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Wenger upset with ref again (AUDIO)

Interview Length: 2 Min 15 Sec

To listen to Arsene Wenger's post-match interview CLICK HERE

It was a matter of all or nothing for Arsenal at Old Trafford - win and their fading title hopes were back on track whilst defeat meant they were out of it, all bar mathematically, with the top two in such fine form.

Arsene Wenger's criticism of officials has been well documented this week - the Gunners boss insisted in his post-match interview at Old Trafford that his side 'are not stupid' after being handed documents regarding referees back in March.

However it was his team which benefitted from both referee & linesman as Emmanuel Adebayor ended his two month Premier League goal drought when his 'header' appeared to go in off his left hand, just 3 minutes into the second half. Some might say Wenger is hypocritical for his after match comments, yet others would argue that for once theirluck was deserved after a frustrating few matches. Regardless, Arsenal were back in the title hunt, but the roar greeting their goal was probably loudest on the King's Road. Chelsea, sitting in second, saw this as their opportunity. Victory for Arsenal and the path of title was in the Blues' hands with Fergie's men still to visit Stamford Bridge.

However, as in midweek, an Adebayor goal was cancelled out within a few minutes by a penalty. Unlike Liverpool in the Champions League in midweek, this was a more clear cut decision for referee Harold Webb with William Gallas handballing in the box. Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty, at the second time of asking, found the corner beyond the outstretched hand of the returning Jens Lehmann.

Despite this Arsenal continued to press forward. Truth be known they could and maybe should have extended their lead prior to United's equaliser when Rio Ferdinand seemed to have deflected the ball into his own net. Alas, Edwin Van Der Sar pulled off the first of his two great saves of the day from his own defence, the other just tipping on to the post when Wes Brown deflected a cross from the superb Gael Clichy with the scores tied.

And with 20 minutes remaining, Arsenal found themselves behind. A dubious free-kick decision after a foul by Gilberto on Patrice Evra, it was England midfielder Owen Hargreaves scoring only his second for the club with inch perfect accuracy which left Lehmann stranded.

It was a scene all too reminiscent of the Gunners' recent loss to Chelsea three weeks ago. Taking the lead early in the second half and yet still managing to lose, coupled with Tuesday's 4-2 defeat at Liverpool after grabbing the early advantage.

But Wenger revealed he was in fact proud of his team, who have achieved an 'outstanding' feat this season with their performances. All this praise, albeit with just 2 wins in their last 13 matches in all competitions.

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The Journalist

Writer: Lee Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday April 14 2008

Time: 1:12AM

Your Comments

This statement is based on the culmination of the last few weeks. Its hard to take no being able to get a call and it has cost us the PL and a chance for the CL title, its really hard to swallow. now that the season is over i feel so very sad to see that we were in such a great position and the calls just went the opposite way, damn! Keep ur head up Wenger! u know what needs to be done and there is no one better to do it, Though today we were beat fair and square. Only if Ade and our defense had just a little more composure we would be in a great position inspite of the bad calls. NEXT YEAR WE WILL DO IT!!! GOD BLESS!
He needs to stop bleeting on and on about supposedly biased bad decisions against your lot. You lost the game. Not coz of the ref. But because of all the chances you created there was no end product, goals in other words. You seem to have forgotten what wins matches. Play well yes, but play to win, not just to maintain the moral highground. I'm quite surprised that we're probably gonna finish above you after our shannanigans this season, but that's testicular fortitude for you. One team in London!
pardon my ignorance for asking, this piece written by a gunner? It's really uncalled for if so, such sarcasms are already aplenty every angle you turn in the media, the last thing we need is for we ourselves to rub it in. Yes, it was a definite penalty while the freekick was a slight 50-50 and sometimes teams get away with it but with the strings of dubious decisions and bad luck we have been enduring for the past months, plus the fact that (imho) we were the better team for about 70% of the game and yet finished on the losing end, it is not difficult to imagine the frustration AW and the lads felt. Deep down I believe AW knew that this time we were beaten fair and square, if we can't capitalise on the numerous chances we had for all our dominance and kept conceding silly penalties and goals, and when Lady Luck had long deserted us, we will not win. Perhaps it was a way AW tried to deflect away the pain inflicted on many of our young lads, perhaps he truly believe the ref got it wrong...but surely we dont need a fellow gunner to rub salt into wounds. AW made the call and he knows he will be held fully responsible, except Theo not starting ahead of Eboue I thought his selection and tactic was right. We just lack that little extra on the pitch to win games
the one thing I strongly disagreed with AW was his decision to leave theo out of last night's game. Unless it was due to reason such as Theo current match fitness could only last him for half an hour, i feel AW got it wrong to stick with Eboue
STOP WINGING, You blew it 1-0 up three times against the big 3, and you f 11 cked it up. No more big 4. It's the big 3 now. Inter-toto looks like a good move now.
AW needs to stop complaining about the refs. We have had our share of bad luck especially in the Pool games but come on, Ade's goal today could easily have been ruled out and it was a blantant pen and freekick for the Utd goals. Lets move on and look at the straight facts. We should have scored more than one. Ade's shooting was terrible today and really we lack penetration. Simple plain and straight forward.
Temasek im sure it was written by a gooner, does the truth hurt? "Wenger upset by ref again" the title says it all lol id be embarrassed by your manager hes a great coach and has been very good for you guys but hes lost the plot.
Two factors have prevented us from taking the title this season. Poor decisions against us is one of them but our lack of maturity at key points is the main reason. Had we been a bit more fortunate with some decisions we might have got away with the lack of maturity but then again had we been that bit more mature the decisions might not have mattered quite so much. I don't think there was too much wrong with any of the decisions yesterday. None of the ManU players claimed Ades goal wasn't valid and if they didn't see anything wrong with it why would anyone else have done? Why should Wenger be the only one to take the flak for criticising refs? - a few weeks back Fergie tore the whole refereeing structure apart! Incompetent refereeing has been a feature of this season right from Styles mythical penalty for Chelsea against Liverpool. It matters and is an issue that should be taken more seriously than it is.
Adebayor didn't score with his hand, or i'm blind?????? Arsene Wenger is typical French (i'm french, i know), never happy, but never his fault. It was a Penalty, and it was a free-kick as well, but Arsenal's Goal normally wasn't...... So.
Wenger has no reason to complain about the ref for the ManU game. I suppose its a culmination of various games. In any case, I think the point about poor ref decisions has been made, and its time for Wenger to move on.
dont worry you will still win the league, and according to the poll on the right you still might sneak into the semis of the CL lol
I think we accept poor refereeing decisions far too easily. The fact that they sometimes go in our favour doesn't make them anymore acceptable. Fergie was right to criticise the professional standards of referees and the referees organisation. His views don't become any less valid if he wins the title. Referees have to become better at their job. Being frightened to say so because you risk criticism doesn't take us anywhere.
As LD pointed out elsewhere it is still mathmatically possible for us to win the league - and still just as mathmatically possible for Spurs to be relegated! Vive la difference!
but amos we all know we will end win 1 trophy and you will end with nothing, wether its the CC fa or whatever you want to call it, we will end this season with a piece of glory, whilst gooners worlwide will be****ed off
I rate the carling cup as much as i rate the Emirates cup and the amsterdam tournament. In which case we have won 1 more than you. Pl*b
i would rather win nothing then win the carling cup. what a sad little team and even sadder supporters coming in on here crowing about their mid table team. i would rather be in the title race till now then trying to scramble and claw my way out of the bottom half of the table. have a good hard look at your trophy then have a look at your spurs DVD collection then look at the trophy again. what do they have in common? they are both very lonely and believe me when i tell you they will stay lonely for a very very long time! enjoy your piece of "glory" as you clearly have no idea what glory is.. clown!
enjoy no glory you also ran muppet, keep telling yourself your a big team and it might happen, lets see, you got dumped out of all the cups 15-5 on aggregate you big team you, in the league wigan boro and brum destroyed your hopes, muppets
........funny thing is all your fans say they would rather not win the CC, your manager didnt want to win it or the FA cup, why, so you can win the bigger things, like you did last year?
spursinbatter - you know very well that your owners and your manager and any realisic spuds that might exist would swop your little trophy for a top four finish anytime. Gooners worldwide are p***ed off - but not as much as they would have been if we had ended up in the bottom half of the table, outside the CL places and with just the CC to show for the season.
1 trophy in 9 years, SIB. A trophy so well regarded that David James recently admitted "I forgot I'd won it". I would not go as far as to say I would rather Arsenal won nothing than the CC, but at the REALLY top level, when you're going for the PL, the CL, etc, the chances of failure are that much greater. I would rather by challenging for the top honours. SIB, do you really want to compare our league record this season to the Spuds? You sad blinkered buffoon. Shame you are more interested in talking about Arsenal than supporting your own team.
i never said i didnt want the FA Cup in fact i would have loved to have won it but what i will ask is when was the last time your lot got a sniff of the FA Cup SIB? Or in fact any major title? Do you really believe the CC is the same as the FA cup or premiership? Its idiots like you that give your fans a crap name around here.
When Wenger says, "we're not stupid" he's talking about the fact that Ferguson has hand picked referees since his rant at Hackett. He metnioned three refs by name, Clattenburg, Webb and Bennett. Immediately, Bennett was awarded Man U v Liverpool, Clattenburg Chelsea v Arsenal and Webb Man Utd v Arsenal. That said, maturity has been the biggest factor in us not winning the league. A major overhaul is not required, bring a couple of experienced bodies in, augmented by the huge learning curve the players have had this year and I think we're looking at another title race next year for sure. The Spuds meanwhile will view finishing in the top half as progress. Bless em.
Little Dutch
agreed LD. Wont take much more then we already have to see the job through. Watched a bit of Vela in action again this morning. Cheered me up no end. Really hope we see this kid in action for us next season. Think himself and Theo could really put the frighteners up more than a few teams next season.
Same old boring reteric from boring old Wenger....the fact is that Man utd and Chelsea are a class above you....!!!
ManU and Chelsea have operated on an entirely different financial plane from us for a number of years. That is in the process of changing. ManU have been the better team this season - that's fair but both a class above us? No - even Fergie admits there is little between the teams.
I've gotta agree on the refs, LD. Seems too much of a co-incidence there.
little dutch ,you and wenger get your hallucinatory drugs from the same dealer?? you are clutching at straws,end of the day you aint good enough!!maturity?? is that last years excuse or the year before, you've used so many times. last seasonn CC final you put out the "kids" and when someone averaged the ages in the 2 sides there was'nt a lot in it!!! i wonder what the excuses will be next year?? inexperience or "transistional"!!!!!!!!!!
The thing is springy, maturity is a gradual process, a process we've enhanced year on year (evidenced by the improvement in performance this squad has shown year on year). But looking at your posts on this site, I can understand why the process of maturity is a seemingly alien concept to you. I wouldn't call it an excuse at all, it's a reason. You know, like the "reason" Chelsea have to pay people to watch them is because they are a small club who play dreadful, mind numbing football with the spirit of a team of psychopaths.
Little Dutch
little dutch, is'nt it about time you got something right, you run out of steam you aint good enough and its business as usual between the top 2 teams. the famous cfc and the mancs, not you!!
An excellent argument. The way you deconstructed my argument there and pulled it apart is just breathtaking. A career in political broadcasting awaits you there Paxman. The average age of our side in the CC Final last year was 21.4, making it the youngest side ever to take the field in a Domestic cup final. The average age of Chelsea's side was 26.9. A total of 5.4 years, which is ironically what I'd clock your mental age as.
Little Dutch
Ouch springy! - even I feel slightly sorry for you after that savaging!
your facts and figures little dutch, not what sky sports said on the commentory little fella and i'd believe them more than a bitter goonhead who has seen his season fall apart yet again!!! amos call that a savaging??? little dutch has been seen off a few times. he holds no fears for anyone. likes to think he's a bit smart but he continuously gets it wrong, poor sod!!
Really Sky Sports eh! What next Sun newspaper? If that's all you have to come back with springy then no wonder Terry and the Cole twins seem like intellectuals in your part of the world.
well they were doing the match amos i have a tape of the match somewhere, probably with the champions league quarter finals 2004, as for you knocking terry and the coles, you could do with them with your spine of a jellyfish team. and like your some kind of nuclear physicist? what a self opinionated top hat you are ya cochya!!
I dare say it was reported in the Sun as well springy but I wouldn't take everything they say as gospel. Why not check your own facts? You dispute LD's fgures so go produce the devastating detail that proves your point. You don't even need to be a nuclear physicist - it's simple arithmetic. If your only argument was 'I heard it on TV' then you can't blame anyone for mocking you - not that you don't do a decent job of it all by yourself mind.
They're not "my numbers" springy, but the numbers bequeaved me by the players' birth certificates. What I cleverly did was take the ages of every player fromeach team, add them together and divide them by eleven. Now I know Rupert Murdoch is a powerful man, but I wasn't aware that he'd secured the rights to the law of averages! What would Fibonnaciand Einstein make of this hostile takeover of arithmetic, and why wasn't Abramovic in on the bidding? Had he been successful, Kenyon might, just might have been able to run up a balance sheet that shows Chelsea as "financially self sufficient by 2010."
Little Dutch
And given that you're posting here just over an hour before a Chelsea home game, I gather you are not going. Which is strange because my copy of london lite suggests tickets were pretty easy to come by.
Little Dutch
amos, you missed the point, i had the match taped and on my return from the final i watched it. they said this fact and like i said i believe them more than others. i would'nt be arsed to check it myself as the guys on the commentary have to get their facts right, and why mention the sun?
a sell out lucky dutch and no not going tonight,went to fenebache and will be at the man u and hopefully the CL semi should my 48 loyality points allow!!
"i would'nt be arsed to check it myself as the guys on the commentary have to get their facts right." Ah an inquisitive mind. Quite simple, you're not contesting my opinion here, but the laws ofmaths themselves. An average is easily obtained by some simple arithmetic, but if you want to just blindly quiesce to sly sports because they are more trustworthy than a calculator then I think you've already exposed your own ignorance. I'm just a bit taken aback that you could do it so willingly.
Little Dutch
So because you went to fenerbache your too tired to go tonight? Do you even need lyoalty points to get in to Stamford Bridge
Yes Paul you do, what you do is cut out your coupons from the london lite and present them at the turnstiles. Hang around on the victoria line long enough and there should be enough discarded copies on the seats for a ten year season ticket.
Little Dutch
It was a penalty so he needs to accept that. He was hard done by in the champions league but he needs to move on from that now.
He does need to remove Gallas as club captain.
little dutch im glad i got you and your calculator busy, you are so easy to wind up, and being the anorak that you are it was fun, i'm on here to wind you up and doing it well, as for me not going to the wigan game,first i was on a night shift and second, i bet you dont go to many games, and third, the game was a sell out last night( little dutch got that wrong yet again) yes you need loyalty points to get in for CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SEMI, the one your lot aint in. the man ure game and the bolton game LOL. one day little dutch,one day you might just might come out with some truth instead of trying and failinng to take the *****, cheerio ya conchya
Dear springy, since you spend so much time here stalking me, you'd know I haven't missed a game in six years and counting. But that was just a wind up wasn't it? Wind ups are all well and good if they don't expose your own ignorance. Desperately trying to cover the fact that you have been routinely exposed as having the IQ of a toilet brush, you come here pleading, "oh, I'm just trying to wind you up, cos I'm a clever little scamp, look I got you all riled." Replying to your posts was actually incredibly stress free and easy, you made it very simple to circumnavigate any points you had (particularly when you admitted you thought sky sports was a more trustworthy source than the phenomenon known as mathematics). I didn't say last night wasn't a sell out for Chelsea (I heard the atmos on TV though, I never knew you could boo so loud, kudos for that), I said the tickets were advertised in london lite up until late last week. Now you inform me you actually came here to engage in a battle of wits with me, how sweet, and I thought you had a point to make but were doing it badly because you're a bit simple. It turns out it was all a rous to wind me up. You psychological mastermind you, no wonder you're so self congratulatory. Here's some simple sky sports sponsored matsh for you springy, "you buy none, you get one free."
Little Dutch
He obviously put Eboue in intending to not push too much early on and to be ready in case United pushed it really early. Theo isn't a defender and Eboue isn't a good attacker - he had to pick which. Not to mention Theo's pace makes him the ideal impact sub.

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