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Hleb Slapped With Violent Conduct Charge

Belarusian forward Aliaksandr Hleb has been charged with violent conduct by the Football Association this afternoon. The F.A. reviewed footage of Hleb appearing to slap Graeme Murty in Saturday`s 2-0 victory over Reading. An F.A. Statement said, The incident was not seen by referee Peter Walton. Having now watched video footage, Walton has informed the FA that, had he seen it, he would have shown Hleb a red card for violent conduct.'

Hleb has until 6pm tomorrow to respond to the charge, which will be heard on Thursday, 24th April. If found guilty, Hleb will face a three match ban which will curtail his season. With speculation mounting that Hleb will be leaving in the summer, it is not inconceivable that he may have played his last game for the Gunners.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 22 2008

Time: 3:51PM

Your Comments

Wayne Rooney was far more violent in the game v. Blackburn on Saturday than Hleb was.
There was no video of Rooney regarding that apparently
nah the ref saw the rooney tackle but only booked him so no punishment can be given to him even though it was a two footed tackle around hip height from behind (i think he was trying to break every rule in th book with his tackle) on hleb bit silly of him but there was probably words had between the two prior to the slap
durks de rover
Technology can be used to officiate matches when it suits the suits.
Three match ban for a girly slap?! He may as well have *****ted that munter properly, squarely in the nose!
Off topic..did anyone of you read this thread in Vital Spud. They compare the hammers to them like we compare Spud to us. A little hypocritical IMO. Makes me laugh when reading them:P
Massive thanks also to Alan 'Elbows' Shearer for pointing this out to such an embarrassing level on MOTD
Could be the last game he played for us :( If we're to believe the rumours linking him to Inter, Flim Flam looks like he'll leave too. Bring back January please all was good back then.
That face slap is much worse than the double leg breaker by Taylor, I really can't work out why they're only giving Hleb the same ban.
Professor Calculus
TR7, did you also watch MotD2 on Sunday? In the much cut-down clip of the Saturday action, they still kept that tiny incident while some of the great saves by either keepers and Theo hitting the post were conveniently ommitted. But they still remembered to include RvP's awesome free kick, with the line: "This RvP strike just about sums up the Gunners' season: so brilliant but didn't quite cross the line." That's the mighty Beeb for you.
Lou the Gunneress
Apparently Hleb is traumatised by the incident. "tiny" Hleb isnt the type of character to hurt somebody. We all wish Graham "Dale Winton" Murty a speedy recovery and would like to offer to pay for the damage to his spray on tan.
lol iceman! Lou, I didnt see it but it doesnt suprise me, I can just about take the bbc and their shocking coverage (Mostly with the volume turned down or Sky+ it with fast forward!)its the dreadful double standards of one of the biggest thugs in the game the gets my goat, how he can sit there and say "The FA really should be looking at this" when some of his 'sneaky elbow' antics were beyond assault! and more often than not went without punishment (ask Neil Lennon!)
That's why I think if one day Lee Dixon feels sick and tired of working with those idiots or of being the lone voice in that horrible place, maybe Arsene could hire him as a defensive coach like he did with Martin Keown, who's another great candidate to have back too.
Lou the Gunneress
he shud of got red against reading jus goes to show big 4 gets away with it....well yer 4th best anyways
off topic.......we won a cup arse dint. plus no cups in 3 years an still wanna keep the called top club my ass......
Firstly, 123spurs (what's with the 123? are you showing off?) He got charged, so he didn't get away with it. Secondly,when you break the top four, feel free to compare treatment. Thirdly, vital spuds don't seem too enammered by your lower mid table season
Little Dutch
1 cup in how many years
most arse fans want wenger the winger it an weep, yes we won a cup for a mid table this season an previous 2 were not far behind ye. team yer a so called team an ye won nothin in 3 years.........u do da maths
im trying to do the math but am unable to count far enough back to find a spurs team that were guessin its more then 3 years ago... will take off my shoes and socks to help... will get back to you when i find the answer to this conundrum... wouldnt hold your breath if i were you..
unwell..........explains ur mood after this seaon.......ur spot on there
yea, my first choice of names was "OneTrophyInTwentySomethingOddYears" but unfortunately it was gone.
talkin about weat ham
no.. unfortunately for you and your mid-table team i am not. but i do wish you luck in getting to the top half of the table next season!
haha funny stuff, one bad season compared to last least we won a cup ab hammered ye 5-1, next season will be diff. yer jus happy to fin 4th an be in cl to make up the nunmbers
Yeah sack the manager when things are just a bit disappointing eh? We are different for a reason. And "most" Arsenal fans want Wenger out? It may be true in 123spurs' little world when he knows only a couple of Gooners. I for one am proud we've got Wenger for 12 years now and long live the manager. "Fans" like 123spurs should live in Spain - and Valencia would be a heaven on earth for them. I really find a lot of parallel between them and Spurs - going to Europe through a cup, mid-table obscurity (oh watch out, Newcastle of all people are threatening Spurs' league position) and as a laughing stock bcos of the way their boards treat their managers.
Lou the Gunneress
"One" bad season?!?>!!?!?!? :D Or did you mean "decade"?
Lou the Gunneress
maybe they will make a cup for mid team tables in different leagues.. that way ye can pit yer wits against european powerhouses or perhaps...AZ Alkmaar.. keep reachin towards those stars and who knows what ye might accomplish!
*table teams
mabye ye shud concider that he sloosing it wenger supposed to be a team chalenging on all 4 fronts......i thkn not it was any other club....wenger be sacked club like liverpool an arsel have luxary of fin way behind in league an still be in cl, thats a fair point.....enjoyin the banter real harm see yall next season
no harm in chattin at all.. look forward to seein ya next season! ;)
No harm, if the banter's intelligent and even funny. Saw some of those from the Hammers, Villains and Pompey guys on here before. And since you guys so don't mind going off topic - did anyone watch the Anfield bore draw? It's terrible to watch on the web so I missed a few chunks of it. Was it an unfortunate OG at the end? Well, Chelsea lucky, surprise surprise. Or was it a case of Liverpool's luck against us over 2 legs being evened out?
Lou the Gunneress
pool were up 1-0 till i gave up on entertainment and went to find something 2 eat.. was the equalliser an OG? waitin to see it here.
123 spurs, your points tally has been in steep decline for three seasons. If we're making up the numbers in the cl, what the hell have Tottenham been doing in the top flight for the last 47 years?
Little Dutch
lol 47 years.. sounds like a visit to the championship is well overdue!
Hated seeing Chavs score. Loved seeing jammy Scousers luck run out though!!!!!
MrArsenal and I kept thinking it should have been at the Emirates tonight! I can understand why the manager said he felt even worse this year than when Barca beat us at the final 2 years back.
Lou the Gunneress
mrarsenal its a no win situation for u regarding the CL semi. true that rooney gets away with murder
Hahaha what a goal by Risse!!! Brilliantly taken!!
It amused me to hear that Benitez was not happy with the referees display. Strangely he had no problem when the ref sent of materazzi for 2 harsh yellow cards or when the ref failed to see Hleb being bundled down.
Paul - exacchly. Benitez is possibly the luckiest manager alive - he just met his match last night!
Hleb forgot that he's not English to do such thing.....i was suprise Rooney see stay in the pitch after that waful tackle against Samba....also suprise Gerrard didnt got book for diving against i can see u guys deserve it u didnt make it to Euro, just feel bad for that poor kid (Walcott), who should have been in the squad and get more experience......
hleb gets 3 match ban and perhaps we've seen hleb's last game in an arsenal shirt.. wat has been a promising season is turning out to be a nightmare.. i'm not talking abt winning trophy.. but to appreciate those players who have given everything they had this season.. we may loose flamini, we sold diarra and we can forget winning anything with gilberto in the side, diaby is an attacking midfielder and this leaves us with no defensive midfield.. if wenger does nothing this summer, at least hold on to this group of players we all hv come to love
What a goal from Riise..... just when Pool were getting everything on a plate again. Benitez is truly unbelievable..... Liverpool manage to get YET ANOTHER goal given to them courtesy of the officials (the free kick that led to the goal was farcical) and still he moans. He needs to keep his mouth shut or the officials might stop playing for his squad
not that I'm crazy about chelsea advancing but I'm still smarting over what happened to us at Anfield so I loved last night's result. I've always preferred the scousers to chelsea and manu but I got royally sick of the bull**** about the so-called "special night" effect of Anfield on our players and the supposed superiority of Rafa-the-tactical-genius over AW. Our players were not in the least intimidated by the "Anfield effect" -- how many teams go to Anfield on a European night and score 2 goals? They made plenty of defensive errors, as did we. The fact is that it was Arsenal who lost that tie, Lpool were lucky. The penalty would never have been awarded at the Emirates, but it happened at the kop end, and no ref can ignore that crowd. I watched some of last night's game, geezus what dispiriting football! Lpool had no attacking craft and I won't even get into chelsea's performance.
Maybe it was 'intimidating' Anfield atmosphere that prompted Riise to head the goal into his own net ? :p
LOL, prits!! :-) And another thing about last night's game: Notice how that supposedly superior, gritty English defender Carragher couldn't handle Drogba all night and resorted to constant fouling just outisde the penalty box? Carragher was totally clueless as to how to handle Drogba. Carragher should've been sent off but refs always bottle it against the scousers at Anfield in Europe. Yet Carragher gets no hostile press while Senderos is attacked from all sides.
The mystery of the Kop end... I sat there just once in my whole life, didn't feel anything special at all. It's pretty lively, but no better than any other stands really. Maybe it would've been a bit more intimidating at a European game, don't know. I just think it's a bit of a myth. And yes Jaelle that's what I've been asking about Senderos - if he gets criticised nonstop for failing to handle Drogba and Torres, duh, who else? And so many other defenders had the same difficulty man!
Lou the Gunneress
How can we be in decline when we lost 5 more games in the league last year, had less points and finished 4th you idiot
i'd be sick finishing out of the top 10 and fighting it out with the likes of newcastle and west ham united.. is 123 the number of years u'r prepared to wait to break into the top 4?
Has to the biggest blooper of the season. The ball was virtually on the ground and dude chooses for a diving header, FUNNY!!! I would prefer Chelsea win this tie as pool fans and team were so obnoxious knowing they were given an early Christmas present by the refs, No humility at all!! As far as Hleb - how rediculous! Hey 123spurs, i would prefer have the chance to win and loose than not even be in contention after the first day of the season. Be honest wouldnt u prefer to be in Arsenals position and win no cup? i mean wouldnt it be nice to get a taste of the CL? be honest with urself homey! Blessings!!
SPURS boss Juande Ramos has said that the club's players and staff call him the 'the Perfect One' following in tradition of Jose Mourinho who is known as ‘the Special One’ and Arsene Wenger who is famous for being ‘the trophyless-once-again one’.
nah it jus numbers of years since ye won a trophy.....u shud oof known next num is 4
Why are you guys even responding? He even got his maths wrong - 9 minus? We're 7 points behind the leaders ManU - just look at the league table on the right hand side before you type idiot, if you still have the cheek to come and look stupid.
Lou the Gunneress
of course he is the perfect one.. so perfect that he get beaten by newcastle 3-0 at home
I just want to know if the following human being exists anywhere on the planet: a supporter of Tottenham Hotspur who is capable of winding up Arsenal supporters with anything original, funny, or even halfway intelligent. Please, I really would like to know. If such a person exists, he or she has yet to appear on VitalArsenal during the almost 3 years that I have visited this site regularly. Of course, such a person would need the maturity of someone beyond 5 years old. That may be the problem. Apologies to 5 year olds everywhere.
lookl ike u have no sens eof humour ...a joke haha ....geta life....goonoer lost to league cause ye couldnt beat team below newcastle.....middles.......brum....wigan .................
123spurs, you pay a lot of attention to us, don't you? you seem to care a lot about our club. do you spend as much time paying attention to your own club?
oh i do a lot more
You do the crime you do do the time

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