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Emmanuel Adebayor, a player so humble and aware of his tough upbringing that he plays just for the love of playing, has shattered my faith in football.

If quotes attributed to Adebayor are true, a player who claimed to love the club, and especially the fans, has disrespected the manager who put all his faith in him and has done a huge dump on the fooball club I adore.

When you read redtop articles that claim Adebayor is demanding this and demanding that, you dismissed them instantly as inflammatory bullshit, but it appears they are right (though the amounts of cash in question are probably made up).

In an interview that made me sad rather than angry, Adebayor says if his demands aren't met, he is off.

'Milan are a big club but the fact they are not playing in the Champions League next season is less of a challenge,' Adebayor said

'Barcelona have made a good financial offer and there is also the chance to play alongside great players. Yes, I am still under contract to Arsenal but it's up to the directors to satisfy my demands or I'll leave.'

'If my good form of last season has increased my value, my employers have to take account of that. I have to prepare for my retirement. Even if you are not scoring fine goals and you have money, you can enjoy a happy retirement.'

'The time for preparing for that moment is now.'

'People ask if I am asking for the same salary as Henry. That is not necessarily the question. But I am being considered a worthy replacement for Henry while not deserving his salary.

'The question lies on this level.'

Does Ade think that Henry was automatically on £90,000 per week? Does he think that one decent season in which Arsenal won nothing is anyway comparable to what the Arsenal LEGEND achieved with the Gunners?

One season does not does not make a world class player.

It's a very sad day in my football supporting life when a player who I admired and respected for their work ethic and enthusiasm for the game exposes himself as a money grabbing whore.

The real tragedy is, that Adebayor is an awesome player, and one who's playing style combines perfectly with Arsene's footballing philosophy, I fear no other team can make Ade look as good as he is.


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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday June 29 2008

Time: 10:52AM

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Seen these articles this morning and nearly choked on my breakfast!!! If he has really said all this, and to be honest we don't actually know that he has, then he has passed the point of no return. Maybe these are quotes from his 'agent' who is saying they are from Ade. But if they are true and with an attitude like that, and lets be totally honest here, he had a good season in terms of goals but Thierry Henry he ain't and never will be. If it turns out to be all about money after he said it wasn't then we should show this egotistic tosspot the door and take Barca to the cleaners with a hugely inflated transfer fee and then buy someone who doesn't rate themselves so ******** highly after just one season!!!
The thing with news agencies making up stories about players is that 99% of the time if they use player quotes then the player said it, because if you start putting words into peoples mouths then thats when the law suits come. Sure they twist their words or rehash very old quotes and try and pass them off as new ones, but ultimately with this statement, there's not much room for manouver. Very very disapointing.
If these words are true, I want him booted out as far as Lome, the greedy ******* *******. If they are not true, "news of the (under)world" should be sued.
'Barcelona have made a good financial offer'. I wonder if Arsenal were aware of this offer.
Where do these quotes come from?
The original source is the News Of The World Rob.
your whole backbone looks like its leaving i dont know why i mean what a dickhead adebayor is you should pay him henrys wages when he scores 20 goals over consecutive seasons not 1 !!
super frank
Exactly Frank. What if he gets his massive pay rise and only scores 9 goals next season. He has to prove himself not to be a one season wonder before he starts making these demands. Too big for his boots, and an extra large ***** for making all of this public.
You do need to be careful with quotes in any paper - in particular the red tops. It isn't that the words are incorrect but they can be ordered in a different way to subtly alter the mood and tone with which they were delivered. The Express and the Mirror did just this last weekend when they took Wengers tongue in cheek 'chequebook' comment at the Euros to give the impression that he had genuinely claimed he couldn't afford any of the players there. One look at the original interview and you could see the distortion. In this case though, distorted or not, Adebayor has an inflated idea of his worth. Then again maybe we all feel we are worth more than we are getting. Bottom line is that if Wenger thinks he can get more than he is worth and replace him with better then we can take just as short term a view of him as a player as he seems to take of us as a club. Isn't that what clubs have always done?
as ive said all along - get rid of him. one moment he is saying its not about money, then he says it is. HES NOT EVEN THAT ******** GOOD!!!! we should rip barcas hand off- 25m will get us villa, podolski, klose, gomez, robinho, berbatov, guiza the list goes on
whoever plays for us next season, the team will be competitive. Arsene will throw out a team capable of challenging for all the major trophies. if Adebayor has said the above mentioned things, then i hope Arsene puts down the marker and tells him "this is what we will give you and not a penny more." i'd say let him rot with the reserve team next season and then sell him to teach him a good lesson..
Why not call him Slag-abay-whore.
Alex Ice Cream
Most football fans are such a naive bunch. A player arrives and professes his undying love for the club - hardly a rare occurence these days. But 99.9% of footballers are mercenaries, and as soon as a better deal is on the horizon, they're off. And fans go "Wait a minute, didn't you say just a couple years ago that you supported our club as a boy and would never ever think of leaving, and your dream of coming here came true?". Yeah, right. Now he's going to say the same thing to his new employers. And it's not a rant about Ade, it's just the way things are, and people mostly fail to realize it. I say let the actions speak for themselves. A loyal servant to the club for 10 or more years through good times and bad - that's the guy I can trust. How many are left out there?
Right time to sell for you guys. Overinflated price on the back of one good season and the money could be used to buy a better striker or strengthen the rest of the squad. Smashing title btw
and then i'm just praying we have Van Persie, Rosicky and Eduardo injury free next season and the team is all set. i have always believed a fit Van Persie is capable of being the best player in the world, and once he starts playing consistently next season, Ade will only be a support cast to him. so fingers crossed these three have a injury free next season..
Let him go,if we get 30mil for him and he wants 100K+ a week he can sod off!
Looks like you have a Ron-saga on your hands now....half of us at vital united have already turned on Ronaldo, i can see its starting to happen here too with adebayor.
Should we expect anything less?Refer to my post on 'Ade staying with Arsenal'.Good riddance if these quotes are true.
I personally dont believe these quotes,he is not a person who comes up with such remarks.. however, if it was him, then its time we say thank you and move on and get a handsome profit from his sale.. afterall, all teams which won something last year didnt hv adebayor playing for them
McGooner - If these quotes are indeed fabricated then the NOTW should find themselves on the wrong end of a massive law suit. I usually hate using quotes from the red tops, but I can't honestly see how these quotes can be taken in any other context to what they are .... no matter how much they have been chopped and changed around, they all say the same thing to me. And should Ade still be at the Grove next season, then I feel that will be down to Arsene Wenger rather than the player.
Liverpool fan here - Let the stupid **** go. Cheeky ****er should be kissing Wengers feet instead of threatening to go. Let him get on the phone to Vieira, Henry, Anelka, Petit, and the countless others who thought they were bigger than your club. He cost you a semi final CL place cos he couldn’t cut when the pressure was on. Take the money and see the back of the idiot! Amazes me how many players do this to a top club like yours. At least you have a guy in Wenger who you know will bring in a top quality replacement.
5 times
im getting tired of these prats who use arsenal as a stepping stone. they dont know the first thing about loyalty. long live tony adams and dennis bergkamp. a rare breed indeed. he was a NOBODY at monaco.
Thanks 5times!! One thing I have noticed recently is how bitter rivals have been uniting in the face of these kind of players. Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea & United fans all coming together against this common enemy. It's a sad fact that we have to admit this is the way of the world now.
Deary me. 1 good season is all it takes for a player as limited as Adebayor to be demanding as much as Arsenal legend Thierry Henry? Ade had a fine season and along with Flamini was our most improved player last year, he also gave us an option we had been missing for some time. At 24 years of age he still has his best years ahead of him and there was no better place for him to learn than under the wing of Arsene Wenger...this guy has nurtured the likes of Henry and Weah and is probably the best in the world at what he the dragons will tell you in the den you could not even buy their input for 50-250k so thats why they want a higher share in the companies they purchase and Ade sure wont find someone who will input as much into developing him as Arsene Wenger. But I understand poor Manu has to think about his retirement, I mean at 24 what else is there to do? Im sure Cesc will 1 day retire aswell but rather than bleat and whore himself around europes top clubs he recognises that if he performs on the pitch financial rewards will follow. Cesc was our lowest paid 1st teamer 4 years ago, now he is the 2nd highest earner at a club with the 3rd biggest wage bill in the worlds best league. I look forward to watching Manu next year at the camp nou, im sure a man with the touch of an Austrian cellar owner will easily displace either Henry, Messi or Bojan. silly boy.
Why are all those players complaining about their wages at Arsenal? Your wage bill is comparable with Manu's, and higher than Liverpool's, who does it go to?
Arsene's putting on a brave face but for how much longer? He himself said that you basically can't, and it's not worth trying to, keep a player who wants to leave:,19528,11661_3751354,00.html
Lou the Gunneress
TO tell the truth, as long as these "inflationary" factors are there, e.g. the protected period, press working for clubs in Spain and Italy, the Webster thing, etc etc., we'll have to win the CL to shut our own players up by proving we're no smaller club than those PERCEIVED "big guys" like Barca and Milan.
Lou the Gunneress
I cannot understand football players. You sign a contract for 30k a week lasting for what 4 years. Why the Eff do you sign the contract lasting that long if you expect it to be increased that greatly. You expect more at some point sign a shorter contract it's like they understand the meaning of the word 'contract'. Asking for Henry type wages is ludicrous also I am going to quote Nas ''O you went platinum – yeah that’s nice, now let me see you do the same thing twice New times, 4 times, then been a couple of more times, please your amateur night is show time'' Henry did what he did for many seasons, going by one season isn't enough look at Drogba ( granted he has been injured). I don't think I have gone off of a player this fast since Ashley Cole.
Hleb is equally guilty as Adebayor and i'd love to see both of them leave the club, but atleast Hleb hasnt come out and made such strong remarks nor has his agent made such kind of remarks either. this has gone way over the line. let Ade leave and learn that every1 who leaves Arsenal on such a note, usually ends up being unhappy..
and it's time this Webster clause is dismissed, cuz otherwise contracts and clubs have no power at all..
Gunners - I guess Ade's even surprised himself by scoring 30 goals, and he admitted as much. But as all of you guys said already, one good season =/= he should get a big paycheck on par with Henry's, which was earned over 7 years.
Lou the Gunneress
Rocky, this unity of rival fans against the unbelievable greed of players is exactly what happened in Italy, fans just got tired of paying to watch these awful people which happen to be footballers. I love Arsenal but I will not pay to watch players like Eboue, Ade, Hleb, Flamini put on an Arsenal shirt. No way. For most people life is a constant financial struggle, to buy a season ticket or even a one ticket is a huge investment. I know other fans could say "You should support your club if you can", well first of all I can't afford it and even if I could I would not part with any money to watch those players prance about in an Arsenal shirt basically mocking the people who help finance their elitist lifestyle.
Professor Calculus
Our current global problem apart from the warming is something called 'entitlement'. It is not just footballers. Personally if Ade leaves, I am ok with that as Wenger will find another replacement. He can go and thump the badge of hisnew teams shirt, profess all the love that he wishes, we will all know what he is. Adebay-Whore or it should read -ADE - BYE - WHORE.
What did you expect from a Chelsea player , they only play for money! If Adebayor was an Arsenal player, he'd play for free.
I didnt think it was for free - I thought it was what your contract said, that the player signed. I gues another problem in todays world, is that your signature on a piece of paper represents nothing.
Plus Kevin, This is about Chelsea or Arsenal or Man Utd. This is about what is right and wrong. If you wanted to look at Ade vs Sheva then perhaps we should pay him 240k a week as he was more productive than Sheva, unless of course Andre wants to play for free. Once Money bags Rubbles has left Chelsea and you have to finance your players through revenue, I wonder how irritated the Chelsea fans would be if the likes or Barca, RM or AC came knocking /tapping for a player they wanted. Fans and Clubs need to unite and stop this BS.
Meant to say isnt about Chelsea or Arsenal or Man Utd
No reputable footie sites are carrying the quotes from NOTW. Listen, I;m not sticking up for Adebayor here as such, but be VERY careful about quotes from red tops. In the summer of 2001 NOTW carried a story with quotes from Vieira of how poor our summer signings were, the quotes said he thought Bronckhorst, Jeffers and Campbell were a joke and that Arsenal would struggle to finish fifth. Of course he said no such thing and the NOTWs get out was that they'd been had by a hoax caller claiming to be Vieira's friend! I don't doubt that his future's up in the air, but I'd put a year's rent on the fact that these quotes are entirely fabricated. Why are no other papers carrying them? Adebayor just called up NOTW on a random I supposeand spilled his guts?
Little Dutch
LD - What site would you call a reputable football site?
The likes of BBC, Sky Sports etc aren't carrying them. Adebayor is in Vienna, he gave a press conference on Friday and an interview to SSNews on Friday. For these quotes to be true, Ade wouldhave had to have called up the NOTW and told them all of thison the phone. Ican't believe he's done that, not for a second. No matter how deluded or self important someone has become, Ican't believe that someobody would be stupid enough to phone a tabloid newspaper and use such daft words on the phone like that, you'd know that it would make you sound like a complete tool. Why would he use such severe language voluntarily? Maybe one of his agents is behind it, maybe Barca are behind it to create a groundswell of opinion against him from his own fans. I just refuse to believe he'd voluntarily phone up a British tabloid and speaksuch ill advised words. It doesn't make sense.
Little Dutch
The only site I can find that doesn't carry the quotes are the BBC. And as for the papers, if the NOTW has an "exclusive" then the other papers wouldn't have had the info last night to get printed in todays papers. I bet they all have them tomorrow unless the quotes are untrue and Adebayor issues a statement saying otherwise. There is too much ***** surrounding this transfer rumour for Ade not to take action if all these rumours are bollox.
Id call Vital Arsenal a reputable football site ;) Anyways if these quotes are true I feel exactly the same as you Rocky. I will have lost all respect for a player that earned so much of my respect throughout this year. Absolutely disgraceful these quotes are.
Skysports are carrying the quotes.
As I say, I hate to use quotes taken from a red top, but in my opinion there is just too much going on for it not to be true. Maybe I have been fooled, maybe not, but Ade hasn't exactly covered himself in glory no matter what happens.
Sky are carrying the quotes now, fair enough. But what about the Vieira example? Why would Ade phone NOTW from Austria? What about the dozens of occasions NOTW have falsely implicated asylum seekers in petty crime? It just doesn't make any sense, it defies logic that a player would voluntarily use such harsh overtones. He'd be more likely to use innuendo rather than indulging in this kind of language if he wanted a payrise. This weakens his position, because if he's actually said these words, he knows he'd be sold straight off the bat, therefore no bidding war for his wages would be sparked and his negotiation hand is severely weakened. This is the NOTW sensationalising to the extreme, no sane human being would be so forthright and stupid in this situation.
Little Dutch
If I wanted a payrise at work, I wouldn't burst intomy boss' office and shout, "give me a payrise or I'm off!" Because Iknow I'd just be sacked. If I wanted a payrise I'd be morelikely to say something like, "well, the CPS pay quite a bit better than here." Or Id adopt the Fabregas model,go and speak to the CPS until my manager comes to see me and offers me improved terms.
Little Dutch
Which makes me believe it more LD. If the NOTW were fabricating these quotes then I don't think they'd be stupid enough to put such strong and volatile words into Ade's mouth, because they'd be more likely to find themselves in a legal situation. They could have come up with quotes which would have still sold their papers and but not have been as likely to land them in ho*****er. If these quotes are false then the NOTW would find themselves in a world of trouble. Who do I think more likely to say such stupid things? A footballer who is apparently getting too big for his boots? Or a newpaper who knows exactly how far they can go over the line before they land themselves in trouble? I just can't believe any paper would be stupid enough to make up such strong words.
Get this tosser out of our club NOW!!! I have been saying all of last season that he was rubbish, and his ego was bigger that the money he is demanding! Needs 6 chances to score 1 goal, and offside more than any player in the history of the game.....I hate him!!!
Also if the quotes are true, he has admitted Barca tapped him up? Getting prospective employers in trouble doesn't strenghten one's negotiation hand either.
Little Dutch
** Hot water ..... lol
The quotes are not exactly clear as to whether the "Good financial offer" is to player or club.
If the quotes are true, I'm all for selling him. Doesn't loyalty mean anything nowadays? Truly truly terrible! I wonder if it carries on like this, when exactly Cesc would pack his bags. Knowing footballers, you never know whether they're staying or not.
Wouldn't be the first timeRock. I bet there's one example a week of a newspaper putting harsh words into a player's mouth. Off the top ofmy head,I remember a story about Henry hating English food and wanting to go to a warmer climate in 2000, Gilberto wanting to leave because he hates English weather and culture in 2003, William Gallas saying he has no friends at Arsenal, Robin van Persie making racial slurs at David Sommeil (I think said journalist dropped the astory when he realised RvP ismarried to a black woman) Nicklas Bendtner saying he prefers partying to football, that Lee Bowyer took ecastacy and speed on a holiday to Ibiza (drug test was clean) and that Materazzi called Zidane'smother a terrorist whore. Not one of those stories had a single grain of truth.
Little Dutch
But those stories were either distorted quotes or pure specualtion with no quotes at all. No matter what the NOTW did to distort Ade's quotes I can't see how they were made in a positive manner. I really really really really really hope you're correct but I have a bad feeling about this one. And as I have said before, if Ade remains at Arsenal it will down to Wenger rather than Adebayor.
All except the Bowyer story carried quotes, but they still accused him of taking drugs based on quotes from a friend. I don't doubt that there's something afoot, but this is opportunistic journalism, quite blatantly. They've seen a situation and triedto stoke the fires. Who's behind it and what the motives are are anyone's guess. I'll just hang five before I believe a newspaper that has a history of lying and had no qualms about calling the victims of Hillsbrough murderers.
Little Dutch
NOTW must have the magic touch, they're also carrying an exclusive interview with Gareth Barry who has also decided to speak only to the news of the world and slate his current employers and their wage offer. Well, what a touch.
Little Dutch
As I said, There is no way on god's green earth that Arsenal are going to break the wage structure for this sack of shlte. He's burned his bridge back to the fans now as well. Let's get someone decent in and leave Adebayor to preen himself in Barca's dressing room mirrors.
Wyn Mills
It gets better. Gareth Barry is currently on holiday. NOTW are really lucky that two of the subjects of the highest profile transfer stories of the summer (bar Ronaldo) have called them up voluntarily from foreign shores to criticise the current holders of their contracts. It's uncanny really.
Little Dutch
I would gladly take the 30 million or whatever barca and milan are offering, Adebayor is one of the most overrated players in the premier league the bloke needs to miss about 4 sitters before he finally scores and lets face it all he did towards the end of the season was miss chance after chance. We need a proven goalscorer not a ONE HIT WONDER which he will prove to be if he stays , lets swap him for Eto, an experienced proven goalscorer and laugh when Barca beg us to swap back next season.
Little Dutch, The Gareth Barry quotes are carried by the Telegraph also, and The Times.
Another one bites the dust.
who's next???
Pleb I heard. He's dying to get out. Wonder why they mass exidos from their players all of a sudden. Think they knows what's comming this season. .
prob right yid something must be happening behind the scenes
yideddy they are a selling club!
sounds like it at mo an players there buying are for the future, i suppose the players wanna leave an win something cant blame them, really
all they have is cesc an if he gets injured god help them casue they will become average
I think they've got some real problems, alot of their fans are moaning, and they ain't won f' all for a while. Long may it last. We're due a better season than them for a change in the league. And even if they sign a new player or two which i'm sure they will, who's to say he'll be a success.
The rats always come out at night
takes a rat to no a rat
true yid exactly first team players need to be replaced, we are def better prepared for next season's assualt ,im sure we can suprise a few people,
thast why so many gunners are on our site so they can dream about players wehere buying an linked to.
jesus christ, hes only scored like 45 goals for as alredi he talks about salary level as high as henry's, if this quote is true, id just like to quote gen mcAuliffe, NUTS! and anyway, even if he does go somewhere else, i think hell choke, so it doesnt matter, i doubt theres a team in the world that service their forwards like arsenal do.
true gonner he has got to big for hes boots, just after one good season an thing he can demand what he wants etc , its problem these days with players
Why isn't anyone trying to steal tottenham players?
we have been linked with so many players an so many players leavin its unreal chelski
Jermaine Jenas: " I've made up my mind, I want to move to Real Madrid"
lol i wish
Paul Robinson : " I'm too busy filming Run Fat Boy , Run!Therefore, won't be playing football next season, that is my wish"
good one chelski
when will roman finish playin with hes big toy
Ledley King : " I fully commit myself to Tott...*snap* aaaaah! I'm injured, I'm injured!!!!"
jus for u cheski...,+John+Terry+-+the+best+Champions+League+email+virals+doing+the+rounds...+and+keep+them+coming/
there some thing money cant buy, but everthing else theres master card, ya u wish he was injured in carling cup final.....oooooooooh wat a game
What about that game lost to our feeder club?
we beat chekski 2-1
i have totally lost respect for him. he is a real money *****. hope he leaves. get David Villa or Huntelaar.
he needed 4 chances in order to score one goal. with continuous supply from Cesc and the rest of the team, scoring 30 goals a season is not a big surprise. Ade, get real and wake up!
cut it out people.. rant on ur own sites.. u.. kev.. i thought u had more sense.. hez spud *****e.. he thinks spurs will spring a surprise next season.. ha.. as if they dont think so every season.. suckers will be suckers.. and ade leaves or not.. arsenal will be brilliant..
whether these quotes are true or otherwise, he HAS played the issue of his future like a real whore. the damage has truly been done. at least vieira denounced his move for quite a few seasons until he finally succumbed after YEARS of loyal service, same goes for henry. my views on ad-ebay-whore is and will always be the same. he is a wasteful finisher who drops sitters provided to him by our amazing team. he shouldnt even compare himself to torres, yet alone the legendary henry!!! i say get rid of this predator lookalike and get someone who appreciates our team, arsenal and arsene.
The barefaced cheek of Ade, is the thing that really gets me. The statements HE has made over the weekend are so hurtfull to Arsenal supporters. He's a disgrace. Like Hleb, who had heard of them before Wenger took them from relative obscurity and turned them into stars? While initially I was preying that Ade would stay with us, now I feel we should play hardball with these clubs and get as must as we can for him. Santa Cruz for half the price please!!!
Bradys Chips
Listen, I'm not going to deny Ade is acting like an idiot (though I still don't believe those quotes from NOTW). But please, people one more time and I beg you to listen because this is driving me crazy. Adebayor was the second most lethal finisher in the Prem behind Torres last season, his chance conversion rate was 23% compared to Torres' 24%. Santa Cruz's was 19%. Please can we drop this myth about him being wasteful because it doesn't stand up to any sort of scrutiny and it makes us all sound like a bunch of sour grapes merchants.
Little Dutch
I gotta agree with LD here. I'm seeing United fans saying "Let Ronaldo go because he's overrated anyway" and it's just ridiculous. The reason everyone is acting like this is because they want to protect themselves from the hurt they are feeling. I will admit to being to overly critical towards Ade in the past, but he was awesome last season, and I would be gutted to lose him.
Thats because most football fans dont understand the game LD. Most people who have not played football past kicking the ball on the playground never will. Have you ever been in a pub before an Arsenal game or even in the stadium where you get a bunch of 50+ year olds who talk utter cr*p. How many fans dont realise the importance of players like Makelele, Gilberto Silva, Senna. They go un noticed by the majoirty because they wont do anything flash, but they keep it simple and efficient, breaking down moves and distributing the ball. Adebayor was brilliant for us last year, he was a target man holding up the ball, gave us an aeriel threat, made a nuisance of himself and made it difficult to play against. And like LD said, his stats speak for themselves. He will never be as easy on the eye as a Bergkamp or Henry but he gives us another dimension. When the pretty passing wasnt working, how many times did we get something from playing it long to Ade? It will be difficult to replace him, and if he goes we will have to change our game.
I agree with LD here, the quotes from NOTW seem made up. Ade has talked about his contract situation in the past and claimed other clubs were interested only in order for Arsenal to meet his wage demands. I think thats what he really wants even now. His earlier quotes (in the Daily Mail) sound a bit outrageous but atleast realistic. Basically, he hinted that he would leave if he was not given his wage demands, but he didnt say it outright. Why would he change his stance overnight and spill his guts to NOTW of all publications ?
Irrespective, I think Ade has crossed the line here. Wenger has given him a good response. Dont forget, Wenger can be extremely tolerant with his players. There is a possibility that Arsenal makes Ade an improved offer (NOT in line with Henry of course) and that he stays. Lets just wait & watch how this one unfolds.
Regardless of whether the NOTW quotes are real or not, Ade contradicted himself within and hour on Sky Sports on Friday. That was Ade in a video interview, not written word open for misquote. This is a player who signed an improved contract given to him in good faith last season while he was still in contract. It's abundently clear he is only intrested in money. Another thing, agents talk for their clients. players can't hide behind that defence. Take Clichy for example, he instructed his agent to be quiet. its all it takes! The fact is that Ade is looking for more money exactly because of the points LD is making about his finishing and goal tally last season. I agree with you LD on how effective he was, but a point has to come when you have to realise the motivation / morals of certain players outweigh their other contributions.
Bradys Chips
You're right BC, but we Gooners have a habit of noticing what suits us. Fabregas went and spoke to Real Madrid last summer without the club's permission and engineered himself a payrise from the situation. Yet he did not and has not received any sort of opprobrium. It's a phenomenon that can be seen everywhere, of course Eboue is the only Arsenal player who dives, Senderos is the only defender who makes mistakes, the fact that Ade's finishing was more precise than Eduardo's last season means nothing, because Eddie never misses and Ade needs ten chances a game. RvP tells the club they need to start paying bigger wages when the guy can't string two games together, but he is a fan favourite, so the comments are largely ignored. Henry's coincidental yet constant one match niggling injuries every time we played at Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge were ignored, yet Rosicky's international appearance record is the subject of intense scrutiny.
Little Dutch
Bradys - every player is motivated by money. Some less than others (Toure, Clichy, Gilberto) but that was only coz the club agreed to their wage demands. RVP made some really inappropriate comments about our wage structure, and didnt come in for ANY criticism. Its time we accept that there are lots of players out there with this attitude and we cannot survive as a club without them. Thats the reality, however tragic it might be.
I dont mean that Arsenal will not survive if Ade leaves (just read my comments back and realised it could be misinterpreted). What I meant was that its bound to happen that there are a few greedy ****s in the player pack, and Arsenal just have to deal with it.
If he wants out so bad then **** him. Frankly.
I totally agree with your previous posts LD, but what are you actually saying regarding Ade? I think you are sort of saying that Arsenal SHOULD give him what he wants (or discuss ANOTHER new contract). We all know that contracts aren't worth the paper they are written on, but are you saying that he should be allowed to renegotiate the trems of his contract every seasons end (every seasons end that he's had a sucessfull season). He wouldn't be having these requests if he didn't have the season he's had.
Bradys Chips
I'm not saying that at all. IF and that's a very big IF, he is demanding £120k a week, it's up to the manager to sit him down and say, "you're not getting that, if you score 30 goals again next season we'll reconsider, but not now." Wenger has talked players round from these situations before and I don't doubt for a second he will again. What I'm trying to say is it's worth having some perspective. Adebayor is by no means a unique case, either in football or at Arsenal. Van Persie bemoaned the wage structure when the guy hoovers up more medical bills than Darren Anderton. If Eboue had said that I dread to think the reaction. Senderos gets beaten in the air by Hyypia and he's the worst defender on earth. Toure stupidly drags Babel down in the box in the dying minutes of a cup tie and nobody says anything. Gooners tend to exercise different standards for different players, always have done.
Little Dutch
I hope they introduce a pay cap soon.
Oh and contracts are in fact worth a hell of a lot. Not in terms of player loyalty, but they're very important in terms of protecting the club. Ade might want to go, but we hold all the aces because he has a long term contract, same with Cesc. At the monent, if reports are to be believed, Adebayor's contract is worth about £30m in transfer money to Arsenal.
Little Dutch
From Guillem Balague's website: ‘’The truth of the possible transfer to Barcelona is this: Adebayor has received a big offer from the Catalan club (equalled by Milan); the player wants to go, and Arsene Wenger is very disappointed by his attitude: as he has been telling people here in Vienna. The player has had no contact with his manager in the last few weeks in order to discuss the situation with Arsenal. Wenger will let him go for €33 million and Joan Laporta, the Barcelona president, expects to finalize the deal early this coming week’’. Personally. I think the partnership of Eduardo and Bendtner showed some real promise last season. This will make Addy's departure easier to take. He did offer us something we haven't had since Alan Smith was leading the line but Bendtner did basically the same job against teams like Everton and Aston Villa. Next season will probably belong to Eduardo as I don't see Van Persie ever being our main 'go to guy' for goals. He mixes intelligence with instinct where as Addy always seemed to be a more instinctive finisher, never more than a touch to control then finish. Anybody who had the misfortune to buy Ian Wright '100 not out' some years ago will remember how in the video Wrighty delighted in the players like Merse and Dixon celebrating before he had put the ball past the goal keeper. I find that I have that reaction when Eduardo is through on goal, never ever had that feeling when Addy was 1 on 1.
Guillem Balague is, quite frankly, full of *****. He says that kind of stuff about Cesc every summer, he said it about Vieira for years. He's Barca's lacky, ignore him at all costs. He's a Spanish Mihir Bhose.
Little Dutch
Maybe Abebayor's nose has been put out of joint by the No 14 shirt going to Walcott. Whatever the case I can't see how you can demand a 400% pay rise after only one matter how many goals against Derby you score. Not even Henry had the affrontery to shove that in the fan's faces. Just look across town at chelsea to see what effect that has on wages. I'd rather finish mid table than bankrupt my club to satisfy these greedy prlcks.
Wyn Mills
I think the Walcott shirt thing was an attempt to allay some of the bad PR we've endured. Belittling Ade's goal average based on his exploits against Derby is also a sour grapes case. Torres played Derby twice and scored one goal, Santa Cruz scored three times, Ronaldo twice. Derby are *****, but Adebayor scored six against them, no other player managed that. They were ***** so he *****ed on them, I don't see the argument.
Little Dutch
goforit, why cant we spring a suprise we seem to be buyin an ye selling look at ur own problems cause yer much worse this season then last season.......who's next to jump ship
Robbie keane to Liverpool, Berbatov wants anyone but spurs...good luck with a front 2 of crouch and bent.
ice man do u belive everthign u hear, guess u do. worry bout ur own players leave
Spurs have been signing hoards of players for years. Trouble is, most of them have been *****e.
Little Dutch
Your telling me to worry about my own players on an Arsenal Adebayor thread? bit of a contradiction there me thinks.
Shtop pcking on tha spruds!!!
so why u mention keane an berba, i dont hold a grudge, wasnt sure if u were serious or jokin i appologies
ok dutch we have spent big an bought a lot of players fair point ...also ye must of bought crap aswell cause ye have won nothing in 3 years?
you have bought more crap though as you have only won 2 CC's in 17 yrs!!!
Even though Ade scored so many goals, isnt it funny that people still question his ability? why? I believe it is because when Ade missis, he misses badly and he misses some very EASY chances. Many of his goals come from sweet passes and he doesnt really have to do much (so it is percieved at least), so many will never really respect him until he makes goals for himself. He really isnt that good one on one yet, and I do remember him passing the ball to the opposing keeper when it seemd he could have scored or at least tested the GK. What makes it worse for him is that HE is the one likening himself to Henry but cannot score the goals that Henry can as yet. So he needs to cool it, work on his game and try to get to such a status. I do think some of the criticism is unfair but I also have seen Ade squander some chances, that looked really easy.
ok dutch we have spent big an bought a lot of players fair point ...also ye must of bought crap aswell cause ye have won nothing in 3 years? 123spurs We can't of bought that much crap, when you consider Man Utd £75 million, Cheatski £50+ million last season and we spent, ah that's right, we made a profit on transfers and were still only 4 points off of the title. Where as you spent how much and were how many points from relegation? Best leave the comments on crap players to the totteringham wet spurts threads eh?
you think he will go?
london gunner only 4 points off the title have u forgotten u were 8 points up, at least we won a cupunlike ye

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