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Hleb To Follow Flamini Out The Back Door

Alex Hleb's agent claims the tricky trickster will become the second player to walk out on the Gunners this summer after Matty Flamini left for AC Milan.

Speculation has been rife over the past couple of weeks after stories broke regarding the tapping up of the player by Inter Milan, indeed Arsene Wenger is set to report the Italians to FIFA.

Hleb's agent claims, 'Alexander is preparing to make the most important moves of his life.'

'He is leaving Arsenal even though they want to offer him a new long-term contract and better conditions. Only time will tell if leaving is the right decision, but there's no way back now. Everything will be cleared up in the next two weeks.'

Two of Arsenal's most influential players leaving within weeks of each other? Surely Arsene Wenger now has to open the cheque book and sign some real experienced players?

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday May 9 2008

Time: 10:36AM

Your Comments

a blessing in disguise in my opinion!
i'm sick n tired of this.. just let him go and start rebuilding for next season..we need two signings which will cost 30 million.. kranjcar and barry.. we can cope without hleb.
I think Alex has been ready to leave for a while now. After an awesome start to the season, he trailed off around Christmas. Maybe thats why the team did a little. Over the last few months though, he hasn't looked his usual self. Let's not get all doom and gloom though. I'd rather a fully commited player any day of the week. Good luck to him. It's just a shame that players are going and it's not on our terms.
All who wish to leave should do so, and quickly too.
Warri Gooner
Exactly...a blessing in disguise. 11 goals in 3 yrs- not good at all. Our past succes were built on the ability of the midfiled not just to create goals but to score them i said in a previous post Hleb typifies one the major problems at Arsenal this season...ball possession, close clontrol, creating opportunities - but no end my mind apart from injuries to Rosicky and Edourado, Eboue and Hleb didnt contribute much apart from pretty play and possession football (...well take out Eboue from that too)...If we are too succeed we will have to replace Hleb with a midfielder who can guarantee 10 - 12 goals..Bergkamp/Pires/Ljunberg all did it in the past and kept us up. we also know we cant rely on Rosicky to last more than half a season. Pity though, with the financial situation which non of us are truly apprised about I hope Wenger can pull of some magic this summer. I do have hope for next season...but all things considered, i'm sticking with Wenger and this team
*oops..pardon my grammer
Hleb is a fantastic footballer. Just because he's going, I won't deny that. However, I do feel sometimes he'd be happy playing on a pitch with no goals on it. Shot-shy is an understatment, it can be so frustrating. Still he is a Wenger player: Great touch, eye of a needle, who's in a better position than me!
Hopefully we can sign a proper winger now. Not a midfielder, play maker, striker who is pushed to the wing. The last winger we had was Ljungberg. Since then we have forced Diaby, Walcott, Hleb, Rossicky, Denilson, Fabregas(sometimes), Van Persie, Eduardo even Bentdner out there. How about signing someone like Mancini of Roma or Young
This really is a shame. A talented and highly skilled player, and certainly one of our better players this season. Still, until I see pictures of him holding up an Inter top or concrete evidence I won't believe it.
Never really liked Hleb anyway.
i'll tell you what is a little worrying. I am very proud of our ability to bring through youth, and Wenger having the confidence in blooding them. But as soon as they get into what should be their prime, we are stuggling to hold on to them. Having such a young team is great, but in the teams that have had won things there was always a sprinkling of solid experience as well!
"Surely Arsene Wenger now has to open the cheque book and sign some real experienced players?" i was really hoping he wasn't going to have to do this, but it looks inevitable now. signings will not only strengthen the first team and the squad (obviously!) but i think it will have a tremondously positive impact on the fans and the mental attitude of the players, illustrating that arsenal will not settle for pretty, sublime, but nonetheless fruitless football in terms of silverware for another season. i do not believe there is any cause to panic, and still vehemently believe we will be winning trophies next season, but we have to get an experienced defender (Albiol/BenHaim), a proven defensive midfielder (Alonso/yaya Toure), and you know what.....**** it, let's go and buy berbatov whilst we're at it. we'd be guaranteed 20 golas a season, it would send a clear message to RVP, Adebayor and all others, that they will have to fight for their positions. (would also really p*ss the scum off, but that's the least of my worries.)
To be honest Hleb is a luxury. Yes, he's tricky and can cause problems but he isn't effective. Not as effective as Rosicky or Cesc. He can terrorise defences but he has 11 goals and 14 assists in 130 games for us. Cesc has 24 assists and 13 goals this season alone. Rosicky has 7 goals and 2 assits in 24 games. Not excellent but decent given his injuries. Hleb can go. I think it's time to bring in Nacer Barazite.
Thnks for the statistics Keplaz...thats my point exactly..bean the problem with buying Yaya/Alonso/Benzama and players of that calibre is that they wld cost too much..i dont think we can afford certain players. IMP Flamini was more important than Hleb...good ridance
my mate got it exactly right when he said "that player you've got, Hleb, he'd be the best 5 a side player in the world." think that about sums it up for me.
its a shame that he's leaving when hes probably put in his best season for us so far. But we do need someone that can actually score often, well even shoot for that matter. and McGooner who said "we should sign barry and krancjar" i actually agree with you on Barry, possibly krancjar, but we need more than that. if hleb and flamini had stayed, we still needed something extra in defence, midfield and attack, and another goal keeper! so maybe we should buy those 2 players, and then more. i think we need at least 1 keeper, 1 CB, 2 Wingers, 1 Defensive Midfielder, 1 out n out striker
i love the way the agent says he is leaving, have inter milan or Arsenal ? i think its the agent trying to get Inter interested, and lets remember this, he won't go for free either, so Arsenal slap a nice price tag on him or offer Alexander new terms, Alex has to remember he was nothing before he came to us, he should remember who made him, then again, when the ***** drove past all those junior gunners last summer in his brand new Audi R8 and never stopped like the rest of the players, i wasn't impressed with him then.
I just looked up an interesting stat. In the PL's top passers, In % of completed passes, Arsenal have the top three. None of which are Hleb. Cesc first (obviously) then Flamini and Clichy. If he's not there to pass, he doesn't score, not too hot on assists.....what does he do? Dribble is the answer! Not many goals scored from doing it though.
What a shame. Where will we replace an attacking midfielder with 11 goals in 3 seasons?!?! I rate Hleb's skills but he is by no means irreplaceable. I was more miffed about Mattuso than this. If he doesn't want to play for us then f-ck him, get rid and spend the money on someone who isn't allergic to shooting.
Don't start slating Hleb just yet!! Wenger statement said story is utter bull apparantley!!! Maybe agent being a a...hole and trying for bumper new deal!!
Fair point MrArsenal, but I still stand by my earlier comment that 'he has not been himself the last couple of months'. If he can rekindle his form from earlier in the season I will be well chuffed. You never know, if he hadn't scored the late winner against Fulham on the opening day, the season could has been very different. Remember how long it took us to get out of the blocks last season!
your right he hasn't played well for a while now. It seems that the last couple of seasons he has had great first halves of the season and poor second halves!! As much as i like to watch an in form Hleb, it wouldn't be the end of the world if he went. His assist are not the best and his goalscoring.....well!!! He certainly ain't no Bobby Pires!!!
Who to replace him IF he goes? The usual suspects will arise: Ribery, Robinho, Ash Young. There was a certain young Frenchman who came on to play left wing last week. I know Traore is officially a LB, but I've seen him play LW a few times for the reserves and he always looks dagerous. At the end of the day, Hleb is not a winger, he's an attacking midfielder. He looks more comfortable behind a front man. That doesn't really fit into Wenger's (domestic) game plan most of the time. I wouldn't say he was a luxury, but we might have different options without him. Again IF he goes.
I'm sure a young player we have by the name of THEO could provide more assists and goals than Hleb!! Hang on, he already has more goals than Hleb this season!!!!!!!!
Never really rated the player anyway, doesnt seem to of ever settled in england ... think its best he does go and we bring in a proper winger
Well I for one hvnt just started "slating" off Hleb recently...he is good to have..god entertainment value...but i think we can do better...Flamini will be trickier to replace tho....Barry can do the job...too bad he may be too costly for us tho
has anyone seen how much work Barry does for Aston Villa...a cool head too he is. I wonder if Wenger is interested tho
rats leaving a sinking ship or should that be stinking ship!!!
Are you depressed Arsenal fan? Cant talk to your friends about it? the call 0800 10 10 10. Thats 0800 won nothing won nothing won nothing.
Speaking of rats, I see a few have found their way onto our site. Go away chimps, the grown-ups are talking.
lol...silly people poking fun at a team better than thiers...i was waiting for u guys. it only amuses me these days. Anyhow i wldnt pay u any more attention..have ur fun...laughing at us only means u are in a much more pathetic situation yourself
on the flip side..i doubt if there is much to the rumours..but we can only wait and see
If he doesn't come out and deny the rumours before the Sunderland game, I think we can be assured he is leaving!
number14 - much more pathetic situation? flamini, in my opinion your best midfielder this year and hleb, gods know why your all slating him, another quality player are jumping ship. and the latter is so keen to get out he's buying out the rest of his contract. dont get much more pathetic than that...does it?
Heloooo..locky. Flamini is an unfortunate situation, however he is replaceable. If the reports are to be believed, then Hleb was approached before the Milan game and he is not just "jumping ship". I hvnt only just started "slating" off Hleb...IMO we can actually do better. seriously dude are u trying to tell me that ur team - Spurs - is in a better state than Arsenal...or has EVER been for that matter?????
All prejudices apart, Spurs have never been in the same class as Arsenal. They will spend 30-40million again this season will tell the same story.
finally...Cesc has been our best midfielder this yr...for ur info
Considering Fabregas was voted young player of the year and would by most arsenal fans be considered our best asset shows how much your opinion actually means locky! As for slating Hleb.. I dont think many people here are saying they dont like Hleb. Most of us rate the player highly.. what I will say is that Hleb does a great job but it is not necessarily the job we need him to be doing. Winning leagues means creating and TAKING chances. Hleb does plenty of creating but does not take his chances often enough. For me, this is a major problem within this current arsenal team. And as for "getting more pathetic" i can think of one particular club who released a DVD of a carling cup semi-final.... theres a nice example of pathetic for you!
Hleb rarely talks to the press. I can only remember two times this season reading any quotes from him and they were direct and indirect complaints about what he has to endure in the physical English league as a creative player. Increasingly this season on the pitch he's seemed more and more frustrated and just generally unhappy. He said that in England the refs don't protect players like him and that defenders have free reign to inflict bad challenges. In his case, I honestly don't think it's only about money. That may be part of the incentive but I really do think he doesn't want to play in England anymore. I will miss him if he goes, I have always liked Hleb very much, I defended him in previous seasons when gooners derided him as crap. I agree he's too goal-shy but he's one of the most extraordinary defence-splitting artists I've ever seen, a beautiful dribbler the likes of which I've seen in Brazil from the best players there. I do think we'll miss him but I agree with those who say we'll miss Flamini's hard-headed workmanship more than Hleb. I'm disappointed that Hleb doesn't have the desire to stay and fight it out with this team and prove Arsene's faith in him. BTW, for those of you who have access, I recommend Arsene's Q&A with the shareholders. I watched the whole thing online yesterday, very interesting discussion about Arsene's view of the team.
Spurs' only decent player is leaving. Enough said.
Little Dutch
To be honest, I think it is about money. If you're a creative player who doesn't like being kicked, Italy is the last place you go to find solace.
Little Dutch
well flamini could never have won it because he's 24 and you have to be 23 or under, obviously. also players like flamini, work horses, never win it, there always the unsung hero's. and yeah losing 5-1 is pretty pathetic against rivals so no wonder a DVD was released. boys, where was your cup final? oops
I am surprised at the palyers choosing Italy. If I was a top footballer then I would only really look at England and Spain (why do think SKY don't cover it). I'd rather them go there than one of our rivals though. They should be aware though, not many players have left us (in the Wenger era) and done any good elsewhere!
Locky, we have a DVD full of big wins over you lot. Little Tottenham, as usual, still have a long way to go.
locky how about team of the season? where are the spuds in that if you lot are so talented. Lets compare a few things shall we? Arsenal finished the league (above Spuds) with 68 points in 4th place. This season we currently have 80 points and are in 3rd (above Spurs again!). That you would have to agree is an improvement of 12 points! Your little mid-table team on the other hand finished last season with 60 points and finished in 5th. This season you currently have 46 points and lie in 11th! thats a 14 point drop. now that we have all those hard math outta the way lets have a re-think about your situation! On recent years form you lot are looking at a nice relegation battle next season while Arsenal will continue to challenge for titles! If we are a sinking ship then you lot are the ******** titanic mate!
sounds like a dreadful watch lol. in all honesty, im under no illusions, in my live time you have always been a more successfull team. even when you used to bore the opposition into mistakes. but it is all going tits up at the arsenal at the moment, losing to liverpool when you were the better team and losing the title from a position i think spurs could have won it from. 8 points clear. if two of your better players are getting out now how can you expect to recruit players of the same quality. and i know one of you will say arsene will find a diamond in the rough but even his record over the past few years is starting to look pretty average. also your defence is ***** poor, just thought id throw that in there
LD, I agree that Hleb will get kicked around in Italy too but the perception is that England is more physical than Italy and Spain--that's the way Hleb seemed to phrase it in his comments. That England is more physical than other leagues. It'll be interesting to see if the Arsenal curse on players who leave the club falls on them as well.
if spurs could have held that position why are they in 11th? and better still if you are under no illusions why are you here ranting on about sinking ships when clearly you and your team have more pressing matters? i would start naming places you need improving but unfortunately i dont have all day! as for your own record of finding players... bent? 17 million?? i can respect someone with something valid to say but you are just talking *****e!
On a different note fellas, Rosicky has announces he will deffinately not play in the Euro's: "I must announce that I will not be capable of playing at Euro 2008. My injury requires surgery which I will undergo at the start of next week," Thank god for that. I must admit, I would have been a little bit annoyed if he'd gone after not playing for us for the best part of 4 months! Hope he can stay fit for next season, it looks like we're gonna need him now!
Seriously i dont think we shld dwell much on the silly rantings of a spurs fan. Its well and good if u r a fan...maybe bcos ur family has historical allegiance or all the other (silly) reasons why we ALL do something and (humanly) stupid as become FANS of ANY particular club....but idealy a Spurs fan shld have some self respect for himself and his club...shut up when the come on here and go slag of the fans of stokes, burnly QPR or something. They dont even merit to slag off Newcastle FC truth be told....
some fun fact here - ---i never thot i wld read anything of value on The Sun...a nice read indeed
Locky, win more than one Beer Cup a decade and come back and talk to us about track records. Don't be berk.
From stats, Spurs are the 5th biggest spenders in 10yrs...Arsenal 16th. This is just considering funds SPENT...funds spent - funds recouped cld actually put us a bit lower
*sigh* why I'm bothering to respond to locky I don't know but.... ok, your club is full of fans desperately yearning to see Arsenal crash over the cliff, it's what you live for apparently. Every little weakness, every little problem, every spate of bad press is taken by you as absolute proof that THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME when our success and dominance over you is at an end and you can watch joyously as we go down in flames. This is what you desperately wish for year in and year out. However, wishing for it, grabbing at every little straw that comes your way to buttress your most innermost desire, doesn't make it true. Time and time again Arsenal have come back from a period of difficulty and yet you guys keep warning us we're going down. Back in July 2006 the Guardian published this doom-and-gloom article predicting that Ferguson was a spent force and that Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham would all perform better than United in the coming season, that United would end up outside the top 4, that ManU was in irreversible decline (after 3 seasons with only 1 CC to show for it): The press published this kind of thing about United repeatedly and all the United haters revelled in it, like you are now about our misfortunes. They were proven horribly wrong. When will you ever learn from your constant disappointments? How many times does this have to happen for you to finally get it into your heads that you have to be more careful about jumping into all this breathless stuff from the press about "Arsenal in crisis", hold your breath, put your thinking caps on and say to yourselves "we've seen this before and they've always come back, they always manage to fix their problems and come back."
same old story innit. bunch of arrogant c u n t s.
what a well informed comeback there locky! be sure to drop by and inform us all about your teams quest to see the top half of the table next season! till then.. jog on!
Nice read Jaelle...what strikes me the lost is that we are all quick to dismiss Fergies expenditures over the last 4 - 5 yrs. The man has paid a MASIVELY high price for success. Are 2-3 major trophies worth spending to the tune of 100-150MILLION???? from Rio, Carrick, Hargrreave, Nani, Tevez, Anderson etc etc. I must say, something doesnt quite sit well with me considering the massive COST of Fergies "SUCCESS"...Chelsea on the other hand have spent 475 MILLION in 10yrs...i dont know...i am glad my allegiance it to Arsenal...comparatively we have been QUITE successful over the last 10yrs. Too bad...but methinks modern clubs are not run by sound bussiness principles anymore
im working, so really could read all your books and then write a decent comeback, which could be done... without harping on about 61. right, have a ***** weekend. later on
It always makes me laugh when Yiddo's come on an Arsenal forum, sling some ****, and then seem really annoyed when they're beaten back with better informed, more statistically accurate and better put together arguments. Please, Spurs fans, stick to your own're out of your depth.
locky locky locky...mind ur language..if we are least we have EARNED the right. wait ur turn. with all the heartbreak football deals u, i sometimes wonder if it is worth it...bcos none of urs here have much say to the success or lack of success of whichever clubs we have "chosen" to support. We are just undergoing the heartbreak ManU fans endured for 3 yrs...Liverpool fans endured for over 20yrs..Real Madrid fanns endure for 4yrs...Barca fans endured for (can't remember how long). I rue the day i became a fan of football...but methinks i cant do better than Arsenal...all things considered...this heartbreak is temporary...i assure u...
As most have said, this isn't a big loss. Maybe next season with Walcott on the right and Vela/Traore on the left we will have midfielders that try to get behind the opposition's defence as Pires and Ljungberg used to do. Since the assist to Cesc for the equaliser at anfield, I don't remember much that Hleb has offered to Arsenal. Also, I don't see the sense behind the newspaper reports stating Cesc will follow Flamini and Hleb out of Arsenal. Why would he leave a team because those players left only to join a team that Hleb and Flamini don't play for either?
I am not fussed at Hleb's departure ( if he does in fact leave) lighter version of Ashley Cole in some sense I see his actions as a disrespect to the club ( note that I have no problem with Flamini). If Hleb's replacement has shooting boots and plays the Arsenal way it could end up benefiting the club.
The way i see it, if Hleb wanted to stay he would come out and rubbish the rumours. Adebayor has just come out to rubbish rumours with in 12 hours of them being printed. Hleb on the other hand has said nothing in weeks.
Hleb leaving might be a good thing. He probably isn't good enough to win something for Arsenal, rather than vice versa
Hey Locky, serious question. Would u rather the spurs be in the CL or win the CC? Hleb has been ok but the facts of his ineffectiveness has shocked me! He can go still but i kind of like Wengers attitude about not giving him an easy ride out even though i think if a player doesn't want to stay he should be let go wid da quickness. These players need to be taught a lesson about not just abusing their commitments. Blessings!!!
oh come on. if he wants to leave, aw, bring in another player. If his heart is not with arsenal, wht's the use of playing him.. He wont give his all to arsenal btw. we need a fully committed player. arsenal for life!
navy dave, number14, unwell, hows my team in a worse position or pathetic situation, were in a cl final and have an outside chance of a premier league championship. you are losing players, you have to replace these players plus add to you small squad, if you dont its the same old story 3rd or 4th again!! CAREFREE!
i will take it you are a spud springy. how is your team in a worse position? have you seen the premiership table? i am aware of where my team is and what my team has done this season. you on the other hand seem to think that 11th with a carling cup and zero champions league experience is ok. do yourself a favour and aim a bit higher. i would bet every possession i own that most spuds would trade in that cup ye won for a champions league spot. we may be losing players but i can guarantee they will be replaced either through transfers, through players coming through the reserve team or through players returning from loan(i.e Vela). Maybe it will be the same old story of 3rd or 4th but we will be there in the thick of the battle for 1st while you will continue to be just plain thick. good day to you!
He miafen , i agree we should let him go, but u know what if players keep getting the easy was out, the players will start to abuse this as soon as a higher pay day comes. I say get rid of them quick but do believe now that Hleb could be used as a great example to other players who may want to abuse the team and fans this way, u know? God Bless!!
Paulsito a spud? the worst insult mate, we are in the cl final must give you a clue and i aint a manc!!
well then you should probably read back mate because i dont believe i had anything to say about chelsea in any of my earlier posts.

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