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Grant's Turn To Apologise

In the wake of Ashley Cole's knee high tackle on Alan Hutton this week, Avram Grant appeared to come down with a touch of the Arsene Wenger's by claiming he had not seen the incident in question. Though 24 hours later Grant was fulsome in his praise for Cole's smirking apology. (Which he was in NO way forced to do by the Chelsea hierachy, the fact that he gave the apology on Chelsea TV was just coincidence, they were the only ones with cameras readily available when Cashley had his sudden attack of conscience).

Grant lauded Cole and his new found sense of responsibility, 'First you need to give credit to Ashley because he behaved like a mature guy,' said Grant.
'He saw what he did the day afterwards and he apologised himself. Nobody pushed him to apologise and you need to give credit to him about that.
'He made a tackle and he realised he needed to apologise about that and his behaviour. It is the first time he's done that kind of thing and he apologised.' (I was at a game away at Leicester City in 2003 and I can tell you it's not the first time Cole has done this).

Grant went on to produce a thinly veiled attack on Emmanuel Eboue, when John Terry broke his foot by kicking Eboue's studs, 'Someone sent our captain to hospital for a few days and then he didn't play for a few weeks, I don't want to mention names, but they didn't apologise. Ashley has taken responsibility and apologised and I am giving him credit for it.' However, having rifled through the vaults from the fall out of that game in December, I found this contradictory quote from Salomon Kalou, 'He (Eboue) said he tried to block the ball and it was not on purpose. He said sorry to John. He didn't mean to do it, but to apologise was a nice thing to do.'

In light of this, I await Mr. Grant's apology for incorrectly slurring Eboue's character. (Let's face it, Eboue does a decent job of slurring his own character at times). Now unfortunately, there were no TV cameras or suited press men around for Eboue's apology, he made it to the player in person. A club of unedifying principle like Chelsea will of course see the error of diagnosis and offer a full apology. (Once their owner arrives home from his alleged business trip to Zimbabwe). After all, Mr. Grant was insistent on Thursday that, 'I tell my players all the time to take responsibility about what they do.' Indeed Mr. Grant, you will no doubt be as good as your word in offering Eboue and apology.LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday March 22 2008

Time: 2:00PM

Your Comments

Oooh, Grant's attack must've thrown Arsenal out of balance. How will you cope with this mental pressure?
Hopefully, in much the way Barnsley did...................
Little Dutch
What a silly comment from Grant. He would have been better off saying nothing at all rather than excuse Coles actions just because he said sorry and then referring to an unrelated incident as some sort of justification. Whatever words you might choose to accurately describe Cole 'mature' isn't ever going to be one of them
I think Eboue needs to make a public apology. Should be a good game tomorrow!
We're gonna have an interesting game sunday. There's everything it. Pervert ,cheater ,ga...Agressive, and that's just Ashley Cole. There is also Mr.T(in Gallas's case, T stands for Temper-tantrums). Mamita's boy Fabregas, The man of steel, the man who cheats so much he breaks steel, Adebay-Samson, Arjen Robben, Uncle Fester, Stevie Wenger, Lex Luthor watchin from the sands, I could go on...
The only people Eboue needs to say sorry to is the Arsenal fans.
Eboue didn't need to makea public apology, he clearly had his eyes closed and wasn't looking at Terry, JT kicks the bottom of his foot, it was unfortunate, but if you want to intentionally hurt someone,I don't even think a player as sly as Eboue would do it by enticing someone to kick the ball and follow through onto the bottom of his foot.
Little Dutch
And I'm gonna be there Kev, so you can add sex appeal and undeniabe charisma to the melting pot.
Little Dutch
Hey LD, good catch! I also vaguely remembered Eboue did apologise to JT, who btw did not apologise to Cesc for his terrible challenge that could have had the same effect as Eboue's either. But let's be 100% clear and I'm being cynical here: Avram Grant said "I don't want to mention names" so technically he's not slagging Eboue lol. Maybe he did know about Eboue's apology and cleverly tried to spin it that way in his attempt of mind game ahead of the game? lol
Lou the Gunneress
I fear Avram Grant. Not for his obvious tactical wisdom and undeniable talent for substitutions. He looks like a vampire.
lol Goof
Lou the Gunneress
What do you mean, you mean the way I talk? What? Funny how? What's funny about it? What the **** is so funny about me?
The Undertaker is clearly showing us what happens when you associate with (or in this case work for) an unsavoury bunch of people for extended periods. Spending your days surrounded by the likes of Abramovich, Kenyon and John Terry is bound screw you up and test even the most steadfast of people.
Kevin, maybe we need to test out your little theory... we need a poll of who is the most unsavoury and odious combination: John Terry + Cashley + Joe Cole + Lamplard compared to Eboue + Gallas + Cesc + Adebayor. Frankly if you don't lose that one by a Fat margin, I'd be (almost) ready to moon for you on live TV tomorrow!
"And I'm gonna be there Kev, so you can add sex appeal and undeniabe charisma to the melting pot." You're going dressed up as me? How flattering!
"thats "rooting" and "before"" I thought you were typing the british accent.
Oh Joe Cole and Lampard were produced by West Ham too. Only John Terry you could argue was produced by Chelsea, by your logic. But banter aside, they were only produced as players by whatever club they stayed at. Only they themselves are responsible for what they are as human beings. And that's more relevant here when we're talking about Cashley.
Lou the Gunneress
K_chelski, is your name Kevin. If so i take it you are half english? because i didnt hear any brazilians called kevin when i went to Brasil.
So, who do you lot think Adebayor will head butt the *****e out of tomorrow then? Ive got a tenner on Fabregas, casue hes a nancy, but it could also be that Bendtner gets it again... :))
Blue is the colour
Anyone else watching Everton v West Ham? Ferdinand seems to have back-passed the ball to Yakubu who finished well only to get ruled offside. Will see that replay again to see if the ball bounced off someone or what. Looking at David Moyes' face, it seemed like another Boateng-Ade situation there.
Lou the Gunneress
Ade will headbutt his Cashley BITC(h) :)..
Ade will headbutt Cashley BITC(h) :)..
his ex-team mate Cashley*
You gotta feel a tad sorry for old Chavram. Woken from a 36 year coma and mistaken for a football manager he has been asked to make Chelsea FC Sexy, bit like being asked to turn Heather from eastenders into a pole dancer. Old Chavram has given it a good go, after nicking Mourinhos tactics files in a rush he left the file named "substitutions" in the office and has been left to make game changing decisions on his own.Having poorly imitated Mourinho, a football manager of a conference side and a human being with a pulse chavram decided to impersonate Arsene Wenger by claiming he did not see the cole incident, he then went on to imitate Sir Alex by making remarks about another teams player (Eboue). After the embarrasment of the Chelsea crossbar challenge and the late draw at Sp*rs chavram drowned his sorrows with a glass of his wifes homemade "lemonade" (that wud be p*$$)
lmao iceman, quality stuff. haven't seen yu around much lately, so it's great to have yu back..
paul, full blooded brazilian, my family has some british connections.
Why's it special for a Brazilian to be named Kevin? I'm Chinese and called Louisa lol
Lou the Gunneress
Do they call you Rouisa?
yu can't be Chinese. you're too nice and diplomatic to be one of them :d..
I'm English and they call me "Dutch." :-)
Little Dutch
Nah "rou" means "meat" in Mandarin lol. I always thought it'd be cooler to use Luisa to sound like una Latina lol. And come on Luckys, some of "us" are nice and diplomatic! I honestly wouldn't like to be associated with some of them though. Er well. Don't know China well enough to tell you exactly how I feel about that lol, cos I was born in Hong Kong.
Lou the Gunneress
Yeah LD was that named after Dennis Bergkamp or someone?
Lou the Gunneress
lol, well im from india so yu must know our feelings towards the chinese are not that warm enough. and btw i was in hong kong last year and had a terrible time with the food. i was surviving on ice cream and chocolates for a day and half. being a veggie sucks..
yeah loue wouldnt want to be associated with some of the nice and funny people on here. and that got me wondering, don't we have any female members on vital arsenal?
and btw LD did yu get back with that chic who dumped yu after or before the Bayern game a few seasons ago?
Why's it special for a Brazilian to be named Kevin? Without the british connections it would be a bit unusual. Maybe kevaldo..
I had absolutely no idea I'd told that story on here luckys. Nah, she didn't understand, I'm much happier with my current situ!
Little Dutch
I personally have nothing against any race - especially when I'm delighted by people from Ivory Coast, Spain, Belarus, Holland, Togo, England and quite a few from France every week you know! :D Yeah as far as I remember, the only other girl here is Jaelle from America. And HK is one of the best places for food! Harder for a veggie but you probably didn't know what were the good places to go. But ice-cream and chocolate for 1.5 days would be fine with me. lol
Lou the Gunneress
Er there's no such name as Kevinho is there?
Lou the Gunneress
Luckys and LD - that story sounds very Fever Pitch!
Lou the Gunneress
lol yu did but i cant remember when and in which article though. and may yu find a gooner chic to make ur situation even better in the future :d..
Lou i could only see animals hanging around in all restaurants, even my non veggie friends had a hard time, but yeah the ice cream and chocolates were fantastic..
yeh Lou maybe LD can write an article and tell us a lot more about that story in the summer as we celebrate our title win (i hope we'll win it)..
i mean dead animals lol..
lol come on you're making it sound awful! Speaking of food though, these days when I came across a broken bone in a chicken thigh (happens a lot in cooked meat, and if you don't mind me saying), it reminded me of... then felt sick.. imagining his pain when he broke his leg. Yikes... :/
Lou the Gunneress
My current squeeze has no interest in footie whatsoever, which is absolutely fine with me :-)
Little Dutch
Let's hope Eboue's apology comes in the form of a 25 yard screamer that earns 3 points for the Gooners. Eboue's due a goal and what better way to say, 'I love you', to Grant and his buddies. Beats Easter eggs that's for sure.
ewwwwwwww, i hope Dudu isn't reading this..
LD that is not really a good thing in the long run, cuz that would be a problem sometimes. i had to miss the Pool game at home last season because of her sister's bday, and she was getting *****ed even when i was checking the score every five minutes. having a gooner chic is the best thing..
I used to hate football when my ex ignored me every weekend lol before I started watching that was. It's absolutely fine with him, and obviously not with me lol until I learnt to do my own things and spend the "free time" enjoying myself. Looking back, if only I had known a team called Arsenal back then lol But it could have been worse cos he's a ManU fan lol
Lou the Gunneress
wait a minute, Lou you are a chic?
I am chic (adjective) lol
Lou the Gunneress
I'm not the compromising type luckys, she knows the score and she tolerates it, making it up to her just costs a lot of money soemtimes :-)
Little Dutch
wtf, i thot yu are a guy, yu talk like a guy, and the way yu talk about football, no way a chic can talk like that. damn if i only knew that earlier, i wud been more nice to yu a long time ago and also talk to yu more lol..
On top of your season ticket, away trips, Sky subscription, etc. that is.
Lou the Gunneress
lol LD when i'm rich like yu, i'll surely be like yu ;d..
but if i was living in london and also a season ticket holder, i wouldn't give a ***** and actually date someone like Lou ;)..
Well I have to make concessions, like living in Croydon for example. If you've been there, you'll know what I mean...........
Little Dutch
Pff give me a break, I just said "Louisa" mins ago! Did you not see that or did I say I was Louis Saha or Luis Figo or Luis Fabiano or Luis Garcia?! And why can't girls talk about football like she's a normal sane person!
Lou the Gunneress
Haven't been to Croydon.. you're making it sound like Hackney..?
Lou the Gunneress
well i havent come accross a girl who talks about football like she's a normal sane person. atleast not in my part of the world..
It's not far off, incidentally a good many of my relatives are from Hackney. Hackney, Croydon, Birmingham, my family know how to live :-)
Little Dutch
It doesn't matter that much when you go away every other weekend, plus those European trips. It's a trade-off very well worth it!
Lou the Gunneress
Lou you are cool :) heh
Swiss Gooner
I would of thought the fact she is galled gunneress would make it obvious she was a female. Then again i went a few months without knowing because i wasnt reading her name properly
jepp me too always thought her name was Lou the Gunner
Swiss Gooner
same here paul, never really read her name entirely, just thought she is a he Lou..
with all the talk of dating a gunner chic n everythin i tot this wpuld be an appropriate time to out this across....jaelle are u by any chances alessandra ambrosio....or in neway related to her?
Okie... which means I sound like a guy when I talk about football/Arsenal.. Don't know what to make of it.. especially when I never talk about getting a pre-match beer or swearing like a mad man or anything like those. Still I've been talking like a guy and that passed convincingly. Sigh. And no, I'm not some weirdo pretending to be a girl here.
Lou the Gunneress
I had actually used the name "Louisa" here and chatted with all of you before, like until late 2007 hehe
Lou the Gunneress
so Lou how do yu look? :d
I look like one of those un-nice and undiplomatic Chinese, meat-eating, barbaric girls lol
Lou the Gunneress
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol..
Changing subject.. just saw the Spain squad for next week's international friendly vs Italy. Only Casillas and Reina in the goalkeeping department. Wondering if Almunia could beat Valdes to the 3rd place in Euro. I just think the whole thing of talking up his eligibility for England is funny. For sure they won't field a Spaniard in goal, despite having a Canadian guy in the middle of the park.
Lou the Gunneress
did yu lot hear about ade changing his nationality to french or is it just me and by the way louis what part of hong kong are yu from?i was there a couple months ago on holiday with my ex but she dumped me 2 weeks after we got back,dont ask why lol!!
the arsenal
"John Terry broke his foot by kicking Eboue's studs" that far and realised what utter biased, tripe it was going to be and didn't bother reading the rest. Wenger's magic red tinted specs has obviously washed off on you 'fans'.
Its true. watch it again and you will see "fan"
Sorry to hear that the Arsenal.. I lived in Tsim Sha Tsui before - like a Hong Kong version of Oxford Street hehee. Wth re Ade? He could have obtained French citizenship when he's with Monaco. And he's very patriotic and loves Togo - so much so that he chose them over Nigeria (he's of Nigerian descent). So I guess not.
Lou the Gunneress
Oh my goodness.. anyone watching Sevilla v Atletico?
Lou the Gunneress
maresca ^^
I was shouting for the horrendous challenge, almost like an Eduardo thing. Oh sh;t, now this Fabiano "challenge" on Pablo, no card there?!?
Lou the Gunneress
yea i know, firey game seems they all want to kick each others teeth out
Scary how the Sevilla guy's foot raised as high as the Atletico #29 guy's face. And again, no card!
Lou the Gunneress
I think the ref is abit lost and doesnt want to give any more red cards out
Walcott's still in the squad :)
Be fair lads - Grant is just trying to keep up in a mind games competition! Wenger and Fergie are experienced with all this. Grant is just confused and for some reason came out with a statement against Arsenal, when Wenger was supporting Ashley... Don't worry though, if he's still here next season, he should have improved at least a little...
I think here, Eboue has done well to make a personal appology, end of sotry there. But i also feel that Cole, if it is true that he had not been prompted, did a good thing in apologising, even if it was late and to CFCTV. It is understandable that having woken up in the morning and realising what a bad thing you have done, you want to make an apology to press who will not interogate you. He is not completely excused of course, as it was a bad tackle and an aweful reaction, but it helps. I think the only one completely in the wrong here is Grant. Hopefully he can redeem himself at his next press conference.
Er Rob, I don't want Grant to "redeem" himself. As far as I'm concerned he can stay wrong, especially in terms of tactics and substitutions.. even mind games..
Lou the Gunneress
So Lou, you were born in Hong Kong then. I live in a country south of it, a country made up of islands and had been colonized by the Spanish (hence my name sounds Spanish) and occupied by the Americans and the Japanese. :P
The Philippines! Been there too, enjoyed Cebu especially. :)
Lou the Gunneress
My favourite part was the mango juice and dried mango snacks!
Lou the Gunneress
hi all...been a bystander for a while now and enjoying the reprieve I gets here from a place dominated by fans of the other "big 3s"...the articles (esp those of LD's) and comments by fellow mates brings much needed sanity for me...u see...there is a weekly TV talk show with a panel of so-called 4 "experts" anchored by dat hypocritical McMahon who always proclaimed (anyone can sense the insincerity) "I love the way Arsenal plays (hidden: yeah, beautiful football but with no substance and getting no where) BUT..." yes, fail to follow by a big BUT such as "they are still a bunch of kids", "other big 3s have THAT mentality (dat we don't)", "other big 3s knows how to FIGHT (but not us cos we cannot handle the physical aspects) the following article should explain more Hope the lads would really stand up and give our all today, the season starts now...
Welcome Temasek, join the fun! Off topic, but well worth a read because apparently the ref supremo has come out and criticised BBC MotD for doubting the decision of giving Aliadiere's goal against us, AND accepted that Ade's goal should have stood, while explaining in detail what the offside rule actually is. Yay, we've now got the confirmation that we were ROBBED! But at least we're getting closer to clarity:,,2267604,00.html
Lou the Gunneress
And btw LD, I think you should send your article to them and demand an answer to your very valid question, if Hackett admits that Halsey made a mistake in disallowing Ade's goal, why Halsey said what he's quoted to have said to Arsene Wenger that "intent" was part of the reason why he disallowed it? Seriously, send a letter in and see what Hackett has to say!
Lou the Gunneress
See if he'll come back with the same line that, if mistakes are made, "the officials will be given operational advice." lol
Lou the Gunneress
Enjoyed Cebu? Well, it's a really nice place, have some relatives there. Will be going to Cebu two weeks from now as well. Not for vacation though, will go there for a Work Camp, build some fish cages, plant some mangrove trees, do tutorials in the local community school, etc. After that 2-week work camp, that's when I can enjoy Cebu. :D Mangoes are my favorite fruit, you should try other foods there as well. We live nearer the capital though (Manila), but not in the capital itself, but another city beside, among the higher elevations, overlooking the bay and the lake. Cebu's a bit more farther, to the south.
thanks, Lou. Second the query on Halsey...maybe also ask him why did he stand in the way during our build-up play (i can count at least twice in the match)... when "accident" strike more than once, is it still call "accident"
I hope todays game doesn't get marred by over the top tackles, i think cesc and co will be up for a little revenge on the chavs, we were the last team to win at stamford bridge, would be nice to bring their undefeated title to an end.
i remember when you were louisa....i did think that lou the gunneress and louisa were the same female person,becasue as soon as lou the g appeared louisa disappeared.
fran merida
look its not the first time grant has got it wrong and it would not be the last!!
oh well u muppets that wil another season without winning *****.....if u beta pool in the CL ul have to face drogba again and he will deal with you guys
a bit out of character for Mr Grant methinks!
Iceman, proving yourself to be a chav once again eh? charming post there fella. LOL
Blue is the colour

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