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Almunia Hits Back At Lehmann

Manuel Almunia has finally struck back in the war of the goalkeepers with some truly vicious words.

Forgetting for a moment the differences in styles and abilities between the Spanish Almunia and the Mad German, the difference in their personalities could not be anymore contrasting either.

Jens Lehmann, who had been quiet of late, returned to type this week and further expressed his anger at been benched by Wenger for 'someone who didn't start playing football until he was 30'.

Almunia spoke strongly about Lehmann's childishness.

'I'm an easy-going person,' he said. 'I like to treat everyone with respect and I see everyone as equals. I treat people the way I would like to be treated myself.

'To have someone here who hates me is just amazing. I know he hates me.

'Every morning I wake up I know it is going to be the same. I've had to put up with it every day since he was out of the team and even before then. I wake up and I know what it is going to be like.

'But I don't care about him any more. He can say what he likes. I come into training and I work with Lukasz Fabianski and Vito Mannone. They are better goalkeepers than him anyway.'

'It's his problem, not mine, and I don't see why I should try to talk to him about it. The truth is I don't want to talk to him. I came into training this morning and one of the press officers told me he had been saying bad things about me in the newspapers again. It didn't surprise me.

'The truth is I have got used to reading these things from him. If he was someone important to me, I would try to talk to him and see what the problem is. But he's not. So we don't talk.

'I've never been in a situation like this before in my career. Normally we goalkeepers have so much respect for each other.

'Why he doesn't respect me, I don't know. But I don't want any relationship with him. I try not to let what he says enter my mind because it's not important to me what he says or what he thinks.'

Well ...... that should stoke the fires nicely!!!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday April 12 2008

Time: 11:15AM

Your Comments

What's wrong with german keepers? Remember Kahn and Lehmann during world cup?
Nothing like a bit of team spirit! Maybe we should get Ricky hatton in to train Adebayor, Bendtner, Lehmann and Almunia! I would ship them all out in the summer. None of them are good enough at this level anyway.
I think Almunia is more than good enough for the squad, not sure about him for the long term 1st choice though. But his attitude has been fantastic, much better than his German counterpart who comes across as a whiney little bitch. Nice little dig by Almunia about Fabianski and Manone though .... lol
Kev - I'm not certain it's all German keepers ..... just the one!!!
I totally agree, Adebayor's record of 25 goals in all comps this season is woeful...
Rocky didnt you notice that just before the corner that led to liverpools first goal, the ball was comfortably running out for a goal kick. For some mad reason Almunia panicked and kicked the ball out for a throw. That throw led to the corner that led to that goal!!!
This is embarassing for the goal keepers and the club. Cant Lehmann just shup up instead of taking this to the press so often ? I cant blame Almunia though, he has been putting up with crap for a long time.
Its funny that Lehmann thinks he is a good goalkeeper. I am as good as Thierry henry you know...
Not sure what that has to do with anything vavavoom?!!??!
Do me a favour Super_gooner! He has no first touch, needs 5 chances to convert 1 goal! Doesnt know what offside means...4 times in the first 7 mins at Anfield on tues night! At Newcasle and birmingham, when a simple square pass would of led to a goal he decided to shoot from a bad angle! Result 4 points dropped! His actions at the lane was a disgrace what ever the circumstance! Marcus Stewart scored 26 goals for Ipswich. Would you want him??
A top keeper would of just let the ball go out of play. Being a keeper isnt just about shot saving. He will always cost us points with silly mistakes
That's harsh to say the least. Adebayor has done wonders this season, and is vastly becoming the complete striker. Strong, quick, good in the air, good in front of goal, links up well with the midfield. I really don't know what he has to do to win people over? Who would you buy to replace him then, vavavoom?
Silly mistakes like saving Robbie Keane's (who apparently DOESN'T miss) penalty? Give the guy a break, like with Ade, what does he have to do to win people over?
Compete striker? Good in the air? lol. Thats what I thought when I was jumping out of my seat and on to the bloke next to me at the Milan game....oppps onto the bar from one yard out. Sorry super he just doesnt cut it with me.
Yeah those goals with his head against Fulham, Villa and more recently Liverpool weren't anything special. Cut the guy some slack! Bloody hell!
Goalkeepers are judged on their mistakes, and most of the keepers in the Prem this season inc Cech who is regarded as the no1 have made massive errors that have resulted in goals, Lehmann included. Almunia hasn't so we need to give him credit for that. He may not be the most commanding but you can't really fault him this season.
vavavoom, sorry to interrupt but that is *********. Ade carried this team on his own during the mid-season scoring goals in consecutive games with his feet, head, set pieces etc. as for him not being good in the air, well, Villa, sp*rs, Fulham, pool etc. is quite enough to prove you wrong. The existence of "world class" strikers who rarely stray offside, score 1 goal from 1 shot, have perfect control and are equally good in the air and on the ground is a myth. You need to get real.
His a bloody striker, thats his job! But like I said five chances to convert one goal! Adebayor Adebayor give him the ball and he MIGHT score, or fall on his arse after being two yards off side! lol. Answer me one question Super, and be very honest. Adebayor or Torris?
When we first signed Lehmann I asked a german friend what he was like. He told me that he was a good goalkeeper but absolutely bonkers! In Germany he has a reputation of speaking without using his brain but most seem to think that it would be even worse if he did engage it first.
I honestly don't think there is one top class goalkeeper in the league, they're all much of a muchness. As for this tiff, well if accurate, it's just stupid. They should both shut up because neither of them are good enough t be no.1 in the long term.
Little Dutch
Get real??? I havent missed a game this season. Ive seen every offside. Every miss pass! Every poor first touch! every simple chance missed! every strop (Did anyone else see him have a go at Rosicky at newcastle for not passing to him when he was 2 yards off side) His not a team player (Im my opinion) Saying all that I guess I will be singing his name tomorrow at OT if he scores the winner. lol
Lehmann is a goner and he is using his last days to vent his spleen at Almunia, which is nothing surprising. Manu seems to be a nice bloke who had a fairly decent season but he never instilled the sense of security Jens did when he was our no. 1, despite his eccentricity. I believe that AW will either get another Mart Poom type of a goalie as our no. 3 for next year or promote Mannone, and leave Lukasz and Manu to battle it out for the no. 1 spot, with Manu holding a slight advantage like Lehmann did at the start of the season. I would judge Almunia on his quality after another season.
And G4L. The only thing he has carried this season is that massive ego! He makes henry look like oliver twist
bit of a loose cannon this dodgy german with the 80's perm ain't he!
Almunia is a communist
lol haha, lehman is better than almunia on his day
That's the spirit! ;)
Fan of Blues
But I agree with Almunia. I don't know what's Lehman's problem. He hasn't been acting in a professional manner.
Fan of Blues
He will be gone in a few weeks anyway!!
I don't know why but i seem to trust Lehmann more than Almunia between the post. I think its because you just know that Almunia will make a mistake which will cost you points. But I would rather wenger either buying a new keeper or like G4L said let Almunia battle it out with Fabianski.
To be fair to Almunia he hasn't made a mistake or not one that i can think of this season.
I don't care if they like each other or not, it's their business, and why they have to drag the press into it, I don't know. I'm more concerned about how many clean sheets they can keep rather their personal relationship, to be honest. Maybe, if they would just shut up and get on with their job they'll get better at it. Credit to Almunia (to some extent) though, as he's been ignoring the Jens comments to the media for some time now.
Think again MrArsenal
I can't blame Almunia for speaking out. He's kept his trap shut for so ling whilst Lehmann has blasted him just because he took the number 1 spot. It's like the big kid picking on the little kid because the teacher chose him to give the milk out. One day the little kid is gunna bite back.
Almunia had every right to say what he said, Lehman has been picking away at him for months now it's actually disgusting that he can't say to him 'Congratulations'. Really and truely he should be shipped out at the end of the season his attitude creates discord in the team and sets a bad example for the youth.
until a few days ago I never thought that Manu would be a good goalkeeper in the long-term. I thought it would be wise to try and get a new 'keeper in the summer. but then again ,as stupid as it sounds, every goalkeeper is a man in goal trying not to concede, and as far as that's concerned he's done a great job. almost all the goal's we've conceded have been defensive errors and nothing to do with manu, so i think we should keep him as first choice for a while longer. And get rid of Jens. the man is actually CRAZY!
Almunia is an excellent goalkeeper. Not sure if he will ever be one of the greats, but he is certainly very good.
Lukasz Fabianski: The Future!!!
One of this is gonna have to go this summer. That's that.
tell lehman to shut it.... i swear he made 2 or 3 howlers in your first 3 games!
Almunia has been in goal 4 over 40 apperances and he has made 1 error at the most Leaman waz in goal 4 3 apperances at the beggining of the season and made 2 or 3 errors in goal. Do the math?
i remember him being positioned poorly during the 2-2 draw with man-u but other than that he has done well...what almunia canimprove on is his quick distribution...
super gooner, i know youre standing by our players even when they are down on form but come on mate, adebayor has wasted far too many chances. we are not asking for 1 chance 1 goal, but at least have a decent conversion rate especially when the chances are gilt edged. rafa spending 20mill on torres somehow does not look so ridiculous now huh??? adebayor (like drogba) gets a lot of offsides, but unlike drogba, he does not capitalise when he gets the chance to score. im not saying get rid of adebayor but he needs another year of development and wenger should not rely on him to "carry" the team. lets get an all out striker. i say get baptista if we can. lehman is a nutjob, but he is good entertainment. so for the rest of our season lets just enjoy his antics and bid him farewell at the end of this season.

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