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Everybody Doubts Us

'Arsenal have also had a problem they have had for years. When games are tight, their passing style is not equipped to grind out wins in the way Manchester United and Chelsea would do.......Emmanuel Adebayor has gone off the boil in recent weeks so we are back to pass, pass, pass.' Alan Hansen.

'Arsenal are a concern. I don't understand the mentality of players who can win in Milan but draw four on the trot in the Premier League. I just think they're not that strong mentally.' Mark Lawrenson.

Gary Lineker: 'In one word Alan, can Arsenal challenge for the title this season?'
Alan Hansen (snorts derisively)'No.' August 2007.

'I always wondered about Gallas as a captain - I thought it was an odd choice and a risky decision from Wenger when there has long been question marks about his attitude. Will that decison haunt Arsenal as the pressure is cranked up towards the end of the season?' Andy Gray.

'Manchester United to win title by large margin. Liverpool to come second, followed by Chelsea and Arsenal. The usual top four, in other words. Spurs make a faltering start, and take too long to recover.' Paul Wilson, The Guardian August 2007.

''MARTIN JOL`S Tottenham will gatecrash the top-four party in the Premiership this season. I`m sure the usual suspects will be leading the race - Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea - but the real interest centres on that fourth spot.
Without question one of the more attractive sides to watch last season and I like the brand of football they play. They have a young side with just a few old hands like Jens Lehmann, William Gallas and Gilberto but the question is whether with Thierry Henry gone, they will score enough goals. A lot will be expected from their new signing Da Silva and young Cesc Fabregas in midfield.' Kenny Dalglish's pre season prediction.

'For a football team to fight and win on several fronts is an incredible, enjoyable journey and the players will not want to be rested. And if you are beaten, you pick yourself up and start again, which is something Arsenal are not good at.
When Wenger says that mid-table sides go out with a plan to kick Arsenal and physically intimidate them, he is merely stating the obvious tactics used against any top team. Although Arsenal this season have shown themselves to be more able to stand up to a robust, physical game than in the past, they are still not as capable of withstanding it as Chelsea or Manchester United.' Guess who?

'I believe that we (Tottenham) will overtake Arsenal next season; things are not so bright over there. With the departure of David Dein and Thierry Henry, the confidence of the team appears to have been shunted and the purchase of Eduardo Da Silva covers up the true lack of Arsenal's desire.' Luke Darkin, July 2007.

'If we win the title with this team that would be great. I really believe in my heart we can do it. I think the manager is thinking the same. I started pre-season on June 18 and I'm with these boys every day. I see their ability. Yes they are young and young people make mistakes but that doesn't really matter." Robin van Persie on July 30th, 2007. Gathered press heard sniggering.

'When Thierry left it felt like the end. I had a lot of clubs in for me in the summer but always stayed loyal. But I felt it was the right time to go. When I signed my last contract two years ago we talked about the future, building a new stadium and bringing in top players, but it didn't really happen.' Freddie Ljungberg, July 2007.

"Arsenal have finished fourth in the last two seasons, playing a brand of football everybody agrees is as good as anything you see when it comes off. But I think if they keep playing that brand of football, even with one or two additions, they would be the one team out of the so-called top four that could be vulnerable, particularly to Tottenham." Hansen again, August 2007.

Boys, you know what to do.LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday March 21 2008

Time: 11:03PM

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great article tim,now the lads ve a point to prove and i got the feeling that they ll do it on sunday
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21/03/2008 23:17:00

"There is no doubt that Arsenal are a stronger side than they were last season. But I don't think we will know about this Arsenal team this season until they lose. That's the important time when you look to see how a team reacts. It is how you bounce back. We know we can do it. We had a difficult start to the season but we have shown great strength and character and are winning now without conceding any goals." Patrice Evra, Oct 2007 "Arsenal are the leaders but Manchester United should the favourites for the title and Champions League." Carlos Tevez, Oct 2007 "'What I know is Arsenal have exceptional young players. They'll miss Thierry and in the big matches they will certainly miss the winning quality he offers. But what they possess is the philosophy, the mentality instilled in them by Arsene Wenger. It will drive them on." Lauren, Sep 2007 ""I have not lost my passion for the club — indeed it is greater than ever. There is only one club for David Dein and that is Arsenal. But without new investors I fear very soon Arsenal might not to be able to compete successfully at the very top level, despite the fantastic work of Arsene Wenger." David Dein, Aug 2007 It can go on and on..
Lou the Gunneress
Report Abuse
21/03/2008 23:40:00

That should be pinned on the dressing room door for the rest of the season.....lets make these idiots eat their words!!!
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 00:15:00

dutch that was crap you can pull 100 quotes saying arsenal will win nothing, and tottenham will win somthing and vice versa, and the end of the day you are messing it up big time and you all know it, Man u might not be that sharp but ronaldo will take care of business, fibreglass aint half the player as ronaldo is, and as for spurs, let it be said we have won more then you have this year then you have in 3 seasons, call yourself a big club. jokers
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 00:55:00

How can you compare Ronaldo to Fabregas, they are two different types of players.
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 01:09:00

5-1, regarding the "vice versa" part I can't agree. It's understandable, given who you are, to come here and feel like posting something to wind people up. But you can go and count the articles in major press and you see it's no "vice versa", the reverse was just not true at the time. There were more people writing Arsenal off and, like some of you guys, bigging up Spurs. Actually some of our fellow Gooners felt pessimistic too. But they've been proven all wrong so far, even if this season ends up trophyless (which was btw expected too). Your failure to understand that is also understandable cos you probably wouldn't have read those news articles about Arsenal. But I wouldn't have embarrassed myself if I don't know what I'm talking about if I were you. Yes as you guys said the 100th time, you've won more than us so far this year. Part of which is because CC final was in Feb while all the MAJOR trophies are only given out in May lol. If we do win something come May, you'll look stupid (even more stupid than you are now I mean). If we don't, big deal. And finally if you love ManU and Ronaldo so much, go ahead, support them. I actually mean well when I say this: enjoy your trophy. Instead of enjoying to spend time trying to wind people up because that just makes you sicker and sicker.
Lou the Gunneress
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 01:12:00

you are on late Lou. Presuming you are from the UK
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 01:57:00

Yeah went to bed at like 4am last night, slept till late too, so reading news online while I'm still waiting to get sleepy lol
Lou the Gunneress
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22/03/2008 02:04:00

I am playing online poker. Not for cash though. On the subject of halsey. I asked his son, and he said he hadnt talked to his dad about the adebayor goal. His dad lives in Bolton. Anyway, i am now feel really optimistic we can beat Chelsea. Gallas to rise like a salmon above ashley cole, knicking it 1-0 in the 87th minute.
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 02:27:00

5-1 i actually agree with everything you say, this has been an amazing season for arsenal when everyone thought theyd struggle theyve excelled especially in the first half of the season. Yet they have slowly blown the league, the cc was a catastrophy as was the fa cup and apart from 1 excellent performance against Milan 2008 has been very poor. And even Milan are in turmoil they lost at home to sampdoria at the weekend. "OOOh everyone hates us/fouls us/picks on us/doubts us" blah blah its pathetic. Everyone loves the way you play football and think you have a very talented young team the reason people doubt your title credentials is because theres at least 2 better teams in the premiership than you, nothing personal just common opinion. Moron
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 02:35:00

5-1 I think you'll find you've only won more this season than we have in the last two seasons.....nice try but never mind. But you what the truly sad thing is ...... you would give anything in the world to trade seasons with us!!!!! And you call SPURS a big club ...... lolololol
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 04:25:00

Milan havent crashed at this stage of the champions league in years even last year when they were in "turmoil" they won it. Carling cup was the same as most years, we get to the semi finals introducing kids along the way. FA cup was a big disappointment. You say there are 2 better teams than us in the league yet we have beaten Chelsea and are ahead of them also we are 3 wins outta 3 on "grand slam sundays" Oh yeah Grand slam Sunday u spuds heard of it? Portsmouth at home in a dead rubber for you guys is it? Keep dreaming of competing in this sunday event or being in our position at this time of year.
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 08:50:00

And just to put your comments into context 5-1, we have won more in the last five years than you have in the last 20 years ....... comments? Thoughts? Ideas?
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 08:59:00

"Nothing personal just common opinion, moron." HY do you see the inaccuracy in that statement? I haven't said everybody picks on us or anything like that, I'm saying that we've been roundly written off all season, that isnot really a controversial statement. If Spurs had been in a title race in your lifetime you might understand the purpose of this article, but they haven't soyou assume it's a hateful rant, because hateful rants are a stock in trade for Spurs fans. It's a rallying call and an illustration of howwell we've done in the face of the doubters so far this year. Lately, we've gone off the boil and if you read the sub headline and wipe the foam from your mouth, you will see it's intended as a gee up. I'll refrain from calling you a moron because this diabtrite really is nothing personal.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 09:28:00

I think that there are plenty of twists and turns left yet.Our result on wednesday night against the Chavs just shows that anything is possible.I think the Chavs could be mentally shot and are ripe for the taking if you can get your passing game going.They looked devastated at the final whistle in a game they thought they had won.Their defence is now vulnerable{and they know it} and i think that you guys will be mentally fresh and encouraged by what you saw at WHL.RVP is the key i feel with Adebayor just having a flat spot RVP has the stage set for himself to torment Terry and co.Just to finish off i would much rather be having the season you're having than the one we've had.Let the games begin!
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 09:45:00

I was watching Arsenal TV last night (that's right,my social life is now over) and Stewart Robson made a point about howmuch more vulnerable defensively Chelski have been since JT returned. When Alex was partnering Carvalho they were mean as *****, but since Terry cameback they've been leaking goals. JT has also never coped with Adebayor and lately we've lacked confidence and spark, a bit of magic. If there is one player in our squad who has spark and magic, it's RVP. He's the sort of player who doesn't have to be 100% because he'sso capable of one match defining moment.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 09:51:00

This is my point LD.RVP has the talent and technique to really devastate a defence that will be low on confidence and may panic a bit when put under pressure.Also they are suspect on set pieces which would be a dream for Adebayor who is superb in the air.It's what makes this game of ours so great.It ain't over till it's over,Arsenal of all teams should know this.
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 10:14:00

Everybody doubts us - including ourselves! Like so may gooners I would have taken (no questions asked) a 4th place finish if it was offered to us last summer. I don't even think our own players and manager knew how they would measure up until we were a few games into the season. In all honesty I also think that we are a bit more brittle than our competitors for the title. The only thing that grates me, is the tone of people like Hansen and friends. Well, that and the fact that anyone has to listen to the 'opinions' of the super-turd that is Alan Shearer.
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 11:44:00

Wow Cockaduddle I had to read your posts twice to make sure you're a Spurs fan. All points are fair enough and even more optimistic than some Gooners lol. Thanks. LD, what Stewart Robson said is interesting, JT leaking goals and Chelsea weak in setpieces. Now that we've got RvP back, I'm feeling slightly better about our setpieces as he seems the only player who can score from them. His good corner delivery would be useful too.
Lou the Gunneress
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 14:22:00

Wheels slowly, sloooowly starting to come off eh? "we will win the league with 10 games to go" we will never do a "2004" again, cause we have learnt from our mistakes, we are a big club" ......Fran, hows yer predictions going here? LOOL! :))
Blue is the colour
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 17:34:00

Good gee up there LD. You've been a bit of doom and gloom lately, so its good to have you back ! I really fancy our chances against Chelsea, and I'd prefer to take it one game at a time from here on till the end of the season. There's been a lot of twists and turns, and we havent seen the end of that.
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 17:58:00

There you go, BITC, just when I was becoming concerned by your posts without the words 'season is crumbling' and 'wheels are coming off', you have restored normalty to life. Cheers mate ;).
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 18:01:00

another one to add. "we (totenham) have won more then (i think you mean 'than') you have this year then (" ") you have in 3 seasons."... True, that should get the boys fired up. Tottenham winning something, strage things are happening. Well. it's not all that wierd. they're still 12th or something in the league, and out of all competitions except the prestigious carling cup, which they won. well done.
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 18:15:00

Hey BITC, I reckon I can go back through the archives as far back as October and find predictable and boring comments from you about wheels coming off and starting to crumble ..... yet six months on and we stand a chance of winning 2 trophies and are above you in the league. Even if you finish above us I think we've proved that the wheels aren't coming off. I don't mind other fans coming here and take the mickey out of us when they post funny insults, but yours are now so witless and dull that I feel like killing myself when I see that you've posted something!!
Report Abuse
22/03/2008 18:47:00

Hang on there, Rocky. Maybe you'll be giving BITC what he's been wishing for ;).
Report Abuse
23/03/2008 10:34:00

oh well u muppets another season without a trophy.... while wenger is in charge ul never win the CL or the league
Report Abuse
23/03/2008 19:40:00


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