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Eduardo Treatment Timetable Set have published a statement from the club on the injury sustained by Eduardo Da Silva, in which they outline the timescale for his recovery.

I'm sure you're all aware of what happened Saturday afternoon, so I'll not go into any detail. That and I'm just about to have my dinner.

There were concerns about Eduardo's footballing future, but it now looks as though the hit-man will make a full recovery.

The statement on Arsenal's website read: Eduardo has fractured his left fibula and sustained an open dislocation of his ankle joint in the same leg.

He was immediately taken to Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham where he underwent surgery on Saturday evening. The operation was successful and Eduardo was transferred to a London-based hospital on Sunday afternoon.

Earlier today (Monday 25th February), the Orthopaedic surgeon and Arsenal medical staff assessed the extent of the damage and possible time scale for a full recovery.

All being well, Eduardo will have his leg in plaster and using crutches for the next six to eight weeks. After that time, partial weight-bearing exercises will be scheduled into a slow rehabilitation process.

It is hoped that Eduardo will be running again in six months time and making a full recovery after nine months.

Eduardo will be released from hospital in a few days.

The Arsenal medical team would like to take this opportunity to thank Birmingham City FC for their assistance on the day as well as the surgical and ward staff on S2 at Selly Oak Hospital for their expert medical care.

In addition, and on behalf of Eduardo, the Club would like to thank everyone for their many touching messages of support.

I'm sure you'll all agree it's a massive relif to hear that Eduardo will recover from his injury, and join me in wishing him the speediest of recoveries.

Let's hope Birmingham stay up so that Eduardo may exact some revenge next season.


I'd like to stress that when I said Eduardo could exact revenge, I didn't mean physical revenge, or personal revenge on Taylor.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 25 2008

Time: 6:46PM

Your Comments

it is good news, lets hope he has no complications and gets some much needed luck in the healing process. 9 months is doesnt seem long for such an horrific injury , marvel of medical science!
revenge in the goal scoring sense obviously Simmy!, I'm just stunned that we may yet see him in the red and white, now if only we could get some news of poor fragile little tinys' chances of recovery, I'll sleep easier if I know that oafish great lunk (reminds me of Randy Quaids mormon in Kingpin) will grace our fair pitches again with his balletic poetry.
brilliant news ! God bless ,,from the ghuys at vital celtic......
wishaw bhoy
That's fantastic I news! I feared the worst, and I must admit I was pretty sure he wouldn't play for a couple of years if ever again. Personally, I want Birmingham to go down. Robbed us of 4 points this , and intentional or not, they've ended Eduardo's season. I hope they get relegated in consecutive ******** seasons. Your just a small team in Villa!
As a Villa fan, can't argue that I hope they go down! Not sure about waiting for revenge to be honest, these things do happen in football and although I only saw the one angle shown on Sky, the tackle looked clumsy rather than malicous. I don't think he went in thinking he was going to 'do' Eduardo, as much as I'd like to say as a Small Heath player he did. I think he went for the tackle but Eduardo was just too quick. Please don't get me wrong, the injury and incident was horrific, I just don't think it was an attempt to bust up the player. Here's hoping for a speedy relugation for Blues and an even speedier recovery for Eduardo.
The Fear
This is the best news since saturday. all the best Dudu, you'll be back and we'll be singing your name..
Mark my words - he'll not play again!
Mark my words Merlin - you'll win eff all with Toad.
Good luck to Eduardo in his rehabilitation. Horrible scenes. As a Villa fan I'd like to see the Bloose stay up. Just so we can watch them fight relegation season after season!! I hope you lot (Le Arse) win the league. We'll fight you for it next year!!! UTV
Adam Deuce
oh thanks Merlin didn't know you were a medic. I think I will go with the professional opinion provided rather than your like many others eagerness to write him off. People have come back from worse, it will be by no means easy and there will be some tough times but what it can be is done. Unlucky on Sunday btw lol
funny i havent seen bitc in a while
Thanks guys. I also hope Villa get into Europe. You guys would represent the EPL nicely.
Lou the Gunneress
Great news the surgeons are outrageous these days and i hope theres no complications for the lad. Hes got age on his side and doesnt rely on pace to be a good player (unlike ronaldo, owen, cisse) so hopefully he wont be affected 2much, his game is finishing and im sure will recover totally although as a team u guys still and always will turn my stomach.
Great news, and pleasantly surprising that we could actually see him back in action in just 9 months !
***** off Merlin, he'll win more titles than Chelsea will in their entire history from now on..
AG, I don't know about the medical stuff but have read a bit more after this. Sounds like a broken fibula means it's highly possible that the guy can make a full comeback (e.g. Cisse and Alan Smith), as opposed to a compound fracture of breaking both bones (e.g. Busst). We'd feared it could've been much worse because of the horrendous images we saw. But THANK GOD it's "only" his fibula and dislocated ankle, not the worst case possible. I wouldn't push for 9 months but just as long as it takes for him to get back to his physical best. We all see what happened when Henry/RvP were rushed back, let alone a serious injury like this. 12 months or 15 months, just as long as it realistically takes. Arsene mentioned before that "We have to spend money carefully because you have to keep the budget in case some serious injury happens or when you have to make an urgent buy." We've got 69m in the bank, maybe this is what he meant - serious injury and urgent buy required. Who knows. But Arsene knows best and he'll do something based on the medical recommendation. Even if he trusts the "kids" to do a job in Edu's long-term absence, I'd just put our trust in him.
Lou the Gunneress
Lou, thats what I was saying. Wenger will have no real choice but to sign a proven striker & unless his signing turns out to be a failure its unlikely that Eduardo will ever get to be one of his first choice players again, due to how much time he will miss & we all know Eduardo is better than a squad player. The medical stuff has all seemed to come back pretty positive but its whether he can ever truly get over the mental side of the injury that could well prove decisive.
Ashburton Gooner
i think i agree with ashburton gooner about his future at the club. arseanl will deffinatly be looking for another young top striker, and if he can keep his place he will be upfront with rvp, (who is injury prone) simply because wallcott and bentnar arent the cutting edge the gaffer made them out to be, eduardo is out for some time so he will lose his spot
Agree with 99% of this article - except the bit about Birmingham staying up! I want to see that ********* McLeish's face on the day they go down.
no wonder your so hated by neutrals gooners, your more concerned with taylor punsihed or bfc then anything else you are absolute scum the way you go about your business is a disgrace, apart from gooners has there been any other neutral that wants taylor to be banned, what does this tell you shut it and get on with it, when irwin broke busst leg, did any of coventry city go about trying to destroy irwins career, nope because they have class (it was even worse because he never played again), keown after the final whislte at old trafford, adeybayore fighting with bendtender at the lane you should look at your own players first because you always get off to lightly you guys have french arrogant crap running through your team, and it is so bad it has the fans now acting in the same card waving way, you and manure play the best football in the league but they will always have more supporters then you because of your off field antics lead by wenger
And your reaction to Fashanu busting Mabbut's eye was.......? Exactly, you utter, utter turd.
Little Dutch
I suggest every gooner should read this........
Ashburton Gooner
At last, a common sense article in the media, unsurprisingly from James Lawton of The Independent -
Why was my last comment deleted??
Ashburton Gooner
AG thats a terrible article, Taylor is NOT the victim for crying out loud. How Gallas' petulant kick out if you can indeed call it that and Flaminis tackle straight from the school of defending can be compared to that wild lunge is beyond comprehension. If I have to read another article about poor old tiny Taylor and the evil Arsene wenger I will bang my head on the nearest wall.
little dutch you are a little****, how can you compare a head injury to a ankle are all just *****ed off that your only 2 fit strikers hate each others guts.
sorry to here it lads a think u gunna be lost with out him and if am honest i think he gunna be gone for a long time
You tell me what the difference is. Mabbutt and Eduardo: victims of reckless challenges, both end up in hospital, both have to undergo reconstructive surgery to build up a crucial body part, both careers hang in the balance, both have to face up to the fact that their quality of life might not even be the same. You tell me the difference. But oh no, I guess your reaction at the time was that Fashanu is such a lovely bloke who didn't have a bad bone in his body, the statutory three match ban was enough. No need for character assassinations. In fact, Tottenham had no right to complain because they were in the middle of committing finanical irrelegularities which saw them docked 14 points and kicked out of the F.A. Cup.
Little Dutch
boot to head is a little different then boot to ankle, every footy supporter in the country knows it was not with intent except for you lot and wenger....i actually felt sorry for arsenal when it happend but 4 hours later you lot especially wenger changed my mind
5 - 1 we changed your mind???? I thought you would have to have one before it could be changed.
Some people really are small minded, idiotic fools. YES BIRMINGHAM fans appeariing on this page, i'm talking to u. As a supporter of the Mighty (scoff!) Plymouth Argyle I long for the days we are able to watch such talent and purity as Eduardo grace our hallowed turf. I can guarantee we wont be flying into tackles studs showing simply because we are not good enough to compete. Martin Tailors ban should reflect the time Eduardo is out. I am not an Arsenal fan but i do admire your unity and genuinely hope you win the title for Eduardo. Good luck, and good recovery.
AG, i don't agree with you there, if Eduardo can make a complete recovery and be the same player as he was before the injury, i see no problem in him being the first choice again, cuz if a player has quality, he will make it, no matter what, that is Arsene's belief, and he is a fantastic talent, we all have seen that so far this season, so i see no reason why he can't be our first choice striker when he comes back, inspite of Wenger signing someone in the summer, Dudu will be back..
lol what unity is that then greenhill? the kind of unity where your captain gallas throws his toys out of the pram at a time of need?? the type of unity where arsenal kick 10lumps of crap at out of man ytd just coz theyre losing 4-0??? or the tupe of unity where Adebayor runs on the pitch and headbutts his own team mate LOL The only person i feel sorry for is Eduardo hes a top player and seems like a good lad i will cheer his next goal. The rest of Arsenal scum are a disgrace.
And yet even with all that disharmony Hicksvilleyiddo we're still 32 points ahead of the tottenscum plopspurts OUCH how thats gotta hurt. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you're more bitter than a John Smiths brewery.
Oh wait... don't tell me ............. know what's coming next........"but Next year" AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Ahem,Tottenham currently have exactly HALF the amount of league points that Arsenal have.
Little Dutch
Yeah but they won the mickey mouse cup, their first trophy since they won the, errrrr, mickey mouse cup 9 years ago!!! What a big & great club they are!! Never have a set of fans been more deserving of such meaningless trophies & lack of success than that bunch of no hopers!!
Ashburton Gooner
sorry gooner scum i forgot you have won som much in the last 4 years, i dont care about the cup my glory was raping you in the semis
What im talking about is the Petulence and disgracegul sporting behavior of your team and fans. I never boasted once or slagged your teams achievements at all? i was talking about the poor sportsmanship and youre idiot fans. Instead of disputing this and arguing on this u move the goalposts and say "oh were 31 points clear" and "ooh big club" Do you do this because you really are a set of arrogant to$$ers and cant help fitting that fact in or because deep down u have no ground to stand on and know deep down you manager and players have a disgraceful attitude to the game???
Zokoras horror dive, wanna talk petulance? meet the king of it sulky Berby, Gascoignes' wife beating, Pleats kerb crawling the list is loooooooong, endlessly long and as tedious as a night out in Huddersfield, so spare us your sanctimonious bile filled drivel Hicksville, so predictable - the tiny totts win the lowest form of silverware going and out of the wordwork come all the nastiest, slimiest pieces of human excrement going, you'd think they'd be in ANY way happy but no they are just relieved they can show their bitter little Gollumy boatraces in public again after 9 long subterranean years. F@{kin SCUM.
Not to mention the disgraceful activities of that kneeless crock King and the classy English lads at the scum, way to celebrate guys, 'Faces' lol that says it all about you lot, too scummy to even get in at china whites. Proud of their behaviour are you Hicksvilleyiddo? Fighting over slags like Danielle Lloyd? But yeah gloss over the actions of your paralytic cripple of a captain why don't you
And it's 32 points clear muppet.
You forgot that we had won so much in the last 4 years! You mean to say didn't notice that we won the PL in 2004 and the FAC in 2005. But then you don't really compete for those trophies do you. What a pretentiously silly post HudYid. You really are so upset that Gallas threw a strop are you? You think his behaviour is really a problem that bothers any one other than himself? A disgraceful attitude to the game!? What attitude is that then? The belief that football should be played to entertain the supporters? If so it's an attitude that has reaped dividends in trophies won and fans gained. It's an attitude that has built a new stadium that we fill every game and has us competing in the CL every year. An attitude that somehow, beneath it all, is somewhat superior to the average pathetic grudging, bellyaching, delusional Spud who believes despite all the evidence over many, many, many years of consistent failure that their mediocre achievements should allow them entry into the pantheon of the world top clubs. So full of snarling, spitting, mouth foaming envy are these spuds that they will pick on the most minor failings of their vastly more succesful neighbours as a major defect while lauding every minor success of their own as some major sporting event. In the end you all sound exactly what you are.
Petulance? Unsporting behaviour? Pascal Chimbonda? Get back to your glass house son.
Little Dutch
Congrats Hicksvilleyiddo you've been owned more times than Anelka tonight.
it shows desperation niko when the only things u can think in the last 15years is 1 zokora dive lol whats pleat curb crawling 20years ago got to do with the big babies arsenal and theyre exploits every single week it seems. Very desperate niko, u want me to have a go at listing the bad arsenal??? it way take weeks to achieve!
Your all soooooo blinded cant u see how bad the attitude of wenger and the players is?? really? Yes LD Chimbonda is a fckin idiot id would have never played him again after the 5-1 when he said he wants a pay rise at newcastle. Heres the big difference though, many spurs fans are slating his attitude and are not turning a blind eye unlike u evry single time 1 of your dikhead players cheats or acts like an arse. Niko, scummy ledley king? The nicest kid in the prem u mean if u think hes scum for letting off some steam then u really are a fool. Owned lol u must be joking sunshine 5-1 is owned big boy
The only things are they? - was it too embarrassing to read on about Kings captain like dignity at the Chav Palace that is Faces? Pascal Chimbondas petulance is old news now then? Berbatovs season long sulks all forgotten now? The desperation comes from every spud post desperately trying to convince yourselves that really - definitely - the next season - or the one after that - or maybe when the season ends in a one again - mighty spurs will rise from the pit of despairing mediocrity it has occupied so firmly for so many, many years. Under the surface of your silly sniping you know whatever minor successes come your way you will never, ever match the achievements of the only truly big club in North London. How that must stick in your craw but there is nothing you can do about it accept post silly, envious, griping posts trying to find superiority somewhere but knowing there is none. Look forward to celebrating St Totteringhams day with you.
5-1 isn't owned - managing only one victory in 22 games and 9 years of trying - now that's owned. Taking 6 points off you in the same season - that's owned - but 5-1 in the carling cup only feels like owning someone when the rest of your history is as ***** poor as yours is.
Ha ha now Amos owns you too, guess we'll have to take turns taking you for walkies. The nicest kid in the prem?? hahaha and you say we're blinded? must've been someone elses hands round that blokes neck then, I know my team you know yours, I hate it when Eboue acts up, I cringed when Ade dived at Old Trafford, but for you to come over here acting like Mother C@nting Teresa of Calcutta after what we have witnessed from your team this season and indeed only in the last couple of days is rank hypocrisy and needs taking up on.
Nicest kid in the prem looool, and there was me thinkin sweet little Theo was in with a chance of that prestigious award but no how wrong I was - it obviously belongs to the Ilford strangler!
HY- No the spurs fans aren't turning a blind eye to Chimbonda's behaviour because you've signed several defenders & you know fully well he isn't that important to your team, however based on the fact of his attitude you wouldn't ever play him again, so I assume that also goes for Keane who threw the armband down when substituted earlier this season & berbatov for refusing to get off the bench?? Or is that different because you can't survive without them?? You arguments have no grounds & the more you post the more bitter & twisted you sound!!
Ashburton Gooner
Good luck to Eduardo, such a quality player I hope it doesn't finish his career.

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