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Billy No Mates

With William Gallas wearing the skippers armband at Arsenal there is rarely a dull moment.

Since his arrival we've seen temper tantrums, slagging off of the younger players, quality leadership skills, vital goals, unlucky own goals, life is full of surprises with Billy around.

So I really don't know what to make of Gallas' latest claims that he has no friends at Arsenal, only acquaintances, whilst all his real buddies still wear the blue of Chelsea.

When asked who his mates were at Ashburton Grove, he replied, 'Mates? Well, they are more like acquaintances. At Arsenal there is Theo Walcott but he is very young.'

'Really, it's the guys at Chelsea like Frank Lampard, John Terry, Wayne Bridge and Joe Cole. It always gives me pleasure to see them again.'

'We all have our own lives but when we see each other - especially Terry - we always like to spend some time talking together.'

'After all, I spent five years by their sides. There is always something between us. John Terry in particular. I like his mentality. He is a real warrior.

'In fact he is an example to me even though he is much younger than me.'

The man is a complete mystery he really is.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday March 25 2008

Time: 1:53PM

Your Comments

Not so hard to understand perhaps. After spending 5 years with a particular group most of which is still intact there is bound to be a closer bond. I would imagine that Henry is also closer to some former Arsenal players than to many within his current club.
What a shame. Oh well. Sell him and make Flamini captain.
Can't blame him! JT is amazing. ;)
Fan of Blues
It's not the fact that he is still friends with people at Chelsea, but after two years with us he has no real friends here. It's actually quite sad, I'm sure if I had to work somewhere where I didn't feel as though I had friends it'd make me think twice about getting another job.
LOLOLOLOL he has no friends! :D
probably an age thing--he may feel like the old man of the house at Arsenal.
That's a good point actually Jaelle, I think there is only Lehmann in his age bracket and he isn't exactly approachable is he ...... lol
Well I guess if you keep slaging off your workmates and act like a 3 year old when people need you........Not rocket science really!
Rocky, I'm a 48 year old mom and a fitness instructor, my classes are full of nice, friendly people most of them in their 20s and early 30s, a lot in their late teens. Nice bunch of people who I enjoy talking to and having a drink with. But as I've gotten older I've found the age difference does often matter in terms of social interaction. My favorite people to hang with are a group of people in their 40s and 50s whom I've known for years. A group of us play softball and football on most weekends and we all commiserate together about those damned aches and pains that we never used to feel in our 20s. I can see Gallas relating to Terry far more than, say, Ade.
I hear you J, I'm 30 next moth (aarrgggghhh) and most 18-22 year olds I know are not my kind of people. Nothing against them personally, but as I've grown older ive slowed down.
Well, not quite hard to understand really, because: a) Like he mentioned, he has spent five years at Chelsea so obviously he'll be closer to them, especially considering they are closer to his age group than 90% of the Arsenal players. b) All the Arsenal players are generally the same age, so they would probably stick together more and get closer bonds than they will with someone nearly ten years their senior. c) He was given the role of captain, so maybe, he wants the other Arsenal players to see him first and foremost as 'captain', and 'friend' second. d) If what he considers to have with the Chelsea players is 'friendship' than the ties he has with the Arsenal boys are mere 'acquaintances' in comparison, due to the close bonds you get when you've been somewhere 5 years. But the friendship with Theo is funny, seeing th big age gap, but maybe Theo is just friends with everyone! :)
Rocky, maybe you were right... perhaps Gallas isn't a bad person after all! He's still blue.
Lehmann admitted the same thing a few days back, that its really Gilberto that he identifies with (coz of the family and kids connection), and he doesnt have any mates in the club. Its not really a big deal. The timing of other mischievous reports in the press, claiming that some players dont like his captaincy added to these comments from him look quite suspicious to me.
I can understand that. He didn't have a great start with us, it's true. His character, being so honest and sometimes blunt, didn't help a lot. He's not the PR-savvy Thierry type. But then we also saw him warm up to the "kids" earlier in the season. His talking before, during and after a match, the kids listened. They truly respect him. But only since the Birmingham thing, I feel something's lost in that bond. Or am I being over-sensitive here?
Lou the Gunneress
so not only do arsenal have no personallityon the pitch, behindthe scenes you are boring too......ahahaha
Hmmmmmm ... He spent 5 years at chelsea, made some good friends, but failed to analyze the playing techniques adopted by Drogba.
Right, we don't have much drama behind the scenes. Even some big shots like David Dein or Kroenke or Usmanov had to shut up because of this "boring" board we have. And they never entertain us by trying to sack our manager but keeping him until the new guy comes, having the tapping-up meetings found out in the press, only for half of the fans to boo their own manager, half of them trying to stand by him but helplessly have no results to back him up, and letting him die a slow, agonising death in front of everyone, embarrassing the club big time, being a laughing stock not just in Europe but as far as in Asian press too. Quite entertaining when it's not my club.
Lou the Gunneress
Why would he want the playing techniques adopted by Drogba? Firstly, Drogba is a STRIKER and Gallas is a SKIPPER. Analysing Drogba's techniques won't help him. Secondly, why should he copy another player's style? He is a separate player and he can play in any way he feels works. Thirdly, out of the five years he has been at the club, only two of them have been shared with Drogba.
That's because Drogba is something else! ;-)
Fan of Blues
Looks like there is a storm going on in your team dressing room.
Regardless of whether he relates to the younsters or not, this is nt a wise thing to say at this moment or at any moment! he cannot relate then he picks on the youngest player to say he is cool with, whatever! how the hell can this statement build friendships. this cat needs be humble and play good defense. TOO BLASTED OUTSPOKEN!!!
so at least we know why, henry pires anelka, overmars, petit, viera, cole, campbell wanted to leave the scum, none of them could make friends aawwww
Rocky7 u r right it is sad. If someone has no freinds its because they are not being friendly. how can you be with a team so long and have no friends. Hey there is Gilbrto, Toure, Lehman all the players are not youngsters. something is not right as he needs to be more than just a captain to these younsters but a freind also. im 36 and trust me have had to work with youth a lot and when they feel u r a friend they will respond more to ur discipline and mentoring. He does not have to hang out all the time but to say u have no friends is just not cool. He needs to shut it at times!
I understand what Gallas is saying. Sometimes he shoulders and even enjoys the extra responsibility of the most experienced player around (hence the great performances, stepping up to score goals against big teams), sometimes the heavy stress just gets to him (now, back in the summer, Birmingham). But to say it to the press, especially now, is just unwise and won't help his case and the team at all. We should be more like Flam and Cesc, you can talk, but try to stay positive, and just get up and fight on.
Lou the Gunneress
Have to agree with paulsito, tho: this is hardly the kind of thing to say to the press right now.
Is that why Campbell left Spurs first, 5-1? YOUR CAPTAIN and HERO? Who LEFT YOU to come and play for THE MIGHTY ARSENAL? Hahahahahahahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :-D
I think there's a point that has been overlooked here, as it does not seem as important, but after the 'class' demonstrated by Chelsea players and fans alike on Sunday, I felt the need to point it out. Gallas still looks up to his former teammates, respects them, and enjoys their company. Would Cashley have said the same about Arsenal? No.
I seem to remember Roy Keane saying something similar about United. I've often said that if I knew Gallas as a person, I probably wouldn't warm to him. But that doesn't really matter, because he's one hell of a leader and an excellent player. Much like Keane was for United.
Little Dutch
I agree cheese and thats sad. This is the first time i have thought he should leave Arsenal. I was a big fan until i read these comments. I say it again u can feel this way but have to be mental to say it, its even worse when u realize that its the team who just kicked ur backside, COME ON DUDE!!
Little Dutch u must realize that young people are much more impressionable so it is better to be quiet. It also has more of impact when the team is down. Maybe Roy Keane was wrong too. Does this help the morale of the team. He is not a good leader is he runs his mouth all the time. I backed him till now but he is dead wrong!
that pic looks like marlon harewood, it isnt but they could be bro's
Hang on guys, is this new news, or could it be some old interview done before the Chelsea game that just got dug up in the press now? You know they're so good at recycling things to suit their agenda in a certain context.
Lou the Gunneress
Cheese, good point. Just shows you that Cashley is at the right club.
Hey Lou, your point about the age of the quote reminds me about his widely cited comments about Theo from GQ magazine. Those comments re Theo were made several months ago in an interview the magazine did with him. Then the press publicizes them just as Theo was in the news again (I think after his 2 goals in the Birmingham game).
Yeah they do that ALL THE TIME. In some cases you can't avoid bcos some magazines are monthly and there's a time gap. But daily newspapers here deliberately do that to mislead you and sensationalise things too.
Lou the Gunneress
Good point Lou. The media will press stories like this at a time when it can sell the most papers. It could be a year old for all we know.
Ouch! I guess that's not what you expected Billy to say ;-)
I hardly think that Gallas' words (old or new) are going to weigh heavily on Bendtners young shoulders or any other Arsenal youngster. But we do seem to be breeding supporters with a neurotic hypersensitivity to every potentially negative comment. Forensically examining every utterance or phrase to find some fault or character defect. Two things matter about Gallas - can he defend and is he a good captain? So far this season he has been excellent at both so allow him to get on with whatever non-footballing foibles he might wish to have.
I dont know, he seemed ok when i met him last week. He let me take a pic and didnt seem to bothered that i had stalked him.
Am I the only one who's thinking he and Senderos worked visibly better together and maybe now we could have Kolo in RB...?
Lou the Gunneress
Senderos and Gallas did play better and with sagna could mean kolo to RB but Eboue could go there and theo on right wing
I always thought RB was one of your strongest positions with Sagna and Eboue, besides rule one of football management is play your best players in the best positions
Personally i love Kolo. But it was a wrong decision to bring him back over Senderos. Toures last 2 performances before coming back were awful. In the ACON he was at fault for several of the goals and looked really bad, especially when he turned his back on the attacking player... Then he played poor against Man united. 4-1 and 4-0 losses respec.. Senderos had come in, had two excellent games against AC milan and good games against Wigan, Villa and Birmingham City. He looked like a Different player and deserved to keep his place. Toure has not looked as good since coming back and the defence does not look as convincing. I thought Wenger rewarded players on form by keeping their places.
This quote has been taken completely out of context. This was the answer he gave when talking about ENGLISH mates. Thats why he only mentioned Walcott. This article is very misleading. Thats why he's also only mentioned the English boys for Chelsea and not Drogba, Makelele etc
Agreed, paul. I admit I've been shocked to see the deterioration of Kolo. I used to think of him as the one solidly consistent dependable player we have. I adore Kolo, sad to see this happening to him. Even a lion like him has his bad spells. I don't understand AW's thinking sometimes. He dropped Lehmann immediately after two bad mistakes in two games--never brought him back as first choice keeper. But with other players, he just doesn't show this same kind of ruthlessness. It's clear Ade should be rested or at least subbed but AW just won't do either one. Theo's been showing some positive signs of improvement but he keeps being subbed very late in games. And Senderos is clearly in form yet he gets dropped.
I must be very old in saying "Why the ***** should anyone care?" .. we pay our money to watch them play once or twice a week - couldn't care less what happens behind closed doors and less than zero interest in these guys sharing their personal feelings.
Bran Mak Morn
BMM, I'll second that thought and add a few personal observations. Prior to Billy Gallas, we had Henry as a captain and although an Arsenal legend, Thierry simply SUCKED as a captain. Moreover, most of us (Gooners) agreed on that. Now all I have seen from him on the pitch (as I saw every game) is that here is a 100% committed and motivated experienced international with a desire to lead by example and above else, win. Make no mistake, he is human and he has his fair share of issues, but who hasn't? Going not so long back to my favourite captain, Tony Adams, and his successor Big Pat Vieira, were they 'perfect' human beings in their life on and off the pitch? No. So lay off of him, he is an honest man who gives his all for the club we love. He deserves respect, especially from us Gunners, as we can be a very fickle bunch at times. By saying Terry and co. are his pals he deserves respect from the Blues fans, too. He never wrote a book slagging off any of his former teammates, never said a bad word or made a bad gesture towards their fans, never even said a bad word about Chel$ki as a club. He had probs with part of their management and leading personnel, but that is about it. Cheers.
Bran, I totally agree. Gallas isn't the sort of fella I could see myself having a pint with. But I don't have to have a pint with him or socialise with him in any way, my only relationship with Gallas is that I pay money to watch him play, so far he hasn't disappointed by and large. As for the players, I don't really see this as negative press, if he doesn't tend to socialise with them they'll already know that and this won't be any sort of revelation. He's hardly come out and said that they're all a bunch of insufferable ****s.
Little Dutch
Sorry off topic, those who have ATV or ATVO, you can watch the reserves game vs Chelsea right now. Djourou, Traore, Song, both Hoyte brothers are playing. We're leading 1-0. But I'd just like to see how the kids are doing.
Lou the Gunneress
Cheers Lou, doing just that, too late to see the goal. Hear it was well taken by Song.
Or go to Eurosport France site to watch Clichy with France A - legitimate free live video. Wow Nasri's just scored for them. The Arsenal reserve goal's scored by Song (CM), commentator said it's a well taken one. Hope he can get some 1st team games to back Flam up later.
Lou the Gunneress
There's just some things I wish I'd read before just putting him in my Fantasy Football team!
Excellent goal by Song, Lou! It was a kind of passed curler into the bottom right corner from 20-25 yards. He didn't celebrate the goal though, in fact he looked a bit peeved off. Strange, but could be down to frustration after having such an excellent ANC, but having an injury that's moved him down in the pecking order in the short term. Just off topic, after the last few weeks, which have been quite miserable really, I feel pleasantly mellow and at ease with things now. It's like the path is clear and we now know what we have to do for the rest of the season. (And no, I haven't been eating space cake, lol)
Oh me too actually. Read a book, listened to some podcast (travel stuff, unrelated to football), went picking veggies at Tesco today lol. Quite surprisingly I'm coping ok! :D
Lou the Gunneress
And for once I strangely like this international break, kinda takes my mind off Arsenal, but not quite, as I'm watching Clichy in one window, the reserves in another. Like you, I'm quite relaxed really. And just imagine how the players would have needed a break too. That's why I'm glad to see Song back. Hope some of these guys could provide back-up to those first-teamers who're tiring at this stage.
Lou the Gunneress
LMAO!! Is this guy your captain....The guys French and has no mates at Arse*anal..Fecking hell!! No wonder he was crying like a baby at Brum. Looks like he wants out to me...come and get me plea if ever I have heard one.
I JUST WISH I COULD WATCH THIS STUFF ON ARSENAL TV!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I follow the France squad so I'm definitely watching the France games. Just hope none of our players come back injured of course. Glad to see you guys are coping. Me? One moment I'm coping fine, next minute I just want to hit someone. That's a bitchy New Yorker for you.
thats one thing me & gallas got in common no friends at arsenal. dont worry about it mate there all W*****S anyway!!!!!
what a pathetic knob you are...
It's like being back at the beginning of the season again, no expectancy or pressure on the boys, only negative is that we are 6 points worse off the title race than we were at the beginning. Positives are we're only 5 matches away from possibly winning the CL as opposed to 15, and not only have we already claimed 6 points off our mates down the road, it's only March and they can't finish above us. So yeah, it's not so bad at all. You didn't miss much Jaelle. A very scrappy game where the only things of note really were the two goals. 1-1 it finished.
You know what they say dspurs, 'you're either a w@nker or a liar'. Which one are you? Or did mummy tie your hands behind your back. Denial can be an ugly thing y'know, lol.
And me I got no Arse wipe mates either. In fact I can't stand em'. Do you think that's why he allowed Drogba to keep roasting him and score. Funny that cause Cashley made some new friends after he left, but apparently his mrs found out. LOL.
And judging by the picture of Gallas at the top. If he kept that pose, Arsen Wenger would definately find a use for him.
He might have to close his mouth just a little bit though, as it would just keep falling out.
And I bet i've made mo mates on here either. LOL
you got 1 mate here
Well one Spur = 60,000 goons anyway. lol
flv; in answer to your question. yes to both im a w****r n a liar when the time suits me n not scared to admit it. what about you ru a marmite miner like arsene!!!!!
I think Billy forgot that he needed to be a bit more aggressive wiht the opponents on Sunday. He may have Blue mates but it doesn't mean getting too comfy with them on the pitch. On a different tac, what is starting to get to me a bit is this continuous feed of 'excerpts' and 'interviews' with the players. Are we slowly grooming these guys into media performers? They might live under the spotlight etc but not 2 days pass without press reports on what (at least) one of our players said. It never used to be this relentless and bland. I don't really want to hear 'sensible' analyses from our players in 'plastic' interviews.
An honest question...Do you lot actually want him as captain? He's seems so have gone off the rails a little bit this season.
I will be your mate hahahahaha...............cant demand much respect from the team if you not even mates with them.
Gee-Nee-Us Yid
Nope dspurs, unfortunately for you, I'm not a marmite miner. You'll just have to go and look for some loving elsewhere I'm afraid. Like your, softly softly approach though. Very romantic lol.
Just saw this on another blog, re Gallas' quotes about having "no friends" at Arsenal: "I happen to be French and have read the original piece in L’Equipe and the ‘no mates’ quote is a piece of absolute *****-stirring garbage. The question Gallas was asked was about players in the England team, of which Walcott is the only Arsenal-based, and understandably not the closest to Gallas, partly because of the generation gap, as Gallas points out. And that is all." And I guess in every other club all the players are close bosom buddies.
Got 2 mates then, that's more than Billy Gallas already.
i think the point his making is he is friends with only english lads
gallas is a chelsea great been at chelsea thru the good and the bad times and i will miss him at the bridge.....the gallas/ cole deal should never of happened

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