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Sign The 'Get Well Eduardo' E-card

I'd like to offer the opportunity to not only Arsenal fans, but football fans everywhere, the opportunity to send their best wishes to Arsenal striker Eduardo.

The Crozillian striker was taken immediately to hospital this afternoon after a disgusting challenge by Birmingham's Martin Taylor left him with a career threatening broken leg.

What I would like to do is get everybody's well wishes and then send them on to the club, and in turn, onto Eduardo himself.

So please leave your messages for Eddie in the comments section below and I'll copy them into an E-card to send to on to him.

Cheers Gooners.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday February 23 2008

Time: 8:44PM

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PS - Any bull**** will be deleted as soon as possible, so don't even bother.
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23/02/2008 20:52:00

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. SERIOUSLY.
Blue is the colour
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23/02/2008 21:02:00

I have not been able to stop thinking about Eduardo since the tackle. how he must be feeling now. I really feel for him. No one deserves something like this. Get well soon Eddy and I just hope you can play for Arsenal again in the future at some point. All the best.
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23/02/2008 21:02:00

Get well soon,we are all behind you and we are praying for your steady recovery
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23/02/2008 21:04:00

By the time you get this message you will already be getting better, you're a strong character, a genuinely nice guy, a great footballer and I have full confidence in your complete recovery. All the best Dudu.
Professor Calculus
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23/02/2008 21:05:00

Get well soon. All fans wish you a speedy recovery and hopefully you'll be back before you know it. :)
Fan of Blues
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23/02/2008 21:08:00

Best wishes to Eduardo.
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23/02/2008 21:10:00

We are all rooting for you. Make a full and speedy recovery. We'll give you a big cheer when you get back onto the pitch again.
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23/02/2008 21:10:00

I hope the support you get from Arsenal fans makes you aware of how much we/I care about you as one of our number 1 players. I wish you the best of luck with your recovery.
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23/02/2008 21:12:00

Good luck mate. I hope you make a full recovery.
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23/02/2008 21:15:00

And thanks Rocky - I was just asking where we could send our regards. This is lovely. Please pass it onto the club. Thanks so much!
Lou the Gunneress
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23/02/2008 21:16:00

Our thoughts are with you Eduardo. Get well soon!
Lou the Gunneress
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23/02/2008 21:16:00

Eduardo best of luck in your recovery, we look forward to seeing you back for Arsenal and Croatia soon. Thank you for an excellent season, may there be many more to come.
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23/02/2008 21:22:00

All I have been thinking about since the game is you, Eduardo. I hope you get well soon! As a fan, I've always had faith in you, and I know that you are going to recover from this nasty injury too. Be strong, patient and try and stay positive and you'll be able to play at the top class level again! Good luck!
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23/02/2008 21:22:00

get well soon eddy
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23/02/2008 21:24:00

May I add - Please don't respond to any idiotic comments as they will be delted anyway, resposnes will just mean I have more to delete. Cheers
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23/02/2008 21:24:00

Hope you make a full recovery both physically and mentally, thank you for the effort and commitment you have shown it has been appreciated.
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23/02/2008 21:25:00

Best wishes and speedy recovery to you Eduardo from the ARSSC (Arsenal Russian Speaking Supporters Club) community
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23/02/2008 21:26:00

I love you Dudu! I hope your back scoring soon
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23/02/2008 21:27:00

Cant wait to see you again Dudu, best wishes for a full recovery, my thoughts are with you, god bless
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23/02/2008 21:29:00

Eddie boy... life is sometimes so unfair. The team and fans will miss you and you will ALWAYS be in our thoughts. You are a strong man, leaving your home to come to Europe when you were just a boy and adjusting to life in the Premier League and becoming one of our most important players in such a short space of time. You certainly exceeded my expectations of what you could achieve in your first season after having just left the Croatian league. You've beat the odds before and I have no doubt you will beat the odds again. My wife and I would just like to say WE CAN NOT WAIT to see you pull on the famous Arsenal jersey once again. We know it will not be soon but we are a patient club and you also have the support of one of the most caring and patient managers in the game. You could not be in better hands. You will receive the best medical attention that money can buy and I can not wait to see you come back and hopefully one day relegate that bunch of *****-kicking non-entities on their own ground. ;o) We love you Eduardo. Get well soon and keep your spirits up! YOU ARE NOT ALONE OUR CROZILIAN FOX IN THE BOX! Edd and Vanda. XXX (kisses are from the wife, not me).
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23/02/2008 21:30:00

As a Man U fan, I tuned in to check the results of the Arsenal-B.C. game, and was utterly shocked and dismayed to see such a horrific injury to Eduardo. No matter how rabid your distate for an opposing team may be, one ought to never desire something like this happens to any player. Our thoughts and good wishes are with Da Silva; and I hope the entire footballing world's is as well. From a Red Devil fan, get well soon Dudu!
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23/02/2008 21:31:00

Wishing you all the best for a quick recovery Eduardo. You are a Crozilian in a million and we're going to miss you!
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23/02/2008 21:35:00

We know you can apply the same strength of character as you did when you travelled as a young Brazillian to Croatia to build a career to aid your recovery. Get well soon.
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23/02/2008 21:36:00

You'll be back Dudu, everything you have achieved already in your short career proves your character and your career wont be ended by nothing more than a brute. Your destined to go down in history as one of the best strikers Arsenal and Croatia have ever had the pleasure of calling their own and you have become one of my favorite players already in your short Arsenal career. The highlights so far have to be Everton away and the splendid goal you scored away at Manchester city, this is a mere starter for us fans and you will go onto concur so much more for the Gunners I'm convinced of it. The players have an extra incentive to win the league now and I'm sure they will do their best, keep your chin up as things can only get better, Sincerely Hazza.
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23/02/2008 21:40:00

I am a massive arsenal fan and i like to wish Eddie i quick recovery and see you back doing what you do best scoring for arsenal again from the Braham family
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23/02/2008 21:42:00

Dudu, I know you can come back and play for Arsenal again. We are all ready and waiting for you to be an Arsenal player again, never give up. We love you.
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23/02/2008 21:49:00

Get well soon my friend, GodSpeed....
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23/02/2008 22:02:00

Get well soon, mate, I'm sure you'll be back. You've been excellent in your short time at the club. It will be hard without your talent, but we're gonna win the title for you, and do the 'worshipping' thing we did for Pires in 2002. Best wishes, and keep believing because you have the character to do it.
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23/02/2008 22:03:00

We are really gonna miss you Dudu, i wish a speedy recovery and look forward to having our fox in box back where he belongs. You are an exceptional talent and a genuinely lovely guy. Stay strong sweetheart and get well real soon Love & Best Wishes Xxx
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23/02/2008 22:03:00

Best wishes and a speedy recovery Eddie, from all the Vital Celtic fans. Hail Hail Eddie!
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23/02/2008 22:15:00

Get Well soon Dudu, and I hope you can find some enjoyment on your birthday on Monday. Given your desire and commitment that has got you to this level, I am in no doubt that you will be back in an Arsenal shirt in the near future and trust me the roar you will hear when you come back out onto the pitch in your first game back will show how much we all think of you. good luck fella
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23/02/2008 22:16:00

Eduardo, of all people you didn't deserve this injury, but of all people i'm sure you're the guy who can overcome it and return to full fitness as soon as possible. Thank you for your fantastic contribution to this amazing season, make sure you remain positive, we are 150% behind you. All the best.
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23/02/2008 22:16:00

From everyone at SWFC Vital, hope you make a speedy recovery and get back to doing what your best at and that's scoring quality goals for the Arsenal.
will it ever happen
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23/02/2008 22:17:00

Eduardo, you have already proven what a gifted footballer and dedicated and hardworking person are, even in your half seson with us. All fans worldwide wish you all the bst and hope that you will make a full and complete recovery. We will all be pulling for you, even when you aren't playing we won't forget you.
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23/02/2008 22:24:00

Here's wishing you, Edu, total and complete recovery. Much love.
Warri Gooner
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23/02/2008 22:26:00

Good luck Eduado from all at Pompey.
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23/02/2008 22:33:00

Get well soon Eduardo, from a Liverpool fan.
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23/02/2008 22:43:00

get well soon Eduardo
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23/02/2008 22:50:00

Eduardo we know You will return stronger. Love from Poland.
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23/02/2008 22:52:00

Best wishes to you and your family at this time. I wish you a speedy recovery. Love Lynn
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23/02/2008 22:57:00

Edu, we all hope you will be back as soon as possible, playing for Arsenal and Croatia, and doing what you do best with that magic left foot. I hope your first game back is a home game at the Emirates cos you will get the most amazing cheer and welcome ever. I really hope we can go on and win the title for you.
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23/02/2008 22:59:00

hey Ed , all the best from vital Celtic ,, we thought we had lost our world too ,, but it was just a bad dream ,, when you make your return , WE will both be Champions !!! ,, HAIL ,, HAIL ,, ED ,, you'll never walk alone Mate .....!
wishaw bhoy
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23/02/2008 23:03:00

Dear Eduardo, you are such a nice person. you are calm and impressive when playing football, and everyone gets the impression that you are so nice. This is a horrible and outrageous injury from the tackle and i wish justice for you. Having said that, i want to say that you can be sure that everyone at Arsenal will do everything they can to help you get better. We love and admire you and everything you have done so quickly already at our club and i am frustrated that i cannot help you, so i send you this. Just know that everyone wants nothing more than for you to be able to play again as soon as possible. i don't even care about this season anymore unless it's because i want the team to win for you. And also you should feel comforted that if your recovery is not successful, then you will still have a place at arsenal in whatever way you wish, and that we will not abandon or forget you, whatever happens. Good luck to you and your family, who must be going through a very hard time for a while to come. I hope you get better.
wade p kun
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23/02/2008 23:21:00

Hey Dudu...I can't explain what I feel right now...You are a TRUE footballer and person. I can tell. You deserve so much better. But you are going to make it. You are in my prayers. God has a plan for you son. You are an inspiration to me and it just kiils me to see you in such pain. I definitly have an emotional connection to my Arsenal...heck...our Arsenal! You guys are such a HUGE part of my life and I hate the fact that it happened to you especially. Much love from here in the US....we are going to miss you and look forward to the day to see you cross those white lines again. I will cry out of joy that day! Till then....Que Dios te cuida!!!
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23/02/2008 23:28:00

We are all praying for a good rest and a speedy recovery soon. All the best!
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23/02/2008 23:31:00

I'd also like to add to that by saying that I was crying for you! We all have faith in your strength my friend...
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23/02/2008 23:32:00

What an awful tackle! I hope you can make a full recovery and we can have you back to smash in a hatful of goals next season to win our second successive title.
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23/02/2008 23:33:00

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, mate. Here's to a full and speedy recovery!
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23/02/2008 23:34:00

Good luck, Dudu. Get well soon, and all I hope for is the privilege of seeing you wearing an arsenal jersey again.
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23/02/2008 23:49:00

I hope you will get over soon. Best wishes from Poland.
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23/02/2008 23:50:00

I'm sure you'll be back terrorising league defenders in no time. Get well soon from all at Vital Boro.
Boro 01
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23/02/2008 23:54:00

P.S. i actually didn't think the tackle was as bad as you're making it out to be ... i think you're doing the lad, Taylor, a great disservice by insinuating it was intentional.
Boro 01
Report Abuse
23/02/2008 23:55:00

Boro, intent was totally irrelevant, given the extreme danger and damage caused. You can also go to see the photos and judge it for yourself. Don't want to debate it here. Rocky, please delete this line from the e-card to Edu for me. Thanks.
Lou the Gunneress
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24/02/2008 00:07:00

Get well soon, hope to see you playing again in the New year. All the best mate. Alwaysgunner
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24/02/2008 00:25:00

We are all with you Eduardo :). We will be waiting for Your back on the pitch and we are proud that such fantastic player like You is member of Arsenal family. Don't give up and remember - we are waiting for You :)
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24/02/2008 00:27:00

I'm a spurs fan, but what happened today puts any so called rivalry into perspective. I'm a fan of football above anything else and it hurt me to see such a promising footballer in such a bad injury. My thoughts are with you and I'm hoping to see you recover fully and will cheer on your next hatrick, albeit reluctantly if it is against us. Please get well soon dude!
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24/02/2008 00:40:00

Get well soon Eduardo, best wishes.
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24/02/2008 00:48:00

Hi eveyone! I just created an account so i could post a message for dudu, it's just a shame what has happened and it is unfortunate that these circumstances have lead me to make an account to this great site, anyway my comment: Eduardo, After seeing the way you had been playing recently my fears of never having a player as great and as technically skilled as Dennis Bergkamp playing at Arsenal ever again were easily forgotten. Even in your brief period so far at Arsenal, seeing how elegant and simple you make the game of football look has inspired me to practice much harder with my left foot and has completely changed the way i try to play on a football pitch. You have fast become one of my favoutite players at Arsenal, so i would like to take this oppurtunity to wish you a fast a strong recovery, sincerely Edward Wolf.
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24/02/2008 01:10:00

I am also a Spurs fan and felt sick to see the extent of Eduardos injury.Wishing him the speediest of recoveries not only for football but for his life in general.To hell with rivalry when you see something as serious as this and i'm sure all decent Spurs fans would agree.Best wishes and good luck.
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24/02/2008 01:18:00

The thoughts of all Gooners and football fans in general are with you Eduardo. Get well soon.
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24/02/2008 01:19:00

Our thoughts and preys are with you Eddie. before you know it, you'll be fully recovered and scoring the goals for Arsenal :-D We know you'll make a full recovery and we'll all be here to support you however we can. You're in the Arsenal Family. Best Wishes.
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24/02/2008 01:59:00

eduardo...u r my one of my up most favourite players, and will remain that come what may. when i heard that we brought you from croatia, i looked u up, and to be honest...u must have one hell of a characture, personell and determination to be a footballer. i instantly decided that i liked you and admired you from that alone! i was sooo heartbroken to hear the news of this unfortunate hurt even more because it was ESPECIALLY you!!! my family are all gooners from the east of england (ipswich), and on behalf of my family we'll be praying for a speedy recovery!!!
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24/02/2008 02:05:00

dudu, its gonna be a long walk.. but i hope if ur reading this, that walk wont be alone.. every little step u make towards recovery is each and every single prayer fans of football accross the world have made for u.. n for the spurs fans who hv posted here, much appreciated.. but today is a sad day for football in that one of the nicest player in football has had to go through the pain.. i'm a malaysian in dublin but will be goin back to my country soon.. but i'll be there at the emirates when u lace ur boots and grace our field my friend.. If there is justice in our world, u'll be back better then ever before
Report Abuse
24/02/2008 02:15:00

Eduardo, you've brought me so much joy as an Arsenal fan and as a fan of football, but not only that, but as a fan of sports. You're attitude and ability is admirable, and I try hard to emulate it on the pitch. I believe that in the future, you will continue to do bring me that joyand that you have the speediest of recoveries and return so that I can watch you become one of the best strikers for Arsenal which I believe you can be! Get well soon!!!!
Report Abuse
24/02/2008 02:26:00

It's such a shame when this happens to a gifted player. I truely hope he comes back as strong as he left you guys - he has a massive amounts of talent for someone who's been in the PL such a short time - all the best for a speedy recovery.
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24/02/2008 02:39:00

Eduardo, we know you won't be 'happy' next Monday. But we just wanted to let you know we remember it's your 25th birthday. Your birthday wish is the wish of all of us too - a speedy and full recovery! You're a very strong young man and we're sure you'll come back soon!
Lou the Gunneress
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24/02/2008 03:13:00

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24/02/2008 03:33:00

Hi everybody, have been visiting you for a long time now, but this sad, sad moment finaly made me register... I,m a huge arsenal fan since 1996., the fault for my addiction wasn't on Wenger, it was on Bergkamp (was there ever better footballer than him?)... Don't get me wrong, I do look at Wenger and admire him as the man who reinvented football in all it's beauty. Somehow I don't belive it's coincidence that the best manager in the world and the best club in the world have so similiar names. Arsene is in the core of us all and in the core of the football so we all who love football have to love Arsenal (Arseneall) :). Sorry for posting this before my message for Eduardo, but i have a lot of respect for you lot and i had a feeling that a proper introduction is in order. Also, i'm Croatian...
Dennis da Silva
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24/02/2008 03:45:00

Hey Dudu.. the moment I saw Fabregas' face yesterday after you're injury.. I was shocked.. I'm just devastated for you.. I am absolutely hopeful that your surgery would've been a success and I truly hope that you come back and score many hat tricks for Arsenal F.C. We're all behind you and I'm sure that the guys will give it their all to win the title and the CL for you.. Get well sooon!
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24/02/2008 04:00:00

correction - you're is actually your!
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24/02/2008 04:02:00

We are all praying for you Eddie...I really wish you all the best with your recovery...I have no doubt that the rest of the players will do their very best to win that EPL for you...Get well soon!
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24/02/2008 04:31:00

I felt so sorry when 2 fans holding your shirt silently You are very strong and talent player. God sent you to this world for scoring again and again. Never give up!!
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24/02/2008 05:20:00

Sorry couse i'll write some of this in croatian, i think he would like to read familiar words (i'll translate)... Dudu care, ti si stijena od covjeka i osobe. Netko tko je prosao u zivotu sve što si ti prosao i uz sve to postigao zavidan uspjeh, iz ovakvog zivotnog ispita moze izaci samo jaci nego prije. Bez obzira na svu tvoju, vec puno puta dokazanu, mentalnu stabilnost i upornost, znaj da si u ovim trenucima jos jaci nego ikad prije. Cijela Hrvatska je prestala disati dok si ležao na travi, a komentator je govorio da su scene prestrašne za prikazivanje... Isto tako sada cijela Hrvatska dise zajedno s tobom i moli za tvoj brzi i potpuni oporavak. Svim BBB-ima danas je bila knedla u grlu zbog tebe, a sada ti šalju svoju snagu (znas kolika je) da pobjedis ovog neprijatelja na putu prema stvaranju legende o sebi. Legende koja ce ljudima, još puno godina nakon što svi mi umremo, davati nadu da mogu ostvariti svoje snove ako u to vjeruju i to dovoljno žele. Dan kada si presao u Arsenal bio je jedan od najsretnijih u mom zivotu, a dan kada su te tako bezobzirno (privremeno) spriječili na putu da bacis cijeli nogometni svijet pod svoje noge bio mi je jedan od najtužnijih. U svoje ime, kao Hrvata, dinamovca i arsenalovca, poručujem ti da te volim kao osobu te kao ono sto predstavljas u danasnjem svijetu gdje su pristojnost i skromnost izgubile na cijeni. Želim ti brz i potpun oporavak, a i da ovo vrijeme, dok traje oporavak, iskoristis kako bi uzivao u životu s onima koji su ti najvazniji - svojom obitelji. P. S. Koliko sam god bio u šoku nakon saznanja što se dogodilo, kada sam na internetu, cesti, poslu, doma u Zagrebu i šire vidio koliko su svi shrvani i puni ljubavi prema tebi, šok je nestao. Siguran sam da ces se oporaviti jer milijuni duša upravo sada tebi šalju snagu za ozdravljenje. Nekako imam osjecaj da ces nakon povratka biti jos bolji nego sad, vidi Klasnica ;) Dudu emperor, you are a rock of a man and person. Somebody who has gone through everything that you've gone through in life and still had such a great succes, can only come out stronger from this test in his life. Without taking into consideration your, many times proven, mental stranght and perseverance, you have to know that in this moments you are stronger than you have ever been. Whole of Croatia stoped breathing while you were lying on the pitch and the commentator was saying that the tackle was too disturbing for replays... Now, whole of Croatia is breathing together with you and praying for your speedy and full recovery. All Bad Blue Boys (Dinamo Zagreb core supporters) had choked today becouse of you and now they are firmly sending you all their strenght (and you know how much is that) so that you can beat this enemy on your way to making a lagend about yourself. Legend through which people will, long after we all die, find hope that they can make their dreams come true just if they belive it and want it enough. Day when you signed for arsenal was one of the happiest in my life, and the day when they so ruthlessly (temporary) stoped you on your track to throw whole footballing world under your feet was one of my sadest days. In my name, as a Croat and as a dinamo and arsenal supporter i have to tell you that i love you as a person and for what you represent in todays world in which being nice and modest have lost their rightfull price. I whish you a speedy and full recovery, and that you may spend this time while recovering to enjoy life with the ones most precious to you - your family. P. S. As much as i was shocked after i found out what happend to you, when i saw on the internet, papers, road, job, at home in Zagreb and wider how much everybody is sad and full of love towards you, shock was gone. I'm sure that you'll recover becouse millions of souls are right now sending you their strenght to aid your recovery. Somehow i have the feeling that you'll return better than you are now, look at Klasnic ;)
Dennis da Silva
Report Abuse
24/02/2008 05:29:00

sorry for so much text, translation melted with the croatian, so if you wanna read it you'll have to dig a little...
Dennis da Silva
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24/02/2008 05:34:00

Dennis your message's so moving, brought tears to my eyes. We can feel Eduardo's very very much loved in Croatia. He didn't leave such a wonderful country like yours just to come here to be kicked out of the game. You're right he's a good strong young man and won't be defeated by dirty foul play. He'll get past this challenge, get well and get stronger!
Lou the Gunneress
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24/02/2008 05:43:00

eduardo, we are proud to have you wearing the arsenal jersey. be strong, take your time in recovering, and come back with a vengeance. we will wait for you patiently til you are ready to assault the game once more. from all of us gooner fans in Malaysia, get well soon.
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24/02/2008 06:26:00

Lou I belive it with all my heart! See how much love for him was just among these posts... That's gotta be powerful and through that he will come thru... I have to say one thing to everyone here. For me as a Croat it means very much that all of you have in such short period of time found love in your harts for Eduardo and that you respect him as much as you (and we in Croatia) do (even the oposing supporters have only praise for him). I know that you know the story about how he got in Croatia from Brazil and then almost went back as a too weak and too shy "posible talent" (miroslav ciro blazevic said that, the coach that brought us bronze medal in France 98, the old fool even said that he will eat his diploma if prosinecki ever becomes a decent footballer). Becouse of that and a whole wagon of other problems and setbacks Dudu isn't the one who will give up easily. He will fight to recover and wear the arsenal shirt until his both legs fall off, this injury is nothing for the man of such character. And what made me, in Croatia, to love him from the day one was the fact that he was allways the underdog in life and that he still took from his own mouth so he could send something to his family in brazil. He slept and lived in conditions worse than any of us would accept as a price for posible succes and he still first thought about his mother and family and than about himself. At first he didn't know the language or had any friends so he had a very rough time but at one point chief executive officer in Dinamo Zagreb gave him a helping hand and Dudu's luck turned, slowly but firmly. That was just a few years ago and with every season his talent exploded to new dimensions. It was clear his destiny was great and by joining arsenal all pieces of the puzzle just fitted together - he is perfect for this club and this club is perfect for him. Thats the reason why he will recover and be even better. His story simply must have more glorious chapters in it becouse everything i belive in says so. I got emotional again... Thank you again for taking him in your family so soon, he really deserves you as fans, and even if no one will be asking him to do that, Dudu will die on the pitch (when he comes back) trying to repay your love and support. Thats just the kind of man he is...
Dennis da Silva
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24/02/2008 06:39:00

Eduardo, your pain is felt by many Arsenal and football fans around the globe. Hope you come back to your full prowess. Wishing you all the best of luck for you recovery. On behalf of all Indian fans out there, Nakul.
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24/02/2008 07:18:00

He will be back. i hope and pray Dudu that yu come back an even better player and that yu go onto become an Arsenal legend. and from now on, whatever we the fans and the team do, it will be for you, and all the goals and matches yu have won us this season will not go waste. we'll win this one for you. love yu bro, get well soon..
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24/02/2008 07:35:00

Get well soon Eduardo, all real football fans wish you well and look forward to seeing you back at your best
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24/02/2008 08:02:00

Eduardo, we know how strong and determined you are - you will come back from this - The Arsenal is family, you are one of us and we are with you all the way. Get well soon.
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24/02/2008 08:13:00

I really haven't bene able to get my head around this one. The world was opening up in front of him, he'd seemingly played his time in acclimatising to the Prem, and then this horror tackle.

I just hope that Dudu can make his way back from this and return to be the goalscorer supreme we knew he was going to become in the Arsenal shirt.

Eduardo, I'm absolutely gutted what's happened to you, so early into that game and so early into your Arsenal career. I hope that the team can win the league for you - I would love to see you up there with the team collecting your medal in the same style as Robert Pires.

I wish you all the best with your recovery - so sorry that you suffered this blow while playing football, we shan't forget you.
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24/02/2008 08:19:00

guys i just watched the images of the tackle. ***** man this is so bad. he will be back right? i'm in tears now, this is the worse thing ive seen..
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24/02/2008 08:22:00

and I'd like to say, after trawling all the various blogs last night, tired and a little drunk - football fans up and down the country, from all manner of teams, were leaving messages of shock, support and sympathy for you Eduardo - real football fans in this country have been so appalled by this terrible injury you have suffered, there have been so many wishing you a full recovery. Everyone is with you.
»»Arsene Knows««
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24/02/2008 08:30:00

I hope you make a full recovery mate.,I was at OT years ago when David Bust did his,and nobody wants to see these things happen.
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24/02/2008 09:30:00

no genuine football fan - no matter who they support, or what the rivalry is - wants to see a footballer suffer such a horrific injury as this, a genuine all the best in your recovery... first and foremost my hopes are you can recover from the terrible break itself, then you can carry on your footballing career, which has been nothing short of exceptional thus far... on behalf of myself, the fans of portsmouth football club and all from vital pompey i wish you all the very best in your recovery and hope to see you back on the pitch again soon - just try not to score too many against pompey, as like so many other arsenal players you know you'll end up playing for us one day!
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24/02/2008 09:49:00

Wishing you a speedy recovery, knowing that your in the best hands and hopefully some good looking nurses too !!! I look forward to cheering you once again as you drill the ball into the back of the net very soon, all the best from your gooner fan in Bushey, Herts !
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24/02/2008 09:52:00

p.s Dennis de silva, Rocky said messages not epic novels ! ( coughs )
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24/02/2008 09:53:00

Eduardo, zelim ti sto brzi oporavak i jos jednu veliku pobjedu u zivotu. Tvoj tezak put do Arsenala, tvoje zrtve, profesionalnost, skromnost, timski duh i naporan rad su inspiracija i primjer za svu djecu i ljude sirom svjeta. Eduardo, I wish you a speedy recovery and another big victory in your life. Your difficult road to the Arsenal, your sacrifices, professionalism, modesty, team spirit and hard work are an inspiration for children and men around the world.
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24/02/2008 10:00:00

Get wel soon Eduardo. Best wishes to you.
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24/02/2008 10:12:00

Eduardo - nobody deserves that sort of injury, get well soon mate and let's hope you can be as good as your talent suggests you can!
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24/02/2008 10:23:00

Only best wishes to our striker,Eduardo.Every fan of Arsenal FC in Slovakia is with you.Keep well and we are waiting to see you next season in the top form.Good luck again
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24/02/2008 11:45:00

Get well soon Dudu. We'll miss you but I'm sure you'll be back.
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24/02/2008 11:55:00

I am SPURS all the way and belive me i hate Arsenal with a passion!!!! BUT!.......... No one wishses to see this happen to a player or person! As all i can say is good luck Edurado and best wishes for a speedy recovery and i do mean that from the bottom of my heart as any normal person would........ Good luck.
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24/02/2008 11:59:00

Shocking tackle. Wenger's comments were spot on. That creature should never play football again. All the best from all the CELTIC Vital lads. Speedy Recovery.
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24/02/2008 12:04:00

Eduardo, always remember that you are pure class, and thats why Arsenal signed you. All of Arsenal is behind you, and we'll never leave you.Your leg will heal quickly, and be even stronger than before. Never give up hope, cause we wont.Think about how glorious it's going to be when you run out at the Emirates again.The roar from the crowd will reflect how much we love you.You are a pure legend, and you have a lot of years left at Arsenal. Now rest up, and start working on making that leg strong. In my heart, and in my mind, I will be with you every day.
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24/02/2008 12:09:00

We are staying behind you,Dudu.Get well soon.
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24/02/2008 12:16:00

Best wishes mate. Without you we are not the same Arsenal. Speedy recovery and all the best from Arsenal Poland Supporters Club.
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24/02/2008 12:21:00

You are a joy to watch as a footballer and as thorough and honourable a professional as I have ever seen. Can't wait to see you pull on the number 9 shirt again and show us more of that ice cool finishing. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Little Dutch
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24/02/2008 13:21:00

Get well soon you are really such a nice player!Playing really nice and clever football
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24/02/2008 13:26:00

My thoughts are with you, get well soon. All the best from Switzerland
Swiss Gooner
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24/02/2008 13:58:00

Get back to your best soon i know all the arsenal and real football fans will miss you while your out mate our thought are with you and your family hopefully you will do a larsson and be a even greater player when your back which you will get will soon Eduardo (asap)
stewart redarmy82
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24/02/2008 14:35:00

Eduardo, you havent been with us long but we all love you very much already, you fitteed in staright away. I seen you play in the flesh for the first time on new years day against west ham and i thought you were excellent to watch, So dig deep big man because we miss you very much aready. your gonna be back on the pitch this season though and its gonna be to collect your winners medal. All the best to you and your family in this very tough time. Were all thinking of you EDUARDO 9
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24/02/2008 15:34:00

Get Well soon Eddy. lets hope your back scoring soon
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24/02/2008 15:38:00

Get better soon Edu, you are in our hearts and mind. I hope you come back stronger and fulfil your potential and become a legend for Arsenal. All the best.
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24/02/2008 15:54:00

Eduardo, What happend was so upsetting, i haven't been able to get over what has happened! As an Arsenal fan it feels like it has happened to a family member. I want to wish you a speedy recovery and all my love and wishes go to you! I'm sure we will see you back scoring like usual again! Don't give up, get better soon mate and we will be seeing you in the Arsenal shirt in no time! I'm sure the rest of the team will win the league for you dudu! I know it's your birthday monday and it's not gonna be a good day but best wishes & all my love. Once a Gunner always a Gunner, your'll be back mate! Love & best wishes! xxxxxx
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24/02/2008 17:48:00

Dudu, wishing you a full & speedy recovery. Our thoughts are with you.
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24/02/2008 19:15:00

Get well soon mate! Your number 9 shirt awaits you. Love from flv and his merry band of Welsh Gooners.
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24/02/2008 19:30:00

Get well soon Eduardo and make a full recovery.You're a fantastic wishes...
Report Abuse
24/02/2008 20:18:00

All the best Eduardo, wishing you a very quick recovery, never give up hope and i look forward to seeing you banging in the goals for us next season! Best Wishes, Jamie
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24/02/2008 20:26:00

Eduardo, I've only known you since August but you always seemed like the most modest & nicest person. It's great to gear from you today and we hope to see you up and running again soon! Take care my friend.
Report Abuse
24/02/2008 20:42:00

"It's great to gear from you today" should be "It's great to hear from you today" SORRY!
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24/02/2008 20:49:00

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24/02/2008 21:55:00

You're an awesome player Dudu, many hardships have you already overcome and this is just another one, you WILL play again just believe it brother.
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24/02/2008 22:22:00

Hi Eduardo, I am very sorry to see how badly injured you are, but please be reassured that we are all praying for you and wishing you well. What we need from you is that you have the belief that all will be well and you will soon start scoring those spectacular goals again and I assure you all will be well. Thank you for giving us those special moments! May the good Lord bless you and your family who have to go through this trauma. Remain BLESSED.
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24/02/2008 22:58:00

i know that you are thinking "not another one" but i do truly mean this from the heart, i am your number one fan and always will be, i followed you in your dinamo days ans strangely enought being English and all i was glad you knocked England out! i will make the biggest cheer of all when you return, hope you have a speedy recovery and if you ever need anything you know where to find me, best wishes. number one fan louise xxxxxx
Report Abuse
24/02/2008 23:00:00

Eduardo, i really hoe you can have a full and speedy recovery!!! Get well soon, hope we can win the league for you!!
Report Abuse
24/02/2008 23:18:00

Eduardo, our thoughts are with you. We wish you a full recovery and hope to see you on the pitch again very soon!
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25/02/2008 00:17:00

Eduardo, please get well soon. So sorry to see you get injured. Hope you will get back stronger than ever.
Report Abuse
25/02/2008 04:00:00

Eduardo. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.
Report Abuse
25/02/2008 04:43:00

Dudu wishing you a speedy recovery i know you will be back were all behind you get well soon from Melbourne Australia
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25/02/2008 05:49:00

Wishing you make a full and speedy recovery Eduardo, the football world are right behind you and good luck with the rehabilitation period. We are thinking of you.
Audere est Facere
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25/02/2008 08:09:00

All the best for a quick and full recovery Eduardo. My thoughts are with you.
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25/02/2008 08:12:00

Get well soon Eduardo. Your a true champion and dont deserve to be sidelined from a tackle by a mug posing as a footballer
Aussie Gooner
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25/02/2008 08:15:00

such a shame whenever anyone suffers a horrific injury, being a fulham fan i was devastated when jimmy bullard sustained his. seems to always happen to the good guys, the talented players. eduardo was fast becoming the sharp-shooting striker that schoolboys across england were trying to emulate in the playgrounds and parks. everyones thoughts are with him and i hope that he can make a full recovery like jimmy did. im sure the close-knit nature and togetherness of arsenal fc will bring him the support and care that he needs to overcome this setback. all the best to u Eduardo.
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25/02/2008 10:54:00

I'm a SPURS fan and I feel sorry that such things happened to a promising footballer like Eduardo. Eduardo, get well soon and I'm sure your team mates will be waiting for you to make a come back. All the best and have a speedy recovery.
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25/02/2008 12:32:00

Only just seen the broken leg this morning and it's horrific. Best wishes to Eduardo on a hopeful recovery. Get well soon, from a Spurs and England fan ;)
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25/02/2008 15:29:00

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25/02/2008 17:07:00

Get well soon Eduardo. Hope to see you back playing soon. God bless. Hail! Hail!
Report Abuse
25/02/2008 17:32:00

He'll be back... Stronger & better! Just watch! He's the coolest man I have ever seen infront of goal in the history of the premiership! Besides maybe Robbie Fowler... But Dudu is a genuine class front man. Make no mistakes about that!!!
Report Abuse
25/02/2008 23:28:00

Get well soon Eduardo! From all Arsenal fans & fans of the beautiful game from Montreal, Canada
Report Abuse
26/02/2008 01:51:00

Gets well soon Dudu! :) I wish you quick and full recovery. I will be waiting for your next goals for Arsenal and Croatia! Zvolen, Slovakia
Report Abuse
26/02/2008 20:51:00


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