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So John Terry, Explain That One

Last week, Chelsea captain John Terry claimed Arsenal would come up short in the title race due to that lack of 'an English spine'.

The blue's centre back was ridiculed (on this site anyway) for his sweeping generalisation that English players seemed to offer more mental strength and 'backbone' to the sport based solely on the fact that they were born in England.

Well, last night, Chelsea and their English spine fell out of the title race a mere 24 hours after our own Premier League ambitions stuttered to a halt.

So not only were John Terry's claims disproved by the England national team, Arsenal and Birmingham, but now the club he captains have proved just how wrong he is.

So ...... how do you explain that one away Mr. Terry?

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 15 2008

Time: 10:34AM

Your Comments

Not grinning now are you JT? Lol
I think the English charge for the title lasted longer than your little French one, fellas. Perhaps you need those numbing condoms to prolong your performance. As any woman will tell you, it's not how you start... it's how you finish.
Yes it did last longer ..... 24 hours longer. What a tremendous showing of English grit ..... you should be so proud.
I wouldn't count Chelsea out of the title race just yet though it doesn't look good for them. It's ManU's home form that has sustained their campaign but they have only one home game left. Doesn't look good for Chelsea but it's not over yet. Whatever the outcome though it will have nothing at all to do with nationality.
£500m spent for 24 hours more durability. That is the world's most expensive prostitute.
Little Dutch
Well, still a team with an English spine will win it :-)
"Whatever the outcome though it will have nothing at all to do with nationality". Abso-blooy-lutely. Utd will win it, and they will do so because they have been the best team. That's it. In fact if they don't win the league and the CL they will have no one to blame but themselves.
you guys seem a little 'tetchy' on the English it because you are an English Club playing in an English league but are not an English team?
Hit a nerve did he ?
Zae, who are the three leading scorers in the premiership? I thought so...
More to the point is that what if Chlesea lose their next two games, get knocked out of the CL and we pip them for 2nd place ???......what nationality will be to blame then ? life !!!.... I think I know the answer to that one !!!!
To answer your question Radar - Israeli !
I guess what I'm trying to say is english backbone has nothing to do with it, Vidic,VDS and Ronaldo deserve as much credit for winning man utd the league as anyone else
Yes shedboy.....hence the "my life ".....
Those damn Isaelis eh? First they contribute to England's downfall, now Chelsea's. To achieve this, they must have a tremendous backbone.
Little Dutch
So not wishing to jump the gun but what's the betting on who will be in charge at the bridge next season ?....
I reckon Frank Rijkaard.....he will be on his way out of Barca...
How did Arsenal disprove his claims??? you've won nothing in a good 3 or 4 seasons now...Maybe next year will be year big year? or was that this season? or before that??????? ...........we're still above you and still in the champions league, choke on that.
Bore off chav!!!!
"For a few months it has been difficult for us to react to conceding a goal, we have been going down very quick. "When the season started we were not like this and I don't know why we have been in trouble now after scoring a goal. We have to work on that for next season." French defender Gallas, however, insists some positives can be salvaged from a campaign which promised so much, but ended in such disappointing fashion. "What is very positive from last season is we should finish third in the Premier League, we went to the quarter-final of the Champions League, so we have improved," he insisted. "However we cannot accept just that because when the season started we wanted to win everything, but then slowly, slowly we started to lose. "Now at the end, we do not get anything. That is a great shame for the club. "We have to speak together and to know what was wrong. "We are not far away, but we will have to see what we can do next season. "I hope we can get something. I am a competitor and want to win everything. You remember only the people who win trophies." I thought I'd post those comments from Gallas before the press get hold of them and turn them into some kind of "Gallas, I am brilliant, everyone else is crap" story, which arseblogger promptly jumps on to continue his vendetta, which verybody subsequently parrots.
Little Dutch
Little Dutch. I just read some french newspapers, and they repport that, Lee Dixon did tackle (i don't know if i can say that) William Gallas. he apparently said that "When you're not lucky and it's getting difficult, you need a leader, and William Gallas is not that i would call a Leader (Chief or Boss). He is a good defender but he need to be at his best level when the team is under pressur, and it wasn't the case. Manchester equalization at 1-1 was a hammer blow, and he didn't talk to anybody....." It is my translation from a french translation as i can't find it straight in english.....What do you think about it? Personnally i agree with Lee, i know Gallas well (I've seen him play a lot for Marseill or for France, as weell with Chelsea and now Arsenal), and i wouldn't put him Skipper, for nothing in the world.
Chelseas backbone - Cech-Calvalho-Terry-Makalele-Lampard-Essien-Drogba...two englishman...endoff..not bad. JCFC - u seem to have a short memory...every team undergoes a transition period..before last season, it too ManU 3yrs to win the league...the transition they awaited was the coming of age og Ronaldo/Rooney and some quality additions - Tevez etc....when Makele left Real, it took them over 3 yrs to win anything....the same i can say for Barca until Ronaldinho arrived....if u take a close look AC Milan is undergoing a transition of sorts...Liverpool too...until Benitez arrived (somewhat)..but what has matterd is that these teams have remained in contention...Arsenal has ALWAYS ben in contention even in yrs when wwe won nothin...thats more than u can say for Spurs..Carling Cip???!!! Middlesborough won that - remember????...hey Portsmouth or heloooooooo....CARDIFF will win the FA - a much bigger cup than the CC...does it make them bigger tha Arsenal - NOOOOOOO....Arsenal is in contention dude...and will be better and stronger next season...
The fact is that before Roman the sugardaddy came along the Chavs had only won one league title i believe where as we had won 13. Unlike you, we have always been there!!!!
I am pretty sure Le Boss knows whats wrong with the team...hell some of the ills are glaring...use Eboue as second choice full back..spend some money on and keeper, possibly a defender, one right winger and an out and striker. Problem is tho...methinks he is bit of an idealist...well..i can only wait and see...i'm too loyal a fan tho to be swayed by much. Gallas i think shld be given another chance.
With all respect Flog, I think that's *********. When we were trailing Bolton 2-0 with ten men, who stepped up? When we were losing 2-1 to United at home in November, who stepped up? When we were 0-0 with Wigan at home and playing badly, who stepped up? Gallas was roundly criticised by the same show three weeks ago for giving a pre match teamtalk to the players (a ritual he performs in every game), now they criticise him because on one corner, one corner, he apparently didn't say anything to anyone. So he's criticised for reading the riot act to Clichy after Brum, criticised for talking to his players before the match, criticised for not talking to the players when we concede a corner and given no credit for inspiring the fightback at Bolton, or United, or Wigan. You start to wonder what people want.
Little Dutch
Maybe some of the other players will step up to the plate next season and show some leadership qualities. It doesn't have to come from just the captain. Gallas will never be Tony Adams, but others can help.
My point exactly MrArsenal...we have always been in contention...its a pity our transition period has lasted a bit longer...we had the ill fortune of loosiing 3 of our best players at the wrong times too...Ed-Rosciky-RVP...idont wish it on anyone...but i just wonder how Manyoo will cope without Rooney-Ronaldo. A champ requires some luck dudes..something money cant buy
I am convinced that had Rosicky, Eduardo and RVP stayed fit, we would be champions, no question!!
yep....Gallas gets it right more often than not. His "dip" in form coincided with Toure's return with injury from CAF....remember how well they both did? I say give him another chance...hey Rio F almost scored and own goal over the weekend didnt he...the super-spine he is...Gallas is also liable to the odd error...the only thing is actually to have an attack force that will score more goals than its defense conceeds...we used to have that...pity Ade isnt quite the striker yet..and RVP has been out of form too
I'll be a bit reserved about next season till i see who we aquire...but once a gunner always a gunner..i'm still here
anyhow...we cant ever do worse than the spuds
Little Dutch. That's why i ask you if you know anything about it???? I'm not 100% sure about newspapres and hardly trust them. But i found it on several english neaspaper too. he said exactlly that: "When the tide turns and it starts to get hard, you need a leader - and William Gallas is not what I call a leader. He can play well defensively but you need him to be at his best when the team is under pressure - and once again he wasn't. When it got back to 1-1, Arsenal were suddenly under the cosh and that's when you need your captain to stand up and be counted. But Gallas didn't speak to anybody. He just walked back to his position at set-pieces and didn't say a word. He is supposed to be the captain. He needs to help the team and especially the younger players. He should have been organising things but he didn't" . I'm agree with Dixon, and the Birmingham penalty was obvsously shoking for me, even if i'm not a Arsenal fan, i was wondering "what the F**K is he doing?????"
number 14, why do you feel the need to include spurs in your post's when there is no reference to us anywhere else? you were having a debate with a chelsea fan but feel the need to include spurs in your post's to possibly add weight to your points or is it to make yourself somehow feel better? I have absolutely no issue's with you sl*gging JT off for what he stated but surely you should stick to the point in hand? At the end of the day chelsea and arsenal have pushed man utd for the title and not been that far off. You should take some heart in that instead of attempting to run others down for any acheivements they may have made. I am sure you guys will come back stronger next season so just look forward to that
Aw come on spursfan4eva...slagging of spurs is a favorite pastime here u know..its an Arsenal forum honey...i wldnt go over to spurs forum to slag u guys off....i do it here...and hey to be fair...i always manage a "mild" slagging off...
"mild" meaning non-confrontational
Lee Dixons opinion is fine - but in the end only opinion. I have watched Gallas all season talking to and organising players where he felt it was needed but if everyone is in position and it all looks fine then what's to talk about? The goals conceded of late haven't been so much organisational ones - they have been either set pieces or individual lapses in concentration primarily as a consequence of lack of experience. Just having a captain doesn't ensure you concede fewer goals and right now there isn't any one at the club that would do the job any better than Gallas has done. On that basis it's all an academic debate anyway. This petty vendetta against Gallas is silly.
Besides I can name a lot of spurs fans on this site who "attack" us here without any provocation...i'm guessing 5-1(21-1) will be showing up any time soon
it had also a lot to do with kolo being knackered from the acn and sagna getting injured against the basically we suffered from injuries,you could say the same about chavski as well they suffered too,but who cares about mercenaries
fran merida
spursfan4eva, if all the fans of your club who came on here were like you, I think you'd see less slagging off of spurs on this site. I've never been to VitalSpurs but I assume a few gooners go over there to wind you up as well, and that some of the articles there have their digs against us too.
number 14, i was just interested that is all. Thought it was strange that you felt the need to include spurs in your post's when discussing JT's comments. You are exactly correct in that this is an arsenal site and you can discuss anything you like and i was not having a pop at you for what you said. Like yourselves we at vital spurs suffer a lot with aggressive post's from fans of many different clubs and have even now had two arsenal fans post racist remarks. Of course this is no reflection on all you guys but was just highlighting the fact we all suffer from stupid people. I will let you guys get back to your topic now
too bad some people can't disscuss certain topic without getting personla and offensive. I myself have never personaly insulted any peron/club...i only partake in mild "ribbings" now and then...the truth of the matter is we all are ONLY fans...some of us were baptized into fan clubs before we had any say (like from birth, family etc) other adopted certain clubs because of different reasons. At the end of the days we are all victims in this silliness because none of us have any say about "our" clubs. his is one reason why i try not to get embroiled in an arguement about clubs and all. who know...10yrs from now spurs/.arsenal/manu/chelsea...may be languishing in mid-table mediocrisy...the names napoli/fiorentina/nottingham forrest all leaps to mind. there is only so much you and I can do. so dudes lets just try to have fun and take it easy - tough tho in a testosterone driven world
oops...pardon the bad english - *person...etc
*who knows
I understand what you mean number 14. If i had been born into a club then i would be an arsenal fan now as both my uncle and father support arsenal. As a rebelious child i clearly picked the big rival. lol
To think there will actually be a nottingham forrest fan out there waiting for a return of the "glory days"...i have been a gunner for long and can't imagin supporting another club...we are quite fortunate to have Le Boss...looking forward to next season
spursfan4eva WHY ARE YOU HERE?
jaelle, sorry mate buy you couldnt be far more wrong. ferdiand our only key british player? carrick has been immense this season, hargreaves has made importnat contribtuions in the big games, rooney has been his ever-consisnt (not in terms of goals) best, brown has doen remarkably to replace our CAPTAIN gary nevile and form a defence that has only conceded 18 league goals. o'shea is ever reliable, fletcher has had soem very very good matches (sure you remember wot one in particular im talking about. and as for your *****e about schoels not being a world just no mate, he is everything fabregas aspires to be and more. show some respect to one of the best english players we have ever seen. i dont agree with the english backbone thing but to say we dont have a core of british players in our ranks may i just show you this.......our british xi (foster, neville, ferdinand, brown, o'shea, fletcher, hargreaves, carrick, scholes, giggs, rooney)
united4life...since when were O'shea, Fletcher and Giggs English? I must have missed a trick there..muppet.
Without wishing to be pedantic U4L O'Shea is a native of the Republic of Ireland and is unlikely to consider himself British. As Hargreaves acquired his footballing education in Canada and Germany does he fulfil the 'English' criteria of John Terry. If he does then logically every player born and educated outside of England must also satisfy the criteria. I take your point and it is very well made but just to extend it a little, noting that Brown hasn't renewed his contract yet, and that Giggs, Neville and Scholes are approaching the twilight of their careers do you see your English/British contingent getting bigger or smaller over the next 5 years or so?
I was agreeing with some of what you said until you threw in O'shea, Fletcher and Giggs being English.
I'll accept U4L's correction to a point, and I acknowledge he doesn't agree with Terry's point. But as goonerpaps and Amos point out, this "English player" argument always gets very slippery, it slides into actually meaning "British" to fit the argument. Then, it winds up including any player from a formerly anglo-colonial territory -- Irish, Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders. Apparently there's something inherently "gritty" about defenders from the anglo world. I guess that's why Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand have so many int'l football trophies.
In U4L's defense, he was responding to my post in which I mentioned British players, not just English.
goons are you trying to cheer yourselves up after a misrablke season, i reming you that chelsea are a better side then you in everyway this year they will finish above you in the league and they have progressed futher then you in all the cups
Face it, Chelsea are now a bigger club than Arsenal. Ashly Cole's transfer has proved that.
yeah, chelsea is such a big club that they have to beg people to attend their games, even offering free tickets to watch them.
FOUND! One lost young Brazilian gunner, Denilson:
jaelle i know you dont know this because you never go to the emirates, but your players have to beg your fans for some atmosphere
Arsenal are bigger than Chelsea and Spuds put together. Chavs 3 lge titles, Spuds 2 (ha ha 2). And Londons biggest and most successful club.....13!!!!!
im sorry but history is a small part of what makes a club big, for me it is A. European sucsess (you have none), B amount of fans (you have some, but they are more like librarians) C. Money (again if you had money you would have spent some by now)
SIB seems to be under the delusion that we care for his opinions.
A) we have had success in Europe far more recently than Spurs B) we have the worlds biggest paid registered membership scheme and greatest percentage of stadium capacity fulfillment. C) We have enough money to have built a state of the art stadium and matchday revenue that dwarves anything Spuds can even dream of. ......And SIB being delusional about anything is just the normal state of being for spurs fans. Its fun bursting their little bubbles for them though.
ha ha spudinbatter we ARE a BIG club, like it or lump it!!!!!!!
amos FC Barcelona have the worlds biggest paid membership, i know i am a member they have 580,00 members whilst you have ********** + 2
since when is b.i.n l.a.d.en a banned word?
.......and the emirates was built on mortgages you jockey
And mr arsenal, i know you are a big club, when we raped you 5-1 i thought you were big, when brum, wigan and boro destroyed your league hopes i thought you were massive, last year when you won all those trophies i thought it was as amazing as the year before, and finally when henry left you because arsenal was too big for him and he wanted to go to that small club in spain, i knew then that you were the best club in the world.
ooh you smell of jealousy sperminbatter ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!
good come back im jealous that must be it you
so SIB is also a barca fan, why didn't you pick espanyol? Or you would rather cheer on TH14....
According to the Guiness book of records Benfica held the record for members of paid membership schemes at 161,000 in 2006. A figure since surpassed only by Arsenal. I think you are confusing members with membership schemes. But don't let it worry you SIB.... confusion and delusion are often characteristics that operate in tandem.
or maybe espanyol reminds you too much of spurs..
sperminbutter you really are a sad simpleton aren't you!!!! It's almost midnight and here you are, a spud, and you are trawling through an ARSENAL forum!!!!LOL!!!!!
Of course the Emirates was built on mortgages ...most properties are. But you have to show you have the income to meet the costs in order to get the mortgage. That's one reason why Spuds are stuck at WHL for the foreseeable future.
club members are club members, if u have a scheme that lets your gypo fans pay on lay away thats your problem, in 2008 FC Barcelona has the most members in the world end of!!!!!!
MrA you should know this by now.... Sperm or 5-1 is obsessed by Arsenal...
actually mr arsenal you tool, in case you didnt know the world has timezones and its not midnight where i am, besides whilst you have to go to a mundane low paid job in the rain, io work 3 nights a week in sunny spain
Barcelona may well have more members but that wasn't the point I made. Simple comprehension seems so difficult for you SIB. Still... ignorance (along with delusion and confusion) is probably safer territory for you.
it's worse, it's 1 am where she is.
anyway im off, ive got to prepare for 1000s of mancs coming to my bar next week, you know in the CL, you also ran muppets
in your pub right?
at least we did run...
amos members or memners schemes, the argument was about the number of fans, and if you think for one minute you have more fans then Barcelona, i think it is you that is deluded
Bye-bye least you'll get some taste of the CL which is a real novelty for any spud. Be sure to tell those Mancs what a big club you are - I bet they'll be impressed!
Better to have been CL also rans than uefa cup flops sperminbutter!!!!
Again comprehension problems I see. You queried the number of fans we had - I showed one measure which shows our fan base is one of the biggest in Europe. Not the biggest but one of the biggest and certainly more than the Souds. See it's simple when you think it through - no really it is...give it a try. To dare is to do!
SIB i dont care how often you say "i own a bar in spain" i am still puttin my money on you being a spotty 39 year old livin in your mothers shed in wales..
why are people paying attention to this classic moron (a closet manc or chav)?
Wonder how the Mancs title runj would look if they lost Ronaldo, Tevez and Rooney for months on end. That's what it was like for us to lose Ros, RvP and Eduardo.
this thread is bout big mouth JT..why did we bother to argue with this clown??
@Gael-Force, to be fair to Espanyol however, they have got a lot of points from their local rivals and knocked Barca out of the Cup these past few seasons, quite consistently I must say. Much more often than Spurs, so using the Barcelona clubs in analogy with Arsenal and Spurs are a bad idea.
Spudinhisbasement is the classic jealous hating sp*rs fan. The way he made up what make a big club without including league titles shows you this. Then he had the cheek to mention number of fans when they were giving away spud UEFA cup tickets at every school in north london, then he mentions money? Whats the spuds wage bill compared to the top 4?
Not to mention how much they have spent/wasted in the transfer market compared to say..........Arsenal!!!
According to the Sun, David Villa would like to play for us!
Would love to see Villa in red and white..we need quality striker to cover the injured dudu and RVP(injury prone)
fellow gooners, a decent read, if u have not read this before
Interesting how spudsinbatter was so incredibly outraged that jaelle dared to mention that she watches other football teams, to the point that he became very offensive about it. Yet now he says he has Barcelona membership? The plot thickens.
Little Dutch
Hmm, you mean spudsinbatter is a hypocrite as well as an idiot?? SURELY NOT.
Oh, and David Villa? YES PLEASE.
A hypocrite an idiot and spud. Nothing new there! Saddest thing is that his whole aim in life appears to be looking up at us and player hating! How sad!
player hating?
Thats Ghetto talk Lew. Word
You lot are such hypocrites. When we fielded the first ever fully foreign team in the PL, we never heard the end of it from the gooners! And Villa will be at least £20 m. Is that the Arsenal way? Sort your lives out. There's one team in London. And their above you!
"we never heard the end of it from the gooners!" Eh? Far as I recall no one gave a monkey's toss about Chelsea. Probably cos you were a load of also-rans waiting for a big Russian to come along and sort you out with his blood money. Don't overstate the case: when it happened, we didn't care. Trust me.
Yep, pretty much sums it up. Don't flatter yourself bumps.
Little Dutch
Must be because Lamps dropped out :P To be honest though, the original quote did sound a stupid thing to say and didn't really seem like JT... I sort of wondered what the leading in question was at the time. Although perhaps it is true that this League means more to English players than to foreign players - after all, there must be some reason English players never move abroad to play... Couldn't be that we lack the ability to adapt to foreign cultures...
@TLOZ: The same can be said for German players as well. There's barely any German players playing outside of Germany. Must mean the Bundesliga means more to them then?
There are 6 Germans from the recent national team squads playing outside Germany - same number as the Spanish while Italy has 4 of their squad playing outside the country. England has just the one - Beckham playing in the US. There is a degree of insularity amongst the English but at almost all levels of the game money here would be better. When French football was paying well for a time (and Anti-British Wenger brought Hoddle/Hateley to Monaco) we had a mini-migration for short period.
Not so smug now are you JT?
little dutch you jockey, just because i have a membership does not mean i go to the games, i use it to buy tickets for CL games and sell em on at crazy prices, not that you would know anything about making money it seems you spend most of your time writing 5000 word articles for vital scum, when 20 words would really sum up your season - bollox
may i ask whu arsenal and tottenham fans continuosly argue even when the topic of conversation does not involve both of them? Arsenal are a bigger team than arsenal and probably always will be. tottenham are very close to the 'big 4' but tbh i can only see these 4 getting stronger so for now they can consider themselves the best of the rest (along with everton and pompy...mayvbe villa) ps - thanks jaelle for noting the point to your fellow gooners that i was mearly responding to your post where yor mentioned "british" players. so in response to cant read, so surely that makes you the muppet....muppet!

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