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Nasri Offer Accepted, But We Might Get Screwed

The agent of Arsenal target Samir Nasri has revealed that Olympique Marseille have accepted Arsenal's offer for the player after claming the player is considering Arsenal's offer.

The Gunners wouldn't be able to speak to Nasri had their offer not being accepted, or in this case, had they not met the magic number that triggers the playmakers release clause.

However, it appears to me that Nasri's agent is setting the Gunners up for a fall and is merely trying to raise the player's profile and possibly getting other clubs to come in with better offers.

'We are not in a hurry. It is true that we are examining an offer from Arsenal, which is interesting for Samir Nasri from a sporting point of view,' said his agent Jean-Pierre Bernes.

'But I have also received other offers.'

It wouldn't be the first time Arsene has been thwarted in his transfer plans after players agent have revealed transfer talks before only for Real Madrid to steal the targets at the last second.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 22 2008

Time: 10:08AM

Your Comments

Unpalatable though it maybe the agent is doing his job in trying to apply more pressure to get the best deal possible out of us. I can't imagine that anyone genuinely interested in Nasri hasn't already been in touch as the story has been in the open for a while now. It comes down to how much we want him and how much he wants to play for us irrespective of what the agent says or does.
hes a real good you think his signing could se hleb leave?
Meh, if he doesn't come to the club I do not really care, from what I've heard he is a pretty good player with lots of potential but the club needs players who would fight to get in, not players who have to be coaxed.
United4life - I think his signing will be BECAUSE of a Hleb departure rather than the otherway round.
I really have a bad feeling about this now, we have all seen this happen before Robinhio baptista Ribery etc surley if the player realy wanted to move to Arsenal it would have been done. Why has the agent only spoke about an offer from Arsenal and not named the other clubs. I spoke to my friend who lives in France and he says this kid is amazing and that we are getting him very cheap. I am praying this goes through or like previous seasons Wenger won't have got his number 1 transfer target which is becoming a worrying trend.
arsenal wont go nowhere if we keep letting players go and think its ok that we sign a player to replace him, we need to be able to bring hleb or nasri of the bench, our squad simply aint good enough!!
This little transfer is a microcosm of everything about Arsenal right now, if Arsenal fail to sign Nasri then they can forget their ambitious plans, there are onmly a certain amount of top class players in the world, all the top clubs are going for them, for far too long we have seen top quality players who should be at Arsenal end up in other teams due to financial reasons. Ribery anyone? Arsenal need to make their mind up, do they want to remain part of football's elite or not, if yes then they have to accept that the methods of doing this a far from ideal, if they ant to stick to their ideals then they will end up like an amazing underground artist who makes no many due to his principles about commercialism. This Nasri deal is crucial.
Professor Calculus (love to see him but arsne would never do that.) (wouldnt he)!!
No he wouldn't and he shouldn't. If Arsne purchased a player for 30 mil I would be disappointed to tell you the truth. Also what people don't realise is the more big name players you get the less your youth players will grow, Fabregas was able to grow as a player because he was given the chance to play look at him now. If some big name was brought in to fill that position he wouldn't have had the confidence or chance.
does any1 on this site know the REAL new arsenal home and away kit for next season. Please dont tell me its that ugly red and white 1 u see when u type it on google.
Why do you care about the kit so much as professor calculus said this transfer is so important to Arsenal for many differant reasons.
I'm salivating but this new twist doesn't sound good. Like you guys said, we've all seen players being taken away under our noses like that before. Though I've only seen him play on TV a little bit, he looks like an exciting player. Really hope this one will go through.
Lou the Gunneress
"This Nasri deal is crucial." -- no it isn't and I wish people would calm down about Nasri. He's a fine player but don't go overboard over him. I would prefer Ben Arfa personally. Nasri's no Ronaldo or Zidane, I'm not even sure he's as good as Cesc. And he's an attacking midfielder so he couldn't replace Flamini. Also, please note that Nasri's agent is Jean-Pierre Bernes, general director of Marseille during Tapie's infamous reign over that club. Wenger was one of Tapie's and Bernes principal victims during that scandal, he was literally robbed of one or two trophies because of them. Bernes was imprisoned for his crimes and he does not like Wenger. AW wisely dipped into the transfer market quickly before the Euros but agents are wise to this and are telling their clients they might get better deals if they wait until after the tournament. However, from all of Nasri's comments I've read in the French press over the years, he's always wanted to leave France, and he's said he likes the idea of playing in England. He's also been complimentary about Wenger. I'm not freaking out about this deal, I wish people would just chill out over it.
wow Jaelle...where did u get that story from?
The story about Bernes? That's common knowledge in France, he was one of Tapie's circle who bribed players in favor of Marseille. Marseille's league and Euro cup trophies were later taken away from them. Bernes was indicted for bribing players at Valenciennes to throw a match and served something like 18 mos. in prison. Tapie only served 6 mos., a miscarriage of justice.
Jaelle great story and everything but you are missing the bigger picture. This deal is crucial because for the past few seasons wenger has missed out on his top transfer target and this is becoming a worrying theme. 'Nasri's no Ronaldo or Zidane' of corse hes not hes 20 and has only played in the french league. If you has watched Nasri play you will know he is more than a prospect. How can you say chill out when we have had no trophies for 3 seasons and continually miss out on world class players.
I'm with jaelle here, the thought that missing one transfer target is somehow crucial is over the top. However, I also see the point that the Prof is making, coz there is no doubt in my mind that Ribery would have made this team a lot more dangerous this season. Like Nasri, he was also though to be more inclined towards arsenal coz of Wenger, and the French connection. That deal didnt go. I'd hate to see this deal scuppered. I've found myself logging into the official site 3 times a day to find out whether the deal has been finalised.
prits is this tapie??? jaelle care to enlighten us ignorant hordes
prof calculus ( and every other ****er that keeps harping on about ribery), much like nasri, ribery is a cracking payer, but FFS, we should not be wanting players that wish to whore themselves out to the highest bidder. ribery could have signed for us, chels or man utd, but he went where the most money was offered, bayern. He went on and on about playing at the highest level and how the champs league was so important, and then went to a side who had no chance of qualifying for it, bayern, in a league that is nowhere near the standard of the prem, serie a, or even la liga. i want players with the skill and ability of nasri, but only if they have the passion and love for the arsnal that players like glichy and fab do.
saint_gunna, I know very well about Nasri, I watch Ligue 1 regularly. I like him and I understand why AW likes him too. I'm simply saying that we have to stop forming opinions based entirely on lazy, often unsubstantiated media gossip, agent quotes hyping up their players, players manipulating the media for their own motives, etc. What exactly do we KNOW for certain here? I'm tired of seeing gooners get hysterical about players they don't even know much about, jumping to conclusions about what exactly is going on with a supposed transfer negotiation, and assigning blame to Le Boss without knowing a damned thing. I'm still unconvinced that Arsenal were really close to ever getting Ribery because I really don't believe he ever wanted to come to England. Nor do I believe those stories about us ever being close to getting Robinho because Robinho would never come to England (neither would Dinho). He wants only Italy or Spain. What EXACTLY do we know for certain here? Nothing!
karley, you've never heard of Bernard Tapie and what he did with Marseille? Here's wikipedia's entry on him: He's a real nasty piece of work. AW would have at least 1 other trophy in his CV (maybe more) had it not been for Tapie. At least Marseille were stripped of 1 of their league titles but NOT their European cup, which at the time was universally denounced. Still is to this day. There's the famous story of an end-of-season game between Monaco and Marseille the season before Wenger left France. Monaco lost. Wenger headed toward the tunnel and Tapie was there, who shouted to him "I f---ed you over!" Wenger literally had to be physically restrained from assaulting him, he was deeply enraged, shouting obscenities and ready with his fists. The story of what Arsene and his inner core of staff and players endured at Monaco when Tapie controlled Marseille is one of the saddest stories in football. After that, AW left France, and wanted to leave Europe altogether, which is why he chose Japan. It's a story that just reinforces my great admiration for AW the man and manager. You can't fully understand AW unless you know the story. It's an even worse match-fixing scandal than what happened in Italy because in Italy, no money exchanged hands. I've read all of AW's biographies, I recommend this one, it has an excellent section on the Marseille scandal from AW's pov:
I've got a feeling that the longer this drags on, the less likely we are to sign Nasri. It seemed like a done deal earlier in the week and just goes to show you, unless it's on, don't believe it!
i dont know why were looking for attacking players when its clear we need more centre backs, theres hardly a game where we dont score a rarely a game where we keep a clean sheet!!
I'm with Jaelle on this one...... There are far too many people getting over-excited/wound up over this rumour.... This happens every bloody summer, player X is rumoured to sign for us which instantly means he's become "world class" despite the fact that most people have barely seen him play....... A saga ensues for a while until one of the big spenders come in with a huge bid and said player naffs off, infuriating so called supporters who fill numerous blogs etc with nonsense about how we are "being left behind" and "can not compete" it's all very predictable and boring IMHO..... Come on people it's silly season, the clue is in the name.....
Rocky, doesn't this article belong in the transfer rumours section? There is no proof that we have even made an offer for him, and as you mentioned it could be the agent hoping a link to Arsenal will make him more attractive to other teams and in fact there has been no Arsenal bid.
Hmmm, this is very interesting...Cesc and Nasri in Arsenal's midfield at the same time? They are bascially the same player so I doubt Nasri will be a bench warmer. I rate Nasri highly, he has a load of potential and if Nasri and Cesc can form a partnership...ohhh boy.
Man I hate it when people start telling their fellow Arsenal fans to "calm down" or "Don't get excited". Why? As if the people suggesting this have some sort of football wisdom which allows them to remain calm during what is actually a crucial summer for Arsenal. Fellow Arsenal fans on your high horses get the ***** off them, if you are posting on an Arsenal forum during the summer then you are no less excitable than any other Arsenal fan. Lose the superiority complex
Professor Calculus
Ok professor, good point, now calm down, don't get excited... :o)
The Fear
Easy prof, no need to get your panties all twisted up.... I wasn't really having a go at getting excited about rumours as much as getting all worked up ( and calling for Wenger's head on various blogs) when said rumour does not occur - or takes longer than a day or two as seems to be the case with this one...
good signing for arsenal. it seems to be 85% done. good replacement for hleb.

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