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It's A Tall Order But We're Taller

A colossal trilogy between old adversaries is enough to have anybody with a pulse salivating with anticipation. But enough about the Robocop films, it was Champions League night at the Grove in an all Premiership encounter. Pre match I had dismissed Liverpool`s European prowess as irrelevant as this essentially was not a European match, but a two legged tie between very evenly matched opponents very familiar with one another. Liverpool`s expertise against continental sides is not to be dismissed, but we are no continental side and I always felt we would have something akin to two Premiership games with the variable of away goals thrown in for good measure. As the match kicked off to a booming chorus of "Rocky Rocastle", it was noticeable that there were many empty seats in the away enclosure. Word had circulated in the pub before the game that another Liverpool forgery scam had seen many Liverpool fans with genuine tickets in danger of not being able to see the game, as had happened in Athens at last year`s Final. Around midway through the first half the empty block of seats filled, so I assume order was restored. But I look forward to seeing who the Scousers will blame for this one; Kofi Anan has been keeping a low profile of late. Why not blame him?

The match began quite cagily as one would expect, with Arsenal gradually manoeuvring onto the front foot after fifteen minutes. Flamini lifted a ball over the top of the Liverpool defence and van Persie got too heavy a connection on it and spooned a difficult chance over the bar. Arsenal were warming up and van Persie received Hleb`s pass on the edge of the box and fired it low with his left foot, only for Reina to tip around the post. Arsenal were putting three men on Reina for corners, identifying his tendency to flap under pressure as hubris. It paid off after 23 minutes, van Persie swung in a left footed corner, Adebayor drifted away from the crowded goal line and hung superbly in the air to power a header past Reina and give Arsenal a precious lead and, in turn, give Adebayor a precious fillip of confidence.

Having absorbed the euphoria of the goal, myself, Jon and Trev all made the same signal, time to calm it down and keep it tight. This was not a Premiership encounter and our priority should have been not to concede before we think about building on our lead. Sadly, the players did not adopt that forte, and were instantly punished. Flamini tried to nick the ball away from Alonso and the ball ricocheted to the lurking Gerrard. He easily swanned past Eboue and Toure, the latter afraid to make a challenge in the box lest the turf happy Gerrard go down, and Stevie Me put in a low cross which Kuyt bundled home. It may not have made much difference, but why oh why Clichy attempted to clear from the goal line on his left foot from that angle I have no idea. Had he beaten Kuyt to the ball, he could only have spooned it into the net on his left, the only chance he had of clearing the ball was with his right foot. If you`re so one footed that you would rather score an own goal than use your other foot, you need to work on it on the training ground. A lot of these errors are beginning to creep into Clichy`s play and I`d put that down to mental fatigue. That said, the defending for the goal was poor all round, when we should have been at our most resolute, we were at our most vulnerable. The first half petered out for us thereafter, heads notably dropped.

So it was left to Wenger to lift his troops with another rousing team talk. Walcott replaced van Persie at half time who apparently had another muscle injury. I worry about RvP, I really do. Much like Rosicky, he is a top player, but if we cannot muster more than five games from him on the spin, we have to question his value to us in the long term. Let`s hope it`s just bad luck and nothing terminal. Liverpool forced an early opportunity to build a virtually unassailable advantage, when Skrtel knocked down Gerrard`s corner at the back post towards Kuyt and his close range shot was gathered impressively by Almunia amidst a sea of bodies. The away side ceased to be an attacking force thereafter, a hungry looking Walcott was the catalyst for a second half spent camped in Liverpool`s half, with the Gunners still looking laboured, Walcott cut in from the left and unleashed an exorset which flew inches past Reina`s left hand post. Crowd and players alike were mutually spurred on and the Gunners laid siege, with Liverpool comfortable with looking neat and compact. Alex Hleb, as he so often does, found space in the channel and cut the ball across goal, but Eboue`s composure deserted him and his weak effort was cleared off the line by Skrtel. Seriously, is there a player who panics more in front of goal than Eboue?

Arsenal could smell Scouse blood and went for the jugular, Eboue was replaced by Bendtner. Hleb picked his way through a series of challenges before being dragged back by Kuyt in the area. The referee amazingly did not give one of the clearer penalties you are likely to see in Europe this year. It seems to have gone like that for us recently, but it`s no use complaining about it, we`ll undoubtedly get a few dodgy ones to even things out. Probably during our pre season tour of Austria when we`re 7-0 up against Muffburger. Fate was to lift its skirt invitingly towards us once more only to withdraw the goods. Hleb, by now a constant threat on the left, wriggled to the by line, his cross was palmed away by Reina, only as far as Fabregas, who prodded goalwards, but Bendtner just could not get out of the way quickly enough and ended up unwittingly blocking the ball on its glorious path to goal. The resulting offside flag rubbed salt into the stigmata. Arsenal looked bereft of inspiration after that; exasperated and quiescent to the fact that it wasn`t our night. Liverpool got a smash and grab away goal and defended it resolutely. They were a compact unit and executed the archetypal away European performance. But I am not too down hearted about the result; I back us to score at Anfield as I would back us to score anywhere. The "special atmosphere" of Anfield is nothing but an over hyped media fed myth and the players have played there often enough to know that. Ostensibly, what we have is a one off game, which we have to go and win. We can be calm and play our game just as we would in the Premiership. It won`t be easy and will likely be another very tight affair; my own prediction is that this could go all the way to penalties. If we score first next week, the tie completely tips in our favour. It`s important to be defensively resolute and I think we have to drop Toure in truth; the guy just could not get up and down the pitch, which after four years of continuous football is understandable. We need strong heads and strong legs, because if the tie is still in the balance going into the last twenty minutes, you always fancy us to score. A good win on Saturday would set us up very nicely.LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday April 3 2008

Time: 11:32AM

Your Comments

A good report LD. I didn't see anything of the game as I was travelling at the time but I get more from your reports than most of the media stuff which is always slanted based on the result rather than the game. Shame to hear about RvP he is one of the few players that carries a genuine goal threat for us. Frustratingly he is impossible to replace from the transfer market so we'll just have to hope that sooner rather than later he will have a decent injury free run. A short time back we held Chelsea 1-1 at their place in a CL affair but lost the home leg 2-1 at Highbury. I have the feeling that we could do the same to 'pool. But for now Saturday is all that matters.
Mugged again!!!!! What is it that Arsenal have done that is so terrible to football? Why is every important game mugged away from us due to a ***** poor refs decision where he might as well blatantly say... I hate you so you wont win? OK, moaning done with... i doubt liverpool wil be able to last 90mins plus extra time without us scoring a goal at anfield. 11 men plus a ref behind the ball or not. I sincerely believe that we WILL see our way through to the semi's
Very fair analysis of the game - not so sure that the atmosphere can be written off though. Sadly Anfield's not what it used to be for all but the biggest domestic occasions but on European nights it's still something to behold. As much for the motivation of our own players as the unsettling of the opposition. My natural pessimism suggests that you will score first and a further night of unbearable strain on the old ticker - the champions league will be the death of me.
Good report LD. Agree with you on the defensive performance and Toure. Frustrating to see so many soft goals conceded recently, and Toure looks horribly out of form and/or is exhausted. Its better for the team and himself, if he's rested for a while, starting this weekend. I share your optimism about the return leg, but we still need to fix our defence. We cannot afford to concede such goals at Anfield. From a creative standpoint, I thought the team had a good game. The passing was back, we opened up their defence on a few occassions but didnt take those chances. Cesc, Hleb & Flamini had their usual excellent games. So, there were positives from the game as well.
LD, fairly balanced and fair article there! I am chuffed with 1-1 and we were lucky that the peno was not given and lucky Bedtner got in the way! But other than that I dont think we were under much danger, I normally squirm whilst watching us away in Europe, but last night was different and I firmly believe that if Torres was in the positions Voronin was in we could have done more with the late breaks we had. They only thing I dont agree with you on is " The "special atmosphere" of Anfield is nothing but an over hyped media fed myth and the players have played there often enough to know that". Mate, European nights are different to PL, CC and FA Cup games and im sure Cheslea fans will tell you that! When you conceded the goal from Kuyt, your fans were quiet til the second half, if that was Anfield, they would be louder. You have never witnessed a European night in Anfield and it pains me to say it, but it is 20 times louder than your PL match etc, even against the toffees and mancs in the PL. All I am saying is, underestimate it at your peril, your players will not know what hit them ala, Cheslea in 05 & 07, Juventus 05, Inter 08 etc! Good luck saturday and next tuesday YNWA
You were better than them and I think that it was a clear penalty in your favour. I think that if you play like you did yesterday and have a bit of luck you'll manage to throw them out of the cup.
why do liverpool fans think anfield is such a fortress...your record there is awful, a couple of defeats and god knwos how many draws. i agree. arsenal will definately socrte, and so liverpools away goal is meaningless. tbh, i though liverpool needed to win or score more than one yesterday to have a chance of progessing, but a 1-1 draw i belbvie suits arsenal better. they will go all out attack at liverpool, and with carracgher, skrtl and reina you are bound to score at least one. im just hoping liverpool dont rest players on saturday.....but knowing rafa they will.
I can't put my finger on it but we lack something as a side. I think we look a small and relatively inexperienced side and the balance ain't right. Lehmann coming back into the side and two more experienced outfield players are neeed. Ade did alright but he seems to be trying to be Henry in his style of play at the moment. Eboue should have been played at right back and Theo should have started. That said, we can definitely go to Anfield and win. Their only real threat is Gerrard and Torres.
That's a good point the Mank has touched upon there, Saturday's teams... we're still going for an outside chance of pushing them all the way.. whereas the mickeys, as ever, have got fk all to play for in the league. That could be the death of us.
Excellent report, LD. I agree that this could go to penalties, which I seriously do not want because Reina is a superb penalty stopper, one of the world's best, he's a better penalty stopper than Buffon and Cech. Gooner_Vin, you said exactly what I've been thinking lately, this team lacks balance--which is surprising because AW constantly talks about the need for a balanced team to be champions. Late last night I re-watched the game and I've revised my first opinion of Pool--LD is right, they came with a plan, stuck to it, were very compact and steady, professional, and it worked. Also, thanks to the Pool fans who've posted here, you've been civil, relevant and sensible. Like so many other gooners, if we have to lose to one of the top PL teams, I'd rather it be to you guys. Gooners, we're not out of this, let's keep the faith.
united4life, seriously, what are you on? We have lost at Anfield once in each of the last 3 seasons, 05-06-Chelsea-06-07 & 07-08-Man U. Record there is awful-are you having a laugh?! Marseille, Arsenal(2), Benfica, Barcelona and Barnsley are the only teams to have won there in cup ties in the last 3 seasons also So that is 9 times in 3 years. Average of 3 a season. You have already lost 3 this season at OT. So just stop being a WUM and have a civilised argument
Here's a quote from Kuyt: "I do know the referee. I played in Holland lots of times where he was the referee and he was the official when we played Feyenoord earlier this season. We both come from the same area. He comes from Leiden and that is the place where I grew up also. It is wrong, though, to say that, because I know the referee, he made decisions in my favour. He made a good decision against Arsenal with the penalty. There were no favours.” Yeah, maybe on your planet, Dirk.
Do we get the same ref next week?
I saw the game and I have a degree of sympathy with you with the penalty decision. It might even itself out over the two legs tho.
I didn't watch the game, but I heard that pool were lucky to get away with a point!
Fan of Blues
We would have had to play extremely well and be very lucky to get away with a point cos you don't usually get points in the CL knock-out stages! ;)
I thought it was a good result for us. look at it from a mentality perspective and we are in the front seat. If we had won 1-0/2-1 we would sit back and invite Liverpool onto us. We only need one goal to win and one goal from us takes away any wdvantage for liverpool. There is no chance that we will not score in the next game.
I can see us scoring an away goal in the 2nd leg. But I can also see us conceding as Torres is much more dangerous at home (90% of his goals this season were scored there). Although both sides would better have learnt from their defensive errors at the Emirates, both defences have weaknesses exposed and with so many games coming up it's tough to correct them all in such a short period of time. So I can see an even, relatively open, classic cup tie at Anfield. Another draw isn't unlikely. But I definitely, definitely do not want to go into penalties (Reina has NEVER lost in a PSO) or even extra time (ManU at OT next Sunday). The boss has just said RvP has about 20% of playing this Sat and the initial signs are not too bad for a muscular problem. But Ade's got a small ankle problem now, awaiting further test results. Pray they'll be ok really asap. Otherwise, Theo/Bendtner or Bendtner/Hleb could be on the cards. Fingers crossed.
Lou the Gunneress
Hey Lou, did you watch that late night interview with Arsene some nights ago?
Thank you so much for the link but people outside the UK can't listen to it, damn!!! I love listening to Arsene, he's never boring.
liverpool had the same number of english international footballers like arsenallast night (( ((not that i give damn about english national team)) and i dont hear anybody talking about liverpool damaging english football !!
Gooner SA
I tried to search for it on youtube but it's not there. But found this one from last year when we celebrated Arsene's 10th anniversary at the club where Dixon and Keown of course saluted him greatly:
Lou the Gunneress
talking about reina being great penlty stopper , ok he is good but no way better than cech or buffon, buffon did saved brillintly vs milan in 2003 CL final but still lost, in the semi he saved penlty from figo in the last minute to go through to the final, cech saved amazingly to make his country win europe u-21 cup, even jens is better than him, saved in wonder way in the world cup plus in the fa cup final 2005 and THAT villareal penlty. james did save 4 penlties in 2006-2007 and 2007-2008, reina saved only one ! it just media hype again and again , he is good goalkeeper not like the media hype tho
Gooner SA
Ooh, JD, just got in there ahead of me! :)
Buffon didn't stop any of the penalties in the wc final in Germany, he rarely stops them in Serie A. It's something I've always noticed, the world's greatest keepers are often just ok or poor penalty-stoppers. Whereas average keepers are often very good at stopping penalties. Barthez in the 2006 wc final didn't stop any but he at least dived in the right direction every time, and came close to stopping two, whereas Buffon never dived in the right direction. And Lou, thanks so much for that youtube link!!
Gooner SA, fair point on Buffon. I'm not saying Reina's THE best keeper facing penalties, just pointing out his record, which was obtained from his limited playing time at Barca and then Villareal where he didn't face world-class opponents as often as he's facing at Liverpool now. Tbph, e.g. Chelsea were just not good in the PSO at Anfield last year. Whether Buffon or Cech (who imo hasn't been the great Cech we had known since his bad injury, and he didn't do as well as his 'hype' - if you're saying there's hype around Reina, I think the Cech thing is the same right now - would suggest against Liverpool last time either) or Mad Jens (who's great too, while his heroics in the 2005 World Cup vs Argentina were largely down to his coach's prep - remember that little sweat-soaked piece of cheat sheet he kept in one of his socks?) or James (yes I think he's still brilliant at that age) is the best keeper when it comes to penalties, I don't know! What I know is just that it'd be the most stressful situation in Almunia's career if it comes to that at Anfield, which I don't want to see. Er, sorry for the messy sentences lol.
Lou the Gunneress
Oh you guys all beat me to that. All fair points there. That's exactly why I don't want the Anfield game to go into penalties. Not even extra time, really.
Lou the Gunneress
I was just about to say there's too many brackets and hyphens in that comment for anyone to understand what you said, Lou! :) If you wanna just how stressful it'll be for Almunia, watch a YouTube clip of last year's PSO. ;)
I did watch that game, Rein'a brilliant there, that's why I said - better use point form lol - (a) Reina's a great keeper when it comes to penalty, his record's credible; (b) Chelsea penalty takers were no good, definitely not good enough for Reina; (c) Cech was totally outshone by Reina, it also told us penalty-saving's his weakness for such a great keeper, actually his height might not have helped cos he's not fast enough for some of the penalties, while Reina's very flexible and fast in response; (d) it also showed how the Anfield crowd would be another plus for Liverpool in such a stressful situation. While Almunia's been great for us this year, he's just not faced that level of stress before. Jens has played in the World Cup and various top-level games and would be very useful there. But Almunia's just signed a "long-term extension" to his contract (I thought there's a rule of only 1-year extensions to players at 30 or older?!) so apparently AW has faith in him.
Lou the Gunneress
OK, I think it just about makes sense now. :) Watching a replay of the PSO, I've just seen Chelsea only took 3 pens so I was wrong earlier, Reina has saved 5 and let in 2. You're correct on Point B. Apart from Lampard's pen, Chelsea's pens were pretty poor. Maybe Almunia should became an English citizen and play for England. Then he'll know what stress is! :)
Hey Gooner_Vin, i really do not believe that we are missing something due to a lack of players though i do think Eboue needs to be benched NOW! (We were playing wondefully earlier this year).What i think we lack is a strong counter attack. Look at how we play - for some strange reason the first person to touch the ball when we have a chance to break does not turn with the ball and look at options but rather passes the ball backwards, giving the opposition time to set up their defense. I have watched this for a few weeks now, it slows down the break. How many times have we scored a goal on a counter attack? we r looking for spaces instead of creating them, we must force teams to make mistakes. Look, Walcott made our team look %100 better, if one man can run at deffences and make a difference what would happen if the team attacked with speed. We pass the ball around the box too much looking for the perfect pass when the other team has parked the bus and often loose the ball. We also need to try some more long shots! We have the players i think but need to change strategies given that teams park the bus in the goal mouth. WE MUST BE MORE AGGRESIVE! All in all it was a penalty last night, fo sho. would have changed the whole look of things but we will do it none the less! God Bless!
Almunia's played in a CL final facing Barca after all, having to come on suddenly as a sub, that was very stressful. It's just that when it comes to saving penalties, Jens is much more experienced, composed and highly confident (as always). Actually speaking of England, last week James gave away a penalty against France, but then saved one well for Portsmouth. England's got a good keeper in him I still think. Oh btw, his Guardian column is nice to read too - he sounds genuinely honest and quite thought-provoking.
Lou the Gunneress
And on Anfield we will win....reds 2:0 gunners
i dun know what to expect from the second leg. missing four key players like Van Persie, Sagna, Rosicky and Eduardo is a blow for any team. Pool will definetly rest some players this weekend. Masch will definetly get a rest as he is suspended and they can even afford the luxury to rest Torres and Gerrard. we on the other hand are really thin on the wings, and even Adebayor is a doubt for saturday. i feel we have to take a gamble this weekend and rest some key players or atleast keep them on the bench, and whoever plays, Wenger should tell them to give him a 60 minutes performance and kill the game by then cuz we definetly need Fabregas, Hleb, Adebayor and Clichy fresh for the second leg..
and LD, Toure looks jaded, but we need him in the second leg. Torres will get a lot more space in the second leg, and with his pace, he will definetly expose Senderos and that is where Toure becomes so vital. i hope he is rested for the weekend game, because we really need him in the away leg. and Eboue needs to play at RB because he makes absolutely no contribution on the wing. And just saw, Van Persie has a 20% to play this weekend, which means he has a better chance to be available for the second leg. i so hope he makes it this tuesday..
If we were to rest anyone in the league game in between the 2 CL legs, it's Kolo. How about using Eboue in RB, starting Theo in RM/LM (the other side Hleb, either way sounds ok to me), if Ade's fit? If Ade can't make it this Sat, we need to play Theo and Bendtner up front, or Bendtner and Hleb in a 4-4-1-1 and Theo out wide, as none of them is capable of leading the line alone.
Lou the Gunneress
Almunia has won both penalty shoot outs that he has faced for Arsenal.........against Sheffield United and Doncaster Rovers :-)
Little Dutch
If Ade and RvP aren't fit for Saturday then we have to move Walcott up front with Bendtner. We can't have a 4-5-1 with Hleb putting in passes to Bendtner because I don't think we can give Bendtner that role yet. With Diaby suspended, we'll have to play Eboue on the right which means we can't rest Kolo. Alternatively, we can put Eboue at RB and Theo on the right in a 4-4-1-1, but then who takes Hleb's place? Denilson or Fab with Gilberto in the middle? Injuries are piling up again and I hope most of them can be sorted quickly. That aside, I thought we played really well against Pool last night. A win at Anfield is well within our capabilities. Whatever happens though, I do not want it to go to penalties. Winning on penalties needs a certain amount of luck and we don't seem to have any at the moment.
Oh and I don't buy the crapabout Anfield at all, I've been there somany times and it's just like any other Premground. The atmos against Portoand Marseilles was rubbish. I guessI'll "find out" when I get there next Tuesday but I'm not expecting anything I haven't heard before.
Little Dutch
Unfortunately we can't really rest anybody in central midfield on Saturday- Diaby is suspended, Song and Denilson haven't played in ages, and Diarra went to Pompey.
LD, the Prem atmospheres are pretty dross where ever you go but on European nights Anfield is something special which I hope you'll find out!
I don't think the "magic of Anfield" will have any effect on the game to be honest. I don't it's going to be as loud as some of the Pool fans on here are making it out to be. But as LD said, we'll find out next week.
I have a hunch you lot will send them scousers packing next week, even if it´s a fluky cup and they are a fluky team, you lot are so much better than them this season it won´t matter.
Blue is the colour
BITC, I also have a feeling you'll progress despite your loss yesterday, even though, I'd much rather play Fenerbache if we do go through.
but LD why do these pundits on tv and media make such a big deal about Anfield? i've only watched our games on tv, and we too had an electrifying atmosphere at Highbury on countless occasions. the home tie vs Real Madrid comes to mind. yet they never talk about the support the crowd gives and the atmosphere they create of any other club besides liverpool..
Because Liverpool cry if the don't say that and demand UN resolution when anyone dares paint them as anything other than perfect.
Little Dutch
Who wouldn't sing their lungs off in a European QF? The Gooners at the Emirates started admirably with the Rocky song, then kept singing very loudly, but kind of went quiet after Liverpool equalised. The Anfield crowd's noise might be as loud as others. But I feel they and the Pompey guys are the only ones who keep singing till the very end of a match.
Lou the Gunneress
Most home fans in england are generally silent. This goes for Old Trafford, St James Park, Anfield except for the youll never walk alone song and when they score, Emirates except for the singing section opposites the away fans. The real fans are the travelling fans, and im happy i contribute to that
lol ok. and i have to agree with Paul, our travelling fans are the best in the world. no matter which stadium in the world we are playing in, yu can always hear them on television. Paul and company we need you at your vocal best next week, and let the world know that there was such a teriffic atmosphere at Anfield because of the Gooners..
Oh my god another autobiography zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
And Luckless tut, tut, tut, an electrifying atmosphere at the library, behave, i've heard more noise in a graveyard. It wasn't that you got famed for 1 - 0, for the results. It's cause no-one could stay awake long enough to see any more.
'what an atmosphere we have today and the High/Em/library. there must be at least 175 people in their seats already as we kick off. it's Fabrigas to walcott, walcott back to Almunia, Almunia up the field to Fabrigas who passes it back to Almunia, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and that's all we've got time for today' another infatic 0 - 0 draw, see you all same time next week'
Your are right. Im sure the atmosphere is a lot more vocal when Martins skips past a few defenders slotting a 4th for the away side.
And im sure the fans went mental when Larson banged one in from 30 yards in the 90th minute. The fun never stops at the lane
Erm, Yidedy that's a bit of a strange point there, boring boring arsenal eh? Dunno mate but i definitely went mental when Adebayor smashed it in on the turn this season, and when Cesc fired one into the top corner. PS Luckys 10, we're not the best travelling fans in the world, that's boll0x, we're definitely getting better, but not the best. Pains me to say it but Utd/Sunderland are IMO.
Tickets for United away have gone back on sale for anyone with 15 credits or more. Snap em up boys
Wrong site for that son ;)
YidEdy, the atmos at the Emirates is dross other than for big games. Same as it as WHL and every other ground in the country. Atmosphere at home games is a thing of the past in football now. City's was good when they were a yo yo club at Maine Road, but now they're established in the Prem at a plush ground, it's quiet. Pompey seemed to be the last bastion of atmos in the Premiership, but they are also an established side and expectations shift and excitement nullifies. Anyone who says their team has a good atmosphere at home games is a deluded idiot, I've been to most grounds in the football league and it's the same everywhere. The hardcore sing away from home for most clubs (there are some clubs that don't even bother singing at away grounds). I have to grudgingly agree that United and Sunderland are something else away from home. United seem to be able to make very original songs catch on (like Neville Neville to the tune of Bowie's Rebel Rebel), Arsenal fans won't sing anything that isn't to the tune of Bread of Heaven or other established oldies. That's what made the Adebayor chant at Fulham and the 1-0 to the Arsenal in Paris 94 so special, it was quite unlike us to adopt a chant to a new tune. But we are loud away from home. We can occasionally be witty (you need more foreigners at Reading), but on the whole we're not up to United or Sunderland's standards. Speaking of crap fans, check this link out, they are actually going to PAY people to watch Chelsea!,,10268~1280958,00.html
Little Dutch
err, am i not allowed to pass arsenal ticket info on an arsenal fan based website?
I tend to agree with LD when he says that Anfield is a hyped phenomenon.. I mean.. can it be any worse than the partizan crowd of the San Siro? I am not so sure.. I think we've got to go up there and get the first goal.. if they score first.. we're going to need a "Bolton" type performance!
I always found Liverpool fans to be very passive at anfield. Many a time we would be giving them abuse, singing songs about them being on welfare etc to no reaction. Just blank looks and carry on watching the match. Only when a goal has been scored or when they sing you'll never walk alone. to which we give a sarcastic applause.
This is based on League & Fa cup ties Vs Arsenalthat i have been too.
Paulsito - I agree with you 100%, we used to be the best counter attacking side with the speed of Henry and Pires and the brains and touch of Bergkamp. Now it's United who have that. I feel we have too many similar kinds of players who like passing sideways and diagonally, and not enough direct thrust.
little dutch full of ***** again i see, very quite at the new library today again, your fans are r soles!!!

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5. shewore 15
6. luckys_10 13
7. Little Dutch 12
8. Wyn Mills 12
9. Nwankwo25 11
10. alwaysgunner 10

League Results (view all)

Latest Results
Liverpool 2 - 2 Arsenal
Arsenal 4 - 1 Newcastle
Stoke 3 - 2 Arsenal
Arsenal 1 - 0 Southampton
WBA 0 - 1 Arsenal
Arsenal 1 - 2 Man Utd

League Table (view table)

Team P W D L GD Pts
3. Man Utd 17 9 5 3 12 32
4. West Ham 17 9 4 4 10 31
5. Southampton 17 9 2 6 15 29
6. Arsenal 17 7 6 4 9 27
7. Spurs 17 8 3 6 -1 27
8. Swansea 17 7 4 6 3 25
9. Newcastle 17 6 5 6 -5 23

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Prem - Hull 0-1 Swansea
» Hull City : 21/12/2014 18:35:00

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Szczesny 25%
Chambers 0%
Debuchy 25%
Mertesacker 0%
Gibbs 0%
Oxlade-Chamberlain 0%
Flamini 0%
Cazorla 50%
Sánchez 0%
Giroud 0%
Welbeck 0%
Sub:-Coquelin 0%
Sub:-Campbell 0%
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