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Would The Return of a Legend Be A Good Idea? Pt.2

I'll begin by giving my perspective on michievous rumours surrounding a possible return of Thierry Henry. My position has not really changed from his last two years at the club, it would be enormously detrimental and a monumental error. Henry is one of the greatest players in this club's history, but letting him go was Wenger's affirmation of faith in his young charges and they have flourished without Henry's stifling personality. Re signing him would be an enormous blow to those young players. Adebayor, Fabregas and Hleb have all propsered with the new responsibility, to take it away fromthem would be a huge mistake. I don't think it will happen for those reasons. A few players have been quite candid in their assessment that Henry's presence inhibited them. Thierry is also incredibly injury prone and would command huge wages. Nothing about this move would be good. But I sincerely doubt that Wenger will let sentiment cloud his better judgement and take a nostalgic reach back into the past.

However, another Arsenal skipper and legend has thrown his hat into the ring of Arsenal's future. With Adams' contract at Pompey up in the summer and Arsenal lacking defensive fortitude, many, myself included, have vouched for the deployment of a defensive coach. In 2006, Arsene Wenger deployed the services of Martin Keown on the training ground, a spell which coincided with Arsenal's run of ten consecutive clean sheets in the Champions League. With Pat Rice and Steve Bould already on the fields of London Colney, there appears to be the expertise, but perhaps a specialist can help us make that next step and freshen up the set upa bit. It is somewhat poignant that Wenger once referred to Adams as 'a doctor of defence.'
Adams now seems to, not so much have issued a come and get me plea, but yanked down his trackie bottoms and Arsenal boxers and yelled, 'come and get it!'

'I always tried to lead by example [at Arsenal] and get out there and make sure they realised they were playing for the Arsenal. I tried to install in the team a kind of 'over our dead bodies` kind of attitude.

'I just feel that people don`t realise that the best back four win the league. The last two seasons Manchester United have had the best back four and, before that, John Terry and his men were fantastic for two years.'

With Arsenal also lacking a team of natural leaders to supplement Gallas, the presence of Adams may also add some steel to the training ground. It is interesting that Adams alludes so explicitly to the defence, he appears to be openlytouting for the specific role of defensive coach. In some comments that bordered on the sycophantic, Adams continued,

'We`ve kept more clean sheets at Portsmouth than Arsenal have, but I`m not going to question the great man [Wenger].

I love the club, it was part of my life for so many years and if anyone at Arsenal wants to invite me back, I`m willing to give it a shot. I`m fully prepared and willing to do what I have to do."

In the past, the rumour mill has suggested Adams had fallen out of love with the club following conspicuous no shows at the last game at Highbury and Dennis Bergkamp's testimonial. Indeed, Adams never publicly revisited Highbury following his retirement. Personally, I felt there was a rift between Wenger and Adams as Big Tone never formally announced his retirement, either to the press or the manager, leaving Wenger's pre season plans in confusion. However, any lingering resentment appears to have evaproated on Adams' part. But has it on Wenger's? It all sounds perfect, but football isn't always logical or romantic. Ask Glenn Hoddle and Ossie Ardilles. H.L. Mencken once remarked that a cynic smells flowers and immediately begins to look for a coffin. If Arsene chooses to dig up the earthy remains of the past, will we come up smelling of roses?LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday April 26 2008

Time: 5:22PM

Your Comments

The best defender in our history, we keep shipping silly goals. Match made in heaven if you ask me!!! Come home big Tone!!
Yes please Arsene. I'd go as far as to say that even if you don't sign any CB but get him or any old Gun (Keown/Winterburn/Dixon) to coach the defenders, it'd be great for next year.
Lou the Gunneress
tony adams going back to arsenal would be fantastic for you. he has worked wonders with our defence (well, im guessing its him), and would do the same to yours. the only reason he would NOT go to you, is that he very much sees himself as asistant manager at portsmouth, and has said that if he were simply a defensive coach, he would leave. whilst going to arsenal is a step up, it is also a step down in his position, and i beleive that although his ultimate aim will be too manage arsenal (and pompey!), i dont think he will want to start off as a defencive coach! i just think he will want to either try his hand at managing for himself, or possibly stay on to get a bit of experiance as asistent manager in a team playing in europe.
And his presence would give Senderos belief in the fact that a paceless CB could succeed too! :>
Lou the Gunneress
Yep, bring him back!!!
I cant say yes enough to this proposition!
Thierry has had his ego sloshed at Barca and also been taught a lesson in humility. if he comes back, he will definetly be a different player, no doubt about that. and Wenger has said in his interview that he watches Thierry every week and assesses his game and his fitness. and Wenger is the best judge. Arsene also said that there is a lot to come from Thierry and he has a lot left in his tank, and if Arsene thinks so, then i have no reason to doubt him. Also if DB10 can play till he is 37, why can't Thierry? He is a very intelligent player, even if he loses a bit of pace, he will never lose his vision like DB10. And having him in the dressing room a different player and a different man could help the team greatly. He will bring a lot of experience and quality to the team. So if Wenger can get him at the right price and also assess his fitness, then this could well be the final step we need on our road to glory. a strike force of Henry, Adebayor, Van Persie, Eduardo, Walcott & Bendtner, yu combine Madrid, United & Barca together and even they won't be better than our's..
Who are you lot? Winning anything? Feckin Librarians...Shhhhh....
Blue is the colour
Hehehe I thought Luckys was day-dreaming enough to post Thierry stuff here, this Bitc guy, pff lol Go back to Tony Adams please!
Lou the Gunneress
Lou since i saw his interview, i cant get Thierry off my mind. i desperately want him to comeback. was watching barca-deprotivo right now and he looks so lost there. i dun think he played so poorly even at Juventus. sometimes, some players are just made for one team, and Thierry is one of them..
Lou....I know it must be annoying to see them wheels come off time and time again...but the rest of us are actually getting used to you lot crumbeling under pressure...maybe its time you lot realized you are utter feckin pants?
Blue is the colour
Classless idiocy? Check. Poor grip on English language? Check. Mind numbingly boring? Check. It's not hard to see why BITCh chose to support Chelsea. I'd bet the contents of my bank account that the knuckle dragger has at least two soveriegns and a burberry hat.
Little Dutch
Tony Adams - without a doubt!! We have nothing to lose and a lot to learn defensively from our Tone. His record at Pompey speaks for itself and he will have picked up a few tips in managerial skills from old Harry 'del-boy' Redknapp in the process. Whilst you have a valid point, pompeycarpet, in stating that it could be viewed as a step down in position for our Tone, I honestly don't believe that he would view it that way. He is Arsenal through and through, big enough to get over any personal 'disagreements' he may have had in the past. If he has an eye to moving up in a managerial role with the club he loves, I think he would view this as a step forward in his career, hence his recent comments. The question is, would Wenger take him on.....?
With regard to our Thierry, I am inclined to agree with LD about resigning him. AW had good reason for letting him go in the first place - bringing him back could have a negative influence on the team. That said, Luckys_10 has made a really valid point about the temprament change that we might see in player that has realised the error of his ways. If he has realised what he had here and learned some humility and to appreciate what he has lost, we MAY see a different TH if he returned - one that would be grateful for a second chance at playing for the club he has a connection for and that has been revitalised by a spell of absence. With all that has been said about Henry since he left, I do not doubt that he DID have a connection to our club and loved playing here....
Most likely he'll end up at Anfield... still a RED tho :)
"...I'd bet the contents of my bank account that the knuckle dragger has at least two soveriegns and a burberry hat." LOL!! :-) I take their presence here as a compliment LD - our successes over the years have wound them up enough to feel the need to come over to VA to have a little dig every now and then....
See J K Rowlins back writing for the worlds tallest midgets. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Meanwhile at the Lane, luka Modric, the Ramos revolution continues. More silverwear to follow shortly.
..........see what I mean!
Yes they always give their best shot in proving our very point don't they! :D
Lou the Gunneress
Oh look, BITC(h) is back with the same old (very boring) rubbish. You have to be the most witless person I've ever met. Your grasp on humour is almost as laughable as your grasp of football. Meanwhile at the lane, Spurs sign yet another player Arsenal where apparently interested in only for them to go on to be completely useless. The Ramos revolution continues with our "rivals" 40 points behind ..... way to go guys, keep up the good work.
If he did come back he wouldn`t be captain again so he wouldn`t have that burdon to carry again,witch,everyone including you Mr LD agreed was part of his demise in his last two seasons with us,also at the time,how else was/could Mr Wenger strip of him that role without selling him?.Getting Henry back without him having any responsabilities....yes please.i think we would get the Thierry of old again,i really do.
I seriously think he'll be considering playing at Anfield. Gerrard did persuaded him to join before to said he need a wind of change at Barca. And he openly admitted to be a fan of Liverpool, the other England club he's fancy playing at, apart from Arsenal.
Yep Luka modric 15.8million Eduardo 8million, same league, same team, same nationality, another great bit of business down at the lane.....Tin of beans for 12 anyone, loaf of bread 6 sold to the slimy guy at the back who sacked his manager before they played Getafe and laughed when they were losing.
Yes AS, Modric looks set to join Sergei Rebrov and Darren Bent in the legion of Spuds big money signings. If he can be as successful as those two, that forty point gap (forty points, we could donate those points to another club and it wouldbe enough to keep them in the league) might just close.
Little Dutch
I do hope that Rio kicking a female steward attracts one tenth of the criticism Gallas got for kicking an advertising hoarding.
Little Dutch
Anyone else think it was funy that Fergie was complaing about the penalty. Reasons - How can such a big game be decided one a penalty. "But he has not lifted his hand above his shoulders, above his head, anything like that. "It is going straight to Rio Ferdinand. The referee should have seen that rather than the linesman. "If we're not going to get those decisions then we are under pressure.". In that case Gallas hands were not above his shoulder, and the ball was going back to the keeper. It was a big game decided on a penalty..........
wt ***** LD. i didnt see the game yest, but did Ferdinand really kick a female steward? i knew he is a *****, but that is too much. and Paul it is the same old purple nose, full of double standards, i wish i had the chance to do the post match interview after him. sky would have fired me for sure after it :p..
After the Mascherano incident Fergie got on his high horse about respecting refs, "I tell my players to shake hands with the ref at the end of the game no matter what."
Little Dutch
Ferdinand said that was an "accident" bcos he just wanted to kick a wall or something and hit that woman who's working nearby, or something lame like that lol. That's a "ManU and England captain" for you! lol
Lou the Gunneress
I think LD could get ask like 10 questions out of that game for this week's list of 20.
Lou the Gunneress
Your right LD, rio should get in serious trouble for that, it wouldn't be so bad if it was an Aresnal steward or something.
Having been to WHL many times Spud, it surprises me little that you advocate violence against Arsenal supporting women.
Little Dutch
ok guys i just do not see how it'd be dectrease the morale in the dressing room...our best player leaves saying we were not ambitious enuf adn comes back next season which invariably put across themessage that he was wrong ....thats a BOOST and nothin else...and i am sure henry favors a move to arsenal with all his personal issues(apparently never gets to spend time with his daughter) sure he'll accept a subs role or a start once in a while ......c'mon dont u guys see it our team needs expereinced players....imagine how opposition team will feel after having handled adebayor for 70 minutes to see thierry henry come on........i think thats jus wat we'd also put a clear message to those hu want to leave arsenal ......that there is no better place ...not even barcelona
guys i am sorry for the double post but for once i just cannot see wat LD is trying to say.i odnt think it'd be demoralising at all if henry were to come'd be xactly the opposite......i seriously think this mite happen.......i dont think there can be a better striker ofr us than thierry...le god.we used to call him that dint we?
I wouldn't say a tap on the leg was violence now, mind you eduardo may dissagree.
By your logic can you plant your left leg right there and I get a "big, clumsy but tiny and gentle" man to "tap" it and you spend 6 months on crutches and tell me if that's violence?
Lou the Gunneress
I tell you what, you are so weak. Your dig and you as an individual. You are the reason why I do not hate Spurs fans because I pity them.
Lou the Gunneress
Harsh words lou! anyway... too clear things up with Henry, you know the phrase "never go back" - i think it was written exactly for circumstances like this. Henry is a legend at arsenal - he should have own player of the year a few years ago, he was immense with his goal scorring and assists. unfortunatly, he left - allowing other players to step up a little - but since leaving, he has not improved as a player at all. in fact, he has got worse. if you go back, he wont have the goals, he will feel aprehensive about having insulted arsenal by leaving, and wont feel comftable, meaning he wont play at his unbeatable best, and in the end, will leave again after a year. on the other hand, he could join pompey, who are showing ambition, looking to improve, and we all know who his (second) favourite team is dont we?!
You seriously think a joke about a young man who broke his leg was not harsher than what I said about him?
Lou the Gunneress
him = AS
Lou the Gunneress
I wouldn't have said what I said if it's only the 20th time even. Banter's a given among football fans. But some people have posted many rude, insensitive and distasteful comments here many times before. Some got banned for going too far. I'm not someone who picks a fight here. Far from it. Just that neutrals and decent Vital posters like you guys aren't here often enough to see a lot of those idiots.
Lou the Gunneress
AS - I take it your dig about Arsenal stewards was a sad attempt at what passes for humour at WHL, but surely even you can see how low your comment was......that was REALLY pathetic - hardly shows you lot in a good light, does it (not that anyone here is surprised)
Off topic but great news - Cesc has picked up the PFA Young Player of the Year award! :)
Lou the Gunneress
Thanks for the link Lou - great news for our Fabs. Was even quite impressed with Ronaldo when he said he voted for our Ade until I read further down that Ron thought he deserved to win.....such humility!! (and yes, before you ManUre fans start - he is a great player but as such he hardly needs to be blowing his own trumpet!!)
And 4 Arsenal players in the 11-man team of the year! How this great team end this season empty-handed, I don't know. But apparently some pros out there do recognise the great work they've done. :) LD, can you write a good piece about this, and highlight how the Golden Dreadlocks joined us as the French league's right-back of the year 2007 and has become the PL's right-back of the year 2008 please? I'm especially happy for Sagna and Clichy - now officially the best full-backs in the league, as some of us have been saying for a while:,19528,11670_3469616,00.html
Lou the Gunneress
As if we don't already have too many reasons to love Cesc, you just have to love him for saying this: 'Of course I am very proud because this is a very prestigious trophy football is a collective game, and you always prefer to win trophies, but Im very honoured to receive this award. But, I have to pay tribute to my teammates because without them, it would not have been possible. Someone just told me I am the first Spanish player to win this award, so I am proud of that.'
Lou the Gunneress
brilliant.. i can only wish greatness for cesc.. n ronaldo better savour this trophy, coz he knows where its heading next year n it's not his trophy cabinet
4 players in the team of the year? Are you kidding me.????!!! and not even a chavski
How the hell did stevie G make it to the team ............well i guess its the same story over again
Goin back to the whole henry saga.....the nore i think abt it the more i warm up to the idea.........eager to kno wta u guys think esp. LD
Henry would cost too much for too little, I said when we sold him that Barca should be grateful if he plays more than half their games, due to his fitness. Sciatica doesn't go away and this was one of Wenger's main reasons for letting him go. It was his big statement of trust in his younger players, to bring him back would be a big kick in the guts to them. The sentiment in the move is appealing, but quite simply Henry is not fit enough anymore, nor is he good enough frankly. It's not nice, but that's the way it is. He's a legend, but memories fade for a reason, so you can replace them with newer and better ones. Put simply, if Henry wasn't good enough to cut it at Barca, why should he be good enough for us?
Little Dutch
Stop argument. Close eyes and take TH. 2009 EPL will be won without doubt. I have seen Henry against Man U. In 13 minutes, he took a lethal shot which showed he has not lost anything. Adebayor should be supported by either TH or VP in every game.
i am sory LD but ur arguments are not satisfactory.....ok i agree with u in the cost factor.....but i dont think it'll deflate the youngsters at of the best players admitting that he made a mistake leaving the could that demorlaise are rite about the sciatic injury...he mite not be the quickest but boy he can still be quite useful.......he need not play all the 40 games he can come on as a sub start a few.....his experience im sure will come in handy.....
Sheva has struggled at Chelsea. doesent mean he isnt good enough. im saying it again, AW is the best judge of his fitness, and if Arsene says Thierry has a lot of football left in him, then i agree with the Boss. and when it comes to looking after urself and ur body, Thierry is the best example i've seen after Dennis Bergkamp..
I agree with Karley here! And how can we say Henry is not good enough? do u think Ronaldhino is not good enough? Is Ade at present better than Henry, oh and yes we have two perrenial Injury prone players and the majority of us do not wnat them to be sold, so the injury arguement doesnt work either. T The problem with Henry is that He is playing out of position due to the need of the team as far as i can see. I mean Barca have Eto, Messi and all the other superstars so what the hell was the need for Henry in the first place? When Henry came on in the CL match against Man U he looked the most dangerous player on the field. This about it being a kick in the gut to the youth really doesnt pan out and if thats the case why should we buy any player as Wenger has said he believes this side is good enough. Buy David Villa eveyone says, would that be a kick in the gut also? The team may be good but it would not hurt to have one of the best players in the world in ur squad! quite simple. I just cannot understand most of the reasoning for not having Henry back, just my opinion. God Bless!! I have one question and woould like an answer maybe feom fans of other teams. How do you think the other teams would feel to know they have to face Henry? God Bless!!
I agree with LD about Henry. We can get a better player for lesser transfer fees and wages, who could contribute more to the team in terms of quality and regular appearances than Henry. Wenger will always say nice things about Henry, but I doubt whether he will sign him. As for Tony, a big ******** HELL YEAH ! I'd love for him to come back and be the defensive coach (for now). Pat Rice is not going to be around forever, and maybe Tony can step up as assistant manager in 1-2 seasons. Our defence needs all the work now.
Hey Prits, Who would that player be rather than Henry and are u sure about what Henry can or cannot contribute to the team? QUALITY!!!??? (confused there). Please tell.... We all kill Eboue but his demise is due to playing out of position not because he is not a good player. On the contrary he is a wonderful right back. This likened to Henry being out of position at Barca, u cannot get the real value if he not played in his most effective position, so u really dont have grounds to say what he can or cannot contribute but please explain if u do. Toney Adams or someone like him is a necessity at present, would be great! God Bless!!!

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