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Wenger rues display (AUDIO)

Arsene Wenger admits he's unsure whether the 0-0 point at the JJB Stadium is a point gained or two dropped.

The Gunners' came into the game on a high after their escapades in Milan, but found the worst pitch in the league hampering their passing game. However, Wenger refused suggestions the pitch favoured the home side, denouncing it as 'not fit for football' and says it disrupted the home side just as much as his own team.

Robin Van Persie made his first appearance in 6 weeks after injury, playing 25 minutes from the bench.

Interview Length: 3 Min 30 Sec

To listen CLICK HERE

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The Journalist

Writer: Lee Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday March 9 2008

Time: 9:00PM

Your Comments

We need a fit 11 to be able to challange for the title, to many injuries are screwing us up for exsample hove many times have we been able to field Almunia - sagna,gallas, toure, clicy - rosicky, fabregas, flamini, hlep - rvp, ade for more than one game. if we can avoid more injuries before the end of season then we have a good chance to win the title.
I'm actually waiting for Rosicky, it's like we haven't won a league game since he went out injured not that long ago...
Is it me or is Gilberto not interested anymore? He was slow and poor.. kept giving the ball away.
And here is where our problem is stukazufuss to many injuries to too many players spread over the season.
Good to see RvP back though... although clearly rusty after 5 months out
It's not that he is not interested GF he just is not fast enough anymore. The will is there, the passion is there but he is simply a spent force. A great servant to the club over the years and deserves our thanks but as I said he's just over the hill.
The same can be said about the entire team. Having looked at it again in the MotD highlights, it's not that they didn't try hard, but they're very tired. Can someone tell me why we had to play a friendly (although not everyone took part in it) on Thur after we played Milan away on Tue night?!?! ManU talked about how their Dubai (or somewhere around there?) trip wouldn't affect their domestic performance but it did. And what are we doing playing friendly in the middle of the run-in anyway?!
Lou the Gunneress
Off topic but it's horrible - did you guys see Bardsley's foul on Pienaar? He stepped on the guy's leg and it easily could have been an Eduardo situation! But guess what, yellow card and Bardsley played on.
Lou the Gunneress
Wigan should not be allowed to play other teams on this disgraceful pitch in one of the world's best leagues. If you want to be in this league you should have a premier quality pitch.
i hv been telling all along that the presence of rosicky is soo crucial to our chances.. his movement, interplays with fabregas and hleb and the way he brings clichy forward is just a delight.. he also makes darting runs into the box and gets at the end of a few crosses..he gives us at least 1 goal every 3 games and his absence is hurting our chances.. we hv a good cover for most position except left midfield.. pls come back soon rosicky.. just like the post above, i cant remember the last time we played with our 1st 11.. its been too long
boring boring arsenal!!! haha happy st totts day to you, we win 4-0 and your boring performances will cost you the title
Rosicky, Fabregas and Hleb. The 3 Wise Men.
Warri Gooner
We've ****ed it.
Nice to be challenging for the title though isn't it, 5-1? Not that you or your second rate bunch of mugs would know. Enjoy medicority.
After such a great start to the season & looking so promising 17 days ago now it is out of our hands really. It will be a big ask for our boys to win it now with away games to Chelsea & man U with so many injuries. Hopefully we can beat Middlesboro with Van persie playing 40-60 mins and being match fit for the Chelsea game and have Rosicky back.
Err..Last year 07, the year before 06, we won the Fa Cup in 2005, waddle off and learn to count now would you.
Looks like you guys are flattening towards this end part of the EPL season. Definitely bad news for you arse-holes ... LOL !!!
One mickey mouse cup a decade should keep you happy then, 5-1. Second tier, second class, never gonna challenge for the top honours. "Next year" maybe, eh? DELUDED.
At least wigan managed to do more thn the world cup oops i mean carling cup winning mugs and take a point off us. And we are still in europe. Bye bye spuds!!!! PSV!!! Beat us in a league game eh it getting boring now. 9 Years and counting........ Dont tell me... 'at least we won a trophy' ha ha 2 CC's in 17 yrs. Stunning!!!
9 Years
Yeah but we don't mind...cos you ARSE_HOLES didn't even give us a chance of being anywhere near the top....most of you ARSE-HOLES predicted we would be fighting it out with the spuds for the 4th CL place.....and just cos we pulled out of the race for 4th didn't mean they had to !!!..lololololololol
Radar (nice name haha) go back supporting your 2d rate crap team, you really are a pathetic excuse fo ra human being. There really is only one ARSE-HOLE on here pal.
9 Years
Man utd for the title now, Arsenal slipping all the time
Excuse me 9 Years ???...I am an Arsenal member and was responding to a post by Ivanskg.....think you best read my post again...
Oh 9 years, please make sure that ar5ena1 club display cabinet hasn't filled itself full of cobwebs. Ours are clean and wait .... with a Year 2008 trophy in it.
moorish i dont care about the carling cup, my final is when we thrashed you boys in the semis, talk all you want about league games you never ever made a digrace of us in the scorline, so bad that your players kicked off with each other haha
Yes guys you did win the only trophy that realisticly you ccould....
sorry radar your chances of winning the title is prob the same as ours in the uefa cup
You have to kick on from never year you could win it again !!...has any london club won back to back League cups ??....what a mouth-watering prospect for you...
what a mouth watering prospect it is for a supposedly top 4 club like yours, has any top 4 club gone 3 years without winning f all, you will set a record this year!
Stranger things have happened 5-1...I am never in the business of writings teams off...god knows...NOBODY gave us a cat in hells chance of even COMPETING for the title at the start of the I would not write you lot off against PSV yet.....egg on face is not nice !!
i am realistic i dont fancy our chances over there, but considering our 1st 12 weeks this season if we lose, our season has not been a disaster.
Has any big club ever gone 50 years without a title..?? ??...not long and there will be....
They might just surprise you...early goal goes in and you never know....
oh so you want to talk about history then, tell who has won more eurpean trophies arsenal or spurs, you give it all the talk when it comes to CL football, but it aint worth crap to a fan unless you win it, thats why i will alway respect the likes of man utd and liverpool, not arsenal or chavski who give it all the talk, but have won f all in the competition
Oh yes Chelski went 50 years didn't they ?..lololololol..oh well..
listen...spuds won't even pay any respect if or when we win the champions league...they will just say we cheated or we had an easy group or some other *****e excuse...
it because of your arrogance, its not even your fans,its your players and manager, if you lose you blame it on a pitch or the other team fouling, he will never say we deserved to lose, thats what i hate, and it gets passed down to players, take for example, the interview after CL final, how he slagged off all of barcas players, said they won it by cheating, and how arsenal was still a better team, then he moves there, this is the behaviour i hate
........i was on about henry of course
Grow up lad, theres better things you could be doing.
I think 5-1 has a distinct case of penis envy (the penis of course, being a metaphor for football. An apt one as well, for a Spurs fan).
spot on moorish i wish spurs could rip apart wigan in they way u did yesterday
And you have only won one more European trophy fella, so please quit the machismo before I break out the trophy records!
Apologies radar got my wires crossed!! As for our friend 5-1, judging by your rant about the CK final it is obvious that you are jealous of AFC. We are the BIG club that you want to be!! If you are so anti AFC then why come on here, stick to talking cack with your fellow sperms! 9 yrs and still waiting........
9 Years
actuall 9 years that was a great night for me because i have been living in barcelona for the past 4 years, and not only the whole city went wild because they won the CL, i was going wild because they beat you, and your star player had a fit on national TV,
5-1, review your posts, typical small club syndrome. Your jibes against us are based on the supposition that Spurs are *****e so never expect to compete for the title or the CL, so your only involvement in them is hoping that Arsenal lose. Do you not realise how desperately sad that is? I haven't watched a single one of your UEFA Cup games this season, not one. I don't even know what the score was when you played Nyon. I bet many Gooners on here wouldn't recall it either, just like I don't know what the score was when Torquay met Exeter this season. That my friend, says it all.
Little Dutch
Well said LD.
OK 5-1 we lost a CL final and it made you happy, yet your lot have NEVER even played a single CL which makes US all happy lol!!!!!!
9 Years
Oh and is that the same star player who helped us to two 4th place finishes, and left, and now we are top. Do yo know what it means to even be top, for one game let alone see you team win a title!!!! We as clubs are far apart ( not geographically obviously) so when it comes to the CL you can never support your own team, only ones who play us!!! As LD said, desperatley sad!!!
9 Years
Thanks 9 Years and no worries !!...
I think the issue is despite all your great play, the team that Wenger assembled has done a 'Devon Lock' .... all style and no substance can only appease so far. Denigrate the Carling Cup as much as you like, but Arsenal made a hell of an effort last season to win it. Regretably the reward structure of the Champions League, almost creates a cartel of clubs, meaning that the competition is quite frequently ... boring. You can spot who will leave the groups, who will win the last 16, and often who will win the Quarter Finals. The Champions League compared to the UEFA Cup, is like comparing the World Cup to the European Championship - whilst the latter contains not all of the worlds great teams, it often is a more balanced and a more exciting competition.
Bran Mak Morn
Yep the UEFA cup is far more exciting, im sure Barnsley will enjoy competing in it with yourselves. Devon loch you say? I would suggest s*@tting your pants on the final day against a west ham team with nothing to play for was a better example than the position we are in at the moment. At the end of the day its in our hands, if we win it we deserved it, if we dont then fair play to whoever does, thats how league championships work. The carling cup on the other hand is a lottery.....I mean even the likes of Leicester and middlesborough have won it recently, birmingham and Bolton have played in finals, blackburn won it. Im not suggesting its not a decent enough thing to win but id rather just be challenging for the title.
5 minus 1 do you know what was funnier than Barca beating us in the final, Vieira and co running around your pitch long after you lot had crawled home, celebrating a league title in YOUR home, dancing around in Pires corner (thats what we named the shelf after Roberts scoring record in YOUR home). Rumour has one of them dumped on your pitch when the lights finally went out at that party.
Mid table and a carling cup victory. Hmm rings a bell, didnt Boro win it and finish there a couple of years ago?
9 Years
And BMM you think Greece winning the euro championships was exciting?????? Truth is all those tournaments are crap.
Trying to say the UEFA is more exciting than the CL.nGet real!! I cant even remember who Sevilla beat in last years final, and didnt watch it either!!
9 Years
Yes Bran Mak Morn, we made a hell of an effort to win the Carling cup final...last season...with Henry,Flamini,Ljungberg,Rosicky,Gallas and Clichy not involved at all... and Hleb,Adebayor and Eboue on the was a damn fine effort !!
And no RVP !!...but don't think even if he was fit he would have played !!...
little****, yep no gooners watch spurs in the uefa cup, yet the minute we lose to psv your all on our site rubbing it in, you co-ck jockey
dont have to watch it to know the score pr1ck!!! Now bore off back to your scum pals you tw*t!!!!!!!
9 Years
5-1 who are you backin for the title?man u i suppose huh since your team wont even be in the top 6 hahaha,that says it all mate.the only win yu can talk about is 5-1 for a decade no wonder we say spuds are deluded,how long di you have to wait again?i lost count
the arsenal
and bbm is not saying the uefa is better, hes just saying its less predictable, ....As for you radar if you dont think you tried to win the CC last year and it was a non event, you should watch the last 10 minutes again when half your team got in a fist fight.
the arsenal, i dont need to back man utd, you crap boring style of play against brum and wigan, has put it practically in thier hands, I know youve gone to OT and got results but thats when you used to have a proper sqaud now your kak, even most of my gooner mates have conceded the facy
hahaha when we used to have a good squad,we won at ot last year with the same squad yu moron,henry never played and ade played as the lone striker and thats why i say yu are deluded since yu say things yu dont know but yu are a spud so it all fits in and by the way do yu see any other spuds on here?they realise we are superior so they keep their distance,yu on the other hand just started posting after your only win against us in 10yrs,prior to the win where were yu?maybe yu were a west ham supporter now go back to your hole since i dont get it how someone who claims is from barcelona can support spurs hahahahahaha
the arsenal
But Euro2004, was exciting simply because there were no easy games. You watch the World Cup and they only get interesting outside of the group stages. This year, we have only one Premiership team in the premier cup competition, with lots of the so-called smaller cups playing good, enterprising and attractive football, but the Champions League is very much like the World Cup. And for your information, Sevilla beat Espanyol last year, in a far more interesting and exciting final than the Champions League. It seems a little pathetic is no demean the efforts of the likes of Barnsley who have been outstanding and deserve the opportunity to play in Europe if their efforts are successful. If Arsenal flop in next years Champions League, will you be 100% disinterested in going to Valencia if the same were to happen to them?
Bran Mak Morn
5-1...I was simply pointing out that the lads that did play, did really well by getting to the final...I never once suggested the lads that played did not want to win it...and sure it would have been nice to see them win.......but anyone who thinks it was or is a priority of AFC to win the Carling Cup is deluded.....and did yiu really think that Handbags at ten paces was a fist fight ??

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