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The Irony of It All

Call it irony, call it poetic justice, call it karma. But sometimes football and indeed life can get you wondering. You may recall that back in March, with Arsenal leading 1-0 at Stamford Bridge; the Gunners looked to mount a counter attack. Sensing the danger, Joe Cole picked up a debilitating "injury" and, of all people, Emmanuel Eboue, not one renowned for his great sportsmanship, put the ball out of play. John Terry, the Iron Man no less, decided to reward his sportsmanship in kind by booting the ball out of play right next to Arsenal`s corner flag and urging his team to push forward. This is where the Chelsea equaliser emanated from. Last night, Chelsea performed a similar antic twice. So Carlos Tevez decided in extra time that he had had enough and responded to Chelsea with the exact same gesture. Now who was immediately on the scene expressing his dismay at such a gesture? The ever reliable John Terry. Even in the heat of battle I cannot fathom how somebody can act with such hypocrisy. Good on Carlos Tevez I say, Arsenal need to begin showing that sort of defiance and not let bullies like John Terry push them around. Sorry if I am not shedding any tears for you this morning JT, I am sure there are dozens of spittle splattered officials who think the same. Maybe the next time you want to rock up in a disabled bay, or lunge at prone Spanish midfielders when they are on the ground, you might like to think that karma can be a damning mistress. Oh and remember your comments about Arsenal`s lack of English backbone denying them trophies? Thanks for proving the point with that most English of traits, the penalty shoot out mishap. Couldn`t have happened to a nicer bloke.

With Chelsea cruelly dispatched in the unforgiving embrace of a penalty shoot out, all cameras and all players attentions were focussed on Terry. Nobody bothered to go to Nicolas Anelka, who actually missed the crucial kick, least of all Terry himself, who cried relentlessly. One can understand and identify with such a display of emotion. But weren`t all and sundry lining up to shoot our very own William Gallas for expressing his own torment by sitting on the ground close to tears after the final whistle at Birmingham? "He should have been consoling his team mates" they said, "He cannot control his emotions and is not captaincy material" they wailed. "It was not conduct befitting of a captain." Erudite pundit Alan Hansen thought it more newsworthy than Eduardo`s snapped limb. I look forward to the press account of Terry`s actions as they line up to lambaste his failure to check his emotions, his failure to acknowledge the other seventeen team mates who had lost so cruelly, his failure to put a fatherly arm around Nicolas Anelka. Terry might even have reflected on the fact that he has played in every single one of Chelsea`s defeats this season; whilst Chelsea are unbeaten in the 24 games he missed (19 wins and five draws for the record). When one peers behind the iron curtain of press hyperbole and smokescreen to see the true picture, one sometimes cannot help but wonder at the irony of it all.LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 22 2008

Time: 10:21AM

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Ouch!!!! That's probably even more painful than missing the penalty! But oh so true. Brilliant stuff.
Nice Tim ...... If the Chelsea fans can even bare to get out of bed this morning that will be something nice for them to read over dinner. LOL. Wonder when BITC will get here and tell us that our team is crumbling.
1st paragraph = all true. 2nd paragraph, to be honest, seems a bit classless. Why do we have to obsess with the kings road ponces? A Prem League game and a Champions League final defeat, if Gallas had've broken down after missing the decisive penalty the hacks wouldn't be on his back.
Great stuff from the Arsenal website. As always, showing the moral guidance that Arsenal are famous for, i.e. pontificating on Monday, gratuitous smug gloating on Tuesday, and somehow managing to do both on Thursday. Still, nice point about William Gallas. Of course, one can see the parallel: Gallas sat on the ground during a run of the mill League match that Arsenal drew, John Terry slipped and missed what could have been the winning penalty kick in a Champions League final. Yeah, the emotions are just the same....
hear hear... Only slightly lesser of two evils won in the end and with: ronaldo missing penalty, terry slipping and missing, drogba bitch slapping some mug and getting sent off, giggs missing a sitter, anelka losing them the game - only hero of the night was possibly the least repulsive player on the pitch van der sar – all in all, possibly best result for the nuetral
Take your lumps baby ..... you must have been expecting them after all the greif you've given us since the dawn of the Vital network. But the pain does get easier, hell, I'm almost over our defeat to Real Zaragoza.
Yea spot on eouroblue run of the mill game where one of our players nerly got amputated, happens all the time.
The Gallas parallel is a valid one. At a critical point of the season, which may well have led to the PL title, we threw away two points in added time in a game when a colleague had broken his leg. Gallas didn't wail and blub seeking cuddles from all and sundry he just moped so even if the emotions weren't the same they weren't quite as emotional either.
I stand by it Lew, the second paragraph is not a missive at Terry so much as identifying the enormous hypocrisy of the press in villifying Gallas and lauding Terry as a tragic hero. Both points very much connected with Arsenal and something for Arsenal fan to consider as much as the rest of the football world. I'd say Gallas' reaction in the face of a result that cost us the title, after his team mate suffered an horrific injury in the week he spent counselling a close friend and team mate at the loss of his brother is at least comparable to what Terry experienced. Like I say, if people want to criticise Gallas for that, fine. But they simply have to criticise Terry in the same breath, to not do so is simple hypocrisy.
Little Dutch
euroblue. yes run of the mill league game where we were trying to consolidate our top spot during a game where one of our players was close to having his career ended - just normal stuff really. idiot
Guys, its ok, Frank insists Iron Man will bounce back! thank god, I was really worried, with meaningless friendlies coming up for the England team my world would have been ruined
Well done LD. This piece doesn't only make me chuckle but also nod and say to myself, 'so true.' Not surprised to see some Blues fans having different opinions either. We support different clubs for a reason.
Lou the Gunneress
Irony.. "Chelsea are boring" - Our CL final was much better than yours(still the same ***** result though). "What happens if Roman leaves you lot?" -" Fatguymanov nearly buys Arsenal with the help of 'Super Dein'". "Chelsea players are mercenaries"- Flamini playing for a UEFA Cup team. Hleb can't take noise (doubt he thought the footballing career through, not the smartest guy)."Chelsea are nothing but thugs"- Eboue, Fabregas, crazy german keeper". "Chelsea players have no decency"- Crazy german again-new keeper, Adebayor x -guy-who-shags-jewell's-daughter. "Arsenal will crumble this season"-" Arsenal gets stuffed by United we're top of the league, bigger fish to fry " Arsenal stuffed by tottenham(!!?)"- bigger fish to fry. Arsenal sits on top for so long, heroically contradicting the "experts(-.-')"- Arsenal goes from Heroes to zeroes in a month. No fish to eat, no fish to fry. We lost to the best united team of all time on penalties, nearly beating them. Not so bad for a bunch of overpaid mercenaries.
All day I have to read about "roman not going to games" I've never seen Mancs owners at premier league matches! Why no rumours there? They aren't fair with the other 18 teams in the premier league.Deal with it.
Ultimately kev, Chelski ended up with exactly the same as us this season. Difference being, we didn't spend the best part of a billion doing it.
Little Dutch
lOl..someone is vexed. hold on tho, 18?...19 you meant to say?
I meant 18. There's two red teams loved by the media.
We spent 33m , LD. there's a big difference between choking up in february and losing the title on the last day. Losing to spurs 2-1 in a "final" and getting stuffed by spurs (!?). Losing to barnsley and getting stuffed by united. Losing to united after nearly 3 hours of game by penalties. Not the same.
You spent £33m plus the £75m loss plus the £578m 'loan' plus the annual wage bill almost half as much again as ours or ManUs. You shouldn't be coy about it - it's great to have financial power way beyond anything any of your competitors can match. Just a shame that money can't always buy happiness that's all. In the end though you didn't get any more than we did out of this season.
I really would love to see kevin DEFEND with concrete examples the ludicrous, totally idiotic claim that Fabregas is a "thug" -- I'd really like to see that. LD, excellent FANTASTIC post!!
"there's a big difference between choking up in february and losing the title on the last day. Losing to spurs 2-1 in a "final" and getting stuffed by spurs (!?). Losing to barnsley and getting stuffed by united. Losing to united after nearly 3 hours of game by penalties. Not the same. -- k_chelski" --- nonsense / the point is that there is a HUGE gap between what your club spends and what we spend. The avg. age of your players is around 27-28, 8 of them had been in CL finals (only 5 of Utd players had been) so they had much more experience at that level. The point is that for all that ENORMOUS wealth and experience that you have, you still won nothing at all. Whereas we with a younger, less experienced squad, with a much lower spending outlay and wage bill, improved tremendously from the previous season. As to the Gallas / Terry is on-target because it was clear that Gallas saw that draw as the end of our title hopes. I really think that look on his fact, his reaction, was due to his suddenly realizing that (on the back of poor league form and a horrible loss of a goal-scoring player), we had lost the title. To him, that Birmingham game was very much like a final.
Someone is a little touchy today Kev - Where's the usual bubbly banter? If you're getting wound up by a bunch of Gooners the day after you lost the biggest match in your history, then you only have yourself to blame buddy. When we lost in 2006, aside from coming here and posting a couple of articles, I avoided everything I knew would ***** me off. Maybe you should have done the same. The amount of crap you Chelsea boys dish out, did you really think you're not gunna get some back?
PS - I'd rather get spanked by United than lose to Barnsley ..... LMFAO!!!
I'd rather lose to barnsley than get spanked by Spuds. I win.
To EuroBlue: given the fact that several of your comrades regularly come on here to insult us, it's the least you deserve. I well remember the stuff I had to listen to from your ilk after our loss in Paris. Deal with it.
I'm not *****ed, sad (and proud) that my team lost, but not *****ed. Arsenal can spend heavy if they want, you have the funds.The excuse I get is that "you prefer to build teams", fair enough, fair enough, nonetheless , don't point finger to teams that don't do the same! You can have 50 year old players if you want to, don't make age an excuse. The close-up on terry is all about the closing point in the CL final. Terry lost our winning penalty. That's why the cameras were focusing on him.Our season was better than yours,even if you don't want to admit it.
Pound for pound our season was better than yours. We both got beans for dinner instead of caviar but you paid a lot more for your beans than we did.
But you lost to Barnsley AND got spanked by Spurs ..... Game, set and match :P
If we got spanked by spurs than you got spanked by us. 2-1. Masters won.
We'll even things out, iceman. We're gonna sell 3 players that we got on free transfer for a reasonable price.
And buy 5 more at outrageous prices.
You think Drogba will go now kev? i think for once you will be taking in a lot of transfer funds, Carvalho, Drogba, Sidwell, Ben haim should fetch you a pretty penny, who your gonna buy will be interesting to see.
We spanked you 1-0 at our place then Kev :P
Drogba will be kicked out. We got a good transfer money this season , Robben + Johnson + Diarra + Geremi. I expect Cudicini, Bridge, Carvalho, Sidwell, Belletti, Haim, Pizarro,Shevchenko,Drogba, Malouda.Lampard is a possibility. We already bought a striker, a right back and a centre defender.
further evidence that john terry is an absolute**** who doesnt deserve to be captain of england (like we needed it) - - and - (for those of you who dont look at this, all it basically whows is the real "thug" john terry spitting on carlos tevez. i must admit i didnt see it last night and credit to tevez for not making a deal out of it. those pictures of him crying seem all the more sweeter now)
not even Terry spitting at Tevez would get him the same media treatment that Gallas got. Now, if it had been Tevez (a foreigner) spitting at Terry....! *gasp*
U4L, you beat me to it. Have a look at this link. Watch as the iron man hides his mouth with his sleeve, then watch Tevez immediately feel the back of his neck just as his yellow card is shown. Despicable
Little Dutch
Someone else has picked up on the point of this article
Little Dutch
Oh well done LD, you beauty ! Point well made.
prits disgraceful spit. Have a look.
could you not find an older clip?
What actually happened why they started that little skirmish. A manu player got injured and Tevez kicked the ball out? I can remember seeing the bust up occur but not noting anything severe to start it all.
vital football as it should be, united against Chelsea :)
kevin, the difference is that cesc in that video was a 16 year old kid. Exactly how many times do you see him do that now? Everyone talks about his rolling around on the ground at the Everton game. Exactly how many other times have you seen him this season or last season behave that way? The fact is that Cesc in the overwhelming majority of his games behaves very well. Try using Eboue as a better candidate for your argument. Anyway the point is that in English football Terry is hyped up as a Tough Iron Man of Grit and Courage, the Noble Warrior, yadayadayada. His consistent ill discipline and cheating tactics are always overlooked. If Cesc committed half the nonsense that Terry does on the pitch, the media would've crucified long him long ago. But since Terry's English, he (just like Rooney) can get away with anything and it never sticks to them.
oh for *****'s sake Arsenal. Gallas cried when you tied Birmingham City in the premiership. Terry cried when he SLIPPED in the pouring rain at 1:30 in the morning in Moscow in the Champions league final to win the game. No where near the same thing so shut the ***** up and have a heart.
I respect Chelsea as a team for the drive and never say die attitude they show. Things like them sending Kenyon to collect a medal when United sent folk hero and Legend Sir Bobby Charlton are what makes Chelsea utterly unlikeable. That is classless, Sir Bob wouldnt even allow them to put the medal on him as it knew it wasnt about him yet fester was all up in the place as if he had taken part in the game.
And Marlon Harewood just slipped because he's s*@t and has no balance :P
LA Villian, Eduardo's leg? Sagna's brother? JT mocking US tourists at Heathrow on Sep 11? JT parking in disabled bays? JT snotting on Tevez? *****ing in girls drinks in nightclubs? Tearing red cards out of referee's hands? I say have a heart, laugh at the despicable little ********. It will restore your faith in humanity to see bad things sometimes happen to bad people.
Little Dutch
Oh and Terry slipping was his own fault, a) he "slips" well after he's struck the ball and b) it's his own bloody fault for planting his left foot so close to the ball. Poor technique. ******** funny too.
Little Dutch
good point littledutch, it was the same conditions for every player out there; yet no-one else slipped. but critisising terry to a chelsea fan is like *****ing on the pope's bible.
Great article LD and bang on the money as usual....... Even 2 days after the match it still brings a smile to my face seeing that big girl's blouse crying on the telly, highly entertaining - it just about justifies the time wasted watching the two hours of dross that preceded it......
I for one cannot be more pleased as punch that a person truly as vile, arrogant, and classless as 'JT' (thanks for perpetuating that McClaren, you a®$e-sucker) blubbed his eyes out like a baby after this.

I missed the game, and after Rocky Paul texted me with the news of the result and Terry's subsequent waterworks, I had this very same discussion with my West Ham supporting mates who I was with - that I couldnt' wait to see the parallels drawn between Terry's tears and Gallas' sit down protest. Yet, strangely enough, as of yet, tis article and Tim's link aside, I see none...
»»Arsene Knows««
Someone explain this to me: skysports and the press in general are devoting tons of coverage about how poor JT must be feeling, how he's so tough, how is this going to affect him for the rest of his life, his career, how will he get over it. Chelsea have reportedly offered him counselling, ffs! The media saturation over how poor JT must be feeling--interviews with sports psychologists, Chelsea fans defending him, football's endless. Now, maybe I watched another game but wasn't there ANOTHER Chelsea player who failed at his very poor penalty? It was in fact very easily saved by VDS? Why is there no hysterical hang-wringing sympathy for Anelka? Does he need counseling? Oh I forgot -- he's a foreigner. And--*gasp*--French! No sympathy needed.
Hilarious! The Guardian's Fiver column gets on John Terry's back re spitting and crying like a man:,,2282018,00.html
Chelsea did the same to us in the semi-final at the bridge. Alonso tried to kick the ball out of touch because there was a Liverpool player injured but Kalou reached the ball first and kicked it out towards our corner flag. It's bad sportmanship by Chelsea yet they have the nerve to be upset when it's done to them. Like you said LD, unbelievable hypocrisy.
No sympathy at all for Terry or Chelsea, and the spat at the end was quite comical. I also hope that Terry gets charged for his snot incident disgusting behaviour. Is he fit to be England captain?
I apologize but I don't get to hear things like that here in the states, regarding Terry taunting US Tourist on Sept 11th. That is unforgivable, after all, who won the revolutionary war : )? Small joke, I'm Swedish anyway, not American. I've grown up watching Chelsea unfortunately because both of my parents were Chelsea supporters growing up. I went to the better side and chose Villa. I'm not sold on the fact that he spat on Tevez, but if he did, I would have too because Tevez was an absolute ****** during the final and shouldn't have even been on the pitch. I think he's worthless and not good enough for United, and besides that, he couldn't finish his dinner and took it out on the chelsea players. JohnDoe - why are you everywhere!!?!? Do you go on every team page and give your input??! Fecking annoying if you ask me.
It is the parking in disabled spots that gets to me. Rio Ferdinand was also pictured years back parking in one and running into Harvey Nichols and yet these scum are meant to be captains and represent the country? Personally anyone not disabled going in a disabled bay I think should be given their greatest wish and have their legs suitably adjusted so they do qualify for the blue badge. I know that might sound harsh but having had great experience of brain diseases and seeing real disabled people fighting for their lives with great dignity and bravery, over paid panzies like this just need a total attitude re-adjustment. Low life scum who think they are gods and then as many say above, the press are all over them in sympathy! I hadn't realised the disabled bay thing until today and now my attitude has changed even more towards Terry. I'd have him nowhere near the England team and set an example. Of course the people in football won't do things like that as there is very little dignity left in the game as that final showed with the diving and play acting. Blimey, that became a ramble... sorry! LOL
The Fear
los_angeles_villan, Just to prove to you how big of an idiot you really are, you got annoyed with me posting in a grand total of FOUR vital sites. This one, Chelsea's, Villa's and Liverpool's. Accumilating only 163 points, which ranks 252 in the vital network members league, but according to you I go to every team page and give my input. Like I said, idiot.
Take your cheap shots but if you think arsenal have had a better season than Chelsea your jokin......we've made progress gettin to the CL final - not to mention higher in league, arsenal fell at the quaters, not to mentioned bottled the league and got thumped out the fa cup......spurs have had a better season than arsenal considerin
Whatver JCFC, all those millions spent you got 2 more league points and got to your 1st champions league final (been there, done that). go away and console your superhero captain who shall forever be known as...........Bananaman.
Bananaman? i thought he was "the bottler". or "the spitter". you know what, i think ill just carry on calling him "the ****".

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