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Ade Staying At Arsenal

News is reaching VitalArsenal towers of a press conference given by Adebayor, and he has expressed his aim to stay at Arsenal this forthcoming season.

Hopefully this will put an end to the rampant speculation in recent weeks of a imminent move to milan or barcelona, helped in no little way by Vincenzo Morabito, adebayor's 'agent'. Funny, I thought that was Stephane Courbis.

Great news, Ade, despite a 1-in-3 conversion rate last season, is still to win over some doubters who say he is not accurate enough. or does not offer enough in terms of technique.

I'd say 30 goals a season isn't bad. ANd leading theline on your own the mojority of that time aint bad either. Silly season has been well and truly in, in some quarters

In fact, following all the rumours, many Arsenal fans went and commented on various Arsenal blogs saying things like 'sell him wenger, he's shit', or 'ade - you can f*ck off then'.

Way to go, morons.

I hope you feel like prats now. THe lesson here is pay no attention to the bullshit written in the papers and on many websites.

And thanks for dispelling the rumours, Ade. I'm sure more will be revealed in the fullness of time...

Thanks also to MrArsenal for bringing this to our attention

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The Journalist

Writer: Wingston Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday June 27 2008

Time: 12:54PM

Your Comments

The rumours will start again next week. Like I said in the article below, when you start letting the press set the agenda, you have to issue denials every week. Players don't need to do this and if people get in a tizz over fabricated speculation, frankly, that's their problem. If you put stock in anything the media say you deserve to be unhappy.
Little Dutch
Aye, I've kept quiet about all this as it's really not worth worrying about. If it's not announced officially, then ignore it... too much crap and lies flying about these days.
»»Arsene Knows««
I remember just over a month ago Ade said he was staying. Then he went on holiday, crazy time starts, and he has to come back and reiterate what he has already said...... it's ridiculous!!! I might lock myself in a room for three months next year.
Just seen it on Sky Sports News. Excellent news this. Told you that him leaving was all arse gravy didnt' I?!!!
Either the club and he agreed on a pay rise or new deal, or Milan and Barca are just put off by his demands, so realistically he'd rather stay. That's why he stayed quiet over the past few weeks, after claiming he wanted to stay twice before in fairness, and only has come out to categorically deny any move right now.
Lou the Gunneress
Pity. I was looking forward to you getting Crouch! :)
Perhaps he should record a video claiming 'I'm staying at arsenal and send it to 'news' outlets on a weekly basis. Will save him the bloody effort.
The reason he stayed quiet was because he was on holiday. The minute he returns he quashes all the rumours. Can't say fairer than that! I like the lad and think he can improve still in leaps and bounds. He will be the top dog in the EPL at some stage imho.
prits, he could record it in the caves of the tora bora region :D and in the video, talk about the 'infidels' of milan and barcelona. nice!
»»Arsene Knows««
Adebay-tora bora!
Little Dutch
Arsenal being linked with Crouch has to be THE MOST ABSURD rumour this summer.
Now that that's settled, let's find out how much Barca wants to take Hleb off our hands.
fanculo Galliani, fanculo Morabito, fanculo Milano, fanculo Barcelona. Brutti succhiacazzi figli di puttana... ciao ciao!
»»Arsene Knows««
I dont know what that means Wingers, but I'm hoping those are lots of dirty words reserved for those *****s ;).
they certainly are, Prits :)
»»Arsene Knows««
Yeah to Crouch, Villa, Guiza, Eto'o, Ronaldinho, Pavlyuchenko, Arshavin, oh and Louis Saha! (lol lol), etc.: sorry guys, you would have to look elsewhere for a new job! Strikers, centre forwards, 2nd strikers, frontmen, big or small, needed not apply. (Can't believe I just mentioned them in the same breath.) And Barca and Milan: adieu, adios, ciao, sod off and don't come back!
Lou the Gunneress
Well done Ade. This boy will be a huge asset for Arsenal some day (very) soon. Mark my words.
Warri Gooner
Does anyone remember that odious Cannavaro character that turned up on here at the turn of the year? I'd really like to hear his thoughts on his club embarassingly lifting their skirt towards one of our "African black cow" players, only to see him publicly rebuff them three times before the end of June?
Little Dutch
LOL LD I totally forgot about him, let alone what he said. But yeah I remember he claimed to be a Milan fan. Vaffanculo Milan e "Canavaro"!
Lou the Gunneress
yeah, vaguely LD - he was a complete ©o©k... I'm sure he's gnashing his teeth about the very prospect of it all
»»Arsene Knows««
Just seen Ade on Sky saying that everything will be decided next week when questioned about going to Milan!!! Now i'm confused!
I don't remember him, but then again I have had ALOT of Alcohol since then......What? I'm a student, leave me :)
"You can see people changing clubs because of money, because they want a change of atmosphere or to get their names in the big leagues. I just play football to enjoy myself. I play because I love it." Well done Ade
Hey but what's the point of holding this press conference if Ade's giving out mixed messages? Was it Sky that put words into his mouth or something? This is even more annoying...
Lou the Gunneress
Lou it was Ade who said two different things, i've seen him say it on Sky!!!
Lou the Gunneress
This is really annoying and as sky said, its now as clear as mud!!!
It's surpsing that Sky Sports hasn't started *****-stirring on that extra quote. It's all +ve stuff here:,19528,11095_3746189,00.html
Lou the Gunneress
I noticed how Ade said a couple of times that he was aware that other clubs were after him and he would sit down with Arsenal next week and decide what to do!! Decide how much more money you can get out of the club more like!!!
I can only see Adebayor leaving if Arsenal have told him he could leave. If wenger says to him, Ade we want you to stay and see you as the future of Arsenal them im sure he will stay. If wenger says, we have received a bid of 30 million from AC Milan, what do you think? In that case he might think of leaving.
Just a matter of time Lou. Wait a few more minutes and sky will have his extra quotes up.
Someone (agent) must have said something to him to make the second statement an almost total contradiction to his first!
If we can get 25 million for him, i certainly do not feel like a prat for saying take it! I would say the same thing now. Take the money Arsene and buy RSC or Villa Guiza or Gomez, all of whom will cost a lot less. Heck even Peter Crouch with the kind of service he would get from our team could score 30 goals a season. TAKE THE MONEY!!!!!
I don't know about you guys but this has really****ed me off. Either your staying or your not. As much as i like Ade and he had a great season, don't start all this crap! Seems he has heard the rumours and has suddenly realised he is in a good bargaining position. Like i said i like Ade and he's done well but don't start getting that 'bigger than the club' attitude!
Thank god for that, would've been 2 songs of the song sheet gone ;-)
On a different note, maybe Walcott can become the new Henry now. Ok a bit over the top, but he has been given the number 14. A vote of confidence for the young Theo i think.
I'm so tired of this every Summer, any players that aren't interested in staying, let them Foxtrot Oscar. I'd rather settle for players that are commited to Arsenal even if we don't win anything or end up in the CL, rather than this go on every season. Now is the time for to come out with something definitive!
Paul I saw that change too. What's the point of announcing the new squad numbers, only to change them a few days later?!? I suspect we were leaving No. 14 for a new signing when they're announced, but it has just been called off. So the number now belongs to Theo. Am I reading too much into it? This just doesn't sound Arsenal-like at all.
Lou the Gunneress
In your face, Spanish media. You steaming great bell ends.
Have to laugh at the Telegraph putting a negative spin on a positive story. '' Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor to stay at Emirates 'for next three years' '' Love the insinuation that it's only temporary.Unbelievable.
If you're going to call a press conference to silence rampant media speculation, then why come out with ambiguous statements that just give the media more material to work with? All he did was fuel the fire. The press conference was totally useless. Sorry, I don't like Ade's ambiguous statements at all. You know where you're at with Clichy, Cesc, Kolo, Sagna, Gilberto---but Ade's statements are not as clear and firm as some gooners claim they are. Frankly I don't care anymore if he stays or goes.
It sounds like Ade's ok with either case. But if he's not even sure that he wants to stay or even is inclined to leave (if you believe the Seedorf quotes), as Jaelle said, why bother to hold the press conference at all?!
Lou the Gunneress
Exactly. In the first press conference he talks about having a good contract, a great mamager and they are all like a family. Then the second one!!! Just don't get it! Maybe he was told that pledging his future to Arsenal is not the best bargaining tool for a new and improved deal!!!
I couldn't really care less about all these players disrespecting the club shamelessly. The truth is Arsenal... we pay their salaries and they can't go anywhere without Wenger's approval. End of story. The only player i want to keep is Cesc. He makes them all look better than the really are.
I totally agree, what is the point of him coming out! Its like saying I'm staying with my significant other, I love them, its not about money, I enjoy spending time woth them but as you know a lot of others find me attractive so I will sit down with my wife/husband to find out what we will do. This is the most crap he has ever spoken, there is nothing positive about this coming out. This is a huge tuen off as what he is really saying is pay me or I'm out! My God!! how greedy are these players. God Bless to all and Ade on his future ventures!!
He's reached Hleb like status to me at this point.
Please look at the statistics mates. From what I got from opta, Ade's conversion rate last season (not taking CL into account) was just 23%, not 1/3 or 33% as stated by some. To be fair, Torres was just slightly better at 24%. Thus I decided to do my research on the type of services provided by their team mates to determine who was better. Of all the 30 goals as shown in the clip below, about 2/3 of Ade's goals were scored from penalties or from assists he received INSIDE of the penalty box whereas Torres scored 2/3 of his 29 goals in the clips from passes he received from OUTSIDE the penalty box. This shows that Ade received much better services from his team mates whereas Torres had to work harder to beat defenders. Say Ade's overall conversion rate inclusive of CL was also 23% (most probably lower since he only scored 3 out of 10 appearance), this means he only scored 30 out of 130 chances last season and missed 100 sitters of which 2/3 of these 100 or about 67 sitters were chances created INSIDE of the box compared to Torres who would have missed only 35 sitters INSIDE the box (scored 33 out of 138 and missed 105 of which 1/3 or 35 were chances created in the box) - if the law of average holds. This concludes that Ade is overrated given the market valuation. I hope this can convince the club to sell if we can get something close to 30 mil. The link below are evidence:
mark my words, Ade & Hleb both will end up staying. hleb is not really wanted anymore by anyone and has no other choice but to stay. Plus Arsene is a big admirer of his and wants him to stay too..
Hey lucks_10, does it really have anything to do with staying or going? its about principles. Its about the fork tongue speech! thats the problem. If he wants to leave and so many clubs want him he should go, quite simple. What is going to happen, everytime someone scores thirty goals in a season they are going to hold the club ransom? Its just not cool. "The love of money is the root of evil" and to me it is evil to be rich and always grabbing for more, especially when you havent been good for a long time! Ah eediat ting - Jamaican for "that an idiot thing"
He says its not about money!! So what is it about then, Champions League football??? I lost all respect for Ade after today, he seems to have got far too big for his boots and now can go and do one for all i care. We made you the player you are Ade and we have to listen to your bull*****!!! £25m, i would bite their hand off!!
Ade, dumped all over Gooner World today, indefensible. Thanks for clarifying your feelings about the Red & White mate. Why wait for next week? Just pack your bags, I'll pull the car around, and drive you to the airport myself. And lets please Arsene , spend the money.
Its quite obvious Ades agent told him to reverse his earlier comments as the original comments that he was staying would make it very difficult for him to leave or get a pay rise. I trust Arsene and I pray that he doesnt give Ade a penny more that he is getting right now. He hasnt even scored 50 goals in the shirt that millions would die to play in and now after 1 good year he wants to put the squeeze on this great club...I think not.
And lets be honest, i know he got 30 goals last season ( 6 against Derby) but he aint as good as he thinks he is. A bit of interest from Milan and he flirts outrageously. I agree with iceman that committing to your club is clearly not the best bargaining tool!!
At least we have this to look forward to ;-P
Yep, sell him and lets go for Villa, Bendtner can be the big target we need. Also with vela coming in, RVP and Eduardo to stay healthy and we will be just fine. Arsenal to win the PL and CL next season.
Yo, I forgot to mention Walcott. C ya Ade!
but what did he say after that interview? he said he doesnt no where his future lies . and Seedorf has said that ade has told him he wants to join him next year .
If Milan think he is worth 25m then they are welcome to him, coz he aint worth that!!!!!
To my mind, Adebayor started to get too big-headed during the season and if this is his attitude I am glad we'd get rid of him. I can only imagine how an honourable man like Arsene must be feeling. Here he is trying to build something wonderful and the idiots like Hleb and Ade treat him/us/the club like this.
paulsito , ure getting a bit carried away , huntelaar has just rejected a contract at ajax what about him to replace ade?
If Adebayor could score 30 goals for us then Huntelaar would no probs! Cash in now and get rid, his arrogance is unbelievable now!
The tie-breaker of Huntelaar's new deal was an approximately 20m release clause that the club wanted to put in. Hunt thought it's too high. With 2 years left on his current contract, we can assume Ajax might want about 20m for the striker, maybe he'd be sold for less, on the back of limited performances at the Euros. We also happen to have an excellent relationship with Ajax. If we sold Ade for like 25m, it's not beyond the realm of possibilities to get Hunt for like 16m-18m or something like that is it? (Wishful thinking)
Lou the Gunneress
yeah i reckon huntelaar would be good, im starting to think that maybe ade's 30 goal last season is a fluke, mayb weve got another anelka on our hand?
With the points you made there Lou, i dont think it is wishfiul thinking. I think 18m would get Huntelaar, and with Ade the ego having 3yrs left on his contract, and him being Milans sole transfer target i'm sure we could squeeze 25m out of them! Good business or what!!!!
Unfortunately, some people need to realise what modern day football is about. Listen, footballers don't bleed for clubs anymore, they never did. What Ade has done is a bit *****ty, but would any other player do any different? Torres squeezed a pay rise out of Liverpool after one season, Cesc thought about leaving last year but didn't on the back of a lucrative contract. This is the way the game is now and no players are any different. Carragher is possibly the only one I can think of. Terry demanded to be the highest earner at Chelsea, as did Gerrard. This is how it is now and no amount of "well he can ***** himself" righteousness will change it. Ade will talk to Wenger next week, Wenger will tell him he's not going anywhere and that will be that. Just like Cesc last summer.
Little Dutch
LD, Torres accepted a drop in his Atletico wages to join Liverpool with a promise from the club that his salary would be reviewed at the end of his first season in the Premier League, he even waved £3m from the original transfer fee that Atletico owed him. After the review, Liverpool agreed to pay him his original Atletico salary. He wasn't squeezing us.
hehe typo, I meant "deal-breaker", not "tie-breaker". Of course someone like Huntelaar or Villa would be fantastic. But Hunt has better physical presence (not as big as Ade, but he's about RvP's height), while Villa is a bit closer to Eduardo in terms of physical presence and ability. I was actually all for keep Ade cos he'll only get better under Arsene - until reading these disappointing quotes attributed to him. So I'm resorted to losing him, or to Arsene cashing in on him, more like. While Milan and Barca play attacking football, Ade just won't get as much service as with us. We'll see if he'll keep scoring that many goals, I'm really not sure.
Lou the Gunneress
I think for 25m plus, Milan are welcome to him. The game out there is much slower and relies even more on technique I would say. I'm not saying Ade's technique is awful but I reckon he'd get found out there. He's got to realise the thing that's making him look so frickin good is the team play that Arsene has striven to build over so long. Granted he puts in workrate but I see him being found out in Milan. I had my suspicions he had become a big-head like Henry became and this confirms them. At least Henry earnt the right having done it over a sustained period and scoring over 200 goals. Didn't Ade have an issue with the Togo national team over money too??
I don't see how Ade is being big headed. What's he said to make anyone think this? He's not the first ever player to consider a change in his career. Mark my words, he'll be here next season. I just fail to see how he's become big headed.
Little Dutch
And Ade's issue with Togo was because the Togolese F.A. were refusing to pay player bonuses which they were entitled to. The players weren't the bad guys, the F.A. were stealing from them.
Little Dutch
Just in on Skysports News, Arsene was interviewed and said he wasn't worried about any of the speculation. Asked if Adebayor would be there next season, he replied "Of course. He is under contract". I still think Ade will go.
I think he has got the big head, he kept saying that a lot of other teams are interested in him, thats seems to have inflated his ego. He does believe his own hype, he has played well for one season and is now trying to milk Arsenal. He can leave if he wants but just be real about it.
He says its not about money ,but it seems to me as he is using Milan as his bargaining tool to get a hike in wages. It might work too as Arsene has just said he will be here next season. Maybe a payrise is on the horizon!!
I don't think Ade is the smartest man around and I think he is being misled by his agents. I'm sure that his comments in the press conference are closest to his true feelings, but his agents later told him to be a bit more coy about his future because Arsenal might sell him anyway and they probably told him that guff about Arsenal also benefiting from his sale. It will be interesting to see if Arsene holds to his latest position as there is still a long way to go in this transfer window.
I don't think Arsene wants to sell him, but at 25m, if thats what he gets offered, then business is business and that would be a handsome return.
Alas, I remember someone saying players like Scholes and Giggs were a dying breed how true. If Adebayor wants to leave he can F off for all I care I would rather the team not win the league than have a lot of jumped up ****s who believe they are bigger than the club wearing the Arsenal t-shirt. Either he comes out and squashed the rumours or he leaves well I guess that's that to the boss but I feel he should leave or rot in the reserves if he made those comments.
It seems these sort of situations are happening all the time now.We have a similar case with Berbatov.Personally i am sick of players like Ade and Berbs who think they are bigger than our two great clubs.Berbs wants CL football which of course we cant offer but we do offer a great salary,Uefa cup and maybe an exciting season ahead under Ramos,but of course, that is still not enough.Then we have Ade whoose career was rescued by Wenger,has CL football and also a great salary but seemingly has now been wooed by AC Milan who only offer Uefa Cup but a reported 120,000 pounds a week.Do these guys know anything about the history of our 2 clubs,probably not.Wilson,Rice,Radford and Brady.Perryman,Gilzean,Chivers and Knowles.How dare these 'new age' players deface our true heroes and treat our 2 great clubs with such contempt.I for one wont cry if Berba leaves as there is always someone to step in and i'm sure there are many of you who would say adios Ade if he decides his pocket is more important than Arsenal FC.
If the quotes in the NOTW re to be believed then this is becoming farcical. Ade is quoted as saying: “People ask if I’m asking for the same salary as Henry,” he told News of the World. “That is not necessarily the question. When i am paid like Henry, i will play like Henry! “But I am being considered a worthy replacement for Henry while not deserving his salary. The question lies on this level. “Either Arsenal give me what I want and I stay or they don’t and I leave.” What a tosser!!!
Sorry Ade mate but there isn't enough money in the world to pay you to play like Henry. You can and never will be on Titi's level you one dimensional lanky tw*t!!!!
It gets worse: "Barcelona have made a good financial offer and there is also the chance to play alongside great players. " What sort of kick in the nuts is this for his team mates at Arsenal? "Yes, I am still under contract to Arsenal but it's up to the directors to satisfy my demands or I'll leave. " So in other words I will not honour my contract unless I am paid what I want. What a w@nker. "If my good form of last season has increased my value, my employers have to take account of that. " You're good form had nothing to do with you and everything to do with your teammates and manager, you ungrateful clown. "I have to prepare for my retirement. Even if you are not scoring fine goals and you have money, you can enjoy a happy retirement." Retirement? You're only 24, you tw*t! I really have lost patience with this idiot. I always thought he was a big time charlie with no class and this farce has confirmed it all. Who exactly does Adebayor think he is? Henry was a million times the player and man this tw*t will ever be. If Milan or Barca offer us anything decent I say take the money and get rid. At least we'll be spared the embarrasing hip-shalking goal celebrations.
Wyn Mills
There is no way Arsenal are going to break the wage structure for this sack of ****e. Let's get someone decent in and leave Adebayor to preen himself in Barca's dressing room mirrors.
Wyn Mills
Exactly, i mean is he actually as good as he thinks???
Time to say goodbye to Ade if these quotes are true. He was a nothing at Monaco having scored 2 goals in 15 games that season. Loyalties seemed to be lost on players now adays

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