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1. Chelsea or United?

2. It`s now been two and a half months since the Birmingham match and I think I read about Gallas` sit in on an almost daily basis (largely due to reading arseblog), six days on since Rio Ferdinand kicked a female steward and the story seems to have died completely. Surely kicking a woman is worse than kicking an advertising hoarding?

3. In his post match rant, Ferguson expressed his fury that a penalty could be given in such a big game (no matter how blatant it was). Why did he not express this sentiment after William Gallas` handball at Old Trafford was, quite correctly, deemed a penalty?

4. Ferguson also explained that it could not have been handball by Carrick as he was facing his own touchline. What?????

5. On March 22nd, Ferguson said, "'We are talking about introducing this into the grass-roots level, respect for the referee. It is absolutely correct. We tell them to shake the hand of the referee after the game, when it is finished. It is sometimes difficult but you have to do it.' Yet on Saturday assistant Carlos Quieroz appeared to usurp the party line after United conceded a penalty for the first time this season, "We are not in the FA Cup final because of a bad decision when we should have had a penalty against Portsmouth. Against Barcelona in the Champions League on Wednesday, there should have been three penalties but only one was given. Something is wrong with football.' In the words of Led Zeppelin, communication breakdown?

6. Given that Grant has surpassed Mourinho`s last league campaign and Champions` League campaign, will people accept that, despite not being as obnoxious/marketable as Jose, he is still a good manager?

7. Grant`s fiercest critics contend that his squad have got results in spite of him, yet blame him for the dire football Chelsea play. So do Chelsea`s players take their cue from Grant or not?

8. Will people accept that, having helped himself to thirty goals this season, Adebayor is probably not bad?

9. And do the people who dismiss that feat with "anyone could score thirty goals for Arsenal with that service" not remember the forward line of this time last year? (Baptista and Aliadiere).

10. What`s the deal with Edelman? Does Fiszman think he`s crap? Does Wenger think he`s crap? Has Kroenke made him redundant? Or is Dein lurking in the shadows?

11. Did Derby fans really think winding Adebayor up was a good idea?

12. Did Rafa Benitez really think winding up Didier Drogba was a good idea?

13. Where was Steven Gerrard on Wednesday night?

14. Don`t get me wrong, I fully admire Lampard`s courage and it is right it should be applauded. In no way do I believe Lampard or his family courted the attention, but why was similar fuss not made about Bacary Sagna and Dirk Kuyt, both of whom have endured personal tragedy this season?

15. This week clubs will reveal to their fans how to obtain quick visas for entry to Moscow. Now, this is a question I asked a few weeks back when Arsenal were still interested in the competition, but seriously, given that Russia was awarded the Final two years ago, why the **** didn`t UEFA sort this eons ago?

16. Cardiff City have known for thirty years or more that winning the F.A. Cup would not grant them access to European competition. But the F.A. characteristically caved to their whingeing. Now, Darren Purse receives a red card for a two footed lunge, which would result in a three match ban that precludes him from the Final. So who do Cardiff appeal to? The Welsh F.A of course, and guess what? They overturned it. So is the English F.A. admitting that the Welsh F.A can decide who plays in the English F.A. Cup Final, but the English F.A. can`t? (Is this footballs` answer to the West Lothian question?)

17. Alan Curbishley said last week that it would be an 'injustice' if the title were to escape United and that, if they won it, he would 'raise a glass' and toast Ferguson: blooding some youngsters on Saturday then Alan?

18. Robin van Persie will miss Sunday`s game as a precaution. A precaution for what?

19. Is it me or has Johan Djourou dyed his hair red? (Going for the Malcolm X look?)

20. Where will you celebrate our unlikely title win?LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday May 2 2008

Time: 12:09PM

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Is it possible that Q2 and Q14 have the same answer?
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02/05/2008 12:37:00

1. C$KA. They are playing at home. 2. Hoarding 3. Rhetorical question 4. no comment 5. a touch of hypocrisy I'd say. 6. actually, it has become bloody obvious that ANYONE can manage Chel$ki 7. a question for Red Rom 8. Not necessarily. 9. see 8. 10. no idea 11. obviously not 12. rafa can only wind up in debt 13. according to reports on the pitch. still looking for live witnesses though. 14. I refuse to comment 15. not interested 16. see 15 17. I'll skip this one 18. Dutch FA need healthy players. it is the duty of the clubs to provide, pay, and nurse them. 19. As long as he plays good, he can do as he pleases. 20. according to question 17, our chances went from a strong 5% to a uncertain 0,01%.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 12:45:00

Damn right 2 and 14 have the same answer.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 13:40:00

LD I concur but being one the the very rich fat cats what was said by The boss on Would dearly love to know before the buffoons spoil what was really said. You must have a telly in your office glued to that?? Can you help please pretty please.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 15:18:00

1. neither; but I do think it would be a major comedy if Grant got Chelsea a CL trophy. Here we have a consensus that demands a brilliant, experienced tactician to win major trophies. If Grant wins the CL—a man who doesn’t even hold all the proper credentials to manage a football club, a mediocrity who’s never achieved much of anything—it would throw out our deeply held beliefs about the need for the likes of “brilliant tacticians” like Mourinho and show that the football gods have a deeply twisted sense of humor. / 2. not when you’re a Frenchman who plays for Arsenal kicking the poor English advertising board, nor when you’re when an Englishman kicking a silly woman who got in his way of showing his grit and character. / 3. to repeat, Gallas is a Frenchman playing for Arsenal misusing the ball for cheating purposes whereas Carrick is an Englishman showing the ball his grit and character. 6. he’s not special enuf and he doesn’t set women’s hearts on fire (tho Mourinho’s charms have always been lost on this female, he reminds me too much of two really obnoxious Portuguese uncles of mine) / 8. no, because he ain’t Torres or Henry or Berbatov or Rooney or Tevez or Benjani or Messi or Cronaldo or Dinho (or zidane, the original ronaldo, maradona, cruyff, puskas, pele…) / 11. and 12. hmm, you’re suggesting a confluence of reasoning ability between Rafa Benitez and Derby fans, which means Rafa is just as smart as your suicidal Derby fan / 14. see answers to question #2 and #3 – Englishmen own the copyright on “grit” and “character”. No foreigners understand these concepts. / 15. I guess I’m naïve but I’ve been shocked to see the extraordinary level of incompetence about this. The final is a couple of weeks and they’re working on this NOW??? I’ve never had illusions about UEFA but sheesh! / 16. thank goodness someone pointed this out! Over here in the US Cardiff City has been painted as some kind of poor wittle victim because of that old rule. / 17. the fact that a PL manager can publicly spout such sycophantic fawning over an upcoming opponent and not get properly trashed in the media is yet another measure of how Ferguson holds English football in complete thrall. 20. Where will you celebrate our unlikely title win? - at a very rowdy Brooklyn bar!
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 15:44:00

Question #21: is it possible anymore to win a trophy in major int'l tournaments without being cowards? Given yesterday’s UEFA cup results, I almost feel like giving up entirely the major tournaments in Europe. The CL rewards anti-football as a matter of course now. But it was still possible to see some adventurous, positive football in the UEFA cup tournament. Last season we had the incredible Sevilla-Espanyol final, which made the Milan-Pool borefest look like the testament to cowardice that it was. I was looking forward to a Bayern-Fiorentina final. Now we have the depressing prospect of a Zenit-Rangers final. Almost everywhere you turn now only cowardice on the pitch gets you trohpies. It’s what got Man United into the final after all. Thank god for the Copa Libertadores, where managers and players have the balls to go for it.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 15:53:00

I love Malcolm X
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 16:52:00

Jaelle how is the Zenit performance from yesterday cowardice? There is no way you could of seen the game and have that opinion. A small club from Russia taking down the giants of Bayern Munich 4-0!!! Bayern have a couple of players, that themselves cost more than the whole Zenit squad. The Zenit performance yesterday was heroic not cowardice.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 17:19:00

Jaelle-you're being unfair to Zenit. They beat Leverkusen in the QF by a similar margin away from home. I've watched a few games of theirs and they are quite a good side. Dont know about the Rangers game though.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 17:54:00

Zenit are fooookin' Sweeeeeeeet!
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 18:19:00

i'd celebrate our title win with all you folks on VITAL ARSENAL :)..
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 19:09:00

guys, I should've qualified my comments re the UEFA final. I agree about Zenit, the two legs of the Zenit-Bayern semifinal were great to watch. I do prefer Bayern but they were well and truly beaten by a fine Zenit team (bereft of a lot of key players too) and Bayern's performances throughout the tournament were never convincing. What I should've said was that now with Rangers in the final we'll probably see a game like the 1st leg of Barca-Manu, tho hopefully Zenit will be more penetrative than the very slow Barca. Manu parked 10 men in front of goal for over 90 mins. Rangers are very tough defensively, their anti-football is very hard to break down. Bayern-Fiorentina (or Zenit-Fiorentina for that matter) would've provided a more open, adventurous final.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 19:48:00

I'll celebrate our unlikely title win at home, pointing and laughing at my manc fan brother who's coming to watch with me on the final day of the PL. :)
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 20:01:00

btw folks is there any truth about the rumour that we are lining up Gareth Barry as a replacement for flamini. my mate told me today that he is on our hit list. does anyone over in the uk know more about this?
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 20:38:00

baptista and alildere didnt go around headbutting their own team mates.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 21:41:00

and Q21, is the above picture is ashburton grove please state what year it was taken?
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 21:43:00

Only too happy to oblige spudsinbatter. It was taken on the 22nd Dec 2007. It's the coach park for the away supporters. These are the vehicles they arrived in.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 22:08:00

Q14 - Would Shaun Wright Phillips been given the same amount of praise as Lampard? It's more about fame (infamy in FL's case). Henry would've got even more praise from everyone. Gerrard would'get handed the CL trophy just for consolation.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 22:20:00

are you saying you beating us in the league was more important then us doing you in the cup..........why because you went on to win the league dont make me laugh you also ran *****
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 00:22:00

Of course it's more important to qualify for the CL than to win a domestic cup. Thats why Koeman was sacked despite Valencia winning the Copa del Rey. Also-rans end up in the bottom half of the table.
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 00:31:00

so its more important to lose in europe every year then win a domestic cup.......sounds like arsenals accountant talking not a fan that wants to see his team win somthing
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 01:00:00

and talking of leaving...what big club is flamini going to, henry left for a big club but it didnt work out.....i know i live in barcelona the fans here are very very upset about winning f all, unlike you amos youve had a great season you qualified for the CL again well done muppet
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 01:02:00

As sharp. erudite, witty and intelligent as ever spudsinbatter. A true credit to yourself. As it happens yes - I would much, much prefer to compete in the CL every year than win the CC every 9 years. I can imagine that would be enough to satisfy you though.
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 01:41:00

Of course its more important to be in the champions league than win the Carling cup. Do you think David Villa has heard of the Carling cup..seriously? Even if you had got to the UEFA cup final it would have raised your profile throughout Europe and the world.... when people think of spurs they see a a basketball team not your dive of a club. you would throw that Carling pot in the bin to be where Rangers or Zenit are now admit it.
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 08:34:00

I think Matt Flamini's time at Arsenal is coming to an end. If he hasn't signed by now, it can only be down to money. If it's down to money, Arsenal will never be the highest. It is a shame that the sporting challenge of becoming an established figure in the first XI is less important than the financial side. He will go to Juve or Milan, earn more but will have to adapt to a new style of play and new teammates. Will he be happy on the bench if it doesn't work out quickly enough? After all Gattuso is the fan favourite in Milan...
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 09:48:00

I have this sneaky feeling that Wenger pushed Edelman out and then went to the press expressing his surprise and wishing him well. The 2 have been working together since Dein left and Arsene was apparently annoyed for missing out on the like of Alex Pato because of Edelman. How i would have love to see Pato in the red and white.
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 09:59:00

It just isn't true that Edelman and Wenger worked together on transfers. Wenger worked with Ken Friar and has done since Dein left. Edelman didn't get involved in player transactions other than in setting the budgets along with the rest of the board.
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 10:13:00

Shame they can't both lose
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 10:18:00

Can someone PLEASE find out what the price of the Henry dvd is over there in England? I live in South Africa and want to request that a store here orders it, but I need to know how much I'll need first. My e-mail address is Would really, really appreciate it Gooners. Enjoy the last Emirates game of the season!
Patresc Vieiragas
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 11:29:00

You could probably find the Henry DVD on Amazon Patresc but you could also order directly from the website on the following link
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 12:14:00

some very interesting points, especially the VISA situation - absolutley shocking!
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 21:23:00

Its is a sad day when the first 7 questions in an article composed by arsenal fans, on an arsenal site, for arsenal fans, doesnt even mention the club "arsenal". pfh, but why do i care?
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 21:36:00

well said U4L dont worry they are just happy to be able to compete in the same league as you, winning it isnt congrats on your title this year
Report Abuse
04/05/2008 02:12:00

At least we are competing in the same league as them spudsinbatter. The same league as Real, Barca, Milan, and all the big clubs. You on the other hand are either competing in the bottom half of the table with 'boro, Wigan, Sunderland or Aalborg and Hapoe Tel Aviv in the Uefa cup.
Report Abuse
04/05/2008 09:48:00

spudsinbatter you are very bitter. You are an aggressive scumbag living in the shadow of Arsenal. Why else are you even over here if you arent obsessed with our club.
Report Abuse
05/05/2008 00:50:00

carling cup or a CL place....... no contest a CL place plus the kudos of being a TOP 4 club coz thats where its at, but then again spursinbarca, HOW THE FECKING HELL WOULD YOU KNOW????? CAREFREE!!
Report Abuse
06/05/2008 14:50:00


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