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Thanks Flamini, But **** You

As my esteemed editor confirmed earlier this evening, Mathieu Flamini has completed his switch from Arsenal to AC Milan after months of speculation.

The French international made his name at Arsenal after a switch from Marseille in 2004 has enjoyed a fantastic season with The Gunners. His industrious, never say die attitude have offered a fantastic base for Fabregas to tear teams apart.

It's a pitty he chose to chase money rather than football, but that's modern football for you. The fact that he has chosen money is why I say 'Fu*k you' to the Frenchman. That's not to say that I'm not grateful to him. He gave 100% for every second he was in an Arsenal shirt. I wish him all the best.

Now, the business of who will replace him? The first place to look is in our current squad.


The Brazilian is a World Cup winner. That alone does not make him the right man, but he's been there and done it. He has been professional this season, not mouthing off in the press every time he was left out of the team. He has showed us that he can do it, and last season he made a fantastic stand-in captain for Henry. But he is no sprig chicken and looks off the pace this season. I don't think Wenger will go back to 'The Invisible Wall.'

Abou Diaby

A powerful Frenchman, capable of bulldozing through teams. I'm not talking about Vieira, but Diaby. There has been many comparisons made between the two Frenchmen, mainly due to their similar physical stature rather than their style of play. He's been deployed on the wing this season rather than in the middle, but I think he has what it takes to play in the middle. There is one problem though, he doesn't seem to be able to play with Fabregas. The two of them like to get forward, meaning the back four would often be left exposed. Unless Wenger can change his style of play, he wont be the man to replace Flamini in the middle.

Alex Song

The Cameroon international has been played as a centre back for Arsenal this season, and he has excelled. He had a good African Cup of Nations playing in midfield, but he doesn't seem to do it there for Arsenal. His future is as a defender. He wont replace Flamini.

Johan Djourou

The Swiss international was a midfielder when Arsenal signed him, and one of the best in his age group at that. Wenger thought he would be better off at the back, and duely converted him. He's big, powerful and composed. I'm not sure he'd relish being switched back to his original position, but with Song switching to centre back, he may not have a future as a defender. An unlikely choice, but one to consider.


The young Brazilian is resilliant and industious. Not to the extremes of Flamini, but industrious none the less. When Arsenal signed him Wenger described him as '50% Gilberto, 50% Rosicky.' That sounds like a dream midfielder to me. But he's struggled to get first team action this season, despite a string of fantastic performances in the Carling Cup last season. Wenger will definantly give him some thought, but I think that he's too similar to Fabregas for the two of them to be played together. But then everyone said that about Rooney and Tevez.


Both fantastic players, but both too attacking to be played with Fabregas week-in, week-out.

I'm sure there's a little Frenchman living on the south coast that is kicking himself right about now. Diarra didn't get much football in his short Arsenal career, but I for one would be giving him my backing to step up to the mark for next season. Shame he left.

So it looks like Arsenal will bring someone in for next season. Who? I'll let the creative minds of the tabloids bore you with that.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 5 2008

Time: 9:11PM

Your Comments

he knew he was going to win cups at ac milan;)
I agree with you Simmy that we do not have a player on the squad that can replace Flamini. According to to one players agent we have made a short list of possible players to replace Flamini. Who's on that list we can only guess.
ooohh! touchy !
i think song or denilson could do the job vacated by greedy mat.i like denilson because he is very tenacious,likes to tackly has a good pass on him,and has great for song,he is very cool in possesion and can tackle hold the ball and he can make the simple passes.i wouldnt mind either having a run in the team,probably wenger will bring in somone else,i wouldnt mind gareth barry if he was to be brought in,(i doubt it though)...only time will tell
fran merida
Appart from Essien i couldnt name a better DM midfielder in the world. I think we have lost a great player
Wenger finally gave Flamini his chance and didn't rotate him at the expense of Diarra and he took it. My feeling is that he owed Wenger and Arsenal more than what he gave. What makes me laugh is when players give interviews, like Flamini did with The Arsenal magazine, going on about how much he loves it here and playing with Cesc, Hleb and Rosicky who are like friends etc., only to go and leave. Doesn't matter, he's replaceable and we can get someone even better, knowing Wenger, he'll pluck someone else frmo obscurity a la Sagna or Dudu.
can i just make a plea to all gooners out there to not berate flamini.. he was a true professional and gave 100% commitment to the club as long as he was here.. if he had left last season, there would have been none of this.. he's taken his chance and moved on to better things financially.
however, if there was ever one person who could find a replacement for flamini that's arsene wenger.. and no amount money will take that great man away from arsenal.. bcoz apart from wenger and ferguson, i cant name another coach who loves their team
yep its got to be purely down to money as its bizarre, he waited all those years to get a regular go and this season he's been one of your first names on the team sheet yet he now leaves - it can only be for the money... hopefully you can keep most of your squad together tho, as you have something special brewing!
diarra will be kicking himself wont he, as he would be the ideal candidate - but we want to keep him now, and hopefully we can, aswell as kranjcar, altho if you offer £12m or thereabouts i think you will get him, it depends what happens with hleb i guess?
what about Kevin Keegan. I think he loves the Geordies
I like Kranjcar but i think it will be a bit of a step backwards from Hleb personally.
yeah money is want he was after, lets see 85000 san siro to emirates 60k, adeybayur next to kaka, gallas or maldini, helb or gattuso, yep your right its only the money
....and theres all the non footballing reasons like better weather, woman etc
Spursinbarca - Let's see. 85,000 stadium that they share with their rivals and do not own, vs a 60,000 state of the art arena that is ours. Then you compare a striker to their play maker when you should be comparing Cesc Fabregas to Kaka, and I'll tell you what, I'd take Cesc every time. Then you compare Gallas to defender who is due to retire...nice going, then you compare a tricky winger to a defensive midfielder, your football knowledge is outstanding!!
can i ask why did wenger let his contract run down for him to leave on a free transfer? we got done by campbell in the same way except flamini was more honest and said he was thinking about a move
you dont know crap rocky every footballer in the world would rather play in the san siro then the emirate they dont care about how many plasmas are in the changing rooms....lets not forget the dire atmosphere in your stadium, and you might prefer top play with cesc, but a prof footballer woulf take kaka - aka flamini you jockey
p.s you dont own the emirates the banks do, you not even half way there on the repayments
SIb.... yawn
pps id bet you wished gallas would have retired
someone please... put SIB out of his misery... it's becoming embarrassing...
it is a gamble for MF. milan will be doing a major rebuild this summer, which may take time to gel, so he may not see to much success short term. from an arsenal point of view, the loss of both flamini, lehmann and the possible departure of gilberto will be a big loss, not only due to you losing two on free's and one for peanuts (if he goes) and replacing them will eat into your summer budget, but you have also lost two old heads, which will be as much of a loss off the pitch as it will on.
San Siro may be 85000 capacity but AC Milan only average 55,000 and Inter 47,000. Spudsinbatter isn't the sharpest knife in the box is he.
amos the average is because the italians dont give a toss about the copa itlaia, ive been to see milan there twice and both times they had 80k, anyway it dosnt matter 200 people could make more noise then your lot, even cesc agrees
On a serious note. How can you, SIB come on to an Arsenal Board and take digs? How many players have left your club because your not big enough? Klinsman, Sheringham, Campbell, Carrick, all of who found success elsewhere. And it wont suprise me if Berbatov leaves too.
Amos - He just makes up his own facts to try and back himself up, such as "every footballer in the world would prefer to play at the San Siro than the Emirates" .... unless he has questioned every footballer in the world that as usual, it's complete made up bollox!!
No - the average is overall attendances for the season - that's what an average is - not one off games. You do struggle with the details don't you.
Judging by the time he spends on here nothing is quite as empty as his bar. Must be a captivating host.
amos are you for real? if they get 80k for every league gam and then 3k for all the cup games its going to give them a crap average your truly are an idiot
Also every year a Big name is linked to you club, and every year that player laughs it off as a joke. Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Robinho, Villa, Zidane etc “When Zidane was asked about his widely-discussed trial in north London this week, ZZ looked baffled and spluttered ‘who?’. His translator apologised and explained: “I don’t think he has heard of Tottenham Hotspur.”... “Reports that I’d move to Tottenham are wide of the mark,” Robinho told Marca. “If I had to leave Real, I’d choose to join another a big club. “I don’t regard Tottenham Hotspur as a big club.” Never heard of you and dont regard you as a big club seems to be the general consensus amongst the best players.
rocky if you are a neutral you grow up wanting to play at the biggest world famous stadiums in europe so dont play stupid next to the nou camp and san siro yours is tiny, and its not quite famous yet is it
AC Milan played in only one Coppa home game this season and they had 4500 people there. One game can not bring down an average that much.
Only if they play the same number of cup games as they do league games. For a waiter you really do have trouble with numbers don't you.
oh paul youve been reading the sun too much we have been linked with roadcastle this year, *****
That would equal 64,600 but as has already been pointed out to you Milan played one cup game with 4,500 and there average attendance is 55,000. So, as they have played 36 games in the league then it follows that the cup game can brought there average down by 1,367 per match. You must really struggle with those bar bills. Hope you have someone to do them for you.
Idiot face here is some statistics for you. AC Milan Serie A Home games 17, total attendance 897327, highest 81954, average 52784, total capacity when full 85443, average attendance in percentage 61.7%
Actually Spursinbarca - In the league this season AC Milan have averaged 57,000 (with the lowest attendence being 40,000), a little less than what we have averaged in our tiny tiny little stadium!! All those empty seats in the San Siro must be lovely to look at.
you really are a fool amos, im tired of this crap i will just agree to make you happy the emirates is the best staduim in the world better then the camp nou, the san siro and the bernibau it also boasts the best atmosphere in the world, and henry, flamini, and viera must feel like their at brammel lane at their new clubs because the emirates is soooo big
spursinbarca ...... check them our SIB, they're called facts. They're quite interesting!
Rocky, paul_ownz and Amos, all due respect guys and I'm not belittling your contributions whatsoever, my question is simply why on earth are you discussing the AC Milan attendance with a "spurs" fan? When they can fit 40,000 into their ***** hole then he can come back and talk. What the hell does Flamini playing at the San Siro have to do with him?
These stats have not been updated with the Inter milan Game. If i add 82000 on to the total attendance and divide by 18 it still is an average of 54000 on League games.
Spursinbarca, Flamini is gone. Get over it. I know it hurts mate, but hold it in there big guy. You seem more concerned about it than we are. For a spursfan you post so much more on here than the average gooner. I'm not against going to the Spurs site and winding them up once in a while but this is ridiculous.
keplaz it started because it was written that he left for money only and that is BS, Im arguing milan is a great club to go to and there stadium is one every footballer dreams i promise 10000 spurs fans are louder the your corporate dump ground
You are right Keplaz. I just felt the need to correct his mistakes.
and i know it sounds bad but i lived in north london for 20 years and know i live in barcelona this is my only way to wind arsenal fans up.....there are not too many here
Of course you are tired of it spudsinbatter you have once again been proved totally, utterly and absolutely wrong just as you are every single time you come here. If anyone else had been proven so easily and comprehensively wrong as you are they would have given up long before now. Frankly I don't know how you can take the constant embarrasment.
I get it that spurs hav finally won a trophy and with 48 points in the league and 11th place assured, you are ready to take the world by storm. We get it that we the Arsenal are a spent force with our 80 and that we are losing all our good players and Wenger who unearthed them in the first place is clearly unable to replace them, we get that too. Your opinion matters to us very much spursinbarca and we are fully aware that owning a boozer in Spain, as you say you do, makes you an undoubtable authority on world football. A man who is so proud of the team he supports he uses Barcelona and AC Milan as viable examples in belittling a rival club.
It's a bit of fun Keplaz - a bit cruel I suppose - like pulling legs off spiders. But he is such an easy put down that it is hard to resist it.
keplaz - ok ill use spurs to belittle you 5-1 (raped) and adeybuyor and bender loving it at the lane! fool this topic is about AC Milan, and i have never used barca for anything except as a place of residency
I understand banter and even hating rival clubs but there's a limit to everything. How can you call us a small club by using clubs you call big as examples? It clearly means you see us on a more or less similar footing. If you changed your wind ups and tried to vary it a bit, it would be more fun or even annoying. This is just sad.
Guys guys guys, SIB is being a WUM and doing it very successfully. Stop playing up to him. Anyway BACK ON TOPIC. I think Flamini has been very disloyal to Wenger here, as he has actually thrust him into the limelight this season. Obviously hasn't learnt from the other players who have left Arsenal. An ideal replacement who has been mentioned on the boards is Yaya Toure, but this is very unlikely. I hope Wenger pulls one out of the bag and finds another Sagna over the summer.
You have used Barca. Mentioning Henry and the stadium is such an obvious link or didn't you spot it when you made the statement? OK, you won 5-1. Great, what did that give you apart from a place ina cup we are above and a trophy that is only meaningful to clubs beneath the top four? We've covered this ground already. It's pathetic to keep crowing about ONE result wen your team is 11th in a league they should be rrealistically challenging for. Amos, I know it's fun but this is just getting embarrassing.
i do it because your articles claim you are a big club and i am throwing in names of big clubs to show how small you really are. go on name 1 big club in spain england or italy that have won jack for 3 years it doesnt exsist
ok keplaz if the CC is so meaningless as you all keep saying, just tell me why in the 2007 final 32000 arsenal fans travelled all the way back from cardiff unhappy, and why 9 out of the 10 arsenal players got into a brawl on the pitch and adeybuiyor sent off - does that sound meaningless to gooner?????
The thing about being a BIG club matters only to Spurs supporters. We are happy with our club however big or small. The fact that you consider this a point of debate means it's something that you have thought about greatly. Most people would consider us a big club, it's just that you spurs need something to cling on to. Something to give you hope that you can catch us. If you saw us as a big club then you'd only have West Ham to aspire to be. I refuse to get drawn into the whole big club thing or to name other clubs. I don't need to constantly look at other clubs to be secure about my own. I'll leave that to you.
Depends on the period you pick - for example Real Madrid won nothing in the 3 seasons ending 2004 and 2006.
That includes 2005 - by the way
It was a final. Regardless of the importance of the cup, once you get to a final you don't want to lose. If we'd won we would have been happy but we would have seen it in perspective. It's not an important trophy. It is a trophy and they are always good but we reached that fianl playing reserves up till the game against you, and only because of the rivalry did we change our stance , same as this year. The CL however, we didn't play reserves at any stage except for Sevilla away and we'd already qualified. You play your full squad in every CC game.
I see you are getting caught up in the sport Keplaz - but it is a bit cruel really - best leave him to his fantasies.
amos shut it - they won la liga in 2003
Anyway, I need to go now. it's getting late and I have work to do. Same time tomorrow Spursinbarca? I enjoy these little chats of ours. :)
keplaz i see you didnt answer the CC question its okay i know the answer - the CC is meaningful only if it is won
SIB.. I do feel sorry for you... You live in Barca, you got the sun, the sea's next door and all you do is hiding behind a pc screen to aimlessly and jealously rant at Arsenal. If i was in your position, i'd have better things to do than ranting at an 11th placed team.
Yes - spudsinbatter but 2003 doesn't appear in the seasons ending 2004, 2005 & 2006 now does it!!! This is surreal - but really quite funny!
Lol. Amos. You said a three year period and he gave you one. 03/04 is ONE season spursinbarca. They won it in the 02/03 season, I'm guessing. Couldn't resist.
I answered the CC question. Didn't you see it? Scroll up.
If it was important we wouldn't use it to blood our reserves would we? Only bring out the big guns against rivals? The logic is simple. Really MUST go now. You are right Amos. This was fun.
***** the****, scumbags the lot of these 'elite' footballers. Outside of Totti and Maldini loyalty isnt even in the vocabulary of these money grabbing, fairies. It is bull***** like this that his seriously soured me on premier league football in the last 3 months and you know with Hleb and Flamini going it want be long before their best buddy Cesc follows. English football was well and truly dead before the 39th game idea, give me Stoke City any day of the week.
Ozi Gooner
Typical bitter gooner attitude. You should have paid him more than 5 grand a week! Mugs...
these spuds are just bitter to be in our shadow..look at what they discuss in their forum..they created a thread just to discuss about us...haha..actually, i feel honoured..cos i dnt see us creating a thread just to comment about our rivals..
AC Milan (61 pts) has a very slim 1 pt lead over Fiorentina (60 pts) for 4th place. They have Napoli away who is currently 9th and Udinese (57 pts) at home who is currently 6th just behind Fiorentina. Fiorentina has Parma (18th) at home and Torino (15th) away. The race for the last CL spot in the Serie A is tighter than ever.
We have a slim 36 point lead on Spuds with one to play.
My mistake, it's only a 34 point lead.
i have asked this question before on this board...but arsene wenger know what he is doing...rebuilding...but do the players share his vision??? is a team sport on the pitch..but off it its a very individual based game..players do whats best for them both in terms of finances and trophies..flamini was treated badly last season by wenger..should have got a contract offer last time around likewise for gilberto next...if i were an arsenal fan i would be worried about fabregas...and this is not me saying but people like guilleme balague..those who know fabregas!!
Go for Miguel Veloso if Man U pass on him.
Shame for you guys because hes been a revelation for you this season. But surely not everybody who leaves Arsenal leaves for the money? do you not think its because Milan are a giant of European football and he wants to win trophys at a bigger club. Yet when lets say Sol Campbell royally screws us over to become the prems highest earner at the time you guys say its because of "footballing reasons and he wants to win trophys". Its true that football is so obsessed with money these days buts its not the only reason Flamini joined Henry, Viera, Cashley etc decided to leave. Wherever Berbatov ends up going this summer it wont be just for the money, he wants to play at the very top and win trophys (ironic because hes just won the first of his career at Spurs lol) same with Flamini he wants to win the big trophys something unlikely to happen at le arse.
If Flamini wanted a guarantee of trophies Milan wouldn't have been his first choice. I doubt that the primary motive wasn't money and winning trophies was secondary but it doesn't matter greatly. Sol didn't screw you over anymore than Flamini screwed us. We got him for nothing and he went for nothing same as you did with Sol. As for winning big trophies you have to be in them to win them so our chances of winning them are much greater than say - just for example - Spurs.
Calm down GTID. We have plenty of hispanics in our club. Abusing someone on the basis of nationality is racist.
Huddersfield - If reports are to be believed he left because he got better bids from Italy. He apparantly said if you can't match the offer then im off. That would lead me to believe that if we offered him what he wanted, that he would still be there. If this is the case then money was the instigator of his departure.
gtid, that was completely out of order.
Flamini's motives are his own, and surely aren't down to one thing. It is a mixture of greed, fresh challenge, illustrious club, and probably the italian birds. For a guy who has played only one season at the top level this is way too much space and attention for the Frenchman, isn't it? Last time I checked the shirt on his back said Flamini, no Zidane, Vieira, Gattuso, etc. To pay him 4 mil. a year based on 1 season is a financial suicide, imo. Back to the original text by Simmo, I like to think that we have plenty of quality and experience to fill in the void. Gilberto, Diaby, Song, and even Djourou and Toure have both played there with some success. One player that can do the job for me is Alex Song. I know he's been deployed as a CB at the moment, but I think he really excells in midfield, just like he did in the ACN, where he outshone much more renown and experienced names. Needs a few more pounds of muscle on him in the off season and voilla. Step up Son(g), it's your time.
we need a big singing with some experience, thats what we have lacked this season ... experience
As a Spurs fan, I'm not particularly impressed by the racist comments of Spurs In Barca (Zulu Tribesmen, Bags of Rice etc). I hope you realises he never posts on the Spurs page so I'd ignore him or delete his comments. AC Milan are planning to move into their own smaller stadium which will probably be built by the time that Flamini completes his contract at Milan. As for a replacement, maybe moving Kolo Toure into central midfield would be an option given that he would bring a defensive mentality and has played there previously especially as a taller centre back might help overcome the height issue at the centre of your defence. I agree with OxfordSpur though, in that the loss of experience with Lehmann, Flamini, and possibly Gilberto plus the previous departure of Henry must be of concern. Even an experienced signing will take some time to settle into the Premiership. You can have Didier Zokora in exchange for a few free flights to Dubai though :)
I think Flamini can be replaced and will be replaced without too much fuss. All im worried about is Hleb staying because there is no-one in world football capable of what he does with the ball.
Aussie Gooner
I reiterate, I can't understand why any Gooners would have beef with Flam over this. Talk about loyalty is misguided, he saw out his contract, he always ghave 100% in an Arsenal shirt. Not many of us shed any tears when the club agreed to let him go last summer. It's hard to fathom for us that money could come into it when deciding whether to stay at Arsenal, but Flamini is not an Arsenal supporter. He's had his money increased significantly at a huge club like Milan. It's not exactly an enormous step down for him. If most of you were offered a huge salary increase to do your jobs elsewhere would you stay out of loyalty to your company? Loyaalty's a two way street, we were happy to discard him this time last year. he stayed, showed a great attitude, saw out his contract, now he's got a huge pay rise. If that happened in any office block in London, everybody would proclaim that the epitome of the capitalist work ethic.
Little Dutch
Like i said elsewhere, I have no problem with Flamini going...he will be replaced..however, i have a problem with the thinking that Hleb is all that. No doubt he is a great dribbler..but hleb epitomise all that is good and bad about Arsenal...plenty possession, a lot of skill...but no enough grit and not enough goals. Hleb had 11 goals in 3yrs people...3 league goals this yr...that is unacceptable. Pires/Ljunberg used to do more than 10/12 for us....whne goals dried up for Ade we had no one else to score...i am actually looking forward to Hleb going...we shld get midfielders who can score goals and stop being entertainers...even Viera used to get in 3 or more goals every season
number14, do you have any quotes from Hleb to that effect? Don't blur the lines between what is truth and what is rumour.
Little Dutch
Nope..LD i am just reacting to the rumours..its quite unsettling for a fan. and you better believe there ia a lot of truth this rumour. But rumours aside, the point i am driving at is this - we havnt gotten too much out of Hleb apart from entertainment. If a player in his position cant contribute more than 11 goals in 3yrs i will seriously query his all round buttress the point Lampard has no skills whatsoever...doesnt particularly assist..but will guaratee GOALS...or has done so for a few yrs now...our bigest problem has been in that end product. IMO we can replae Hleb with someone wh knows where the post is and not a dancer/entertainer. Thats all i;'m saying
And dont say he assists either..he plays in a more advanced postion that Cesc who has more assists and goals that he does.
Finally, my annoyance is this - Arsenal is just a whisker away from greatness...just a whisker. The boss knows this and it must be frustrating to play the best football out there with no endpoint...if we won silverware regularly, not only wld our big players feel it imperative to stay but much bigger players wld want to come to the club too.
He might not get as many goals or assists, but he's involved in the buildup to some of the team's best moves. A pass or two just before the assist is played or the goal is scored, Hleb has been at the hub of most of the attacks and has been a damaging player the whole season. Losing him would be a huge blow.
Yeh right best moves...thats hardly enough IMO. Pires was involved a the best moves and wld score regularly...and wld give the final move regularly. In his position, Hleb shld be making most of the final pass...not just build up play...who give a hoot about build up play...
*final pass
They're fair points number 14, all I'm saying is don't buy too much into the big time charlie reports. I still remember the Telegraph running a piece about a 20 year old Ashley Cole refusing to upgrade his renault clio and still accepting a reserves wage despite being a first team fixture. It's easy for the press to give you the wrong angle on a player.
Little Dutch
LD I know what u r saying, and agree. I'm just sort of analysing the team and I think one of the reasons we cldnt go far this season is bcos of the few goals from midfield...take away Cesc's goals and we had a pretty poor return from the midfield, Hleb being a major i'm saying if he were to go, i wouldnt miss him.
Stephen Appiah
"I hope you realises he never posts on the Spurs page" -- of course he doesn't, he admitted to us on this site that he is more motivated by hatred of Arsenal than love of the club he supposedly supports. He couldn't care less about spurs, which is why gooner insults about spurs don't matter to him. He's not a spurs fan, he's an Arsenal hater, that's his entire football allegiance, that's all that he cares about, the idiot needs serious therapy. He doesn't even know that Real Madrid had no trophies for FOUR seasons (between 2003-2007), nor that Man United had only the little CC trophy in 3 seasons just a few years ago. As to Flamini, the reason I'm angry with him is the runaround he's given the club. Diarra had the good grace to just tell the Boss he wanted to leave. Also, he obviously used the manager and the club for a season-long audition. The people at Marseille had negative things to say about him too, he's a calculating, intelligent guy and I don't doubt he'll play the same shenanigans with Milan sooner or later. But of course it's understable that he goes where the money is and to a club of Milan's stature. As to replacements, Djourou sees himself as a midfielder and has often said that's where he wants to play throughout his career. I think Song would be a good choice but AW sees him in the back only. Diaby's an attacking midfielder.
The only reason that Flamini was allowed to leave was that our valuation of him as a player didn't match Milans valuation. It's simple - we all take those same decisions every day. There is no need to feel any greater anger towards Flamini that we did when Edu and Campbell left on exactly the same terms. He wasn't the first to leave on a free and he won't be the last.
I wouldnt write off Diaby or Song just yet, None of us gave Flamini a chance to replace Gilberto and he did that well this season. I feel that the replacement for Flamini will come from within the current squad and I quite fancy Song for that role. Gilberto has found a bit of form lately and he wouldnt be a bad option either.
Kernowboy71 ..... surely it can't be? Can it? lol
Rocky7, I may be a Spurs fan, but I think such references to African players demands a response. The BBC606 page which I regularly write on would be outraged. After all, we have black and African players in our squad. And whilst I took as much delight as any Spurs fan in our Carling Cup victory, I think refering to such wins as 'rape' is fairly disgusting. It was after all, only one win, though I hope the first of many. Just letting you lot know that whilst there is banter between fans there is a limit and not all Spurs fans cross over the line of good taste.
kernowboy71, thanks for your eminently reasonable posts. We don't get enuf spurs fans like you posting here.
It wasn't a response to your post Kernowboy (I agree completely with the sentiment, 100%) just shocked at the return of kernowboy!!!
80 Percent of Spurs fans are reasonable, unfortunatly the 20 percent that are not are to the extreme.
Unfortunately those statistic are about the same for all clubs, and indeed in every walk of life!
What return of Kernowboy, Rocky7?. They wouldn't let me have that name as someone else had taken it so I had to add my IQ to my nickname.
Lol. Benefit of the doubt given. We have had issues with someone of that name in the past. Here's hoping for a better Kernowboy!! I'd assume that the 71 would be the year of your birth as it wasn't the greatest year for football as far as Spurs supporters go ... lol
Oh I don't know, I just like to think the Arsenal were simply 10 years late :)
So what Flaminis gone. You are one of the richest clubs in da world go and buy someone who is better than him like Samir Nasri
Isn't Nasri and attacking player? Not sure how he'd compensate for the loss of Flamini!
Is it possible to delete comments here as it seems someone did me after i commented on that racist ZULU statement by SIB? if so can someone please delete that original comment. thats what should be done. Thank you much!!!
Thought I already had done that Paulisto - Must have deleted someone elses. It will be taken care of. As will Spursinbarca!
Spursinbarca is no more.
yea well he may actually wana win sumfin instead of rotting in ur team. fair play to the lad
How can you rot in the 1st team you gimp
Just while people are talking bout transfers, id love to add aaron lennon to our squad in the summer, even as an arsenal fan i think he is an awsome player and would fit in nicely at the emirates, from what i have seen too he is more then avaliable ... young and english too ... not to sure whether he would fancy the switch tho ... wheather he could hack the hate he would get
Damn did I miss it all. Another player leaves the scum in search of a big club and trophy's and I miss the debate............... still maybe next year.
So tell me, is it still mathematically possible for flam to stay, even though he's gone, or is that a bit like you lot trying to convince yourselves that it's still possible to win the prem........... And is that why he left, because he now realises, what he should of done ages ago, as maths aside, your just not good enough. LOL
And finally instead of saying F**k you to flam, shouldn't you be more concerned about holding on to Hleb, and the 'when you ready' call to your rose in a bunch of ugly thorns, Fibreglass.
Thank you Rocky. I dont get angry to often but when people down my heritage then I have an issue with that. SIB was completly out of line and I appreciate Paulsito sticking up for Africans.
YE - Ok, some of our good players left because they want trophies, I'll admit that ..... because your theory does kind of explain that massive sack of sh** you call a football team over at the lane LOL
These spuds love to forget that we signed their captain when he left looking for trophies, the day the reverse happens and they sign our captain because he is looking for trophies will never come! coming over here every summer chattting s@*t wishing they were planning for a champions league campaign, sorry fellas 46 points aint gonna get you into Europes Premier competition....i tell you what we'll swap our 3rd place with your p*$s pot...any takers? Im suprised that slime ball Levy didnt write a letter to UEFA begging for a champions league slot to be opened to the Beer cup when he tried to desperately pen push his way into the top four after your bottle job at upton park 2 years back.
Having finished in third place, you may face a tricky tie in the Qualifying stages of the Champions League - potential threats include Barcelona or Villarreal, Juventus, Marseilles, Werder Bremen or Schalke amongst others ... all of these guys could have a trip over value as I don't think teams are seeded in the last round of Champions League Qualifying. Having already lost experienced players in Lehmann and Flamini and with Hleb and Gilberto reviewing their positions it could well be a case that your team will be very inexperienced for these ties. Interestingly there was a discussion on the Spurs page about whether the team would prefer winning a trophy or a Champions League place.
I guess you guys can always dream that we would draw Barcelona in the qualifying rounds, but let me be the first to pop that little bubble and tell you that those rounds are indeed seeded. So yes ..... Champions League over the Carling Cup (I noticed you said trophy rather than CC to try and ham it up a little bit) every single time.
what are the odds on Berbatov staying (happily) at the spuds next season? maybe as small as their chance to be a top 4 club... Ah, the irony.
Big Respect Rocky7!!!
Personally I am hoping we sell Berbatov - whilst he's a good player, I don't think he's the type of player we need at the moment and if someone ponies up £25-30m, then he can leave. I don't think most Spurs fans will have any problem with that at all. The fact he was not part of the new Spurs kit unveiling speaks volumes. Based on who and were Ramos bought players while at Sevilla, you can forget all the press speculation, but I think we'll have a few quality signings to go with Modric.
and you should be concerned about losing the likes of Flamini and maybe Hleb. Laugh at us but we aren't yet a Champions League team yet. As a Champions League team its pretty poor to lose players in their prime especially when they indicate that they want to win something - its nice to have medals for competitions which are recognised in Europe, Denigrade it when you stop losing players in their prime.
All the big clubs lose players. ManU didn't want Heinze to go last summer but they couldn't do a whole lot about it. Drogba wants to go apparently and Chelsea have lost other players they might have preferred to keep. On the other hand David Villa would like to come to Arsenal if we wanted him. Everyone claimed the wheels would come off when Henry went. It's no big deal. As long as we continue to bring in players like Sagna - the PFAs RB of the year then no problem. Other teams have to pay through the nose for middling talent.
not botherd about losing berbatov .... yeah right ... its like me saying we wouldnt mind if febregas went, never gonna happen, talk about covering your back to act like your not botherd before you lose him
why do the spuds continue to come on our site ... is our news that much more intresting then theres ... saying that ... silly question ... everyone like to keep an eye on a BIG club :-D
I can't believe anyone in there right mind would take Fabregas over Kaka how many world and European footballer of the year awards has he got. Tell you what perhaps Phil Nevile will step in for Flamini then. For the record Spursinbarca is as retarded as they come and is an embarrassment to Spurs fans every where. Maybe he overlooked the race of the great man holding aloft the CC. On a less serious matter get you're penny pinching board to get Veloso, he'd do a good job for you.
Spurdon - 1) Spursinbarca was a complete discredit to all the decent Spurs fans out there and has been wiped of the face of the network. 2) Kaka won the world player of the year at 25 years of age ... Cesc still has another four year before then ;)
On the spuds site their is an Article suggesting Modric is as good as Lionel Messi! any thoughts on that from you level headed spuds fans?
i find it very sad when the kid goes for money, will he be a first teamer ? i doubt that, he should remember that wenger made him, before this season he has good spurts but not consistent, for the sake of money i think is a joke, 100k a week he is not worth, and wenger will find a new flamini none of us have heard of, that i do have faith in, players will come and go, aslong as wenger stays thats all that matters.
Very true puregold, flamini is a great player but not worth us breaking the bank to keep, I have faith in Arsene Wenger ... he has always led the team very well, He will find a better player to replace flamini
who wouldnt leave for more money come on like be honest he went some where where he can win something, he was yer best player all season an now ye back stab him, shows u what true fans ye really are.
plus its to quite in the emerites i hear there is more noise at a libruary....theres a better atmosphere in space

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