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Wenger's Comments Were 'Excessive'

Arsene Wenger has issued a statement regarding comments made directly after the game this afternoon and admitted he may have been a bit excessive.

The Arsenal gaffer said that Martin Taylor should never play football again after a reckless tackle left Eduardo fighting for his football career.

After quiet reflection Wenger admits he may have been hasty in his comments and conceded it was in the heat of the moment.

"It was a highly emotional afternoon and we were all shocked by the injury to Eduardo,' he said. 'On reflection, I feel that my comments about Martin Taylor were excessive. I said what I did immediately after the game, in the heat of the moment."

Wenger's latest statement only goes to prove what many Gooners have been saying all night, that he is only human. A concept completely lost on many rival fans hell bent on smearing Arsene Wenger's name as much as possible.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday February 23 2008

Time: 10:57PM

Your Comments

Funny, I was SO feckin sure he didn´t see it.
Blue is the colour
Oh you're sooooo funny. Even after critising him earlier for his comments, when he admits he's wrong it's not good enough for you. Get a life.
***** off you *****er. this is obviously a delicate issue and you come here for a bit of provocation. go crawl into a hole and die.
wade p kun
Sooooo, where is the apology?
Blu Soulja
He needs to apologise for being human? Where's Taylor apology for wrecking Dudu's leg?
I don't see you bitching about that.
That's cos I think Taylor WILL apologise. He definitely should. But so should the Whiner.
Blu Soulja
Fair play to him. End of story. If Wenger should apologise, by your 'logic,' so should Taylor, McLeish and Steve Bruce for saying 'didn't feel much contact' to his boss, 'I've seen the challenge and, yes, the studs land on Eduardo's ankle. In slow motion these tackles always look bad but he's not a malicious player - Eduardo was just too quick for him' and 'some may not even think it's a yellow card' respectively, just for the record.
Lou the Gunneress
B.I.T.C You are a big man. You like running your mouth on every Arsenal post trying to stir things up from behind your screen. I bet you wouldnt say half the things you say face to face with an arsenal fan. Why are you such a bitter scum bag? answer me that
paul_owns, probably for the same reason that all you lot are.
Blu Soulja
I see why manutd's sir Purple-nose doesn't do post match interview after his team lost a game.
So the only crime committed today was that Wengers call for a life ban is excessive is it? Missing 3 games for breaking someones leg with a deliberate over the ball tackle is sufficient then? Maybe the PFA should be offering Taylor counselling for the distress he is suffering. It was big of Wenger to put rit right if he did think it was excessive. Personally I though he had it right first time.
Blue, I have 2 questions for you, no, seriously, and sincerely: 1. Why 'all you lot'? (Did you have a quick look at your words before you hit the 'submit' button?) 2. Did you know you logically implied to agree to Paul_Ownz's suggestion that BITC's 'such a bitter sxxmbag'? Did you mean that?
Lou the Gunneress
Big of wenger? He's just saving his ass! If he was as big as you say he is, he would have apologised!
Blu Soulja
If any apology's due, those 3 guys I pointed out above should offer it first before Wenger.
Lou the Gunneress
I've had exactly the same heated discussion with a good friend and Man Utd fan about the Nani b0llocks last week and this, he hadnt seen any footage, having seen what they showed on MOTD he sent an apology for having a go at AW and how he understood his reaction saying it really upset him seeing the tackle, its days like today that should bring football fans together, I must admit it i'll be the happiest man alive if we see Dudu grace our pitch again, my thoughts are with him, fair play to le boss for having the humility to apologise, I agree Paul, I have seen very little from BCFC apart from the "he's not a dirty player and he's distraught" nonsense, big deal! tell that to dudu, who's recovering from probably the first of a few surgeries
I am sure Wenger was forced to retract his statement but he does not really want to.
"fair play to le boss for having the humility to apologise"??? Where did he apologise???? He's just covering his french ass!
Blu Soulja
Apologise for what? Saving his ass from what? What crime is there in expressing a sentiment? Do you really think that the worst thing that happened today was that Wenger over reacted - if that is what it was?
A bit of racism thrown in for good measure eh Blu Soulja? How dare these 'frenchies' come over here asking for good, honest english players to be banned for breaking someones leg with an illegal tackle.
Pathetic BS, really pathetic. I get the impression that no matter what Wenger had done it wouldn't have been good enough for you. Funny that when something this serious goes down you focus on the actions of an upset and angry man rather than the poor dude lying with his leg in tatters.
Ok, retract his statement, whats the difference, he didnt need to do it and in fairness I agree with Amos, i think he had it right first time!
This article is about Wenger's outburst is it not Rocky?
Blu Soulja
TR7 that's nice of that ManU-supporting friend of yours. I really thought tragedies would make men behave like, well, men. But I'm doubly disappointed today. Just hope Eduardo will recover quickly (take all the time he needs though) and put on the red and white shirt again. Goofle, yeah maybe, if he just had to cover himself and the club and not distract the team further by getting into trouble, it must have been terrible for him. Now file closed. Will Taylor, McLeish and Bruce do the same for their terrible comments made 'in the heat of the moment'? I doubt it.
Lou the Gunneress
And pathetic, probably. But you guys were just as pathetic after the Chelsea-Arse game. What goes around comes around. If you can't take it, don't dish it out.
Blu Soulja
and I echo Pauls comments, this poor guy may never play again, think about that! id like to think most real football fans would concentrate on that !
It is about Wenger's comments, but i don't see you well wishing on the Eduardo thread. And as a side note, I don't recall Eduardo coming on to Vital Chelsea and posting derogatory comments about John Terry. And while I'm at it I'm pretty sure I didn't either.
Blu do you want an honest answer why so few people outside of Chelsea seemed to feel for your JT? Do you really not know why?
Lou the Gunneress
This statement sounds like he accepted his mistake, and its no surprise to hear him saying his initial comments were made in the heat of the moment. If thats not good enough for some people, then they can simply ***** off.
he's a true football fan Lou, unlike certain people who maybe should concentrate on their own teams instead of winding up other teams about a horrific injury to one of their most valued players
Yeah prits, they can always leave the site, didn't have to come here in the first place. That part I still fail to understand. It's a few precious hours of their time. Really weird (to be polite).
Lou the Gunneress
Rocky, looks like your as blind as Wenger, this is what I posted on the Eduardo article, (the first one) "I've just seen a pic of the moment when he breaks his ankle. It's horrible. Won't post it here, for obvious reasons. Get well soon Eduardo." This article is about Wenger's outbursts, so I think I'm allowed to talk about it. I have nothing against Eduardo, I'm sure he's a great guy, he certainly is a great footballer. But after the crap that Arse fans came out with after JT's injury, I can have no sympathy for you lot. It's simple, you throw one stone, I'll throw two back.
Blu Soulja
Oh yeah TR7, these same people went to the e-card thread for Dudu to offer their best wishes, really appreciated. But then trying to wind people up all over the place, I just don't understand. Maybe I haven't been around Aresnal/football/London long enough to know why there is so much hatred and cynicism. I just don't understand.
Lou the Gunneress
I threw no stones, yet I get many back from you. Your last statement just went to show that your actual animosity is because a few idiot Arsenal fans proved their idiocy by posting comments about John Terry, yet you have proved your equal stupidity by tarring all Gooners with the same brush.
If you really want to know why there is so much 'hatred', come over to our board, I'm sure the guys will show you why.
Blu Soulja
Fair enough by wenger to recognize he was out of order.Taylor should get a veeery lengthy ban, Edu will unfortunately face a lengthy recovery to walk again, after managing to walk and run, we'll see what are the chances of him playing again.I hope that it is high.
Blu, you've thrown your stones. Now job done on your part. Unless you have new valid points to add, please give it a rest.
Lou the Gunneress
Why can't these blue blokes go to their site and prepare for their CC final and leave us alone to try and come to terms with Eduardo's injury. Their jibes are annoying, especially at a time like this.
Warri Gooner
Thanks Kevin. Blu, like Rocky said, if you found them so idiotic, why did you just repeat it, and wanted to double it you said?
Lou the Gunneress
Yep it is, Rocky, my animosity is because of the arse fans and the arse manager, I took a lot of stick from Arse fans over JT's injury, it makes me feel better that I send it all back. If you don't think that you've done anything wrong, then my comments aren't for you.
Blu Soulja
Wengers comments weren't an 'outburst' they were reactions immediately post the game. He chose to retract them which if excessive was the right thing to do. Though whether a life ban is justified is a question of perspective which seems to be something you lack completely. Your only purpose in commenting at all is to correct some sort of imagined slight a few months back. You can't judge the matter on it's merits because your tribal instincts tell you that this is an opportunity to throw a few stones. Especially at some 'frenchies' eh! The word Moron probably fits quite nicely tattooed across your forehead.
And Blu I asked if you really don't understand why your JT probably didn't get as much empathy outside of Chelsea, so I take it that you know the reason why. What you've just done has added to what other fans feel about you and unfortunately your club, just the way you formed the impression of 'some Arsenal fans.' I feel sorry for relatively reasonable people like Kevin.
Lou the Gunneress
Your right LTG, I've done my part. Maybe the idiots who did the same on our board, won't do it next time. Now, I wish Eduardo the speediest of recoveries, I hope it doesn't affect his game WHEN he returns. He doesn't deserve that. But I can think of at least one Arse player that does.
Blu Soulja
Amos, the word moron is just fine tatooed across your forehead.
Blu Soulja
So what makes you any different from the idiots posting comments on your site in the first place? Actually, I don't care anymore, there are more important things to worry about.
Agreed Amos. Wenger was just terribly angry about what happened and thought Taylor 'shouldn't play football again.' He wasn't 'calling for a life ban on Taylor' as every newspaper was sensationalising into a juicy headline. He didn't it as an official request per se. He's just furious and heartbroken and said something 'in the heat of the moment.' So fair enough, I don't see any problem with him backtracking on that. But I still maintain that, if that tackle was indeed intentional (hard to prove though), Taylor does not deserve to play football anymore.
Lou the Gunneress
Blu, NO player deserves that!!! Not even Eboue if that's what you're implying, not even your JT, not even Robbie Savage, not even Stephen Hunt.
Lou the Gunneress
You are a sad pathetic lot coming out with so much bile. You all need to get a life.
Yeah get a life everyone, tell your felllow blues to stick with your own site.
Lou the Gunneress
So well done Blu, if you've done your part, you can ***** off now. Going by your logic, you think your 'contribution' today will deter those idiots who mocked JTs injury from doing so again? Chelsea fans like you and BITC are such *****ing tools and a disgrace to your club, much like those idiots who mocked JTs injury are a disgrace. Coming on here and saying all arsenal fans deserve stones being thrown at the manager - Amos sums you up well enough.
Let's look at the evidence BS. You are seeking an apology from a 'frenchie' manager who has retracted an earlier statement as an over reaction. You make a big play of this and when pushed to jusify it in the context of the injury to Eduardo you claim that it is motivated by revenge for 'stones' you believed were thrown months before requiring you to throw stones back irrespective of whether the target is a fair one or not. Don't you see what that makes you sound like? .. no.. I thought not.
ahh.... come on children. there's no need fight, hatred or pulling other's hair here. but if u have to, if u reach ur boiling point or adrenaline is pumping hard, why not do it at birmingham site to be fair. im sure taylor fans r there to wellcome u all. there might be anger management booth on their site as well. (^_^)
Amos and Prits and TR7, I can't believe I said I wished Chelsea good luck tomorrow. Can I retract that from the other thread on this site too?
Lou the Gunneress
You're forgiven, Lou :).
Imdccu - oh right, I totally forgot about them. None of them came to gloat about the hard-earned draw did they? Unlike some.
Lou the Gunneress
Thanks Prits, I still feel bad for what I said 'in the heat of the moment'! When Rocky wished Spurs 'all the best tomorrow', then Imdccu came and offered a few nice words, I just felt I wanted Chelsea to win instead (not much choice there). Still regretting. And I just went over to Vital Birmingham. Wow nobody there. No wonder nobody from them came over here.
Lou the Gunneress
Frankly, I dont give a rats ass what happens in the CC final. I refuse to choose between one club as a lesser evil, so to speak. Although some spurs fans on here have been decent enough on this thread re DUdu' injury, while Chelsea as a classless club will continue to attract low life scum like BITC.
Prits you're right, I had been 'impartial' like you until that point when I thought 'Ah a nice Chelsea fan came to be nice.' Didn't really mean I wanted them to win to be honest. But whatever now. Some fellow Gooners don't even care about the title now, except that we try as hard as we can to win it for Edu. Part of me feels that way too, but the other part tells me don't give in to anyone because we have one man down cos the other men will go on.
Lou the Gunneress
I've never posted on this site before, but came over on a different thread to wish Eduardo all the best. I'm probably someone who you'd normally class as scum, but on a day like today, after an injury like that how can pathetic rivalries still hold true. I hope that he makes a full and speedy recovery and my thoughts go out to him. Get well soon!
Oh sorry, I forgot to state my main point which was I don't think you can entireley blame AW for his statements, which although excessive were in the extreme heat of the moment. I made some simillar statements about journeymen footballers taking out Gareth Bale for the season after we played Birmingham. But again my thoughts are with Eduardo and his recovery!
Did anyone find the Pram gallas fell out of because he is still sitting on the pitch at St Andrews waiting. BIG BABY! Before anyone plays the heartless card, I have commented on the terrible injury and bad luck Eduardo has sustained and wish him a full and speedy recovery but football carries on There`s a cup final toms, But Wenger needs to grow up and maybe the players would not be so petulant PFF "They all want to kick us" altogether now AHHH!!!
Now that you bring up Gallas, just like Wenger's comments, his behaviour might have been excessive, but entirely forgiveable given the circumstances. First he lost a teammate to such a horrendous injury, being taken to hospital as he played. Then he saw the free kick given in the questionable situation - I still think in some cases it wouldn't have been given, but who am I to judge. But that happened right in front of Gallas in the backline. Then he and the guys fought so hard to overcome the extreme distress and broke down the stubborn Birmingham defence and scored two goals. Like me, he might have understood why it was 4 mins given for the 2nd half btw. Then literally seconds before the end, Clichy made that silly mistake that disappointed him. Which on another day might not have been given as a penalty either. The ref gave it and 3 points became 1, while they had to go home without 1 man. Now you (who has no business here btw) call him a 'baby'. It wasn't what a captain should have done. But considering everything, that's forgiveable and petty to even for you/me to be talking about it right now. Like BITC or Blu, you've voiced your opinion too. Unless you have anything valid to say, no please go.
Lou the Gunneress
He might NOT have understood why it was 4 mins added to the 2nd half...
Lou the Gunneress
Hey Shelf, thanks man, it takes some considerable class to be able to come here and make such a post. You are a credit to your club. And just so as you know, I'd never personally class you as "scum"!!!
And COckeril, I haven't finished. Coming here to slate a player for being emotional about a hard-fought game with one teammate down and two points dropped was nothing short of petty and heartless of you. Yeah the heartless card still applies, sadly, because that's what you look like, saying what you said on this site. Enjoy your cup final tomorrow. I hope it'll be a safe and fair game. Nothing other than that matters, including who end up winning.
Lou the Gunneress
I was not convinced it was a penalty, But his attitude was very bad and seems to run through the Arse side. Eboue is a prime example of petulance childish behaviour. Lets hope Eduardo makes a full recovery and his Tendons and soft tissues was not too badly effected. He will be in the right hands and it`s amazing what the surgeons can do nowadays. The main thing is he can function in every day life and if he can return too playing Football that would be even better.
Eduardo sustaining that horrific injury and I feel for him like I would if he played for Spurs or Any other side. He is a human being before a footballer like I have said I have commented on that and my comment is directed at Wenger and Gallas and you need to differentiate.
Fair play to cockeril here. No matter his opinions of Wenger and Gallas, at least he has had the stones to come to a site where he is usually unwelcome and post his concerns for our player, which, at the end of the day, is the most important thing. Thanks cockeril.
Enough said, it was bad we know it, but forgiveable as a person if at that point he failed as a captain. To keep bitching about his behaviour is harsh on him at best, partisan/tribal in fact. If you're big enough, get over the petty complaint. To be honest if John Terry lost his temper in a game, I would have thought that's bad behaviour, but it wouldn't compell me to go on to another club's site to complain about him nonstop. So you've said what you thought was right, now file closed. Enjoy the game tomorrow. Good night.
Lou the Gunneress
I can differentiate one person from the other, thanks. Yeah Cockeril, human being before footballer. Very well said. Now please try to apply that to Wenger and Gallas too. My definition of treating people as 'human beings' includes to give certain allowance for emotion when extreme things happen, even in a professional situation. Wenger has come out and corrected himself. Whether to educate Gallas is Wenger's job. Thanks for your opinion. But I just wanted to say your treating people as 'human beings' didn't extend to those who 'only' experienced an emotional disaster at the ground today but didn't break their legs. If like you said you feel for Eduardo, I will now leave you alone with a bit of peace you need because I treat you (and myself) as human beings too. I honestly need a break from some of the things I saw today, on TV and on some sites. Good night everyone.
Lou the Gunneress
This echoes Ozi's sentiment about the need to tackle the problem of tackles: Some sense at last.
Lou the Gunneress
I say kudos to Wenger (for once). He's stepped up to the plate and apologied. In reality, can we say that he was intentionally hurt? I cannot imagine any professional football thinking when he gets up in the know what, i'm gonna snap someones leg today! As for the behaviour of Gallas and Wenger after the game - we can only imagine the emotion they must be feeling to see a friend and fellow player get injured in that way. I'd bet anyone of us would have lamped Taylor first and foremost! And Gallas - Club captain must be gutted he couldn't do anything for him, and to draw in such circumstance with the "We'll win it for Eduardo" chants they were getting must have been a bitter pill to swallow. Cockeril, you're being a muppet again...shut up and get back in your arm chair for tomorrow!
I cannot quite believe it, but fair play to wenger hes admitted hes a tit. On Eduardo i hope 2god he recovers such a talented boy and i wouldnt wish that tackle on sol campbell. Hes got age on his side and im sure hel recover. Get well soon!!!
Yiddogray, kudos to you too. Really glad to hear that from a Spurs fan. You guys are a credit to your club. And sorry, having seen what I've seen today, I can't bring myself to wish either you guys or Chelsea good luck tomorrow. But I do wish you a fair, clean, safe game at Wembley. (Even if we don't care,) may the best team win.
Lou the Gunneress
Taylor should serve his 3, or more, game ban after spending jail time for malicious assault. The jail release time should coincide with Eduardo returning to his feet, so, IN MY OPINION, it's possible that Arsene's comments weren't far from correct.
i cannot be bothered reading the rubbish some of the opposition supporters are posting that is why i have only this to say. the only way justice will be served if AFC takes this matter to UEFA or FIFA and get rid of morons like taylor. the english FA will see "nothing wrong" with the absurd tackle because lets face it, taylor is english and dudu is croatian.
wonder what would happen if it was eduardo who injured taylor or lampard in the same manner, what would be posted here today???
When I first heard his comments I thought it was over the top, he's been man enough to come out and say they were excessive. In view of the circumstances regarding Eduardo all this bickering is childish, it's a sad day lets not make it worse by making small minded comments
This is only the second time i have posted on your forum(the first was to give best wishes to Eduardo)as i am a Spurs fan .I am shocked at peoples insensitivity and petulance at this situation that has since followed Eduardo's injury.To make comparisons(by some)to John Terry's injury is childish and belittling.Wenger reacted as 99% of us would have under the circumstances but had the professionalism to amend his comments once he had time to reflect.Whether Spurs win,lose or draw today we as a club will carry on,sadly Eduardo may never get that chance.Grow up the boo-boys of this world,those days are gone!
fair play to him for changing his opinion! Takes a real man to do that - kudos to the lad!
Lou, dont worry, I hoped for a marginal chelsea win today, the last 24 hours have changed my opinion!
That 'Blue Is The Colour' clown is a sectarian bigot. He posts nothing but bile on the Celtic page. He is obviously a very sad specimen of a human being. Wenger was right! If someone did that to a Celtic player I would be raging! Well said Arsene Wenger!
Lou, as we are both well aware - there are people within our respective clubs that do us both a discredit. The easy option yesterday was to come over here and rub some salt into your wounds. Losing a game of football, we can all throw the banter around but something to happen like that - it's no joke and the "football family" needs to be supportive of one another. Now however, I need to focus on 3pm - I've not heard any reports regarding Eduardo today, I just hope for all of us that we see him back and scoring sooner rather than later - but not against us ;-)
Arsene need not apologise for anything. I agreed with him at the time and still do when i see the still shots of the tackle and the snapping of the leg. Arsene has calmed down a lot quicker than me
anyone on here suggesting martin taylor deserves an apology is twisted
I have to say, reading the comments of the scumbag Chelsea fasn on this thread has made me pleased that the Yids beat you lot today. F U C K yourselves. A young man has suffered a horridic injury that may have ended his career. Have some basic human decency, you are pond-life.
Moorish, I'm not so sure... especially after seeing comment #48 by McGooner on this site: But again, all clubs have their own morons for "fans." I still can't figure out which club of these two have more! LOL But doesn't matter now, at least the cup's won by a team who truly wanted to win it. Happy ending for it then. :)
Lou the Gunneress
Got to give respect where it is due to the Spurs fans (and others) who have the common decency to put rivalries aside, and wish Edu a speedy recovery without feeling the need to take pointless digs at Wenger and/or Gallas. To the likes of B!TCH, blue soulja, cockeral etc- hang your heads in shame and grow a pair for fu(ks sake...
I'm ashamed to read most of these comments. It goes beyond football

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