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FIFA On Taylor Ban Mission

Sepp Blatter & FIFA appear to be on a mission to have Martin Taylor's ban from wrecking Eduardo Da Silva's leg increased.

It's been almost a month since the Crozillian frontman had his leg broken, and whilst Birmingham's attempt to sweep the incident under the carpet has almost succeeded, FIFA have not been fooled.

It has been widely accepted (after an extensive campaign) that Martin Taylor is a nice guy and in no way attempted to injure Eddie, but his tackle was wreckless, and tackles like that need to be ousted from the sport.

After Birmingham claimed Taylor had 'served his time' that FIFA had no rights to ask the FA to increase the ban for his bone breaking tackle, the world footballing organisation have once again ask the FA to review the incident and increase the ban.

Whilst it would be nice to get past this whole nasty episode, it's good to see that FIFA have put their attempts to pull some crazy stunts to one side and are actually pursuing a cause worthy of fighting.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday March 20 2008

Time: 1:20PM

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It is absolutely pathetic. There are far more viscous and pre-meditated acts carried out on the pitch every game, by numerous players. The example of Ashley Cole last night was far more appalling than Martin Taylor's attempted tackle, yet because of unfortunate circumstances Eduardo's leg was broken. It was a freak occurence of events and angles. Taylor was late, but not half as late as a number of tackles in today's game. If the clown Blatter get his way, football will become touch football only. Whilst there is considerable emotion involved in what happened to Eduardo, nobody is trying to sweep anything under the carpet. Taylor got sent off, everyone including Eduardo has accepted that his tackle involved no malice and he has served the prescribed sentance. Half-wits calling for restrospective increases such maybe look at horrific assaults which result only in a yellow card, or no penalty at all, and be calling for such instances to be more effectively dealt with by an appropriate disciplinary panel. Personally, I feel if this idiotic bandwagon is allowed to continue then Martin Taylor should take legal action against these authorities and personally against the individuals concerned for slander and defamation for falsely attempted to suggest that he deliberately sought to injure another player, which anyone with an IQ above 71 can see he did not.
Bran Mak Morn
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20/03/2008 13:39:00

and ridiculously the FA have said Cole's yellow card cannot be increased as it doesn't fulfil the parameters of 'violent conduct' as perscribed by FIFA. The excuse is they don't want to re-referee the game so to undermine the authority of the referee. I'm not sure what could undermine their authority more, than permitting this type of challenge. This is what Blatter should look at, when there is absolutely no attempt to play the ball, and indeed, the tackle occurs in a part of the pitch the does not warrant that sort of excessively physical challenge, then the referee should be able to concur that there is a strong element of premeditation. Apparently Hutton had laughed at Cole singing 'I'm a love machine' in the tunnel - maybe he should have responded with Nickelback's 'Never Again' .... which is about wife beating.
Bran Mak Morn
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20/03/2008 13:59:00

Should keep their nose out
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20/03/2008 14:40:00

their is just no consistentcy in the game thats the problem, and Sepp Blatter don't like the english game and always tries to stick his oar in whenevr he gets the chance. MArtin Taylor's tackle was bad but clumsey and a freak accident the way Eduardos leg had his weight on it, just caught him at the right moment to break a leg, i've seen some ugly ones this season Ferraria on Agbonlahor was nasty, think that was only a yellow but got sent off on it. Should of been a straight red. Think more has to be done to deter these challenges, two footed straight red and 6 games ban just to say it waon't be tolerated
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20/03/2008 14:41:00

FIFA should keep their noses out of a footballing matter?? Don't think I've heard anything more ridiculous this year.
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20/03/2008 14:46:00

Taylor is probably a soft target for what I think is a neccessary lesson for the game to learn. His tackle wasn't vicious or malicious or pre-meditated but it was a reckless , dangerous, uncontrolled, 'over-the-ball' tackle. If you can't exercise a reasonable degree of control over your tackle you shouldn't make it, It's as simple as that. There is no risk in making the game a non-contact sport by punishing such acts you will just encourage better tackling. If FIFA making a fuss about this tackle has the effect of discouraging players from making them or more importantly referees from allowing them then it will do the game a service whether or not Taylors ban is extended.
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20/03/2008 14:54:00

They should allow national associations to increase yellow cards to red ones when nasty challenges are not adequately punished. That would do far more for the game, than pursuing a populist vendetta against what they think is a soft target. Taylor made a bad clumsey tackle, which is not as'over-the-ball' as many seen. At least the ball was present. It is the inability of the associations to retrospectively increase punishments that allow players to think they have a better than evens chance of getting away with it, with the refs not wanting to ruin the spectacle of the game. Wait until the game has finished then ban them.
Bran Mak Morn
Report Abuse
20/03/2008 15:13:00

If Taylors tackle wasn't over the ball how on earth did his foot make contact halfway up Eduardos shin? The associations already have the power to retrospectively increase punishments. They did precisely that in regard to Ben Thatchers challenge on Pedro Mendes a while back. The problem is that the English FA and refereeing culture in this country has itself fixed in some mind warp that somehow convinces them the English game will suffer if they aren't allowed to play it physical. It's nonsense and it's an inferiority complex that we should allow ourselves to grow out of. Changing the games cultural attitude towards reckless uncontrolled challenges will go a long way towards achieving just that.
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20/03/2008 15:34:00

the only difference with cole and taylor, is that taylor is as strong as a rugby player. And cole is as strong as his wife.
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20/03/2008 16:23:00

As nice as it is to see Mr. Blatter caring so much about this tackle and its consequences, I was actually hoping that they'd forget about it and move on. I honestly couldn't care less what happens to Taylor anyway (although serving a longer ban would be nice and pretty much deserved), what's important to me is that Eduardo's recovery is quick and successful. I doubt that - despite Blatter's persistence - the FA are going to do anything about the tackle, anyway. They're too busing arranging 39th games and foreign player limits.
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20/03/2008 19:53:00

Some more differences: Cashley went in 2-footed while Taylor's 1 foot was enough to do the damage; Cashley was lucky that his lesser physical strength, as you said, meant he didn't break Hutton's leg; Cashley dared show his petulance against the ref after the incident; and more importantly, Cashley only got a ridiculous yellow card. That's what we're talking about.
Lou the Gunneress
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20/03/2008 20:00:00

Lou, agreed but the other thing which I think needs to be considered. Hutton's leg was in the air when he was clattered so retained some flexibility in the challenge. Unfortunately Eduardo's foot was firmly planted on the ground, creating a rigid structure whixh exaserbated the injury. If Eduardo had moved a split second earlier the injury would not have occured lending credence to the suggestion that Taylor was caught out by Eduardo's speed. Measuring a size5 football with my leg, the top of the ball is at the bottom of the calf but above the shin, suggesting Taylor actually challenged Eduardo at ball level, albeit with the ball having gone.
Bran Mak Morn
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20/03/2008 20:24:00

To say that's "ball level" is a bit too simplistic. I don't do kickabouts but I know you kick the ball in the middle part, or at the bottom of it. And Eduardo was hit in the middle of his shin, which is like the top part of the ball isn't it? That, with your studs up, is "dangerous play." Simple as. And not to mention that, as you said, the ball was long gone, it's that badly mistimed. You're right in saying that these tackles, and some worse, are happening every week. But I can't agree with your sentiment - the fact that Hutton luckily (don't know if he or Cashley was luckier!) escaped that horrible tackle because his leg was in the air doesn't make Cashley's tackle right or deserving only a yellow. There's no point saying who's "pathetic" in resurrecting the debate. If something's serious and important enough, we should keep trying to do better. And protecting players' well-being are extremely important. Because someone's legs and careers are more important than the "risk" of turning the game into "touch football" in case I have to point out. The purpose of Rocky's article wasn't to paint Taylor or any player with any brush. If anything, I only see one campaign with the objective of portraying a nice guy's image, which is fine. But let's not forget intention does not come into punishing "dangerous play". Oh, and there could be a bit of malice in Cashley's tackle, it seemed to me. That's the other difference. But guess what's in common between the 2 incidents? Both culprits said "he was too quick for me." Now that's another issue altogether, because for anyone to put any kind of spin on this kind of horrible stuff is just, as you say, "pathetic".
Lou the Gunneress
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20/03/2008 20:43:00

It's been said before but worth saying again. The problem isn't that Eduardos foot was on the ground it is that Taylors wasn't. You can see just how high the tackle was in a definitive picture posted in a number of places one of them being here: It really is quite absurd to argue that this type of challenge or any other reckless, uncontrolled tackle should not be eradicated from the game. If it means lenghty bans then so be it.
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20/03/2008 21:41:00

BOTH Cashley's AND Taylor's tackles should be severely punished. Why intent keeps popping up as relevant is beyond me. The issue is RECKLESSNESS. Intent is TOTALLY irrelevant. Mido did not intend to knock out Gael's head, it doesn't matter. He kicked his leg out very high when he clearly saw Gael coming towards him, he didn't care to modify his action, it was dangerous, reckless play. Thatcher didn't "intend" to knock out Mendes and put him in the hospital, it was RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT. I'm sick and tired of this discussion being reduced to whether or not the player is "nice" or whether or not he "intended" to hurt anyone. That's total bilge. As if you can even measure intent. The simple fact is that Martin Taylor's tackle was reckless and negligent. I don't care how many times you see reckless tackles flying in the league. When a player goes into a tackle he is supposed to do so understanding that he has a "duty of care". It is the deterioration in the English game of this concept -- the notion that it is acceptable to ignore "duty of care -- that disgraces the English league. Taylor is only one among many players who do this routinely. It's only pure luck that there haven't been more broken legs.
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20/03/2008 21:46:00

similar to Shaquille O'neal giving you a slap on the head, and posh roundhouse kicking you.
Report Abuse
20/03/2008 21:56:00

Amos and Jaelle and Rocky and many many people here and on other sites have tried to explain our same point of view in like 1000 different ways or permutations of words. I'm tired of repeating too, and running out of vocabulary lol. But this IS serious and important to people's careers and, well, their legs for God's sake, so if we have to keep running like a bunch of broken records, so be it.
Lou the Gunneress
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20/03/2008 22:02:00

The point must be though of Blatter's singling out of Taylor and not recognising that more well known players like Kyut and Cole and Eboue demonstrate similar recklessness but because they don't break someones leg somehow what they do is more acceptable. Players will continue to make these challenges if they think they'll only get a yellow. Irrespective of whether injury is caused or not, if there is INTENT to cause injury through reckless conduct this should be punishable with a red or a retrospective red even if injury has not occured. Brimingham are quite right to say Taylor has served his time. Under the laws of the game he has. What needs to occur is the ban to be increased across the game, and then players penalised after the fact. Trying to single out an individual simply deflects attention from a general problem.
Bran Mak Morn
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20/03/2008 23:47:00

After all, if Taylor's ban is increased then his and his clubs lawyers can argue that he has been victimised unless similar individuals are retrospectively treated as well which will cause chaos.
Bran Mak Morn
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20/03/2008 23:50:00

I can agree that singling out Taylor at this point might be counter productive in the context of what has gone on before but a hardening of attitudes to such recklessness is long overdue and it has to begin at some point. The fact that the debate is going on, that the football authorities are raising the prospect of punitive suspensions has to be a good thing. Certainly players and referees should be left in no doubt that such play will not be accepted and that the authorities are prepared to invoke such powers as they deem neccessary. At least then no one can say they haven't been warned.
Report Abuse
21/03/2008 00:21:00

Fair point on the way Blatter handles this BMM, but whether to single someone out is secondary in importance (by far) to the bigger issue of fair play and protecting players' well-being. I agree it'd be ideal if we can catch all the culprits and penalise them in a fairer way. But it sadly takes a horrendous, career-threatening injury like Eduardo's to even get the attention of someone like Blatter you know. Those other incidents you mentioned went unnoticed at the FIFA level for a reason - they didn't hurt someone badly to warrant the press and debate. And secondly, the injury and the intent are irrelevant. Dangerous is dangerous, studs up, over the top is dangerous enough. That's why Cashley should have been punished even though he didn't injure Hutton, same for Kuyt and Eboue. But thirdly, whether an automatic 3-match ban is enough is an entirely different matter. You're right, under the current laws of the game Taylor has indeed served his time due. But when the laws say that an extremely dangerous tackle that could end someone's career and a small push on someone's face are punished with the same ban, we should think about how to make the laws fairer. That's what we're talking about. That's why I'm more for an open debate than any kind of further accusation against Taylor even though I really still maintain that a 3-match ban is too light for such a big mistake, regardless whether it's intentional or not (which can probably never been proven). Yes Amos, if these horrible injuries to players didn't serve as a big enough wake-up call to some players and refs, the authorities have to do some education work there.
Lou the Gunneress
Report Abuse
21/03/2008 02:58:00

Actually a very good example is Rooney's dangerous challenge on Corluka in the FAC match. Just a reverse of the Eduardo incident, except that there's no injury. An English striker's reckless tackle on a Croatian defender. How many papers talked about it? Any pundits pointed it out as something not needed in the game? It's cruel and unfair, but it's true, that only a foreigner breaking an English superstar's leg would make the debate we want happen. God forbid.
Lou the Gunneress
Report Abuse
21/03/2008 03:02:00

Although I think its time there was a change of mind set, its a bit unfortunate that Taylor is being made the scapegoat here. FIFA is taking the easy way out, by asking for this one particular file. There needs to be a rule change based on this one incident. For me, the 2 major changes that need to be made are - 1. Retrospective punishments by the FA should be possible, even if the incident has been seen by the ref. 2. There needs to be a graded penalty system (for number of games banned) for different types of violent conduct.
Report Abuse
21/03/2008 07:50:00

God when did FIFA become so pathetic? Tackling is as much a skill as getting round an opponent/scoring a perfect goal. Stop trying to take it out of the sport! Ok, yes, sometimes players get injured. But lets face it, players get injured taking shots. Crespo in the Copa America, injured himself taking a penalty. Does that mean they shouldn't be allowed? Football is a physical game and it should be that way. It's awful when something like this happens but things like this do happen and it's not as if it was planned or pre-meditated. Arsenal seem happy with Taylor's apologies and aren't asking for anything more - **** off Fifa - you seem to know nothing about football!
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 23:11:00


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