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Would The Return Of A Legend Be A Good Idea?

With Arsenal struggling to find goals from strikers who can stay reliable and fit, leggy Togan aside, could the perfect answer be found in a former Arsenal legend?

If you include Theo Walcott, Arsenal's strikers bagged a less than impressive 36 league goals between them this season, and if you take Emmanuel Adebayor out of the equation, the total of 15 goals were shared out amongst four players.

Indeed almost 50% of our league goals came from other areas of the pitch.

So with that in mind, would there be a positive outcome if the flirting between Thierry Henry & Arsene Wenger turned into a full blown affair?

Le Boss, in the past, has always had a policy of 'never going back', but after Henry's rather transparent come get me plea, Arsene Wenger gave a surprising response.

Wenger said: 'In our situation you can never say never. He only left last year and I think Thierry is disappointed because things haven't gone as well as he would have liked them to go. I still feel he is a world-class player and I think he will prove in Barcelona that he is one of their better players."

When it comes to Thierry Henry, I find it hard to think with my head rather than my heart, I'd always welcome him back at Arsenal, but that was in a world of fanciful thinking, but with the possibility now not that unrealistic ....... would it be a good idea?

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday April 25 2008

Time: 5:03PM

Your Comments

if henry wants to come back, lets have him.. imagine a front line of adebayor, van persie, henry, eduardo and bendtner, with walcott.. even united will struggle to match that
I don't think you should get him back!
Fan of Blues
Would could have Henry up front for his usual 15 games, then van Persie for another 15, with the rest shared out amongst the others. Of course our luck would see them all injured at the same time. On a serious note, if we could get him back cheap enough (because we all know he will be injured) and Titi could accept that he is no longer the be all and end all of the club ..... then why not?
**We could
how would his return affect the young players who've matured due to his absence? would Henry accept a diminished role in our new team of maturing young talented players who've come into their own? Henry's sciatica is a chronic problem, we could not rely on his fitness. Once you have sciatica, you are never the same again. Yes we could've used his clinical finishing skills this season but there are too many problems to consider with his return.
and I absolutely hated the manner of Henry and Ade celebrating each other goal and dancing just between themselves like there are the only 2 players in the team...thought that was unhealthy and negative for overall team spirit
I'd have him back yesterday. Wouldn't be a bad move for Arsenal at all. He'd have to accept a pay cut, though to be honest I hardly think that money is an issue to Titi. I reckon it could happen this one. Undisclosed fee to save face for Barca (prob around 10 million mark). I agree McGooner, that would be an awesome frontline.
If he didn't leave, I'd say having him as an experienced impact sub (like DB10 in his last few years) would be great. Kind of like what Rocky said - he and RvP could combine to last a season, if they don't get injured at the same time that is. But he has moved on, so have we (even tougher on our part). The young players have built up their confidence without him. So, no.
Lou the Gunneress
I don't think Wenger would consider it unless the fee was closer to £5M or less. Henry would not be a long term solution, probably only used as a stop gap for a few seasons. Upon reflection jaelle is probably right.
I also think that he'd be well fired up to re-prove himself to both the fans and the media. On the business side of things, he certainly sells a shirt or two.
we shouldnt take him back hes a great player but last season he was like a 1 man team every1 wanted to pass to him and let him weave his magic and if he was to come back it would somwhat unsettle the team
get villa will be more worthwhile btw
Ala Beckham, I reckon Titi's transfer would pretty much pay for itself over a pretty short period of time Rock, and even as a 1-2 year stop gap, it'd be pretty good. Might give us a bit more of the squad depth fear factor, being able to bring him on as a sub etc. Whatever happens, it's always nice to hear an ex player praise our club ain't it
He would have been a great stop-gap solution had he not left. He didn't want that. He had more faith in Barca than us in terms of winning trophies. Fair play to him, fine. If they won the CL this year, I'd be happy for him cos he deserves that medal. But after seeing how he extended the contract only to get the sign-on and leave, I don't think Arsene would invest anything, as Rocky said, more than around 5m in him. With like 10m we could get someone very useful you know. Eduardo cost 8m, Sagna about 6m, reportedly. The shirts question: wouldn't some of us just recycle the old TH14 shirts instead of getting new ones? That's exactly what I said with a Milan-supporting friend: If you guys get Ronaldinho, as crazy as it sounds, you might get to sell a few shirts lol, while with Sheva, the fans would just dig up the old shirts from their closets. lol
Lou the Gunneress
What? that would be great! I mean did you see that shot against Man U? the Keeper could not manage it at all and he was accurate! something that has been missing quite a lot this season. I have heard so many times that we need experienced players in the squad, could there be anything better than an experienced player that already knows the system?. I know we talk about the youngsters passing to him and their confidence without him but hold up, it seems we have a big mouth experienced player in the squad now - should Gallas leave? The problem with Henry to me is that he lacked humilty, im quite sure he has been humbled(coming off the bench and not favored by fans or team mates alike) now and will come back with a different attitude. There is no way he could come back and try to boss the situation and i do not see how the younger players would be in awe of him now. You see, they have played with him before and have done great withouth him. I would love it! One more thing, none of the strikers who we say we would like at the team are as good as HENRY!! Sorry. God Bless!!!
i would absolutely love it if he comes back. ive been talking about this a lot on other threads but no one's taken the idea very seriously. however now with Arsene making a statement on the official site about it, it could become a possibility in the summer. i have read most of the comments on this article and i have a few points to make. 1) Arsene knows Thierry better than anyone in this world. so when it comes to Thierry's fitness, it's Arsene who is the best judge. 2) Thierry won't be a stop-gap solution. he can easily stay for 5-6 seasons and play the role Bergkamp played. Thierry has always said in the past that when he gets older, he would like to play the Bergkamp role. ok Dennis Bergkamp was the most special player in the history of our club, better than anyone, but Thierry isn't too far away from Dennis. he won't start all the games, but just look at Scholes & Giggs at the moment, Fergie plays them intelligently, and Arsene will do the same. and i am sure the older he gets, he will accept playing a lesser role like Dennis, but even then, Dennis had around 30 starts in his every season except the last one..
3)Having Thierry back will give such a boost to the dressing room and the club in general. Wenger has been talking about signing an experienced player, and Thierry's experience could just be what we need next season to win trophies. 4) Thierry has always been a team man. there have been a few occasions when he has looked disinterested on the pitch, but if yu analyse his entire Arsenal career, the man has given absolutely everything for the team's cause. 5) The team is no longer about Thierry Henry, it doesen't revolve around one player, and that could be the best thing that happens to him. He can slot in perfectly in the Bergkamp role and bring the best out of Van Persie, Adebayor and Eduardo, just like how Bergkamp brought the best out of him. 6)And lastly, one thing is garunteed with Thierry Henry on the pitch, GOALS. he will always score them, always, even if he loses a bit of pace, the guy is so talented and such an intelligent player, he will always bang them in. 7) And guys, this is Thierry Henry we are talking about. even the ones who were angry at him when he left, wouldn't it be a great feeling to see him back in that red & white strip again. What a lift it will be for the supporters, the team, the club and English Football in general. He is box office, he is MR. Premier League, the greatest player this league has ever seen..
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Thierry Henry Thierry Henry Thierry Henry Thierry Henry!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!
and in my opinion, the best player ever to play this game. in my time, i've never seen a player be so good and so remarkably consistent for 7-8 years. this is where Ronaldo will be judged in the next few years. He is playing just like how Henry had been doing in his Arsenal career, but Henry did it week in n week out for years n years, and i dun know whether Ronaldo can go on and be like Thierry. come back home man, this is where yu belong. yu had ur fan flirting in Spain, but yu just know that this is your home, and no matter where yu go, ur heart and ur soul will always remain here..
thinking about it makes me wanna bang my head against the wall, you want a striker go get someone at the top of thier game who can only improve...VILLA.
Sorry, did he not enjoy life there as a left winger? That's where we need people lol
Lou the Gunneress
Titi will always be welcome back...He is our top scorer in history..i can't see anyone can supass that in the near future...We need Titi scoring power if we are to win the league and CL...Ronaldo looks ordinary as compare to Titi IMO....
gotta admit the thought of TH14 rejoining us brings a lil grin 2 my face. I always felt henry should have finished his career at arsenal.. 10 million to barca and bring him home. for one we will get a focused henry with something 2 prove after his spell abroad and secondly he wont be lookin over at sunny spain thinkin hes missing out..
No. End of. What would that say to the players we have? The team has progressed since Henry left. They are not always looking to pass the ball to one player for him to win the game for them. They seem far more relaxed on the ball now. Don't get me wrong - Henry was and is an Arsenal legend but having him back would be a mistake. We've moved on and so's he.
i'd welcolme wrighty back too!
Have him back the guy is ****kin brilliant, he left, he realised if we dont get him chelsea will. he may not be the fastest in the world anymore but the guy is bergkamp waiting to happen.
Whens vieira signing?
and not!!
Come one Arsenal play as a team, more than any in the league. Why do we feel that Henry would come back and the team would revert back to looking for him all the time. I believe him going to Barca could be a blessing in diguise if he comes back - 1) Every one taking responsibilty and 2) Henry would not be so miserable as im sure he realizes what he had at Arsenal NOW! he would be so more appreciate and work with the youth. BRING HIM BACK PLEASE!!!
I love TH14 but for the sake of the club i hope he doesn't come back. For one, he has a recurrent back injury with sciatic nerve issues. For two, Henry won't accept a sub role as DB10 did. He needs to be no1. For 3, Henry is only in for the glory, and what we need now is subsance and steel not a prima donna, even a deserving one.
best thing in the world at your little club. Goes to a big club and he's a nobody. Like you lot in the CL actually. LOL
How do you know what CL is????????????????
Or "how do you know what a big club is?" as well..
Lou the Gunneress
And you lot in the EPL!
When are you getting malouda?
This Thierry interview would be nice to watch before and probably more entertaining than the "title decider" at SB tomorrow noon:
Lou the Gunneress
Is Henry no1 at Barca? Hasnt RVP been out this season more than Henry? anyway, they could split time since they are both so injury prone.
why dont you ask keown and dixon to come back too, you desperate w-an-kers
Good idea, they should be great defensive coaches, how do you know we'd love to have them back? :)
Lou the Gunneress
What the same way you took Sheringham and Klinsmann back after they shat on you.
Spudinbatter if you are intent on coming on here using abusive language and trying to wind us up.......well its not working you saddo!!!LOL!!!!!
i say bring him back but not as a first teamer. .....To play about 15-20 games a season ...... And not as a captain.....retrieve his number 14 shirt ......finish his career with us....its good to have old heads in the squad no matter how young your players are......
dont think going back would be sensible - find someone else!!! (and anyway, he's coming to pompey ;-) )
I think Henry's better off at a big club, maybe he'll go to Celtic, even has-beens can score in scotland. Hey SIB, see who we just signed mate. Luka Modric, a genuine two footed Croatian midfielder, (pardon the pun).
So you think that lame line is a pun? You don't even know what a "pun" is. A pun has to carry double meaning - we don't have any Croatian midfielder, only the best Croatian striker, so I don't see where the double meaning is. A pun also has to be funny to even work - and it's not. How's that even a pun? lol Try harder next time when you want to be funny and/or wind people up and/or sound smart. That's failed on both fronts. As usual.
Lou the Gunneress
We dont want him bck ... itd be a shame for him to come bck n do nothing ... he went out on a high lets leave it that way and sign sum1 fresh and younger
Aggressive ha ha ha ha
ok guys i just do not see how it'd be dectrease the morale in the dressing room...our best player leaves saying we were not ambitious enuf adn comes back next season which invariably put across themessage that he was wrong ....thats a BOOST and nothin else...and i am sure henry favors a move to arsenal with all his personal issues(apparently never gets to spend time with his daughter) sure he'll accept a subs role or a start once in a while ......c'mon dont u guys see it our team needs expereinced players....imagine how opposition team will feel after having handled adebayor for 70 minutes to see thierry henry come on........i think thats jus wat we'd also put a clear message to those hu want to leave arsenal ......that there is no better place ...not even barcelona
Oi lou lou, shouldn't you be doing the dishes or something.
lol modric... ever wonder why if hes as good as his agent says he is and all these "top" teams are lookin at him why hes ended up at spurs?... i smell another flop on the way! how much will they spend this summer to avoid relagation?? guess we will be listening to spuds telling us they will be a top 4 super power again this summer... oh you little mid table spuddies always give me a good laugh!
Huh, me? (looking around) Yeah I live alone so I do everything. If that was your lame attempt to "send people back where they belong" and you thought it's the kitchen for me, I think it's the toilet for you cos you're full of sh;t.
Lou the Gunneress
Still there's always next year a unwell. Maybe you also rans will win something. All those great signings you made got you absolutely nowhere. you just made up the numbers. Lou lou i'm in woolwich next week, any chance you give my car a quick once over it's filthy.
How many times do we have to tell these people that I can stand banter but these are just not intelligent nor funny? Look AS, I give you two options. One is to go back on topic, which is Thierry Henry here. If you're not interested in that, the other way is to leave. Just one more (lame attempt of) insult aimed at any individual (me or anyone), I'll ask the editor to kick you out.
Lou the Gunneress
lol you would know about there always being next year AS. aint that yer clubs motto? i do enjoy you deluded lil spuddies! lol
if he comes back good for arsenal but would he accept the players have developed and settle for a lesser role. if he comes to arsenal you lots will still win bleep.
ask the editor what you like lou lou, its just a joke, no worse than when you lot come over, just get over it. we do.
And unwell don't use that word deluded, i'll have you thrown off.
Ever thought we may just have a different sence of humour, I don't find you interesting or funny either. Maybe thats why you live alone. no one does.
Dear editor, please throw this man off cause he asked me if i should be doing the dishes, and said I live alone. zzzzzzzzzzz Oh and he really don't like arse nil too.
If you bothered to read his post Lou Lou, it was about Henry, and he was also speaking to SIB, i believe that means Spursinbarca, then you jumped in calling him lame. Doesn't lame mean cripple? that's not nice, no wonder he asked you to clean his car, poor fella, he should have you thrown off.
I know mate she's bang out of order. people in glass houses.
Its ok Lou, dnt mind these pathetic fools..they are just jealous of us, cos we support a great club that achieved so much things that they can only dream of...most of them Spuds are hoping their team can be ahead of the barcodes and the hammers this seasons....u can just go to vital Spuds and see for yourself...
AS you don't have to find me or anyone here funny at all. Why keep coming back if this is so uninteresting to you? This obsession is not doing you nor us any good. I just don't see the point of your posts here, some of which were offensive, that's my opinion. But it's not offensive as it was stupid. When you can't make any point, you just resort to telling people to clean dishes or your car. We've seen sensible, intelligent posts from other "rival" fans here. But many of you guys' posts smell of nothing but childishness. The more you enjoy this kind of petty struggles, the longer it takes for Spurs to become a big club. When you guys keep calling yourselves big, at least try to learn the trade to be big. These comments show us nothing but a small-club mentality and just don't look the part at all. Of course whatever I say wouldn't sound right to you. We support different clubs for a reason.
Lou the Gunneress
If Henry costs around 6-8 million, he should be taken back without any hesitation. Henry is still better than anybody in the team. He is a genius who can still change the complexion of a game with his magic touch. But at the same time he should be clearly told that your position in the team is no more guaranteed.
TH will be 31 come August. Even if an offer were to be made to TH and TH were to accept, would Wenger break his current treatment to all players over 30 that only 1 year contract will be offered.
I have to echo Lou's sentiment and ask tweedle dee and tweedle dum why you keep coming here if everything is so boring to you? That just makes no sense at all. Are your constant visits here anything to do with the fact you are considering becoming Gooners when your Spurs side do a Leeds? Let's face it, your club is spending money it doesn't have in pursuit of CL football which you are just not even close to good enough to obtaining (jesus, you only ensured survival with a drab draw versus Wigan last week). Plans to extend your stadium as well as *****ing huge transfer sums up the wall, I'd call that the Risdale blueprint. Now, you claim you are infested over at Vital Spuds, but looking at the front page now I can see two comments over about eight articles from Arsenal fans, one of which was a wind up, the other wasn't. Neither was from Lou incidentally, so why you felt the need to come over here and insult another member personally on a completely non footballing premise just gives the impression you are a pretty useless human being. Spurs fan or otherwise. Your rather tenuous justification for throwing these insults just makes you appear sad and pathetic. And in my experience, if its pink, has a curly tail, rolls in its own ***** and goes oink oink………...
Little Dutch
Well LD maybe some of them are closet Gooners or, like you said, Gooner-wannabes-just-in-case. This just beats me. I wouldn't keep going to Viral Spurs everyday to try and get their attention cos they don't have mine in the first place, you know what I mean?
Lou the Gunneress
typo: -Viral (actually quite right too lol) +Vital
Lou the Gunneress
The trouble is lou lou, many will come over with a little wind up. Most of the gooners don't bite and just ignore, accepting it's a foolish jibe. but there are some, like you and your son LD, and vavavoom, that just bite every time, that's what makes it worthwhile. The problem with you is you leap in head first, then realise it's not really for you and look for a way out, by calling on the editor, or LD and co. There was no great insult to you and you know it, but because your so sensative your an easy target, so just stay out of it, if you cant handle it, and leave it to LD and the others, ... I'm sure he just called us pigs, must call the editor.
You're right for once on two things: 1. "foolish jibe" it was. 2. I'll stay out of it because it's just not worth my attention. Thanks for reminding me of that actually. There's always jealousy or banter around a big club, especially when some have no other targets in their smaller world. For that reason Spurs and Spurs fans are not growing up to be a big club and you know it too. I'll draw a line here and rise above it. But as I've always said, abuse has no place here. Mind the gap boy.
Lou the Gunneress
Thanks for that, at least we agree on something, ................. Now go and clean my f11ckin CAR!!
Come on dude (AggressiveSpurs), be a genlteman regardless of the banter! Could you imagine the fear it would put into the hearts of the opposition to know that they had to face Henry again? trust me, i believe ths intimidation would help us to victory in and of itself. Im praying for this, i just believe it would be great and i truly believe that he would be a regular squad player! This would just be right, i mean u cant even say "Thierry Henry" without thinking Arsenal!! God Bless!
But Ade's also become quite "scary" hasn't he? Not the way he scared the Derby guys, but top defenders do think he's a very tough striker to play against. I'm afraid, as it is now, even some of the Spanish teams aren't afraid of Thierry as much as before.
Lou the Gunneress
Thats true! but i believe the spanish teams arent scared because he plays wide, but him up front consistently and we would see a difference, i think.
While your at it lou lou, mines filthy too.

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