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Let's Win It For Eduardo

*As a precursor to this article, I would like to forewarn that, while I usually censor any profanities I use in my articles, on this occasion, I feel it inappropriate to do so. So if industrial language is likely to cause offence, please don't read on.*

It is fair to say that things haven't really gone our way in the last week. From Adebayor's late flirtation with the Milan crossbar, to Mike Dean's costly and terrible officiating to Eduardo's awful injury. Mohammed Ali once said, 'champions are not made in gyms, they are made by something deep inside them, a burning desire to win.' Strength in adversity is a crucial ingredient to anybody who wants to achieve, you can't get the gold without digging through the dirt. With Eduardo's misfortune and Bacary Sagna's tragic personal circumstances, fate is turning its cruel hand squarely against key personnel, it would be easy to feel that everything and everyone is conspiring against us. This feeling was embodied by the irate figure of William Gallas yesterday. Much has been said of Billy's reaction yesterday. Personally, I can fully understand it. I was sat amongst around three thousand Gooners yesterday and we all felt what William felt. (For my part, the seat in front of me took a blow that might have split that cunt Hansen's shin in half, but it's alright Alan, it wasn't two footed). Some might label Gallas' reaction petulant, it was. But we had a diplomat for a captain, it didn't work. Henry came in for untold criticism last year after a last minute defeat at Upton Park when he stood laughing and joking with Reo Coker after the final whistle. We don't need a diplomat, we need a warrior. In an emotional day, Gallas may have let his emotions get to him. Different people react differently on these occasions,what is clear is that Gallas cares deeply about his team and his team mates.

Unfortunately, odious little fuckwits like Hansen and the lovable media, showing no remorse for their own part in Eduardo's unnecessary tragedy, have focussed on Gallas kicking an advertising hoarding. (Worry not folks, word from the surgeon is that the hoarding has undergone surgery and hopes to whore products to the nation again soon). Hansen has since dismissed the severity of Taylor's challenge on the grounds that, 'it wasn't two footed.' Tell that to Eduardo's surgeon you despicable little cunt. Hansen has been one of the key propagandists when it comes tothe 'Arsenal don't like it up em' brigade, his responsibility should not be overlooked. Hansen comprehensively wrote Arsenal off back in August, and his praise since we comprehensively elucidated his ignorance has been lukewarm. This guy would flannel his arse with a Liverpool shirt before he would give us credit or criticise anybody who commits wrong against us. So let's roar to the title and rub that precocious little twat's nose in it. Steve Bruce and David Platt have also come out and said that Taylor's tackle might not have even been a yellow card. With all the best will in the word to Stevie and David. Fuck you too. Fuck both of you.

Even withstading Gael Clichy's barely forgivable stupidity and arrogance in injury time at St. Andrews yesterday, that was never a penalty. All afternoon, Dean appeared incapable of giving anything to Arsenal. The only thoroughly correct decision he made all afternoon only occurred when an Arsenal player's ankle was hanging off of his leg. Dean's refereeing rivalled Coward Webb and Mike Riley in its one eyed thought process. We must use biased little fuckers such as these to propel us to the title. Starting with Villa next week, we must go into every game with a snarl (whilst not manifesting that aggression on the shin bones of opponents). Gallas showed us all yesterday how much it means to him, now he must show it to his team mates. We as fans have a part to play as well, we must whistle and bitch for every decision. Even if we know it's not a foul, let's whinge and shout and scream that it is. The authorities look hellbent on handing United the title, lets snatch it out of their grubby mits. Fuck them, it's time to blow the motherfucking roof off, because the mood has just changed.

As Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, 'we have nothing to fear but fear itself.' So let's leave that twat Nani medalless come May, Gallas can do some keepy uppies in the lap of honour. Bacary Sagna, your bravery in the face of adversity is utterly commendable, your brother would be very proud of you. You deserve a title winners' medal, go out and earn it son. We must imagine that 'oh shit' look smeared over the faces of Nani and Ferguson, the sight of Mike Dean tearing up his betting slip in disgust, Hansen's appearance on Match of the Day as the highlights reel of Arsenal's season is run in our tribute. Fuck em all, fuck em all, United, West Ham, Hansen, Tottenham, Bruce, Ferguson, Nani and Liverpool. Fuck them all, fuck anyone that doubts us. I posted a quote from the latest Rocky film in an article last week that bears reptition, 'life isn't about how hard you can hit, it's how hard you can be hit and keep moving forward.' Arsenal,the time to hit back is at hand. As myself and 3,000 other travelling fans sang yesterday, 'we're gunner win it for Eduardo.' The sight of him walking onto the podium to collect his medal come May should be motivation more than any of the aforementioned. Victoria Concordia Crescit.LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 24 2008

Time: 3:07PM

Your Comments

Great article LD, I don't think you've missed a trick there, spot on. I think we can win it and if we do, I'd love it if he can hobble onto the pitch on crutches wiht his leg in plaster and be 'wroshipped' by his fellow teammates like what we did for Pires in 2002. That would be a sight to behold!
I am with you completely on the Gallas thing. We don't need a captain schooled in media communications. We want a passionate, angry ******** who really, really hates losing. I hope the boys pull together after this. I am sure they are capable of it. This was game where key players were unable to remain focussed. If Ade had played Bendtner in instead of taking the wrong decision to have a go himself then Cichys cock up would have been less damaging. I feel better though that I suspect that Gallas would be willing to put any team mates head through a hoarding if he had a point to make. Because thats the way it need to be.
Awesome piece Tim, your best and most heart felt and passionate to date. Oh an it appears Ferguson was right when he said one rule for Arsenal and one rule for the rest of us........we don't get penalties. Yes, yes, ***** that purple nosed **** too.
this is the first time ive managed to feel angry and optimistic in the last 24 hours. thanks LD
It wasa disgraceful tackle, and those saying it shouldn't have even been a yellow are at best dim, at worst COMPLETE ******TARDS! Hope he gets back soon, he's a classy player and you don't want to see that happen to anyone. I really hope you lot win the title and Eduardo is hobbling on like someone above said!
Totally agree. There seems to be conspiracy theory out there. Every are hellbent to hand MU the title. Let's **** them all & win it for Eduardo!
Exactly what I said.. LD.. lets win it all now for Dudu.. if that isn't motivation enuf.. what is? C'mon!
one of the best articles mate. xactly how i feel
Great article LD, you've said it all
Fantastic piece LD, it certainly captures my mood and so I hope it does the same for all our fans, players and management so that we can use this to propel our season to glory and make every home and away game a brilliant atmosphere. I really can't believe how bad a day it was yesterday, almost surreal. It's funny, I was saying to my friends (also Gooners) that I thought Eduardo could be the guy to take us to Champions League glory, simply because he could finish at and against any level of competition, more so than Ade. Sadly, we won't find out if this is true, and perhaps never will.
F|_|cking brilliant article Tim. Wonderfully written. Such articles along with Paul's and Arseblogger's have given me so much and pride in being a Gooner. there's not a word I disagree with you. From Gallas emotion to Alan Hansen's stupidity (although, apart from his articles on BBC i dont know much of him). We really need to show who's boss now. This week has been hard for us and our character will be tested. We need to show we can overcome our challenges and show our full prowess. Aston Villa, I already pity you :)
I saw Goals on Sunday this morning on Sky Sports and that was the first time I saw the media be more realistic. Chris Kamara said Gallas and Arsenal's reaction was perfectly understandable as he had been through the same thing when managing Bradford. He said you just feel so close to your player. In fact, they showed footage of Kamara's reaction and it was amazing, he came on the pitch to see his injured player and went ballistic. Iain Dowie was also on and he said that on first glance he thought the tackle wasn't that bad but that whe he saw it again he thinks there was no reason for Taylor's foot to be that high.
Finally somebody said it. My feelings entirely. Hansen and his mates on MOTD made me want to puke. They focused more on Gallas heartache as sign of weakness or craking under pressure than on Eduardo. Shame on you Mr Hansen.
Pretty much captured all Gooners moods in this little piece Tim. Hansen must be the biggest TNUC out of everyone, never gives credit unless its 'aah they way they pass and move is great sometimes'.. We don't need anyone from the media we can win this thing with inner desire to prove people wrong and show the world we are the best team in England even if we aren't appreciated over here. I would LOVE to see Dudu at the end of the season with a big smile on his face with this hands on something he helped win, and the players scoring goals and dedicating them to him. ***** it lets win this thing lads, UP THE ARSENAL !!
I saw that too, that was the injury to Gordon Watson. Sky usually have my chargrin but they deserve credit on this occasion fortheir treatment of this. As for Kelly calling Wenger "a disgrace" for comments he retracted anyway, what an appalling human being that boy is.
Little Dutch
I just went on to the AC Milan website to see what their result was. On the site I spotted they had a story about Eduardo called 'COME ON EDUARDO!' and a very small snippet saying that he had broken his leg and everyone at the Rossonneri family wishes his a speedy recovery. Now that is what I call class.
Every word well said LD! And for those of you guys who go to the games regularly, cheer them on until the 94th minute. Sing Eduardo's name, sing Sagna's name, sing Clichy's name, sing Gallas' name, sing all of their names. Be so loud that I can hear you across the Thames in Southwark! Tell the players know we're behind all of them. Don't underestimate our own role as fans. Why else did we build a 60,000-seat stadium?! And let's not forget that performance-wise we haven't been bad in the past 2 games despite the draws. Theo coming of age has come handy too. If we can survive the next 3 games, when RvP, Rosicky, Kolo and Eboue come back, we'll crash them running in. Damn right, f@@k them all!!
Lou the Gunneress
Hey some news from Croatian press - it sounds like Eduardo's doing quite well and has spoken to thank everyone for support:
Lou the Gunneress
Too right, We are gunna win this league for Eduardo!!
the best article ive ever read LD. we should send this to the team. we are all together now. we live together, we will fight together and if required, we will even die together. AFC all the way. we'll win this for yu Dudu..
Lou that link isnt opening mate..
on a positive note, vela scored for osasuna today against athletico madrid
a great rallying call,if only it could filter to the players and staff,it would give them the lift that they need
fran merida
Its kind of Karma for Gallas kicking Nani, Eduardo's slide tackle at Nani's shin and Flamini's scything tackle on Nani which could have broke his leg as well had he not been fast enough to jump. GET WELL SOON EDUARDO, GOD BLESS THIS FANTASTIC FOOTBALLER!
Yes Paulinho, because Gallas' flick nearly shattered Nani's calf. Flamini's brilliantly timed tackle,with both feet on the floor that won the ball offended my sensibilities. If you were really trying to get your idiotic point across, you might have pointed at Denilson's tackle at Ewood Park. The fact that peoplecannot put aside club loyalties for an incident like this really is terribly, terribly sad. he fact that youare idiotic enough to imply Eduardo deserved it before wishing him well reveals that you probably have the IQ of a kleenex.
Little Dutch
Nice one LD, that sums it all up. Let's win it for Eduardo. C'mon Arsenal.
Club loyalties? My club is FC Porto, what do they have to do with any of this? Flamini's tackle wasn't brilliant it was 2 footed. You know the kind you get booked for. Yes Gallas' kick was weak but it was a lash out non the less. All I said was Karma. I like Arsenal and their players. But for you to verbally attack me for facts and opinion just shows how intelligent YOU are. I also never said Eduardo deserved it either, karma is what it is. No one deserves something like that don't be stupid and don't put words in my mouth. You must not have read the capitalised letters. One of us must be the bigger person. And it ain't gonna be me jackass.
QUALITY, we need to make the Villa atmosphere electric and push on from there
he has spoken :
you're saying what we all are thinking!
Great artical. Let's use this horrible incident to galvanise us. United look almost unstoppable, but we have heart. Always have, always will, and this should only make us dig deeper and fight harder. We love you, Dudu, and we'll believe with you for your speedy return!
Fantastic reading Tim. With words like that, you ought to be in the Arsenal dressing room just before KO this weekend.
Paulinho,karma is a belief that what goes around comes around, correct? You start your post by saying that this injury is karma, correct? Now you say nobody deserves this. So you are openly contradicting yourself.Flamini's tackle wasn't close to two footed, Denilson's in December was. Why use the term karma if you then come out and say you don't mean it?
Little Dutch
Again I allowed myself to listen to those utter (unts on Sunday Supplement with their casual anti-Arsenal chit chat that ended with a sadistic agreement that the tackle was "borderline yellow-red" and how Arsene was wrong to say ban Taylor for life, who in turn is a "clumsy centerback lucky to be playing in the EPL". How is this absolutely rotten-biased-borderline-evil panel allowed to get away with this quasi-journalism, serving to the public a load of lies, rubbish, hypocrisy and more lies, I seriously cannot grasp. It all goes unchallenged in that studio, and knowing the power of the box it will go a long way before the general public seriously considers another point of view. Very scary.
That's why people like me work in the underground G4L. The media have an agenda to protect that is nothing to do with truth, accuracy or honesty.
Little Dutch
G4L, I deliberately brought myself to watch MotD2 tonight. In the shorter version, they still managed to spend air time on Eduardo's terrible injury, Birmingham's "fight and spirit" and the Gallas story in equal measure in that quick slot on the game. Argh TV licence fees!
Lou the Gunneress
I didn't say Eduardo deserved what the rest of his team did wrong did I? I think not
Great call to arms LD, top quality as per usual...
I hope for the love of the game and for the sake of sanity people start asking questions ASAP. And not Andy Gray type of questions, but serious, explicit questions with potential to shift paradigms that have been firmly embedded in the heads of the general auditorium. Lou, I noticed the same: on SunSup they spent equal or more time talking about the number of the studs Gallas left in the advertising board and his behaviour after the pen, Wenger's outburst (although he had long issued his 2nd statement) and Arsenal losing the plot rather than what needs to be done to avoid this type of horrors on the football pitch. Not for one second did anyone pick up on other key issues that lie behind the "accident waiting to happen" reality footballers face day-in day-out. I even get the impression that for these people, helping a poor lost soul (a 40ish year old alcoholic) Gazza with his "condition" is higher on the priority list. What is this world coming to?
G4L, you know what my problem is with this kind of "journalism"? Maybe 80% of their viewers/readers didn't watch the Birmingham-Arsenal game. They might have thought simply "Oh a guy got injured, but the game's 50-50 because Birmingham "put up a good fight with 10 men", but then Arsenal's Gallas lost the plot." It's terribly unfair without the details in between you know. Sigh, I don't want to sound petty but it's sadly what's happening now.
Lou the Gunneress
Can't say I hope you win the league, but, was gutted to see that kind of injury whichever shirt he wears. Hope this isnt the end of the poor guys career. Shocking.
Scott Spur
Another great article LD and I echo your sentiments and others on the subject. A sliding scale of red cards is an excellent idea as slapping someone in the face and breaking someones leg are not really on the same level are they? For some unknown reason the newspapers, Sky and MOTD specifically Alan Hansen have it in for Arsenal. He begrudgingly gives praise to us but lavishes it out to Man Utd and Liverpool with relative lack of restraint. It's outrageous how they can say it's not even a yellow card. just look at the pictures man! But we are Arsenal. We DON'T need bad pundits, We DON'T need blind journalists, but what we DO need is for us as fans to get behind the team in the next 11 games to win the title and win it for Eduardo!!
A good rallying write-up LD, profanity included. I said yesterday that changing the culture won't happen for 50 years and I am convinced that is still the case after reading/listening to the fallout today. It's pure dismay seeing what the pundits/journos/experts come out with after having a chance to review things. We are surrounded by figureheads that have not got a clue.
It's tough, but actually not impossible to win the league. e.g. if we manage to have this sequence of results:
Lou the Gunneress
Andy-bayor it's not that they don't got a clue it's just that they do have it in for Arsenal and they don't give a damn if it is obvius or not.
Yeah Armory, it's quite obvious that they 'have it in for Arsenal.' e.g. Since Arsene retracted his comment, many of the sites are still running "Arsenal boss calls for life ban" headlines, conveniently delaying the update.
Lou the Gunneress
Maybe Armory, but I wonder as well if they are all a bit scared to break ranks.
i am more angry with the comments from their stupid manager. maybe it is something he learned from ferguson. hope Arsenal won't loan any player to them again in future. their thuggish football deserves to stay outside PL.
You're all going to see what you choose to see, so I'm not going to question that. I think the words thuggish and despicable are misplaced here. As a Villa fan (take note there) I've watched it a few times and when you see the video of the tackle close up, it is clear that it isn't anywhere near as bad as a lot of people have been making out in terms of the challenge made. I was incredibly upset when I turned on the match to see him on the floor and seeing Fabregas' reaction caused my stomach to jolt, and as I said after it happened, I offer my sympathy and the best of wishes to Eduardo and hope to see him playing again very soon. However, in my opinion, the photos that have been everywhere are misleading, it looks like Taylor has gone over the ball to take out the player, but the video shows that he isn't even making a sliding challenge as such, he's trying to cross the player to block his route through, and Eduardo's foot lands in the place where Taylor is looking to plant himself. Most have seen the result of this, and it is upsetting to picture Eduardo's face as he props himself up after the challenge. It was definitely a red card though, how could it not be? Regardless of damage done, if you stud a player in the shins it should be a red, and Eduardo has done him for pace and that is what has happened, with the worst possible outcome. I also feel for the Birmingham defender though. He was clearly shaken as he left the field, and people can say whatever they like about the supposed smile as he got up from the challenge, but have none of you here ever smiled purely in disbelief, exasperation, or shock? I notice no one yet has mentioned that the lad went and waited in the hospital on the Saturday night (only to find out he was in surgery and unavailable) and then came back on the Sunday to visit Eduardo, offer his apologies and find out how he was doing and if he was (!) ok. I appreciate that this must be a difficult time as an Arsenal supporter and more so as a player, but there wont be many that are suffering more than that Blues defender at the moment, and there is no way that there is any sort of national vendetta against Arsenal, on that front I am going to politely ask you to get over yourselves. Please, I can appreciate if you want to counter my points, but I remain sympathetic to this whole situation, and I would hope for grace and reciprocation rather than abuse if you feel the need to counter anything I've said. Once again, I offer my support to the Gunners (I'm an honorary Gooner amongst my uni friends) and Eduardo in particular, and pass on the condolences of General K from the Villa board.
Wow, that's a mouthful. One more thing, Gallas showing at the end of the game was in my opinion, extremely moving. I think it shows a lot about the Arsenal team, and that the press have missed the point of he whole thing. Yes, in the short term it was petulant, but in my view that was about more than just Clichy's error and the penalty decision. Gallas showed the strain of a stressful week, and an extremely bad day. Good on him, though it might have cost you had the keeper saved the penalty.
Well lets see how we respond in the Villa game because we won't stand a chance if we play like we did against Birmingham.
Yeah, I really would prefer you lot to win the title, but if you could just play like that for one more game, that'd be great.
AB, I am sure our players won't be in such mental state unless we have more attempts for amputating legs on the pitch. ___ Carlosio, I think you miss the point. This could have been a lad from Aston Villa, Everton, Derby. The media are (again) covering up a cancer of the English game that has lingered since the before we were born. One would think that after such a "unfortunate" incident people and media would ask the question what needs to be done to prevent this in the future - career threatening injuries - but yet we read and hear despicable statements from Kelly, Bruce, Eck, "that the tackle was worth a yellow" or that "Tiny doesn't have a bad bone in him". Taylor's so-called tackle came seconds after McFadden goes in studs up on Clichy, narrowly missing him, probably on instructions from the great Scottish tactician who told them to get at them. Taylor's visit to the hospital and attempt to apologize are commendable, although it is the LEAST he can and must do for Eduardo. Among other things, Wenger said: you only need to kill a man once.
I still can't forgive Taylor's challenge. If you play football yourself, you will know that there is simply no need whatsoever to make a tackle and have your feet end up that high up on another player's shin, it doesn't happen. Raising your legs in such a challenge is not an involuntary movement, it has to be deliberate and premeditated. If the ball's on the floor, would your feet involuntarily lift themselves over the top of the ball like some kind of crazy nervous twitch? If Taylor's challenge was "clumsy" then he has no business being a footballer. If his aim and timing are that bad, he is one awful, awful player. Are you telling me if he went to strike a moving ball he would swing wildly over the top of it and miss it completely?
Little Dutch
The tackle was unforgivable but by and large the footballing community is willing to forgive it as 'one of those things'. Taylor isn't the victim in this. I am sure he is a nice guy, buys his round down the pub and sends his Mum a card on Mothers day but the crime of recklessness wouldn't be excused in any other sphere. If you injured a work mate throwing tiles off a roof or poisoned a client in a restaurant for failing to meet standard hygiene practices you would still be held culpable even if you didn't mean it. When players are sent out with the explicit instruction to get a tackle in even if the chances of winning the ball are poor and that of making contact with the player high then they are responsible for their actions on the pitch and the consequence of any reckless act just as much as anyone else. Football won't listen because it never listens. The only hope we have has to come from FIFA. If they ban English referees from officiating at international tournaments until they enforce international standards regarding the recklessness of tackles then we might get referees acting with some sort of regard for the game. Don't hold your breath though.
Wonderful write-up LD, including the swear words... I actually shouted in anger when Dean gave the penalty, Clichy touched the ball first before the Birmingham C*NT tripped over him. Dean didn't even watch the television replays to confirm it and gave it without hesitation, even from at least 10 yards out of the box. Gallas's reaction was perfectly normal. To have drawn a hard-fought game with relegation-threatened teams, to lose of their key-players to a horrific tackle, to be unfairly judged a penalty... frankly I would have done the same if I were in his shoes. Hansen is another dimw*t, he loves blackburn and totally agrees with all the **** coming out of Ferguson's assh*le. I just wish you didn't slag off Liverpool, they've got a good team (much as I hate to admit it) and I rather like Torres and why on earth didn't you tell Newcastle to **** off?
Oh, and did former gunner (I think so) David Platt really say that Taylor's tackle might not have even been a yellow card??? That's simply unforgivable, as a former player he should be supporting his former club, not doubting it. (Excluding Anelka and Cashley)
Hope you guys will have a good game with Milan. At least do it for Eduardo.
You guys thought what those Birmingham players, manager, ex-manager and ex-Gunner David Platt said was outrageous? Please read what Seb Larsson (I can't bring myself to call him an "ex-Gunner" because it pains me to acknowledge it's Arsenal that brought him from Sweden and gave him the football education) said about his ex-mentor. SCANDULOUS! I can understand he wants to say a few nice words about Taylor, who everyone says is such a nice guy, fine. But calling his ex-mentor "idiotic and childish" for some comments made "in the heat of the moment" and which he had RETRACTED?!?!? I can't imagine he hadn't known Arsene's backtracking when he said that because Arsene retracted his comment straightaway, Sat afternoon. Even if he didn't know, is that how you comment on a frustrated and emotional manager's comment after someone broke his striker's leg? For God's sake, you have to be glad we dumped this kid. He's "IDIOTIC AND CHILDISH" in his own words.
Lou the Gunneress
OFF TOPIC : Spurs celebrate in style
What confuses me is that Larsson said we were "unsportsmanlike." Firstly, when? Watch the game back, when were we unsporting? When McFadden missed a sitter and tried to convince the ref Senderos had tripped him? When Maik Taylor took twenty minutes over his goal kicks when they were 1-0 up? And does snapping someone's leg in two qualify as "unsporting"?
Little Dutch
He also said we were bad losers. Did I miss something, maybe I left the ground too early, because I could have sworn I heard the final whistle blown with the scores level at 2-2?
Little Dutch
I cant believe how everyone is making Taylor the victim in all of this, I'm watching skysports for the last half an hour and they had a long piece with Mcleish and there was actually little mention of Edu and it was all about how Taylor was in training today and how he will get over htis and get his career back on track ??????? Its sickening it really is.
I am sure that McLeish is concerned that Taylor is properly mentally prepared for his return. We wouldn't want him pulling out of challenges now would we? Or thinking whether this is a winnable tackle before he makes one. Or heaven forbid that he should take into consideration the consequence of a reckless challenge! Thinking footballers are the enemies of british football coaches.
Oh yeah the "unsportsmanlike" bit is infuriating too, if I could be infuriated further. Now his comments about Wenger was fair and square and sportsmanlike now? Ridiculous, this kid. Don't even want to call him an Arsenal reject because he's a shame to his club and football. Now they can go back to Championship for all I care! And yes Hazza, they also are saying some sh;t like Taylor might need counselling or something? How about Cesc and Hleb and Ade? I can't forget their faces and how Cesc begged Gary Lewin to hurry up. If this Taylor guy is a nice and otherwise fair bloke, all fair enough. But he's made a terrible mistake - that's for me to say the least and be extremely polite and conservative, giving him all the benefit of the doubt or whatever. Him going to visit Eduardo at the hospital and "apologise" (only one press said so, as far as I read) was all fine, at least he had the decency to do that. And oh, where's the public apology? Platt and Bruce's backtracking on "in some cases it's not even a yellow card"?? These people are just sick and wrong to the core. To say it wasn't a sending-off or to brand Arsene with those adjectives is nothing short of a DISGRACE to football.
Lou the Gunneress
Poor old 'Tiny' Taylor, eh? Let's have a whip-round for him, the big dirty C U N T.
Oh and another thing - Steven Kelly is a rampaging bell-end with no fu(king compassion and sh|t between his fuc(king ears. Fu(k you Kelly you horrible (unt.
Apologies all, I appear to have gone profanity-mad. Am still very angry about the whole thing.
I am taking that Larsson "statement" with a pinch of salt for 2 reasons: 1. It is completely different to everything he has been saying since he left Arsenal and had only words of praise for Wenger and Arsenal (till this one) 2. The source is a piece of junk.
I see no need 4 apologies Moorish. What you said is the pure truth.
Agreed moorish, kelly's comments were shockingly stupid. As for Seb he seems a good lad and more importantly hasn't got S*IT for brains therefore he would of known the result infact ended a draw and he would of known better to make comments about the 'bad mood' of the Arsenal players who had just witnessed their friend get his leg snapped in half. I have never had a player constantly on my mind like Dudu is now, I wouldn't of known how hard this would hit me as just a normal everyday Arsenal fan. God only knows what he and his family are going through. They must be shocked at the media outpour for poor little Tiny Taylor...its completely absurd.
Oh boy !....god help certain brum players at the Emirates next season....
Radar, no need. They won't be in the Premier League, not next season, not anytime soon. Cup game, I'm not so sure. But I'm sure God will help Eduardo first. That's called "perspective."
Lou the Gunneress
Can I just ask if you are including me in the crowd that are making Taylor the victim here? If so, I'd like to point out that that is not the case, not by any stretch. You all think he's a thug, and that he doesn't care that he's done it, which is fine, but incorrect according to reports. I doubt very much Eduardo is shocked about reports about the guy. The reports aren't part of the Eduardo story, they are consequential. The injury is one story, Taylor's issues because of the challenge are another. I imagine going into a tackle and feeling (and probably hearing) your opponent's leg snap, then getting up to see that it's one of the worst injuries in memory is a rather hideous experience, and more difficult to shake off than you might imagine.

"I have never had a player constantly on my mind like Dudu is now, I wouldn't of known how hard this would hit me as just a normal everyday Arsenal fan. God only knows what he and his family are going through." Now imagine being the guy that caused that. I know it's Eduardo who's injured but you're all proving your own point. There is media attention on Taylor because half of the footballing world is saying he should never play the game again, or he should be banned for years, or he has gone in to the challenge intending to cause that heinous injury. I do feel sorry for the guy, and I do think he is a victim of the media, but that doesn't mean I don't think that Eduardo is the one who has it worst out of this. I don't think that's what the stories are saying. If it was a tackle like the one Carvalho attempted on Gabby (this is the only example I can think of, insert any that you are familiar with) and it caused a leg break, I'd be asking for the players head. I must ask if any of you have seen a close up video of the incident. It isn't a sliding tackle, it's a blocking tackle, and he isn't aiming for the guys shin, he's aiming to step across in front of the player to knock the ball away and probably knock Eduardo down. I apologise if me sticking up for an innocent (if extremely clumsy) party has offended you, I assure you that was not my intention. I hope to see Taylor banned for a substantial amount of time, after all he has single handedly shattered a players season, but I don't want him to be bullied out of the game under the label "thug". Once again, I offer my full support to Arsenal and Eduardo, and ask if there is any formal way to do this through the club site or anything similar?
LOL LOL LOL "half of the footballing world is saying he should never play the game again, or he should be banned for years"? Arsene said the former, which he retracted just hours afterwards. Who the hell else is telling anyone to ban the guy?! Can you name one, just one member of the press or "pundits" who actually said so? We honestly have seen more people who condemn Wenger and Gallas than who ask for any ban longer than 3 matches "in the footballing world" other than some Arsenal fans. And how many times do we have to say, even if it's not malicious, studs up, over the top of the ball, in such a non-dangerous area, causing such a serious damage to a player is enough to call for more than a 3-match ban, which punishes other offences like a small slap on someone's face for example. Taylor may not be a thug, but that offence should be more severely punished than a 3-match ban. Sorry to those who've seen me repeat this before.
Lou the Gunneress
He shouldn't be banned for life. I do not think he meant it, but it is a typical "introduce yourself" style challenge put in by sh|t players on more skillful ones, to let them know they are around. This one has gone horribly wrong and if Taylor feels guilty, GOOD. GOOD. He should feel guilty. He should get at least a 10 game ban though. The fact he gets the same ban as Aliadiere does for tapping Mascherano in the face is a farce.
Great inspiring piece LD. If the team can win the League, I'd love to see Dudu coming up to receive his medal. It still wouldnt be worth it, but it would compensate somewhat.

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