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Ten Bonus Questions

After another heartbreaking defeat, I feel compelled to add some additional bonus questions to Tim's weekly slot. And if you, like me, feel like putting your head in an oven, you might not want to read on.

1) Is Emmanuel Eboue the worst player ever to pull on an Arsenal shirt?

1) Seeing as number 1 is not really a proper question, does the Arsenal defence have amnesia? I mean how many times can the same crap happen before you do something about it?

2) Despite having an awesome season and filling the boots of Thierry Henry, is Adebayor just a great player rather than the world beater we pegged him for earlier this season?

3) Is Robin van Persie the first professional football player to be made entirely from wet cardboard?

4) Has there been any other player in the world to fall from grace as quickly as Gilberto Silva?

5) Is Arsene Wenger's middle name 'Ebenezer'?

6) Does the Premier League need to simplify the offside rule so Adebayor can stay onside?

7) Who does Theo Walcott have to blow to get a starting spot?

8) Seriously. Where the bloody hell is Denilson?

9) What is wrong with Jens Lehmann's hair?

10) How glad will you be when the season is finally over?

Some pretty negative stuff there ....... and that's because, well, I can't find much positive to say.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday April 13 2008

Time: 6:14PM

Your Comments

I knew that article picture would come in handy one day!!
Harsh on Gilberto, Rocks, I thought he had a brilliant game today
He was decent today, but once again his passing was woeful. Only last year he was the rock of this team, now, I worry every time he plays.
Yeah? which game were you watching? I thought he was poor.. he gave away a stupid freekick to let Man Utd score.. I think he's mobility is a massive problem.. he is a definite gonner for me as far as a "summer clearout" is concerned.
3) Often wondered about van Persie, always seems more average a player to me as a neutral that the press he often gets.
7) After his dazzling run last week I was surprised not to see Walcott, maybe he will come to a club that appreciates young English talent (Villa)!
The Fear
Why did Lehmann start? How could he start after insulting Almunia?
J - I can't sometimes see the logic of not letting Theo suffer from burnout, but he hasn't played too much this season and with only a few games to go he should be starting. Plus how Eboue is allowed near a football pitch is beyond me. Awful awful player.
1) No - he just seems like it at the moment. 1) Neither goal was a defensive mistake as such. If Gallas had let it go the shot was on target. 2) Ade is just a good squad player 3) RvP was a creative spark for much of the game today. He has been unlucky with injuries but if they are behind him we have a player as good as any in the PL 4) Gilberto had a pretty good game today 5) No it's Brunel - wait until it's finished. 6) Ade wouldn't understand it no matter how easy it was made. 7) We would have lost the game earlier if Theo had started. 8) Pass 9) Male pattern baldness circa 1975 10) Come on - it's been a good, exciting season. We have looked good enough to be champions this season - just not as good in the 2nd half of it. 11 - the unasked question) There's always another game and another season - cheer up!
I can't believe there aren't any questions about JT. I'm truly shocked!!! ;)
Fan of Blues
JD - Almunia got a wrist injury....presumably from sticking one on Lehmann.
lehmann was good today. sadly couldnt do anything with the freekick.
Paul, youre seasons over mate, you can rest easy. GET THE ***** IN THERE!!!! 3YEARS
A bit of a knee-jerker there, obvious by two no. 1 questions. Here's some answers: 1a. No. He is a good RB with some attitude problems playing his 1st yr in midfield. 1b. Two reasons: tiredness (loss of concentration) and lack of fortune. 2. The leap in class that Adebayor has made this year is a fact. Arsenal's form slumped when Ade lost his form, which poses the question what have the other forwards/midfielders done to support him (in terms of goals) 3. Again, he is just unlucky. Damn internationals. 4. Gilberto featured so little this year so it is a bit difficult to judge him based on a handful of appearances. He had a solid game today, a bit of a stupid challenge on Evra. 6. The offside rule clearly applies to him at any time, even when he is onside (Boro), while for the rest (Drogba, Aliadiere) it has a different meaning. 7. Theo will be a star. 9. Who cares. 10. It's been a helluva ride and we came up short at the final hurdles. I am proud of our effort though. Chin up. It's always good to be a Gooner.
Amos - The shot that Gallas handballed wouldn't have even troubled Dave Beseant. Gilberto had an ok game today, still the difference over the past 12 months is astonishing. And yes it has been a good season ..... but now I want it to be over ... lol
Gilberto was good today, Rocky. Except for that challenge for which I'm yet to see a replay.
Even though Eboue is one of the worst players to wear an arsenal shirt along with Cygan i don't think he played that badly today and the same with Gilberto i think he also had a good game but man of the match for me has to go to Hleb he was fantastic today!!
HY - How many years since you won anything other than the league cup? Oh wait, I bet you can't count that far!!
G4L - The two number 1's was supposed to be a joke :P Read it again!!!
Cheers Rocky7. It was a great game, Arsenal played very well. You guys had a good season, if you had more depth, you might've even won the league. Good luck next season.
Cheers JD - we simply didn't have the balls to go through with it this year. Though I'm confident that with a little bit of fine tuning we can go one better next year. It's a sad day .... but we're still a bloody good team!!
Hey-ho indeed. With a couple of new faces we will be back nexy season.
R7, my bad, though no.1 was with regards to our goalies.
That shot wasn't going anywhere. Gallas should have let it be, but never mind. Cest La Vie. We need some firepower during the summer. Ade is too inconsistent for a sustained assault. Today, he really should have wrapped it up. The sidefoot in the first half was disgraceful. Gilberto messed up for the Hargreaves goal and he was going in too gung ho for my liking. Waaay too gung ho. He doesn't seem like the calming influence he once was. And Theo isn't ready to start. I'm one of his biggest supporters but he floats in and out of games, he'd be a spectator for a lot of the game. Super-subbing him for now is fine. Eboue needs to stop getting games, we actually want to get SOME money for him during the summer, anymore games and we are going to have to pay someone to buy him. There's always Pompey I guess.
Fab's legs are about to fall anytime. Hopefully we'll be back next year. Witha few signings of course.
At least Arsenal doesn't have to look forward to a summer of owners fighting with CEO's, owners fighting with each other, no direction from the top, a manager who might leave or be fired, fans fighting with owners etc...
That is actually a reassurance JD.......With regards to Adebayor, if he were to play second fiddle to a more potent striker we would have a magical combination. Adebayor is a great player, just not good enough to be our main striker. Torres he aint.
Pretty grim if you are an Arsenal fan. I think you should all become Rangers fans. We're heading for a quadruple!
Its not all gloom. Eboue should be a squad player at best. Ade is no Toures and if Wenger is to buy this summer, we need to significant players. One big mobile defender and one Eto. RVP is a great player , just had a rough season. Theo needs to add bulk. Jens will lose more of his hair in retirement. Hoyte, Phil and Nic will be sold. Denilson will be back. The Flamster could leave as will Bert. I would sell Tomas though Wenger wont. I would buy Mordic, Wenger wont. I will be happy when the season ends as I an burnt out with the rest of all the true Gooners. We were punching above our weight with a small squad and need to add experience for next year.
why the f*** is toure at right back when Hoyte is available? Toure did well but...
Actually im REALLY looking forward to next season i dont think there will be any team that will be able to stop us next season. Hopefully Wenger does decide to spend a few quid in the summer and with Vela coming back from loan. The future is looking bright for us GUNNERS!!!
Ooooohhhhh I keep forgetting about Vela!!! Great player, let's hope he can adapt to the English game pretty quickly!!
10) Well, I'm still looking forward to the rest of the season. We have quite a few easy games now and I want us to win them. It's not because of the title or anything but at least we can then end the season on a slightly higher note.
All I saw today was 11 players giving their best shot with all they had left. Well done lads! Regardless of the result today, which could have gone either way, the lads have shown more than enough to give me hope. In fact, Boro away aside, they've given their all, all season long. Ade, Clichy, Hleb and Sagna deserve a special mention too. I think that they've all stepped up a level this season. We're getting there lads, it's taking a little while, but we're certainly getting there.
Arsenal played well today and there is a lot to be proud of as an Arsenal fan, I think we were the better team. Regarding Eboue, i do not like him in mid field as he does not have the skill to play there but i could not blame today on him. I would go as far to say that i do not even blame Gallas or Gilberto. As much as i hate to say it Ade cost us the game today, he was garbage as far as shooting and when u look at that miss in midweek it makes u wonder what he is thinking - he gets paid way too much to not even trouble the goalkeeper with these great chances of his. He needs to stop watching Henry highlights and do his own thing. The miss midweek and the one from Hlebs pass was as if he trying to be just like Henry trying to open his body and side foot it in however he does not know where he or the GK is on the pitch like Henry did know. Someone said he would be better as a second and not the main striker, though i do agree he still might not be able to score these easy chances, Ade needs to practice ball control and field awareness. He has the potential be menacing but must get control and know where the hell he is, especially in regards to the GK. Oh! to have Eduardo back with his great composure and awareness! I'm pretty distured by what Ade did today as im sure u can see. Next year, great things will happen! God Bless!!!
love it lads, love it!
Despite it being little consolation, I think we've won many friends for our performances this season, and in particular the last two games. Even Fergie's reaction to Wenger at the end, and his post-match interview, I detected some respect and admiration for what we have produced. Obviously I'm gutted about the results, but I am SO proud of the team (bar Eboue). Cesc's energy, spirit and quality the last two games has been absolutely brilliant and amazing and we are SO lucky to have him. He's a fighter and a winner. Hleb was brilliant the last two games too. We DEFINITELY need a centreback, centre midfielder (to give Cesc a breather) and a goalscorer (unless Eduardo comes back the same player). Oh, and Almunia isn't good enough for Arsenal IMO.
Paulsito - I agree with you 100%, I've been saying to my fellow Gooner mates that for me Ade is just trying to be like Henry, and I suspect the early season success has got to his head. Ultimately, it's the inability to grind out wins against B'ham, Villa, Boro and Wigan that have cost us - not the defeats to Chelsea or Man Utd.
To be honest boys I think that you may be a little unfair here... next season if he invests in teh right players you will be world beaters. To my mind you need a centre back, centre mid and centre forward (Can you imagine a Torres in your team FFS!?!?!??!)........Theo now looks like a player and you have to back Wenger ( I know its frustrating as we speak but the guy knows his stuff end of)..... Top team, top manager and top fans......Time to keep the faith boys.. Liverpool fan
5 times
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh **** it!! while I admit I was living the dream with the rest of us in the early part of the season, I had this niggling fear in the back of my head that we'd run out of steam, but its the stupid way we've given away goals that gets me so wound up! also, I agree with Q1 rocky, i'm utterly ashamed of Eboue this season, he doesnt deserve to be in the shirt
5 Times - If we'd have had Torres we would have won the league by Janurary, easily the best striker in the league, if not europe. I am really looking forward to next season, I think we will really be a force .... be the rest of this season will be very painful watching you, Chelsea and United compete for trophies!!
5 times - cheers mate, good of you to be so sporting. I think you're right, it's time to keep the faith. Greatness beckons I feel, just need to add in the right ways. We have to be proper 'supporters', like the Liverpool fans, and realise that we don't have a divine right to win trophies. We will improve again next season and finish at least second.
So, hows your season going then mes amis? LOOOL!! :))
Blue is the colour
you need to change you poll, UNITED , HAHA
funnily nuff this article and most of the comments have cheered me up. respect due to 5 times.. very decent of you to throw us some words of praise in one of our darker hours and if its worth anything i hope the pool go on to win the champs league this season, got a good sqd, a decent manager and decent fans from my experience. :)
how much will you pay for malouda?
half what he cost ye would still be too expensive!
I agree we will kick A next year!
The worrying thing about next year, is that Arsene may not buy a striker. I've heard that from next season Theo will be an out and out striker. Arsene might be tempted to have Ade, Theo, Eduardo and Bendy as our strikers. I think the "experience" he'll bring in, is a centreback as Senderos' days seem numbered.
And what we truly need is a Benzema, Anelka, Torres e.t.c. He's been watching Edin Dzeko from Wolfsburg, good but very raw and we really don't need youth at the moment.
it sounds like the player you all crave is ronaldinho. why not? hes experienced and looks set to leave barcelona. i wonder what you make of ronaldinho in your team? ps - is the carlos vela good enogh to be in your first xi next season, or will he be a sub liek bendtner?
who should we buy if the player is available. 1) striker: if berbatov decides to leave spurs i wouldnt think twice to sign him. 2nd choice would be benzema although he could be tough to sign. BERBATOV. 2) Left wing: with Vela back, we'll hv Rosicky and Vela, so we dont need to buy a left midfield 3) Right Wing: Hold on to Hleb, develop either Walcott or Denilson as a 2nd choice right wing, move Eboue to 2nd choice right back. 4) Cover for Fabregas: Diego from Bremen, the lad is pretty good and has a similar style of play to fabregas and takes good free kick 5) Central Defence: IMHO, its difficult to get a quality centreback who is willing to play 2nd fiddle behind Gallas and Toure, get walcott to train senderos. Conclusion: 2 buys, BERBATOV and DIEGO. HOYTE sadly cant cut it at this level
No Berbatov. He is good McGooner but he isn't prolific and his attitude stinks. Seriously. Wenger thought about buying him when he was at Leverkusen but decided against it. Wise decision I think. He is disgustingly good but with an awful awful attitude,
We took the piz for half of the least
I interupt this post to ask for a minutes silence ........................ ................................................................. after a long, and couragous battle with competitions, Arenals season has finaly passed away, I'm sure we all at the MIGHTY SPURS, hope they rest in pieces. Please wear a blue and white armband, as a mark of respect for at least until their next humiating defeat. RIP the goons.
seriously though Gallas showed major improvement staying to watch the penalty this time. And despite two penalties in almost exactly the same place, Hitla's grandson still could't gat to the ball.
I actually do believe that Gallas is a Spurs fan, and I'm starting to like the guy.
You lot ALL owe me an apology, I predicted you'd win nothing this season, and I predicted that we'd win more trophies than you lot, and I was dead right again. Still there's always next year I suppose. LOL
There should be another question. 11. Shouldnt we all be worried that Spurs are going to overtake us?
My final prediction, is the Goons will sack wenger, for non football reasons !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and take on Paul Jewel after his stering revival in turning around the fortuines of Derby this season.
Paxton53 the 12. question should be ............................. drum roll ................................................................ should they enter the Inter-toto just in case.
its not all doom and gloom! you could be 6th in the premiership, and chassing 5th placed everton by 4pts, and be in the fa wait...
13 Should lehman go to spec savers.
14. is the trip back from Old Traffors slightly longer than anticipated.
Might be a shorter trip in a renault a vavavoom LOL
15. will our big players, Hleb, adeybayoooooor, Fibregas, etc. join a big club (like Henry did) in search of trophies, like our north london nieghbours.
At least the Spuds season isn't over yet. You need just one more point to ensure no chance of relegation this season. Good luck in your quest.
Thanks for those kind words amos sorry I can't offer you any back. As you are so knowledgeable though, can you just explain to me in a few words how Arsenal, managed to go from 5 points clear, to 9 points behing the Mancs in such a short space of time, and is that in fact a new prem record?
YidEdy, do u right articles for the Spurs Page? as ur intelligence seems to warrent that u should, quite insightful i must say!
No of course it isn't a record - but it might be interesting to hear from you how you went from pre-season favourites for a CL spot to bottom half of the PL? Now that is a fall.
Your absolutely right again amos, we thought we'd concerntrate on a trophy that we could win, rather than pretend we could win trophies which we simply never had a prayer of winning like your good selves. I think being proud of entering competitions in which you cannot possibly win and boasting about it, is kind of like boasting about being the worlds tallest midget. quite sad really.
An interesting stat for the Spuds. In the 23 PL games since Ramos took over you have picked up 34 points. If Ramos had been in charge since the start of the season and averaged the same number of points per game you wouldn't be 11th in the PL - you would have moved all the way up to ........10th!!!
16. Should Adeybayoooooooooooor take up basketball after that trumendous slam dunk, into manu's net.
Well Amos it's been facsinating learning from someone with such enormous football knowledge, but I have to go now, watching some really interesting coloured paint dry.
Yes - you are quite right to concentrate on a trophy you can win YidEdy. As the fist trophy the spuds have won this century it represents a major achievement for you. Well done. Of course, in this century (and the last in fact!), we have won a quite few more (and of greater stature) than you but you have the rest of the century to catch up. You might have to aim a bit higher than the CC in order to do so though!
Bye-Bye YidEdy - going off to watch your Spuds successes DVDs are you?
SO the only trophy you can win is the one trophy no one really cares about? At least you no your place in the world. The only cup you seem capable of winning anyway.
if hes watchin his spud successes DVDs he wont be gone nearly long enough.
McGooner, Dream on Sunshine!!! Keplaz his attitude on the pitch at times masy not be examplory but look at your manager winging yet again! or your pathetic excuse as a captain. Seriously Gallas is the worst Captain since Liam Ridgewell
LOL I still cant get over the Spuds commemerative DVD. they'll fleece their fans anyway possible lol. laughingstock the lot of 'em. anyways I think theres a lot to be possitive about from this season. as a team, we've proved to the Premier League that we're back, and that we can challenge for the title. We just need to cut the wheat from the chaff regarding the team, and try and strengthen the defence. cheer up every1, afterall, at least we aint in Derby's position
i had a bet in the summer that gooners will win feck all this season im gonna win a 1000 quid aaahaha love it
and to all the spudies on ere, well done on knocking us out of the top four.......... oh wait you guys didnt AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
We knocked you out of the CC .... erh 5-1 if I remember rightly. So we thought we'd let some other clubs have some fun at your expence too. lebol88 talking of derby, 8 points in your last 8 games is pretty similar form ain't it. LOL I'm in stitches watching one of your hero's Lee Dixon slagging off Gallas on MoTD2. when will you lot learn, Wengers decision I believe, a football genius no doubt.
1-0 up against Chavski and lost, 1-0 up against Scouserthieves and lost, 1-0 up against Manure and lost, so the new song for next season is of course, 1-0 and you f 11 cked it up LOL
Yep just confirmed on MoTD2, at 26 games played, you lot were 5 points clear at the top, 8 in front of chavski, then just 8, yes 8 games later, you are 9 points behind Manure, and looking up at Chavski. That simply must be a new prem record. what a disgrace, I'm embarrassed to be in the same league as you lot LOL
damn, that hurt. especially the sneaky freekick
HuddersfeldYiddo, Gallas maybe a bit stroppy at times but he ALWAYS gives 100%. I think Gallas' problem is trying too much not too little. Berbatov sometimes looks like he can't be arsed. He doesn't chase the ball if he loses it or fight for the team. WillyG may wear his heart on his sleeve but that not comparable to Berbatov's attitude problems.
The only thing sneaky about the free kick is that he didn't take it twice like the pen, to Lehman a chance of getting near it. Everyone knew where it was going accept Lehman. He makes Robbo look good. LOL
It doesn't matter that we won't win anything this season, we weren't expected to anyway and this in many ways has beenan encouraging season. A team's progress is judged by the league, not papering over crack by winning a third rate trophy. We are third this season with more points than the last and our youngsters maturing. You've regressed as a squad and are in a shambolic league position. With the same players we moved up a level, you went down, several levels, from fifth to God knows where. I'm glad you are proud of the Carling Cup, if we'd won it I'm sure it would still have like it does now. Like we've won nothing.
Maybe that's why Berbatov's not the captain, and yes he still does far more for us than Willy nilly Gallas for you, who cost you lot your season. Berby scored in the cup final, and Gallas went awol as usual in the big games (infact as proved again today he does more for the oposition like his mates at Chavski). Keystone cops.
Also rans
And YidEdy, we are moving forward and I think you know it. You guys thought you were getting close to us and the 20+ point difference shows you truly are. We put ourselves in the good position we were in and we shot ourselves in the foot. No one ever gave us that lead after 26 games, we showed we were good enough. Next season our squad will be bigger and these guys have gained invaluable experience. You need to dessemble your whole team to even move forward, yeah, you guys have definitely had the better season by far. I wish I was a Spud, the horizon is so encouraging :(
really can't be bothered this is one way traffic. You'd rather win nothing than the CC. Jokers 3 years without silverwear any where near you, and you'd rather win nothing. I really think you should concider the inter-toto. nite girls. Remember to stay indoors when the silverwear is paraded through north london won't you.
look after his basketball manouver they still defend galls, good fans really
yideddy i think we are here too early, i think they will still win the league lol
The Carling Cup Final, YidEdy. Let's put it in perspective. Willy has shown up for the big games for us, he has made mistakes but so have a lot of our players. Against Utd at home. He was a beast against Milan. No one player can be blamed for things falling apart, ultimately inexperience and squad depth cost us. Gallas is the best Captain we've had in a while. He gets more involved than Thierry ever did, more vocal than Gilberto. Berbatov might not be captain but you want your best players showing better attitude than he does. And he is your best player isn't he?
The Carling Cup isn't real silverware. ManU didn't care about it, neither did Liverpool and we mixed in our big players only against you guys because of the rivalry. If it was that big why doesn't anyone talk about it as much as the FA Cup or anything else? I honestly would have thought the season a failure if all we'd won was the Carling Cup but then again we haven't gone 9 years without a trophy. I guess to you guys winning ANYTHING is good enough.
robbie keane is our best player, berba is more skillfull, but consistancy is more impoertant
Yidedy, running away so soon? Inertoto when we are in a higher European Competition than you? That's really clever YidEdy. The mighty Spurs are in the UEFA Cup and they are telling a Champions League club about the intertoto cup? Wow!
My mistake spursinbarca, Berbatov is ONE of your best players? Better? Does that make my statement any different? I'll let you decide.
whatever, arsenals attitude is sickening and you must agree this season you have shown tru colours, apart from wenger moaning about how every ref on the plenet is a spurs fan, there was gallas at brum, adeybuywhore hitting young bendner at white hart lane, jens lehman going to the press at every moment to slag off alumnia, whos the one with the bad attitude, let me guess its spurs because our player won a trophy and then got drunk in a club.
Don't worry Keplaz, most of these Spuds are on medication. I love it when they come here to shout that we've gone 3 years without a cup - it just shows that even they are shocked at our lack of silverware! Their inferiority complex will only get worse if Berbatov leaves them.
When things fall apart people overeact. Losing 5-1 to your closest rivals can do that to you. Adebayor and Bendtner both have massive egos and their little spat may have cost us three points at Birmingham. Horrible attitude but the petulance of youth. They'll grow out of it. The refs have done us no favours. Everyone gets their fair share of bad luck but we have been haunted by it. Every manager moans about referees, the big ones anyway, Mourinho did it, Fergie does it and Wenger does it too. We were robbed against Liverpool and he was justified and I remember Martin Jol was also a culprit, so it's not Arsene alone. Gallas wears his heart on his sleeve. He didnt hurt anyone by what he did. Robbie Keane threw his shirt and was applauded as being passionate, what's the difference with what Gallas did? Same feeling different ways of showing. Both immature but Gallas went OTT with it. Still it's passion and it shows that he cares. We'd just thrown away a game we should have won after our player got his leg broken. His emotions were running wild. Lehmann has always been a drama queen. He has always slagged off Almunia, why is this season different? Our attitude hasn't been that bad. We've had high profile cases but none of them due to anything other than petulance and immaturity. And no off the pitch incidences. All our issues were due things not going for us and people getting frustrated. Getting drunk and misbehaving could have been avoided.
I agree with you Andy. They seem so preoccupied with us, they are in the bottom half of the table and Arsenal being third is their biggest worry. Twisted.
one sec..............has it been 3 years? .....aaaahahahahah
After waiting nine years to win the Carling Cup? Go on keep laughing spursinbarca, you guys really are the epitome of success. One league cup in nine years and you are suddenly SOOO successful, it must be brilliant having such an incredible team. One trophy in nearly a decade. What an achievement!
It's so nice trying to watch defiant goons trying to defend a point that Arenal would rather win nothing than the CC. liverpool and the mancs, may ignore the CC, but they've got a chance of winning something else. SIB, YE spot on as always
Ar5ena1s new nickname, 'the worlds tallest midgets' LOL brilliant.
1. Gallas was certainly at fault for the penalty. 2. Only one Arsenal player attempted to jump when Hargraves took the free-kick for teh 2nd MU goal. Everyone else assumed it was a dummy & that Ronaldo would take the kick. Still. why didn't Lehmann have 2 players at the posts, like he was doing on corners ?
let those clowns from spurs(except the few sensible spuds) come over and leave whatever message they like..they are entertaining us like their seasons...haha...they are not fans..they are clowns from spurs!!! Clowns that makes us laugh becos they are hopelessly empty in their head..You would not see anything in their message that make sense. There are only a few sensible spurs fan that left intellectual messages with footballing knowledge..
ZeeNut. You normally don't jump when you are in a wall on a free-kick, cos an intelligent player put the ball under the wall, and the goal keeper can't do anything..... the wall need to stay fix, doesn't move and be cas ompact as possible..... Gallas hand-ball was silly, at least unneeded.....
I think the article is very harsh on Eboue and Gilberto, I thought both had brilliant games. Evra couldn't live with Eboue in the first half and I thiught Gilberto really stepped up. I was pleased with the performance and thought we were much the better team, but naivety at the back costs us dearly. But sincere questions need to be asked. Firstly, van Persie is fouled in the second half, Webb visibly waves play on, so Adebayor goes round Ferdinand and one on one with the keeper, then Webb decides to blow his whistle. I'm trying to understand it without sounding paranoid, but I cannot see how a referee can mistakenly do this. It stinks. Throw in that Webb completely compromised his professional integrity in a showpiece Cup Final last season by lying about a punch that didn't exist, coupled with Fergie picking and choosing his referees since the infamous Hackett rant, and it's not hard to see why the manager is annoyed. Secondly, what happened to Paul Scholes? One of the greatest players of my generation and his only contribution was two cynical fouls on Hleb in the opening four minutes, another hatchet job. A once great player denigrated to a ginger Robbie Savage. Thirdly, Rooney's handball in the last minute? Howard the Coward strikes again. Fourth, Sly and the Beeb might not have covered this because we're not flabby bare chasted Geordies, but the Arsenal fans sang we love you Arsenal from the final whistle and kept it going until TWENTY FIVE MINUTES after the final whistle. Giggs, Neville and O'Shea came out to do their warm down and we were still going until the Manchester Police, scum that they are, began to physically throw people out, FOR SINGING! I saw a guy thrown down concrete stairs for singing. Obviously, that kind of behaviour is alien at Old Trafford. Fifth, Yid Edy, you're "ashamed to be in the same league." Well if it's any comfort, you're in our league in name only. When you look up the Prem table on teletext, you have to wait for the second page son. Despite the awful run you glory in, you are still THIRTY POINTS behind us. The English language simply does not have sufficient vocabulary for how ashamed you must be of your own bottom half team. Here we are going into late April and it's still mathematically possible for Arsenal to win the league AND Tottenham to be relegated. The fact that you still feel you can come here and gloat is quite amusing, you obviously don't have much faith in any decent future chances of gloating. It proves that the old adage that starving people will happily lunch out on dried crusts. Lastly, the criticism of Adebayor is unfathomable. When he first arrived, everybody said he was useless and wrote him off, he's worked and improved and become a focal point of our team, undroppable. He's scored 26 goals this season and he's getting nothing but stick again. Having played more than half a season as a lone striker I think he deserves much better than that from us. Torres is an excellent player, no doubt. But Adebayor's scoring record is comparable, as has been his influence on the better points of our campaign. There's no doubting that he's still a little rough around the edges, but, like the team, he has made demonstratable improvements every year. One thing you can be sure of, because we have seen it already, is that he will work on his deficiencies. He worked his cahouns off again yesterday, again in a lone striker role. Some people really could have done with being in the away section yesterday to see what true support is. Particularly the spoiled boo merchants which plague the Emirates.
Little Dutch
Commiserations, your style of football deserved something this season, and you were robbed against Liverpool. But when will your manager just be decent about it and take defeat on the chin? This "everyone's against us" mentality, which Wenger has now passed on to his players, is ludicrous. The Gallas handball was as clear a penalty as you'll see all season. And Gallas himself is no leader, surely there are better candidates for skipper? A bit more objectivity in your ranks and you could have had the double. If I was Wenger I would pick a new captain and then break the bank to bring Roque Santa Cruz to the Emirates. Before we nab him.
I think the problem is allen that Gallas is the only leader we have. He's done an excellent job as skipper but one man can only do so much. Lehmann and Gilberto were intended to help him out but both lost their places, leaving Billy alone with the batton. I can't show you one Arsenal fan who goes regularly who questions Billy's leadership. He suffers very bad press because he doesn't manage his media like Terry, Henry and Gerrard do.
Little Dutch
Wenger isn't the best loser in the world but is there a great deal wrong with that? Who should he be trying to please? Fergie isn't the most gracious in defeat either. Gallas was the best candidate for captain and he did a good job taking the season overall. Roque Santa Cruz wouldn't give us anything we don't already have in Bendtner. What we need is RvP fit for a whole season (or someone very much like him). We have lacked maturity this season. Some poor decisions by players who should be that bit more experienced next time around.
With all due respect to you guys but i dont think your issue is keeping RVP fit. The main issue is your strength in depth. That is the only thing that has cost you this season. Not poor decisions against you ect ect. Every single team has bad decisions against them and yes that does make you think that the FA are against you. I can think of several decisions over the past few years that have gone against spurs that have annoyed me and cost us points but at the end of the day you created enough chances to win yesterday. I honestly belive that you need to add more strength in depth to your squad to compete and win as at the moment you have very little true quality to call on when your big players are injured or suspended. Now that is not meant disrespectfully to players like Bendtner but he is never going to score you 20+ goals a year is he??? RVP would. So if you had added more quality then you may have had more chance this year. Just another view on things for you guys
A reasoned view, spursfan4eva. I actually agree?!?! Strength in depth is where we need reinforcements.
As a seasoned professional I reckon that Bendtner is capable of getting 20 goals a season - but really we need a share of goals from other areas. We don't lack quality back up we lack experienced back up and that, to some extent, is a problem that, in time, begins to solve itself. We have brought players in every year and we will add to that pool of experience this year I am sure.
Amos, when you compare your backup to the likes of man utd and chelsea i dont think you could say they are as good. You have good young players but i personally think you need more than that to win the PL. As for Bendtner scoring 20+ a season, i really cant see it. He may prove me wrong but i doubt it. I certainly dont think he will constantly do it against teams like man utd. He is young though so has time to develop. What you need is players for here and now and not for 3,4 or 5 years time.
I had to sell my tickets because i had a funeral to go to in Milan and got back to London at 12, but watching the game i thought the away fans were amazing once again. We have come a long way this year and made considerable progress. We have never been outplayed this season with the exception of Middlesbrough away & Villa at home. Alex ferguson admitted we were unlucky yesterday as we dominated the first half. Same at Chelsea, but for the last 25 mins when Sagna came of injured we dominated them too. If we can buy Ben Arfa, A CB and a winger with some experience i think we will win the league.
That's my point spursfan4eva. ManU have Giggs, Scholes, Neville, Brown, Silvestre, O'Shea maybe. Chelsea have a whole raft of highly paid internationals as back up. Ours are young but getting older. ManU's are just getting older and Chelsea will have to continue to spend big if they are to retain the same depth of experience. We can't match Chelsea's spending - no one can - but we can build quite well on what we have. Most of our squads 'best before' date still has some time to run and players that struggled this season will be the better for it next time around.
YidEdy...Are all Spurs fans w**kers like you?? A ****ing Carling Cup and you think its teh European Cup? How do you get your head around the fact that you lot have spent as much this season (Bent???HAHAHAHA) than Wenger has in the the last 10 years (net of sales)? ps I am not a thief thanks....F**king Wa*ker
5 times
5 times, thankfully not all spuds are like that twit but a lot of the ones that are come on over here, they don't have much else to do after all. The one thing that I have to laugh at about them is how they use the same old boring repetitive insults, esp. the "sore loser" one. For years gooners the world over have had to listen to these spuddies whining and moaning about every game we beat them in--in all those games that we won, they used the same old excuses like Arsenal cheated, Spurs were better. yadayadayada, rarely having the grace to simply admit that we were better. The likes of YidEdy are the type to scream and moan the loudest when they lose against Arsenal.
Remove the captaincy from Gallas!
shouldn't you be working out whos gonna run your club 5 times you thievin pr1ck.
Am not a thief YidEdy.....There are comments I could make but you are not worth it.......At least the arsenal fans have class.....Maybe thats why Berbatov wants to ***** off eh?
5 times
Welcome to your opinion YidEdy.....Couldn't give a ****** what you think to be honest. Likewise I didnt see you deny why Berbatov wants to leave for a proper club...Small team, small minded fans, s**t club
5 times

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