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Crazy German To Leave In The Summer

Not that it was needed after Lehmann's comments over the season, and then the German's actions at the end of the game with Everton today, but Arsene & Jens have confirmed the stopper will leave Arsenal next week.

Lehmann was left to ride then pine at the beginning of the season after two unbelievable howlers, and comments made by the crazy German all but told us he would leave in the summer.

But today Wenger and Lehmann confirmed the worst kept secret in football.

Yes [that is the end of his Arsenal career]. That is why I brought him on. We have great respect for him,' Wenger told Sky Sports.

'He is a super professional and super talented. In the seven years I worked with Jens I could not fault him. He was focused every single day and worked very hard.'

Mad Jens thanked the fans in his farewell.'The moment at the end was an amazing feeling for me - after five years and a lot of emotional moments,'

'It was a great farewell for me and I am really grateful to the supporters and they will always stay in my heart. I really appreciated [coming on at the end]. In terms of success [during my Arsenal career], [the unbeaten season] was my highlight.'

'It was unfortunate that this season did not come to a deserved happy ending.'

I really think the way Jens conducted himself this season was a little embarrassing, but putting that aside, I'm really going to miss him.

I'm sure in 30 years time, I'll be stood in Bank of Friendship with my son and grandson regaling them with tails of a crazy German named Jens Lehmann. Cult hero.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday May 4 2008

Time: 7:22PM

Your Comments

I love him! ! !
did you see the difference when he came on today? Fabianski is nowhere near ready...
Jens has written his page in the Arsenal history books right enough. A true one off - thankfully in many ways, but a memorable character and a very good keeper.
A good servant to the club. Now on to today's game. Tis was a game that showed me one thing that I have suspected for some time, that Benthner is going to be far better player than Ade will ever be, the midfield of Denilson and Gilberto seemed to prefer to pass the ball to Benthner rather than Ade. This I belive is because Benthner has a much better first toutch than Ade, he also ran his legs off for ninty minuts wich is more than Ade or his new dance partner Eboue did. Final word on Flamini, I hope he has studyed the departures of Anelka, Edu, Pires, Overmars, Petit, Henry, Viera etc etc and realised hat the grass is not alwayes greener on the other side.
another character leaves English footy!
He will always be a favourate among the arsenal supporters. loved the way he used to wind up other players and get wind up himself. will never forget his penalty save vs Villareal. that is my most wonderful ever moment as a Gooner. the joy i felt on that night, even the unbeaten season happiness doesent quite come close to it. the most amazing n breath taking moment in my life as a Gooner, and i'm grateful to Jens for giving that to me all of us. you'll be missed and never be forgotten Jens. Our crazy German legend will always remain in our hearts..
I loved it last year when he and Drogba had a diving contest on the field at Stamford Bridge. That and the penalty save versus Villareal will be something I always remember about Jens. Good luck this summer and wherever you might go after that big fellow.
Armory - have to completely disagree, Bendtner's touch was awful today, nothing stuck.
Gooner_vin were we watching the same game, he time and again picked up the ball and ran at the defence made a good pass and got him self into position, his worst pass was problably the one to trarore which resulted in a goal.
Armory, we sure were, I was at the game and myself and those around me were all commenting on how the ball wasn't always sticking when it got to him.
Looks like Flamini is going to Milan. Very disappointing.
My sentiments exactly, Rocky. Lehmann hasnt covered himself in glory this season, but I will remember him fondly for his achievements at Arsenal. Thank you Jens.
Gooner_Vin If that is what they thought then I advise that you all look at it again. there was one moment that sticksg in my mind, when Eboue, his only good moment in the game, crossed for Ade and he completly missed the ball when it would have been easier to score, then look at Benthner, passes to trarore then gets between TWO defenders to score.
Flamini is off to Milan, The boy has ambition! Hleb to inter???
look on the bright side, if flamini goes, ther is no exuse for wenger not to go out and spend. he will HAVE to buy a decent enough midfielder to go straight ino the team which means spending serious money. i rate flamini highly, but there alot of other top quality midfielders out there too. (unless wenger decided to stick with only denilson gilberto and diaby alongside fabregas...which would be a huge step backwars IMO)
im going to miss our crazy German keepa. Cult hero indeed.
bye flamini another gone in the quest to play for a big club
jens is the most colourful goalie there has been and will ever be.. thank u jens for all the memories and the crucial saves u made for us.. wishing u a wondeful euro 2008 and luck in ur future club
flamini will be missed, but if we could do without henry, we'll do without flamini.. although the list of arsenal players not making it big time elsewhere, i sincerely wish flamster all the best in milan bcoz he has always been my favourite player even before this season
at least he didnt leave us to play in a BIG CLUB that'll finish 11th this season behind west ham who played with half their squad on the treatment table.. PATHETIC
Yes of course we are a small club. Thats why loads of the biggest stars say they love to watch Arsenal play and if they came to the prem would love to play for arsenal. On the other hand i remember Robinho once saying “Reports that I’d move to Tottenham are wide of the mark,” Robinho told Marca. “If I had to leave Real, I’d choose to join another a big club. “I don’t regard Tottenham Hotspur as a big club.” Nuff said
Villareal penalty save anyone? LeJens!!!
sorry paul is that the same spurs that passed on bergkamp, dont make me laugh you cant afford to buy big players your too much in debt - the season is not over and we have shelled our 16 mil for modric ill make a 100 quid bet with you that you wont spend over 10 mil on one player - wenger aint got any cash he has to go find some zulu tribesman and turn him into a player
I believe banter is cool but just to say something stupid all the time i quite a waste. Its good to joke but if the discussions have no substance then people should leave posting alone. Just to post for the sake of a wind up is quite immature!!!! ANYWAY, Arsenal fans, dont be upset if/when Flamini leaves, i for one wish he would just get on with it, regardless of how good he is/has been. If not, what i could see in the future is going through this crap on a yearly basis. If i was wenger i would not play these games, if u want to leave, LEAVE and stop messing about with people!!! Let him go, Wenger will do the right thing and he will regret his decision as i am sure many others have. As far as Arsenal being a small club, that is not really bad to me as im sure many of the big clubs wished they played football like the Gunners. This small club has beaten the big clubs so i really dont have a problem!!! God Bless!!!
Sorry to post this here... But I don't know how to submit something to you otherwise... I saw this about Flamini and thought it might be of interest. It's translated from a reputable Italian news site. I hope for your sake, it's not right but...
Wrong again spudsinbatter. Arsenal spend about £20m a year more on their player budgets than Spurs do. The difference is we don't blow it on sheling out £16m on players like Bent. When its comes to player budgets you don't compare at all.
Bull amos we outspend you every year on transfers and that is a fact - you trying to use salaries as a way out that is pathetic
you are a small club, when was the last man utd or a liverpool player wanted out, you have a few every season, reyes, henry, flamini
No problem, that just shows how great if a manager is to keep the team in the top four on a yearly basis weven though noboday wants to stay!! u see, nothing you say is a bother it only shows that the team is resilent!! If players leave every year and somehow arsenal find a way to beat the top teams. Hey we havnt won in a while but we have to go back a few decades to find the last time other teams won any thing SUBSTANTIAL!!! BIG UP DI GUNNAZ EVERYTIME SEEEN!!! BLESS UP!!!
Only over the last couple of years spudsinbatter but thats because we buy players like henry for £12m get 8 good years out of him and sell him for £16m. Whereas you blow £16m on players like Bent. All clubs have player budgets. Thats salaries plus transfer fees. So we routinley spend at least £20m a year more on players than you do because we earn more revenue. Simple really. Even a spud waiter could understand it.
I believe Lehman should have been given another chance this season!! Alumina just cant seem to just make that critical save when the defense has blown it!! God speed to Lehman!
Last Liverpool player who wanted out? Let's see that would have been Sissoko in January and last ManU player I guess that would have been Heinze last summer.
Difference is we sell players past their best and they go on to achieve less. Your best players want out because they want to win something. Campbell, Carrick and soon Berbatov.
any thoughts on how to replace him? Im just not sure it can be done. However, if Arsene has a plan, I will trust it fully... lets hope he does...
lol here we go again, spurs trying to tell arsenal that they are bigger and arsenal are going backwards... oh another summer of complete rubbish from white *****e lane, and people wonder why i am not here that much ! spurs have gone backwards IMO, one little tin cup doesn't hide the fact that your points tally is worse, that you are losing BERBATOV and as a club can never hold onto your stars.. so if you EVER get into the champions league, maybe then you can start to even try and tell you your are bigger and better, but right now i would keep those little mouths HUSH, cos a tin cup doesn't mean you won anything, you just got lucky and one the minor tin pot cup, pah, who cares !
lehmans first game was against everton at home, and his last game was everton at home
Well I for one will miss the crazy fu(ker.... I loved how he wound people up (and got wound up himself) - a true character of the type you rarely see in football these days, and a top class keeper when he was in the mood. I'll never forget the look on Ole's face... The RVN penalty save... The save that put us in the CL final... Well done to all those at AG for giving him a rousing send of - pure class! To Jens, all the very best you nutter! You'll be fondly remembered by this Gooner.
as much as as he is a screwup, hes been great. ! miss you lots JENSY ! YOU CRAZY ********..HAHAHA
plss dont 4get his time wasting antics against wigan last season it had me in splits
The man was an entertainer and a top professional. His distribution out of hand is excellent for starting attacking moves. Top class. Good to see footballers with loads of personality too. Mad Jens full respect.
Is it just me who think that, all bias aside, Flamini is making a bad move by going to Milan? As far as I can see, the positives in it for him are playing along side Kaka and Pirlo (but we have Fabregas and Hleb etc here anyway), and more money. They finished fourth in the league, it's not as good a league as ours, we knocked them out of the CL. They're the ones with the illustrious history, we're the ones with the bright future. I don't think this move is positive for either party.
first mourinho then jens...we are gonna have a drop in ratings
Even with his stupid comments this year, I simply can't be angry at Jens. The Villarreal penalty save was the single greatest moment of my Arsenal supporting life. Any keeper whoplays in 47 of the 49 unbeaten matches has undoubted quality and has earned his place in Arsenal folklore. I'll miss you you crazy *****er.
Little Dutch
He thinks he's bigger than the club. Get him out.... fast!!! (1881)
So long Jens. You were mad as a brush but always entertaining. I remember thinking he was one of the weakest players in the squad during the Unbeaten Season; everyone else seemed to make up for it. But when that squad broke up and the kids came in Jens emerged as a real force; he was immense during our run to CL Final (shame about the sending off!). Take it easy you mad ********, good luck and good health.
Flamini on the other hand, I'm f-cking miffed about.
I HAVE MISSED JENS ALL SEASON AND WILL MISS CONTINUE TO. Despite all his stupid comments to the press, I just can't get angry with him. I so wish Arsene had given him more games this season. I don't mind Almunia so much but in the few games Jens played this season he just looked more commanding in goal. Just look at his distribution on Sunday, so obviously a class above both Fabianski and Almunia. He's got more authority and I love the way he barracks his teammates. I will always remember how he made me laugh with his antics...the deliberate timewasting at Wigan, his little tete-a-tete with Drogba...and that unforgettable penalty save at Villareal! He was also excellent at the 2006 wc. *sniff* Goodbye, Jens!
Does anyone think we would have won the league with Lehman in goal inspite of the adversities? or at least think we would have had a better chance?

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