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Arsenal Draw Liverpool

Arsenal have drawn Liverpool in the quarter final of the Champioins League.

The rather tasty all English tie will be battled out by the runners up of the last 2 Champions League finals.

Should Arsenal progress past Liverpool, the will face either Fenerbache or Chelsa.

Rather predictably both Chelsea and Man Utd have been handed the easier draws.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday March 14 2008

Time: 12:12PM

Your Comments

Gotta beat the best to be the best, i don't mind Liverpool just the fact that we are at home first is the annoying part!!
I fancy us strongly against Pool, I only wanted to avoid United. Anyone else tired of UEFAs blatant agenda? The permeations of the draw make an all English final as unlikely as possible. But then I think everybody knew that that would be thecase well before this "draw" was made.
Little Dutch
Yeah agreed RVP. And a couple of things to suggest to LD for this week's series of questions: What did Chelsea do to get all these good draws, time and again and again and again? Can someone send a Barnsley tape to Turkey please?
Lou the Gunneress
I dont mind Liverpool, I personally think we'll beat em......just getting annpyed with Chelsea's continous easy draws all the way to the semis every year.
well i dont think that was the best draw both teams really, it could turn out that one of us has to play 3 english teams to win it, but that could make it more enjoyable :) good luck boys hope you go out lol.......
rocky what you have to see is that they will play us in the semi's again and lose ;)
Not the worst draw or the best - pretty well 4th choice out of those left in it in terms of difficulty I guess.
Agree with Rocky.. I think Liverpool will be the unhappier side in all of this.. and make no mistake.. United dont have as easy as a draw as many ppl are making it out to be! If we make the most at Emirates.. we're very much in with a chance (and we should make sure we end up with 11 players on the pitch!!)
eugh 3x in a week :'(
I think you lot will get through as i think you will beat them convincingly at your place and even if they attack at Anfield, you have to pace to beat them on the break.
I think we can beat Liverpool, just playing them so often within a few days is going to be tiresome. If we do manage to beat them, we play another English side. I would have preferred to play continental teams.
Yeah Amos. It's better than it could have been (ManU, Barca, Chelsea). I actually wished we could get Roma as that'd be an exciting game. Also saw them coming to ManU. Lucky ********s.
Lou the Gunneress
you honiestly think we are the 4th choice, lets see now barca would be easier as there defence is complete $hit, man u will always give you a lot of chances to score as rio is the dodgey link in the defence, the rest are easy apart from chelsea who are the same as man u they will ALWAYS give you a few chances
and the liverpool prem game is right in between the two lega. lpool 3 games in a row.
Out of the english teams id rather have liverpool. So the last 16, quaters and semis we play the 1st leg at home. sometimes i think its better. if you keep a clean sheet, even 0-0, you can hush up the away crowd 2nd leg with the first goal.
I was hoping for Schalke, but we never get the easy sides. Lets hope we keep a clean sheet at the emirates.
Ian's right - do a Milan again basically.
Lou the Gunneress
And am I the only one who thinks it was a good thing that we got drawn against Milan in the last round with hindsight? They're arguably easier to beat than say Barca and Liverpool among the former winners which has given us tremendous belief in this competition. Don't know.
Lou the Gunneress
The bookies have you as 4th choice with ManU, Chelsea and Barca above you. I think that's about right but there isn't an awful lot between those 3, us and Liverpool. Knockout competitons often spring surprises though.
I think we'll meet you guys in the semi. If you play the same like you played against Milan, then you will go through surely.
Fan of Blues
true but good luck in next year's champions league :D, it will be a great game may the best team win and we will lol.....
this draw could have been far worse... the last time we played a host of games against the pool we hammered em. this included the carling cup game at anfield 6-3 with baptista scoring 4. I can see us progressing to the final with this draw to face either manure (doubtful) or once again Barcelona.... hopefully with 11 men for the duration this time
The Barca-ManU semi would be fun to watch.. But hope Roma could do a Pompey against them.
Lou the Gunneress
It could have been worse for us so I'll accept this happily. Rick Parry was interviewed after and he was not at all pleased to have drawn us and he looked like he meant it! Having said that, Phil Neal on Sky Sports News was saying that nobody can outplay Liverpool when they are at home with the kop willing them on! Ha! Bring'em on!
Er if/when we get through, that's 6 games against Chelsea and Liverpool in about a month.. yawn.
Lou the Gunneress
yeah lou agree, with hindsight. still a very good team. saying that though, i did feel we could beat them with pace and youth.
As for liverpool, Torres can be handled with the pace and quality defending of Toure and Gallas. Sagna and Clichy can deal with their wingers Babal and Benayoun. We missed RvP at anfield earlier this season, him and ade can give carrager and skrtel/agger a hard game. And the way we dominated possession in the anfield game, we surely can do the same again, esp with the way RVP drops into midfield with all his skill. Just get van persie fit, have the same possession stats again (over 60%), and dont miss 2 open goals like last time. Not worried about this draw if we bring our A game.
I think we can do 'em too. I don't want to sound arrogant but cautiously optimistic here. Personally I prefer we get a big team simply because our concentration will be top notch over the two legs. hopefully, all our players will be fit and we can beat them.
We face Liverpool 3 times in a week (league game also that week), Chelsea the week before and Man Utd 4 days later! fer christs sake!!!
Wyn Mills
This is a fix, a fix I tell you. UEFA are a corrupt bunch of *****ers!
Little Dutch
Make or break period!!!
if we are at home for the first leg,that will be just perfect,all we have to do is keep a clean sheet at home,if we do concede then at least we have an extra game against them to make amends....the pressure on them will increase,because they know if they concede against us then they have to beat us outright.
fran merida
Its the sequence of high pressure games that worries me. If we had a deep squad we could rotate easily. As it is I feel we will need to play our key players to overcome the opposition. It certainly is a make or break period for us. Both League and Champions League titles will be on the line there and then.
Wyn Mills
Yes Ian, and I've just checked on the Liverpool site. They won't likely have Agger back this season as he needs to undergo a surgery now. While I rate and feel for the guy, it's to our advantage. But Skrtel is solid, so are Aurelio and Arbeloa. Carragher's been the main man in defence and I wonder if Hyypia could stand our young legs. But 3 times in a week, you never know.
Lou the Gunneress
What's interesting is again the midfield battle, e.g. Mathieu vs Mascherano (the only DCM in PL who's on par with him I think), Cesc vs Gerrard. Ade/RvP vs Carragher and Gallas/Kolo vs Torres would be mouth-watering too. I have a feeling Hleb and RvP will be pivotal in these tight games. Fancy us overall. Cautiously optimistic as WYBI said.
Lou the Gunneress
And if rosicky is back then all the better. If we can finally line up with a front 6 of:
Hleb Cesc Flams Rosicky Ade RvP, then i dont think they'll be able to handle the counter attacks in the 2nd leg. keep that clean sheet and make them worry in the 2nd leg. We had torres locked in that anfield game, think he was injured though.
Shockingly, Chelsea got the easy draw?!? I was ferking stunned. We can do Liverpool.
if we manage to get past Pool look at these fixtures...our squad maybe too thin for both competitions.. Chelsea A - EPL Bolton A - EPL Liverpool H - UCL Liverpool H - EPL Liverpool A - UCL Man Utd A - EPL Reading H - EPL Chelsea H - UCL Derby A - EPL Chelsea A - UCL HOLY COW.
I think we can learn from the Milan game. Don't concede in the first leg and all the pressure is on the home team in the second. Also, if we had to draw an English side, I could stomach losing to a great club like Liverpool - but not those Mancs or Chavs.
Whilst Benetiz seems to struggle in the Premiership, he is top notch in putting out a Champions League team. Despite the performance against AC Milan, Liverpool's performance against Internazionale was arguably even more impressive, winning both legs against a team in form. Benetiz has finally seemed to have found a formation with an Arsenalesque formation, Gerrard supporting Torres, with two solid central midfielders protecting their defence. Arguably Chelsea would have been a better draw considering their current turmoil.
Bran Mak Morn
If you know anything about Italian football you would of known that Inter were not a team on form. Also Liverpool beat 10 men on two seperate occasions as they failed to score against 11. Fact
The draw doesn't help our Premier league title chances either - ties against European opposition tend to be less physical than English clubs. To this end, Man Utd have been given another advantage IMO.
Why so negative? Liverpool is a good draw for us! Better than Chelsea Barca and ManU and questionable whether Schalke and Fener couldve been PSV mark 2s (ie not a big enough game for motivation)...... The draw means liverpool play us away from home twice on the spin and we keep Gerrard and Torres quiet we win. simple as.
I'm concerned about playing Liverpool 3 times in a week. Benitez will rest players for the league game as he knows Liverpool will get fourth spot now anyway, Wenger can't afford to do the same so Liverpool are going to have a big advantage in the 2nd leg which is at their ground. Besides which its clear now that us or liverpool are going to have to beat 3 english teams to win it. Barcelona won't be a problem for Man Utd. I can't think of anything worse than playing english sides in a european tournament, its about as boring as it gets!!
Ashburton Gooner
More worringly for me is in the space of 21 days we play Chelsea Away, Bolton Away, Liverpool x 3 & Man Utd Away. We play the big four 5 times with Bolton away hardly exciting either. Will adebayor, hleb, fabregas play all 6 important games? Will they stay fit? Lets hope so
Why don't we ever get the easier ties??? (Fenerbance, Schalke, Roma) Now we've got to battle it out with 'Pool, who've got nothing to lose...
I'm hoping for this one to be a cracker and for Liverpool to win!
If I'm honest , you lot were the team I least wanted to draw. When my friend told me it was Arsenal vs Liverpool, I said to him "you're lying" but when he showed me the proof I was really p***ed off. But now the more I think about it, I remember we're Liverpool and we've beaten Barcelona, Chelsea, PSV, Milan, Juventus, Inter and I firmly believe we;ll go through. Good luck though. :)
u guys are a better team than liverpool but when it comes to europe,liverpool are kings..also i dont want an english team winning the CL this i would want liverpool to go through as they will almost certainly beat chelsea in the semi finals especially with that grant in there..
AG, while I agree with all the other things you said, I don't think Liverpool have the 4th spot over and done with. Everton are level on points with them, having played the same amount of games, also out of Europe so have the focus to last the fight. Liverpool, just like us, have to keep fighting in both PL and CL. But yeah, the other things you guys said are causes for concern. But still I would have wanted Liverpool more than ManU and Chelsea. And am I the only one who thinks ManU/Barca are in a great position now...? If we could get past Liverpool though, another Arsenal-Barca final isn't beyond the realm of possibilities.
Lou the Gunneress
why are you all so worried, i fully expect you to beat liverpool. think about it, even though they are playing well now i dont think anyone can say it is hugely down to torres and gerrard....and they can be taken out of the game easily. rio and vida dealt with torres easily in the premier league match and im sure the likes of toure and gallas have more than enough for him. as for gerrard, just look at andersons perfomance in the same game...he bossed him! with flamini in such good form im sure you can netralise both these layers and thus their whole game. wiith rvp and can see you going through this one....comfortably.
"i fully expect you to beat liverpool." I bet you said the same when we faced Inter, Barca, Milan (2005), Juventus, Chelsea.
I know that Internazionale are leading Serie A by 6 points with 7 games to go, winning 2, drawing 2 (to Roma and Sampdoria) and losing only 1 (Napoli away) of their last 5 domestic games, and irrespective of players getting sent off, held out for a considerable period of time at Anfield. Hardly poor form but then I know nothing about Italian football.
Bran Mak Morn
Being half italian and having Inter, AC & Juve freinds all have said Inter are not playing well. The lack of competition and favourable ref decisions cover the truth. Vs parma they scored 2 late goals to win (88th & 91st minute) Vs Udinese they drew 0-0 Vs Empoli they won 1-0 after a penalty was given for hitting the defender on the head. (the ref thought arm) Vs cantania & livorno bottom wins against bottom 5 teams. Vs Samp & roma 1-1 draws Vs napoli lost 1-0 And you cant say irrespective, because against 11 men Liverpool did not score. 2 Wrong sending off too. Therefore my point of nullyfying your quote "Liverpool's performance against Internazionale was arguably even more impressive, winning both legs against a team in form" seems to be valid.
Liverpool is picking up form lately and Rafa is a magical tactician in the CL. Hard luck to you guys. But I prefer Liverpool to go through this tie.
Sorry if the above was not an easy read. I was chopping and changing.
"..just getting annpyed with Chelsea's continous easy draws all the way to the semis every year." You mean Barcelona, Bayern, Liverpool. Barcelona and Werder on the group stage, Porto, Valencia and Liverpool? Reaally easy.
Wrong to say every year. But im sure even you can admit that chelsea have had favourable draws in the CL & FA cup. Schlake, Rosenborg, Valencia, olympiakos & Fenerbache In CL. QPR, Wigan, Huddersfield & Barnsley in the FA cup.
You should beat Liverpool but I dunno - they are weird in Europe. And we have had the luck of the draws this season. But we've had our fair share of tough uns.
this is really a good draw. the dream of meeting barca in the final is still alive..
Guys I think this a pretty good draw, think about it, who is the only CL team we wouldn't have had to travel for after Saturdays league game against Liverpool? Yep Liverpool, this gives the players a few days off before the second leg at Anfield (in L'pool), giving us time to focus, relax and prepare themselves for whatever needs to be done after the 1st leg at The Grove, Whereas 'Pool players will be at their own homes with families and all the distractions that brings, we will be at the hotel keeping the team siege mentality strong. I fancy us big time!, apart from that we owe it to the football loving world to prevent another mouser/chav semi!
It's going to be 2 amazing matches with amazing atmospheres at both grounds, cant wait!!! Would LOVE to smash Chelsea's CL final dreams again in the semi's but it'd be even funnier if Fenerbache could do it before that!!!
Would be good Jon, can't see them getting anything at stamford bridge though as they just don't travel well do they? but if they can take Chelski in Turkey you never know. I think it's safe to say ours is the tie of the round though eh?
Would love to think so Lou, but and no disrespect to Liverpool as they will be formidable too, but if we do get through the quarters tougher times will lie ahead in the shape of the Russians, followed by Manure/Barca. An infinitely tougher ask than when we faced Real, Juve and Villareal to get to play Barca. The hard bitten cynical realist barstaff in me says no feckin chance!.
But the romantic in me obviously sees Ade consoling a distraught Henry, whilst countless thousands of ecstatic gooners get ripped on firewater vodka and welcome in the Moscow summer :)
i can really see us smashing them and finishing the job in the first leg itself, provided our defense doesent **** it up and conceede a silly goal. lets be honest here guys, apart from Torres and Gerrard, they are an average team, man to man we are better in every position, and even as a team, we play the better football, and once we are on the ball, they won't even be able to get close to us. these mickey mousers need to be put in their place and i am pretty confident we can do that in all the three games..
Shhh luckys, some fair points there, but don't let the players hear that! Liverpool were the champions not that long ago after all, and Benitez and Liverpool are transformers - they're entirely different in Europe. We just need the players to stay fit and free from injury then we can be quite confident. Glad that one league game between the 2 European legs is a home game too.
Lou the Gunneress
"But im sure even you can admit that chelsea have had favourable draws in the CL & FA cup" True, but so did Arsenal. PSV for instance.
K your dig (or not) just proves that PSV are no easy draw, maybe not very difficult, but tricky to beat over 2 legs. Just ask any Gooner - or Spurs fan for that matter. :P At least on paper Fenerbahce and Schalke are, cos it's the first time they reach this stage of the competition.
Lou the Gunneress
i hate saying this but go the arse
ozanne park rangers
Lou Benitez is just a lucky manager. liverpool have been ordinary on many occasions in their 2005 run and Benitez has looked clueless and out of place with his tactics before Gerrard bailing them out on many a occasion. and they were lucky in the semis vs Chelsea too. let the players and their entire club hear that. this is the most easiest english draw we could have wished for, and i'm sure the lads will get the job done..
after the performance at the San Siro you guys should fear nobody in this competition .. Do the Scoucers and then take it from there...
luckys, I thought your stupid comments were restricted to opposition sites but obviously not. When we beat Arsenal, I'll probably come on here and say 'unlucky' to all the other fans on here, but for you I'll think of something a 'little bit' p***-taking.
Aamir im entitled to share my opinion with my fellow gooners here, if you don't like them, dont come here. why are yu so bothered to read my comments anyway. i believe in my team and feel we can win this one quite easily. what is wrong in me feeling that? i'm not being abusive or throwing any insults at you or your club. i only feel we are superior which im confident my lads will prove to idiots like you and you average players..
I didn't say you're not entitled to an opinion. And didn't you come on Vital Liverpool and call one of our members comment 'bull*****'? If so, why would you be so bothered to read his comments? Not thrpwing around any insults? You just called me an idiot, mate!
oh dude im sorry ur really offended by such a mild word that yu call it an insult, how old are yu?. anyway tat doesent matter, and if i feel we can turn you over easily and that your manager is not that great as yu and the media think he is, does that make my comments stupid?
Oh dude, my age isn't important. I'm not offended by being called 'idiot' cos I know I'm not but you tried to insult me. And yes, I think your comments recently have been pretty damn stupid. That's my opinion. Like you said, people are entitled to their opinion.
luckys_10 like all goonheads you think that you are superior but as the last 3 seasons and maybe this season shows that you aint. and i cant stand cesspool but torres gerrard reina carragher mascherano aint average!!
springy giving Liverpool a compliment!!!!!! Did hell freeze over? :-)

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