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Adebayor Agent Begins Damage Limitation

Adebayor's agent, Stéphane Courbis has begun damage limitation after Manu fell from grace with a majority (though not all) Arsenal fans.

The News Of The World printed quotes in their Sunday paper accredited to Adebayor, some believe them, some don't, but in my opinion, the big striker should be held completely accountable if these quotes are proved to be true.

Courbis began his statement painting Ade as the player we all believed him to be.

"Since the beginning, there has been a love story between Adebayor and Arsenal and his relationship with Wenger is based on trust and respect," Courbis said.

"Emmanuel is a man of heart, not of money. He is not greedy. He is a kid from the street, has sensibilities and is humble. If this was a money problem, then he would have asked to leave. I know that Arsenal`s political position is that they don`t pay high salaries."

But ultimately he exposed himself to be on the exact same agenda as the person (be it Ade or not) whose quotes were printed in the Sunday red top, when he finished by saying, "It is important for Emmanuel that Arsenal show their motivation to keep him, whatever they will decide, the decision will be taken with respect."

I'm sorry, but since Adebayor only signed a new deal only 12 months ago, Arsenal don't need to do a damn thing to keep him, in fact it should be Manu to show Arsenal HIS motivation for the Gunners to keep him.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 2 2008

Time: 10:59AM

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who can tell truth from lies in the press? If he's here next season, he's our player and we'll support him. If he's gone, than that's that. All of this crap inbetween is just that - crap.
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02/07/2008 11:09:00

Too bloody right, but the question for me is whether his position is now untenable. I'm not inclined to boo any player in the red and white, but i fear that will be the reaction if he plays next season, and it will then depend on whether he has the strength of character to play through the boos and endear himself to us again with some good performances, or whether the boos will make him retreat and play badly. I think all that singing of his name has made him think we (the fans) would be happy for the club to pander to his ego - it may be a bit of a rude awakening for him too!
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02/07/2008 11:11:00

That's true afri-gooner, we each have to form our own opinions. However if he stays, I doubt that everyone would be fully behind him. Though either a complete denial of the NOTW quotes or a full and frank apology would seal it for me.
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02/07/2008 11:12:00

Any damage being limited is only damage that Ade's agent has encouraged in the first place. The only justification for making public the interest from other clubs is the belief that fans will be so outraged at the prospect of losing their star striker that they will create pressure on the club to do the deal the agent wants. Whether that be an improved contract at the club or selling the player at a fee that allows him to get a better contract elsewhere. But it has backfired as fans see the exercise in greed for what it is. As it stands the club appear to be prepared to offer Ade the extended contract that the club are prepared to give or sell him at a fee that they are prepared to accept. Neither scenario will give Ade's agent what he thought possible so now it is time to get real - though in the case of contract negotiations with such a long contract period left silence would have been golden if practised in the first place.
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02/07/2008 11:19:00

But Rocky7, he could give a full and frank apology and then totally contradict himself in an interview an hour later, like his shambolic display last friday on Sky Sports. Can we believe a word he (or his agent) say anymore. Trust and respect is a two way thing!
Bradys Chips
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02/07/2008 11:22:00

This move seems to have backfired on Ade, and thats good for the club. His quotes, if true, are unacceptable (though I do question their authenticity).
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02/07/2008 11:24:00

I keep having changing feelings towards Ade, the first is contempt that he would dare to DEMAND more money and effectively hold the club to ransom, the second is pity for what was intiailly a good player with a humble lifestyle who has been talking into this non-sense by his agent.
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02/07/2008 11:25:00

Lol BC - very true!!!
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02/07/2008 11:26:00

Well said Amos. Its all down to the player, who gives the agent permission to spout any old rubbish for their clients good (wrong word!). I've posted before on this forum the example Clichy set, by instructing his agent that he doesn't want to hear any gossip with his name in it.
Bradys Chips
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02/07/2008 11:26:00

<<>> Well said, Ade and his agent I think, have passed the point of no return and if he ran out onto the pitch at the Emirates again he would no doubt get booed and it would be thoroughly deserved. He needs to be sold for the £30 million reported and we can replace him with someone like Huuntelaar, almost like for like, although he doesn't run as much as Ade he is a more composed finisher.
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02/07/2008 11:35:00

It's simple, if your agent says things that you do not agree with (or without your permission).......sack him! I'd never boo and Arsenal player, but there are some new fickle fans since we've been at the Emirates. Unless he releases an apology, I think it's inevitable that he will get a bit of stick at the beginning of the season.
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02/07/2008 11:38:00

I'd never boo an Arsenal player either (Infact I've had run in's with boo'ers), as it's not constructive but in the current climate I'd find it hard to be happy to see him play.
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02/07/2008 11:41:00

frankly, i think adebayor has changed from humble, into a bellend
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02/07/2008 11:41:00

I'm like you Rocky7, while he obviously has made a huge tool of himself, I would still like to see him at Arsenal next season. He would have to do a lot of bridge building, but I feel he has a huge amount to offer the team (not at the wages he's asking though!). I think he's a far superior player to Huntelaar, and he is getting better every season. Having said that, if he decides to go we are better off without him (I know that sound like a contradiction). Is his position more untenable than Hleb's? Could both of them be playing for us next season? My head is spinning even thinking about it!!
Bradys Chips
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 11:46:00

Sorry, I was refering to Rocky7's post saying he keeps changing his opinion on Ade. Rocky7 made another post before my last one was posted!!
Bradys Chips
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 11:48:00

Hleb's situation seems to be more tenable. Ok he met with a club on the sly, but it seems more players are being taken (by their agents) to ileagally meet other clubs. I'm not saying it's ok, far from it, but appears that it is a culture that is becoming more common in todays game. But Hleb has kept his mouth shut .....
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02/07/2008 11:51:00

If they both play for us (Hleb and Ade) at least we will have sent out a very strong signal to clubs, players and agents that we don't fold under the pressure they try to put us under to try and get our star performers away from us.
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02/07/2008 11:55:00

Maybe we can buy Lucas Neil, Joey Barton, Savafe and Bowyer and have a team of tw*ts
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02/07/2008 11:58:00

dude, ade's english is so suspect at times, did he even realize what he's saying?
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 11:58:00

Afri-Gooner, thats rubbish! His english is better than, Barton and Bowyer (mentioned above!) and also Beckham and Rooney!!!
Bradys Chips
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02/07/2008 12:04:00

another Cashley Cole. at least Cashley performed very well and WAS one of the best left backs in the world. but this big-head Ade, after a season, he is comparing himself with Henry??? he's gotta be kidding himself!
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02/07/2008 12:18:00

I think this is a vague attempt to distance Ade from the exact words in the NOTW, but not the sentiments as such. He wants to deny the quotes, but still make it known Ade is after more money. I have to say, I think afri gooner's post had it spot on. Who knows what's going on? Who cares? If Adebayor is here next season, great. If he's not, we've sold better players and survived and I know people disagree, but I think Bendtner has everything necessary to step up to the plate and be our Plan B target man. The kid scored important goals and showed marked improvement during the season. In fact, Bendtner reminds of Ade in his first season. Still, I'd bet money Adebayor is still an Arsenal player on September 1st, for the same reason I think Ronaldo will be a United player next season. Once they have to come back to pre season training, the respective managers will sort them out. Afterall, is this not what happened with Cesc last summer?
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 12:19:00

Hleb's silence is deafening. He's never refutied the claims, 'he wants out'! Ade I thinks a bit ill advised, he doesn't know what he wants. Once pre-season has started we'll get more of an idea.
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02/07/2008 12:20:00

I agree with you LD - I think Bendtner has everything Ade does, and possible more. His first touch is better and I think he is more clinical. He just needs to reel his head in a little. I would be disapointed to lose Ade .... but certainly wouldn't be worried.
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02/07/2008 12:22:00

It's all down to Adebayor now, he must come out and speak for himself. one thing that worries me is on with all these player weeks. All the other players are giving interviews, but in 'Adebayor Week' there were no inteviews...
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 12:23:00

Well everyone saw the mea culpa(well sought of) coming, as Arsene, continued to stick to his guns, Ade/Agent, kept coming up with stupid statement, one after another to force Arsenal into a transfer. No know one should outright boo any Gunner, but no one is going to think of Ade in the same light they once did. "He is not greedy." Right now I'm playing the worlds smallest violin, between index finger, and thumb out of sympathy for the man.
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02/07/2008 12:33:00

I wonder what i'd do if i had the chance to make the sort of money players do. It must mess with anybody's head. I mean, we judge these guys and want them to behave like fans, but if we were in their position, can we honestly say that we wouldn't be tempted? I don't want to say it's ok to be greedy etc, and his comments were a slap in the face, but he's only human
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 12:35:00

We might not have Bendtner for long!!!!! I know talk mostly crap but.......
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 12:36:00

i dont buy that mrArsenal. Apart from the fact that it's, Wenger seems to have a huge amount of faith in Nick, and vice-versa. I don't see this one happening
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 12:37:00

If someone is willing to pay us £25 million pounds for him, we should rip their arms off.People seem to look at him with such rose tinted glasses.The fact that he scored 30 last year only goes to show what a creative force we are. I appreciate that a striker shoul d be judged by the goals he scores, but he really does need gilt edged chances (a few exceptions granted).His first touch is awful, he is not as good in the air as people think, and the guy is habitually offside. He is not as good as everyone makes out, and his new deal last year only goes to show just how much off his own press Adebayor has read. I admit to at one point getting into the fan club, but at the end of the day, he is a two bob c"8t that made the mistake of believing that the fans would love him no matter what.Balls to that. We are the Arsenal, always will be and if he thinks he can take the *****, he is wrong. If he is here come September, I for one will not forget.
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 12:38:00

Just sell Adebayor. What do you need him for? For the reported 25 millions Arse Wenger could buy 3 new Adebayors. And despite his 24 goals I don't find him that good actually.
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 12:40:00

I have to admit that i tend to agree with a lot of things frantheman has said. After watching Arsenal week in week out, i think there are loads of strikers in the Prem the would have scored the goals Ade scored due to the amount of chances we create. I'm not saying he's crap but it staggers me that Barca would actually value him at 25m!! I just can't see it, we could easily buy as good or better for that money surely?
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 12:45:00

The 30 goal thing is a bit of a misnomer. People are comparing him with Torres etc, that's completely wrong, he's not that type of striker. His all round play is crucial to us, but his goalscoring tally is even more commendable because he's not a Torres or a Santa Cruz. You have to compare him more with a Tevez or a Keane, that's the sort of striker he is. I wouldn't expect him to hit 30 again next season, but that's not the point. He's a guy who brings people into play, unlike poachers like Torres and S Cruz.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 12:50:00

If he goes I have no worries for next season. Wenger will replace him with someone and add that new player to a fit Eduardo, Van Persie, Bendtner, Wallcott, Vela and Jay Simpson who people are forgetting about. There is a lot of goals in our squad. Just thinking about Bendtner... he'd obviously be happier if Ade went, and while Bendtner is a cocky young lad, who's to say Ade wasn't the instigator of all the bad feeling last season!!
Bradys Chips
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 13:07:00

Guys make no mistake Ade will not be easy to replace. Both Rio and Terry describe him as the toughest opponent in the league. Ade imo is as good as Torres yet the spaniard is being labelled as a god yet he was invisible in both games against united and cant score away from anfield. The valuation of £35mil for Ade is correct if Barca expect £27mil for Eto and the spuds expect £30mil for Berbatov. Barca and AC should either pay up or shut up.
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 14:54:00

BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 15:12:00

Adebayor signed a 4 year contract at 35k a week. He agreed to that and should not be looking for a raise. He wants to be rewarded and valued based on his 1 good season. If he had a terrbile season scoring only 3 goals and being all round pants, would we be with in our rights to ask him to take a pay cut? No because a contract is a contract and is down to the board if they want to reward him with a rise, not the agent or player.
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 16:21:00

I think Paul is spot on really. If a player plays bad, he doesnt expect the club to reduce his wages, so why do they expect yearly increases. He should repeat the feat this season or even ask for the increment politely rather than this media war. From the much he should know as an arsenal plyaer, he should know Arsenal do not conduct their businmess in public. Diaby, ceesc, sagna, clichy to mention a few signed contracs recently and we only heard of flaminis cos he was not signing... He should be able to come to a copromise with the club without this uproar!
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 16:32:00

I would rather we retained him for consistency of the team, but not at all cost... If he is unwilling to stay nad negotiate reasonably, then he better hope his admiorers are willing to pay up!
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 16:34:00

imho, 45 K a week for a person who netted 30 goals last season is too little.. he should be offered at least 80 K a week and put him on the same bar with cesc.. players will play with their hearts when the club shows that they want them.. definitely 120K a week is too much at this stage for anyone at arsenal, but i think that if we can keep ade and hleb, we'll hv stability which will be invaluable in our quest for glory in the coming season.. and i wont boo either adebayor or hleb
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 16:38:00

booing a player wearing the shirt should really be out of the question for the sake of the rest of his team mates who will also lose out if he doesnt play well dont sing his name all day, but dont boo him either!
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 16:41:00

Agree TeamSpirit, booing an Arsenal player would be counter-productive to the overall needs of the team.
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 21:27:00

I think it's reasonable for him to put in TWO good seasons before thinking he's worth the money Henry earned for doing it over and over again for seven years. Let's just say we give him £80k/wk on a contract extension and he gives us 7 goals- think he'll take a cut? Or think we'll be able to sell him with that salary? One year shows what he's capable of, two years confirms he's the real thing.
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 21:44:00

Tell him and his agent to like what they have or lump it. But no contract extension. Ade and his agent have burnt a lot of briodges with there greed and distain towards a club that has treated them well. I for one WILL boo the *****er when I get into theground if we are unlucky enough to seethe money grabbing tosser in an Arsenal shirt!
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 10:12:00

Doesnt really relate to this subject but thought id share the link to the new arsenal away kit ... its the picture that they will use to promote the shirt ... very nice kit :-) ..
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 14:51:00

Adebayor's agent is trying to wax up Money Man Adebayor with his sly comments. Seeing as AC Milan's crush with Adebayor just ended, it would seem natural of an agent to try and advertise harder with the "Emmanuel is a man of heart, not of money. He is not greedy" bull*****.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 01:47:00


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