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This Week's Twenty Questions

1. Does David Bentley eat lemons for breakfast every morning? Because that boy sure is bitter.

2. Does Jose Mourinho's little diabtrite against Arsene Wenger reveal that the so called Special One is not feeling so special right now? Aaargh, never mind Jose, one day you'll be able to manage a club and be remembered for more than spending £31m on Shevchenko and obnoxious press conferences.

3. Was that our best European performance in the Wenger era?

4. Will Villa fans sing songs about Zat Knight's snapped achilles tendon this weekend?

5. Did anyone else notice just how long it took Adebayor to congratulate Bendtner for his goal last weekend?

6. Does Fergamoan realise just how pathetic his jibes against Arsenal's 'usual seven minutes injury time' make him sound? Is the biggest act of hypcorisy since, well, since Jose said Wenger had it easy at Arsenal?

7. Having won 5-1 and 2-0 on our last two visits to the San Siro, does that mean we can keep it? We could use it for reserve games!

8. Do unattractive young women exist in Italy?

9. Any Gooners out there still troubled by the cup exits to Moan United and the Spuds?

10. Who does everybody want in the next round of the Champions League?

11. What's the betting Chelsea land Schalke in the next round?

12. Will Kolo Toure win his place back?

13. Is a Bolton manager complaining about a referee's failure to apply the rules the biggest act of hypocrisy since, well, since Fergamoan said Arsenal always get generous amounts of injury time?

14. Why the fuss over Tim Cahill's goal celebration last week?

15. Is anybody beginning to feel sorry for Newcastle United? Nah, me neither.

16. If I turn up early enough, do I have a chance of playing left wing against Wigan on Sunday?

17. Anyone else love the sight of Theo Walcott barging Kaka off the ball on Tuesday? Looked like a different player didn't it?

18. Will Mathieu Flamini please, please, please just sign the f*****g contract already?

19. Are Tomas Rosicky's hamstrings made of Ryvita?

20. Is sitting with your guitar trying to learn every single note of Radiohead's latest album a productive use of a day off work?LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday March 7 2008

Time: 4:04PM

Your Comments

Of course Toure will get his place back! He's better than Gallas and Senderos. Your best CB I'd say.
He's good, but he ain't quite as good as Billy yet.
Little Dutch
The answer to 8. is no. I fell in love every 10 minutes outside the Duomo and every 30 seconds inside this club i went to. What could be better than having a cold beer watching pretty young girls walk by after having watched your team win in the San Siro.....
paul_ownz them prices....getting someone to by you the cold beer ???
What shirt number will Flamini get when he signs with Juventus? :p.
Probably not the same number Drogba will get at Milan
I think Gallas is having a shocking season to be honest. He was good for you last year but i've not been overly impressed. Still as good as most defenders but not up to his usual standards. Apart from the hissy fits, they're still up to par with usual.
Zola - Gallas was terrible last season, and has been awesome this season.....I'm not sure on what you base your opinions about Gallas' season.
Who likes egg?..i do ^^
kevin what number will big fat lumplard get when he joins jose in spain or italy
fran merida
i would like shalke or fernebace...just for a change of scene
fran merida
Our form against big clubs is better than what it is little club, although at this stage of the compitition any game is going to be a hard game. Just hope we dont let the win against Milan dont get to our heads because we havent won anything yet.
On 10 and 11, Fran, Schalke's better, but as LD suggested, Chelsea'll get them, no doubt. Or Schalke and Fernabache will get each other. And Fernebache's not as easy as they seem. I'd actually wanted Real but they're out, and rightly so. I actually don't mind Roma. But judging from our luck, we'd get an English team. On 15, I can't bring myself to feel sorry for Newcastle, but I am starting to feel for West Ham, depending on whom St Totts Day awaits btw. With all those injuries, their fixtures have been Fulham away (I know, but still a derby), Chelsea home, Liverpool away, now Spurs away this Sunday, then Blackburn home, Everton away. If my sympathy was to go to any team, it's them.
Lou the Gunneress
on q19, i'm really frustrated with his injuries.. i hope when he's back, he'll last till the season ends
Well, having visited a couple of cities in Italy the anwer to no.8 is a comprehensive hell NO ;).
And btw, to a certain extent, Q8 applies to young Italian guys too. Young - which excludes those middle-aged men whose bellies are full of wine/cheese/whatever animal organs they eat, e.g. Carlo Ancelotti. Which makes me wonder if the likes of Paolo Maldini or Gilardino or Totti would get fat when they grow old too..
Lou the Gunneress
My own Q21 has two parts: (a) Do you agree with John Terry? "I watched Arsenal beat Milan. It was fantastic and great to see. Arsenal are a very good footballing side but we knocked the ball about superbly against Olympiakos and I'd like to think people are talking about Chelsea in the past when they talk about us playing it long-ball. I think we showed against Olympiakos and West Ham that we can play anyone off the pitch." (b) How did Olympiakos and West Ham get mentioned in the same breath as Milan? Still a mystery to me.
Lou the Gunneress
Who didn`t laugh when they read Q19,super funny Mr LD
the answer to the last question is a resounding yes. was it fruitful though LD? how far did you get?
Jose looks like Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips in the photo at the top. and he looks like he's about to battle some robots to boot.
Lou, you are a genius. I always look out for your posts and they are always, mmm... sweet. True Gooner you are. Great questions LD.
Warri Gooner
That's how many goals he has scored...or is it 101? 102, or 103?Ah, almost as many pies he's
JakeB, I got the bassline for 15 Step, bits of House of Cards, the intro to Jigsaw and the whole of Reckoner. Now all I need is Thom Yorke's impossible falsetto. That'll take more than a day off to achieve, wonder if I can claim maternity leave? I saw Flaming Lips a few years ago in Hyde Park, Coyne got into a giant bubble and did a crowd surf. Pretty standard Friday afternoon really.
Little Dutch
Haha Warri Gooner that's flattering - especially when I'm always prepared to be brushed away in a place where we discuss "a man's sport" lol. Sometimes I still get dismissed as "another emotional female "fan" who knows nothing about football or sport in general but is only in it for those good-looking players" by some male friends. So I'm still learning how not to embarrass/betray myself by saying things like that comment about Italian guys above lol
Lou the Gunneress
Off topic - Happy Birthday to Mathieu!
Lou the Gunneress
I admit to having a few Guinesses inside me, but Lou, heed these points three. 1) NEVER be prepared to be brushed aside. 2) Emotional- I watched grown men stopjust short of weeping on Tuesday night- myself included and 3) There are times when even I could shag Cesc Fabregas.................I should probably go to bed now..............
Little Dutch
Er, yeah.. it's the Guiness LD... Go to bed now, good boy. (Geez... I thought only younger girls than me would fancy Cesc... but I give you that lol) And I have to confess I also managed to stop just short of weeping on Tue night, especially when I saw how Cesc ran to, and excited, the otherwise absolutely serene boss (when I was still dumbfounded and thinking if the goal indeed went in or went wide) then the whole team joined in! Good night now.
Lou the Gunneress
Q9 if ur not troubled by it why mention it. ERR. COZ YOU R. just leave it now a then you can stop having sleepless nights over it you goon!!!!!
I want Roma in the next round, it should be the best game of football besides us and Barca, and I want Barca in the final.
Ozi Gooner
dspur64, it's fair to say quite a few of us WERE, but AREN'T, not even one bit, now. And LD's question was asked in PRESENT tense, so no. For me, both were big blessings in disguise. Hypothetically, I for one wouldn't want to be playing Portsmouth and have that one game in hand only to see ManU get ahead in the league this weekend. I'm 100% happy where we are, so no thanks.
Lou the Gunneress
Ozi, I hope so too, us vs Roma sounds delicious. Barca would be ideal for us to take revenge, Milan-style vs Liverpool you know. But again, with our luck, I can see an English team coming - if Liverpool go through, which I expect them to, there's a 40% chance of getting one of them in the next round. Out of those 3, I'd like to have Chelsea.
Lou the Gunneress
what is this about do you just want random answers or true ones?
ozanne park rangers
4) No ... as it was Curtis Davies who snapped his achillies.
Bran Mak Morn
So it was, my bad.
Little Dutch
Another pompus article from vital arse and imparticular this author only here would u find a weekly 20questions slagging everyclub under the sun off bar yourselves. "this weeks 20 questions" LMFAO you really are THAT full of yourself arent you? And No one gives a ***** whether u play guitar or are learning Radiohead, honest!!!
HY - This is an ARSENAL fan site isn't? Why not have a little fun. They're only words after all, nothing to get worked up about.
If you don't give a *****, why read it? I'm constantly amazed bt Spurs fans ability to slag me off, yet you keep coming back to read. I don't force you to click that link.
Little Dutch
makes me laugh when stupid spuds like hudd come on here and slag off Arsenal articles. Great read LD
HudYiddo, if you cared less than you claimed you did, you wouldn't even have posted a response.. Admit it, you do care about us - it takes some care/attention to hate someone after all. :)
Lou the Gunneress
Your weekly "this weeks 20questions" usually involves a few aimed directly at the team i support so thats why i clicked on the link. Yeh maybe your right Rocky7 and i did take part in last weeks edition but it really does come over as really arrogant and ive every right to tell the arrogant pr1ck what i feel about him.
Off topic, goot article about foreign players and foreign investment - and whether that really matters to us - in PL:
Lou the Gunneress
The fact that you choose to read every week HY shows that I clearly add something to your day. Whether it's because you love to dislike me, or whether you secretly enjoy my work I wouldn't venture to say. Either way, it fulfills you in some way. Oops, there's that arrogance again.
Little Dutch
Oh no (yes?) Edwin van der Sar got injured and his replacement Kuszczak got sent off, then Muntari scored a goal at OT?! I was counting on the FA Cup to keep ManU busy and take part of their attention from PL/CL for the rest of the season. Oh no. Have to catch MotD to see what happened there, sounds dramatic in text.
Lou the Gunneress
Anyone else loving the irony of Fergie bitching about only getting four minutes injury time today? Arsenal would have had at least seven! Since United have failed to beat City, Spurs and Pompey in their last five domestic games, are the media going to write about a collapse? How they've lost their nerve etc?
Little Dutch
So LD you did watch? Who lost their nerve? But you can bet there won't be any talk of a 'crisis' there. So the odds look like Chelsea will get a consolation cup again this year. Now I'll start supporting Pompey in FAC. Or West Brom. lol
Lou the Gunneress
manu one extra cup game played,one rearranged league fixture to come, first team goalie injured,reserve team goalie suspended,and after beating us,they are still in the same position....out of the cup,looks like we got the better deal,especially if we go 4 points clear tomorrow
fran merida
we have to support pompey,cos of adams,lauren, campbell ,kanu...and even diarra god bless his little socks
fran merida
I totally want Pompey to win it, not just cos of the ex Gooners but Harry deserves a cup. TBH Lou, United should have won comfortably. But United's win over us was now a complete waste, they forewent the chance to take top spot. Whereas AW took risks in the domestic cup competitions. He also opted to rest players for the last three group games and forewent top spot, it turned out to be a good gamble cos we amassed a lot of points over Xmas without playing well and we beat Milan anyway. United's form is not good at the moment, this is what made me so astounded last week when everyone was saying they were unstoppable.
Little Dutch
I meant top spot in our CL group of course.
Little Dutch
Yeah Fran, that's exactly why I said above that I'm 100% happy where we are. Let them have that one game in hand and we can now beat Wigan to go 4 points clear. I can imagine this FAC result to be extra motivation for the players. I didn't watch, just saw the text update online. And now the ManU official site's saying "The Reds crash out of the cup in dramatic, and controversial, circumstances"; and "But it was so ridiculously against the run of play that it was a sense of daylight robbery. The Reds can but feel a deep sense of frustration. And injustice, too. Cristiano Ronaldo was denied a clear penalty after seven minutes, one of many refereeing decisions that Sir Alex Ferguson was no doubt furious with." Sir Red Nose must be on the verge of spontaneous combustion by now. Let's see what happened on MotD and what those pundits have to say! And hey they could use Heaten or keep playing Ferdinand in goal..
Lou the Gunneress
to tellu the truth united were very was just one of those days fo rthem..but my god did pompey play .there was this clearance of the line from distin which was jus unbelievable.......its gud news now though both van der sar and kuczak out........its lookin good this saturday........and by the way diarraa i tot was fantastic im really gutted we let him go........
This also proves that not all refs are red devils. Must have been frustrating for them, but it's time some smaller teams get their share of decisions. And ManU's sense of injustice would keep them busy for a good few days. Expect more fall-out and complaints (maybe rightly so) in the media now. (Nice to just be a spectator isn't it?) And so LD, your Q9 has been answered emphatically.
Lou the Gunneress
LD, BBC seems to have an answer to your question about Sir Red Nose's injury time irony - "Despite nearly five minutes of injury time, Man Utd fail to find an equaliser as Portsmouth book their place in the semi-finals"
Lou the Gunneress
I thought United played alright today, Pompey did ride their luck. The thing I was gutted about was seeing how good Diarra is and what a shame his attitude meant he wasn't prepared to make it at Arsenal. I'd have rather lost Diaby than Diarra.
Gooner_Vin - believe me, we at Chelsea know how you feel. But maybe his game will rely on him being big fish, small pond.
Legend of Zola - you're probably right, what's he going to do if he ends up at Real or Barca and they don't play him all the time
I can sort of understand his frustrations, he's young and wants to play but he can't expect to be at a big club and play week in week out at that age.
I'd like Roma, although i wouldnt mind the blue half of milan, if they manage to beat pool. Arsenal have got to be the most effective team at beating Italians..
PS: Are lemons really bitter? or am i missing something here.....

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