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John Terry Talks Rubbish Shocker

John Terry believes Arsenal will fall apart due to the lack of 'an English spine'.

The age old debate about home grown talent has, to be perfectly frank, bored the bejesus out of me now for longer than I care to remember, yet when people look for a reason to have a pop at Arsenal, it's their first port of call.

Because it's an easy target for people too lazy, or thick, to use their noggin.

'You need an English backbone - one with that force, that togetherness, that pulling together. That's what the English players have. It's why Arsenal might come up short in the run-in.' dribbled the England 'hard man'.

When issuing this incoherent dog crap, Terry failed to think about three things......

1) Arsenal have twice won the league, once unbeaten, once as part of a league and cup double, and reached the Champions League final (three things Chelsea have failed to do), all with the lack of an English spine.

2) Teams with predominantly English players are languishing in midtable, some fighting for their lives in a relegation dog fight, proving that it's not the nationality of the player that matters, but the ability and talent.

3) The season is not over, and it's still possible, despite being weak and frail and lacking an English backbone, that Arsenal can finish above Chelsea ..... and in the event of failing to win the title, that would be almost as satisfying after Terry's ill-informed comments.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday April 12 2008

Time: 2:47PM

Your Comments

The picture that comes with the article was taken when someone posed the question to John Terry ..... "Hey, John, what does JT stand for?"
"john terry believes arsenal will fall apart due to the lack of an english spine"....... err, havnt they fallen apart already!!!!!!
Not the sharpest knife in the box is JT. What happened with the English backbone against those frail Europeans when failing to qualify for the European Championships then?
Seen as you're a Chelsea fan you're probably quite new to football so you won't remember what happened in 1989. It's highly unlikly it will happen again, but you never know!! Still, we've not done bad for a team who will finish outside the top four have we?
what JT means is that whatever country the team is they should have atleast 4 to 5 representatives of that country..... ie: a spanish club should 4 spanish players in it.
and anyone who does not understand that is just being blind to the truth..... JT is not saying that english players are so great.
however i still think you was robbed by the refs over the past months..... especially against scumpool
You're spot on, Dax.
Fan of Blues
Well it was fine for all you gooners to harp on about us having a lack of English players in the 90's when we were playing sexy football and you were 1-0 to the Arsenal. And now here we are on the flip-side. I challenge any gooner to tell me they wouldn't mind having a few more English/British players on their team. A little bit of staunchness when the chips are down. And Rocky, are you telling me that you haven't picked up any new fans in the last few years. I've been to your gaff, and the old one too, and it's like going to a cricket match sometimes! Picnickers and poseurs. Oh, and plenty of "could you please sit down and be quiet, I'm trying to watch the football match! Tarquin, could you pass the tabouleh!".
And stop bloody moaning on about dodgy decisions and injustice! You lot are the worst losers in the world. Get over yourselves!
One more thing. Don't you think you should update your poll? And JT is a feckin' legend and you know it. Ask Tony Adams!!
lol at bumps comments.... well said mate..... i remmeber my arsenal mates telling chelsea were a disgrace for not having english players while we was in our sexy era.... how the tables have turned and you guys acting like its ok for not having english players.
point 1 - we've won it twice since you last won it and with an English spine! And change your poll chaps - it's out of date!
point 3 - you cannot be serious mate :-) better than winning the title!
He's a media whore. Too long since his last press 'fix' so he feels the need to spout more crap.
Tabouleh, how do you know it, Bumps?? :)
Fan of Blues
I really don't care what nationality our players are. They have to be the best we can get that's all. English players are no better because they are English than Spanish players are better because they are Spanish. You will find 'that force, that togetherness, that pulling together' in every nation and every nationality in the world. Only in narrow, parochial, closed minds do you find the belief that these are qualities only confined to one nation.
I know many foods FOB!
apart from wenger and the arsenal fans everyone in football will tell you that you need a few players from that country in the team.... arsenal were successful because they had a spine which was english but now they are spineless and gutless. u have internal problems, ie: adebayor and bentner and lehman and almunia.
All 'Big 4' clubs have more foreign players than English players. None of them have an 'English Spine'. I just spent the last ten minutes checking my stats, so, there you go. Anyway, I don't know why JT felt the need to even say any of this. I don't think he'll be to happy if Gallas started making comments about Chelsea's squad.
well atleast chelsea have JT, lamps, j cole..... liverpool have carra, gerrard.... man utd have rio, scholes, neville and rooney
Who gives a stuff what an EX England captain thinks anyway!!
Has to be one of the stupidest things I've ever read. It's even borderling rascist. What the hell is an english backbone? If it's the players that run through the centre of the field then I geuss Terry would be the ass, Essein as the spine, and Drogba as the skull. lame joke my bad
'Everyone' in football might tell you that you need players 'from that country in the team' but only for nationalistic reasons not for any logical playing reasons. Did England fail to qualify for the European Championships because they were 'spineless and gutless' or did Croatia have 'that force, that togetherness, that pulling together' that England lacked? Of course not - this fixation on nationality is silly illogical nonsense. The product of small and simple minds.
Any Egyptian food perhaps, Bumps??
Fan of Blues
FoB, what Egyptian food? Koshary? I actually love that dish!
I'm with the Bulldogs here, I blame those foreigners. Israelis, Croatians, Macedonians...............
Little Dutch
I like a bit of Kibbeh FOB.
im not saying you need english plalyers because of how ggood they are because imo currently england doesnt have 1 world class player but i believe every team should have a few players of that nationilty
Me too Cheese. One of my favourite dishes! Where are you from btw?
Fan of Blues
If I thought JT or any of the nationalistic espousers here had two brain cells, I would tell them to look upthe word 'meritocracy.' Chelsea's best spell of form ths season came when Terry and Lumplard were injured. Incidentally, Terry looked a much better player when he had Gallas next to him.
Little Dutch
I like it too, Bumps, but it's kind of Lebanese food. Aynone likes Molokheya?
Fan of Blues
mtlgooner, I think that Voyeur's reluctance to persevere with English players is bordering on racist itself!
Maybe the fact that Terry thinks foreigners don't have spinal chords caused him to assault Fabregas' back with his studs back in December.
Little Dutch
You're right FOB! It is Lebanese. I was just trying to style it out. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm not really familiar with Egyptian food.
There is no shame, Bumps. Hopefully, you may try it one day.
Fan of Blues
Well I do like to think of myself as a bit of a bon viveur! Maybe a gooner could tell me if I spelt that right!
What's bon viveur?
Fan of Blues
Imagine you're a player and you're going to play in a foreign country.It is much more easier to settle nicely if you have colleagues who have lived their entire life in such country.They'll tell you about the culture, where to go, what to do; they'll help you with whatever you need. That is much better than arriving somewhere where all of your colleagues don't know the place really well. That's what this backbone is all about. It's a sort of "hosts" for foreign players.
a life enthusiast FOB. Lover of all things good and tasty!
Oh, thanks for the info!
Fan of Blues
Yes Kev, Voronin has been waxing lyrical about the value of local yokelsin your team this week. Complaining that he can't understand Gerrard and Carragher. Mind you, I don't think that's exclusive to foreigners! In all seriousness Kev, you don't have to be from London to know where to go to get what you need. The likes of Gallas, Cesc, Toure, Gilberto, Flamini etc etc etc have all been here long enough to know that. London is the last place where that resoning stands up because it's pretty cosmopolitan.
Little Dutch
LD, that's an interesting point about how their best form came from the absence of English players. But I don't think JT actually thought about what he was saying. He just wanted to say something pro-England and anti-Arsenal at the same time, so that media will love him, no matter how idiotic his comments were.
Besides, can you really see the two Coles, Terry and Lumplard telling Makelele where to find the best libraries?
Little Dutch
Maka knows where the best library in town is! It's the Emirates.
I doubt Gallas is the best host.Cesc, mehToure might give a help to his african counterparts, but does he have time to help anyone settle? Doubt Gilberto speaks english(or other languages) very well. He certainly did help his other brazilian counterparts there at arsenal. I seem to remember a clip of Gilberto with baptista and denilson. .A team without locals, is like going to an italian restaurant without a single italian, either by name or have Walcott, why not use him? I've never seen eboue produce anything(at all) , zip.
Yes Bumps, but I heard the one at Bridge is now allowing free entry! And there's also some special places designated for sleeping.
Kev, in all seriousness, as a Brazilian supporting Chelsea, do you not see the irony in that statement? Ability recognises no passport, this isn't a sporting conversation, it's a political one. Some players have the will of winners, some don't, but it's not down to nationality. Arsenal had one local recently and he's possibly the the most unpopular turncoat in our history. I'm sure Spurs fans will tell you the same about one of their local heroes of recent times.
Little Dutch
k_chelski, I don't recall any players complaining about a lack of hospitality though. I do remember Reyes complaining about the weather, but that's hardly anything the Arsenal players can do about. This season we signed Eduardo, Diarra and Sagna. Diarra doesn't really count, however, because he lived in London before he came. But I don't think Sagna or Eduardo had any problems settling in.
I probably don't have to tell youwhat West Ham think of one or two of their local heroes who now turn out in your colours.
Little Dutch
When I think of the Arsenal players of the last five years who became unsettled, I think Reyes, Diarra, Bentley, Pennant, Cole, Campbell, Jeffers, Vieira to a degree.
Little Dutch
Just John Terry on a windup mission that's all. He's just trying to get Arsenal's back up to try and get some extra % out of us against the Mancs. He'd just better hope that his plan comes off cos he's gonna look pretty damn stupid if we finish above them lot. Almost as stupid as England's European Championsip campaign lol.
I am sure there are plenty of people at Arsenal football club to enable 'non-locals' to settle. It's hardly rocket science. Gilberto does speak English pretty well. So much so that in fact I think it's his intention to seek dual nationality shortly. "But it is not about freedom of movement for me. It is more about my family. I have three children - a five-year-old, a four-year-old and a baby, who all have Brazilian passports. If we move back to Brazil one day, then, by me having dual nationality it would allow them to come back to England and study or work over here. It could have great benefits for them." What's a local player anyway? Paris is as close to London as Leeds is.
I'm not saying it's down to nationality. If you can find a foreign player that is both more skilled and mentally prepared than a local, by all means, play him.Arsenal's academy provides quality british players to several teams, why not your own? Walcott has always been better than Eboue, Eboue is as good as boulahrouz.Why can't you play him?Just to clear it up, I don't think the reason you failed this season had anything to do with nationality. Just trying to take something from what Terry said.
Amos, I know several people who have dual nationality(american one) and can barely speak english. Gilberto's portuguese isn't the best, let alone his english.
All along I thought foreign players moved to England for the food. Imagine the horror on Anderson's face the first time Rooney took him out in Manchester and said, "All the Indian and Italian places are closed, but you have to try this delicacy- it's called mushy peas".
Why isn't Sidwell good enough foryour team Kev? The likes of Harper, Bentley and Sidwell have carved out half decent careers for themselves, but none of themare good enough for Arsenal. Ask yourself why Terry is the only youth academy player you boast in your first team.
Little Dutch
We do play Walcott - and the better he gets the more we'll play him. Eboue has some qualities that Walcott doesn't which justify his selection in some situations. What we should never do is play someone just because of their nationality. You can try to take as much as you like from what Terry said but the bottom line is that it is silly, illogical, xenophobic nonsense. And it should be recognised as such.
sidwell isn't better than Lampard,Essie,Ballack,Joe Cole,Mikel or makelele. Walcott is better than eboue.Sidwell could have been used by you lot this season. Academy players are hard to break through the first team, I acknowledge that. Wenger's policy is to play young players with potential, build a team for the future, it's much different than Chelsea's (mostly because we have some catching up to do). Still, you'll see the name Scott Sinclair pop up many times in the future, hopefully as a chelsea player.
Sinclair looks a decent prospect of what little I've seen of him, but he is from Bristol Rovers' academy. What you say about Sidwell is exactlyour point. Bentley is o.k at a mid table club, but gets lost against bigger teams. Hleb played on the left against Blackburn and the difference in quality between Hleb and Bentley was embarrassing at times. Besides which, Bentley never tried to fight for his place. But you are right, Sidwell doesn't play because he's not as good as the players youmention. Walcott is developing, but it's no wonder sometimes that English wonderkids either disappear up their own arses or crumble under the pressure. Two months ago everyone said he was useless and Wenger was only playing him to be "representative." A couple of goodsub appearances later and he should play every game and is the answer to our problems and the second coming. It's always OTT for that kid.
Little Dutch
U could say hes talkin a bit of sense after all debatably our best team had Seaman Adams and wrighty through da middle
But that was because they were good players, not because they were English. Besides which, those three also played in a team that finished twelfth and lost a Cup Final in one season. Our current spine is basically Gallas, Fabregas and Adebayor and that triumvirate of players have been awesome for us this season (two sit in the player of the year award nominations). Almunia has been o.k, I wouldn't call any of the aforementioned players mentally weak. Fabregas and Adebayor dug in to win us a North London derby we were trailing away from home, Gallas got a winner against Chelsea and inspired the comeback versus Bolton, Almunia was instrumental in winning us another North London derby. Terry's comments don't withstand the slightest scrutiny.
Little Dutch
Scott Sinclair came from Bristol Rovers didn't he? How local is that? Calais is closer!
Gallas and Fabregas spared us defeat at home to United as well. Fabregas equlaised at Anfield in the league, not bad for a weak spine.
Little Dutch
Maybe another thing y we didnt end the seanson on a high is because of refs against birmingham definatly wasnt a pen and 2 times we should of gt a pen against da scoucers then they get a "dodgy" pen against us who really saw kolos hade pull dwn babel in our box another diving duchman. Also ill be suprised if van p plays against manure tmoz against pool he had both legs bandaged basically he looked f***ed
local doesn't mean from the same academy, just means from the england area (it isn't that big). Terry's comments aren't xenophobical, please, he's only stating that Arsenal failed because they lacked qualities english players posesse.You could argue that an all english team, lacks qualities that foreign players posesse, that doesn't necessarily say that no english players are skilled.Neither is saying you need english players, is saying no foreign player has team spirit.The player Sinclair will be, is because of his work at chelsea, not bristol. Hell, Lampard was ***** at west ham, and turned world class for us. LD, can you honestly say that Sidwell wouldn't have played at least 10 games this season for your first team?
Yes I can,Cesc and Flamini have missed three games a piece this year and that was when we still had Diarra. Sidwell wouldn't get past Cesc, Flam, Gilberto, Diaby, Diarra, Denilson and Song. No way, I doubt he would have played one game save for the Carling Cup. Your comment Kev seems to be an elongated way of saying that a player's qualities aren't dependent on nationality,which is what we are saying. We are on the same page, Terry isn't. Terry is suggesting that only English players know how to dig in and fight, which is ludicrous given the national team's failures for generations.
Little Dutch
Terry is saying english players have strong will power. In his opinion, it's an english characteristic. Brazilians are known to be skilled with the ball. It doesn't mean all brazilians are skilled players, nor that no one else in the world isn't skilled! Terry is saying your team (Which only has foreigners) lacks mental strength, and in his opinion, you need english players, because their main strength is this ability. Some teams need foreigners, because foreigners are skilled. Is that xenophobic?
Yes, to say English players have strong will power and other nations don't is ill informed and ignorant. Again, English player's willpower has won them bugger all, whilst the mentally inferior Brazil, France and fancy dan Italy keepwalking off with the big prizes in international football. It's not inaccurate to say we need more leaders or a bit more experience in the team, but to say that we can only get that by buying British is pretty xenophobic yes. Not least to say hilariously wrong.
Little Dutch
He didn't say you can only get that by buying brits, he said that you will get that by buying brits, which is something he thinks you need. He said England has that. If I tell a tottenham fan that his team needs brazilians, because they are skilled, and that's why they failed, is this ill informed or ignorant? Did I ever say mexicans aren't skilled?No. Terry thinks foreigners give the pace , ability, skills, while english players give the team focus and concentration. It's interchangeable though.
i think terry would probably be saying something different if he were a brazilian or mexican or canadian..... in other words i think hes full of $@#7!
What Terry is saying is that English players have characteristics that aren't readily found outside England. We don't have those qualities because we don't have English players is what he is saying. That is palpable nonsense. There is no guarantee that simply by buying British players you will acquire strong willed players with greater fortitude than buying players from anywhere else in the world. If you want those qualities then you seek them out irrespective of nationality. Simply being born inside some arbitrary national boundary doesn't endow you with such qualities - you either have them or you don't. For Terry, or anyone else, to argue that it does is illogical and blatantly xenophobic.
If you take Ronaldo out the manchester United side I very much doubt their English spine would replace the 37 goals he has scored this season. BTW as much as he gets on my nerves he must be 1 of the most mentally strong willed players in the league, he gets a lot of kicks, he's had to deal with our ridiculous press but he just gets on with it.
Compare him to the English David Bentley who did not have the mental strength to go to a national tournament for his country. Mental strength is not about nationality, his comments will go down well with the mentally weak Fabio Capello.
Drogba, Anelka, Ballack, Essien, Makalele, Cech, Cudicini, Malouda, Mikel and co may be suprised to hear that the English spine of Chavski has got them where they are today. Thank god Cashley was around to help the mentally weak so and so's.
you forgot Hilario.
Nice friendly site this evening
He thinks we need more togetherness have you seen the huddles before and after a match. He's more of an idiot then i thought he was.
Listen, I hate John Terry with gusto; and i dont agree that a team without a nucleus of English players are dis-respecting the leauge, indeed i agree that the whole English debate is lazy. One of the reasosn i think Capello should have been England manager; why predjustice against someone because of their nationality, if theit good enough, their good enough, you know? And indeed, you look at the best players in our league; Ronaldo, Torres, Fabregas, Toure, Vidic, Evra, Adebayor and Essien. Our game would be the worse without these players. BUT (yes there is a but) i must admit it is a nice feelign when you see your team play well and in particular its English contingents. Rooney for exampel excites me every time he gets the ball, and soem of my other favouritte players are Rio Ferdiannd and the in-form Michael Carrick. It may sound strange, but it is true. Tell me, werent you all that extra bit jubilent on Tuesday when you saw Walcott dribble past the entire Scouse team? Its a fact the our games needs foreign talent, but it is also important we have a good set of English players playing at the top level. Im sure you would all liek to see more English layers at your club (dis-regarding the crazy monetary values put n their heads_ and a the end of the day, thats what it is all about really.
One of the things McLaren said when he was appointed was that he wanted players to play the english way with shows of passion, pride and fight. That's funny. He's presuming other nations like Macedonia, Croatia, Russia aren't capable of fighting? Check the history books. How arrogant. He had no clue about tactics. We saw the result of that: elimination and an italian brought in.
Do you know when Walcott made that run against Liverpool thoughts of England didn't once enter my head. I was pleased for the club and for Walcott himself - nothing more. Many 'English' players, Rooney included, have family origins outside of England. Just how English is the English team or the English nation for that matter? Where would we be without the genetic characteristics of many nationalities forged over hundred of years? It's about time nationalists grew up and realised what shape the world really is.
that was the point i made at the beginning amos. i simply stated that i get that extra buzz when i see rooney grab a goal than say tevez. call me a nationalist if you want, but then surely you would be as bigoted as the people you mock.
You can take pride or satisfaction in whatever you choose united4life. I don't quite understand why a goal from Rooney (he of Irish origin) is any more satisfying than one from Tevez (he of Spanish origin) but I wouldn't think my not seeing it was in any way bigoted.
Like you said, people today are no longer of single ethnicity. I myself am half persian; but due to the fact i see myself as British, to see a British player score a goal for my club gives me an extra buzz. It may sound strange, but I am sure i am not alone. I cant believe that someone of a certain country would not liek to see players fom their same nation succed at THEIR club. and thats an imprortnat fact....i HATE gerrard, i hate lampard, i hate john terry. its not the fact that i liek any and every english player; but i like to see players of my own nationality succeed at my OWN club. and its not just an english team, its the same in every country. call it pride or whatever you will, but tell me why is there such a large Irish following at sunderland? and by the same token, why do you think Liverpool are so amous in spain? I undertand your point amos, but i feel you cant understand mine.
As with Amos, I didn't get an extra buzz seeing Walcott take on the whole Liverpool team because he is English, I got a buzz because he wore the red and white shirt of Arsenal.
I understand your point united4life but I just don't feel the same way. I don't get an extra buzz because of the nationality of the player whatever it maybe. The fact that he may have been born within the same national boundary as me doesn't make me appreciate his skill and ability any more or less than if he were born on the other side of the world. I don't have any problem with anyone who does but I do have a problem with people like Terry who imply that other nationalities are somehow inferior to their own and that you have to be born within a particular national boundary in order to have particular physical and mental qualities.
We have had a policy of a'British Backbone' for quite a while now and look where it has got us.The bottom line is,is that you get the players that can do the job,REGARDLESS OF NATIONALITY,.I think no supporter would really give a rats as long as there is success at the end of it.I for one would gladly ship out some of our English rabble for some Foriegn talent if it meant improving to Arsenals level.
english spine? Did anyone remind Terry that derby have the most english players in the premship?
wow you can count on gooners not accepting is a man who telling it as it is..tony adams was one of jt's heroes and its not about only skills..mental side of the game is as important as the physical side of it..and its clear that arsenal lack that...and believe me when i say this...that winning mentality is crucial...another season without a trophy and mediocrity beckons you lot...this is simple advice no mallice or anything harsh...!!
Paul can you say you won the league unbeaten...we beat you that season..LOL
Blue is the colour
Or maybe I should write in French on this forum...
Blue is the colour
is this not normally called xenophobia? saying that foreign players cant form friendships, and bonds, and generlly get the "togethorness"...or is he simply saying that english players are better than foreign ones? or maybe he is suggesting, something is wrong here...
We enjoy the game irregardless of the players' nationality. Think about what will happen if there are no foreigners in the league.. Do you think EPL will be this successful? Will it become such a global watch league? The answer is a simple "NO". EPL is more colourful with all these foreigners.
We did beat you too, BITC. Not to start a flame war, but needs pointing out. 1-1 all this season for the Arse and Chelsea.
if it were for the fact that english players were 4 times the market price i think arsenal would have more english players... yet the fact players like Darren Bent who cost Spurs £16 million and Michael Carrick about the same. That one figure is about the amount spent by Arsenal in one summer... Arsenal do not have the Millions of Chelsea, Man United or Spurs... So JT... ***** off and Do your talking on the pitch (preferably with the football, not harrassing the referee)
I think that the whole arguement somewhat misses the point....Despite what most of the media are spouting there is not a huge gap in the defensive achievements of Arsenal,Chelsea and Arsenal have let in six more that Chelsea and three more than Liverpool....thats about one more goal conceded in every 5.5 games when compared to Chelsea.And by the way if Cheslsea don't win anything this season what will there excuse be ?...I's obvious because they have so far scored less than Arsenal , so it must be that they need some English strikers. The real point to be making is that the problem is at the other end of the pitch. Ade has been quoted as saying that a killer instinct is Ade just some decent strikers who can put the ball in the net when it really matters...
Correction - (and Michael Carrick to Man United about the same)

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