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Setanta & Their Ridiculous Ratings

Subscription sports channel, Setanta, have dropped a huge clanger this evening as they issued player ratings for the Birmingham vs Arsenal clash.

In a dramatic match that saw Birmingham snatch a last gasp draw, someone at the channel decided Gael Clichy was only marginally better than martin Taylor.

Clichy, usually ever reliable, fell asleep for a second and ended up conceding a penalty (despite actually getting a touch on the ball).

However, even though he had a fairly solid game up until the 93rd minute, Setanta felt that the French left back only performed 0.5 better than Taylor.

Taylor was dismissed in the 3rd minute after committing a despicable challenge that could well end the career of promising striker Eduardo Da Silva.

Clichy received a rating of 4.5 whilst Taylor managed an impressive 4 out of ten.

Have a word with yourselves Setanta, you're fast becoming a joke.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday February 23 2008

Time: 5:22PM

Your Comments

A joke that owns the rights to games you want to watch!
Touche Matt, we are surrounded by idiots.
I just wonder if that had been a utd player that suffered such horrific injury if the media would not be out in force and demanding Taylors puplic execution, surtrenly the foul scottich one would be not only demanding 5 retrospective red cards but also Taylor be hung drawn and quartered and his remains benn scattered to the for winds. As for Gareth Crooks (the name fits) you could not exspect any less from a bbc cu@t, I bet Lineker. Hansen and Shearer will be saying you have to ruff Arsenal up and "get amongst them" and that Taylors tackle though slightly over the top was nothing more than a good old English center half play and they had seen this two or three times every game when they where playing. I have been watching foot ball fore more than thirty years and I must say that Dudu's injury is the worst I have ever seen I so the pictures on the web and I wish now that I had not looked at them. I know all Aesenal fans wish Dudu quick recovery but it is only wishfull thinking I fear but lets hope for the best.
It is a disgrace because Clichy had a superb game. That one mistake does not make him suddenly from 7/8 down to 4.5. Taylor had one thing to do all match, tackle Eduardo. He cocked that up totally so he should get a 0!
I have been sick to my stomach twice today! The first time when I was stupid enough to look at the pictures of Dudu's leg. The second was watching that stupid piece of dirt Gareth Crooks talking a pile of *****e!!! The BBC should throw the book at this moron and he should never be allowed to show his ugly face again!
What did Crooks say?
As much as it was Clichy's miatake, he did recover and get the ball, and the ref is to blame for that penalty.
agreed vavavoom i won't sleep easy tonight after seeing those pics of the bone jutting out and the foot hanging, barely attached.
Prits, I agree with you, the ref got conned into giving the penalty. Still, the bigger point was argualy Ade not passing to Bendtner earlier in the second half.
What was Crooks talking about?
I think the bigger point is that one of our players may not play again. This result is completely irresecptive. I didn't cheer either goal....I just feel sad.
Firstly, I'm gutted about Ed, that challenge looked pretty damn horrendous to me. I pray that he's able to recover and return to playing football. Secondly, I'm totally hacked off with the ref. That was never a pen, ever! Yes I totally feel for Eduardo, and I wish it never happened, but if it was my own brother that it happned to, instead of being taken aback by it, I would make them pay by totally humiliating them and ramming it down their throats. That would make my brother proud, nothing more nothing less! That's my opinion, but I guess we're all different right?
rocky, worry not.. dudu will come back and we will see him bang in the goals but its gonna take a long long time.. he will have his bones fixed internally and externally.. this will lead to a period of immobility which will result in muscle wasting.. he's lookin at a 6 month period of healing his injury, another 6 months of intensive rehab to build up his muscles and then another 6 months before he can come back into 1st team action.. its a horrendous day to be a gooner but he has the prayers and thought of millions around the globe and he'll be back with a vengeance.. as for the title, tonite our thoughts must be elsewhere
Crooks was having a go at wenger for saying that Taylor should be banned for life! Then he went on to say that the tackle wasnt that bad and he went for the ball!!
Me too, terribly regretting. I saw 2 (not as horrible as JakeB described, but still very horrendous) and had to stop already. You guys did warn us and I still went looking for them. And those idiots who made heartless comments on this site are making me sick too. Now I realise, this is England.
Lou the Gunneress,16368,1766_3187341,00.html...OMG look what another moron Steve Bruce has to say about that lovely guy taylor
I think Vin's right in the other thread - whether Taylor is a malicious or not is beside the eff-ing point! If he's careless enough to cause this damage (and potentially - God forbid! - an end to Dudu's career), he deserved to be sent off and penalised further as proven necessary. A 'nice' person can do things wrong, plain and simple.
Lou the Gunneress
I couldn't agree more - Taylor should have got a 1
McGooner - I broke my humerous bone 5 years ago in a nothing situation. I used to be an atheletic type of man, 500 push ups a day sort of I can't even support my own weight. I pray for Eddy, but I fear the worst.
Sorry to hear what you went through Rocky... Our simple hope is just to see Edu in the red and white shirt again sometime. For those of you who know the medical stuff, did the likes of Henrik Larsson and Cisse go through something similar and manage to come back?
Lou the Gunneress
vavavoom14 I just read his comments and if the rest of you guy's think crooks was talking rubbish then you should read Steve Bruce's comments an absalut c~@t.
I know you should not place comment's that have some 4 letter words in them that we all know but I have to admit that I'm struggling here. All I can hope is that steve bruce was blind drunk when he made his comments but I think otherwise. If this had been a English player injured by a foreign defender he would be demanding his head, if his opinion is that this was "not even a yellow card" then I hope Arsenal will never have any dealings with him as he has clearly shown how limited his football knowlage is.
On the contary Lou, breaking my arm probably stopped me from making the biggest mistake of my life (joining the army) and it actually lead to me meeting my wife and having my son......I just cant see any positives for dudu at the minute.
Wow Rocky that's one hell of a blessing in disguise for you! I'm a near-blind optimist and I really hope Dudu will be back with us. At least Henrik Larsson and Cisse did get back into the game. That gives us hope..
Lou the Gunneress
Do you know what Armory, if that was one of our players doing that tackle today.................
vavavoom14 if that had been an Arsenal player that did that foul he would 1) been foreign 2) taylor is English = he would get a lengthy ban the foul scottish c#@t would be telling every one that would listen (and thouse that would not want to listen ) what a dirty team Arsenal where and a least six of them should have been red carded + the club stripped of a least 10 points. The media, that is, Andy Gray, Lineker and that obnoxius ***** Shearwood at setanta would highlight it for weeks afterwards demanding the players head.
Vavavoom yeah, imagine if it's one of our foreign players who did that do an English striker. Protests would already have run riot from all over England, the player's and Arsene's heads called for or some **** like that.
Lou the Gunneress
luckily i dont subscribe to sultana or wotever its called....i`ll stick with the expensive sky package.But i never take anyones ratings as gospel apart from wot i watch or wot the manager says....and i support charlton....i wish eduardo and the rest of ur season well
id give taylor a 10 simply cause he didnt put a foot wrong during his 2 and a half minutes.
Here they surface the manure scum crawling from underneath what ever slimy stone they where hiding. I wonder if they will be as happy when grannyshagger gets injured in a tackle.
rooney that is a disgusting thing to say
tha wud give rooney more time to shag ur granny 2. and as for a disgusting thing its not he had 2 minutes without a miss placed pass or a mistake so he didnt put a foot wrong. and for me the tackle was not a ad 1 its just unfortunate.
Imagine some defender did that to your 'God' Rooney and I wonder what you would have said. Some Spurs fans and some Chelsea fans have been shamed to leave this site. Now it's your turn RIG. Just leave.
Lou the Gunneress
arsenal fans are SUCH bad losers. her broke his feking happens!!! when smith broke his leg 2 seasons ago you didt see us calling for riises head. grow up, u and your manager are fast becoming a joke.
i feel for eduardo, but for wenger to so naively coem out on national television and make rediculous statements such as that were just plain WRONG. im sure taylor feels worse than anyone else and comments such as wengers helps solve nothing. im tired of wengers comments recently, theres always someone or something to blame. if you had won, it would have been your team spirit, but beacusre you lost, its blamed on the tackle. just face up to things and be prepared to see the opposing view........and tell that tw*t gallas to grow up, the petulant (unt!
drew sorry
U4L, Wenger is big enough to have come out and said he went overboard. Will anyone of you admit anything wrong too? Didn't think so.
Lou the Gunneress
Time for you to grow up too btw
Lou the Gunneress
lol why are you letting him wind you up?! Stop giving them bait!
Yeah I know Nakcuh. I can stand criticism but this simply isn't. I'm still angry because I did see the extent of the injury and this is absolutely not what anyone deserves.
Lou the Gunneress
pathetic thread. wenger himself would be proud of this latest moan
You and tottenham deserve each other. Pond life, cretinous****s. Well done for proving the sterotype. Run along now, dick head.
if someone broke rooneys leg i would accept it cause these things happen. if it was an intentional challenge the u can feel p***** but it wasnt. buti do wonder whats broken worse his leg or his heart cause he knows you aint winning the league.

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