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This Week's Twenty Questions

I may or may not attempt to make this a weekly Friday feature. But to be frank, if it runs its course, or if I can`t think of anything interesting or funny to write, I won`t bother. I certainly won`t bother during moribund international weeks (whether or not Raymond Domenech is a complete and utter tool is not a question, it is a universally accepted and scientifically proven fact). So, anyway, without further ado, the twenty questions that have plagued me from the football world this week:

1. Is next year really the year for Spurs?

2. On that note, if Steven Gerrard is sick of saying "next year", how does he think the Tottenham fans feel?

3. If Steven Gerrard had spent most of the week in hospital with his leg in tatters as a result of a studs up challenge from a foreign defender, how would the press react?

4. What the *£*@ was Gael Clichy thinking of?

5. We complain when our captain is too diplomatic and smiles in defeat and laughs and jokes with the opposing captain. So we appoint a different captain, one who vandalises property and stops just short of crying when we draw. We still complain. Arsenal fans, WHAT DO YOU WANT? Do you even know?

6. Isn`t Ledley King getting in a scrap in a chavvy nightspot worse than damaging an advertising hoarding?

7. Isn`t John Terry indulging in a screaming row with his Assistant Manager in front of his whole squad the day before a Cup Final worse than damaging an advertising hoarding?

8. Alan Hansen this week stated that William Gallas would have made "managers I played for roll in their graves" following the final whistle at St. Andrews. Fair enough, why so quiet about Jamie Carragher`s charge for common assault this week?

9. John Terry, Jamie Carragher, Ledley King and William Gallas all involved in controversy this week, attracting varying degrees of press attention. All are captains/ vice captains of their clubs. Who is the odd one out?

10. Steve Gibson this week slammed the F.A. for their pathetically arrogant decision to suspend Jeremie Aliadiere`s gentle caress with an extra match ban on the grounds of a frivolous appeal. Gibson explained that the F.A. "are at a level of competence which should not be tolerated at an organisation of that importance." Is that the biggest understatement mankind has ever known? Can any right minded human being find grounds for contention?

11. What are the odds on Middlesbrough not getting a single penalty for the rest of the season?

12. How can a slight touch from Didier Zokora can send Didier Drogba sprawling to the ground in agony, yet when he scores, Drogba can carry Frank Lumplard on his back all the way to the Wembley substitutes bench?

13. According to an archaic Milanese law, it is a legal requirement to smile at all times whilst in the city of Milan unless one is attending a funeral. If Arsenal lose on Tuesday night, does that mean 3,000 of us will spend the night doing bird?

14. Anyone else loving this mind blowingly expansive, pyrotechnic football Chelsea are playing?

15. Back in July, I predicted that William Gallas would be made Arsenal captain, that selling Henry would be the best thing to happen to the club since we signed Bergkamp and that Everton would beat Liverpool into fourth place. Does this make me English football`s greatest prophet since Herbert Chapman?

16. Back in July, I predicted that Fernando Torres would be English football`s biggest flop since Sergei Rebrov and that Andriy Shevchenko would come good once Mourinho left. Does this put me on a par with Alan Hansen as a know nothing twat?

17. Can Alisher Usmanov comprehend the following sentence, "f**k off you solicitous, avaricious little slime ball. Take your dirty roubles and your orange snake of a sidekick and skidaddle mate."?

18. Will Rafael Benitez`s pledge to ditch squad rotation make the lives of burglars on Merseyside even easier now they have an even better idea of who will not be at home on match days?

19. Are Newcastle fans loving the return of high scoring games under Kevin Keegan?

20. Does the word "retracted" have no meaning in the city of Birmingham?LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 29 2008

Time: 11:47AM

Your Comments

I'll give u some Answers: 1) Lets hope so lads!!! 2) We feel pretty good at the mo :) 9)Gallas coz hes not home grown and coz hes the worst captain since Tim Sherwood 12)Coz hes a bigger cheat than Pires which is saying something 14)What are u talking about, watching Lampard blazing the ball over the bar every 10mins is like poetry :) 16)Yep 19)They probably are u know LOL
how many actual incidents of cheating can you recall concerning Pires may i ask? is it one or two? or god forbid you hate him so much because he always scored against your **** team,thats probably the reason why you have to label him a cheat...dont hate just congratulate....
fran merida
Great stuff LD! Chukletastic
woa nelly! keep ur panties on. Fact is fran Pires used to dive all the time
Questions 6-9 put together are good food for thought. And the fact that this Spurs "fan" chose to only answer 9 says a lot more about him than his answer itself. Anyway. My Q21 is: Should it be Bendtner or Theo in a 4-4-2? Or a straightforward 4-5-1? Or Hleb in a 4-4-1-1? With Diaby back, the midfield's slightly making up for the lack of options up front. But we're still without Rosicky. Don't know.
Lou the Gunneress
22) Can Huddersfield Yiddo still not appreciate the inherent comedy in Spurs' yearly "next year" statements? Come on, you have to admit there is a funny side.
Yep i see it believe me ive witnessed more false dawns at spurs than sunrises in the sky LOL
So Hud do you see this one as 'the real thing' now? No dig or anything, I'm really curious, especially when Ramos really means business. Are you guys thinking 'it's REALLY different this time'?
Lou the Gunneress
You know what, for the first time in ages I'm genuinely excited at the prospect of playing tottenham again next year, it will be a bit spicier because they won in the CC, and will want to break the unbeaten run of league games we have had against them stretching back 9 years.
1 No, not a hope in hell 2 Sick I hope 3 Demanding that dirty foreigner be executed 4 No idea 5 A bit more composure 6 No it just showes that Gallas has the passion to win all the time as it was Kings first victory of any importance he proplaby did not know what hit him. 7 No ten cate or what ever his name is always has problems with his players no matter who or where. 8 A Liverpool player doing somting wrong.......are you mad, this is another excample of anti liverpool bias in the media. 9 Johnny foreigner ofcourse. 10 nope. 11 evens 12 dont know it's a mistery!!! 13 We will all end up in the slammer. 14 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 15 A prophet extraordinare. 16 I'm afraid so. 17 Obviusly not and he might take that traitor Dein with him when he f~@'s off. 18 As much chance of that as a snowball's chance of survival in hell. 19 ehr NO. 20 No, the word is to long for them.
maaaaaan, i am lovin' these hypocritical press articles and opinions. In no way, shape or form are they utterly, completely, and pungently full of ****. Shame there's no way of getting a direct and live response from these fu©kers. I am still fuming at the utter idiocy and blinkered nature of how we have bene portrayed as the sinners. last saturday's 606 phone in had me spitting feathers, how that bunch of ba$tards had the audacity to sit there, and talk into a microphone live on air, without laughing, and chastise arsene and gallas for their reactions is beyond me. I would be interested to see their reactions if someone near and dear to them lost a sibling, then they witnessed another good friend suffer an horrific injury, before they themselves having their wallet stolen.

Referring to the press reaction to aforementioned incidents this week, to paraphrase a certain arsenal blogger... hideous despicable ©unts.
»»Arsene Knows««
A Brum fan wrote a brilliant letter into F365 today. Comparing what's come out this week from Arsenal i.e. since Arsene retracted his initial statement, nothing has been said about Taylor or Birmingham, everything has been about Eduardo's health. Yet Birmingham have come out and dragged the subject up time and again and pointed blame and tried to portray Taylor as the victim of some horrible injustice. Anyways, I've got a funny feeling that, this weekend, Theo will get the headlines he deserves!
Little Dutch
Love question 19 on Newcastle! haha!
theo going from brace to hatrick will not be bad at all. Ade to add another hattrick for good measure to shut the doubters up.
LD as to nr 16, all those predictions were not Arsenal related so I guess nobody will give a diddly-$hit . Its good you have that funny feeling, sir. I feel a little dutch more assured now. thanks.
Paulo Gun
Let's leave that Ade hatrick for the milan game TS, shall we?After all that's were are top strickers like scoring, the San Siro.
Paulo Gun
*are - our
Paulo Gun
Lou the difference is we were woeful in the 90s terrible players terrible managers i mean ossie ardilles ffs!!! Francis Gross Hoddle lol What Ramos took over a very talented team and just got them playing again. Hes a winner. And also how do u measure success? If in the next 3seasons we win the league cup again and the UEFA cup and then leaves to go to Barca etc would that be classed as a false dawn? or simply bringing lots of silverware to our club and doing well? Its so hard to get top4 nevermind consistently without having some dickhead spend 600million on your first team e.g chelsea. Big teams like Bayern Munich and Lyon would struggle to get into the top4 in our league, but as you kindly joke, theres always next year :) we have the players and the manager to do so now
I had a question in my head about when the media would stop shifting attention from the injury itself to how bad we or our manager or our captain were. But I'm not adding that question to the list because it's been answered: Daily Mail are clearly still loving it and just won't stop. By looking at their list of red cards under Arsene, you would have thought it's our player who broke someone's leg with a terrible foul. But no, don't go to their website. I already regret giving them a couple of internet pageviews. And definitely don't buy their rubbish paper!
Lou the Gunneress
I love your 20 questions, please keep doing these. A couple from me: 21. Will the British media and manure fans ever notice thuggery from Rooney, Neville, and the rest of Fergie's bullies? 22. Will Chelsea fans ever notice Terry's red card lunge at Cesc while they fulminate about Eboue's tackle on their beloved captain? 23. Why do the Brits get so neurotic and hysterical about one emotional outburst from an otherwise solid captain yet shrug their shoulders at a reckless assault that breaks a player's leg? In Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America, Gallas' actions would simply have been shrugged off as an otherwise excellent captain losing control of his emotions in a very difficult game. So f--king what? Why does one incident wipe out a player's otherwise solid performance all season?
And finally, will the British media ever publish a list of red cards from other clubs to compare with Arsenal's record?
All success is relative HudYid. If Ramos were to pick up another couple of trophies over the next couple of seasons then it may be seen as a level of success you hadn't enjoyed for sometime. But will it be enough for him to be judged as succesful if you aren't competing in the CL though? That seems to be the benchmark by which the owners will judge a manager. Jol was relatively sucessfull for you - had he won a Carling Cup in his time but finished mid table would that have really made him a more succesful manager than he was?
1) Yes .. clearly Juande has got a style, got players fit, and gained the players buy in. Spurs not only won the CC, but who can say the performance didn't deserve it? 2) Exactly 3) The same as the reverse. The story is still in the press 4) hahaha 5) Unlikely 6) King's behaviour wasn't on national television to influence impressional kids 7) see above 8) didn't happen on the pitch while a game was still happening 9) if McFadden had hit the post, Gallas might have made a difference. The others behaviour could not have influenced a games outcome 10) FA doesn't stand for 'For Arsenal' and don't have to make every decision favouring you 11) 1,000-1 I'd imagine 12) this is what should also be punished 13) if? yes. 14) the chavs in the pub on Saturday did 15) No 16) No, as Hansen, simply because he doesn't lick Arsenal's backside, is a good pundit 17) No 18) Yes 19) No 20) No
Bran Mak Morn
Jaelle, that's EXACTLY what I asked for in a comment posted to the Daily Mail site. I demanded an apples-to-apples comparison with other clubs during the same period from Sep 1996 to present. There's no way we're worse than Blackburn, Bolton, etc. Let's see if they'll post my comment after moderation. Another thing that p;ssed me off was that a journalist asked Arsene at the pre-Villa press conference: "Taylor received death threats. Do you think you should have been more emphatic with your retraction of your post-match comments?" or some sh;t like that. That's where Arsene responded with dignity about how he took his responsibility by retracting the comments he felt were overboard; and that those people who threatened Taylor were "idiotic" and should "take their responsibilities" as well. Fair enough. Quite obviously Arsene wouldn't play into their hands anymore when those journos try to fan the flame. Oh, and let me also point out that it's THEM who chose to delay/under-report Arsene's retraction. And now they asked if he could have been more "emphatic". PATHETIC.
Lou the Gunneress
Jaelle, what if Lehmann had saved the penalty or it had hit a post and a Birmingham player had nipped in and slotted in a rebound, taking advantage of Gallas's absense?. When a penalty is awarded, it is an opportunity, it is not a goal unless it is scored and Gallas's absense was totally unprofessional. His behaviour indicated that Lehmann would not save it, but didn't Lehmann save a penalty against Villareal? If Gallas had done a similar thing in that situation, how would you have felt if his absense had led to a goal and had denied you a place in the CL Final? This is what Hansen, Lawrensen and Lineker were referring to. By all means, lose your temper once the final whistle has gone, not while the game is still happening.
Bran Mak Morn
Amos ur spot on our Board want CL Qualification, question is what were they thinking sanctioning 16.5m to be spent on Bent??? lol On a seperate note and i try to say this without Spurs specs on, I think the criticism that Gallas recieved was totally deserved especially when hes the captain.
You'll be able to answer most of those questions for yourself next year when your looking up at us, like you were a couple of seasons ago, until Wenger sneaked into the kitchen.
And we've got a real manager now!!
Bran, why are you talking about Lehman? He wasn't even in the Birmingham game. But I get your point. I know very well what Gallas risked, you don't get my point. I never said it was the "correct" thing for him to do. I am saying that the REACTION to his actions has been absolutely over the top, hysterical. You and the idiot commentators you mention fixate so intensely on one mistake in an entire season and then judge him to be a worthless, disgraceful captain based ENTIRELY on one incident. Everything else gets wiped out. Your reaction to his behavior is EXTREME and says everything about the myopia of the British media.
LOLLOLLOL, that an OFFICIAL STATEMENT from you. arsenal will be looking up at spuds next season? you saying you'll finish above us?.... Q24 will next season's st totteringhams day come before march??.....GOD BLESS THE CHEF!
Rocky, have you got some archived comments from years gone by, so we can show to Edy? He can then see how delusioned his comments are? Remember Edy- form is temporary, class is permanent. And yeah, I always thought Jol was more of a sack of potatoes than a real human being So... what's cooking ? Just found this : spuds you coudnt even spell your managers name right. lol
Paulo Gun
theres only one matty taylor, only one matty taylor.....hahaha
Doesn't he play for Bolton?
Bran Mak Morn
and there 2 answers to question number 9) william gallas is the odd one out in terms of he made a dick of himself on the pitch or onother way of looking at it is king is the odd one out as he was the only player to win something last week
5-1 - is your name a reference to how many brain cells you have? You're one to the rest of humanity's five?
5-1 - is your real name Richard Head?
5-1 - are you at home twiddling your thumbs depriving a village of an idiot?
goonervin can you not write more then one line at a time you tool
5-1 - i bet you're real name is Billy No Friends
and by the way knobend if the rest of humanity had 5 brain cells and i had one, id be the most intelegent man on earth, *****
5-1 are you still up and watching your "spudscarlingcupwinovermightyarsenal" commemorative DVD? How many times have you seen it already? Mama didn't tell you to go to sleep? naughty, naughty. go away now.
Paulo Gun
no actually im watching a dvd called paulos mother takes it up the brown eye by 5 french bell ends - 9 months later you turned up
Nah Paulo, they're probably watching the CC final DVD from the deluxe box set by now.
Lou the Gunneress
5-1, please.
Lou the Gunneress
whats up lou?, your editor writes an article with questions that will insult spurs fans, and you dont expect them to come here and fight back? And with regards to the will it be next year jive, how many years have gooners been saying we will win something next year, infact in recent years we have been a lot closer to a champions league spot we desire then you have been to winning anything, your final with barca was a complete anti climax after that t w a t lemann decided to take shrooms before the game!
jeez 5-1 you want to be ofensive now?I think you're just a little bit too young to understand where the line of insult is drawn. Handling yourself over a carling cup final. fine. But your days on this sight have truly come to an end.
Paulo Gun
i don't care
ozanne park rangers
5-1 x.x
Good work Dutch, You forgot number twenty-one. If Didier Drogba and Robbie Keane had a fight would there still be lots of knockdowns without a punch being thrown?
Another question: Should we applaud Avram Grant for his honesty and courage to speak up about/against the media for once? It's a "Yes" for me:
Lou the Gunneress
Bran, I take most of your answers. Two quick points,number 10 is clearly a reference to Middlesbrough's injustice, not Arsenal's. And 17) I'm not referring to Hansen's anti-Arsenal bias (though I do feel he is very defensive having written us off so comprehensively), but his pro Liverpool bias. Surely you can't deny that? He used to be a half decent pundit, now he and all the pundits on the beeb (Dixon is alright at times, Peacock can be o.k) are woefully sub standard. Hansen's analysis usually consists of one line derisive put downs, while Shearer shows a level of insight that your average sun reader on the street could comfortably display, yet we have to pay his wages by law. Now the beeb declare they are going all out for CL coverage, using the whole nation's license fees to cover a competition that can only ever cover England's top four clubs is shameful. BBCs sport coverage has fallen a hell of a long way. (Though I will say I don't mind Lineker).
Little Dutch
The worst pundit/commentor ever has to be Pleat. Lawro is really bad but it has to be Pleat I mean he once described Cristiano Ronaldo as "A fine, good looking specimen" and still calls Chimbonda "Chinbomba" LOL
A vital request to those of you who’re going to the vital game today: it’s high time we make our support count. For the team who’ve come so far to this leading position in the league against all odds, for Arsene Wenger who’s put up with so much sh;t, for Eduardo, for the club we so want to win the title this year, please get behind the team and sing as terribly loud as you possibly and physically can. Show the team that we care, show the opponents that we have like 55,000 guys behind the 11 guys on the pitch. We didn’t build this fantastic stadium only to improve revenue. With so many people fortunate enough to be watching in there, there must be a way to improve our support as well. If we couldn't do it in the circumstances we're in right now, I don't know when we could. Go Gooners!
Lou the Gunneress
anothrt two points dropped.................WAHAY!!!!!!!!!!!! slipping out of your grasp assholes!
U4L that was fast to come and gloat. Even those Gooners who love to go to Vital Spurs to laugh at them haven't started doing so lol. Villa played very well today. We're still having a bit of a hangover from last week. No complaint.
Lou the Gunneress
like your playing on ice cause you just keep slipping.
Kind of worrying, but that's what the lead/gap was built up for. Without huge squads like yours or Chelsea's, it's almost impossible for us to take the lead and keep a big distance all the way to the end. At least we did save up some buffer for bad days like these, which are bound to happen at some point. Hopefully we can get some of the injured guys back soon.
Lou the Gunneress
We were lucky today, but that point could prove vital at the end of the season! You can't blame U4L and Rooney for feeling slightly bitter though. They must have terrible neck ache from looking up at us all the time lol. Still top!!!
Who seriously thinks man utd will win every game from now on. cant see that myself. All that matters is we're still top, no matter how much we shoot ourselves in the foot
memories of fever pitch are coming back. we are in for an exciting finish to the season folks. we never do things the easy way, nah that has never been our style. i can see this one going right down to the wire and we to win it on the last day of the season..
and looneyisgod and scum4life, when your team overtakes us and goes top, then come and gloat. and Lou, that is an excellent point, the lead was built up for mini blips like these. the lads will definetly bounce back from this, and after today, i want this league more badly than the CL. this will be our best title victory under Wenger since 1998 if we win it, and which in my opinion, we will..
Yeah Flv and Ian, still top is the thing. And let's not under-estimate the importance of this late goal. We used to score loads of those in the 1st half of the season, grinding out wins/draws, hence our league position. But they kind of dried up a bit over the past couple of months. If we're to take any positives out of this, "Good teams grind out results even when they aren't playing well" is one good old cliche... Yeah Luckys, you just never know (not having a dig or anything, just for example, the very reason why the Spurs guys haven't appeared here to gloat is how they got beaten 4-1 by, er, Birmingham. Who would have thought.) So you just never know!
Lou the Gunneress
and Lou this draw is feeling like a win. the disappointment of last week's result is out of my system. i havent been feeling so confident about our titles chances over the last few weeks as i am today. if we do win it on the last day of the season, it will be my greatest ever moment supporting our great club..
and yo guys, have a look at the league table. St. Totteringham day could arrive next weekend, so lot of things to look foward too..
actually it has all but happened today, still the spuds have a chance on goal difference, so lets keep the champagne on the ice till next weekend..
Yeah feeling (almost) like a win. The commentary at the end went like: "While the draw at Birmingham last week felt like a defeat, this draw at home feels like a win now." A very strange game it was. And while I'm not as confident as you, I'm an almost blind optimist, I see the guys taking this as a wake-up call. We've come so so far and now so so close to the title, and having also been so so close to throwing it away (a few times now), I think they'll really shake themselves up and bounce back. Hehe how can you still keeping track of the St. Totteringham thing, I started ignoring their part of the table long time ago and been only following ManU and Chelsea lol
Lou the Gunneress
Ian, saw your comment on Vital Spurs hehehee.. fair and funny enough. :>
Lou the Gunneress
Yeah, got to laugh at the spuds Lou. I'd take the CC loss all day long over a 4-1 league defeat to relegation zone Bham...All I want to see is 1) please beat milan and 2) please!..RVP be back for the wigan game. We have to get our from back NOW
Ian, from some (couldn't bring myself to read all) of their comments, it seems to me like they're doing for UEFA Cup what we're doing for the league, sacrificing other competitions for the key thing (maybe more reluctantly on our part due to injuries). But I still don't understand the logic of aiming for a cup competition in which luck plays a big part, while dropping points in the league. Anyway, not our problem. To be brutally honest, if getting beaten by Milan would enable us to win the league, I guess we'd still take it considering everything now. But like Arsene always says, let's try to get as far as we can and delay that "choice" between things.
Lou the Gunneress
i'll start the analysis rolling on.. almunia kept us in the game with that save from harewood and was totally not at fault for the goal as he must hv though senderos would hv cleared the ball away.. gallas made a few crucial well timed rackles to underline wat a top class defender he is.. senderos own goal says it all... sagna and clichy went forward to not much effect and a rare off-day for both our fullbacks.. fabregas and hleb were in and out of the game.. flamini worked hard but had to be sacrified for creativity.. adebayor needs to know goalpost is a couple of feet lower, 3 headers way above the bar.. walcott lively and could hv scored today if he was kept at the center.. 3 subs, bendtner might hv just got the goal that will turn our fortunes around, denilson and gilbert efficient
Yeah that's what I meant by "considering everything" - with 2 good strikers, 1 key midfielder and 1 first-choice CB out, and strong opponents chasing Europe with great performances all round, and what happened over the past week, guess I couldn't complain too much. At least it'd give some confidence back to Bendtner - not that he lacks it, but he hasn't been in good form lately and we need him/Theo to do a job now. If RvP and Rosicky would be back for Wigan, great. Otherwise, home vs Boro, NO RUSH. And same for Kolo if he's not 100% ready for Milan just yet.
Lou the Gunneress
Villa played very well today, definetly one if the best away performances seen at the Emirates......their fans are an absolute disgrace though. To a man (man? sorry i meant scumbag) they sang songs in relation to Eduardos broken leg, they dont deserve the bright young team they have.
Iceman, what the hell?!
Lou the Gunneress
To be fair every Villa fan that ive come across on this network has been top drawer but to have 3000 of them singing like them idiots from the coke cup champions was shocking. Wenger has even commented about it on
Yeah saw Arsene's quotes. Maybe that got to the players too...
Lou the Gunneress
I couldnt hear what they were singing! As for the point feeling like a win??? I left the Grove very down.
WHY CANT ARSENE WENGR EVER ADMIT THEY DIDNT DESERVE TO WIN! if arsenal players are so weak that crowd chanting can effect their performance on the pitch then maube they are in the wtrong proffesion. pathetic exuses, the title is slipping away from you.
Hehe U4L didn't expect you to see all his post-match comments but obviously that's only one of the many things he said. Yes it's pathetic to blame it on the chant but he didn't. To twist it and claim he did is more pathetic.
Lou the Gunneress
if arsene wenger didnt want to se all those young boys in the showers you might get a sqaud that could make it all the way to the end.
looneyisgod, we'll see what happens in may, yu can keep sprouting ur ***** as much as u want like u have been doing the entire season, we'll let our team do the talking for us. even after all our blips this season, we are still on top, so when yu overtake us and stay there for more than a week, and if at all win the league, then open ur mouth yu handpump..
luckys_10, the only thing is the pressure is on your tem is too weak to handle it.
lol, yu are no different than him, the pressure is always there at the top, when yu are number one, and whether we are too weak or ur simply not good enough to retain ur title, we will get our answers at the end of the season. there is no point in coming and talking now, lets wait for ten more games and we'll find out. the best part is as Lou said, yu have never been five points clear this season, and we inspite of all our blips, are still top with ten games to go. no matter how many games are over, it's always better to be first than second..
the manure fans on here seem to be counting on being able to beat us at their place and get results against against chelski and pool, but those chickens aint hatched, we can get a result at trafford and if we're still ahead at that stage the pressure's on them at home. Lou your comments on here have been refreshing to read, i like your perspective on things
plus, since manure are playing fa cup next weekend, we can get out to a 4 point lead if we beat wigan (and celebrate st totteringhams day at the same time with nine matches in hand!) (oops now i'm counting chickens)
"are so weak that crowd chanting can effect their performance on the pitch then maube they are in the wtrong proffesion" the only person I heard off that couldn't take crowd chanting after 20 years of profesional football management was a certain red nose drunk with a persecution complex.
Paulo Gun
lol Paulo yeah I seem to remember that too. And JakeB, my perspective on things is just that I try to stay optimistic until "mathematically impossible" - the Arsene way. The man himself said: “If you don’t believe you can do it then you have no chance at all.” “I don’t play for second and I don’t give up.” Whose sentiment seems to echo that of another great man, Winston Churchill: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” “I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.” If we demand the players to stay positive despite difficulties, so should we.
Lou the Gunneress
Sorry, don't mean to dwell on Eduardo's injury, but it amazes me that journo miraculously sees some sense:
Lou the Gunneress
Not many times these days you read worthy of attention football articles. The Telegraph it seems is becoming an oaza in a sea off infested english-grit bull***** media
Paulo Gun
another screw up at the degenirates stadium, i bet you guys are looking forward to go to old trafford this season, so you can put in another good performance in there, you stupid arrogant morons, senderos is god!!!
Fair play to Villa, the played very well on the counter, they have really progressed this season, and I have to say in the end a point is about as much as I could have asked for on that performance.... We were having one of those "not clicking" days with the final ball being a let down far too often... Hope people don't start slagging Swiss Tony on the back of his own goal...... So to reveal Sirharrykernowboygromitespuds latest identity: Bran mok morn (or whatever) welcome back sir, again.... you certainly cannot be accused of inconsistency.....
5-1 you got a big mouth considering you just got thrashed by relegation candidates....don't worry next season it will happen.... PS Lou, do you post on the Guardian blogs?
4-1, You seem to be more interested in our matches than yours you closet ManC. What ******** you are! I'm sure Sp*rs fans are delighted to call you as one of their own.
Hehe I was expecting the Spurs guys to come and gloat after we "only" got 1 point against Villa, who in fairness played very well. But then I realised they got thrashed so I thought they'd stick with their site for a while. But I guess they aren't ashamed of being spanked by a team in the relegation zone. KaoTek, I've only posted on Guardian blogs a few times, more like a couple of times lately. Why?
Lou the Gunneress
well we ripped you apart at our place just over a week ago so we should be pretty confident. and quite honestly i have never been really confident of beating chelsea at stamford bridge for a few years until now. i think we will get the win and end there impressive home record.
RIG I'm not saying we will, because we aren't in good form, but we go to SB one month before you guys. Who knows. And Derby's going there in 2 weeks' time too. lol
Lou the Gunneress
1. for the rest of the season i will be supporting manure becuase if they win you lose, if you lose i am happy, 2.i dont care about our result against birmingham ill use an excuse you love to use it was our b team, and besides we were playing against 11 men, they shut you up with 10 men
Weak 5-1, is that the best you can do? Do I need to remind you of the difference between a draw, and a complete drubbing? Or the fact a lowly team like the Brum took 6 points of your sorry lot? The fact you'll spend the remainder of the season supporting the mancs says it all really...
Lou... No big deal, just saw a few posts by.... 'red Lou' (?? may have the name wrong) and was wondering if it was you...
actual tek, lets get it straight, who got more upset spurs fans after a 4-1 against brum or gooners after a 2-2 against 10 men brum, you know the answer you just wont admit it, and about the mancs you really think i would prefer arsenal to win over them idiot?
Question 51. WhoTF is 5-1 and (apart from obviously being a closet gooner) wtf is he doing here? How about you tot up the aggregate scores of all Arsenal v S***s games ever and call yourself 45-830
5-1, unlike you, we have not grown accustomed to being beaten. the reason we are upset is that we have a chance at winning the title, something you can only dream about. 11th place spurts are nearer the relegation zone than they are 10th place West Ham.
we screwed up are season in the 1st 12 weeks, but you always leave it untill the last 3 weeks to win nothing, you know the joke why do housewives love arsenal - because they spend so much time on top and always come 2nd
^^^^^ ha ha that was brilliant LOL and oh so true

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