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Cesc - You Gotta Love Him

Every time Cesc Fabregas opens his mouth, out pours further reason for Arsenal fans to love him even more.

Cesc won his first international honour as Spain triumphed 1-0 over the Germans thanks to a Fernando Torres goal, and after the celebrations had subsided, Fabregas dedicated his medal to the hoards of worshipping Gooners.

'This was the happiest day of my life as a professional footballer. But this is also for the Arsenal fans that have been suffering a lot this year.' Said Cesc

'For them, at least one player has won something. It is for them. It also makes up for Paris. I can see there is a massive difference between losing and winning in a final.'

'Even if they say being a finalist is important, there is no way you can replace the feeling of winning. I finally made something at a young age, I never expected it to be with Spain.'

'Now I want to do it with Arsenal.'

Despite only being the tender age of 21 Fabregas regularly says all the right things at all the right times.

He really is on his way to becoming one of the all-time greats.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday June 30 2008

Time: 4:19PM

Your Comments

Good on Cesc, he is well humble and loyal, and a natural diplomat, unlike some players i can think of. He is well on his way to legendary status, if not a legend already. What a thoroughly decent young man!
The feelings mutual Cesc! I love that we are never far from his thoughts even when he is away with Spain. He knows who helped to make him the player he is and is smart enough not to bite the hand that feeds him. I wish a few others would take note!
Well done Cesc, hope there is more to come from you. One thing I like about him is he has such a wise head on young shoulders. Also Garth Crooks asked the stupidest question ever when interviewing him last night after the game. "Cesc, You've just won the European Championships, you must be pleased" OF COURSE HE'S PLEASED YOU MORON, HE'S JUST WON A MAJOR INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT!!! idiot.
I thought it's impossible to love Cesc more..? It is. Congrats Cesc and we're proud of you, our European Champion at Arsenal!
Lou the Gunneress
I love this guy!
Class written all over the guy. CLASS CLASS CLASS. You can't buy class like that. You're BORN with it.
Wyn Mills
Congrats to Cesc! gutted when he went of for Alonso. Hopefully by the time the World Cup comes around he will have shown to the next manager that he is superior to Xavi and Iniesta and become truly worthy of the label 'world class'.
Not trying to burst the cesc bubble but i have to say, Andreas iniesta was fantastic along with senna..hope we can get senna
I really don't want to ***** on people's chips, cos Cesc is a fantastic player who plays the game in the right way. Undoubtedly he is our most indespensible player. BUT, he did speak to Madrid behind the club's back last summer and he gave an interview to Spanish TV saying the only reason he won't go to Barca is because he doesn't think he can get past Xavi. These feelings disappeared when his terms were improved on his contract. Not much different to what Ade is doing now. All I'm saying is be very careful of affording hero worship to players, they'll let you down in the end.
Little Dutch
Come on LD it's also you who keeps saying let's take the press reports with a pinch of salt and rightly so. What we read about that Real thing last year might not even have been the whole truth. If we're keeping a player by paying and treating him well and he plays well for the club and acts with class in public, what more can we ask for nowadays? Bottomline is that Cesc has done exactly that. So have Clichy, Sagna, Kolo and Gilberto. Yeah let's be careful and not pour our love into someone who'll turn into a Cashley. I'm not definitively saying Cesc or anyone else won't disappoint. But to support is just to love while you can anyway.
Lou the Gunneress
Sweet-talking or lip service or whatever you call these Cesc quotes after his victory with Spain. Truth is, 90% of the footballers wouldn't bother to acknowledge their club fans when they succeed with their national teams. And some/most of us club fans don't care about their international careers either. He didn't have to address anyone but the Spain fans/public, but he had us in his mind and wanted to share with us his international success because he acknowledged the fact that we "suffered" last season. We should just appreciate it, that's all.
Lou the Gunneress
He admitted the Madrid contact and the Barca thing in an interview on Spanish TV whilst training with the national team, you can probably find it on YouTube (you'll need someone with you who can speak Spanish). I'm just offering some perspective, people are ready to hang Adebayor out to dry, when Cesc behaved in a similar manner last summer. The players are the organ of the team and the team are who we support. Arsenal will be here long after every member of this squad has retired and popped his clogs.
Little Dutch
Like you LD I haven't forgotten about the RM thing from last season, but I think Cesc learned from that experience and now appreciates what he has at Arsenal. He will not leave for Barcelona unless he is guaranteed a starting place in the first XI, so we have him for a few years yet and so, lets just enjoy him while we can. The difference between Cesc and Ade is that the former is smart enough not to burn his bridges in his pursuit of his own agenda, but as long as he feels important at Arsenal, he will give 100% in pursuit of Arsenal's goals and that is all we can ask.
hes better as an impact sub for spain
I agree Passenal, Cesc was wiser in the way he went about it. But he still did the same thing Ade is doing now to secure a payrise. I also don't doubt that he feels for this club, I saw his face up close and in person after the defeats at OT and Anfield and he looked distraught. Him and Gallas had the pain etched all over their faces, but Ade has also put in a hell of a lot of work in in his Arsenal career, you can't argue with what he has done on the pitch. I'm just saying be careful,money turns people into *********s very, very quickly and these young men are getting a lot of money very young. At this moment in time, I've no axe to grind with Cesc as such. It's just the difference in feeling towards Cesc and Ade is unjustified based on their actionsand I think it's because Cesc has always been more popular with the fans. Like I said earlier, if Eboue bemoaned our wage structure instead of RvP a few weeks back, do you think the reaction would have been as muted as it was for Robin? Plus, Senderos has never come out with anything but good, positive words forthe club, but frankly the abuse he receives is pathetic.
Little Dutch
I 100 percentely ;) agree with Little Dutch. Even though I think of Fabregas as my own little baby.
LD, did Cesc say his was staying and then within an hour say a different thing? or did he liken himself to Henry? I just dont know. I dont remember Cesc behavpng like Ade, or maybe it wasnt in the press as much or did I just miss something? Anyway, its really something for this young man to think about Arsenal in the fore fornt of his mind. Cesc for Captain! Be Blessed!!!
LD I almost always agree with you but not on this. Cesc absolutely did not say "Pay me what I want or I will leave." That is the difference in the two incidents and it is a HUGE difference. That has got to be one of the most disgraceful comments I have ever heard from a footballer in my opinion.
Oops my bad, I misquoted Adebayor. He actually said "Satisfy my demands or I'll leave". Same crap though.
You know LD, I love the way you talk about our club. I was in college when you were born and come to this site above others as there are some great views of True Arsenal fans. Arsenal fans are a fickle lot, we love our team to death, worship the players we love and turn quickly on those who dont share our devotion to the club as most fans who love their clubs do. Cesc is a wonderful player but he did talk to RM last year and if they came in for an offer like they have for Ronaldo, we would be aghast and turn on him. However the one thing that makes me appreciate him more than any player since Rocky and TA (perhaps TH14) and before him Brady, is his thankfulness of the club. In a moment when other players were basking in their efforts, his thoughts turned to the Arsenal fans and the pain that we have gone through this year. He might go to RM next year, but I will adore him this year and if he leaves, hopefully as I am what 28 years older, I wont cry like a baby when he leaves as I did when my first hero left, the one and only Mr Liam Brady, I will appreciate his comment in the aftermath of his biggest game in his young life, that he thought of us. The Fans, The Team and mostly Arsene Wenger, the Manager that all young players should dream of wanting him to buy them. This is a great club with great supporters and great players but remember this, no player and no manager is greater than our Club , Arsenal.
I agree with LD about thte abuse some players cop being hypocritical, and I can definitely see parrellel's between CEsc last season and Ade now. I also agree that we should really support the club and not the players, it helps you be less emotionally attached and I learnt thatf rom Henry. A positive about Cesc though is that in a recent interview I heard him say that he feels hes main years of growing up were in London and he now feels more like a London boy than a Barcelonian. He was saying he didnt know if he could give up the British culture to go back to Spain (what?), which is what I was always hoping would happen if you get them young enough.
Ozi Gooner
good on ya cesc! sometimes i wish SOME of our players are as mature as cesc.
With Aragones gone he should get more game time for Spain, deservedly so.
Tiny T
I think Cesc will eventually go back to Spain, and fair play to him. As long as he gives us respect when he does it (which I'm sure he will)! The thing is with Ade is he needs to be loved! Once the season starts again, and the fans are singing his name, he'll be happy enough. Maybe he is due a pay rise too, not as much as he's aking, but something that reflects a top team's no. 1 striker!
I think it's perfectly fine for players to try and secure the best deals for themselves, but there's a certain way to conduct yourself, Cesc does it correctly, Ade doesn't.
Forgive me for labouring the point, but I really fail to see the difference between Ade making innuendo about his future to secure a payrise and Cesc actually speaking to another club and telling a Spanish TV station that he'd rather play for Barca but doesn't think he'd get in the first team. They're both guilty of the same crime.
Little Dutch
For a start I've never seen anything to prove Cesc spoke to another club (Not saying it didn't happen, do you have a link to anything I could read), and Cesc never said he's play for Arsenal for free and would spend forever trying to repay Arsene Wenger only to DEMAND a pay rise or he would leave. I believe that what Fabregas does (which isn't always commendable) is for the love of playing football, of course he wants a good wage but his ultimate goal is to play, and at the highest level. Adebayor publically sounding out his manager and club who have put so much faith in him show these two players up as completely different animals. Plus you don't need me to tell you what innuendo means, and there was certainly none of that in Ade's interview, it was a blatent, "give me more money or I am off"
Cesc said, "I have talked with Madrid because they seem to me like spectacular people and they made a great effort to get me to sign." He gave an interview to Spanish TV last summer, you'll probably find it on YouTube, but I can't access that at work. It's in Spanish, but he says something along the lines of, "I'd love to play for Barca, but they have the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Gudjohnsen, Messi, Deco and Ronaldinho and I'm not guranteed to play." That was the last week of June in 2007, negotiations for his improved contract kicked off in mid July of 2007. Cesc admitted speaking to Real and that he wanted to play for Barca, Ade has supposedly admitted to listenting to an offer from Barca and has called playing for Milan a great challenge. Hardly chalk and cheese.
Little Dutch
Is it possible that Cesc had been given permission to speak to Real? I don't mind players listening to other offers, I don't mind players leaving for other clubs, what I do mind is players speaking out in public and holding the club to ransom.
Wenger's take on the incident was, I did not allow Fabregas to talk to anybody. If you can get the statement that hes done that and that Real Madrid, more than ever, has done that we will sue Real Madrid. I dont find that it is fair for another club to do it when a player has a contract to talk to him without even consulting you." Cesc gave the interview to Spanish TV whilst he was away with Spain last June for Euro qualifiers. That's pretty public.
Little Dutch
Fair enough, but I'll say again, the way in which Cesc and Ade have gone about their business is completely different. Though we probably have a difference of opinion because I believe the quotes in the NOTW and you don't. Would your stance change any if you found the quotes to be true?
Not really, they both went public with exactly the same intention. The only real differences we have are that a) Cesc gave the interview on TV, with Ade we have NOTW quotes. b) Cesc acted illegally by speaking to another club and c) Cesc was cuter in the way he went about it, but still said and did exactly the same thing, his language was ever so slightly more moderated than the NOTW quotes attributed to Adebayor.
Little Dutch
We'll have to just agree to disagree on this matter LD coz we're getting nowhere fast!!
I think you're having a bit of a sook about nothing LD. We ll know player loyalty is avery rare thing these dyas but Cesc seems to be beoming mre and more loyal every week, regardles of last summer, besides Gael and Kolo that seems to be the opposite tih the rest of our squad.
Ozi Gooner
I'm a bit pist, so what i said might look weird but i'm sure it can be read
Ozi Gooner
I wouldn't say so Ozi. I'm just pointing out that Ade and Cesc have done exactly the same thing, but with completely opposite reactions. Like I said earlier, knowing what you do about the fans of this club, if Eboue had come out earlier in the summer and bemoaned the wages Arsenal pay would he have got the same muted reaction RvP got? When frankly, Eboue would have more of a right to make that claim than van Persie.
Little Dutch
I wouldn't say Cesc and Adebayor have done the same thing, I don't really care much about Fabregas speaking to the people at Real Madrid as it erases doubt he saw what they had to offer and isn't interested. With Barcelona it's understandable, if I went to any foreign team to play my dream would be to play for Arsenal, Fabregas' opinion seems to have changed as he is getting attached to London I believe. I didn't really see Fabregas making public demands saying things like 'I want Henry type wages' and such. The things Adebayor supposedly said have a bitter touch to them, if they are true I will have lost a lot of respect for him.
I agree with Rocky, I also believe more players talk to other teams than we would want to believe, just as hleb and his agent only went to have Ice Cream in Italy. The sense of arrogance and pride that Ade has behaved with, is really the sickening thing. We also cannot discount that Ade has not proven himself as yet (one good season is not proof), while Cesc has undoubtedly played well for years. I just believe we have to look at the whole picture then its easy to see why there is such disdain for Ade at present, I think. All in all I am happy with Cesc's attitude at present and hope he will remain so, hopefully Ade can get our respect back in the same way (if he stays). God Bless!!!
I think comparing Ade's comments and actions to that of Cesc's are a little of the mark. The language Ade has used in the past week has been very disrespectful to both Wenger and the fans. I have had serious concerns over his ego from the Newcastle game this year when he went for glory instead of playing a simple pass to Eduardo. His attack on Bendtner was another unsavoury incident. If anyone is unsure about how this whole saga is likely to pan out then check out the skysports archive on Adebayor when he was with Monaco. This is what the Monaco president had to say about him "He will no longer train with the professional team until further notice and there will also be financial sanctions," "He is invisible, I met him on Monday and told him a professional player should be a responsible person, not a spoiled baby, you don't do that with a team who gave you an opportunity to be what you are today." "He still has three years remaining on his contract, and we made him a proposition we consider very correct". "The officials have always been open to talk, but Emmanuel has lost sense of reality.
Cesc=class, Ade=arse!!!
derek27, your comments and that quote should put an end to this debate. Be Blessed!
One more thing derek, Ade also did not pass to bendtner against Birmingham, I think, when we could have went ahead 3 to 1. I do believe Ade has the potential to be great but he needs as good dose of reality and humilty.
I still fail to see the difference between Cesc saying he's spoken to Real and gushing about how he would prefer to be at Barca weeks before signing an improved deal and Adebayor saying Milan would be a challenge and intimiating that Barca would be prepared to pay him more. It's exactly the same, a lot of the arguments above revolve around contributions on the pitch. Cesc is miles better than Adebayor, no question. I can't think of many players on the planet who touch Cesc, but the bottom line is, they both went public about going to other clubs in order to hike up their pay.
Little Dutch
Little Dutch there is a difference in the two. Did Cesc ever say "Satisfy my demands or I'll leave"? Not to my knowledge and that is the MAJOR difference.
Or did Cesc ever say 'i will play like Vieira when i'm paid like Vieira'?
Firstly I don't believe Ade said those things,but that's besides the point. Cesc went and spoke to Real, he also admitted his frustration with us and said he'd prefer to play for Barca. He quelled these claims when contract negotiations got underway. Cesc didn't talk that exact talk, but he made the exact same insinuations. But Cesc also walked the walk and went to speak to another club.
Little Dutch
Okay LD i see your point but Im going to have to disagree. And on the Ade not saying these things, wouldnt he of come out by now to say that NOTW is full of crap? When some Russian newspaper came out with a story about Freddie saying negative things about Arsenal a few weeks ago, Freddie was out the next day denying the reports. I held onto some hope that Ade didnt say these things but I have lost that hope because he should of came out and denied the reports by now.
The guy isn't in the country, same as Gareth Barry. NOTW ran a story about Barry where you could virtually cut and paste the quotes from the Ade story. It's really not clear what's going on, but Adebayor has seen already that once you deny a story once, you have to do it about twenty times a week. If he has come out to deny it, do you think the press will be as keen to carry the story?
Little Dutch
Once again - Speaking to another club is one thing, who can blame a player for trying to go as far as he possibly can? That is not my beef with Adebayor. The problem is he is a mecenary. And just because he's out of the country doesn't mean he can't speak out against anything. Hell, he gave two differing interviews regarding his future in the space of 2 hours on Friday, it really wouldn't be difficult to do it again. PS, the Gareth Barry story was true and Martin O'Neil says he can leave as long as Pool stump up the cash.
Yes he has denied reports linking him to other clubs before, but this is a different kettle of fish. This report isn't just linking him to another club, it is a report that has completely ruined his reputation with Arsenal fans. If NOTW is indeed guilty of libel here, surely he would want to came out and expose them.
Libel cases are very, very long drawn out procedures. If Ade hasn't denied those comments the next time he comes out and speaks to TV, then maybe we can put some stock in them. Jeffrey Archer's libelsuit with the Daily Star took fifteen years. Gallas wanted to sue Chelsea for libel but was discouraged from doing so by Wenger, who didn't want him getting distracted. Whilst Ade is still out of the country, I wouldn't expect to hear much from him. I think Cesc's behaviour was pretty mercenary. You have one player who spoke to Madrid and declared a desire to play for Barca last summer and one this summer who says he has spoken to Barca and would like to play for Milan. Both are doing it to extract a pay rise. I still fail to see the difference.
Little Dutch
Whether he takes legal action or not is by the by, if someone puts such strong and damaging words into your mouth then you going to say something, I don't care who, or where you are. Being out of the country has got absolutely nothing to do with this.
Adebayor's agent has just made a few damage limitation statements, obviously referencing many peoples thoughts that he is a mecenary, but not once did he deny the quotes published by the NOTW, surely this will have been the perfect opportunity. I truly hope I'm wrong about all of this I really really do .... but I just can't see it. The only way Ade will be at Arsenal next season is if no-one stumps up the readies.
I agree with you Rocky again. Ade would have to deny these claims publicly as it is doing harm to his character, especially how he is being viewed by the fans. Its not about whether another story is going to come out soon after he denies this claim. He has always endeard himself to the fans so why wouldnt he want to clear the air on that front. It seems like he said something! And as I said before Cesc has been great for a while, where as Ade has only produced for one year, come on. Its just not the same from my point of veiw, but different opinions make life interesting.
Thinking about it a little more, I kinda feel sorry for Ade, it's clear he's being completely suckered by his agent, who has obviously been stoking the fires, unfortunately Ade has been stupid enough to fall for it.
Hes a big boy now and has to be responsible for his actions. Not to condemn him but pride always turns people off, the bible even says "God resists the pround" and that "pride comes before a fall". lets hope he sees his error and humbles himself, there is greatness in this young man but I believe that would be if he stays.
There is a degree of difference between Cesc & Ade. Cesc didnt hold the club to ransom over his talks with Madrid - he had them, and then turned them down, coz he claimed he wanted to stay with Arsenal. As for his Barca desires, he said he would go back later on and not now, so I see little relevance for those comments. Ade's case is slightly more serious. Not only has he spoken to another club (like Cesc did), but he is going one step further and disrespecting the club, its directors and the fans with his statements,

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