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Wrong In The Head Rafa Says Arsenal Spend Too Much

Rafa Benitez has rather bizarrely claimed that Arsenal over spend on their young players whilst the Liverpool transfer policy is much more economical.

The Reds manager claimed on Liverpool TV that his side got his young players on the cheap whilst Arsenal over pay.

'I think we are signing fantastic young players but not spending big, big money. I think that is massive difference between Arsenal and us. They have spent big money on young players for a long time.

We are signing players that sometimes you only have to pay compensation for, so we are trying to do our best not to spend too much money. If I told you some of the figures we have paid for certain players and what other clubs are paying you'd be surprised.'
Said Benitez.

Rafa must be forgetting that two of Arsenal's four players from the Premier League team of the season were acquired for less than a million quid, whilst the player who arguably should have replaced Gerrard in that team was also brought in for a nominal fee.

Cesc Fabregas, Gael Clichy, Matty Flamini, Nicklas Bendtner, Armnand Traore, Denilson, Alex Song, Robin van Persie, Phileppe Senderos & Kolo Toure were all bought for under 15 Million COMBINED, whilst Rafa himself paid more than 8 Million for a player who Arsenal bought for 2.5 Million only a few years before.

This is not the first time the Liverpool gaffer has had a pop at Arsenal's financial clout after recently claiming the scousers don't have the spending power of the Gunners despite shelling out more money for players each summer for the past 20000 years.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 12 2008

Time: 4:37PM

Your Comments

A touch of failure deflection I feel. Maybe thats why none of their youngsters break into the first team, and they end up spending big to bring in proven talent. Mind you they do have a very talented young Spanish lad playing for their reserves/acadamy that I've seen a few times. Is it Pacheo, or something like that.
hahahaha...rafa you pot smoking hoot...u really crack me up...!! im waitin for ur next gag!! lmfao!!!
My Bad it's Daniel Pacheco!
hes talking about the reserve and academy players.
I don't believe you pay anything for academy players, and I don't think we pay very little for players who are in our reserves .... so which ever way you look at it, he's still off his noggin!!
Benitez is a clown. A clown who has spent 141m since he took over in the summer of 2004... 4 years on and he still hasn't got as close as Houllier to winning the Premier League.
Lex touched me.
arsene wenger is not a saint but he does know his economics..rafa benitez and his PR manager guillem balague have been doing this the whole season, trying cover up liverpool's failings and more specifically rafa's errors and then blaming it on the clout and the financial muscle of the top 3..everyone is unfair and has advantages but rafa is handicapped and is fighting a losing arsenal fans talk about fabregas going to spain..but rafa is the one who will rush to madrid moment they show the slightest interest..he is a shrewd and a very manipulative man..a manager that i do not like at all!!
you are blowing something rafa allegedly said out of all proportion!whats your source?watching a bit too much LFC TV were we?how would rafa go back to madrid at the slightest interest you absolute clown they have been chasing him for years and he keeps turning them down!also,what are these comments about none of our youngsters breaking in to the first team?in carra and stevie we have two PROPER YTS players,local boys,unlike the gooners who spend millions on their many years did it take wengers youth system to come to fruition?rafa only started that system 2 summers ago and we already have insua,plessis and nemeth banging on the door not to mention the likes of paul anderson and guthrie out on loan.if rafa did indeed say this he is bang on.look at your young players you buy,fabianski,van persie and flamini etc were all brilliant and cheap acquisitions but they all cost a few million (but were a bargain).one the other scale of things,our youths all cost in the region of 200,000-the likes of pacheco,bruna,plessis etc.none of them were bought for over a million so you are indeed paying 4 or 5 times the price for your young players than we are for ours!RAFA WAS SPOT ON!5 times.YNWA
You neglect to mention Cesc Fabregas, Fran Merida & Gale Clichywho cost us practically nothing, as did Matty Flamini, so you're wrong on that score. Plus we've got players like Nacar Barazite, Vito Manone, Rui Fonte, Vincent van den Berg etc etc etc coming through who cost next to nothing. Rafa is not spot on, infact far from it. And if he didn't spunk all his money away on average players like Pennant, Benayouin, Vorronin, Arbeloa, Aurelio, Dirk Kuyt etc etc, he might have got closer to the title ...... not far off 20 years now scousers!!!
your comparing the likes of fabianski, rvp and flamini to pacheco and plessis??? for one flamini cost nothing, 2 fabianski is 21 i think hardly a youth player and neither was rvp when we bought him! they will obviously cost over a million. u should be comparing merida, traore, barazite, wiltshire, randall, gibbs, fabregas, clichy etc, then come back with an argument.
LOL Whatever Rafa is smoke I want some.
did he say guthrie!? benny-tez couldn't be more wrong. p.s. rocky7, van den berg is getting released cos he's pants!
yes,i am comparing ''the likes of fabianski, rvp and flamini to pacheco and plessis'' cos when you signed them they were nothing more than prospects who developed into good players.similarly,we spent much less on our prospects who are equally promising and much for ''spunkin'' all our money away on average players i think youll find out of that little list of yours voronin and aurelio were free and signed as nothing more than squad players,arbeloa is a spanish international who is solid and cost 2 mil,yossiwas a very shrewd signing for a low price(whos given an 11 goal return from the wing/bench) and kuyt,while not the most talented of footballers was a success and is one of our most important players for all the donkey work he does.if you dont appreciate the graft he puts in to let torres and gerrard take all the glory,then you dont understand football.(plus goals against the gooners(2),chelsea(2),ac milan,inter milan, etc wasnt half bad
Sounds like jealousy to me.
jealousy?!you lot have won ***** all for four years despite your ''total football'' *****e and we won nothing this year.we are more successful past and present,whats there to be jealous about.the only place you are are successful than liverpool is the marketing department but thats another the way,while we are on the subject of big money flops,what about reyes.the one time wenger spent serious money he bottled it,the one time rafa was given the cash he brought in the worlds best striker....
The one time Rafa spent serious money? You gotta be kidding me right? That dude has spent almost as much as the Chelsea lot. Since Wenger became manager he has spent a net 15M (somewhere round there) ..... that's in over ten years.... Rafa spent more than that last summer. Tubby has spent a lot of money on a lot of *****e since he became manager. Ok it's been 3 seasons without a trophy, but any football clubs bread and butter is league football, and you haven't won that sonce 1990. Even Blackburn & Leeds have won it more recently than you lot. You're a great cup team I will give you that, but in the premier league you are small fry.
how would rafa go back to madrid at the slightest interest you absolute clown they have been chasing him for years and he keeps turning them down,,el nino 9...i think there is a difference between chasing and making an try and sort out the difference clown..!!
el- nino ur completely missing th epoint how can u compare pacheco to RVP...pacheco still plays in the reserves.......wen he becomes as good a striker as RVP then comeback an dtell us how wrong wenger was to spend sooo much money on youngsters.....and on the topic of flops, Morientes anyone....and btw reyes was not that big a failiure...yes he couldnt adapt which was a shame but you cannot say he did not perform
morientes cost just over a third what reyes did......of course pacheco is not as good as van rapist yet but im afraid it is you who is missing the point-rafa said arsenal pay far more than liverpool do for their young players,that is what sparked this argument.the fact that RVP cost 3 mil and pacheco cost 200,000 out of the barca youth system proves exactly that.rafa never said our players were better so wheter pacheco turns out better than RVP or not is totally irrelevant to this for you essientric,of what interest is this article to you whatsoever?why dont you enthrall us all with the difference between the terminology-'chasing' and 'formal approach'
Rocky7--------------->how can you even begin to compare rafas shoestring budget compared to the chavs!last summer we had to offload Luis Garcia,Cisse,Bellamy,Fowler,Dudek,zenden etc to afford torres!our net expenditure was 8.7 mil and the tv revenue and champions league final run more than payed for even compare our budbet to a club who today payed 16.2 mil for a right back is ludicrous.
hey el nino, just shut it allrite, obviously you are jealous, look how much time you are spending commenting here..retard!
what is all this talk about jealousy for u *****?as i already mentioned(see above),liverpool F.C. has absolutely nothing to be jealous about,especially not from the likes of am i a retard u chavvy bollox,i bet ur a 15 year old street urchin!if fans are unfairly criticising the manager of my team i will back him to the hilt as is my right so just stay out of this isf u dont have a constructive opinion mate.whats the point in forums and comments if everyone agrees with and article and has the same opinion.the banter and rivalry is what makes football so brilliant so back off u *****.
El Nino do you think that Rafa is a better manager in the transfer market than Arsene?
There's no reason for the abuse levelled at El-Nino, he has entered into somw footballing debate ...... no matter how wrong he is :P
el-nino-9 man we appreciate u trying to stick up for ur stupid fat spanish *****er manager, but we are just doing the same. the only difference is that we are right and u know it. u keep insisting to compare pacheco to rvp, and that is completely unfair as u should be comparing it to the likes of barazite, as that is more a level ground for ur argument. so this means that ur argument is completely wrong and pointless! as is benitez. the fair comparisons are merida, fabregas, barazite, clichy, id maybe say song?, etc etc but u keep going on about van persie!! get over it!
thank you for the support rocky!lol.everyone is entitled to their opinion.of course i am going to be biased and so are you lot.thats all part of it! answer your question gunnerkid107 its totally impossible to compare them since their style in the transfer market is so different.i hugely admire wenger for the youth system he employs and he is unquestionably the master at spotting potential and developing it.while he undoubtadly very shrewd in this area i think he lacks the real know-how when it comes to finding ready made first team players-reyes,wiltord,henry etc all flopped considering their price ,while rafa is brilliant at finding world class players for limited money-reina-skrtel,agger,alonso,masch,babel are all young and top class without spending near what the chavs and mancs do.........torres is of course the exception since we payed 20 mil for him but he hasnt turned out half bad.......................i was of course winding you all up with that henry comment above!
that the same stupid fat spanish manager who won the european cup in his first season with a ***** squad,while you lot never won a single one in your glorious history - ;
Alright I respect you opinion. I think Rafa has signed some great players in the past few years, but he has also wasted alot of money on players like Morientes, Cisse, Garcia and Bellamy. In comparison with their time as managers here in England Arsene has signed much less flops than Rafa has. I admit Jeffers and Wiltord were not good signings, but Reyes was a good signing. He preformed really well, but its not Arsenes job to predict that he was going to be a puss and not be able to handle a little rain.
yeh that 1. shame he has no idea when it comes to the PL
i shall return to discuss this further tomorrow,!good night all
El-Nino can you explain how you think Henry was a flop at his price? 10-12 million i think and a return of 27 goals in all competitions in his first season?
Until Rafa has his bargain youngsters playing as many 1st team games as Clichy, Fabregas, Denilson, Bendtner etc then we wont know if they are a better investment than ours. Anyone can go and buy 10 young players for a lot less than we paid but if they never play 1st team football then whats the point? Until then Benitez should shut his mouth. If they are as good as he says I hope to see him use the Carling cup as we do next year.
Riise was a quality signing...
iceman10, nick15,'re just jelaous because ours 18 PL, 5 CL, 7 LC...only in FA to be honest, you have more titles. But it doesn't matter anyway. You're jealous on Rafa cause you now what he did in LFC for these 3 years, and you're afraid of him. And please don't deny this fact: you're afraid from our 'fat spanish manager' - as your say !!! That is only true now!!! Am I right, el-nino?
And sorry for my bad English, and sorry if I made some mistakes. Thanks for understanding, my mother tongue is far different than English
Bosko, your point would be valid if Rafa had won any of the 18PL and 7LC you speak of. He has 1 FA and 1 CL. I was raised on Liverpool FC. My idols growing up were Fowler and Hyppia. John Barnes too. Your club is great and after mine I love it dearly but Rafa isn't the kind of manager you need. He is a cup manager and Liverpool desperately crave the league. I'll go as far as to say Liverpool will never win the league under Rafa. Why should we be afraid of a man who has never come close to winning the league and who only beat us in the CL due to dodgy decisions? Arsene never picks on other clubs like this, why does Rafa? It shows no class to try and make your supporters happey at the expense of other clubs. Your club is great. Your manager is not.
Well i understand you perfectly. And to be hoenst you are talking Garbagio. Why would be afraid of your manager? Because he won a champions league & an F.A cup? Im shaking in my space boots
Actually, Liverpool's PL count reads '0'. The last time Liverpool won the league the Premier League wasn't even a thought in a fat cat's head.
You're right Rocky, we were the champions of Division 1 (90-91) then when they thought about the PL. The agreement was formally signed on July 1991. Then Leeds won Division 1 and after that the Premier League is the top-flight of English football, which Liverpool hasn't won so far.
"Cesc Fabregas, Gael Clichy, Matty Flamini, Nicklas Bendtner, Armnand Traore, Denilson, Alex Song, Robin van Persie, Phileppe Senderos & Kolo Toure were all bought for under 15 Million COMBINED" - if that's true that is a crazy statistic, bravo Arsene.
It is true (more or less, but surely not more than 20m combined), LA villan.
Also, regarding the Champions League comparison...Liverpool has only won it once. Take note, I said Champions League, which started during the 92-93 season. And for the history of the CL, in the top 15 by points, ManU is second with 246 pts (but only won it once, it can change though), Arsenal is 7th with 160 pts (with 1 Final appearance and consistently getting to the group stages since 1998), Chelsea is 10th with 118 pts (and will appear in their first final), and Liverpool is 14th with 110 pts, who won once in 04-05 but has only participated from the group stages onwards 6 times, same as Chelsea. Arsenal is at 10 times and ManU at 13.
Backup your arguments Bosko. This debate is about Youth systems, so you can squeal "5 times" in our face all day its irrelevant. Arsenal have been brave enough to finish the process of our youth system by consistently giving them 1st team chances and culling senior players in order for them to become established. until Benitez does this its more hot air from the master deflector.
And Bosko before telling us were scared of Rafa you will do well to remember he is the only manager of the top 4 to finish outside the top 4. look forward to playing your bargain youth players in next years carling cup.
OK a few points as it's late (or early) and I fancy a little rant as I've been working all night. Firstly, you can't just list the cheapest young players Arsenal have signed over the last few years and claim that that's it. Walcott, Reyes, Jeffers, Sagna, Senderos, Hleb, Henry, Adebayor, Van Persie, Wiltord all cost 3mill or more (in some cases a lot more) so there's hardly an entire back-catalogue of bargain-basement cheapo signings at the Grove. Secondly, as I'm sure gooners will jump in to shout about, you need to define what exactly is a youth player? All the players I've mentioned above signed for Arsenal aged 25 or under, this makes them young, but what is the cut-off age when a youth player becomes a full player? Is it 18, 20, 21, 22, or when he makes his first team/premiership debut? If it's when he signed his first professional contract (usually aged 17) then none of either clubs arguments are justified, because you usually only have to pay nominal compensation for a player, and both clubs are fairly equal on this. So if it's older then before mud is thrown it needs to be defined at what the right age is. 18 is too young, 21 is rather too old. Either way, a lot of drivel is being dribbled and of course wherever there is a football fan trying to make a weak point there are statistics to back it up (see above lol). Thirdly, Arsenal fans seem to labour under the belief that Wenger is some sort of transfer god, and that Rafa is useless at signing players, well let's set the record straight. Wenger's failures are often helpfully overlooked because he has, on the whole, done very well. But then he's had 10 years of experience at signing the right players for English football. Rafa has had 3 (I'm not counting his first summer, because half the signings that year weren't his and the other half actually went on to be successes). The one thing that Rafa is very very good at is cutting his losses and booting out players who don't make the grade. I look to points made above about Benayoun - who is class and imo better than Hleb (personal opinion), Voronin - who I agree is a waste of space and expect to leave this summer, Arbeloa - a quality cheap signing who can play anywhere in the back 4, Garcia - who paid for himself with his CL goals and was not a flop, Pennant - who has showed signs of class for us, but just needs a run of games, Bellamy - shipped out after one poor season at a very good profit too. All managers make mistakes, and both RB and AW have a lot to be proud of, but the main point of this article seems self-deprecating to me anyway. You claim Rafa is drawing attention away from LFC's faults this season, and then spend more time arguing about it than addressing your own faults. Anyway, that's all from me, good luck for next season, if we can't mount a decent challenge I hope the gooners win it.
I was just about to make a comment but it seems Naoise has covered it! Just one more thing, Nick515 called Rafa a 'stupid fat Spanish *****er manager'. That's not clever mate and it doesn't do anything to help you win an argument.
When I see Rafa actually playing his "fantastic" young players on a regular basis he might have a point, until then its just deflection after another poor Premiership campaign.
The problem I have with these comments is that its factually incorrect. "Arsenal have spent big money on young players for a long time. " and he goes on to justify his signings compared to Arsenal's. I wont slate Rafa as a manager coz his Cup record is good, but he was way out of line with these statements, and it sounds very defensive. If he wanted to extol the virtues of his youth signing policy, why take an inaccurate pop at Arsenal ? The respect I had for Rafa & Liverpool is slowly eroding. He talks too much abt the lack of money despite spending a fair bit (perhaps not as much as ManU & Chelsea, but certainly more than Arsenal).
What a complete and utter idiot Rafa Benitez is. Taking such a ludicrous pop at Arsenal to try and deflect from the fact that he spend 60 million last summer to end up further behind than the season before in all competitions!!! He couldn't manage a picnic int the park IMO. He must wet himself every day with disbelief that he is working in the same league as the genius that is Arsene Wenger.
Nino - Henry was a flop? THIERRY HENRY was a flop? WHAT?
WHAT PLANET DO LIVERPOOL FANS LIVE ON THAT THEY CAN ARGUE WITH A STRAIGHT FACE THAT A MANAGER WHO IS NEVER EVER CAPABLE OF WAGING A CREDIBLE LEAGUE CAMPAIGN BETTER THAN ARSENE WENGER???? How is it that scousers can actually believe that Rafa is a superior manager to Wenger when Rafa is totally unwilling and incapable of even TRYING for the league title, year after year after year! And Rafa's comments about how much Arsene pays for young players are total bull****.
Jaelle, Rafa won La Liga with Valencia.
We belive in Rafa and we are sure that he will win the Prem. And about youth systems...Rafa's boys are Plessis, Hobbs, Lucas....etc and I'm sure that the next years they will play more than this season
in the next years* * *
jaelle typing in caps doesn't make your point any more valid. Suffice to say this is the first season in the last 3 that Arsenal have finished above Liverpool, and before you bemoan your injuries as all gooners who are introduced to this stat are prone to do, you should remember that we lost Gerrard, Carragher, Torres and cruicially, Agger for some time during the campaign. And those are just our key players, I'm not counting Voronin, Aurelio, Finnan, Arbeloa etc with that. So come down off your high horse, we have every right to think Rafa is a better manager than Arsene Wenger, because we're Liverpool fans and that's our perogative. Thinking Wenger is better than Rafa is your job, but shouting about it isn't going to convince us it's true.
How can Rafa even justify his claims? He doesn't have the belief to play many of those youngsters yet. You are seriously trying to compare chalk and cheese here.. its absolute nonsense.
Naoise - you have cleverly deflected this debate as to who is the better manager, which misses the whole point of Rafa's outrageous assertion that Arsenal has spent 'big money on young players'.
Aamir, yes, I know Rafa won the league with Valencia--once. He can't ever seem to do it in England, tho, can he? Nor does he seem terribly interested in doing so. Naoise, admittedly my using caps was shrill, it's a measure of my massive irritation recently with scousers going on and on about this "tactical genius" Rafa Benitez as opposed to the inferior Arsene Wenger on the sole basis of a CL tie in which Liverpool won thru sheer stupid luck. The sole difference between us was that we were punished for our defensive errors, whereas Liverpool were not. You got away with your errors. How many teams go to Anfield and score 2 goals on a European night? Very very few. This is the same Arsene Wenger who's got an excellent record against Benitez in all comps except the CL. For weeks we gooners had to listen to this crap about the brilliant superiority of Benitez over Wenger based on nothing more than hype and not reality. Count how many times Wenger has beaten Rafa and vice-versa, enuf said. Yeah, I know, he's won the CL. Kudos to him for coming back in the 2nd half of a final he was losing and winning the trophy on pens. I don't dismiss Rafa's skills, they're proven and genuine. I'm simply responding to this uninformed idiocy from the likes of Bosko-Macedonia that we're "afraid" of a manager whom we've beaten several times over and who year after year after year after year is out of the title race by October.
if you had actually bothered to read my whole comment i said i deliberately put henry in as a flop to wind you up u absolute pillock.the man was a genius,nearly as good as voronin.
the funny thing about this debate is that i doubt rafa actually said you have a source?the sun perhaps?
I didn't deliberately try to deflect the debate, mores the pity as I reckon that's as close as a compliment I'll get from ye lot :p, I merely drew attention to the fact that until we can define exactly what a 'youth' player is, then this debate will never be solved as without seeing the balance sheets from both clubs over the last 4/5 years it'll be impossible to prove one way or another. I reckon Rafa was simply making an offhand comment in defence of the fact that he's signed quite a few youth players now and we're only just starting to see them break though into the first XI, so the jury remains out, and he's possibly just covering his bases - i.e. if he signs 10 youth players for a combined output of 3million, he's saying that his policy is more sound than signing one young player for 3mill. Jaelle - rafa won it twice, in three years, when Real and Barca were at their strongest in recent years and had a duopoly over La Liga (kind of like the current top four monopoly on the prem, only with only two clubs and both of them won titles regularly, unlike ourselves :( Our statements that he is a tactical genius are not just pie in the sky casual remarks, we've witnessed some stunning games in the CL over the last few years that on paper few would have given us a sniff in - Juventus, Chelsea three times (not counting most recently unfortunately, Barcelona, Inter and a host of other clubs have been dispatched with almost disturbing ease in the past and we don't just put that down to the Anfield atmosphere. Who else would have had the idea of playing Arbeloa at left-back for his Liverpool debut against Barca? A position he'd never played in before, and he marked Messi out of both games. Bringing on Hamann in Istanbul and then a year later in Wembley to turn both games. Those two are the most obvious examples but theres dozens of others that would take up most of this websites bandwidth to explain, so just rest assured, we do truly believe Rafa is a master tactician and with good reason too. The only downside of that is the Prem is less about tactics and more about pace, strength, agility and induvidual skill, and this is where we fall down too often (hence being able to squeeze Chelsea to death in the semi of 05, then lose 4-1 at Anfield 3 months later with virtually the same team).
well said naoise.still dont think he even said it though!
Hi Naoise, thks for sharing. I think the point in this thread is not whether benitez is a good tactician or not. We admit he is a good tactician. But to criticize another coach just to protect his own arse, that is something that we dnt respect. Just like we dnt respect purple noise and moanrino.

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