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For Platini, Read Pratini?

Scanning this morning's Arsenal-related news, what do see, but a new piece of insightful wisdom from everyone's favourite gallic goon (no, not Raymond Domenech, and no, not gooner...), Michel Platini.

Platini, it would seem, is hellbent on kneecapping the Premier League. He doesn't like the fact we take kids from other countries. He doens't like that more english kids don't get an opportunity. He doesn't like our dominance over Europe's other leagues, both on the pitch and on the bank statement. And now he doesn't like the fact that some of our clubs have debt.

So much so that he has said UEFA are planning to 'regulate' this. He said

"Uefa is going to fight to regulate access to its competitions for clubs who are in debt.

I am not just talking about United and Chelsea, who got to last season`s Champions League final with a big debt, I am speaking in general.

If a club has money and wants to invest in a player it has every right to do so.

I am more worried about a club that is in debt and spending £10 million on a player. We are going to regulate this.

Now, i saw this article on Setanta's website, and they've been a bit mischievous, as they've tied Arsenal in with all this, which i think is ludicrous.

Their thinking behind this is that the mancs, the chavs and the mickey mousers have huge debts because of player acquisitions and wages; and takeovers, which have been refinanced back onto the clubs themselves, courtesy of the new owners. And Arsenal belong in the list because they are 'currently repaying loans for the funding of Emirates Stadium'.

There's a slight difference in the two situations here. Arsenal's debt is due to increasing capacity for fans and revenue streams, not because of reckless / over-the-top expenditure on player purchases. In contrast, we are relatively conservative in our outlay on transfers, spending less than the barcodes and the spuds in recent seasons (the past five, i would wager).

So surely any talk of taking action against these debt-ridden clubs should not concern Arsenal. If it does, and if Setanta's proclamation about said clubs being banned is correct, i fully expect to see Real Madrid banned from the Champions League also. Were it not for Madrid being the beneficiary of some dubious land-acquisition by Madrid's city council, who bought Real's training ground back off the club a couple of years ago for TWICE the going rate, thus wiping out Real's huge debt in the process, the Spanish club would be fully submersed in a financial quagmire. And if they do go ahead and complete their proposed £80m-or-so purchase of Ronaldo, they surely will be again.

Whatever the true story here, it certainly appears that Platini has a serious issue with the Premier League, as he seems to continually look for new ways to peg the Prem back and stop it's emerging powerhold over the rest of Europe. As has been mentioned before, this was never a problem when Italian clubs were dominant in European competition. And surely it is a far worse crime to actually cheat by bribing referees and the like (mentioning no milanese or old ladies).

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The Journalist

Writer: Wingston Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday June 27 2008

Time: 10:43AM

Your Comments

Its a shame that Platini is such a tw*t because as a player he was fantastic to watch.
Platini the player - Awesome Platini the man - *********
Actually our debts are 105M as the main takeover debts are on teh owneers company. I do believe you have very high debts of your own due to the stadium? To be fair though the arsenal model is the one to follow!
5 times
5 times, I fully acknowledge that we have debts - my point was that unlike the mancs and the chavs it is not due to spending wildly on players. Ours is manageable though, and offset by the increased matchday revenue and sale of flats, though not sure by how much. There are others more astute in the financial workings of Arsenal Football Club than I who could tell you that! You guys have begun work on your stadium now havn't you - how's the financing on that been decided?
»»Arsene Knows««
I mentioned on here a few weeks ago that Platini and Blatter seem to pick on English clubs, and let Spanish and Italian ones get away with murder. If this rule comes in (which I doubt) it needs to be strictly regulated throughout Europe. A few things will come to light then I'm sure. Are Chelsea in debt? I know they work at a loss, but I don't think they owe anything to banks, just moneybags himself.
Surely Real Madrid who are constantly financed by the bank should be throw out by Platini's logic
Sometimes I think that Platini just seems to love the sound of his own voice. So he thinks having debts is cheating the same as what Juve and AC milan and other intalian clubs as well as more recently, Porto?
Platini = massive berk.
We generated 166.7m from in 2006-07, 90.6m from matchday revenue, i.e. a 111% increase from Highbury. We're talking about 3.1m from each home match. That's the 2nd highest, after ManU (at 92.5m) in Europe, according to Deloitte's Football Money League report. How is this not the proper way of business, and how is this the same as borrowing huge money (be it from banks or from their owners) for player purchases, I really don't know!!! And Liverpool are doing both. Spurs are trying to do both. But still, like you guys said, they're still better than match-fixing and stuff. If Platini cares about "competitive fairness" so much, why doesn't he do something about technology and refereeing standards as well?!
Lou the Gunneress
Navydave Yes Chelsea are in debt. to the tune of £736m!! Infact according to the Guardian between them United and Chelsea owe creditors 1.5billion between them!! If Platini and the morons at UEFA were to implement this then they would in effect be getting rid of pretty much half of the biggest clubs in Europe from European club football's biggest clubs including Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Celtic, Juventus and Milan(I think) to name a few off the top of my head. So if you take the top 4 out of England who are you left with who arn't in debt? Spurs.....
Off topic. Sky Sports breaking news: Adebayor press conference. Maybe he will say he has shot his agent!!!
This guys has some serious anti English problems. How can you restrict a PLC from taking on debt. Surely this is already regulated by the FSA, LSE and BoE.
I've said it before, but Platini's job is to work WITH federations and indiginous leagues. His agenda against the Premiership is so shameless and blatant, he's not even attempting to conceal it. I simply do not know how he can stay in his job. What if Kofe Anan started trying to deliberately hamstring the British Parliament to make England weaker? Platini is meant to be an ambassador for football, not an enemy of it. If this unworkable ruling were in operation at the moment, only Stoke City, West Ham United and Newcastle United would be elligible for the CL next year.
Little Dutch
Update: Ade has said he is staying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
REALLY MrArsenal???? where's this to be found?
»»Arsene Knows««
Must be on TV because Skysports website has not been updated. Also if that is the case MrArsenal, what are you doing at home at 12.30? Skiving again....
Sky sport news!!!!!!!
Me skiving??? Absolutely!!!!!!!! lol
Hey maybe Ade will just say "screw you guys, screw Barca, screw Milan, I'm staying" or something?
Lou the Gunneress
Oops sorry MrA, I just saw your posts and the Sky news. THis is our BIG signing, woohoo!
Lou the Gunneress
Just what we needed that!!! Now can we please sign Nasri!!! :-0
I'm so happy with that big slap in his agent's face! "80% certain of joining Milan" my arse!!
Lou the Gunneress
And sorry PG: what you heard from your source about Ade is proven wrong.
Lou the Gunneress
Pity Ade didn't come out a bit sooner, but hey better late than never!!!. ps, Agreed Lou, what a muppet his agent must be!!!
Stephane COurbis is Ade's agent, isn't he? This Morabito parasite is an agent working for MIlan, so I thought...
»»Arsene Knows««
Yeah, that Morabito guy works for Milan, hence la publicita! Haha how do they say "embarrassment" in Italiano?
Lou the Gunneress
He also said we were chasing Peter Crouch as a replacement for Ade ha ha. Obviously forgot to take his medication bless him!!!
imbarazzo!!!!! Embarrassment!!!!
They call him a "super-agent" - whatever that means.
Super *****!!!
That means he's twice the **** that the other agents are. and they are rather big ****s themselves.
fanculo Galliani, fanculo morabito, fanculo milano, fanculo barcelona. brutti succhiacazzi figli di puttana... ciao ciao!

»»Arsene Knows««
Sincerely pray Ade can get some peace among gunners!
Sky sports news reporter has just said that he sat with Ade after the press conference and asked him if there was any chance that he would still go to Milan, Ade's supposed response was 'it will all be decided next week!!! WTF!!!!!
MrArsenal, you'll forgive me if I read that as a big pile of sensationalistic *********!!!
»»Arsene Knows««
I hope so, maybe Sky are trying to make their own headlines!!!
wouldn't be the first time, would it...
»»Arsene Knows««
Just seen both interviews with Ade on sky and now i'm confused!!!!!
It will be interesting to see just how far Platini is willing to push his anti-England agenda into action. These words mean nothing, and to be honest, I'm growing a bit tired of all this ! Do something about it, or quit moaning, Platini.
MrArsenal, do you actually hear ade say the 'next week' part?
»»Arsene Knows««
How someone who'll "see out the 3 years left in his contract" wasn't sure about "signing for Milan" is baffling!
Lou the Gunneress
Yeah when asked if there was still a chance he could go to Milan, Ade said ' it will all be decided next week'. As sky sports said, its now as clear as mud!!!
This is getting a bit stale, every time I click on a link with Platini in it I know the fool is going to say something stupid.
i have one question for mr. Platini and all the people who say the Premier League and Arsenal are responsible for the english national team's failure. the current spain team, has just two players from real madrid, 3 from barcelona. infact liverpool have 4 of them, while arsenal supply probably their best player in their last two knock out games. rest all come from small teams in spain. still the national team is doing so well when most of their players come from the lesser known teams in la liga and from england. it's the same case with england, united, pool n chelsea supply the heart of the team, and the rest come from the lesser known premier league clubs. still the spanish are doing so well at the moment while the english team with a similar structure keeps on failing with such consistency. so why the ***** blame the PL and Arsenal for it? the best english players all play for big clubs all over europe just like their spanish counterparts. it only means to things a) the english players are not that good as the world seems to think they are. b) they cannot handle the pressure at the top level, they are big time CHOKERS..
Luckys that's a valid point, one that Arsene himself actually touched on in a BBC interview earlier. He said Spain used to have a bit of a fear factor after under-achieving for decades. Now they've got all these players playing abroad, where they play with top players in England and against the best in Europe (CL). They eventually realise that "these big players abroad are not the monsters that we thought they were." So they've gained this confidence that they didn't have before and Arsene concludes that when everyone plays everyone else, sport indeed brings people together and challenges everyone to get better. I say tell that to Platini.
Lou the Gunneress
With respect you seem to have only read into part of the strategy. Platini clearly stated that any club that has debt due to investing in infrastructure (stadium, training ground and academies) will be exempt. Platini is pushing the ECA to ratify the strategy of ensuring that money going into football stays in football and the first step will be bringing in a 55% salary cap – failure to adhere to that cap will mean no invitation to UEFA Cup or CL tournaments. The overall strategy is to stop clubs paying out huge transfers and wages that bear no relevance to their turnover (e.g. Chelsea) and also to stop greedy individuals from taking over clubs and using the club as collateral and putting that club deeply into debt (e.g. Glazers and United). Arsenal have no problems at all with this strategy as your wages ratio is already within the range (51%) and your debts are related to the stadium and in fact when all of this comes to pass your club will be extremely well placed. Yes, Platini is negative towards the EPL but he is waging war on all European clubs to bring sanity back into the game – 85% of all clubs are making a loss – if things don’t change there will be many clubs going out of business. This strategy is one of the best things to happen in football for many, many years and should be fully embraced by all true football fans – football money should stay in football and be reinvested for the future and not be given to greedy agents and finance speculators who have no love for the fans or the game itself.
Gilzean - amen to what you say in the last part there - i wholeheartedly agree with you there, sir!
»»Arsene Knows««
Wingston - there are going to be some fun and games over the next 2 to 3 years which is when the first step is mooted to take place (i.e. 2010/11 season for salary cap) - all clubs have known this was going to come at some time and the majority of Chairmen welcome it (for obvious reasons as without it they will never make a profit). There has been a lot of media speculation as to your own club not being able to afford higher wages - it is not a case of not being able to afford increases but it is a case of adhering to a sustainable wage policy now as opposed to having to be forced into doing it in 2 to 3 years time and for that your board should be congratulated. The likes of Newcastle (62%) and West Ham (77%) are now having to slash their wage bills after splashing it all over the place in recent seasons - I expect Man City to go overboard in the next 2 seasons in order to try and satisfy the owner's ego but clubs like that will be in the minority and even Kenyon (who is on the transitional board of ECA) has told Chelsea they have to break even by 2009/10 season - the only way they can do that is by slashing their wage bill. Based on the last available official accounts of all PL clubs there are only 3 clubs that are within a 55% ratio.
GIK, thanks for the clarification. In any case, Arsenal can't be one of the hardest hit when some of these new measures are implemented, even the quota of foreign players we can cope with bcos of very meticulous planning - so we're proud of the way the club's being run. This sounds more sensible than the press made of it (by throwing financially well managed clubs like Arsenal into the same bracket as Chelsea). And can you also tell us where the stat that "85% of all clubs are making a loss" come from?
Lou the Gunneress
The 85% of all clubs refers to European clubs and comes from ECA chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge..... As far as the EPL is concerned if you look at the clubs that were in the league at the start of last season only 4 made a profit - Arsenal, THFC, Reading and Birmingham - now that Reading and Birmingham are gone it only leaves 2 clubs. The total losses made by PL clubs were £261 million.
But with the new TV deal, quite a few clubs have a chance to turn things around, no? That deal benefits the likes of Everton, Pompey, Villa, Blackburn a lot. Now it's very interesting to see whether they'll pour that money back into the transfer market, or try to reduce debt and go back in black, or save some money for some of their stadium projects, e.g. Pompey, Liverpool, Spurs. Even with this TV though, I still don't think it's a viable way to try to buy your way to glory and build a new stadium at the same time. Something's got to give. So Liverpool, Pompey and Spurs will be interesting.
Lou the Gunneress
As far as the Spurs stadium funding is concerned, it has been confirmed that the funding for that project will not affect our investment in the playing squad in any way and will be arranged via our Group of Companies (i.e. the Tavistock Group) and will be a shared funding arrangement. With regards to the TV deals – although it looks impressive it will not do much to help out clubs such as Newcastle (loss of £31 million) or West Ham (loss of £22 million) or Pompey (loss of £23 million) – these losses are only the last annual losses – it does not include any long term debt which is quite horrendous across the majority of PL clubs.
arsenal are way way ahead of the game on these matters it seems...

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