!
Lou the Gunneress
And when Edu comes back, can we give him another number please? We'd better retire that No.9 shirt. I don't know what I'm talking about, still very sad. :( :( :( :( :(
Lou the Gunneress
i jus hope there is a positive reaction from the players......if not anythig tis shud give us the motivation for the CL AND BPL.....i just cant seem to get the picture of cesc's reaction out of my head.......and the ******** thing is that the pundits are talking about it very matter of factly...
Yes Ozi and Rocky, you think we can re-run that good article about (against) dangerous tackles? I know it's damage done already. But I don't think the awareness is there, not even among some fans. Or I'm sure LD will talk about it in his match report. Poor him too, it must have been an absolute nightmare for them travelling fans.
Lou the Gunneress
I am really upset that a thoroughly decent guy and player has to meet so painfully with the realities of OTT and illegal tackling. Best wishes to Eduardo for a speedy recovery.
Best wishes to eduardo, I havent seen the tackle, but at this time the health of eduardo is the most important thing.
This photo is terrible enough:
Lou the Gunneress
I can't believe that's all McLeish (a respectable guy I thought) said:
Lou the Gunneress
Lou - He actually said a little more than that. It's just news agenicies picking and choosing the juiciest comments.
Serves you lot right, nice to see Karma in action.
Blue is the colour
GET OUT BITC! Don't call yourself a human being. I've told off a Spurs fan here and now YOU leave this site!
Lou the Gunneress
BITC it's guys like you that make Chelsea fans look like absolutely heartless jerks. Don't blame people for treating you with contempt. You can search for the tackle video on youtube. If you come back and apologise for saying things like that, you're still human. Get lost otherwise.
Lou the Gunneress
You knw.. everyone's saying "he's not a malicious player.." does that even matter? After what he's done.. he is a freakishly malicious player.. that is no excuse for a pathetic tackle like that.. it doesn't even look like taylor was going for the ball..
BITC - what a ******** disgrace you are !! You ******** tool. You talk of karma at a time like this, you****. I saw the tackle only on replay, but all the players looked so shocked, I knew it was terrible. Plus the fact that sky wouldnt show a replay. I only sincerely hope that this isnt the end of his career. I dont care how long as it takes, but I would love to see this guy wear the arsenal jersey again, and score goals. *****.
brum were singing we broke his leg, nice what we get in return for giving them EPL status isn't it.. I hope they go down, small time *****ers and we never loan players to them again. I'm absolutely heartbroken for Eduardo..anyone but him.
It's a shame that good men & women are injured and killed everyday so that ****s like BITC might live. A tragic waste.
BITC(H)- You sir are proper (unt and a disgrace to football fans all round. Get outta here you heartless piece of $hit.
And if there's anything to karma, let me just emphasise that Eduardo as a player and as a person is nothing short of admirable. Where's the karma at work? I just don't understand you people. You hate us, fine. But we're talking about someone's leg broken, career threatened. If you so believe in karma, you might just get something in exchange of saying terrible things like that. Before you're a Chelsea fan, you're a man first and foremost. Can't believe it.
Lou the Gunneress
Good show BITC, I never had you down as such a miserable effin' loser.
I saw a pic of the injury, and its certainly not for the faint hearted. A terrible break, and you can clearly see that.
I feel sorry for the Eduardo and hope he makes a speed recovery, I am sickened by the challenge. In all honesty that's why I don't beleive thugs should be able to play football no skill so they make up with being ''manly'' or what ever people try and call it. It really isn't fair the guy was just starting to find his feet, just hope he can recover like Diaby did.
Hazza: what/!??! Did they really sing that?? Jesus Christ!! People talk about those Munich chants and those are sickening enough. Can't believe anyone on the ground could have said anything bad about the terribly unfortunate injury, let alone sing it at the ground!! I thought they're not bad and hoped they could stay up. Oh my dear God they don't deserve anything near the EPL. You're right, we can't loan any more players to them. Those fans together with BITC are just an eff-ing disgrace to the game, and the English. I'm new to London and this really has been a rude awakening for me seeing some of these people's behaviour.
Lou the Gunneress
My bad, my bad, I went searching for the video after someone said they saw sth on youtube. It's a slideshow of still photos. Saw the first 2 and had to stop. OH MY GOD it brought tears to my eyes, it's so horrible! I regret so much that I didn't listen to some of you... >_<
Lou the Gunneress
BITC - beware what you just said about karma mate, cos if it's true, somethings on its way to you right now. You just about sum up what your club is all about.
Im a villa fan and just want to send Eduardo my best wishes for a recovery. No real football fan likes to see injuries like that to any player. Get better soon Eduardo.
Thanks Villapeach, it's refreshingly nice to hear that.
Lou the Gunneress
I'm a Spurs fan....Terrific player...tragic injury.Hope it's not as bad as it sounds---really skilful and talented.Hope he can make a complete recovery.
Why him!! I can't believe it. Arsenal's best finisher gone for at least the rest of the season. Wishing you a quick recovery Eduardo9
Thanks VP11! Nice video, what a left foot! So so sad it's broken now...
Lou the Gunneress
Would not wish anything like that on my worst enemy, not even you boys!! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
n17 yid
Nice to see some Spurs fans on her bringing their best guys are a credit to your club, and I wish you all the best for tomorrow.
im a chelsea fan and i wish eduardo fast recovery and hoping this is not career ending situation. he is a great promising player. peace.
Thanks Imdccu, unlike Rocky, I wish YOU guys good luck tomorrow.
Lou the Gunneress
thanx. salute. (^_^)
Saw a sequence of photos of Edu's horrific injury. Unfortunately, I did this while having dinner. I didn't realize the magnitude of the horror. In tears, my dinner was over instantly. My heart goes to Eduardo and I pray that he recovers to play the game he loves, no matter how long it take. My heart bleeds. I feel so sick.
Warri Gooner
Taylor's words - 'no malicious intent' but please can he explain (a) how he faced Edu but his foot was nowhere near the ball when he put in the challenge, and (b) what his facial expression, or perceived smile, was about after Edu's injury. He still has a hell of a lot to answer for:,17033,8652_3187787,00.html
Lou the Gunneress
hope Eduardo does recover,no player deserves to get such an horendous injury whether accident or not.....gud luck from the valley
But i was OK when JT got his Foot broken by one of your players then???
Blue is the colour
Poor Warri. I just saw 2 and they already brought tears to my eyes. I'm hungry but don't want to go down to make dinner for myself. That's how gutted I am. That's also why I'm so so angry with some of the comments posted on this site by those heartless 'people.' And with some of the responses from McLeish (I even thought he was quite respectable before) and Steve "some would say it's not even a yellow card" Bruce. I will watch MotD and see if they'll manage to infuriate us some more.
Lou the Gunneress
Cause you lot all called that one a accident.... I see this one as a PURE FECKIN accident, AVE IT YOU MUPPETS!!!
Blue is the colour
But of course I wish EDUARDO a speedy recovery, which makes me a better person than any of YOU LOT. I can´t recall anyone of you wishing JT...THE ENGLAND SKIPPER, anything similar.
Blue is the colour
BITC so I see that you guys hate us so much that you just can't let it rest? You have my sympathy now, now go away. We don't need yours cos you just can't stop rubbing salt into the literal wound. And were there JT photos at that time, and you did compare them against the Edu ones then? You can try google or newsnow or youtube if you had your dinner already. Tell us about it.
Lou the Gunneress
So pardon me French, but feck you.
Blue is the colour
Blue is the colour
BITC, I did try to explain where I'm coming from but I deleted that paragraph. I guess I just give up on you and, believe me, I'm trying very hard not to generalise the bad impression on Chelsea fans in general - in fact I just wished you guys good luck tomorrow. Can't believe what I saw. What did we (or I) do to deserve what you're doing on this site?
Lou the Gunneress
How is Eduardos injuy in any way worse than JTs injury????
Blue is the colour
And yes, I agree players like Taylor do not belong on a Pitch, but as you lot told us when JT got his foot fractured in THREE places: Footy is a contact sport. Stop whinging.
Blue is the colour
I don't know how to compare because I didn't see close-up pictures of the JT one. He got stretchered off but I didn't see his bone stick out, his foot barely hanging. That's why I didn't know how bad it was. All the same, we did condemn Eboue's behaviour and that's there for all to see. If you're interested in making a fair comparison, go see the Edu pictures for yourself. If you saw both and thinks your great JT is worse off, fine, we wish him a speedy recovery, which he IS making already isn't he. If he can play in tomorrow's final, great. But that's not the point. If you still don't get it, or think we still 'owe' your JT anything, I don't know what to say. If you really really want to understand why he wasn't offered as much sympathy as he deserved, it helps to understand how a player has been regarded in the first place. But don't get me wrong, that's not a dig or anything, just a theory to explain the possibly different levels of 'loved received' if that's what you're after. I don't even know why I'm trying to explain anything to you because honestly I'm wasting my time. Now if you, like you said, have any regard for Eduardo, please just leave it at that.
Lou the Gunneress
So his bones weren´t sticking out, hence its not as bad? ffs....
Blue is the colour
Did I ever say it's not bad? This is bordering on putting words into my mouth. Please, we appreciate you coming and giving your wishes. Thanks. If you wanted some kind of digging back at us too, you've done it. Now you can go in peace.
Lou the Gunneress
Blue is the colour of ur unused knob.....JT's injury was never going to be career threatening, the depth of upset felt by most football fans is because this guy may never play football again. Its not about tit for tat, so be a decent human and f*@k off.
A Gooner has set up a blog to gather fans' words for Eduardo too. And there's a 'breaking news' of 'it's not as bad as first thought' in the comments, not sure where that comes from, just share with you guys anyway:
Lou the Gunneress
I don't want to see the pictures, I'm shocked enough. Really is terrible, such a brilliant player and thanks to the majority of fans who have come on to send their best wishes. Apart form BITC. I'm gonna tell you straight, you're a pain in the arse on every vital forum anyway but this takes the biscuit. What a heartless**** you are. I don't like Terry but I still felt bad for him, oobviously your just a selfish individual who thinks the world revolves around his club. Get well soon, Dudu, I really hope you can play again.
Hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. Quality player who should be playing in every game in the prem not laid in hospital. Get well soon Eduardo from all at SWFC!
will it ever happen
Never nice to see a player with such a bad injury, hope it's not career ending, good luck Eduardo.
Bitc is right. When JT got injured, you guys were all very quick to tell us that it's a contact sport, these things happen. So looks like karma has struck. And forgive me, but heartless?????? Eduardo isn't actually dead you know, he's broken his leg. Just like Eboue will do to someone one day. Or the way that your disgraceful players tried to injure Nani. But of course when the Arse players behave like animals, wenger doesn't see it.
Blu Soulja
We're not asking for your sympathy. Now please leave.
Lou the Gunneress
Sucks when it happens to your players don´t it? feckin muppets.
Blue is the colour
Sucks when it happens to any player, even someone as disrespectful as JT. That's me being honest. So you you had my sympathy, glad he's back - hopefully tomorrow is it. Sorry can't bring myself to wish you/Spurs any luck anymore. Tired.
Lou the Gunneress
BITC you are a puerile ********. This guy may not walk again and his career maybe effectively over and all you think of saying is "it sucks when it happens to your players", you are not a human being but a pathetic hooligan. People like you are the reason why Chelsea fans are only second to Milwall in terms of hooliganism. There are so many decent Chelsea fans out there, it's people like you who give them a bad name. JT is walking and still playing. He wasn't layed out for an entire season. You are a stupid thug and I don't think anyone considers your opinion to be of any consequence. You can stay here and keep showing your idiocy or just sod off.
i have seen the photos on news of the world, DO NOT CLICK if you have just eaten ! it clearly shows studs up and this was supposed to be unlucky ? not for Eduardo ! i think it is one of the most horroundous challenges i have EVER seen, I think this is more career ending than season out job., please DO NOT CLICK if you can a weak stomach, it is terrible, i wish eduardo well but i fear for him, as for taylor, call it what you will, but i think he meant to challenge hard and now he will live with it, i wouldn't ban him, i think living with it will be hard enough, if that was me and i ended a fellow proffessionals career i would end mine, i couldn't live with myself.
PG I'm still trying to sleep but I'm struggling...
Lou the Gunneress
Haven't seen footage of the tackle - only the stills online - and not really interested in seeing it. The stills look like Taylor is studs up, aimed mid-shin and the subsequent sequence showing the (horrific) break suggest he hit him slightly lower? or was that just the angle of the pic? regardless, just horrifying and can only hope eduardo recovers fully. a real delight to see some heartfelt best wishes from others over here but really a disgrace to see BITC and BS hammering on like that. It kinda undermines the purpose and got to bring into question their sincerity. Seems a little like they were just watching and waiting for something like this to happen so they could leap on over and behave like children "you said this so we'll say this back nyah". Very mature. I believe the Germans call if schadenfreude..... Unlike a really positive thread started over at the Pompey site.. be interested to see the reaction of the birmingham fans over there when it happens inevitably.
the yza
As i've already said on your pages guys, I wish a talented player all the best wishes that he returns action sooner rather than later. What i have noticed is that no-one has mentioned Roy Keane in all this. He ended Alf Haalands career yet walked away with a bigger ban for admitting intent than commiting the act! It's also a shame that some idiots have come on here bleating about there own injured players claiming it to be as bad! Yes, the injury to Eduardo is visually worst than Terry's but more importantly there appears to be much more intent by Taylor than whoever Terry kicked in the foot (he did after all break his own foot). Irrigardless of what the FA do about this - Taylor will have this hanging over his head for the rest of his life...
Hope he makes a speedy recovery he will be back theres some amazing surgeons in the world and im sure hel recieve the very best care. for an Arsenal player i actually quite like the guy, a rare breed, doesnt seem like a cheat or a bad loser get well soon mate.
I can appriciate that this last bit won't endear me to many fans but do we think that the culture of diving, as shown by Adebayor vs Man U, will come to an end? I doubt many will feign injury now something as horrible as this has happened.
Right, we hate diving too. But we care about all players' health and careers, or condemning the behaviour that shows no concern of other people's health and careers, even more. Here's one good article that puts things in perspective:
Lou the Gunneress
speedy recovery for eduado hopely hi career isnt finished
i just heard that eduardo broke just the smaller bone in the leg, fibula, and that recovery will last for about 6 months, better than first forecasts :)
Dennis da Silva
I can't see from the video that just his fibula could be broken - from the angle, there is no way that his tibia isn't broken as well, Dennis - has this been confirmed?
i zaac is rite from the pictures it appears as if both the tibia and fibula are broken...
Lou, I suggested this a long time ago but people who dive, irrigardless of the punishment handed out buy the ref - should be banned for 6 months. It's cheating and shouldn't happen. We don't allow drug use and you'll never see a rugby player lying on the floor wasting time! 6 months should put the Ronaldo's/Robben's of this world off doing it - or taking them to see poor Eduardo/Busst about injury.
great relief.. only fibula is broken.. he'll be BACK sooner than expected
he could be out for up to 3 years, but tere can't be anything malicous in 2 mins. look a t the replay again, and you can see its just mistimed
Here in Croatia it is now official. Fibula is broken, tibula is dislocated. Complete recovery (playing again) will take for about 6 months and there is no more talk about the injury ending his career... I can't explain how relived i feel now :))))))))))))))
Dennis da Silva
Crap! Sorry about Eduardo, he really is a good player, I wouldn't wish an injury like that on my worst enemies, who incedentally are u guys. The amount of papers I saw on the tube to Wembley, it really looked terrible, but I saw the challenge and I know how Martin Taylor plays: he's not dirty he's just a big clumsy bloke who should be playing for Hereford or something like that... get well soon.
You seem to rub everyone up the wrong way Blue Is The Colour (is it ****). Hope Eduardo recovers soon. Larsson came back a better player strangely from his break, I hope the same happens with Da Silva and he can rip the ***** out of Terry.

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