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Wenger on Chelsea loss (AUDIO)

The second part of Grand Slam Sunday took a while to get going but despite Bacary Sagna's first ever goal for the club, Arsenal's title hopes suffered a severe dent as they crashed to their second defeat of the season.

With Manchester United's 3-0 win over Liverpool putting them in the ascendency, neither team could afford to slip up, alas it was the Gunners' who failed to take maximum advantage when Didier Drogba's double turned the game on its head, the first of which the Arsenal boss hotly disputes.

Arsene Wenger admitted the biggest winner of the day was Sir Alex Ferguson, as he opened up a 5 point gap from the now 2nd placed Chelsea, whilst his own title challenge seems to have faultered at a crucial hurdle as they find themselves without a win in five league matches.

Interview Length: 6 Min 10 Sec

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The Journalist

Writer: Lee Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday March 24 2008

Time: 12:54AM

Your Comments

Time to dig up those old quotes and borrow some strength lol: "In War: Resolution. In Defeat: Defiance." "If you are going through hell, keep going." "I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else."
Lou the Gunneress
Unlucky lads, thought you were gonna sneak a win when sagna scored. I almost feel sorry for you 5points clear weeks ago. Wengers face after the game was once again memourable though. Well theres always next season lads as you guys so often says to us "spuds" lol The wheels on the bus are coming off, coming off, coming off. The wheels on the bus are coming off, your season again :)
6 minutes to hear the moaning frog, we lost because there was grass on the pitch and Drogba scored two goals, everyone knows this cannot happen against L Arse.
"Chelsea only scored from long balls". Well both Arsenal goals against Chelsea this season only came from defensive mistakes at corners. So what? In terms of chances, Chelsea deserved to win but Arsene and his packet of sweets can't admit it.
Seemed a pretty balanced summary to me. We lost because we lacked concentration, defensive strength and the composure to play our normal game in the final 20 -25minutes. He didn't criticise Chelsea - he acknowledged that we weren't able to deal with their tactics in the 2nd half. Chelsea won the game so their tactics must have been right. Even if the offside goal did help their cause.
best team lost. As for Dogba a despicable chap
Out witted by the Toad man..LMAO!!!You should of played Van Persie..Oh wait he did play. Seriously he was kack and should of been subbed long before he was.
I ask why Wenger gets away without the same questioning of his tactical and leadership qualities as does Avram Grant? ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ In all his years in charge of one of England's "biggest" clubs just how many trophies has he won? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How many seasons has he ignored the lack of footballing "men" in his teams? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ Why, when it's obvious his team need a couple of steely players; a la Viera/Keown/Adams/Storey et al ~ he persists in believing the likes of Flamini/Toure/Gallas/Diaby/ Adebayor can deliver "man" size performances when called to do so? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ Arsenal teams are infamous for wilting under pressure yet Wenger sits on his perch impervious to his and his teams fallibilities. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whilst journos and Arsenal fans alike show just how little they understand, continually demonstrating their lack footy knowledge to ask Wenger the question? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ How long does he need to get it right? Forget the prettiness what about the steel to win? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ Arsenal need another Viera and another Adams before they'll get to the next level. Such players don't appear overnight. You missed out on the types of players you need; Woodgate, Diarra(Real) ~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Will Wenger ever attain the next level? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I doubt it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Amos; A positive slant on what epitomises a lack of steel and desire to win. Yours are idealistic and perhaps viable excuses but not for 10 years or so? The next level has been a long time coming given such early successes. How much longer can you wait until Wenger gives steel and thorn to the roses? Will he ever pull it off?
How you could get out smarted by Avram is laughable. You looked second best all over, and Adeybayor is seriously off the boil. By the way it's not just about Manure loosing two games, it's also about you lot winning ALL your remaining games, tough call in your current run of form. the word freefall comes to mind.
It's not steel or desire we lack - it's experience, composure at times, and the physical development of some of our younger players. The funding for the new stadium has meant that we have had to reduce the wage bill by letting some players whose best days are behind them go earlier than we might have wished and relied too early on younger players but, hopefully, whose best times are still to come. It' was always a risky strategy that Wenger has managed with a reasonable degree of success. He has kept us in the financially important CL competition every year and by and large we have always managed to compete for a trophy of some sort. I am not quite sure what you mean by 10 years or so. It's only 2 years since we last won a trophy and 3 years since the unbeaten season. Is it really all over now? The improvement this season and the rapidly improving income from the stadium investment suggests it isn't.
I would have thought the word 'freefall' might more accurately describe a team widely predicted to win a CL place this season that is currently struggling to make the top half of the table.
I love our brand of football but i have to admit that we lack bodies, players maybe not as talented as the first string but players who accept their 'second string' status and can respond when called upon. Our level of play drops too much once we take a few players out. The one player i miss most is Bergkamp. With him in the side, we were guaranteed at least 2 or 3 clever chances per game. RvP was earmarked for that role but he needs to get sharp and stay fit.
chelsea out-played you guys in all areas. Unable to read grant's game plan and tactics is dissapointing for wenger. You guys looked lost and short of attacking ideas especially during the 2nd half. Anyway, 3rd in the EPL is an improvement for you guys comparing to what you've acheived last season.
Football is a results business and whilst keeping in the CL is a form of success is it Arsenal's limit of desire and ambition? The next level is not qualification and competing but winning and this appears a long way off ~ what of the £60M war chest rumours? ~~~~ The teams spine of steel is severely in need of a transplant, this was as obvious last year as it is now. To sit and wait for some men of steel to rise from the ranks is foolish and isn't this the foolhardy repetitive mistake Wenger refuses to do anything about?
The first requisite to winning a trophy is to qualify for it so it isn't the limit to our ambition but has to be the first objective. The £60m war chest doesn't exist. As at the end of the last financial year we had £70m cash in the bank but that has to be balanced with the £325m of debt (£65m of which is short term). The finances over this season and next will free up more funds but I doubt that with player contracts and transfer rules as loose as they now are we will ever spend £30m or so on a player. The core of the team is ok and is young enough to get better. The improvement needs to be in depth of squad experience. In fact that was much more obvious last year than it is now. It will come partly from organic development and partly through acquisition. Things are going ok even if we do end up empty handed this year. I wouldn't swap places with any of our competitors - they will all have their challenges to face in the future.
Your patience is admirable. In my book though it looks more like a lack of desire to win. The do nothing option. Feasible excuses for more of the same nearly tales. The better players will develop and gain the said experience and no doubt leave before the team is complete; then the cycle starts all over again. There is no time like the present.
Come on people. Time for a reality check. Arsenal are a team that finished 4th last year, lost their talisman during the summer and were widely predicted to drop out of the top 4 this season by many people. Even the most ardent gooners didn't approach the seasn with confidence. Now we have lead the table for most of the season, we are still in with a shout, and we can still win the CL. Isn't that clear improvement. Come on gooners, be proud.
The next level is David dein back at the club! But of course without that fat Russian!
Wenger has always managed to hang on to his better players until they are gone their sell by date. Examples include Vieira, Henry, Ljunberg, Pires, Overmars etc... How does he do it? Only he knows but i think it has to be in the club ethos and what we stand for.
Come on Pantisocrates, no one can doubt the lads' desire to win. They wanted it. Why else would we be where we are for such along time? Remember, we weren't even supposed to finish 4th season. Cheer up, our time is yet to come.
The team is still learning so I am optimistic. Wenger just needs to add a few ingredients to get the perfectly balanced squad... on a budget. The man is a genius. WHich team could have stayed consistently at the top while maintaining a tight purse? The likes of Tottenham, West Ham, Newcastle, Liverpool have all outspent us in the past few years, yet they are nowhere in terms of winning the league. People talk about chelsea's wealth and frugal spending but often forgets ManU have also built their success that way (of their current squad Rio 30m, Roo 30m, Ronaldo 13m, Tevez 20m, Harg 17m, Carrick 18m, Anderson-Nani 35m, Saha 13m). Wenger record transfer is Wiltord at 11m and yet we are still challenging at the top. The man deserves respect as noone else could have achieved that.
The man WAS genius but at the mo and for the last 2 years Arsene DOES NOT KNOW!! The spuds have won a bloody trophy. A trophy that he turns his nose up at when we havent won sweet FA now for 4 years! I spend a bloody fortune on two home and away season tickets for my son and myself...Thousands upon thousands a year! Spend some of my ******** money...Its mine not yours! Man utd win the title at a canter last year, so what does fergie do??? Goes out and spends £50 million! What do we get? A 15 year old kid from gillingham! Adebayor is and has always been a donkey! An ego that showed how big when he made my club look like a joke at white hart lane in a night that made me feel sick to my stomach! Almunia??? wtf!! Eboue! Embarrassing! What does he bring to the team? Diaby?? Denilson? Bendtner? Traore? Holte? Song? Sanderos? Gilberto? All of them either no good, not ready of finished! H e has got rid of Edu, Pires! Vieira and Henry! All still playing and doing well for there clubs. Keeping just 2 of those might have made a differance this season. His putting everything think on cescs shoulders and the kid is so burnt out that the only thing that he has done since reading away thank God was to kill off Milan!! This pretty football just does not work against any team that has even 10% Of an idea how to put men back and defend in two banks of 5! So does wenger try and change things...Nah! Do we try and play down the flanks? Nah! And why? Coz we have no out and out wingers! Gael-Force Man utd and Chelsea are doing it the right way...YOU HAVE TO SPEND MONEY! Its my money! Its your money! I want it spent and I want it spent this summer!!!
VVV14.. i feel your pain man. Every summer i wait for the blockbuster mega deals that will make the football world sit and take notice. But it never comes. I wish to see us competing to sign the best talents but it never happens. Our name gets mentioned but when the bidding starts we are absent. That's the wenger way. As for the 4 players you mentioned they wanted to leave and we got good money for them. It's just a shame we didn't use the money to invest in 'readymade' star players.
Have you heard of the latest 14 year old we've signed from Brazil? He'll come good in about... 10 years time. What about Fran Merida, the other wunderkid from Spain? Carlos Vela anyone? We have the best under-16 squad in the world.... Just a bit of light humour chaps.... take it easy...
They didnt want to leave. With Edu he wanted a better contract (just like Flamini now) Vieria and pires left because of this mad 1 year over 30 contract rule! As for Henry, who knows what went on there! But as i have said above, Wenger has our money...We pay the most expensive prices in world football....FACT! And if he cant see that only 2 or mabe 3 of our entire squad would get into the mancs team them maybe (And im saying this with a tear in my eye) Its time for him to go upstairs! And this is not a knee jerk reaction. I was at the lane when Adebarndoor thought he was mike tyson! Ashamed! I was at St andrews and saw our captian make a mockery of himself! And i cant bear to watch Eboue bring shame to our shirt anymore! What makes it worse is that his not even any good! Ive been going a long time. I was at the lane in 71. I was at york in 85! Anfield 89 and wrexham 92! So I do know the ups and downs of being an Arsenal fan. But some of the lot we have at the mo just dont cut it with me! So If it cuts it with Wenger then Arsene doesnt know!
Blue is the colour
wow look at you all turn on your team. Adebayors been your best player this season and now hes a donkey? Some even questioning wenger? ooh baby
Well as a spud you would think Adebayor is a good player! Lets face it you paid over 18 million for Darren Bent! And bitc, I wouldnt laugh if My club had spent 350 million and hadnt won the league for 2 seasons and had an owner that picked the team! But then look at your club....No class! No History and not much future so it seems!
nice to see the Spurs boys on here gloating - as if they've had a magnificent decade - one trophy just about sums it up!
vavavoom14 ~ spot on. The board should have a few words and set arsene a target or two; win a trophy; buy some men of steel for the teams flacid spine.
HuddersfieldYiddo, you spuds seem obsessed with us, you in particular. And your ignorance shows in your amazement in seeing us criticize our players and Wenger. The fact that this is new to you shows exactly how little you know about us gooners. Gooners CONSTANTLY trash Ade, Hleb, Walcott, Eboue and many have been demanding Wenger's head in the last 3 years. Ade gets an awful lot of criticism (I've never been entirely convinced by him and I can't stand his ego), even during his recent goal scoring spurt. You seem to believe this idiotic caricature of us that we are all one single mind who NEVER EVER ONCE criticize Wenger and that we NEVER EVER criticize our own players. That says everything about your own petty tribalist hatred of us and nothing at all about us.
If the board start telling the manager how to run the team, we will be truly *****ed. I'm not sure AW needs targets really, did you thik it hadn't occurred to him to try and win football games. What you are advocating is a Liverpool style model, it doesn't seem to be doing them too many favours.
Little Dutch
vavavoom at least our board goes out and spends our money on players we are the 3rd biggest spenders in the epl, thats a board that is committed your board takes your hard earned cash and buys themselves ferraris, our only problem is until now, we have bought maily crap players with an exception here and there
5-1, banter's fine, it's your hobby. But if you want to say something, at the very least get the fact right and try to look smarter. The Arsenal board have not even paid dividends on their shares for many decades. It's very well documented in the press that no owners have taken money out of the club or personally pile debt or any liability onto the club apart from their directors' salaries. We were cash-strapped because we had this long-term vision and decided to build a larger stadium, which you guys are trying to do too. If Spurs can figure out a viable way to do so and continue to be the 3rd biggest spenders in the league without putting the club at risk through high debt, by all means, and I'd congratulate you. Look, I'm not even laughing at your being 3rd in spending and 11th in the league. I really am not because I take no pleasure from it. I'm talking about fact here with you (of all people). You can keep coming to this site but please put in a little bit more mental effort in your posts.
Lou the Gunneress
All I'm saying is just that the board didn't go off and buy themselves Ferraris, but a 60,000-seat stadium. Which by the way will keep generating money and squad budget that you were talking about. At the rate of 3.1 million pounds per home game. i.e. revenue = 58.9m a season, from PL matches alone. It was the most difficult for the past few years for us. They didn't spend much of the great income in the first couple of years at the new stadium to be cautious. They are starting to be able to. Whether a frugal manager like Wenger will do so, I don't know. Depends how quickly the young players will become ready too. Obviously now we see the gap between ManU/Chelsea and us. With the cash generated and a much better grasp of the new stadium effect, and Wenger's eye for scouting players, who knows. Sorry guys for the long post, I just wanted to make a clear point so that even 5-1 would understand.
Lou the Gunneress
Well said Lou. I think he should be ashamed of mouthing off that they are the 3rd biggest spenders and yet they stayed nearer the bottom three for the whole season.
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz excuses, excuses,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Lasagne wont save you next season
Pff hahahah sorry AggressiveSpurs, we don't need any lasagne because (a) we're already IN Champions League, (b) you guys are too far off the 4th spot! lol Or was there some other lasagne stories about fighting for the league title that you're mixing it up with?
Lou the Gunneress
Lou, so much effort is wasted on 5-1 :). What are the odds that he will continue to spout the same rubbish ? Pretty good, I'd say. Aggressive spurs - contradicting yourself there. You claim we are serving up excuses, yet you are serving up one large measure of lasagne as another one. Get over it ! You ***** your pants and lost out on 4th. Best of luck with the UEFA Cup next season.
No point in trying to reason with spurs fans that come here, or come up with a logical argument. Obviously the ones that come here are just to rub salt in wounds and wind us up. You could come up with the most logical piece of journalism and they would counter act it with "how many trophies you won in the last 3 seasons". Case closed
paul_ownz, you have just told everyone the truth.
Very true Paul. Yoy missed off the bit about what classless ******** s they are though.
I know guys. But don't you think they get worse if you respond with the same "one Coke Cup in 9 years" or "4th spot, dream on" or whatever salt we rub back into their wounds? They don't know how to reply if you surprise them by talking like a normal sane person you know lol bcos that's not their usual mode of communication. Change the ball game and they'll stop for a (short) while.
Lou the Gunneress
lou ive told you gooners before, you shouldnt make fun of a trophy that 1) you cant seem to win 2) before you say you dont want to win it, can i refer you to the incidents concerning your players in the coke cup final with chelsea, and tottenham, when you players turned ugly in both of them, to me that does not seem like a team that is not trying ps 3 seasons without f all, and lou before the emirates you were a selling club not a buying club, anelka, petit, silvhinio, overmars, to name but a few that you sold for big money whilst they were still good players, man utd, chelsea and spurs are buying clubs, arsenal, west ham, wigan, and reading are selling clubs end of!
"our only problem is until now, we have bought mainly crap players". That's a pretty big problem.
Trying "logic" eh? I know these guys will say I'm wasting time again. But ok, here we go, I have no lecture today and can play with you. Look, the 2nd-string players (pure kids plus Almunia at 30, Kolo at 25 and Baptista at 25, so let's not say otherwise) did want to win it last year. The 2nd-string players wanted it, you heard me? I can also bet you for Wenger it's just a "nice-to-have", definitely far from a "must-have" trophy. Same for us fans. We only wanted them to do well and grow as players in that competition after seeing the likes of RvP, Cesc and Kolo come through it to become the players they are now. Don't you try to confuse things by simplistically saying that we "wanted" that cup. Also bcos (1) they did extremely well along the way, beating Everton and Liverpool away and you guys over 2 legs, before outplaying Chelsea for the best part of the final only to get caught out by Drogba; (2) we were not in a title race last year. This year I can tell you they didn't want it cos (1) we're in a title race, which is a huge improvement on last year when we're like 20-odd points off ManU; (2) the kids did well against Newcastle and Blackburn, but with the senior players thrown in, we were completely cr@p against you guys with no motivation and even interest in those games. That nobody can deny. They just were UNINTERESTED. Which we admit we hated to see too. Tell me how someone like Gallas who's won 2 back-to-back league titles was still hunting for another medal this year could have been genuinely giving his 100% in the CC while he's got bigger dreams about PL and CL on his mind at that time. I personally felt it's a mistake to even field the senior guys. Either you keep blooding the kids or you go for it completely with your strong XI; but it was a hybrid between the two, doing half a job here, half a job there. So I hold up my hand and say they were cr@p cos they weren't interested. Same thing happened in FAC vs ManU. Don't keep trying to pretend to know what we as Arsenal fans "want to win" cos you're just not one. It's what YOU want doesn't mean it's what we want. And having clarified this, I guess I don't have to answer your 1st question - it's not that we can't win the CC, we just don't want to pay the cost of winning CC. Look, we've already got this injury list. Think, just use your brain for once, would you risk your full squad for a cup whose prize I don't even know, or go as far as we can in PL and CL (btw, just one further round means a home match is 3.1m+ in the pocket); I don't have to mention the obvious fact that the honour and glory that a CC brings is not in the same league as PL and CL, do I? Seriously, I did congratulate you guys and still stand by that - you should be happy about your team's achievement. Just the same way we're proud of the huge jump the team has made this season even if there's no trophy to show. What's wrong with that? And how's that your business anyway? And if you read my post correctly, I was saying it's no use to say things like "one Coke Cup in 9 years" or "4th spot, dream on" because that'd just make the discussion dumber and dumber. Did you even recognise that I said I was NOT into that, in case you don't that I'm still trying to be rational with you here? Oh, and if you don't like us making fun or anything at all, by all means stay away from this site. Now onto your "point" about "selling club", which is honestly laughable. I don't blame you at all for not knowing about Arsenal's transfer dealings because you're not a fan. But again, get it right before you say it then you'd look smarter. Silvinho had already been displaced by Cashley in his 2nd season with us. Petit as 30 when he left, only to go to Barcelona and stay half a sesaon in the medical room. Same time Overmars left, with an even better replacement called Robert Pires - have you heard of him, who scored lots of great goals against Spurs? Anelka, hahaha couldn't believe you mentioned him, the guy wanted to leave (his words, he said he's not even forced by his brothers, but no matter what, Wenger couldn't keep him so he had to get the best possible deal out of a good player like him at such a young age, again, what's wrong?). You of all people should know - look no further than Berbatov. Again, if you gave it a better logical try, I'd be very happy to give you some respect. But attention's already been given too much. Ciao.
Lou the Gunneress
Wow Lou, that's long. In conclusion, please tell all gooners not to come over to Vital SPURS and rub salt onto our wounds (Especially in the early part of the season) when ar5sena1 is sitting comfortably at the top. Remember this ... "What Goes Around, Comes Around".
I know Ivanskg. That's why I don't do the going around myself. But 5-1 was saying to me so I had to respond by telling him what he didn't see or chose not to see. And you just did go around, by using "ar5ena1", watch out when it happens to come around to you later. I can claim I don't go around taking pleasuring in winding people up, you/many can't.
Lou the Gunneress
ivanskg - for that, you'd have to tell your fellow spuds not to come on to vital arsenal and create threads like 'Spurs will overtake Arsenal' and other assorted rubbish of the sort. What came to us was simply given back to you in equal measure in the early part of the season.
Lou, consider 5-1 as mainly entertainment value. He claims that "we (Spurs) have bought maily crap players with an exception here and there" . LOL, I would think thats a huge problem, but no, for him, its a matter of pride that spurs are a buying club (they buy *****e), while we (arsenal) are a selling club. Your efforts are wasted :).
LOL, well Lou & Prits, let's see how it goes next season.
Yep there's always next season lol. Good luck (keeping Ramos and Berbatov especially).
Lou the Gunneress

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