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Twenty Twenty

1. That f*****g well hurt didn`t it?

2. Was that worse than Valencia, Chelsea, PSV and Barcelona?

3. What the **** has happened to our defence?

4. Have you ever seen Aaron Lennon run rings around the finest defenders in Europe on their own ground?
5. What did the world of football do to deserve Liverpool v Chelsea so often?

6. In the interests of karmic balance, will Arsenal be beneficiaries of dodgy decisions for the remaining six games?

7. Will Birmingham City subject the world to anecdotes about how Karen Brady and David Sullivan are really, really nice people who wouldn`t defraud a fly?

8. I may be a few weeks behind on this, but it has to be mentioned. In light of the sun`s 'Shut It` campaign aimed at players who disrespect officials, would the kind of disrespect they speak of include printing referee Urs Meir`s e mail address and home address, forcing him and his family to go into hiding as one tabloid newspaper did in 2004? Which newspaper was that again?

9. Does the Chelsea website have no shame? The recently advertised the away fixture at Everton as 'Sold Out`, despite the fact that they gave the tickets away and paid the fans` travel expenses.

10. Now Flamini is out for three weeks. When will it end?

11.What`s happened to Denilson?

12. How much will we lose by on Sunday?

13. Should Cardiff City be allowed in Europe if they win the F.A. Cup? The rule preventing them seems antiquated and ridiculous, but they were fully aware of it when they entered the competition.

14. Following Gareth Southgate`s assertion that he may not name a Boro captain for games in the future, how much does an armband really matter?

15. With the BBC having the temerity to report Darren Ferguson`s charge by Police, how long will father Alex`s self imposed BBC silence last now?

16. Evening Standard columnist and ex Tory MP David Mellor this week referred to Rafael Benitez as "the podgy Spaniard." Does this disgusting slob understand the word 'hypocrite?` Seriously mate, even Chelsea fans think you`re a tool!

17. Ronaldinho to Spurs. Has this replaced Reyes to Newcastle as my favourite transfer rumour of all time?

18. Who does Steven Gerrard blow to get on the Player of the Year shortlist every year? Mascherano has been infinitely better than him this season.

19. Why do these player of the year lists never carry anyone remotely interesting? I`m not bagging Adebayor, but surely Sagna was more worth a shout? Instead of over rated media whores like Steven Gerrard, why not Gareth Barry?

20. Gareth Southgate has revealed this week that Jonathan Woodgate left because "he wanted his challenges to be at the other end of the table." So why the hell did he join Spurs then?LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday April 11 2008

Time: 2:25PM

Your Comments

#5 - This is something I am trying to understand. Do the football gods really hate positive, open, attacking football? do they really prefer to watch anti-football? I don't get it.
Q21 will your manager ever stop embarrassing himself?Q22 if wallcott so good why dont the professor play him because he knows his a one run wonder.Q12 thats confidence for you. lots i hope!!!!!
Dspurs, one run wonder? A.C. Milan makes one, Liverpool makes two. Aaron Lennon- a big fat lonely zero. As for manager's embarrassing themselves, errr, didn't you have a manager this season who was literally the last person to know he had been sacked? As for question 12, it's called realism, humility even. Something Spud fans couldn't begin to grasp. Remind me how your bid for fourth place powered by super star striker Barren Dent is going?
Little Dutch
You know what Dspurs having read yoru comment on the previous post, for a moment i had a faint gliimer of hope that we might have found a single solitary spud with some reason. Having read your above post, i see how misguided i was to ever think that of a spud. Can you tell me why it is you love the Arsenal so much that you spend all your time here? Does it make you feel good to spend some time mixing it with the big boys?
Good article btw. Nice bit of light hearted entertaiment for those like me trying desperately to avoid doing any work on a Friday afternoon!
I don't like number 12.
actually we have seen a couple of level-headed, decent spurs fans on this forum (cockaduddle, spursfan4eva are 2 of them) -- unfortunately the kindergarten brigade, the petty idiotic haters, outnumber them. At least if their windups were creative or original, it might be worth reading their posts. but all they provide is low rent dime-a-dozen, repetitive cheap shots. what's hilarious is how dspurs, yidedy, the spud who plagues poor Barcelona with his presence, and the rest care so much about the fortunes of our club, how deeply important we are to them, we're on their minds so much. They care more about us than their own club. I don't know any gooners who give Spurs much attention at all.
Without looking it up, at this moment in time, I couldn't tell you who the Spuds are playing this weekend, save for the fact that they are at home and not to Man Utd, Chelsea or Liverpool.
Little Dutch
Abt Denilson.. seriously.. where on Earth is he?
Did anyone expect Wayne Bridge to knock you out of euro?Did anyone expect Belletti to score his only Barca goal in a CL final? Did anyone expect Alex to score the winning goal against you lot? No! Believe in the blind one.I predict a clear 4-0 for Arsenal.
Seriously, what has happned to Denilson?
I've been wondering about Denilson for weeks. He's never mentioned among the injured by Arsene when reporters ask him which players about that. Nor does he mention Song. It's like Denilson's just disappeared.
k_chelski, it looks like you want this win more than we do. Not only do you want us to win, but by a large margin win so that you can somehow amazingly go over ManUtd. on goal difference. Unfortunately, wishful thinking and what will actually happen are two different things. It's a shame though, because I'd like a 4-0 win too.
Wenger ""Personally I believe we do not get the credit we deserve because in recent years we could not afford that. But soon we will be in a position where we can afford that so we will rectify that." Thats a very reassuring statement. First time he's ever spoken like that.
Yeah, denilson's been on my mind for a while now. and although not quite as much, djourou too. where are they?
#21 (dspurs64 offerings don't count) If the English Premier League is so great, why is there only one premier league team in the FA Cup final? Or only one English team for that matter.
about Arsene's spending quote. i wouldn't get too excited. Nomatter how much money we have, I don't think Arsene will spend vast amounts. Maybe 15 million most on one player, which is quite enough in reality, but even then I don't think this will be a regular occurence. I think he is thinking more about the legacy he will leave when he has to go.
d11gunner, where did you get that quote? I just watched Arsene's interview and press conference on the official site, also Cesc's 13-minute interview. Cesc seems very down, just looks tired.
Agree 100% with #18. Well said.
The spending quote is on the arsenal site It's just a realistic appraisal of the situation he has lived with for the last 5 years and the expectations over the next 5.
wow, the official site's been busy! Articles with Arsene talking about why he didn't buy a center back in January, his reaction to all the media criticism, remarks on Jens and Senderos, etc.
yeah and more notably.. the fact that he's going to sign ONE player in the summer.. whether thats a fair estimation or not.. only he knows.
he said one experienced player, but I never know how seriously to take his public statements on this. he also said in his interview that in the last 7 weeks, Arsenal have suffered a spate of bad referee decisions (every single game) more than any other period during his time in England.
Q.21. Will even one of the vital spuds member watch their sorry team play CL football in their lifetime?
Q21: How long is flamini REALLY out for???
Now that we've mensioned Denilson I bet you he'll end up playing alongside fabregas on sunday.
"it looks like you want this win more than we do." Damn it! Am I so transparent?
when will wenger stop blaming everything but arsenal for for winning nothing this season , no wonder the media hates portrays you so badly, your manager is a disgrace when it comes to post match interviews
ie. spurs 5 -1 gooners
WENGER: Apart from the goals arsenal were the better team - so ******** patheticc emirates crap im sick of you goons whing everybody hates chelsea but at least they try and win every game they play not like you against liverpool in the league and man utd in the FA cup your team is a disgrace to football
No one gives a damm what you think 5-1. You seem to be worried about our club more than your own. All your post are boring and a waste of time...A little like yourself.
sorry vavavoom, coach to anfield 60 quid, food and pints 20 quid, match ticket 50 quid, gerrard scoring a penalty and ending your season - priceless
yawn! zzzzzzzzzz! Have you ever heard of the saying "Laughing at you, not with you" 5-1? A spud trying to take the**** out of The Aresnal is like John marrick having a go at brad Pitt. And I dont know where you buy your food and drink from, but 20 for beer and grub? But then again this is from a lowlife that makes sick comments about madeleine Mcann!
Seems as though the Spuds are ripping you off little boy, my coach to Anfield cost a fraction of that.
Little Dutch
I am not of those who will allow himself to believe we will get slaughtered at OT, although defeat seems to be on everyone's minds. I believe we can sneak out with a result. The ref decisions will NEVER even out at a stadium like that, they can only go the other way there. After giving it a long (drunk) thought yesterday, who'd I like to win the title between manure and chav$ki if we're over and out by Monday, I had to go with the russians. Kevin being a funny bloke played a hand in it.
Quality again Dutch. Always a good read.
What's wrong with Liverpool v Chelsea (again)?
Nothing.........if you're a sado-masochist with insomnia.
Little Dutch
Wouldn't it be funny if Barcelona win the CL.
Pity you won't ever see SPURSINBARCA isn't it????????
Another pathetic article from Tim Stillman. Its a pity because you are a very talented writer, i often flick through articles on here at work as i do on other clubs vital sites and many articles you write are excellent, but i sense bitterness now your season has gone tits up, thing is even yor "digs" at spurs like Question 20 are just pathetic, Woody won has silverware at us and next season we will be top 6 again. Thats right, silverware something you guys arent used to seeing anymore. Lets face it Wenger the genius has way too much blind faith in his youngsters, instead of buying some kid from gillingham he should of invested in january as for the 3rd season in a row youve done nothing. Weve had the season from hell, its been that shocking - yet we still beat you 5-1 and won a trophy, so id advise you to postpone next weeks 20 questions until you have something to boast about - leave it till next season please coz this constant moaning is just pathetic and quite frankly embarrasing
"The important thing is to never stop questioning." Albert Einstein. Instead of me not writing these articles, I'd suggest you don't read them, you're the one with the problem here, not me. You're quite happy to come over here and gloat about other team's fortunes at our expense, so expect to take a little back. Where the Spuds are concerned I will ALWAYS have something to boast about, because I watched us win the league on your ground. (I also watched Barren Dent miss a comedy open goal, but I guess you guys are used to that for it not to be remarkable).
Little Dutch
N. 18... Stevie abilities to suck his own amazed the panel hence the nomination. Purely on that basis... not on football pitches apparently.
Inoue Takahiro
Are you seriously quoting einstein in a debate over football? Are you really that up your own backside? OMG you sad little man, you are pathetic. I cant wait to see what you right after man utd maul you 2moro, lol
HAHA that Einstein quote was classic
Again HY, ask yourself why you revisit this thread, if it gives you so much cause for ire, ask yourself what that says about your personality. If I am so pathetic, why seek me out? Here's another Einstein quote that you illustrate perfectly, "only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not entirely sure about the former." Or given your constant revisits, "insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Now, back to midtable obscurity with you.
Little Dutch
"Who does Steven Gerrard blow to get on the Player of the Year shortlist every year? Mascherano has been infinitely better than him this season." Gerrard scored 20 goals, and assisted on 14 others this season. That's why he's on the shortlist.
That's because he plays likea ten year old boy in the playground, he's the footballing equivalent of a cock, as soon as he gets the ball his immediate thought is,"how can I get the ball as close to the goal as possible." There's no intelligence in his play whatsoever, which is why he is a failed central midfielder. He can't play there because he doesn't have the intelligence orthe humility, hence, Liverpool play two defensive midfielders just to accomodate his selfishness. Managers have given up trying to get himto be a team player so now they put him out there and say, "you know what Stevie, just stand thirty yards from goal constantly, waving your arms about like a maniac and shoot on sight." Players like Fabregas and Barry make their teams tick, Gerrard's team ticks for him.
Little Dutch
That's not true Little Dutch. Gerrard has been constantly the Liverpool player with the most passes, and the most tackles each season. He's the player who usually covers the most ground each game. Only in the past couple of seasons that Gerrard concentrated on the offensive side of his game. His best position is still central midfield but he's playing as a forward now because of he's so versatile he can play there better than any forward we have, other than Torres. Liverpool play with two defensive midfielders because that's the position we're strongest in, central midfield, and Gerrard's versatility enables Rafa to play him in other positions were it's more beneficial to the team overall, nothing to due with his selfishness. By the way, how does a selfish player gather 14 assists?
Wow Dutch... i never see that angle about SG before. How true is that.
Inoue Takahiro
"failed central midfielder, LMFAO"
The same guy who inspired an average Liverpool side to lift the Champions League despite being 3-0 down to AC Milan (A World Class team at the time not the over the hill soon to finish 7th in Serie A bunch that you beat 2-0) The same failed CM who has over 60caps for England and 8Trophys in his time at Liverpool including 2 European ones. Hes arguably one of the BEST midfielders in the world. Everybody knows he sometimes plays Right Wing because Benitez is tinkerbell, and when he plays behind the striker can be very effective, but i suppose his versitality makes him a "failed CM" so is Flamini a failed CM coz he played Right Back? or Toure must be a failed CB because hed prefer Senderos lol Honestly you talk more tripe than anybody on here, including Sir Harry.
Add another goal and an assist to those totals Little Dutch, so that's 21 goals, and 15 assists. Name me a player not on the shortlist that can top those numbers.
Too bad it doesn't look like we're gonna win it G4L.Cristiano ronaldo will win fifa player of the year award.Dammit -.-'.

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