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Time To Shelve The Title Dreams?

Following Sunday's result at The Bodge, can we put our title aspirations back in the box marked 'open next year'?

For the first six months of this season, I think it's fair to say that most of us Gooners have been in dreamland. Having been told by the sages in both Fleet Street and television studios prior to the season's start that the coming campaign would see the Gunners struggle to hold on to their place in the top four, we started brightly and consolidated our fine start to the league tussle to see ourselves fighting tooth an nail with the Mancs at the Premier League summit. The pundits said 'If Arsenal are still in contention come January, we can consider them serious contenders'. January came and went, and there we were, still heading the pile.

All this despite having played the majority of the season without the player we considered our finest goalgetter, with Robin van Persie remaining seemingly permanently injured (your writer is wondering how close the Gunners' medical staff came to getting a named plaque dedicated to the dutchman and put on one of the treatment tables, so much time he had spent there).

Since February came about, the goals have dried up, and several faltering displays (save for the imperious performance in Mee-lan) have seen our lead at the top of the table whittled away, and a total of just four possible points from fifteen now sees us occupying third place.

How much of this is actually down to the events at Birmingham has been speculated on many-a-time already, and only those inside the club can truly know that. What can definitely be said is that that day robbed us of a player who had looked ready to play an important part in the title run-in. But that does not explain the somewhat sloppy defensive displays that seem to have crept back into our play. We coped fine without Kolo Toure, Senderos deputising more than adequately in his ACN-enforced absence. Something seems to have slipped out of gear with the mentality existing inside the club.

It's all very well and good having a fighting spirit that can see us come back if we fall behind, and these boys have displayed that, but it's in closing out games that we seem to have been found lacking. We seem to have rediscovered some of the more frustrating characteristics that we thought had been jettisoned last season - I think of teams scoring one shot against us, then us hammering them for the rest of the game without any joy, only to scrape a last-gasp equaliser.

A common train of thought was that this season would be one season too early for this Arsenal team, and that they were not quite ready for a sustained title tilt. I thought we had it in our locker. I'm one of those football fans who wants to believe. But maybe my belief was a little clouded by my rose-tinted spectacles (or more accurately, red-and-white-tinted).

Rocky has been saying pretty much all season that he thought the title would prove a bridge too far and that a more realistic and likely aspiration was 2nd place. I can only hope that the boys cans rediscover their play, confidence and fight that saw us shoot to the summit, or we may also end up passing up on 2nd spot.

So, have we blown it? It's a tricky one. As much as I had confidence in the lads, I always knew it would be a tough ask. And it looks a heck of a lot tougher now. We are coming to the business end of the season, where fates are decided and made, and whilst we are blessed to still be in the hunt for the Champions League, that (for me) cannot be the focus of the season. For me, the Prem was where we had to prove ourselves this season - it was always about re-establishing ourselves as a force to be reckoned with. This we have surely done, but that's no reason to stop there. Don't prove you have the capacity to do it. Prove you WILL do it. We've got the mancs away, and 'pool at home. Two mouthwatering encounters (amongst a series of fixtures which should ALL be mouth-watering, as they stand between the players and title glory). Sadly, it's no longer in our own hands now, we have to hope that the chavs and the mancs will slip up somewhere along the line, and we seemingly have the hardest run-in of the top three.

Yet there is still hope - sunday was but our second loss of the season, less than the aforementioned teams. They've proved themselves fallible before this season, let's hope they succumb again before this campaign is done with (in the mancs case, in addition to the defeat I hope we will inflict upon them). I have a feeling there may be a couple more twists and turns left yet - well, i say a feeling, it's more of a hope.

My head says we will come up just short, my heart tells me we can still sneak it at the death. I hope you all won't mind if I follow my heart on this one.


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The Journalist

Writer: Wingston Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday March 25 2008

Time: 9:01PM

Your Comments

********* to all that for now. I don't likethe way the players are still talking about having to play United etc etc. Bolton is the only thing they should be thinking about, we've been overthinking the ramifications of everything, putting all our eggs into separate baskets.Bolton Wanderers should be the only thing the team are thinking about right now. Win that one, ********* to everything else. ***** forever, it's all about Saturday.
Little Dutch
Little Dutch too true.Our gaffer has been talking about the significance of our game against Chelski and hasn't mentioned how tough it's going to be against Villa on Sat. Before we go to the Bridge we still have to play ye at home and we face away games against 'Boro and Blackburn.One game at a's far from over.It also baffles me how every newspaper has claimed Chelsea are back in the title race and the Gooners are out of it.Isn't there only one point between ye? Am I missing something????????
The only thing you can come to expect from this mad old game of ours is the unexpected. We can still win it, and I truly beleive that! From here on in, all the weight of expectency sits firmly on the shoulders of the top 2 and that's just the way I like it.
Although I do think we'll have to wait another year for the title, it does ***** me off how Chelsea are right back in the hunt, but being the huge gap that is one point behind them we don't stand a chance? Hmm...
I just don't want Man Utd or Chelsea to win, and we seem the only team who can take it away from them. If they win, it's just more proof that you need to spend 100s of millions to get something, the pundits were right, it was predicted, it's just another normal season where nothing out of the ordinary happened. Who was expected to win, won, who was expected to lose, lost. We had a chance to turn this MU/Chelsea dominance on its head, to change the natural order of English football, to stop a 'Big two' sprouting out from the 'Big Four', but in the end we fell short. No one will remember those 20-odd weeks where the underdogs sat on the top of the table, they'll only remember how it all stands in May, and to be honest, that's all that matters. The team is admirable for trying, but in the end, no one wins awards for effort, only for achievement. However, I have not given my hopes up yet. I know we can win it, and I have no doubt in my mind about that. Forget, 'next year', we have this season to play for!
Agreed LD, we should stay focussed on playing against Bolton this weekend and getting the three points.
Don't know how you'd feel about the paper talk Java and SG, but if I were written off every morning, the same way that our players are written off by the media, then I wouldn't be happy until the day that I rammed it all back down their throats, with added interest. In all honesty, this paper talk is probably what Avram Grant pinned on the dressing room wall before every match and it's certainly just what we need right now. I want to see some angry players take to field against Bolton, because that extra adrenaline is what will re-ignite our season as far as I'm concerned, and I'm sure we're going to get just that.
WTF do you lot always try to write best selling novells to get your point over. Just summerise FFS, it's almost as boring as your football. That comming from the home of exciting football. 101 goals, (one for every dalmation) shame they wern't all in one direction though.
Not forgetting your three games in a row against ther red half of scousland. They'll be rather p155ed off about the mauling they took at the red half of gunchester, and no doubt, looking to get the fans back on their side. HHmmm.
Yeah I guess your right, the underdog thing does seem to fire us up (Madrid, Milan, Barca, although we lost it was an unbelievable performance). Hopefully we'll bounce back this weekend, and just in time for the big 'Liverpool week'
.....maybe next year?
23% chance of Arsenal winning the title. 30% chance of CFC winning.
kevin what's the odds on the sp*rs?
Yeah whatever, even against Bolton we're the underdog now. Fine, just get the 3 bloody points for a change. They're without Jaaskelainen and Nolan. (Can't believe I was checking their news with such real interest.)
Lou the Gunneress
Sorry Lou Lou, but even you must admit it's a sad day, when you have to enquire after who Bolton have fit LOL.
Nind you if you carry on with your current form it could be a 6 pointa'
lol g4l.
It's not as sad as I'd thought it'd be. Coping pretty well, thanks. Was just wondering if Jaaskelainen's really out for the season, then got Nolan as a 'bonus.' Not making fun of their injuries though. Will check out Liverpool for a whole week later on. That's also how it's like supporting a CL club I guess. I'm just glad we still have quite a lot to play for.
Lou the Gunneress
6-pointer vs Bolton? If that happens, wouldn't it happens with you (11th) first? Hmm bad joke, I challenge you to try another one.
Lou the Gunneress
Nah, I'd throw the towel in and call it a day Lou Lou, the scousers are gonna av ya.
Still ............ maybe next year a'.
Too many towels in here already lol. You guys have thrown the towel in long ago. Good night.
Lou the Gunneress
Like I said .................. next year. g'nite
Technically it's 10th March 2008 - the earliest St Totts Day in the PL history. And next time you guys come over, don't forget to take those towels back, they stink. And you'll need them again. Please wash and recycle.
Lou the Gunneress
Remember Lou Lou 11th is just No 1 twice. LOL
yep we threw the towel in this year after we won a cup, you trew it in after you drew with boro wigan and brum.
Even worse try, the most unfunny "joke" I've ever heard.. Now go back to your banter, you've failed miserably to be funny here. :/
Lou the Gunneress
not a joke just read your last 5 vitle arsenal subjects, youve all given up hahah, the jokes on your arrogant club you give it all the talk the whole season and you dont expect and cr-ap when you throw it down the toilet
Time To Shelve The Title Dreams? why would you do that? granted it wont be easy now that united are in the driving seat but they have yourselves and chelsea to play add to that that they are due a bad result and id say you guys (provided you get yourselves back on form) are right in the mix.
durks de rover
Knew you'd say that 5-1, enjoy your cup by all means. And for as long as you like, cos I heard it's got a 9-year shelf life at least, pretty durable. Our last cup is 3 years old, still sitting pretty there in the club museum. And we've got the biggest 2 towels still in our hands. Whether we have to throw them in, we don't know until later. But when we do, we wouldn't throw it at you, more like ManU or Chelsea or Barca or someone like those. Let you know then, I'm sure you'd enjoy watching. Watching.
Lou the Gunneress
Nah it's over for them, like 5-1 said, when they drew with brum, boro etc...
Wingers you'll not find many who don't want to dream with you but I told myself that it wont happen this season as the momentum is with others and there is something that is going against us at the moment. I'll be happy to see our boys give it lots of fight in every single match that is now left. It will also be interesting to see how ManU and Chelsea fare now they are in the spotlight. We will surely have some interesting moments in the run-in and CL, and it's something to look forward to. I keep thinking in terms of post-mortems after our defeat at Chelski, but on reflection that's unwise as we are still battling away this term. It's no consolation but it's quite hilarious to hear the occasional demented Spuddy tease us about 'next year'. That'll be the same 'next year' that you're going to overtake us I guess?
o% chance spurs winning title 23% chance arsenal winning title 30%chance chelsea winning title.OUTCOME 100% SAME NO F***ING TITLE.
Wingers, We gooners are all full of heart man but LD is right, the next game is what it is all about. My wife has been complaining that I have been really grouchy over the last month and it because I have seen this title slip away and I am one p*ssed off gooner. All this talk of team spirit is all about nothing right now. It's the points in the bag that we need and focus. Focus on the next game, the next minute in front of us during the game. We have blown the Chelsea in the last quarter, the Brum game, in the last quarter, we were crap against Villa, Wigan and Boro and to be honest, if we dont pick this up, The Scousers will fancy turning us over. I honestly dont know what has gone wrong but someone needs to figure it out. Whether that means putting Ade and Eboue on the bench and coming out with Walcott and RVP , I dont know. The title this year is gone and in reality the squad is to thin. When Anelka came on on Sunday, the match change along with the Sagna injury. 15 mill for Anelka in the Jan Shopping sales. Chelsea were off the pace then but now they are second. I love Arsene to death. He has made our team a joy to watch but we need to be honest with ourselves, we are missing something and he needs to find out what. Thats why he is paid the dosh and I work in an IT department. Pretty soon we will be talking about whom to buy in the summer, it has in fact already started. I am going to say it now. We need at least 4 new players and boy would I love to see Eto in a Gooner shirt, even if he costs 30 mill.
wow, i love it when the spuddies come and gloat here, yet can't take it when they lose and one goes and pays a visit on their site, and they cry... pathetic ! WELL LISTEN UP SPUDS, i have no problem you ribbing us here, but just remember if you are going to dish it, then you have to take it, like a man, not like screaming name calling little girls ok ?
Short answer to title question: yerp, muffed it. Short answer to Spurs fans: be nice to be in a situation to muff it, wouldn't it? ;-D
Fair play PG bring it on.
no morrish we were in a title winning situation in september we muffed it then, you muffed it now, same outcome no title for either of us
should i change my user name to 61 NEVER AGAIN, and each week i can tell you that you "muffed it" tell me whats it like to NEVER see your team win the league or even have the remotest chance of ever challenging for it? you bunch of muffties..oh in fact i will change it
fran merida
Long gone being 2005? 5-1, I used to think you were a cock. Actually, I do still think that but now I just pity you. Clearly you have a massive inferiority complex. You feel the need to keep coming on here and shouting your drivel. It's sad really. I pity you. You are pitiable. (And FYI, Spurs are hated by just about everyone. Which I think you know, as it adds to your inferiority complex). Poor sad little 5-1.
Fair play Wingers (havent seen you in a while though). I'm still going with my heart on this. But LD makes a good point. All of us are hoping ManU / Chelsea slip up and are paying way too much attention to their run-in. Our focus simply has to be this weekend against Bolton. Lose / draw that one, and we might still get sucked into a fight for 3rd place. I hope the lads are *****ed off that they have blown it and with the media reverting to type by writing them off. However, we saw that we didnt finish strongly last season, and I only hope for an improvement on that aspect as well. Its time to put in a consistent winning run, starting Bolton.
go with your heart wingers. its the way to go. we will nick it at the death. this team has what it takes. maybe even on goal difference...
5-1 are u for real? so now u vicariously hate arsenal by comparing us to other clubs not your own? your captain fights at a night club and he is a better example than our crying French captain just cos he is English? our donkey of a striker has done more than your excellent strikers... van persie has been out injured; of course you dont pay enough attention to know that do you? we sell our best player and cant win the cl? carrick was not your best player when you sold him? are u even in the cl talkless of winning it?
TS are you saying spurs would rather have gallas then king hahaha are you mad arsenal would swap gallas for me, hes utter crap, lets and thats just his form this season nevermind his attitude, and our strikers have won us silverware, yours have contibuted to raising all your hopes, then flushing em down the sh-itter, carrick was not worth 18mil that was good money whilst keane was our best player, you only got 16mil for henry which was a good deal for barca, you got mugged off by arse *****er
"WTF do you lot always try to write best selling novells to get your point over. Just summerise FFS" -- typical spud with a 2nd grader's attention span, find reading anythying beyond Jack and Jill too difficult do you? "at least we arnt arrogant *****s hated worldwide" - the guy runs a bar, asks a few patrons who they hate most, and thinks he can pontificate about who's hated worldwide--by that logic I could say the mancs are the most hated based on the bar patrons I know in the 2 NY bars I frequent. "i like man utd and liverpool, because they dont moan like wenger when it doesnt go thier way" - you mean like every time fergie moans about ref decisions, protection of his players, etc. whenever his team lose or draw? Like when he came to the Emirates and whined about the ref and the insults thrown at him after he couldn't win at our ground? Or when he moaned and moaned about the ref after their FA cup loss to Pompey? Moaned so much that the FA investigated his comments? 5-1, you're a pathetic, neurotic little nerd -- your entire football existence revolves around hatred, not love of anything. You fixate totally on hating one club far FAR more than loving your own. You are ORGASMIC when we fail and just content when your own club wins. That's your definition of true happiness--us failing, not you winning. You spend all your worthless time coming over here to throw insults at perfect strangers, you're the kind of lowlife football "supporter" that makes so many people despise the sport. For anyone to fixate so much on hating one club more than supporting his own shows a sad little dweeb of a personality. You have a MASSIVE MASSIVE Arsenal-shaped chip on your shoulder, did someone at Arsenal kill your children or something? Your bitter, insecure, hate-filled posts say everything about your scummy little excuse of a life than anything about Arsenal. Get a girlfriend or something.
As to the subject of wingers' the start of the season, this is what I hoped for (and thought reasonable to expect, as I didn't believe the doommongering about Henry leaving, spurs overtaking us, etc.): finishing 2nd or 3rd, having a better CL run, and MAYBE MAYBE a domestic cup trophy. I was shocked to see us at the top of league so early in the season but I did not believe we'd win the title for months. I only started to believe that we COULD do it when I saw we were coping with the ANC. Well my hopes have come crashing down to reality now. I just want to remind fellow gooners about an overlooked fact in the Chelsea game: we were very capable of winning that match. Sagna totally controlled Kalou and Clichy did the same with Joe Cole, their most in form player right now. Pre-match, no one talked up how we were going to deal with Drogba, it was "how are they going to handle Joe Cole?" Well, we did handle him. We gifted that game to Chelsea, it wasn't Grant who won it, we lost it. It's the same with the league: WE'VE GIFTED THE TITLE TO THE MANCS, it's not they who've won it (assuming they do). BTW, at the season's start, I believed that Mourinho would take back the title, I didn't believe Fergie would retain it. Given the way we've thrown away our lead and how the mancs aren't playing all that well, that could still happen, even with Grant at the helm. Anyway, clearly AW needs to solve a problem that he hasn't solved for some time now: our inability to deal with big, strong center forwards. That's the reason we lost at Chelsea. And sorry for these two very long posts!
5-1 is a good example that a bored mind is the devil's playground. With Tottenham's season over, this is how he has to fill his time. If your Carling Cup amuses you, fair play, but remember you aren't in our stratosphere. Spurs may have won a cup, but that keeps you in company with the St. Johnstone's Paint Trophy winners, good company for Tottenham I'd say.
Little Dutch
thank you, 5-1, for showing us all exactly what type of lowlife you are. Get some therapy.
Just saw this on another blog, re Gallas' quotes about having "no friends" at Arsenal: "I happen to be French and have read the original piece in L’Equipe and the ‘no mates’ quote is a piece of absolute *****-stirring garbage. The question Gallas was asked was about players in the England team, of which Walcott is the only Arsenal-based, and understandably not the closest to Gallas, partly because of the generation gap, as Gallas points out. And that is all."
dutch at the moment your in the company of reading wigan and boro.....won f all!!
sorry i stand corrected, barnsley and bristol, when f all but still in a cup you have no chance of winning lol
Is that 5-1 re-incarnated ?
Actually, we're in the company of United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona, Roma, Fenerbache and Schalke. You guys might just emulate MK Dons. In fact, it's quite ironic that the only way you have any links with Barcelona is by owning a pub there.
Little Dutch
As for the article, I havent heard the fat lady sing yet, so i'm going with my heart till my head tells me better. Its just tough that its not in our hands any more. Fate can be a cruel mistress, but she is full of surprises, and my heart also tells me there's more to come.
actually dutch united and barcelona have a good chance to win their leagues you have sweet fa
cesky i hate arsenal because of their arrogance not because they are winners???? otherwise id hate man utd and chelsea, not only are they winners in recent years they have won alot more then you, but i dont hate them, i didnt even dislike mouriniho because he had a reason to be the way he was he took a nothing team like porto and won the CL, you are a moaning club, you blame the grass for losing but its your rubbish players, and you silent unmotivating fans at the degenirates
spursinbarca, for a club you hate so much we seem to be incredibly important to your life for you to waste your superior time with and come on over here to insult us
jaelle. you sure put it eloquently there... well done. I usually dont join issues withs s[iurs fans cos i know usually they are on a wind up and its not easy for them to get the opportunity especially this season when they have so longed for this chance such that when the season is not even over, they are already happy just that we have dropped to 3rd place as if they would rather not swap places regardless of their protestations otherwise... They have manged to win the carling cup and so are now a reference point for teams that want to win a trophy.. I do marvel at their logic more often than not really. In the season that we sold henry, he was not our best player and he waned out else he would not have been sold; hope that not too difficult to understand
Oh..and while I'm ona roll.... how about 10K pounds SPURS finish above u lot in the League next season....again...all bet's covered.. come 1 come all...*LOL*... let's go..!!! COYS>>>!!!!
SPURSSSS RULLLEEE North London..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...COYS>>!!!!
seems like the red half of north london has gone quiet...
Well done guys, you've really shown what kind of fans Spurs have. Oh, just saw on Vital Spurs why 5-1 took his reincarnate in Spursinbarca. Sorry can't help but LOL.
Lou the Gunneress
Lou the Gunneress, unfortunately all teams have their fair share of idiot fans and people that attempt to annoy so i think it is a tad unfair to tar us all with the same brush. Vital spurs also gets to see more than its fair share of these types of fans. Maybe just ignoring them may be a better idea for next time? i noticed that you were considerate and attempted on more than one occasion to have a decent conversation but it was wasted. Apologies extended from vital spurs if offence has been caused by a minority of abussive members
spursfan4eva, well said, thank you very much for the rational comments. Of course there are idiot fans from every club. For myself I don't mind spurs fans coming over here to engage in discussion. Mild banter is fine too, tho I prefer relevant, intelligent comments myself. I often get criticized by fellow gooners when I say that I don't hate Spurs, I can't manufacture a hate I'm supposed to feel. I actually LIKE the team and manager (Jol and now definitely Ramos, who I followed closely at Sevilla), I like how Spurs keep faith with good attacking football. It's the fans I can't stand, tho certainly not those who can show some modicum of reason. I will say tho that the one thing I can't ever forgive is how spurs fans invented a vile, filthy smear to greet AW when he arrived in England, a smear he and his family have had to live with ever since.
I don't get it! YOU'RE STILL IN IT!!
Fan of Blues
Fan of Blues, LOL!! Your post gave me a good, hopeful chuckle! :-D
Spursfan4eva, nobody paints you in the same colour as those people. Not me anyway. "What kind of fans Spurs have" doesn't even logically imply "all" Spurs fans are like them. Understand what you're saying. Every club has people like those but to be perfectly honest, some banter's even intelligent and humorous, most plain stupid wind-up. And it's not even your apology to make because people should be responsible for their own words and actions. It's enough that you're not one of them.
Lou the Gunneress
JAELLE' just read your post n the words pot kettle & black spring2mind. coming on here n trying 2start a war with spurs fan's have you forgot your french you dont do wars remember.your one of those supporters i hate probally support arsenal cos of the french connection. you said you followed ramos closely when he was at sevilla WHY? you dont support them aswell do ya i bet you got a 2nd & 3rd team you follow. you have'nt got a clue what a die hard fan stands for have you? n b4 u start spitting ur dummy out about the french thing its a joke!!!!!
LOL Lou, another answer to your 'What kind of fans do spurs have' question - The Grade A moron i.e. dspurs64. I'm curious though, what exactly was 5-1's reason to re-incarnate himself ?
they deleted my account because of my comments to jaelle, yes they were offensive, but i remind you i was always talking about arsenal FC, until she started getting personal with the girlfriend comments, hence i retorted. simple as!
Did a say something wrong in my last post ?...It has vanished ?...
dspurs64 your comments are truly bizarre. "Following" does not mean "support"--I follow certain teams and managers because I like their style of play. I follow certain French clubs to see how they're doing, I follow Bayern Munich this season because I like their players, I follow a few Spanish teams and certain Brazilian teams--that means I follow their progress, I watch some of their games. I loved Sevilla under Ramos, and I knew that if spurs got him we've have to start taking you guys seriously. I also enjoy watching Espanyol. So what? That doesn't mean I support them. In other words, I'M A FOOTBALL FAN, something you obviously don't understand. Apparently to you it's all about petty hateful tribalism. When those clubs play v. Arsenal, I root only for Arsenal. I've supported Arsenal since Graham's last 2 seasons while living in London. I start a "war" v. spurs fans? I criticize fans who come on here to throw cheap, vile insults about our manager, our players and we fans. Poor cry babies, can't stand the heat, then leave.
spursinbarca, if I remember correctly you were warned not long ago by the owner of the site after decising to include remarks about people's mothers in your posts. So you can stand down from your moral high ground and get back to your molehill of mid table obscurity.
Little Dutch
dutch it was one of your players are so boring you with your prawn sandwich brigade, your style of football is way over rated, it took the likes of boro and wigan to show that, i promise you this season you will win nothing, and next season you will be worse
A player is still a person, dingleberry. Spursinbarca, you are another one suffering from SIC - Spurs Inferiority Complex. We do not wish to mock the SIC - they are sick with SIC and cannot help making moronic statements. Not all Spurs fans have SIC of course - spursfan4eva is clearly capable of having a rational discussion. You are not, so suggest you take your SICness back where someone gives the remotest toss about anything you have to say.
Spursinbarca....point of order here ....LD was right...It was MY mother that you got warned and you also got told that perhaps an apology might be appropriate...I looked for one but never saw one...
yeah moorish go back to the library, i guess when beckham got sent off in the world cup, and the whole of england got on his back, not one person in highbury sang posh spice takes it up the ass......your all 2 faced hypocrites, that think your arrogance makes you smart, go to hell
Spursinbarca, I'm confused as to why you think anyone here could give a toss what you have to say about our football or our prospects for winning one tournament Spurs haven't won in forty seven years, and one they haven't competed in for forty six years.
Little Dutch
i'm back folks, and looks like i missed a lot of stuff here. and really it's not about winning the title now. it's about winning the next game. our last win came on feb 11th, and that is ******** long. i dun want us to go the entire of this month without a single win, so lets stuff everything at the back now and look foward to this saturday..
because the only competition that you are left in is europe dutch, remember you amazing eorpean record, even that crap team down the rd in N17 have more european trophies then you muppets
anyway im off now i will respect a promise i made to a villa fan, and i wont wind you up for a while, ill be back only 2 times this year 1)when you get knocked out of the champions league, and 2) when man utd or chelsea win the prem...........bye
So from september to December in the new season you wont bother us with your lameness?
And does that also mean you won't come back in summer saying "this is our season"? And why come back when we get knocked out of the CL, again, a tournament that you aren't even in anyway? Same for the PL title which you aren't competing for either, as LD said. Still makes no sense why you'd think you have the "right" to come and wind people up if/when we end our runs in those competitions - how's that your business.
Lou the Gunneress
it's because he has no other source of personal fulfillment in life, no other source of happiness other than his hatred of us--it's his sole source of joy in life when we fail. it's all he has in his life, apparently. seriously, all over the net, in every kind of forum, there are these truly sad, twisted, disturbing people who--rather than spend their time sharing their love of something or some artist/actor/musician/athlete/writer/sport/etc. with fellow fans--consciously chooses to seek out forums devoted to things or people they despise because that's all they have to talk about--their hatred. they have nothing else to contribute.
jaelle don't think so much of yourself we couldn't give a toss if you were alive or dead. Your a typical arrogant pr1ck with the mentality of a 5 year old, who thinks he's above others. There are good and bad fans in all, and I often have friendly banter with Lou and others, and there are absolutely no insults, cause she's lovely. But there are to55 pots like you who I do hate, and will treat as i'm treated, so ***k off. You think getting 5-1 shifted is a result, it just demonstrates you can't take what you give. Typical Le'Arse really.
YidEdy I appreciate what you said about me and some Gooners, but I don't need it and I guess neither do they. I happen to not see anything wrong in what Jaelle said about 5-1 as quite sad an individual who admittedly takes more pleasure from hating us than supporting Spurs, exactly what I've actually been advocating or suggesting him to do (!). That's so much more positive and enjoyable for you guys than coming here to wind people up. He has my sympathy, so have you. If you think I sound patronising or "thinking so much of myself", so be it. Think whatever you want, but don't insult Jaelle/others who make fair comments - and who are you to judge people's behaviour considering your own here? You just said "banter's fine, no harm" but look at what you just said telling people to eff off and stuff. Again, if you don't like what you see here, why don't you go away, stop wasting your breath and starting enjoying Spurs' success (at whatever level it might be)?
Lou the Gunneress
Thank you YidEdy for proving my point.
Hang on YE, you come toan ARSENAL site and tell ARSENAL fans to ***** off? Nobody got 5-1 shifted but himself, he got warned and continued to act like a nob. End of.
Little Dutch
in fact this is so "typical L'Arse": we finish MILES above a team that publishes dvds for a result every 9 (NINE) to 15 (fifteen) years, we celebrated St. Totteringham's day the earliest in the EPL history, next year we WILL compete in UCL for a record umpteenth time in a row, we have a bigger and better stadium, we have won the Premier League, we have not changed 275 managers in 10 yrs, we have flogged our record goalscorer and we have improved vastly from last year, we took 6 pts from the generous chickens (a tradition), we DIDN'T waste 16.5 mil on a sack of ***** from Charlton... (it goes on and on)It is so typical that I absolutely LOVE IT.
Yep, the more things change the more they stay the same.
Little Dutch
Lou I really don't give a monkeys wether you like what I say or not. The fact is, If Spurs have a bad day, the ones that burst in to tears like jaelle and co are the first to raid our site to trade insults, but then complain when it comes back. As you defend yours, I'll defend mine, I haven't been struck off so maybe I stay on the right side, but I really don't care who takes offence. No, I don't come here to make friends. So maybe you can tell your Arse wipe mates to stay off ours. G4L, 'we finnish miles above you zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz change the record. sounds like your stadium. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. friggin boring.
Yeah, it must be boring in our shadow. Not to mention very, very cold.
Little Dutch
f*****g hell jaelle u cant lose can ya even tho arsenal your 1st team ant gonna win nothing u still got a chance with your 2nd 3rd 4th 5th how many other teams you follow !!!!! i agree you are a true football fan!!!!!!!!!!!! come on bayer er i mean arsenal!!!!!!
dspurs64 For you YE
Little Dutch
Sorry LD watching paint dry. Careful dspurs64, you'll get thrown off for that sort of language, and keep the noise down here too there trying to play football. SSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
If this site is as boring as you say, why the ***** do you spend so much time here? Why not exorcise your inferiority complex elsewhere? Preferably the fast lane of the M25..................
Little Dutch
nite girls
Do Pleat and Venables have sons? Nice post anyway, in fact, I think it was so good that a celebratory DVD is in order.
Little Dutch
YidEdy ol chap you can zzzz all day if u like: facts don't lie. Your standards for success have dropped so low, next time you get top 8 finish you'll be making a statue for Berba... ooops he might not be there next year. Well u can always flog 16.5 mil on Kenny Miller from Derby. He is quality. Or even better Kevin Davies from Bolton, as he is English! While we're at it, how about going through your senior fellow sp*rs cellars and finding that dusty black and white tape... if u see some lads with a chicken on a white shirt with a cup it could be your little club winning a league... a hint it is the year when the Bay of Pigs debacle happened and when Hemingway shot himself!
Noi Spursinbarca, when Beckham got sent off in the World Cup I was at the game decrying the decision (what can I say, patriotism coloured my view of the incident). Can't decide if you are just SIC or have full-blown THIC (Tottenham Hotspur Inferiority Complex).
dspurs64, you are a truly bizarre football fan. Apparently you watch only ONE football team. I've never heard of such a weird attitude. I always support the Brazilian national team but I enjoy watching Argentina and France. dspurs, NOT ONCE HAVE I EVER EVER GONE ONTO VITALSPURS, NEVER. I've never gone onto another vital site other than Arsenal. Just because you don't like what I say you make assumptions about me that are not true. At what point in any of my posts here have I trashed your team? I've trashed your fans, yes, I haven't insulted your team.
oops, I meant to address my second point to YidEdy who out of nowhere accuses me of going on to the Vital Spurs page to wind them up, when I've never ever even gone on their page at all. I don't care enuf about spurs to waste my time like that. apparently YidEdy cares so much about Arsenal that he thinks it's worth his time to come over here, tho.
I say, I say, I say, what have arsen wenger, eric cantona, most of the arse squad, and jaelle got in common, ........................ they're all relatives of kermit.

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