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Adebayor: 'We can beat anyone'

What a night and what a performance for Arsenal fans. Despite a recent slip in domestic competitions it was a display of pure class from Arsene Wenger's side as they eventually eased to a 2-0 win over AC Milan at the San Siro Stadium - nothing less than what they deserved.

For long periods it seemed as if the Gunners' would be frustrated as gilt-edged chances went begging whilst Cesc Fabregas smashed a shot against the bar. But with just over 5 minutes left Fabregas found his range perfectly as he drilled a shot past Milan keeper Zelkjo Kalac from all of 30 yards before Emmanuel Adebayor tapped home Theo Walcott's cross to make it two.

Speaking after the full time whistle, the Togo international said proudly that they can 'beat any team in the world!' and on this display not too many can argue.

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The Journalist

Writer: Lee Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday March 5 2008

Time: 11:42AM

Your Comments

WHat a jammy goal fabregas scored he was lucky he was given so much space, You were just lucky ac milan didnt turn up on the day as for ADebayor his an athlete that wengers just made a footballer out of his got no talent or technique at all his just going through a extremely lucky season, watch next year he'll be back to his old non goalscoring performances chasing long balls like a headless chicken!!!
Was it as Jammy as Woodgates goal in the cup final Paxton?!?!? I don't hear you btching about that one.
Oi Yid, In September, 2-1 up, Adebayor on the half volley remember that son? Yeah pure luck that one was eh, mug.
WHY OH WHY OH WHY....... will you spuds never learn. You are a 'football club' (and a mediocre one at that) WE are a 'GREAT football club' as last night we proved once again. The same rule applies year after year... you have to be in it to win it. so i guess you lot will never know what its like to claim a victory as huge as ours was last night.
Oh yea yid hear we go again talking about next season but I expose that is all you have, hope for next season and then next season and then next season and then next season .............. Sad, whirly sad.
I sincerley hope the use of the word "yid" is refering to his Username and not for another reasons!!
ya, we have the luckiest striker in the world. hooray.. bring on Barca or Madrid (or Inter). italian teams seem easier meat though.
Yeas rocky7 it's a reference to a username. As for our performance last night I'll have to revaluate my opinion on Senderos, he's an enigma and a player that I simply can not understand. Terrible in one game and brilliant in the next, maybe he needs the whole team to play at the top of their game to shine but starts to get nervous when some individuals fall short of their best. If so then it is a matter of lack of confidence in his ability to lift the players around him and is something that will definitely come in time
senderos is definately a complex fellow. Still don't think he's first choice material, but definately a very important squad player for us.
hmmm... I know hurts you... but we cant help
I think Sanderos suites well for European teams...
Paxton Yid - just try and pretend that you're not sick that the Arsenal outplayed and dicked on the holders of the Champions League!! It is a level of performance and strata of football your two-bob piece of sheeit second tier muppets cannot, despite your many repeated boasts and laughable claims, ascend to. SUCK IT, MUG! :-D
I guess the nightmare draw scenario for you will be Manchester United, Barcelona as they will really attack you, and maybe Chelsea as your games are always close. Real Madrid could be challenge if they are full fit and firing on all cylinders, but Liverpool, Porto or Schalke and Fenerbache would (on paper) appear straightforward.
Bran Mak Morn
Don't fancy UTD, think we'd kick lumps out of each other. Football wise Porto or F'bace please, trip wise = Barcelona.
Barcalona will do..Messi is out for at least the next six weeks....
Paxton_Yid_7 - I guess Adebayor must be lucky everytime he plays you because no matter your centrebacks he always seems to tear spurs defenders a new ar**hole or does that reflect on your defenders? Either way must of been difficult watching the cream of European clubs on telly last night whilste waiting for the WAFFA cupvase to come round again!!!
well played scums...i dont like to see u win but it would have been harsh on ur part if u had lost that game...on ur day,u can beat anyone...but for that matter,all the big teams say so...i just hope u get barca or real next would be 2 great games of football...
GOONERS.dont u fink ur gettin a bit carried away with last nights result we all know that a c milan r not the team they once was n serie a is weak compared 2prem. liverpool beat inter 2-0 n there 18points clear of milan. truth is u beat a 5hit milan side on there own turf that dont make u world beaters does it ?????
Whenever Arsenal get outstanding results the bitterness of spuds supporters comes flying out. One minute AC Milan are going to batter us, then when we win AC Milan are not the team they were. I remember reading the same thing when we beat Real Madrid & Juventus. Amazingly though that s*** AC Milan team are still european champions & still hadn't lost to an english team on their soil. The useless spuds could barely beat slavia prague over two legs but yet their fans feel qualified to comment on the achievement of knocking AC Milan out of the ONLY competition they care about!!
Ashburton Gooner
dspurs64... yes I know they became like spuds now
No dspuds64 it's 21 - 1.
yep n its the last one i got gloating rights on 5-1 5-1 5-1 5-1 5-1
Forever in our shadows you mouthy front wheel.
Enjoy wile it lasts spuddy you'll be back one the loosing side after the next game.
Is 5-1 the only achievement your small little club can boast about?? You win the most meaningless trophy possible & then laughable try & pass it off as success!! Your small time players then spend the next 5 days getting p***ed, followed up by a humiliating defeat at Birmingham to put you back in the relegation battle!! But never mind, when you're playing championship football next season you can still keep telling yourself you managed to beat our kids & reserves 5-1!!
Ashburton Gooner
sorry ashburton gooner ur right it was only your kids we beat 5-1 the same lot what beat milan last night. i do apologize!!!!!
With all due respect guys, i think you should just ignore dspurs64 and focus on your acheivement and the performance you put in. That is the main thing and what these topics are about and not what has happened in the past. I would however like to correct you ashburton gooner, i wouldn't call sagna, gallas, hleb, fabregas, eduardo, gilberto and adebayor as reserves or kids. I would say they are either first team regulars or squad players. But back to your topic...... congratulations and enjoy your win as you deserve it after a great performance
Paxton we got Adebayor uve got Darren Bent. Dont know why any fans of the coke cup champions are trying to down play are good performance last night, we knocked out the champions of europe on their own patch and got a standing ovation from most of a very hostile and partisan crowd, end of.
spursfan4eva dont come on here avin ago at me 4sticking up 4my club which i thought was ur club2. no real spurs fan would come on here n big up arsenal like u av. STAND UP IF U HATE ARSENAL i bet ur stll sitting spursfan4eva1 shame on you!!!!!
And dspurs u beat us 5-1 and got beat 4-1 by Birmingham, these freak results where small relegation battling clubs win big happen from time to time.
P*$s off dspurs spursfan4eva is showing a level of class and appreciation you can only dream about.
Some spuds fans are prepared to give credit where its due and enough gooners congratulated your lot after the win against us in the CC semi final as well as your win in the CC final to feel that there is a sensible balance to be struck between banter and vitriol. It's possible to both stick up for your club and use a few brain cells at the same time.
No iceman10 he can't even dream about it, he does'nt have the brain for it, poor thing. 21 - 1.
Here is an interesting article on Flamini and his contract situation.,,2262391,00.html
Spursfan4eva, Sagna, Hleb & Gallas were the only first team regulars to start that match. Cesc came on in the 20th minute when we were already losing & the others came on after 60+ minutes when the game was more than over. If you truly want to believe that Fabianski, Hoyte, Traore, Denilson, Diaby, Gilberto, Walcott & Bendtner are anything more than reserves & kids thats up to you, but you're only kidding yourself!! Gilberto has in the past been a first team player, but his Arsenal career has been over since the start of this season.
Ashburton Gooner
Have to laugh at these rival fans and disappointed pundits who hate us rushing to tell us "don't get carried away" and reminding us that our team still hasn't won anything and that there are still a lot of problems to work out if we're going to win any trophies. Gee, like we don't know any of that. WE KNOW WE HAVEN'T WON ANYTHING YET, WE KNOW THERE'S A LOT MORE FOOTBALL TO PLAY AND THAT THERE ARE WEAKNESSES IN THE TEAM TO WORK OUT. We don't need you to put us in our place. Just let us have this moment after a horrible couple of weeks. The spuddies who come on here really spend an awful lot of their time obsessing over Arsenal.
The fact is that the media and many football fans went orgasmic last season when Manure beat Milan at OT 3-2, conceding 2 goals. No one doubted Fergie's bully boys would go thru. They were well thrashed for their arrogance at the San Siro. Whereas Arsenal managed not to concede any goals to the many-times CL champions (and runners-up) on our home ground and that was widely viewed as a FAILURE. Manure score 5 or 6 easy goals against the likes of Newcastle and Fulham, and they're world beaters. Yet they can barely manage a goal v. Lyon at OT in a poor and very unconvincing performance. Yet they're still the mighty invincible Man United. BTW, it's hilarious (and telling) that the only English team to break these "only English team to beat so-and-so on their home ground" records is the one team in the PL with the fewest English players. Guess that's what it takes to beat those records. :-) Certainly the invincible Manure can't do it.
dspurs, what did you catch? probably a tiddler or the carling cup as its otherwise known.
ashburton gooner, i do have a different opinion to you but this topic is about your great performance last night and i see no reason to discuss anything other than that. As i said earlier and in other topics. Congrats to you
i bet many spurs fans are still hoping Milan equalize and beat us in the final minute....oops! the match is already
If we beat Barcelona in the final or beat Barca and win the champions league along with the premiership I think that would cement our position as best in europe. Real Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan we have beaten all of these teams in recent times. Which is why I want to meet Barca in the final and beat them.
jaelle, may i congratulate your team on a very impressive performance. however, i feel your views on "manure" are completely soaked with jeleousy. true, we had a bad result at the san siro last year; and yes you have done remarkably well to play a still very good milan side off the park. but if you honestly believe man utd are not a world class team then you are serioulsy deluded. i think arsenals performances this season have risen your status as one of the top 5 clubs in world football; which i would rank alongside the likes of United, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter Milan. please show some decency in winning, andif your only tool for mocking our club is the fact we didnt put in a great performance yet still won and qualified into the quarter finals, dont you think you have answered yor own questions about united's greatness. but, may i leave by saying well doen, and i hope fellow arsenal fans are a little more understanding of other clubs...dont get carried away.
united4life..i believe jaelle's argument come from the english media portraying Arsenal as inferior than your team which is true and that hurts as Arsenal fans. We do deserve some credit from the english media!!!...btw Adebayor and Co..please keep the MOMENTUM ON with the same display and let's start the winning streak from last night.
U4L, you don't understand my post at all. If you think I actually believe that Man United are NOT "a big club" or a "great club" then you're being incredibly defensive and sensitive. United's record speaks for itself. It's United fans like you who don't get it: your club is persistently hyped to the skies by the British media as invincible, invulnerable, on a plane of absolute superiority over everyone else in Britain, authentically British (that's a laugh); your weaknesses are routinely ignored while ours are routinely played up. You are ALWAYS the true "manly" team reflective of British "grit", the media go wild when you bang in 5 goals against a club that doesn't even have a manager. Arsenal are routinely over-scrutinized in a manner that your club simply is not. Our manager is routinely villified as a hypocrite with selective vision when YOUR manager commits the same exact sins repeatedly, but never receives the intensity of insults that ours does. Plus, your club genuinely believes that the PL title is yours by divine right and that the league competition is just a formality. I used to quite enjoy watching ManU (still do, I love good football) but not so much anymore since I saw how the FA and the British media suck at Ferguson's teat and villify our club and manager with blatant xenophobia. Example: compare the hysteria over Gallas v. Terry. The latter routinely behaves like a thug on the pitch, threatens referees, etc. Yet he's honored as a tough, dedicated (English) captain while Frenchman Gallas is likened to a mass murderer for hitting an advertising board.
oops, my mistake, I wrote too fast: comparing Gallas and Terry, a CHELSEA player, my bad! I wrote too fast. But my point still stands. United players like Rooney who commit many sins on the pitch never get the same kind of scrutiny that Arsenal players do.
LMAO cracked me with this... "while Frenchman Gallas is likened to a mass murderer for hitting an advertising board."
Africans....known for their modesty. lol
Alright Kev, whatsamatter can't stomach any more swearing and bile directed at the ref? started watching the game but turned it to Real/Roma not cos of your play cos you're playing well and have the game sewn up but if I see Cashley tell the ref to f@ck off 1 more time I will scream, what the hell has happened to the bloke? pure soul sickness man, he's rotted inside, used to be such a nice lad too.
Yeah watching Real v Roma too. Thought I'd witness the one last Italian remain in the tournament, but it's more like we now have only one Spanish side left. Who do you guys want to draw? I think Roma wouldn't be bad at all at this stage, leaving Barca to the final.
Lou the Gunneress
add "side" behind "Italian". But er, just realised Messi's injured for 6 weeks for Barca. Hmm.. don't know, anyone in QF will do.
Lou the Gunneress
Do you want possibly Porto or Schalke? Switch from Real-Roma to Porto-Schalke for the penalty shoot-out now...
Lou the Gunneress
Niko, whatever the hell Cole has inside of him....the girls sure love it.
What you saying...Nokias' a girls best friend? ;). Anyhow I don't really class those grubby gold digging salon harpies as girls, they're barely human ffs. All that recent tart saw was $$$$ and her slummy mug in the red tops, wrong wrong wrong, ugly soul dead leeches. This is your life 2008 Cashley.
His life ain't that bad...
God i hope we get Schalke in the next round :)
And just think...RVP,Tommy and Kolo all fit for the next round !!!...
I agree with Adebayor, that Arsenal can beat anyone, but so can Man U, Liverpool and Chelsea on their day
Not being funny we lose to the easy teams in the Champions League so it dont bother me who we get in the next round.
goonerbird85- u lose coz ur rubbish!
No spuds lose coz there rubbish! Weve only lost 1 prem game this season!!! AV IT.
Haha what's this Spurs guy doing here after they've just lost to the exact team Goonerbird's referring to in PSV?
Lou the Gunneress
yep you probably caan now we have seen it all
ozanne park rangers
lets hope he scores the winner at Manure then

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